Must Watch TV: Rep. Joe Walsh vs Chris Matthews

This is the most awesome thing I’ve seen on MSNBC in quite a while. Rep. Joe Walsh was on the offense with Matthews from the start. He refused to allow Matthews to characterize the bill the way he wanted to while ignoring Obama spending spree that brought us here. He challenged Matthews on every point allowing him to get away with nothing.

What’s interesting is that Matthews continues to press Walsh on why the bill doesn’t have specific cuts even though Walsh clearly said early on that the 110 Billion in non-defense discretionary spending is flexible for the Senate. So it’s a general number now to be negotiated on by both Houses. Not to hard to figure out. But then after all this Matthews goes on to defend Obama’s non-plan as if it’s an actual plan and it’s going to save the country! How partisan can you get! He even accuses the Republicans of being obstructionists through this whole process! ALL HAIL OBAMA!

Also notice near the end the absurd question that Matthews asks Walsh, if he will resign if they have a crisis after August 2nd. It’s absurd because it completely ignores any culpability whatsoever from Obama and the Democrats while it’s Obama who brought us to this point!

Otherwise this is truly epic. Enjoy!

(h/t: RCP)

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