#My2K: Obama’s new hashtag to turn Republicans into socialists

Earlier today Obama introduced a new #hashtag called #My2K, telling people to voice their concerns about what a tax increase of $2,000 would mean to them:

WSJ – President Barack Obama urged U.S. lawmakers to immediately pass legislation preventing scheduled tax hikes from hitting the middle class, suggesting it could make a broader effort to rein in deficits easier to accomplish.

“I’m asking Americans to make your voice heard,” Mr. Obama said, urging citizens to use social media tools – including the Twitter hashtag “#My2K” – to reach out to lawmakers. The hashtag refers to a potential $2,000 increase in the tax bill of an average family of four if the tax increases set to go into effect are left in place.

This #My2K hashtag is wrapped in nothing but bullcrap. Obama is once again using the culture to try and break the back of Republicans into agreeing on a tax increase for the so-called ‘rich’ in order to cement into the American psyche his ideas of redistribution and socialism. After all, we know that increasing taxes on the top 2% does nothing to deal with our fiscal situation. This isn’t about revenue at all. And once Republicans agree to a tax increase on the ‘rich’ they are agreeing via their actions with everything Obama’s been preaching about class warfare, redistribution and socialism. It will split the Republican Party to the point that we will lose many elections to come. And what really hangs in the balance in the end is the nation and the American people. Socialism is absolutely unsustainable and will cause a massive train wreck where everybody gets hurt.

It’s imperative that Republicans hold the line and tell the truth about this nasty game Obama is playing with the American people.

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  • rich wojcik

    The president-elect of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, praised President Barack Obama’s immigration plan in a meeting today at the White House.

    “We fully support your proposal,” said Peña Nieto in reference to Obama’s immigration plan, according to the pool report. “We want to contribute. We want to be part of this.”

    BHO advertises — in Mexico! – free food
    and other programs………………………..ever seen a stronger magnet??

  • MiketheMarine

    If is wrong of me to wish something evil, like maybe a meteor strike on the west wing at midnight?

    • I’m starting to feel the same desperation. If Republicans cave to the demands of the Democrats on this single tax increase issue, I’m afraid the next word out of Obama’s mouth will be ‘checkmate’. And that scares the crap out of me.

      • bbitter

        “Checkmate” was actually called years ago, when Obama was anointed the savior by the MSM.

        If the people never hear the truth, how can we expect them to know what they are choosing? Our people have been led, step by step, into an uneducated mass through the gradual re-education and removal of our culture, our schools, our movies, our music, our art, and through them, our children and our future. ‘Checkmate’ was simply the final move to cement the idea that the slavery being offered is actually ‘freedom’, or at least ‘better for us’ than the alternative.

        However, good thing for the US, we don’t have a ‘king’, and ‘checkmate’ doesn’t happen until every single patriot is chained, silenced, or eliminated. I’ll fight for every inch, every grain of sand. There is no ‘giving up’. …so there should be no fear. If I do what I can, God will do the rest. May his grace be on us all…

        …you know what? There might just be a meteor…

      • MiketheMarine

        This may get moderated but if I hear him say those words and we feel that there truly is no hope, I will not be held responsible for my actions.

        At least, not until the feds finally catch me. That might take quite a while. I’m very adept at disappearing.

        I don’t hope for this. I’d prefer peaceful, but I fear our country has become far to stupid to see what’s happening.

        • MeanGreenBeret

          Time for a Million Mean Man March!!!

          • And a mean Duckie!!

            • MeanGreenBeret

              A Million Mean Duckies? Oh No!! All armed with Bow’s and Arrow’s? I saw those targets. They better RUN!!

          • Susitna

            Indeed, let’s march before the Electoral College meets.

            • MeanGreenBeret

              Crash his inauguration party with a counter protest. Now that would be fun!

              • pdxlady

                Indictments need to be ready to hand out at the inauguration, if we can’t stop this travesty of justice before then.

                Time to overthrow this evil regime. If we go back to the very beginning of his not being vetted process; he is not even eligible to be President of the USA, because his parents were not both US citizens. It’s elementary.

          • Dukehoopsfan

            Say the word!

            • MeanGreenBeret


          • LIBERTYUSA

            …with PITCH FORKS and TORCHES to light the way to LIBERTY !”

      • Susitna

        I agree with you Scoop, but please don’t use the picture from Obama laughing like a baboon anymore. It just makes me sick!

        • colliemum

          Same here – but I think that’s the idea, and it’s why scoop uses this photo!

        • honestynow

          Yes, please no more photos of him at all!

        • trouble06

          The pics of Obama with his head thrown back laughing, reminds me of a braying jackass

      • tvlgds

        I’m thinking more in terms of Clancy’s “Executive Order.”

    • MeanGreenBeret

      Here you go Mike. These dudes will handle the problem:


      • MiketheMarine

        Excellent and I like the adjusted handle. I think mine is just to sweet. I’m thinking of something along the lines of Grim Reaper. Brother, we are in a world of hurt. I shudder to imagine what the economy will be like in 4 years.

        • MeanGreenBeret

          Mike The Mean Marine

          • MiketheMarine

            Apropo, lately. Broken wrist has me very, very mean. My own family calls me a bear and leave the room so that fits.

            • MeanGreenBeret

              Broken Wrist? Thank God Obama care hasn’t gone into full blown effect or they would have cut that sucker off.

              • Or you wouldn’t be able to get insurance if it was deemed a “preexisting condition.” 🙂

                • MeanGreenBeret

                  How much Obama Kool-Aid have you drank today?

                  Go home and sleep it off dude.

                • MiketheMarine

                  That is precisely why I am addressing my medical needs right now, Brother. Before they decide it would just be cheaper to shoot me like the lame horse that I’ve become.


                • quit it.

                • MiketheMarine

                  Nothing to worry about, dear heart. Just gallows humor between warriors. It is just how we deal. I can joke about them putting me down and laugh about it at the same time. You should be reassured in that it will take someone else, someone tough to take me down. =)

                • MeanGreenBeret

                  They would have to shoot my butt first. Haha We all know how that worked out!

                • MiketheMarine

                  You’re just lucky they missed your brain. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

                • Nukeman60

                  I’ll take a lame horse Marine anyday over a fully healthy liberal one. No contest.

                • mike3e4r7

                  The Straw Man argument is the leftist’s best friend.

                • MiketheMarine

                  He is also misinformed. Shocking, I know…..

                • MiketheMarine

                  I am in the insurance industry and in my forties with great health insurance. It’s all you older suckers that should be worried. I will be just fine. Maobama can’t touch me until all private health insurance companies fold. I figure that won’t happen for 3 or 4 years, yet.

                • MiketheMarine

                  Also, it shows your ignorance. Pre-Maobamacare, you could get group health insurance through your employer with NO underwriting and NO pre existing condition clause. Shows how stupid you Mao supporters really are.

                • MeanGreenBeret

                  I think Krissy got a little Pissy and went home to cry to his Mommie.

            • MeanGreenBeret

              It’s only fair to spread the mean around.

      • lol. that made me smile. is that wrong?

    • Susitna

      Is Valerie Jarret also going to be there……?

      • MiketheMarine

        Probably. I’ve read that the Secret Service calls her the Night Stalker because she is always creeping into the residential portion of the white house at all hours of the night.

        • Susitna

          is she Moochelle’s lover?

          • MiketheMarine

            Great question but far to knarly to consider. EEeewwwww…….

            • MeanGreenBeret


          • Dukehoopsfan

            Now that is a nasty image … trying to think about puppies, the beach, vodka, anything else.

        • MeanGreenBeret

          She sleeps in the Obama’s closet upside down

    • NJK

      I have already hoped a suicide bomber plants himself outside of the media offices in NY or Washington, D.C. Look at it this way, we are merely thinking, our Founding Fathers killed them.

  • bbitter

    …he’s Nero; playing America and the American people like a fiddle while our nation burns.

    And the Republicans are dancing.

    • sjmom

      Good analogy.

  • MeanGreenBeret

    I am so tired of the games the Democrats are playing. This is nothing but a set-up so they can blame us for everything. How long have we heard the mantra “Bush tax cuts for the rich? Blah blah blah. But if they expire it will raise EVERYONE’S taxes by $2.000 dollars?

  • But the indoctrinated & the hypnotized CANNOT HEAR. Millions reelected the POTUS w/ the WORST economic record. MILLIONS.

    It’s part of the indoctrination process: creating distrust in people who have ideas and FACTS that disagree with yours. It’s pretty much complete now.

    Not that we shouldn’t still SPEAK THE TRUTH. But Orwell only got the year wrong. Should have been 2012.

    Unbelievable when you think of what our parents and grandparents managed to do in the 1940s. But there had already been inroads — even then. Which is why we have a group of red diaper babies running the world alongside the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • So it was socialism when Clinton raised taxes on the wealthy in the 90s and kicked off the greatest postwar economic boom in U.S. history?

    Wow. You’ve really been drinking too much Kool-Aid.

    • tinlizzieowner

      The ‘dot com’ revolution didn’t have anything to do that prosperity, did it.
      😉 😉

    • Actually that wasn’t what kicked off the boom but it did end in a recession. However if the same can be said of Clinton then the same must also then be said of Bush 43. You can’t have it both ways.

      And if you are going to spam get something besides leftard talking points that you don’t really understand.

      • Going back to Clinton era tax rates for the wealthy only constitutes socialism in the fantasy land of right wing extremists.

        If you’re going to spam in defense of that drivel, try looking up “socialism” in Wikipedia.

        • mike3e4r7

          Socialism is implemented incrementaly by the progressive left. Going to the Clinton tax rates on the ‘wealthy’ is just one more step down that path.

          • Income inequality in the U.S. grew under Obama, making the gap between the rich and everyone else bigger. Shouldn’t the right wing be happy about that?

            • mike3e4r7

              We don’t care a rat’s ass about income equality or inequality. We care about Liberty and economic freedom. If the free market system naturally results in everyone having the same income, then fine. No problem. We are against wealth redistribution. It’s really not that hard to understand.

              It’s been fun, and easy debating with you. It gives us here at RightScoop practice for debating our equally clueless co-workers, neighbors, etc. But it does get tiring after a while, so go ahead and have your last word. I’m done with you for today.

              • No redistribution = no roads. Understand that?

                • MeanGreenBeret

                  You smoked too much of Obama’s HASH-tag today.Get a grip.

                • Ok that was funny. 😀

                • MeanGreenBeret

                  I’m glad I could be your comic relief today,now you can crawl back into the backside of Soros and Media Matters.

                • Watchman74

                  That’s why the roads are so crappy too.

                • stage9

                  Are you freaking out of your mind?

                  No redistribution = no roads???

                  How is redistributing money, by stealing from the Middle Class (which is what’s REALLY going to wind up happening) and giving to the Parasitic class going to produce roads and bridges??

                  This proves unequivocally folks that liberals are complete morons!

                  So you take money from one group and give it to another group and with the power of Obama’s messianic pixie dust roads will miraculously appear!? Is that how it works in the Land of Make Believe?

                  Please, just stop talking.

                • It is more rampant emotionalism replete with fear mongering. You know what would happen if there weren’t any taxes for roads?

                  Some entrepreneur would buy the right of way or the land itself and put in a road and charge people for it….JUST LIKE THEY USED TO DO AND ARE DOING NOW. The whole thing really should be privatized anyway because the tax dollars collected for roads never go to the roads.

                  I agree with you. Kris really should stop talking.

                • Watchman74

                  exactly, this is how the railroads were built.

                • Yep! And private toll roads are making a come back as well.

                • How do you figure that? Oh wait because those gas taxes that everyone pays regardless of socioeconomic levels aren’t actually spent on the roads as promised when the taxes were implemented.

                • Nukeman60

                  So if I get my hard-earned money taken away to give money to you, then you are going to go out and build me a road? Cool. When will you do that?

            • williamm

              I believe Obama’s plan will lower taxes on the middle class and create many new jobs. Unfortunately the taxes paid by millions of middle class will drop because they will have no jobs, unless they can find one of the many new jobs that Obama creates in unemployment offices.

              There is no doubt Obama loves poor people. Look at the millions of poor people Obama has created in less than 4 long miserable years.

              Under 4 more years of Obama we won’t have to worry about income inequality because everyone will be poor. Fundamentally transforming this country will then be complete.

              • demographicallychallenged

                You must also consider the fact that most Federal social programs are all or nothing. There is a huge base on these programs that if they try to better the position in life they will loose the marginal benefits they now receive. Isn’t that slavery, not as an institution but legislated dependency?

            • Nukeman60

              The income inequality grew bigger because the middle income got worse, not because the wealthy got richer. It’s nice to know, though, that you admit Obama caused it.

              So, if you take away more of the job creator’s wealth, then everybody is poorer, nobody gets hired and we have created a larger welfare state, just like Barry wanted in the first place.

              Your boy doesn’t look too good in that regard, now, does he.

        • Socialism has nothing to do with it. And take note I never mentioned socialism you did. Now why is that?

          Because it is the next step in your talking points when you think you are going to anticipate what I am going to say.

          I think you should read this and maybe consider buying the book mentioned in the article.


    • mike3e4r7

      Actually, you’ll have to go back to the Reagan years to find the greatest postwar economic boom in U.S. history.

      • Correct but facts don’t matter.

    • One other thing. the greatest post-war economic boom was under Reagan not Clinton. those are the facts, economically as well as numerically.

  • RCL

    Sorry there Right Scoop. You miss the whole point!

    “It’s imperative that Republicans hold the line and tell the truth about this nasty game Obama is playing with the American people.”

    How clueless can you get!

    Okay, I’m sorry, that was a joke? Right?

    • I don’t get what you mean.

      • RCL

        Really? How many times does the GOP have to cave and dissemble before you realize they have no intention of doing what they say or what they promise? The idea that anyone in the GOP leadership considers your agenda “imperative” is magical thinking on your part.

        At least Mark Levin and Rush are finally starting to face the truth. There is NO CONSERVATIVE PARTY. The idea that we’d be throwing away a generation of elections to build a third party is nonsense when every vote for the GOP is an investment in failure. Putting off the break is simply delaying the eventual rise of a real opposition party to the socialist politics that started with Teddy Roosevelt and keeps rolling like a juggernaut to our collapse.

        BTW, for Obama this isn’t a game, it’s business.

  • denbren52

    Tweet this: Cut spending by #My2K x all taxpayers

  • Obama is a bullshitter

    • MiketheMarine

      drop the “ter” and you’ve nailed it.

  • Constance

    The solution is so incredibly simple. The republicans simply get up and walk away and tell Obama that they will be glad to continue negotiating when he comes out and gives a press conference and presents, in writing to the American people, all of this plans for reducing the deficit. Until he does that, they simply announce that he isn’t serious and that he is just playing President. Just walk away. Who cares who gets blamed? Leave it with Obama to explain himself to the people. No speeches – just put it in writing and let us know what the plans are, Big O.

    • mike3e4r7

      Man, I would love to see a Republic leadership with the spine to do that, but it’s only a dream.

  • You said it Scoop. This is scary. So is this: http://www.wnd.com/2012/11/democrat-operatives-launch-class-warfare-website/
    These people are so evil.

    Come soon Lord Jesus.

    • MiketheMarine

      May the Lord arrive before some of us pugilists are forced to act.

      • yep. Afternoon myMarine. If there was anyone to be on my side, I’m glad I’ve got you and some others. That cheers me some.

        • MiketheMarine

          Well, do to frigging medical stuff I can’t attack anything but a bottle of scotch for a few months. But then, Dear Duckie, IT IS ON !!

          • ((()))s myMarine. I know. I look forward to that time.

          • celestiallady

            Scotch – you say scotch. Well that’s my favorite but only on special occasions anymore. It’s my chocolate! Whatever it is, get better soon.

            • MiketheMarine

              Thank you, M’Lady

      • Nukeman60

        I’m looking forward to the Lord’s arrival as well, but I sure would like to expend some of my ammo before that date. Such a waste of a perfectly good precious metal (lead).

    • sjmom


  • That is straight out of the communist playbook. Manipulate people with scare tactics and doomsday scenarios.

    I say give him the fiscal cliff.

    • Constance

      Me too. Get up and walk away and tell Americans that Obama is the president, and it is his responsibility to get this problem taken care of. Perhaps if the American people were told that Obama actually isn’t just a figurehead, unless that’s what he wants to be, that he needs to work. I’m not sure what everybody is so scared of. It’s just stupid.

    • Manipulation with scare tactics – like for example destroying America’s AAA credit rating by refusing to pass the debt ceiling increase? Even McCain said the Tea Party was crazy for doing that.

      • I find it hilarious that when republicans wanted to raise the debt ceiling in 2006 by 8oo billion was according to Harry and the other democrats was a bad thing and destroying our country- but under dear leader, wanting to raise it by 2 trillion it was necessary for the health of our nation.

        • colliemum

          Well, that’s the way it is: when the dems do it – excellent; when the Republicans do it: baaaaad!

          And people fall for it because the corrupt MSM tell them that this is the plain truth.

        • SineWaveII

          Spot on my snowbound friend.

        • Like the current filibuster debate. Same thing.

      • Umm…you need to do some homework because that wasn’t what lowered our credit rating. Not even close. I know economics is hard but unless you attempt at educating yourself with clear and concise thinking life is going to get very very hard for you because those of us who produce are about to come to a full and complete stop.

        Ever see a car slam into a tree at 100 mph despite the fact the driver has his foot on the brake and it’s all the way to the floor?

        It’s ugly and no amount of air bags will save you on that one. Get ready for some pain because it is seriously coming.

      • KenInMontana

        You really are a low rent hack of a troll aren’t you?

    • sjmom


    • marketcomp

      I agree with you, Laurel! He has known about this for 2 years now and now we are suppose to blame the republicans? FU Barack Obama! I despise this man because most of us on RS see right through this cheap psychological bull crap but it must work on most Americans otherwise we would have had a different election result.

      • The left dumbed down society for a reason. Stupid sheep are much easier to manipulate.

  • marketcomp

    He is just as stupid as he looks and act! What an idiot! Who does he think we are? Those dumba**18-30 year olds who worship him? We don’t give a crap about him! In fact, most of us will just try to survive the next 4 years of this socialist agenda and the further dumbing domn of America!

  • 1vote

    Hey Scoop, wanna see my shocked face???

    • WhiteGuy2
      • 1vote

        Thanks. That’s the bomb. Hope Scoop sees that.

  • WhiteGuy2

    During the Bush administrations fight for what is known as the Bush tax cuts. The Democrats bashed it saying it was essentially just big tax cuts for the rich, and any tax savings for the middle class / poor didn’t amount to anything at all.

    Now of course if the Bush tax cuts get rolled back, now the Liberals complain the burden on the middle class/poor would be significant. Why aren’t Republicans pointing out the obvious hypocrisy here?

    Let it go over the cliff, crash and burn.

  • I hope all you GOP extremists out there realize that without “redistribution” you would have no infrastructure, national defense, etc., etc.

    How “free” would you be without roads?

    • Sandra123456

      Without redistribution we would have, like we used to have, toll roads and toll bridges. We still would be free.

      • Without redistribution there would be no national highway system, railroad system, etc., etc., etc. Zzzzzzzz

        • Sandra123456

          Did you ever hear of the Eris Canal? Long before Amtrak all the railroads in the U.S. were privately owned. Do you read history much or are you a self appointed know it all that is superior to most people?

        • KenInMontana

          There’s a difference between redistribution and the equitable use of tax dollars to build infrastructure. You do realize that the interstate system is only a small percentage of that infrastructure and that the bulk are State highways/toll roads do you not?

        • Nukeman60

          Interesting that you would fall asleep on your own comment. That pretty much sums up your philosophy, doesn’t it.

    • Our roads are supposed to come from the taxes on gas.
      With soaking those who create jobs, there are no jobs. I’d rather have pot holes than no jobs.

    • stage9

      God, you really are dumb as a rock. Are you on medication, because you really should be.

      Redistribution has absolutely NO BEARING whatsoever on building infrastructure.

      My giving you all of my income will not magically cause roads and bridges to appear.

      Redistribution (which is a marxist concept by the way) is when you take my money from one group and give it to another group with the intent of creating a classless system where the large earners and the small earners receive equal income.

      So I may make $100,000 and you may make $10,000 but redistribution will leave me with $90,000 and give you $80,000. By taking from me, and giving to you, we’re both making the same thing. At least that’s how the mindless marxist theory goes.

      What it really does is makes the lazy MORE lazy and the wealthy less productive. In the end it makes slaves of us all and starves us into oblivion. Because there is ALWAYS someone in government for whom these rules never apply.

      And no one on the face of the planet can point to a successful classless system anywhere! In the idiocy of marxism the government becomes the bourgeois class and everyone else the starving slave!

      The only way roads and bridges can be built is for revenue to be collected from the taxpayer and allocated to the Transportation Dept for that purpose. Then, somewhere down the line contracts must be awarded to do the work. Private Engineering companies bid on these construction contracts and are awarded the work based upon pre-existing qualifications. If they are selected, they work with a government-side engineer in the capacity of a Project Manager until the project is completed.

      What Obama is advocating for and you’re too stupid to realize is nothing more than a marxist system which will always fail no matter WHAT century it’s instituted in!

      And because Americans are so historically illiterate, and can’t tell marxism from a hole in the head, they will go along with whatever flies their skirt up at the time.

      • Nukeman60

        And since redistribution takes away from the income that would be taxed for roads, they don’t get built or repaired.

        I guess he could say they truly did not build that.

  • I thought freedom and democracy were synonymous? 60% of Americans want taxes to go up for the wealthiest Americans. Who are you to deny the will of the people?

    • And us Americans just re-elected a Republican house to stand fast against it. Who are you to deny the will of the people?

      • Shouldn’t the GOP respect the clear majority opinion of the country? If 60% of Americans wanted the Bush tax cuts to remain for the wealthy, don’t you think the GOP would be pistol whipping Obama to death with it?

        • If 60% wanted higher taxes, why did Obama only win by less than 1%?

        • Gee. Over 70 percent of the people were agianst obamacare. That worked well didn’t it.

        • stage9

          Would you make the same case for Adolf Hitler?

        • KenInMontana

          You’re hilarious, considering that just over 60% of Americans (who are eligible) turned out to vote. You may want to take a remedial math class.

    • Sandra123456

      What is the source for your 60% figure?

      If a majority thought rape was acceptable would that be OK with you?

      I can’t stand the thinking that people are entitled to some of the wealth of others just because they exist.

      • It all comes under the guise of making things equal-even if you weren’t the ones to earn it!

    • stage9

      And the majority of Germans approved of Adolf Hitler….at least at first; at least until they found out that he was a murderous lying sack of crap!

      The point is, disinformation and lying propaganda can garner support for just about anything. But truth dispels the myths. And the truth is, whether 100% or 60% believe that taxing the rich is the right move, it will not even effect the tip of the tip of the problem.

      But to understand that, you’d have to have the ability to grasp simple math concepts, and well, liberal radicals are simply too stupid. Their propaganda will run out one day and when the American people have grown tired of their tyranny and incompetence, they will be run out of town, and peace will come to America once again!

      liberalism = criminalism

    • We are not a democracy. We are a Constitutional Republic big difference.

    • And if all of your friends wanted to jump off of a cliff would you follow?!

      • stage9

        Yes! he would! Because liberals aren’t bright!

      • Sorry Laurel, but that just made me laugh. Seems like he is following them.

        • Yeah that is becoming increasingly apparent! 🙂

  • sjmom

    RS, I agree but the GOP is already split and coming apart at the seams.

    What do you do with a bully on the playground? You stand, look him in the eye and if he hits you hit him back harder. Yes, this is coming from a mom. Taught my son not to fight but my husband and I both taught him to hold his own with a bully.

    The GOP needs to put away the box of tissues and get into the ring. If not there won’t be anyone in the bleachers to cheer them on. Now, Republicans; you want someone or something to be afraid of? Be very afraid because the base is peeling away more and more each day.

    • Wow the idea that the GOP are being bullied by Obama is pretty incredible daydreaming. Tell that to the 60% of Americans who want the Bush tax cuts to expire for the wealthy.

      The GOP are only being “bullied” by the American people.

      • sjmom


        Also, the 60% of whom you speak don’t have the good sense to understand they’re included in the Bush tax cuts. Wait til they wake up and find out they don’t have a job because their boss can’t afford to pay them.

        This is nothing more than common sense which is becoming an unknown quantity in our society.

      • stage9

        For the wealthy??? hey dumb dumb, are you wealthy? because your sorry self is going to be included in that number genius!

        • Did you miss the point of #My2K? The answer is…yes.

      • There is no credible source to your claim that 60% of Americans want taxes hiked on the wealthy. However there is plenty of credible sources that show 60% of Americans want spending cut.

        And you are not wealthy. That is your phantom internet claim and not verifiable by any stretch. Regardless it means little if anything at all. Buffet is wealthy. Claims he wants his taxes to go up. Gates too. Hollywood too. But then they run and hide it in foundations like the Clintons or hire lobbyists to get loopholes and exemptions. Romney isn’t the only one with Swiss and Cayman accounts. Singapore is doing a booming business as well.

        What Progressives really want is a two tiered society where there is rich and there is poor. They always think they will be among the rich and thus a ruler, a god, and exempt. they think they can throw scraps off of their table and therefore they are ‘good’ people. They didn’t learn what a useful idiot was from Stalin or Mao.

        But hey! From you guys we have learned what a hypocrite is…daily.

  • colliemum

    It would be interesting to know who is ‘advising’ Obama on these tax policies – he’s to indolent to have thought these things through for himself.

    Anyway, here is what happened in the UK, when the last, socialist PM raised the tax on “The Rich” to 50%, just before the elections he knew he would lose:

    “Almost two-thirds of the country’s million-pound earners disappeared from Britain after the introduction of the 50p top rate of tax, figures have disclosed.”

    That’s people who earned > £ 1 million p.a., not who had assets of > £ 1 million.
    Instead of more revenue, the Treasury actually lost £ 7 billion in tax income through that ‘tax the rich’ ploy.

    If Obama and the dems think American earners are more stupid than the Brits, and will take this rise lying down, they have another think coming …!

  • i think this is spot on. i wish more people could see this. this is a huge part of this.

  • Couldn’t the house come up with a bill that just kicks the ‘fiscal cliff’ down the road to like 2014. Just keep the tax rates the same, no spending cuts.. Or did the deal they came up with in 2010 prevent them from doing that?

  • DavidRobertson

    I had Fox in the background today and they had an interesting excerpt with Dick Durbin. He made an income comparison between a hedge fund manager and a navy seal. The point was about income inequality. His points were backed up by one of the resident liberals on the network (I believe Kristin Powers) who said that the inequality of income is far more disparate today than it was back in the days of JFK (when the D Party was all about tax cuts for everyone).
    I believe this is the thrust or value proposition that the left will use for the next four years regarding just about every policy. They will continue to try to brainwash people into believing that it is immoral to make a lot of money. But that’s not the worst of it. What they are really driving at is that the wealth of the world belongs to the people [the Government]..so therefore it is the government’s role to play the equalizer. See, when you earn your money, it isn’t necessarily yours. Therefore, it is entirely moral to make policy that will benefit the greater good with your excess wealth with or without your consent. It is a subliminal argument about property/money. It is purely socialist.
    Some of you who may read this post will think I’m over the top. I only say to prove it out. Go watch the arguments being made on the fiscal cliff. They will dress it up as a modest increase that takes us back to “Clinton” levels. However, not a peep from either side about taking us back to Clinton levels of spending. Nope, just taxation….and that’s a highly unfair and non-intellectual reasoning. If the reasoning is that our economy was great under Clinton, then you would argue for both the spending and taxation to be replicated, not just the taxation.
    Folks, Satan doesn’t slap us in the face and throw us into the pits of hell. He carefully leads us inch by inch, massaging our wrists before he puts on the chains.

    • My only disagreement with your post is it isn’t pure socialism. It is oure communism.

      But then again socialism is communism at a slower pace. 😉

      • Patriot077

        I heard one guy say that the only difference between socialism and communism is that socialism ends with the power of a gun while communism begins with the power of a gun.

    • StrangernFiction

      It IS happening here.

  • Yazz55

    Expect most of the posts to be from shills for the regime.

  • trustintheLORDwithallyourheart

    The whole lot of them (Republicans) are the most pathetic, brain-dead bunch I have ever seen. How is it possible that NONE of them are able to articulate clearly, concisely and with conviction the issues that are supposed to be near and dear to them? Nor can they articulate clearly and concisely the game that is being played on the American people by the Democrats and Obama thugs? The Democrats have no problem with their platform and messaging – as disgusting, offensive and wrong as it is. This was proven in the last election. They are as thick as thieves. Can’t the Republicans see that they are the mouse the cat (Democrats) plays with before it kills it and eats it?

    More and more, I am thinking that many of the “Republicans” in the government and the power elite are really Democrats who are there for the sole purpose of subverting the Republican Party. Nothing else makes sense.

    • auntvick

      Allen West articulated it fairly well, so they gerrymandered him out of his seat and did everything else they could to get rid of him. All the leadership are corrupted beyond redemption in both parties. Term limlts would have been the answer a few years ago but it will take more than that now.

  • wallwatchman

    Mark Levin had a good idea on his show last night on how the repubs could handle this. Have boehner tell Obama we’re not raising anything right now. Boehner goes back to the house and they pass a bill keeping things the same for a year, and then kick it to the senate and let them turn it down and explain that to folks.

    He also talked about repubs paying for 30 min tv time to explain our position. He thought they should pick Rubio, Ryan, or Cruz to do it. It may or may not help at all, but at least the repubs would go down fighting instead of being wimps and giving in to everything.

  • NJK

    If the Republicans fall for this, they deserve to die as a party. Enough of this nonsense. Be men, or get out. And quit calling it “revenue.” It’s just like “global warming,” is now “climate change.” The Republicans allow themselves to adopt their language, etc.

    They’re like abused spouses who keep going back for abuse. Then they complain about getting beat up. The media are their batterers. They allow themselves to be abused. It’s embarrassing.

  • Rocco11

    When in doubt, take it to the useful idiots…

  • NJK

    If Rand Paul runs in 2016 we need to back this man. I’m becoming Libertarian. I don’t want to be tied to these old losers anymore. Let them die, figuratively and literally. I’m sick of having my property stolen by the commies with the GOP aiding them. Boehner is going to go down as one of the most pathetic excuses for a Speakers of the House ever.

  • I say that if Obama doesn’t want to keep the tax cuts for everybody, regardless of income, then let it go UP for EVERYBODY. Seems that “fairness” in the Obama administration seems to only work for people who don’t pay taxes. So now EVERYBODY can have some skin in the game. And once the people who voted for Obama see that they can get taxed PLUS receive fewer benefits (because we can’t afford them anymore), then maybe they will re-think why they voted for this fraud in the first place. And if they don’t like it, hey, there’s always the 2014 midterm elections!

  • pmb88

    I am so sick and tired of Republicans acting like wimps. No matter where they go they get no credit and all the blame. My2k my behind. Instead My2k it should be ObamaTookMy2K.

  • stage9

    To liberal lurkers, that great Scholar and Comedian, Steven Crowder illustrates redistribution on a level that even YOU in your infinitesimal intellect can understand.

    Halloween Redistribution

  • WordsFailMe

    “It’s imperative that Republicans hold the line and tell the truth about this nasty game Obama is playing with the American people.”

    You’ve invested a lot of HOPE in these arrogant pissants, scoop with very little or no support for the potential of the Republicans to save the Republic. As far as I am concerned, the Demo-vermin are the new Socialists and the Republicans are the new National Socialists.

    They will sell us out to the communists an ounce at a time, turning a personal profit on every drop of strength, wealth and intelligence they concede, and when the crash of liberty comes, “the Republicans will be the men who will not be blamed for nothing.”

  • holymollie

    why tax when the fed res. prints at will.

  • toongoon

    The Republicans still have their thumbs stuck up their butt. Same stuff, different day.

  • c4pfan

    It’s been too late since 2008 when the GOP kept kicking the can down the road and just didn’t go all out with the debt ceiling.

  • Landscaper

    I wrote to my local liberal rag-tag paper today under Readers Opinions to ask a question of the moochers amoung us. Below is loosely my comment.

    “How many people on public assistance with EBT cards, housing, welfare checks are going to buy lottery tickets today on Wednesday, Nov 28th? With a chance of 1 in 150 million to win might have something to do with your failure.”

    The lottery is an opportunity for stupid people to prove their ignorance. And Obummer is about to take more of working peoples money so stupid people can waste ours.

    • DebbyX

      I hope one of those people actually win. Imagine their surprise when Obama takes about 1/2 of it in taxes! You have to feel the pinch before you know the pain!

  • c4pfan

    How can raising taxes create an economic boom when employers are hardly hiring as it is?

    When will they ask where that money will go? To paying off the ‘debt’? Or pay off for more votes with benefits? How can you pay off a debt when the debt keeps growing? No one is going to see the debt going down with that tax increase, so why raise it?

    Why not focus on freezing spending and cutting programs, period?

  • rich wojcik

    “Susan Rice is extraordinary,” said Obama. “Couldn’t be prouder of the job she’s done.”
    He knows his 47% to 51% will applaud.

    • marketcomp

      Susan Rice is an embarrassment and a disgrace to women and Black Americans! If she cannot distinguish between communicating talking points and communicating facts and evidence how in the world are we to trust her concerning any communications of events or situations with the two-bit dictators around the world and other leaders? She has certainly proven her incompetence and ineptness concerning Benghazi. Moreover, she is the UN Ambassador so why is she the spokesperson for Libya and not the Ambassador to Libya or the United States Ambassador and Secretary of State?


    …this country is LOST .”

    • Sounds Harry Reid-ish! Well done.

  • Nukeman60

    I’d much more prefer to use the hashtag #my8days. That’s how much of this years deficit the tax increase on the wealthy will pay for. We could all say what we would do with that 8 days of freedom just before the tax increases would hit us for the next 357 days each year.

  • hongryhawg

    Like it are not, he’s got the ignoramus’s with him. The “election” showed their ignorance. He knows that if they were dumb enough to vote for Communism, what’s a little taxation?

  • Just turn it around and tweet…#My2K this is how much more my health care is going to cost…

  • Garym

    Where is the leadership? What is with this childish crap?

  • NCHokie02

    they’ll cave

  • The debt is over 16 trillion now and the total individual income tax collections in 2011 were 1.1 trillion against a 3.6 trillion dollar budget and 1.3 trillion dollar deficit. The total defense budget for next year is about 700 billion so lets play this out with just those numbers and taking the desires of liberals to their extreme. If 70% of income taxes are paid by the top 10% of earners then if we doubled their taxes it would raise 770 billion and if we entirely eliminated the military next year it would cut 705 billion assuming we could just stop and never pay a dime. Now assuming this has no effect on anything else in the budget like increasing social payments due to all the newly unemployed and poor we have covered 1.47 trillion dollars of the 1.3 trillion dollar deficit. Thus we have 147 billion to start reducing the debt. Now if we amortized our current debt balance at the stupid rate we are now borrowing from our selves of 2% for 30 years that payment would be 714 billion dollars per year. So as you see we are still running a deficit if we double the taxes on the top 10%, eliminate the military and keep all else constant other than amortize the debt at 2 percent we have a 500 billion dollar deficit. After their dream adjustments we still have the highest deficits ever under any administration prior to Obama.

  • bobemakk

    I wrote this to the RNC
    What is going on with the republicans? Why are they caving in to Obama and reaching across the board to reach an agreement with him on his new “doubling down” tax proposals. A good friend of mine heard one of his parishioners at church talking to a polling rep that he had seen the same African American woman vote at least 6 or 7 times. We know who she voted for? This is only one isolated incident.

    The RINO’s must grow a spine and demand a full fledged investigation into the election results and the Electoral College should be abolished. What is going on in this country, what happened to the true conservatives? There are very few left and this disturbs me that we have a liar in the White House who won the election by fraud. He continually lied to the politically uneducated and they believed him because they want their entitlement programs to continue. WAKE UP GOP!!! Is the fair and balanced media wasting their time? The lamestream media ruined the election. Please reply.

  • searcher0

    maybe the Mayan dooms day prophecies are true but they just miscalculated the date, it actually occured on 11/6/2012.

  • A proper reply back would involve a proper hashtag #itsmyfnpaychecknotjustthe2kdumbo… is that too many letters?

  • i voiced my opinion on my2k and how it would effect my making my house payment, house insurance and paying my supplemental health insurance…….my g.s. works full time and goes to college full time on student loans and how it would effect his income. and my daughters………………..YES!….I BELIEVE IN OBAMA USING THE MY2K……AND THE REPUBLICANS LIVE IN THE 18TH CENTURY….AND HATE WHO WE HAVE AS PRESIDENT

  • Republicans lost badly in 2008., they tried to take the president down with 2010 do nothing congress. and republicans lost badly…..2012 republicans lost badly both electorial vote and popular vote….they lost trying to take the president down with Solundra and they lost badly…they tried with fast and furious…and republicans lost badly…and their losing on Bengazi……REPUBLICANS LOST…..