#My2K: Obama’s new hashtag to turn Republicans into socialists

Earlier today Obama introduced a new #hashtag called #My2K, telling people to voice their concerns about what a tax increase of $2,000 would mean to them:

WSJ – President Barack Obama urged U.S. lawmakers to immediately pass legislation preventing scheduled tax hikes from hitting the middle class, suggesting it could make a broader effort to rein in deficits easier to accomplish.

“I’m asking Americans to make your voice heard,” Mr. Obama said, urging citizens to use social media tools – including the Twitter hashtag “#My2K” – to reach out to lawmakers. The hashtag refers to a potential $2,000 increase in the tax bill of an average family of four if the tax increases set to go into effect are left in place.

This #My2K hashtag is wrapped in nothing but bullcrap. Obama is once again using the culture to try and break the back of Republicans into agreeing on a tax increase for the so-called ‘rich’ in order to cement into the American psyche his ideas of redistribution and socialism. After all, we know that increasing taxes on the top 2% does nothing to deal with our fiscal situation. This isn’t about revenue at all. And once Republicans agree to a tax increase on the ‘rich’ they are agreeing via their actions with everything Obama’s been preaching about class warfare, redistribution and socialism. It will split the Republican Party to the point that we will lose many elections to come. And what really hangs in the balance in the end is the nation and the American people. Socialism is absolutely unsustainable and will cause a massive train wreck where everybody gets hurt.

It’s imperative that Republicans hold the line and tell the truth about this nasty game Obama is playing with the American people.

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