MUST WATCH: Ted Cruz on exactly why Debo Adegbile’s nomination to head DOJ Civil Rights Div. SHOULD BE OPPOSED

This is excellent and quite informative. Ted Cruz lays out all the facts on why Debo Adegbile’s representation of Mumia Abu-Jamal was not typical legal representation, but advocacy, and why his nomination to head the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division must be opposed.


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  • imatellau

    Hopefully we Texans can get another “Cruz” into the senate tonight(primaries youknow)… corny your “fired… thank GOD for Texas and Ted Cruz.

    • Stehekin912

      I don’t know how Sarah found him, but we need more like him….lots more. Show us where, Sarah, and we will go get them.

      • BearNJ

        Mark Levin actually knew and promoted him but Sarah was key in getting him home.

  • Swamp Fox

    Sweet Jesus, this great man is always where he is suppose to be with words that have to be part of a divine intervention.

    Thanks and keep rockin’ on Mr. Cruz. People ARE listening!


    …bottom line,

    Senator Ted Cruz of the Great State of TEXAS for President of the United States

    • Stehekin912

      Cruz/West 2016

      • marketcomp

        I like that, too.

        • garyinaz66

          I like cruz, but sessions/west 2016 is good too with cruz going to the supreme court

      • BikerHoop

        Personally, I’d like to see West as Sec. of Defense. I think he’d be more effective there than as VP. If we had someone as strong as Cruz as Pres., the VP position would still have some authority, but we wouldn’t need West in that position.

  • nibblesyble

    Loves him!!

  • 12grace

    Ted Cruz is fantastic!

    • marketcomp

      Yes he is!

  • remmy

    This appointment is just another action by a radical left president.

  • marketcomp

    Thank you, RS for posting!

  • answer1776

    You all know your Senators & representatives ( I know, but raise the stink anyway) numbers and contact info. Use them, every contact number you have, burn up the phone lines and crash the servers. This nomination must not happen.

    • Roux

      Yesterday I signed Mrs. Faulkner’s on line petition and emailed both my senators, one of whom is Cruz. I knew he would not vote for confirmation but wasn’t sure about Cornyn!

  • All the very good reasons Ted Cruz and we all should oppose the nomination are precisely the reasons he was chosen.

    • deTocqueville1

      Yes, Mark Levin has discussed this appointment at length also.

  • honestynow

    Please, please start printing the text of the videos!

    • It would take me all day to transcribe a video like this. You can, however, use the closed captioning (CC) service on the Youtube video.

  • gigi0f3

    How eloquent and on message was Senator Cruz! Would that we had anyone in a place of leadership in the WH at this moment that could articulate in such a manor. Alas, we have none…

    • nutsinavice

      It was a travesty of a display of typical Cruz McCarthy-esque tactics. He Assassinated the character of a lawyer who zealously advocated for his client. Cruz went to law school. He knows that’s what you do. The only racists here are behind the podium and in these comments.

  • stevemcfadden

    It was a joy for my wife and I to vote Ted Cruz into the US Senate!

  • And, of course, leftist, liberaltarian scumbag Randy Paul will gladly vote for another Obama appointee.

  • pybop

    TED CRUZ: and in closing I would ask why Obama would nominate such a scumbag; furthermore I would ask why he has filled his entire administration with nominees as scurrilous as this.

    • Bob English

      So if you don’t like a client or organization a lawyer did work for (and won the appeal) he is a scumbag? Your problem is with the American justice system

  • John Queue

    Police Officers don’t serve our NATION..they serve the COMMUNITIES in which they work…barring federal agents/police/military police. AND it’s not just an insult to the men and women in uniform, but to the ENTIRE country!! That sack of offal in the oval mocks the citizens of this country with each breath he takes and with each flapping movement of that labia he uses as for a mouth.

    Oh, by the way, Ted… I can’t wait to vote for you for President of the United States.

    • nutsinavice

      You can’t. Cruz wasn’t born here. Canada is not an American state.

      • John Queue

        Dude, shut your pie hole and get with the program, troll. You don’t know your a-hole from a knothole.

        • nutsinavice

          Aside from your blithering insult, I’m trying to glean if you actually have anything substantive to say. So far I’m getting you think I should support this non-American born seditious traitor simply on the basis of conformity with people like you. Why do you want me not to exercise my rights of thinking for myself, including thinking to the point where I understand the constitutional limits of who may become president? I may now know my a-hole from a knothole, but I know the law, sir.

          Here’s another thing for you to chew on: climate change is real and it is caused by human activity.

  • Sentinel

    It’s pretty sick that anyone even needs to point out that the ignorant, racist selection of this clown is foolish. Obama is trying to reinforce and surround his kingdom with still more racist losers to support him in his despotism.

  • misterlogic0013

    Madness will stop here .. OB heading down, wicked spiral down .. America not taking the trip .. Stops here ..

  • BikerHoop

    Obama’s trying to stack the DOJ with one more un-American asshole. It’ll probably work, too, because the Dems (and some Repubs) won’t go against the Messiah for any reason.

  • jane

    another muslim brotherhood fellow one would have to presume. Obama has them scattered all over his administration. Soon we will have sharia law and no constitution..

  • lrjrj

    Another centrist, moderate, perfectly reasonable nominee from Obama the falsely portrayed radical leftist.

  • PuritanD71

    Excellent and well said Sen. Cruz!!

  • Bob English

    the demagogues were out in full force on this one especially on fox news….any of the nuts mention how John Roberts did pro bono work for one of the worst serial killers in history?

  • Charlotte Link

    How did Joe Manchin vote?

  • BS61

    If the GOP did one speach per day like that – they would win – but that would entail actual work on their part!!

  • Alexis Bannister

    Ultimately, it’s up to each of us to build the shining city:

  • Guest

    When does he get to the point?

  • nutsinavice

    The right to be zealously defended by competent council when the government wants to take your life is a fundamental one. Shame on you all for pissing on someone for doing his job. Go ahead, admit it. You feel like it’s OK to do because he’s got a funny sounding African name, like our president.

    • WesFly

      The right to be zealously defended by competent council is absolute. It covers what happens in a court room, and related activity. It does not include running a campaign to promote the end of the death penalty by using racist arguments. Lawyers who become involved in political activity can not hide behind a client and not expect it to affect future clients and employment.

  • Dirty Harry

    Just another complicit anti-American lawyer to fulfill the tyrants cabinet.