MUST WATCH: #FreeJustina Dad speaks out to Megyn Kelly despite gag order by court

This is a heartbreaking situation where Lou Pelletier says his daughter was taken away from he and his wife by the state of Massachusetts. His daughter had been diagnosed with Mitochondrial disease at Tufts Medical Center and had been treating her for the disease. They told her family to take her to Boston’s Children hospital and within 12 hours, according to her dad, they decided all she had was mental health problems. They turned the family in and the state took their daughter away.

Her dad says he medical needs aren’t being treated and she’s just rotting away in a mental hospital now. And they can only see her for an hour a week in a supervised setting.

This is every parents worst nightmare and a must watch:

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  • MaxineCA

    Glenn Beck has been giving story a lot of coverage. They have done research into the situation and can’t find anything that would contradict this father’s story. You see more at The Blaze.

    Glad Fox News has picked it up finally. Very, very sad and maddening. It is so sad that this is happening in the USA. Who would have thought this could happen!

  • Freedomswatch

    We need to call our Congressmen and women and demand that they investigate this case and have Justina re-evaluated at Tufts Hospital and returned to her parents.

    • sDee

      It happens more often than you think. Social workers manufacture whatever they need to justify their mandated presence and paycheck.

      • gator37

        That is a Fact.

      • 3seven77

        Yes they do. And so do so-called court-appointed “guardian ad-litems” in many divorce cases.

        • JohnSmith


      • tinlizzieowner

        I can personally confirm your statement and the time may soon come when I will explain how. :-{

  • sDee

    Federal and state regulations have smeared sniveling social workers all over our healthcare system. They serve only to maintain their jobs and the regulatory spider nest that feeds them.

    Some sober advice…….it applies all of us – but especially to children and elderly. Questions about safety, feelings, home life, treatment by care givers or family members, etc are red flags.

    If you have a loved one in the hospital, in the ER, or, in the admission process to either…

    1) stay with them at all times
    2) if anyone starts asking questions unrelated to the medical condition, ask who they are, the purpose of the questions, what their position is, and get their name/business card. Tell them in no uncertain terms that you feel the questioning is upsetting and endangering your loved one’s health and treatment. Discuss this person with the nurse in charge and ask that you be called immediately at any time of day/night should that person return.
    3) Also tell the head nurse put in the patient record that under no circumstance is a hospital or government social worker to be allowed in the room without you or your loved one’s attorney present.
    4). If the hospital then tells you that they are required to conduct a social well being, psychiatric or any other non-medical interview with your loved one, you are both in danger. Call your loved one’s attorney immediately. Do not let it happen without an attorney there. If necessary ask to speak with the hospital attorney until yours gets there.

    If any of this happens during the admissions process in the ER, tell the admissions nurse to note in the record that you feel these delays are delaying treatment and endangering the life and health of your loved one.

  • notsofastthere

    As a society, when you give government control OVER you then this is the result. In the name of protecting children we came up with Child Protection Services. In so many cases the children are more abused than if left alone in the family. The most minor discipline by a parent is picked up as a CPS case. This family is going through the horror of Judges and CPS and they need our support. Gov’t is really out of control.

    • sDee

      you point is well taken. The regulations that trigger this intervention are sinister. Of course they were all put in place in the name of protecting the innocent.

      They predate Obamacare by a decade or more. Regulators and social workers have morphed into a nasty breed.

      • notsofastthere

        Many of us are in a seething anger at the moment, but worldwide political dissatisfaction is boiling over. Happens every so often. We’ve let these b**tards get away with too much and it needs to be stopped.

    • armyvet10

      Awesome point notsofastthere, I have used Benjamin Franklin’s “He who would give up Liberty for temporary Security, deserves neither Liberty nor Security” many times and I think this is a prime example of how true those words are. What purely amazes me is which children the CDF, or CPS or any other Protective Service has a tendency to grab which are always the good children with loving law abiding citizens. If grabbing at risk children from neglecting parents is the real goal, why not grab all the kids of parents that won’t parent? My guess is they would be over run by lowlife parents that realize they did a bad job of raising them and just want out. In this, and other horror stories, the parents have done everything they could and are still being terrorized by their own government through the CDF and the hospital. (the judge, the media who won’t report and the lawyers, not to mention the corrupt Doctors) I have to break away, stomach is queasy)

  • Look where this is taking place–Massachusetts! Home of Romneycare!

    • notsofastthere

      MA – the home of Liberal utopia. Kennedy (scuba diving expert), Kerry (war hero for the other side), Barney Frank (a proctologist by night, congressman by day?), Elizabeth Warren (a Native American?) and Harvard theorists – all who know what’s best for you and your pathetic little lives.

  • nibblesyble

    I have been reading about this at The Blaze, it is so unbelievable that this could happen and that he is not able to speak about it lest he get penalized. This father and mother are heroic and they are in my prayers. I look forward to the hospital and child services being handed their you-know-whats on a platter when this whole thing is done!

    • MaxineCA

      I’ve been following it at The Blaze as well. This is so wrong in so many ways from the very beginning. I can’t even imagine a hospital not allowing a parent to take their child back to Tufts. As I recall, when the father disagreed with Children’s Hosp. diagnosis, they refused to allow the father to remove his child so they could go back to Tufts and even called security to have him removed from the hospital. That’s when they called in DCFS.

      Another oddity is that Children’s is a research hosp and the new Dr. in charge at Children’s was conducting a study on a new psych drug that the new Dr. had financial ties. Since DCFS was given custody of Justina, the hospital didn’t have to get permission from the parents to include Justina in the study. (I hope that is proven to be the case and people involve go to prison for this.)

      I also thought it was odd, that the hospital wouldn’t allow the GI Dr. who transferred from Tufts to see his patient, nor would they allow the parents to speak to him.

      Justina is not getting medical care and will die soon. The parents need a better attorney, IMHO. Hope the media attention will bring her home soon and she gets better.

      I also hope the parents sue the pants off of Children’s Hosp.

      • nibblesyble

        Hi Maxine! This story curdles my blood. I am so thankful it has been picked up by Megyn and I hope that this propels getting Justina out of this horrendous situation before her life ends.

        • MaxineCA

          Old Maxine is back, now that I’ve got a new computer. So good to be able to post comments again and chat with my friends in Scoopsville!

          Seems as though my blood boils everyday and has been for the last 5 years. This story makes one step away from politics, world events and focus awhile on what is actually taking place right here, right now. Pretty scary stuff!

          • nibblesyble

            Love that you are back! Yes scary is the word for this and other events that are taking place..I look forward to 2016 when we have a President Cruz or Palin or West to look forward to! Scoopville has one of it’s greatest posters back..three cheers my friend!

            • MaxineCA

              Love your choices for the next Pres.

              Great to be back!

      • colliemum

        The new doctor doing this to Justina and her family doing a study on new psych drugs, with financial ties – that makes eminent sense!
        Anybody who’s looked into how these psych drugs are developed and marketed, and what damage they do specially to children will not be surprised at how inhumane that doctors has acted.
        I wish someone would investigate that doctor and his research.

        To be honest, and I know this may be way OTT – but I can’t help but be reminded of a certain Dr in the Third Reich doing medical experiments in the camps.

  • In related news, Jahi McMath’s mother spoke out about her daughter’s condition in the new facility. That’s the girl who was declared brain-dead after a botched tonsillectomy caused her to go into cardiac arrest. The family had to fight the hospital in court to allow them to move her to another facility where she could be cared for. The hospital wanted to pull the plug, but lost.

    Not much specifically is said, except, “She decided to speak out to let everyone know Jahi is alive and doing better. Despite her daughter’s diagnosis, she has seen positive improvements since she left Children’s Hospital Oakland, which is enough to give her hope.

    The family maintains that Jahi is not suffering. “She is surrounded by love,” Winkfield said. “I will not let her suffer,” she reassured people who have shown concern.”

    • MaxineCA

      That was a tough case and I was conflicted for many reasons since I am not a doctor or an attorney. They said it was a botched tonsillectomy, but it seemed like she went into cardiac arrest most likely due to a reaction to the anesthesia or an underlying medical problem. Who knows? There is always a risk with any type of surgery. I guess that will be sorted out with a wrongful death lawsuit which is probably in process.

      Once she was pronounced “brain dead” that’s = the person has died and a death certificate MUST legally be issued. 2 doctors + 1 independent doctor confirmed that. But the parents still had hope which I understand.

      Once the death certificate is issued the hospital or (any doctor) cannot legally or ethically perform further procedures (i.e., insert feed tube) based on what the experts said at the time.

      As a mom, I don’t want to second guess the family’s wishes, but certainly understood the legal and ethical complications of the situation. I’m glad it worked out for the family for now and wish the press would leave them alone.

      • I have mixed feelings too. I think the hospital handled this horribly. If they had had a little empathy and hadn’t (IMO) been trying to cover their @ss for the condition she was in in the first place, I don’t know if it would have come to this. But I feel they can do the child no harm. I hope for a miracle, but if she dies (apparently her heart is beating), the mother will see that as God’s will.

        We had a case here in Texas where a pregnant wife collapsed with an aneurysm and was pronounced brain dead. The doctors couldn’t unplug her because of a new law in Texas since she was pregnant. They had to wait until the baby was viable (it was 22 weeks–they needed to wait until 28 weeks). The husband who was a paramedic and his family wanted to take her off and went to court saying she’d never want to be hooked up artificially. They won and they took her off. They said the baby wasn’t viable–I don’t know if that was because it wouldn’t have lived had they waited or if it just wasn’t viable because they didn’t wait until they could take it. Unless something happened where they baby was deprived of oxygen for too long, I don’t know why the husband wouldn’t just wait a few weeks for the chance of saving their child. But I don’t understand these things either.

  • Nobs

    I would like to hear the other side of this story. It is so appalling it makes me wonder if it is true. I can believe that the Hospital is in fear of the State and is silent for that reason.

    • Coralchristie

      Boston children’s is afraid, not of the State, but of a law suit for the evil that they’ve done. The courts have upheld the state and hospital in an unholy alliance. What parents are given only a 20 minute phone call and a one hour supervised visit because they sought medical attention for their child? Why can’t Justina have the help of the physician that had been helping her that are at the hospital? She walked into the hospital suffering from the flu to see her own doctor, was taken over by another doctor, her original doctors were barred from seeing her by a social worker and now…she’s wheelchair bound, not able to walk and failing medically. She’s also been transferred to a facility for the mentally ill and one which does not provide medical care. She is becoming weaker and weaker. Her parents have become desperate to help her. If Justina dies then the hospital and state’s problem goes away. The parents have been treated as severe abusers yet the family has another daughter who has the same disease, ( doing well under the original doctor’s care) and yet Boston’s decided to say that this hereditary disease is psychosomatic in Justina. They have abused this girl, demeaned her, withheld medical care, family support and love.
      Boston’s will not reply citing confidentiality but it looks like but covering more than anything else.

      • 1militarybrat1

        Well said!!!!

  • May those drs and that judge drop into a bitter and anguish-filled hell.

    Anybody know the name, address and phone number for those people? They need to be humiliated and stripped in the public square.

  • edsmanedup

    its probably time to find out who all these statist are and start making those 10pm night knocks on their doors…meet them at the supermarkets and in the restaurant…turn about is fair play…be very afraid…you bast..ds we’re coming…sooner or later…you are not invisible or invincible…the American’s are coming, the American’s are coming…

    • 1militarybrat1

      Similarly to the protest that the CEO’s had on their front yards with people (Occupy Wall Street) threatening their families lives. I see what your are saying, two can play that game, however, we don’t have the media to show it on our side.

  • armyvet10

    CDF, I typed this in trying to learn what this stood for on a literary base. What I found was the DCF in Massachusetts which is the Department of Children & Families,(this is ironic to me) which is a just new label for CPS Child Protective Services. A lie is a lie no matter what name you use. Since the judge has issued a gag order, and is allowing Mr. Pelletier’s daughter to waste away, speeding her towards death, we must look at this in the most basic way. The state, CDF, the Hospital and the judge are all guilty of State sanctioned murder, or Abortion by State Sanction. If this man ever gets his daughter back, he should proceed with a civil suit against the before mentioned parties. (CDF, State, Hospital & Judge)

    • tinlizzieowner

      Anybody who thinks that the Department of Children and Families (or whatever you want to call them) doesn’t have draconian power to go outside the law and their own ‘regulations’, could have a rude surprise in store for them.

      There is only ONE way to fight these people and it’s not in the courts, (I have $60,000 involved in that on behalf of my middle daughter’s family) :-{

      This man took it to the only court that matters, the ‘court’ of public opinion. I completely understand his desperation. No one would believe what he is going through without experiencing it. :-{

      • armyvet10

        Totally agree. One of the biggest problems that our youth have, is not knowing that life does not come without struggle. Kids today are spoiled because parents and society refuse to use the word no.

  • wtd

    Hospital politics and ambitious physicians egos can be a devil to deal with. If, as the boston hospital insists Justina was misdiagnosed and mistreated for mitochondrial disease, why then are her life long physicians permitted to continue their practice and privileges at any hospital while this case is actively pursued in the courts, while her parents are prevented from parenting based on Rx given by these very same physicians? I’m not suggesting Justina’s life long physicians were wrong – rather, I’m suggesting the boston hospital physicians responsible for this turn of events have a lot more than their careers at stake if this should prove to be a case of hospital career politics/justification for questionable practice of medicine of any of the physicians involved.

    • tom richardson

      I have fought the administrative process in Tennessee. The judges and government types circle the wagons and protect each other, no matter how egregious their actions are. If this child dies, no one will ever be held accountable. I’d bet my house on it.

  • Yazz55

    Scary part…The death panels are now administering healthcare to this child. About 80yrs ago, nazi Germany was administering similar treatments, but with different labels.

  • ryanomaniac

    Folks, its time to start remembering the power of prayer!! Pray pray pray! God is infinitely more powerful than these people. Let’s let God get involved in this. Ask and ye shall receive. God, please reveal your power to anyone that would hurt this child.

    • lawngren

      Amen, brother!

    • ryanomaniac

      To the person who disliked my comment… I pray for you too!

    • joyfulgiver

      I’m with you Ryanomaniac! My niece has mitochondrial disease, too. My brother and sister-in-law are saints. They have risen above their circumstances to provide for all her needs. I can’t imagine the government ever being able to provide for her as they have. It breaks my heart to hear Justina’s story. I feel her parents pain. Crying out to God for healing and for justice. Jeremiah 33:3

      • 1militarybrat1

        The sad part is that Boston Children’s Hospital claims that this disease doesn’t exist or at the very least that Jessica doesn’t have it. So in the mean time they moved her to a mental unit away from Bostons so they can say she is not there, and no medication. So she will DIE. I gave money to the family so they can fight.

  • Swamp Fox

    Prayers being sent to this young lady and her family.

  • lawngren

    Heavenly Father, bring swift, harsh judgment on all those responsible for this evil. Abba, rescue this young woman! Help her! Crush those evil people who so grossly abuse the unlawful authority they have been unlawfully given!


    • ryanomaniac

      Way to go! Powerful prayer.

      • lawngren

        I’ve heard that the chinese expression “gung ho” really means “work together”. Prayers are one strong way we can work together on behalf of others, especially other believers, in situations where we have no personal authority or power.

        A situation of this sort moves me deeply, and emotions are a significant part of prayer. Not necessarily overtly expressed, just intensely felt.

        Our prayers aren’t always answered, but we know they are always heard. And it seems to me that the trigger for God’s firebombing of Sodom was earnest protests at the evil of Sodom: “Then the Lord said, ‘The outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah is so great and their sin so grievous that I will go down and see if what they have done is as bad as the outcry that has reached me. If not, I will know.’ ” (Genesis 18:20-21)

        Whether it was the cries of victims who didn’t even know who Jehovah was, or of the children’s angels (Matthew 18:10) or of Lot, who knows? But someone was watching; someone to whom evil was an outrage. Hebrews 12:1 says that we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses. It seems obvious to me that most of those witnesses are of a sort that our eyes can’t see. (Daniel 4:17)

        So I am certain that God sees this evil also. Sooner or later, He will avenge these parents and their child, and it will be a terrible vengeance for those who have not repented of their evil.

        In one case I was about to get involved in many years ago, God struck a funeral director dead because he refused to bury the child of a dirt-poor young couple until they paid him. I had intended to warn him, but God prevented me and that night the man died. The fools in this instance also are calling down God’s wrath on themselves. I hope it happens quickly.

        “For we know him who said, ‘It is mine to avenge; I will repay,’ and again, ‘The Lord will judge his people.’ It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living God.” (Hebrews 10:30-31)

        • ryanomaniac

          Very well said! Excellent.

  • mediaaccess

    What did Glenn say? There is no more America

  • Bern Adette

    Does anyone know if there is any way to help this family, maybe financial or a petition or something?

    • notsofastthere

      Google Justina Pelletier
      A Miracle for Justina | Facebook…Justina/253343311469595‎

      Justina is a fantastic fifteen year old girl with a complicated health history. … -justice-department-investigate-civil-rights-violations-justina-pelletier-case/7s77z28f.

    • notsofastthere

      Google Justina Pelletier

    • Scott Snoopy

      both Megyn Kelly and Glenn Beck have information on how to support them

  • Scott Snoopy

    This is yet one more example of how the traditional family is being destroyed by the liberal progressive Socialist Communist Utopian Marxists…SCUM…they are finding ways to legally remove children from their parents and then use the force of law to make it legal. Thanks to the fear of institutions such as Hahvahd..who backs Boston Childrens…the sheeple aka the public have been indoctrinated and afflicted by AIDS–acquired intellectual deficiency syndrome and will not support parents/society when these blatant wrongs occur. After all the “doctors” are medical professionals and would never do anything to harm patients. Then we have the biggest legal gang–children’s services; who support the all knowing medical professionals, with the force of the law.

    Actions like this are going to lead to an open revolt. Hospitals cannot change steal children and big gubmint cannot make it “legal”, just because; they think the parents are wrong.

  • Nearly all state family & child services, throughout the U.S., are run by incompent, lazy and liberal thieves. The scandals within are so prevasive that a good investigation would put half or more of these child services people in prison. Google “child services department scandals” and see what pops up! Idiots!!!!!!!!

  • Dana Garcia

    How is this case not state kidnapping?

    • badbadlibs

      It’s not state kidnapping when there is no one to stop the state.

  • mtucker5695

    CPS receives money based on the number of cases it handles and the number of individuals under their care. Same is true for the funding of other State institutions. Let the kidnapping begin. If you want your kid back, you’ll have to pay in fees and court cost enough to offset the lost funding as a minimum. The new America sucks.

    • badbadlibs

      “Change it back” should be the cry of every American.

  • colliemum

    This is terrible.
    Even more terrible are the actions of the ‘child protection’ service and the judge.
    Strangely enough, similar despicable actions by such services and their social workers have been taking place here in the UK. On top of which – all these Courts sit in secret. The amazing Christopher Booker has campaigned long and hard for this secrecy to be abolished. There is hope – a new chief Judge for these ‘Family Courts’ has been appointed, and he seems to be working towards that goal.

    My prayers are with that poor girl Justina and her devastated family.

    As for the doctors who did and do this, and the social workers and judge:
    Mark 9, 42.

  • mcgurn

    Everyone in this country ought to sit down and watch what is now happening in the Ukraine. They are fighting to the death for their freedom. And the majority here just sit back and take it for granted while Obama and his handlers intensify their mission to strip us of our freedoms. What is happening to this poor little girl and her family is not what America was about but I’m afraid it is what America is now. When one views all the pieces of the Obama nation puzzle, they will find that we are not very much behind the suppressed now fighting to the death. It is courageous for a long suppressed people to die for freedom. What is it called when a country had more freedom then any other only to let it be taken from them as easy as taking candy from a baby.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Since the father’s appearing on Megyn’s show last night, the family now has a State Policeman and State workers there for their visits. The father didn’t go to today’s visit. He knew the jack booted Thugs would be waiting for him. :-{