MUST WATCH: FRC’s Tony Perkins calls out Southern Poverty Law Center for creating environment that led to shooting

This is a really powerful interview with the Family Research Council’s President Tony Perkins who doesn’t mince words when calling out the Southern Poverty Law Center for creating an environment that led to yesterday’s shooting. The SPLC labeled the FRC a hate group back in 2010 and since then it’s been repeated by the media as if it’s a fact. And with social issues being brought front and center recently with Chick-fil-A being the target, it made the news that Chick-fil-A had contributed to a ‘hate group’, otherwise known as the FRC. But Perkins said they only contributed a thousand dollars 2 years ago and while he welcomes their support, they are by no means a large contributor to the FRC. But that’s how everything is connected and it all started with SPLC and their “reckless” labeling.

Watch the full interview below:

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  • Blood on their hands!!

  • nibblesyble

    Good job Mr. Perkins…thank-you for telling the truth. If anyone can partly blame a group for someone else’s action…he can. This isn’t a vague claim, such as when Sarah Palin said….gasp ‘reload’ or uses a target on a web page.

  • p m

    Good report and a very articulate man, that Tony Perkins.

    Wasn’t too thrilled about the premise for the interview, i.e. has the FRC contributed to yesterday’s attempted outrage? Seems to me the SPLC has done the contributing, not the FRC. Oh well, maybe it was just a way to set up the report:(

  • did a very good job of giving his thoughts on how the atmosphere that led to the shooting came about while not going overboard with the rhetoric, kept his emotions in check, considering what just happened in his facility.

  • Orangeone

    Gee, the SPLC is a “civil rights law firm”. A group of hate-filled lawyers that cannot tolerate the rights we have under our Constitution. Time to gather them up and transport them to Iran. If they like communism/facism/socialism and terrorist behavior so much, they need to live in a country that embraces it.

    • Vornak

      Considering the religion of virtually all of their staff, they should not be sent to Iran.

  • HarrietHT2

    I have supported FRC every year for the past 15 years; this year they will receive triple my usual contribution.

    Pray for our country; so many of our fellow Americans are deceived by the cultural Marxists amongst us, including the PC propagators, who are themselves deceived — these lost, confused, and hopeless people need prayer the most.

  • Rshill7

    Does the right call any group a hate group, other than radical Islam, which really is a hate group, evidenced by terror attacks, bombings of innocence, beheadings, uncontrollable Hebrew hating etc.

    Who do Christians ever hurt? What’s your beef with Christians you rabid lefties? Is it that they feed the poor all over the world to the tune of millions of tons of food per year? Is it that they visit prisoners and patients and drill wells in remote locations, bringing clean, healthy drinking water to folks? Is it that they try and rescue sex slaves? Is it that they want women the world over to have basic human rights?

    Is it that they have problems with killing incomparable innocence in the womb? Is it that they preach honesty, integrity and traditional morality? Hey, you are free to disagree with it. Christians let you disagree with whatever you want to disagree with. Do they ever try to silence folks? Do they ever paint graffiti on buildings housing those they disagree with? No. So, what is your problem? Good grief! You who shout intolerance seem to be the only ones displaying it! You try to kill people who disagree with you. You try to silence people who disagree with you. You engage in lies, fraud, violence and property destruction.

    How about this. Live and let live. Keep your hands off of us as we keep our hands off of you. We deserve freedom too. Our people founded this country. Go to Hell if you want to, we’ll go to Heaven in our own good time. We’ll also speak our minds while still here. We’ll keep doing what we do, worshiping as we see fit, believing what we want to believe and voting as we want to vote. We’ll also keep honoring our Constitution as well as those laws, which are legitimate under it’s guidelines. Keep it in the realm of discourse and let your arguments rise or fall on their own merits or lack thereof.

    How about some tolerance from you? He who we worship said “Love your neighbor as yourself”. What’s your philosophy? Whatever it is, let the philosophies duel, in peace.

    • badbadlibs

      Standing “O”!

    • HarrietHT2

      Terrific rant, rshill7. I would only edit one little phrase: [W]e’ll go to Heaven in [God’s] own good time.”

      • Rshill7

        Good point…done!

    • keyesforpres

      The beef they have is it is Biblical principles that are standing in their way to destroy our Constitution.

      • hun, the first amendment says that religious laws are considered wrong. “No law shall be written in regards to any religion.” In other words, Biblical values is kind of more likely to go against the Constitution.

        • keyesforpres

          Honey, that is NOT what the Constitution says. Have you ever read the Constitution? I keep one with me at all times.

          Here is what it says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof….

          In other words, they did not want the federal gov’t establishing an official national church. They were ok with states establishing an official Christian sect and many did.

          By the way, Biblical principles are not “a law written in regards to any religion”.

    • Hun, I’m sorry, but you seem to not understand what’s going on here. Most of us don’t hate Christians, we are terrified of people who use religion to support hatred and lies. For example, I have no problem with decent Christian counseling (the 12-step program involves faith) but when a therapist tells you to repress something, and the results have a 13% success rate and just as high suicide rate, I tend to shiver. That’s exactly what conversion therapy is. That’s where the main problem it.

      However, I would like to answer your questions. They might not have abortions, but they’re perfectly fine with gay bashing, depending on political views and what part of America you live in. Some Christians might preach honesty and integrity, but without questioning previously-held beliefs, it’s way to easy to be led astray. Ever ask yourself why gay people would want to be bullied? The fact that it’s impossible to come up with a reasonable answer shows that they don’t choose to do it. I’m sure that if Matthew Perry could have chosen between being straight or being beaten to death, he would have chosen being straight. However, there is one reason that a lot of gay people turn away from Christianity or kill themselves. Imagine if you had a kid that you told constantly that gay people are hated by a being that’s supposed to love everyone, and that they deserved to be tortured for all eternity. Your kid is sadly gay. I say sadly, because he or she now feels like he deserves to be tortured, and I would have no problem blaming the parent in this situation. There are Christians out there who do accept gay people, but the louder ones talk about killing fags. To answer your question of if they ever try to silence folks, this would be one case that would show that yes, they do try to silence people. Then there was also Oreos being boycotted, not because they gave money, but because of a picture. And then there was Ellen Degenerous, several astronomers throughout history, and countless other cases of paying people to be quiet about child molestation.

      “Do they ever paint graffiti on buildings housing those they disagree with?” Interestingly enough, the Bible was used to support racism, since the KKK is famous for burning crosses on Black peoples’ lawns, I would say that it has happened before. Of course, there are also cases where Christians have taken paint and painted “fag” on the side of houses of gay kids.

      “So, what is your problem?” Personally, I don’t have a problem with Christainity. However, I do have a problem with people who use religion to support hatred and lies, which this group has been known to do.

      “You try to kill people who disagree with you.”

      . . . Yeah! Christians have NEVER killed in the name of God before, just because someone disagrees with them. Also, that was 1 person. You seem to have forgotten the 15 LGBT organizations that showed condolences for them.

      “You try to silence people who disagree with you. You engage in lies, fraud, violence and property destruction.”

      I could go into a history lesson about all of the times that someone has done things like this in the name of God, but I feel that I would die before I could list every single case where this happens. To make it shorter, I’ll just go back to the KKK vandalizing, most of Christians not even trying to look things up to see if they are true, and showing less cognitive empathy than a boy with Asperger’s Syndrome.

      “Keep your hands off of us as we keep our hands off of you.”

      Hun, we don’t care what you think. We just want equal treatment under the law.

      “Our people founded this country.”

      No they didn’t. America was founded in the Enlightenment Age, when people were turning away from religion as the answer to several of life’s questions. Several of the founding fathers were actually Deists and hated religion. Technically, America was founded on people trying to escape the oppression of religion, so it would still be on the side of gay people.

      “Go to Hell if you want to.”

      I’m curious if you would say the same thing to the son or daughter you just found out was gay. I also wonder if you realize that to wish someone to go to Hell is to wish them to be tortured in the most painful ways imaginable, and could be almost seen as a threat if directed at someone in particular.

      “We’ll also speak our minds while still here. We’ll keep doing what we do, worshiping as we see fit, believing what we want to believe and voting as we want to vote.”

      In other words, you wouldn’t leave us along like you just said that you would. You still want to decide what we should do when it really isn’t much of your business.

      “We’ll also keep honoring our Constitution as well as those laws, which are legitimate under it’s guidelines.”

      The first amendment of the Consitution is that no law shall be made in respect to any religion. Since obviously everything you’re voting for when it comes to this is religiously based, you kinda aren’t honoring it.

      • keyesforpres

        The KKK had nothing to do with Biblical principles. They burned crosses, but that doesn’t make it Christian.

        Quite frankly, most of us Christians wouldn’t give a rip what two consenting adults do. What we don’t like is the Gaystapo agenda. This pushing it on our kids, etc.

        Has it ever occurred to you that the reason why “gay” teenagers commit suicide is they are not happy with the sodomite lifestyle? It’s not healthy and for many it is depressing. I see the gaystapo bullying Christians. I don’t see Christians bullying anyone.

  • michael carpenter

    Why would a person need a bag that caries more than 15 chicken sandwiches. I call on President Obama and Mit Romney to express to the American people their plan to assure us that this kind of horror will never happens again.

    • keyesforpres

      I’m sure the Mooch is beside herself that he had so many sandwiches on his person!

      • Jay

        Is that the First Wookie you’re refering to?

        • keyesforpres

          Yes, First Wookie, The Mooch…..I’m sure there are other good ones out there.

          • michael carpenter

            How about McMuffin Nazi?

            • keyesforpres

              That works too.

  • rgolich

    SPLC is nothing but a freak show, created to make money for left-wing trail lawyers, praying on the dimb-witted, who are told they have been discriminated against.

  • Joe Newby

    It’s not just the SPLC, it’s all the liberals who have called for the deaths of conservatives for the last several years.

  • Vornak

    The Southern Poverty Law Center should list itself as a hate group.

  • Maieutic22
  • 911Infidel

    This kind of attack just makes me double-down on my defense of traditional family values and orthodox Christianity. Yep and I’m clinging to my guns and ammo too. If that perp had come into my neck of the woods and pulled a gun, those with a CC would have laid him out for the mortician. You leftists who think that your violent tactics will force those of us on the right to change best think again. It won’t.

    Kudos to the outstanding job by the wounded operations manager/guard. Well done. Give that man a raise Tony.

    • WordsFailMe

      I cannot believe the courage of a man who just took a gun away from some chicken smelling slob and didn’t respond Zimmerman-like to the situation and plug that motherless, murdering, liberal pig.

      You see, one does not frequently get the opportunity to scrape scum from the surface of the planet. But then, I suppose one must prepare one’s self well in advanced to exploit such opportunities.

      I figure that, had the wounded employee been a former Marine or Navy SEAL, the assailant would now be taking his Chick-Fil-A through a straw or a vein.

      • 911Infidel

        The gene pool is infected with a disease that needs to be purged. Keeping this garbage alive in prison is a waste of tax payer money.

    • keyesforpres

      Give him a gun too!

  • Sober_Thinking

    Great interview and a wonderful person. Great!!!

  • badbadlibs

    What’s a hate group doing hiring an African-American man and what’s that fantastic man doing defending a hate group, even shedding his blood?

  • If this trend continues in which GiBLeTs* and other Deiphobes, Statists, Leftists, etc. are shamed into condemning violence perpetrated for the sake of their own cause, then they will be forced to limit their speech to rational debates they cannot win.

    Praise the LORD and pass the waffle fries!

    *Mike Adams, Criminology professor at UNCW and Townhall columnist

    • WordsFailMe

      That was a riot! Thanks- made my day!

  • librtifirst

    After the comment “I don’t like your politics”, we should get new legislation making it lawful to indefinitely detain anyone who expresses that they don’t like someones politics.

    Great comments by Tony Perkins.

    “people that are not right, or imbalanced”…………sounds like a good description of the liberals.

  • rls77

    What a class act.

    • PVG

      My thoughts exactly!

  • Yazz55

    The SPLC should be labeled as a domestic terrorist organization and should be charged with incitement, for inciting a terrorist act. Terrorism is terrorism. It don’t matter if its Hamass, Hizzboolah or SPLC. Actually, those three terrorist gangs do have one goal in common…to destroy the USA.

    Now, if this gunman was anyhow related to the tea party, or even a registered republican, the lamestream lapdogs would be spewing it all over the airwaves over and over and over by now. Accordingly, I conclude that in the absence of that type of media spin, that he is a registered democrat and supporter of the obamessiah. Now, how do we get that constantly broadcasted over the airwaves ?

    • You don’t even seem to know the definition of terrorism. . .

  • SPLC = Shysters Punking Liberal Chumps. They operate out of modernistic, luxurious headquarters in Montgomery, Alabama (no grubby storefront for them!) and spend about 3% of their donated money on so-called “worthy causes”.

  • kong1967

    Ok, so this being considered as a possible terrorist act, yet the Fort Hood shooting was workplace violence?

    We have a Constitutional right to freedom of religion, but the left calls you a hate group if you are a Christian organization. Our founding fathers would deport every last one of these jackasses because they are going against every last written letter in the Constitution.

  • I would like to know who appointed SPLC or any other group the power to designate anyone a ‘hate group’. Pardon my French but WHO IN THE HELL DO THEY THINK THEY ARE?

    Society is being led and run by a bunch of egomaniacs and we need to kick their keesters out of the public square.

  • 12grace

    Tony Perkins is right.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center is a Communist soros sponsored organization.

    We must ALL pray to the G-d of the bible to protect Christians and Jews as they are being discriminated and scape goated in America and the world now.

  • “He was given a license by the SPLC.” Bullshit. I would consider them hateful without the label.

    “Labeled a hate group because we defend the family and Orthodox Christianity.” Bullshit. Complete and utter bullshit. You defend hatred and cover it with religion, so that no one can have a decent argument with you unless they agree with the same God that you do, and you can easily call those you disagree with as hypocrites and false prophets.

    “I think that the SPLC is reckless with labeling.” Not only is this bullshit, it’s utter hypocrisy. You falsely and blatantly label gay people as pedophiles. I find the label quite fitting.

    “It’s about marginalizing and silencing those they disagree with.” And FRC has never done that before. (This would be a time when a sarcasm button would be greatly useful)

    The Wisconsin law he’s referring to, that couldn’t be the one that give religious people the ability to bully anyone they want as long as it’s in the name of God, could it?

    “They created the environment that started the shooting.” Once again, bull shit. The reason you have that label is because you’ve shown nothing but hate towards certain groups of people in several different ways. You are trying to put the blame off of conservatives and use gay people as an escape goat just like Hitler used Jews. The FRC is what created the environment that made them deserve the label. It’s even more proven by the fact that you’re blaming SPLC when Chick Fil A was much more of a cause than them, as shown by what was in his back pack. Heck, as a psychology student, I would find it completely unethical to eat there.

    “Whether someone opposes same-sex marriage…” Or supports a therapy program that ends up causing more suicides than successes by telling people to repress feelings, or illogically compares a group to molesters, or illogically blames the same group for the Batman shooting, or showing absolutely no compassion towards a group because they are different, kidnapping kids from their parents and linking it to the underground railroad, the list goes on.

    “Chick Fil A…” Chick Fil A does support the hate group, and has even given 2 or 3 million dollars to it, not $1 million. The rest going to Exodus International, which is another form of repression therapy that kills more than it cures. I don’t hate Christianity, I hate false science and lies perpetuated in order to rationalize discrimination and hatred.

    “It was a part of the contribution to what led to the shooting.” Yes, Chick Fil A was a part of it. The other 95% of it would be your group. I may have found out about your group because of Chick Fil A, but I found it more despicable as time went on. I found it awful before I even knew what the SPLC was.

    “Terrorism is meant to intimidate and make people feel fearful.” So are you admitting you’re a terrorist, too? I see nothing but fear towards you and what is going to come out of your mouth. It used to be funny until I realized that people believed you. You also have no right to talk about what they were trying to do, as you didn’t even realize that the motive is your group itself. I’m not saying what he did was right, but I won’t say it about what you do, either.