[VIDEO] Naghmeh Abedini: I never thought I’d have to battle my own government for my husband’s freedom

Naghmeh Abedini testified before Congress this morning and blasted the Obama administration for doing nothing to secure the release of her husband during their recent Iranian talks:

When I spoke in front of the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission in March of this year, I had anticipated that I would battle the Iranian government for my husband’s freedom. I never anticipated that I would also have to battle my own government and that the journey would become even much more difficult than it had been. My husband is suffering because he’s a Christian. He’s suffering because he’s an American. Yet his own government did not fight for him when his captors were across the table from them.

Her full testimony is below:

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  • M_J_S

    What do you expect from tyranny? Sympathy?

    • Really, that’s how you respond to her plight…with sarcasm?

      • tinlizzieowner

        With the government we have now, what else can we do? 🙁
        With Reagan or Bush in office, they would have said, “You give me back my American and then we will talk”.

      • M_J_S

        Really, what? What does she expect from this administration?

        • 24fan

          for mercy obviously bless her, but if not her only hope is for a miracle. Jesus hasn’t abandoned her husband even in prison he’s had a mission feld in leading thirty souls to Jesus for salvation

          • M_J_S

            Amen to that!

  • 12grace

    All Christians must pray for this brave woman’s, husbands return. obama won’t help her because he sides with the enemies of America.

    • Patriot077

      Praying for this brave woman’s husband to be returned. I still can’t believe that they were such scaredy cats that they didn’t want to incur any disfavor before they “negotiated” with the Iranians. What hogwash. Just saying that lets the world think less of us than they were already. John Kerry is a gutless, twisted, arrogant jerk.

      • 12grace

        Yes, Kerry is America’s Neville Chamberlain and we all know how well that turned out.

  • NYGino

    It’s a disgrace that “Vietnam Vet” Kerry couldn’t arrange for his freedom. But then, Kerry is the one who threw his medals over the fence and regaled Congress and America and the world with his winter soldier scenarios showing, even back then his disdain for America.

    Any negotiator with passion, smarts and knowledge of his opponent could have been successful in arranging for this man to be home now. Instead, all he winds up with in the negotiations is a losing proposition that pleases nobody and no country except Islam. His and Obama’s loyalties could not be shown in clearer sight.

    • tinlizzieowner

      “But then, Kerry is the one who threw his medals over the fence”.
      He didn’t throw ‘HIS’ medals over the White House fence, they belonged to somebody else. You don’t think this phony ‘war hero’ would throw HIS medals over the fence do you? He’s a Democrat, they never part with their own money or belongings.

      • NYGino

        That’s true tlo, but the symbolism was his.

        • tinlizzieowner

          All bluster, no muster.

  • I don’t know who you can negotiate with another country when they are holding your own citizens without being charged for a crime.

    • NYGino

      Again, we have to question Obama’s loyalties. Remember he himself said that “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” Well, the winds have shifted in an ugly direction.

      • I agree. History will judge this man extremely harshly.

        -(I’m paraphrasing) “We need to reach out to the Muslim world through NASA.” (Go figure.)

        -“The future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” (at the UNGA)

  • FreeManWalking

    Iran’s failure to release him, should have been the 1st deal breaker for any talks to go forward.

  • 24fan

    Jesus and all of heaven is on your side Mrs. Abedini. I’m praying for you and for Saeed, hoping like Peter that he is freed supernaturally or how anyway God sees best and comes home safely. You’re not alone dear sister

  • Sentinel

    This is sickening. Please uphold this martyr, this faithful servant of the Lord in prayer. Our despotic government and especially the heathen government of Iran will likely do nothing to release him. Pray for his family too. This is a national disgrace.

    • deTocqueville1

      Amen brother.

  • deTocqueville1

    Wow, thanks so much Scoop. What a courageous woman. Prayers continue for the family and they will prevail, God willing, against two evil governments.

    • 24fan

      No powers of hell no schemes of men can ever pluck them from His hands. 🙂

  • olddog

    Tell the Gov. Gumbas He’s an “Amnesty ILLEGAL”..Threaten IRAN with Obagger N0-Care…Bingo…he’s on a LUXURY CRUISE SHIP..HOME.

  • Taryn

    What an amazing woman. I’d would not be as mature and collected up there if I were in her position

  • stage9

    I’m afraid her pleas are 40 years too late. Our government and our country has been infiltrated by militant left-wing godless secularists who rejoice in the demise of Christianity and what they view as the fall of Western Imperialism. They do not care one iota about Abedini or else he would be free already. They are evil, and this is why I and so many other believers keep harping on social issues and the spiritual component affecting our nation. Because if we reject God as a nation, He will reject us, and if He rejects us, we will experience calamity unlike anything we could ever imagine. We are playing with fire when we tempt the Lord with our sin of moral and spiritual anarchy. We are DARING Him to judge us, thumbing our noses at Him as though He is our subject and we are His Lord. But America, you are hanging by a thread. Your entire existence is hanging in the balance not because of some ludicrous idea that MONEY and ECONOMICS are the key to our national prosperity, but because you abandoned your own charter and the values that created you. America’s prosperity is singularly linked to its former relationship with God Almighty of the Bible. And when we abandoned God, we unanchored ourselves from rational truth, moral reason and spiritual protection. And so we have those who run our government who simply reflect upon our own corruption. They are representative of what we’ve become — unbelieving, unforgiving, unloving, and unrepentant.

    I doubt that this administration will save Mr Abedini, because they don’t BELIEVE in Mr Abedini nor his cause — nor his God. Abedini has become, in their eyes, just another enemy of progress — a Christian American imperialist convert who is trying to impose upon an innocent indigenous culture a Western religious poison. Liberals aren’t on God’s side, so they’ll never side with God’s people. What is happening to Mr Abedini is what our future looks like back here in America too. Persecution is coming for American Christians, but unlike the Jews of WWII, there is no one left in the world to come to our aid when the God haters come for us. We’re on our own. Just like Mr Abedini is on his own.

    It’s sad, but it’s where we find ourselves as a backslidden nation. The One who could come to our aid; the one who could save us right here, right now, has been forgotten. And there seems to be no sign of us ever changing this course or removing the secular poison that’s been injected into our national bloodstream.

    And that is truly sad. Because America will not go out with a bang, but with a whimper.

    • 24fan

      he will judge the unbelief but he’s the God who said I will NEVER leave you or FORSAKE you. Keeping close to Him in these troubled times helps us as well as it does others. He won’t forget or reject his faithful ones.

  • IronmanREV3

    People of the United States of America,
    I feel for this woman,unfortunately really belive based on everything across the board in Foreign Policy we have a Black Muslim Democratic Socialist President who is doing everything possible to move forward and placate the World Islamic Agenda

  • lawngren

    I have a little problem with this. In fact, I have a BIG problem with this.

    If your husband is an American, why is he (back in) Iran? The truth is, you and he became American citizens for the sole purpose of gaining protection and leverage in Iran. Where you got such a dumb idea I don’t know.

    This seems to me to be deceit on the part of two who claim to be Christians. The Bible says that all liars will have their part in the Lake That Burns With Fire. If you’re an American, live here. Assimilate or re-emigrate.

    I know this sounds harsh, but the way I see this is that this woman and her husband are trying to twist the arm of the US for their own DECEITFUL purposes. The expected protection didn’t materialize, and now this woman is resorting to attempting emotional blackmail.

    *I*also*wonder*if*they*are*double*agents. Is this an attempt by Iran to make the US intervene so they can justify using on us the nukes obama and kerry allowed them to manufacture? Or to justify Iranian suicide attackers? Another 9/11 perhaps?

    Peddle your tears somewhere else, Nag-me.

    • 24fan

      Why so harsh? The kingdom of heaven sees and does things differently than what we know and are used to here. To proclaim Good News to the poor, releasing captives from their bondage and letting light shine through darkness is what we are called to do. We’re ambassadors, sojourners in this world, we don’t belong here but we stay here for a time

      • lawngren

        I stated my reasons for being harsh.

        Yes, we are called to proclaim the Good News to the world, not just to the poor. We are not called to use deceitfulness to suborn assistance from others.

        And we’re not called to be blind to the possibility that we are being deceived, especially when the consequences of blindness in the case are extreme.

        • 24fan

          If you don’t know them personally and yes I dont either, why so quick to judge of what we don’t know? I believe the abedini’s are real lovers of Christ and I know they won’t be left abandoned. Believers walk by faith mind you, not by sight often than not.

          • lawngren

            Why so quick to judge? Because they are demanding that someone else handle for them the fight they provoked, which they knew they couldn’t deal with on their own.

            And especially because the consequences of effective intervention in this case could be deadly for many people who have nothing to do with their cause or them. People who will have no choice about being involved.

            Here are some related question: should the US intervene for any and all Christians? Or just for those who are American citizens?

            To what extent should we intervene? We learned – again – in our current and recent Mideast wars that if you don’t have a clearly defined objective and an exit strategy, you have no business going to war. Iran was able to withstand sanctions imposed over their nukes.

            Is the US prepared to impose much harsher sanctions, or, God forbid, go to war, for a man who knowingly walked into the lion’s den after conveniently acquiring US citizenship?

            There are and have been Christians in hostile lands who witness and build churches and suffer the consequences. They have been doing this for two thousand years without asking for another government’s muscle to protect them.

            Jesus instructed His disciples to leave any town that opposed them and go where they were wanted, or at least accepted.

            If we agree that we should get out of the Mideast, what possible justification can there be for attempting to force the rest of the world to leave Christians alone? And what possible justification could there be for stopping with this one man?

            Those of us who understood what happened to the US in Vietnam (I wasn’t there) realized that America CAN NOT be and should not be the world’s policeman. Why should we try to now? Is America supposed to be Christendom’s policeman? I see no Biblical justification for that.

            • 24fan

              I don’t see any demanding all I see is a family pleading for the government to try and gain freedom for their husband and father. Not to sound rude or mean to you but it’s just rather sad that some can only see so far and not understand. I’m not a good debater or argumentive so I’ll just leave this for now. I believe their real, I’ll be praying for them and for freedom for Saeed and I hope you get answers to your pov that is satisfactory to you.

              • lawngren

                I have also prayed for them. There is obviously nothing wrong with that, and God can and does intervene on occasion on behalf of His children. If He does, He is able to accomplish more than we can imagine, and sometimes do it in ways that we never would have thought of, and far more effectively than we could on our own.

                • PNWShan

                  Saeed Abedini lived in the US and only went on trips to Iran, mostly for work with orphanages. He got permission to come back to help with setting up an orphanage. The Iranians arrested him before he could do anything. It was a trap.

                • lawngren

                  OK, now here are a few practical, serious questions, NOT sarcasm or criticism:

                  If we could pressure the obama regime to do something, what do you think the US should do? Sanctions proved ineffective in halting Iran’s nuke program, possibly since obama and kerry caved. Is Iran more or less likely to respond to sanctions now? Especially considering that you say they set a trap for Abedin.

                  If sanctions have no effect (and I think that is the predictable outcome) what then? If “nothing”, we will merely have emboldened muslims to believe that we are weak-willed, and they will increase and intensify their depredations. We would have made a bad situation worse.

                  If we should scale up efforts in the event sanctions fail, what’s next?

                  Realistically speaking, what can we do, since obama is enabling and protecting muslims, and in fact has put them in positions of power in many fed agencies, including the FBI and DHS?

                  How far do we go with this goal of protecting Christians in foreign lands? Is it only for American citizens that we should intervene? We still have troops in the Mideast protecting “moderate” muslims and “secular” Arabs.

                  Finally, what would our end game and exit strategy be here?

                  This is a thorny and difficult issue.

                • PNWShan

                  It is difficult. I think what really got me is that Kerry was so proud of his stupid, puny, horrible, weak agreement, so proud that he got nothing from the Iranians, that he wasn’t strong enough to even bring up the issue of an American citizen in prison not for spying but simply for being a Christian.
                  The other thing that got me before is why didn’t we raise a ruckus when it happened, file some sort of objection? It makes us look weak. Jordan Sekulow said he expected the Iranians to be difficult; he did not expect to spend 6 months trying to get someone, anyone, at State to listen to them. They really couldn’t care less. State doesn’t care about Americans wrongly imprisoned abroad, and it doesn’t care about 4 Americans being murdered in Benghazi.

                • lawngren

                  We can agree on this: our government is our deadly enemy. We have a muslim in the White House, IMO. Whatever he is, he’s deadly for America.

                  I do not believe that when Reagan or either Bush was president, Abedini would have been imprisoned. I think it would be easy to cause the Iranians to free him, if the “president” was concerned.

                • Guest

                  I think it might be wise as Christians to acknowledge that
                  the US has for the past 200 plus years been a sanctuary/safe haven and platform
                  from which individuals can base their efforts to proclaim the “Good News” to
                  various parts of the world. Part of
                  being a Christian is believing “THE GOOD NEWS”, That Christ’s death and
                  resurrection provided the substitutional propitiation required to satisfy the righteous
                  requirement of the law making it possible for those that believe to be forgiven
                  of sin or wrong doing and be declared righteous before GOD and saved from
                  eternal death or separation from GOD in the life to come. You see those possibly
                  like yourself that simply like some of the positive fruits of Christian
                  love/charity, faith and hope but don’t really believe all that this entails can’t
                  adequately appreciate what is involved here.
                  Christians that literally believe “GOD THE FATHER”, to be the creator
                  of life and the ONE TRUE GOD worshiped by Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, also believe
                  he contended with the sinful state of humanity by separating unto himself the Jew
                  as a chosen people and then in fulfilment of the law of Moses offered, EMANUEL/JESUS,
                  HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON by way of virgin birth to a Jewish maiden as a gift to
                  the world so that he could personally dwell among fallen humanity, and obediently
                  atone for the sins of us all by his death on a cross, and through his resurrection
                  from the dead, make eternal life available to all who in hearing the GOOD NEWS choose
                  by faith to believe and receive this great salvation that HE purchased for us by
                  HIS blood. You see this belief is not something a true believer can simply
                  keep to him or herself any more than a loving person with access to a well filled
                  with fresh water can keep what he has to himself during a drought. For the
                  Christian the LORD’s commission as well as Love and duty to others compels the
                  one with water so vital to life to share what he has access to with those in
                  need. How much more is this compelling desire strengthened when family, friends
                  and those considered to be our own people are the very ones that need what we have
                  come to possess. It in no way seems odd
                  or out of character or in anyway inappropriate for any person after having come
                  to faith in CHRIST to want and or sense the need to return home or to the region
                  they were from so they can share with others what they have received from GOD. At
                  the same time Christians living in the U.S. that are so blessed with the freedom to practice their faith
                  without fear of being put into jail, tortured or even put to death because of
                  their faith should not ignore the plight of a fellow believer. While Christians should in no way seek to impose
                  their faith by force on anyone they should at the same time not assume that refusing
                  to risk at least sharing the Gospel with others in parts of the world were the
                  majority oppose it is not an act of love and compassion. Just because some in
                  power around the world don’t want those in their communities to hear the
                  message does not mean that Christians living in the free world in general
                  should not support or seek to intercede on behalf of any individual or groups
                  of Christians engaged in peaceful efforts sharing the gospel with individuals in
                  hostile territories around the world. Although Christians in general should never
                  support any effort to force or manipulate people into making any positive response
                  to the gospel they should see peaceful Christian evangelistic, missionary and relief
                  efforts around the world as an extension
                  of the Great Commission and as serving the cause of freedom and the value of human
                  life and dignity. Where Saeed Abedini and the other believers imprisoned
                  in Iran right now are concerned, it seems only right for all Christian believers
                  regardless of where they are from or in spite of differences that may exist in doctrinal view concerning disputable
                  matters recognize the need to intercede
                  for these brothers in prayer and even seek through any legitimate means or
                  resources available as Christians with American citizenship to influence the
                  powers that be to secure the release and return of these men to the U.S….. I
                  find it hard to believe that any freedom loving person, non-Christians included
                  do not see the need to support those engaged in efforts to free these people imprisoned
                  for their faith.

            • timsrighty

              dude you are way over the line here.

      • deTocqueville1

        Exactly. Blaming people for being Christians who return to their homeland is the absolute height of the ridiculous. Even if he was proselytizing, he obviously felt called to do so.

    • aposematic

      Allow me to pose a possible view having not heard your view before. For full disclosure I have not delved into this so have little outside of the posted as fact that he is imprisoned in Iran. It seems that if your observation is valid, Obuma and the MSM/Press would be 24/7 demanding this person be returned ASAP. Since that is not the case, I tend to believe they are indeed what they claim as Christians. Perhaps you have more info and can post links…

      • lawngren

        Good point. No, I have no links nor further info. If I had, I certainly would have posted them.

        obama might be a part of such a plan, although I doubt the MSM would ever attempt to aid a Christian in any way. They have an animosity toward Christians and Christianity.

        It might be that obama is waiting for a sufficient outcry from Christians and good people. That way he could take action, and if things go wrong, blame it on Christians. If that’s the case, we should see him change his position soon. Or so I would think.

        If indeed they are Christians, it doesn’t seem right to me for them to become citizens and then return to the nation they fled, and demand that America protect them from the entirely predictable consequences of their action.

        It’s too much like the Cheers episode where Cliff Claven invited a muscular co-worker to Cheers to deal with the tough guy Cliff’s big fat mouth had gotten him into trouble with.

        If you’re going to tug on Superman’s cape, BYOK. (Bring your own kryptonite) Don’t ask others to handle for you a fight you provoked.

    • 3seven77

      Did you even listen to her testimony? Have you done any research on this case? Pastor Abidini isn’t the only American being held in Iran. There are at least 2 others, one who has been imprisoned since 2007.
      NONE of these men were mentioned in the negotiations the Obama administration held with Iran. NONE.

      • lawngren

        See my reply below to aposematic.

    • timsrighty


      • lawngren

        If you check my replies to others on this thread, things may become clearer.

    • Gary Dickson

      To a certain degree, what you’re saying is understandable.

      One thing to keep in mind is that Paul the Apostle was a Jew and a born citizen of Rome. He did indeed use his Roman citizenship to stop from being flogged by the Romans. He used his Roman citizenship to appeal to Caesar. So it is not without precedent.

      Second, if someone is proclaiming the Good News of Jesus the Messiah, I will support him/her unreservedly, no matter their circumstances or their choice of activities, unless they demonstrate themselves untrustworthy.

      Third, talking of suspicious, in Paul’s early Christian life, many people of the Way were very suspicious of Paul when he came to them after he came to trust in Jesus.

      So, while I do understand what you’re saying, I will give Mr. Abedini the benefit of the doubt until I factually see otherwise.

      • lawngren

        Sure, Paul used his Roman citizenship. As he told the centurion, he was born a Roman. He did not apply for Roman citizenship and then go into a country outside of Rome’s domain, preach the Gospel there, and then demand that Rome protect him.

        As for giving Pastor Abedin the benefit of the doubt, I have no argument with that – until it comes to committing an entire nation to conflict, even at the level of sanctions.

        • Gary Dickson

          I do truly understand your concerns. First, we’re talking about a man who converted from Islam to Christianity. Second, we could be putting the entire U.S. itself at risk for one person about which some, like yourself, are suspicious concerning his motives. That is eminently fair.

          Two things I am keeping in mind. The religious leaders of Jesus’ time wanted to get rid of him because they perceived him to be a direct threat to their very existence as a nation.

          Second, Paul the Apostle was also in prison several times – Roman prisons weren’t pretty – and God used those circumstances for Paul to write several of his letters which we read today. So we do not know how God is using Mr. Abedini for His glory even in “the valley of the shadow of death.”

          I perceive this as a spiritual warfare issue, as Paul discussed in one of his letters.

          Consequently, what I will do myself is plead with God that he will protect Mr. Abedini and, indeed, that He will prosper him for the sake of the Good News of Jesus the Messiah. Who knows what jailers – think of the Roman jailer in Acts – will come to trust in Jesus the Messiah as a result of the witness of Mr. Abedini?

          I will also plead with God for the safety and prosperity of the U.S. as He sees fit, even in this situation.

    • slhancock

      Maybe you are NOT a Christian? I know other Iranians who are now believers. Also other former Islamic believers from other countries (Turkey, Lebanon, etc.) who converted to Christianity and their desire was to do some missions work in their former country. They love their countrymen/women, and want to see them come to Christ, so it is not unusual for them to return as missionaries. Nor is it unusual for them to be persecuted or imprisoned. They are NOT double agents nor are they being un-American.

      I have read other comments of really narrow-minded so-called Christians, who say they cannot believe anyone who is from a Muslim country can truly be saved. If that is YOUR belief then you don’t really know God, the Father, Christ, His Son, or the Holy Spirit. God sent the early church into the world with the message of the True Gospel. Had He not, none of us in the west would be believers today. The Gospel originated in the middle east, with the Jews, then into the surrounding countries. A misunderstanding of what the middle east is and who the people groups are leads to narrow-minded and ridiculous views, perpetrated by unlearned men and women from the pulpits in many American churches. Search your heart, my friend, and see if there be a wicked way in you! Why would you see deceit in this woman’s plea for her husband’s release? Why would you see deceit in anyone because they originated from a different country? My forbearers came from the UK…Scotland, Ireland, England. Were they deceitful in wanting to live in a better place? Were yours? Are Iranians any less people than we are?

      Your response smacks of some of the teachings I see on youtube, where foreigners are accused of all kinds of things and the Christians from other countries are also accused of being double agents, trying to incite rebellions, and all manner of things. While there may be a kernel of truth to this, as there normally is, that does not mean we call into doubt EVERY SINGLE account of conversion to Christianity. My own conscience SHOULD keep me from being so narrow-minded as to think that only Americans can truly be Christians, etc. Your comments reek of bigotry.

      • lawngren

        I am wary of deceit in people from a muslim country because taqiyah (sp?) is a muslim doctrine. As Arthur Finkelstein said many years ago, “The level of cynicism I have is well-founded.”

        I am a Christian. Nowhere did I say or imply that only Americans can be Christians. That’s a strawman argument.

        I made the reasons for my objections clear. Since you avoid the issues I raised and respond to things I did not say, it’s obvious that I would be wasting you time by further comment.

        Merry Christmas.

  • Tollthis

    What else would you expect from as Islamic/communist POTUS, and a lying turncoat POS Secretary of State.

  • timerunnersc

    Does America still have a US Congress? hum Now I’m really surprised. But seriously sadly the lady is talking to a barn of dead mules, kind of like the mules on The View.

  • timsrighty

    What a magnificent woman. Blew me away. While Obama and others were paying their respects to Mandela, an American Christian pastor is being held in Iran. FREE ABEDINI! FREE ABEDINI! FREE ABEDINI! crickets.

  • nwwapiti

    It doesn’t surprise me that Obama would agree to release Iranians and not negotiate for the release of American prisoners being held for political motivations in Iran, This President and his cabinet are an embarrassment to this country and to history and I am ashamed of them.

  • Laurel

    God Bless her and her family!

  • TH Tucker

    The Abedinis are being fervently prayed for and cried with!
    I Corinthians 12:26

  • Evelyn G. Johnson

    tears of saddness for their family n her word about the Fathers truth

  • Yazz55

    If it don’t promote obamacare, promote tax and spend, blame Bush, call Ted Cruz a terrorist, or blame the RINO’s, the regime just aint interested