New Allen West video strikes back, hits Patrick Murphy between the eyes

Wow this really is a great ad by Allen West, slamming Patrick Murphy for his negative campaigning in order to hide massive cuts to Medicare. Great music too!

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  • proudhispanicconservative

    I can not think of a campaign across the country that is more important than Allen West. Yes we have to defeat Obama, yes we have to regain control of the senate, but for the bigger picture congressman Allen West is a leader that we conservatives have been praying for a long time, and I can not think of a better american than Allen West, someone that represents the best of america, it would be devastating to all of us if we lost this voice, So I implore my fellow patriots here to donate to his campaign.

    • Obama and Reid need to go. That’s necessary for America’s survival, priority 1 for them to be kicked out. Of course West, Bachmann, Mourdoch, Cruz, and Steve King are needed voices in Congress though, that’s a given.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        My point was that there is no real conservative voice (in power) that articulate our message better than Allen West and a lost election for him in the bigger picture will mean that real conservatives (tea party) are not as main stream as we would like it to be and is going to be one of the biggest wins for the liberals. I can just imagine if Allen West lost the primary the liberal media jumping on it, how they will claim that the tea party and the conservatives are not so powerful after all.Lets all pray for a win.

        • Yeah, it’s important that he wins.

          • proudhispanicconservative

            Exactly my friend, that was the point I was trying to come across….

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    Good ad, though it moves perhaps a little to quickly for older seniors to grasp everything, and I kind of wish they not only printed the $700 billion robbed from Medicare, but also said the number as well. That way, the seniors who can’t hear very well can read it, and the ones who can’t see too well can hear it.

    I love that this is playing in Florida for Allen West. It helps Romney in Florida as well.

    Keep ’em coming!

    • Don

      The older seniors are those that built the foundations that made this country great. To see it attacked from the White House and made a laughingstock on the world stage is something they take very personal. Those who have had their hands out their entire lives will die with their hands out, but the majority of our elderly have worked hard all their lives and will not go out without a fight. They still take pride in our nation and will let the lying two-faced thugs from Chicago hear their voices.
      2010 AGAIN.

      • RosiesSeeingRed

        Don, somewhere out on the blogosphere today I saw someone say that the choice to seniors should be made very clear to them that if they elect Obama to another term, granny will be throwing their own grandchildren off the fiscal cliff.

        Seniors are a lot of great things. The generation who worked very hard to get to where they are and make a better country for their children and grandchildren really don’t want them to be hurt. I believe if they know the truth, they will do the right thing.

        • Is_Sense_Common

          Wow – wouldn’t that be a powerful and controversial ad?? Have a gramma & grampa take their grandchildren and drop them off the cliff & say, “Thanks for the trip!” or something. (Someone much more clever than I could come up with the tag line.) Gives me chills!

    • I’m 48 and thought I saw everything in the ad, but missed the $700b thing entirely because it was not stated as well as written. So I’m with you there. That should have been audio as well as video. But other than that it was a great, hard hitting ad!

      • KenInMontana

        There was a study done many years ago, in regards to advertising. Images and Text have a bigger, lasting impact than the spoken word, people will remember “Patrick Murphy” and “$700 Billion cut from Medicare”, they will associate those two snippets in their memory to each other.

        • Oh, I’m not doubting the ad or the written word. I’d just like if they wrote and said it. But no ad is perfect and I still like this one a LOT.

          • p m

            Agree White, that third medium would have been useful for the target audience who may not be able to see so well, but can listen and get the message. Also agree it’s a good ad, regardless.

  • G_unitttt

    finally, hitting right between the eyes…..thank you!

    i hope to see more of this in the presidential campaign too!

  • deeme

    Well I think he will have more important things to do soon , like Secretary of State..He will be a future President..I love this man and the truth he is never afraid to speak..

    • 1water

      Just found on

      GLENN: Would you consider a defense department post?
      WEST: […] that would be a true honor and it would be something that, you know, I unequivocally I would say ”yes” to.

      … I’d see him as well as U.S. Defense Secretary, replacing Leon E. Panetta. But him as Secretary of State would be as well good.

      • deeme

        Thank you for sharing , I love Glenn as well…

  • poljunkie

    Our support for Col West in unwavering.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Get him, Allen. If you continue to nail Murphy like that, I’ll make you an honorary Georgia Bulldog!!!! Bite, hang on, and shake vigorously!!!!

  • badbadlibs

    Does anyone know how LTC West is doing in the polls? Is his support going to get him re-elected I wonder?
    This man is fearless, I sure hope he gets re-elected.

  • Joe

    I would rather have seen a real video of Col. West

    Giving this “toxic jackass” a RIGHT hook to the jaw

    Knock him down

    And shove a bar of soap in “Patrick’s” mouth!

    Now that would be the “Mother of all ads” !!

    • And Eric Holder has stated that it is impossible to prosecute Blacks for racism or hate crimes. Dems are the knee-jerk party of unintended consequences.

      West’s latest ad has delivered the equivalent of a right hook.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    Allen west is one of my favorite people, love to see him and sarah palin on the same ticket, love to see allen west in a administration .

  • Boris_Badenoff

    I believe we need to do everything to ensure Col West remains in office.

    I am making my first donation since donating to the Palin V.P. run and it will be for Congressman Allen West. Please do what you can..

    I searched and I believe this is Congressman West’s official web site..
    please correct if it is not the right site..

    • Patriot077

      I’m going to give again. Just wish I had the big bucks to spread around.

      Another good guy with a tough fight ahead is Steve King of Iowa. He’s targeted & running against the Sec’y of Agriculture’s wife.

      There are so many good people who need our help to keep up the fight – like Michele Bachmann. If we all do what we can, they may come out on top.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      I live in florida, and gonna skip work to help him out, and call people over the phone tomorrow, I hope many of my fellow patriots here, do the same.

  • Allen West is a hero in many ways but mainly for his military service in the Middle East but equally important for the way he defends our founding principles and exposes the unwashed Left for the pack of liars and perverts they are.

    The reason George Soros has pumped serious dollars into defeating West is because he is such an onerous threat to everything the Left holds dear.

    Besides, how can you not respect for West providing the Congressional Black Caucus with a lunch from Chic-fil-A? It takes courage and Allen has it.

    My check to his re-election committee is on its way.

  • p m

    Wish there was a way to force shame upon these vile libs.

    Plus, it’s not just the $700Billion theft of taxpayer dollars from Medicare, but also the payroll tax cuts to SS, making it $1Trillion+ stolen and forfeited.

  • We should do everything we can to support Allen West. Even if you don’t live in Florida, help they guy out if you can. He represents the real future for this country and we need to keep people like Allen West in Congress. He takes the fight to the liberals and makes them eat their own words. That alone is worth a campaign contribution.

  • piperlord

    I love Allen West. Just love ’em.

  • stage9

    Colonel West fights like a true soldier….we’re proud of you sir!

  • jdbaird


  • cheyennecowboy

    Of course Patrick Murphy is lying. He’s a democrat. They ALL LIE! That is their mantra! I’m in agreement with anyone who says Allen West needs financial help. Send him a donation today!

  • kong1967

    Democrats aren’t even running negative ads on the facts. Those are the type of negative ads I believe are necessary because the other guy isn’t going to point out the bad things that are true about himself (herself). But they have to be true, and Democrats are making everything up as they go along. Shameful, and I hope it backfires.

  • aZjimbo

    AW probably pisses off the libs more than anyone. Seems to me he is doing very well at his job.