NAACP doubles down, says Tim Scott can’t pay homage to Dr. King and be a conservative; TIM SCOTT RESPONDS

The NAACP released a statement on their leader calling Tim Scott a ‘dummy’ to Fox News tonight saying:

Dr. King emphasized love and justice rather than extremism. Unless we stand for justice we cannot claim allegiance to or pay homage to Dr. King. In a state such as South Carolina, politicians, whether they be black or white, should not be echoing the position of the far right.

Tim Scott call these comments absolutely ridiculous and slammed the 50 year war on poverty by the government, pointing out that it hasn’t lifted anyone out of poverty and the NAACP is still pushing these policies.

He went on to articulate conservative principles that do work in a very classy way.


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  • DarkKnight2016

    Tim Scott is another brilliant conservative Senator that doesn’t get much attention. We need more like him and we have the opportunity to elect people like him. In Oklahoma, Sen. Tom Coburn is retiring and now Rep. James Lankford (Boehner’s lackey) has declared his candidacy. Now, I have learned Oklahoma’s rising conservative star Speaker T.W. Shannon is exploring a potential race. We NEED to support him in Oklahoma.

    • twmon9816

      I like Shannon and I also like Bridenstein.

  • CapeLady

    Tim Scott is a class act. It takes a lot of courage to be a black conservative in America today.

    • DarkKnight2016

      or in my case a conservative Hispanic American in a very blue part of America.

      • keyesforpres

        Remember, Hispanic is not a race. It is a made up term of about 45 years ago to describe Spanish speaking ppl from South of the border. Now it seems to cover anyone with a Spanish surname.

        • DarkKnight2016

          And your point is?

        • 4liberty

          So there Dark Knight Quit calling yourself a person!!

          • DarkKnight2016

            What on earth are you trying to say? Your sentence barely makes sense.

  • This guy is a breath of fresh air! the problem that the NAACP has with him, of course, is he is preaching self responsibility, not blame white people for your problems. Last time I checked, not one white person has ever owned a slave here in the US.

    • Conniption Fitz

      16 Trillion LIKES

  • marketcomp

    The NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People) have been bought and paid for by Obama and the democrat party so they have no credibility with any Black American. Additionally, when the Congressional Black caucus advocates that those who came to this country “ILLEGALLY,” should have amnesty thereby competing for those jobs and resources the most Black and other low-income Americans would otherwise have is absolutely shameful. The NAACP (as Rush would call them the national association for the advancement of liberal colored people) have no credibility to try to demean Sen. Scott. Ever. Sen. Scott is the Black American Fredrick Douglas who once said that, “I am a Republican, a black, dyed in the wool Republican, and I never intend to belong to any other party than the party of freedom and progress.” Now take that National Association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People!

  • sDee

    Anyone else have the sense that no matter what or how the black-white race discussion goes, it remains a spiral down the drain?

    This is inevitable when we are too timid to stop our politicians passing laws, policies and regulations granting rights to people of one skin color at the expense of another color..

    Some animals are more equal than others.

  • BearNJ

    Senator Scott is right about conservative policies. Conservativism is a harder sell but it creates opportunity and liberty. Under the last conservative President Reagan black business ownership, black employment, and black professional jobs all boomed. To quote the link below: Between 1982 and 1988, total black employment increased by 2 million, a staggering sum. That meant that blacks gained 15% of the new jobs created during that span, while accounting for only 11 percent of the working-age population. Under Reagan the black jobless rate was cut by almost half between 1982 and 1988. Compared that to Obama double digit unemployment record for blacks. Why the GOP doesn’t push this fact shows the consultant class don’t know their product is conservativism. The Democratic party has done a much better job of selling their soft tyranny than the Conservatives have done selling its success. The establishment GOP is clueless. Conservativism works. JFK who was the first President to employ supply side economics said it best ” A rising tide lifts all boats”.


  • sjmom

    Sen. Scott is a gentleman something which Rev Barber wouldn’t know anything about.

  • sallyjohanna

    What we are experiencing is the closed mind of the Socialist Progressive….you MUST think like them, you MUST act like them and you MUST speak like them…or you are an invalid citizen…one of the lowly masses they MUST rule!

    • friskyness

      That’s strange because “they” are NOT valid citiizens……liberals are anti-american………………

      • sallyjohanna

        Couldn’t agree with you more! Delusional…they usurp the Constitution, the law of the land, and we are the bad guys?? They won’t admit that either!

  • PhilinIN

    Apparently the NAACP doesnt agree with MLK about love and justice when they are quick to condemn anyone who is not a communist/sociaist as they.

  • 12grace

    Tim Scott was the perfect man to pay homage to Rev. King.

  • ernst1776

    How much better off black America would be with leaders like Tim Scott.!!!

  • “Dr. King emphasized love and justice rather than extremism.”

    Ah yes, labeling.. ie; Inferencing Patriotic American Conservatives who believe in Individual Freedom, Liberty, Free Market Capitalism, the U.S. Constitution, Equal Justice- (NOT Obama and Holder’s Racial Social (in)Justice), making elected officials responsive to the will of We the People, as extremists, and extremism. lol

    Please, Democrats, former Confederates, then Segregationists after the Civil War, instituted legislatively Jim Crow Laws for over 150 years, were the one’s who called Rev Dr MLK Jr an extremist back then when he was marching and protesting against these Democrats like George Wallace and Sheriff Bull Connor in the streets. Liberal Democrat Hypocrisy and Projectionism of lies is truly revealing.

    This anti-American radical black supremacist leftist, aka Democrat William Barber II, is, by falsely accusing, slandering Sen Tim Scott, is saying the same thing about Frederick Douglas, Rev Dr MLK Jr, and all other great black pro-American leaders, let alone about the Founding Father themselves.

    The NAACP is nothing more than a facsimile of the Blank Panther party, not to mention the Communist Party. And the so called leader or leaders of it, are just as radical, violent, anti-Semitic, anti-Truth America haters, as their imitated black supremacist thug Black Panther party and the Communist party are.

  • Conniption Fitz

    MLK was NOT communist totalitarian intolerant punitive maligning vengeful lying supremacist partisan or racist, which is what the NAACP has become.

  • spin43

    We should just ignore these Black Liberation communists. Stop giving them recognition.

  • JohnCraven

    At the March for Life today, in Washington, Dr. Alveda King, Dr. Martin Luther King’s niece, will be speaking on behalf of many women who’ve been hurt by legal abortion as part of the Silent No More campaign which she leads.

    By the “standards” of the marxist NAACP, Dr. Alveda King has no right to speak out against the Negro Project which was started by the founder of Planned Parenthood – and the “father of modern society” – Margaret Sanger, who hated minorities and poor whites and who created the Negro Project as a way of exterminating the black race.

    Because of the NAACP’s support of legal abortion they are in turn supporting the goal of Margaret Sanger’s Negro Project and it is actually succeeding as Sanger had intended it to since in some cities, such as New York, the abortion rate amongst black women is around 75% – genocidal levels.

    But that is the ultimate goal of legal abortion – genocide of minorities and the elimination of poor whites and that is what the NAACP supports.

    Tim Scott is not the extremist here. It is the NAACP which must receive an enormous amount of money from Planned Parenthood to help them commit genocide against blacks and Hispanics and all other minorities.

    Please watch the March for Life today and you can also see the Closing Mass for the Prayer Vigil for Life from the National Basilica in Washington, D. C. at 7:30am this morning on EWTN. You can watch it all in live streaming at

    John Craven
    New Orleans

  • USPatriot

    Can’t judge a book by its cover? Sometimes maybe you can.
    Take a look at Rev Barber vs Tim Scott and judge for yourself on appearances only. THEN hear their words closely.
    One is an angry hood rat with little in his brain but the script he was taught and repeats loyally. The other, an intelligent, logical individual who sees things for himself and thinks for himself.

    • Conservator1

      That was my first thought too – just compare them visually and there’s no way for any rational thinker to NOT realize whose the extremist and it isn’t Senator Scott. The NAACP has invented a new pitiful term – white African American – and branded Sen . Scott as one.

      Thus, who are the true extremists? Who are the true racists? Who is not interested in justice and uses race to gain political power? It’s the NAACP who have become the modern day carpetbaggers keeping blacks on the progressive plantation.

  • $12112543

    How come nobody ever says MLK was a Republican, and all today’s Democrat Blacks are at war with MLK’s ideas?

    But why is it conservatives are always responding. If I had a talk-show, I’d have been blasting them every MLK day.

  • Sentinel

    ‘Justice’ to the racist NAACP means: making ‘whitey’ pay. They are an abomination and they have no understanding of or connection with MLK. They are dangerous fools.

  • Sentinel

    The NAACP is anti-MLK.

  • No_BlahBlah

    Megyn you seemed more interested in getting Senator Scott to throw mud back at the mud throwers than hearing his answer to your question.

    Sometimes you need to pull the trigger smoothly, gently. Stop jerking it if you want to hit your mark.

  • John Huffman

    Gonna draw some ire here, but what the hell. The NAACP is slave to the democrat party. The democrat plantation. They even recruit new slaves themselves. Blacks enslaving blacks, Just like in Africa at the beginning of the slave trade. Their own people rounded op those of another ethnicity, and sold them.

  • Yazz55

    To paraphrase MLK…
    One judges by the content of character
    The other judges by the color of one’s skin.
    One encourages opportunity and respect.
    The other regurgitates the narrative as promulgated by the plantation owners.

  • virginiagentleman1

    You are a class act, Senator Scott, and congratulations on garnering Sarah Palin’s endorsement for your mid-term re-election bid sir!

    On the other hand, the NAACP is a racist organization, and not concerned by ‘fairness’ whatever that is, but with maintaining the wealth and power they derive off of the backs of poor and under-informed black folks.

  • Bill589

    Promoting love and true justice just might be extremism now, as is telling the truth.

    “The question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be… The nation and the world are in dire need of creative extremists.” – Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Looks like, by his own words, MLK did want extremists after all.

  • misterlogic0013

    Nice man, great example of an educated, successful free market guy .. will continue to send $$ to, I’m doubling down .. Go Tim Scott

  • Select


  • Junie3

    In no way are these race hustlers any part of the kingdom of God and none of them deserve to put Rev. before their names. They are an abomination. They are sinful, lustful, and leading many into the ditch. Going to be a sad day when they stand before The Lord.

  • Rod Dainjer

    Despite collectivist claims that individualism opposes altruism, it is egoism that is the opposite of altruism and it is individualism which is the opposite of collectivism.