New Black Panthers: We must raise up an army of black people to defend Sanford, “in self-defense we got to kill”

Breitbart brings us more audio of the New Black Panther party, this time Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz saying that they must build an army of black people to defend Sanford from the Neo-Nazis who are trying to intimidate blacks, that they “must build” and in self-defense they “must kill”:

We’re going in soon within a few weeks and we’re going to train the community and community patrols and community self-defense in Sanford. We’re not going to allow some Neo-Nazis to drive around and intimidate black people and we know what we know and are trained how we’re trained.

We have to raise up an army in Florida of black me and black people who will patrol and defend the community and we have to have a ministry of defense in Florida.

You touch us with what we are building for black people and you got a hell of a price to pay. You don’t build a movement – if you don’t develop a movement and defend what you develop with a movement then you gonna be out of luck. So we gotta do both my sista. We got to fight on all fronts. We got to build and in self-defense we got to kill.

I guess the New Black Panthers could care less about black on black crime going on in Chicago. Maybe they should raise up an army there to keep blacks from killing blacks.

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  • Al Sharpton has been such a positive influence in all this.

  • unclesamnephew

    is this from black liberation theology? thou hast to kill.

  • Sober_Thinking

    The hatred and ignorance of this man is astounding. Jackwagons like this goober are why racism continues to live on. I didn’t realize there’s some sort of “open season” on black people.

    And you’re right… look in the mirror and examine your own soul first Mr. Hatespeech. Cannibalism is alive and well in your circles Shabooboo.

    • toongoon

      Any open season on black people is being perpetrated by black people.

      But then, that isn’t a good campaign message, is it.

  • RKflorida

    The 2nd amendment is your friend.

    • MiketheMarine

      Gun control is using both hands on your weapon and hitting what your aiming at.

  • TANGO40

    The so-called “New Black Panthers” are nothing but a bunch of Terrorists… and they need to be treated as such…

    • toongoon

      . **{ “Freedom Fighters” }**

  • 12grace

    We know the left is doing their best to start a “race” war. One of the many stupid things in this effort to go after white people and intimidate them and destroy their businesses is that the black people that get welfare, social services or other goodies via tax dollars may not get their goodies if white people have no money to put into the kitty. They ‘race-rioters” are in essence, biting the hand that feeds them or others in their community.

    • toongoon

      They want to kill the golden goose and get all the gold now, they hate having to wait for the eggs.

      • 12grace

        Great Response, t.

    • ABLM

      Most of the people getting these so call goodies welfare, social services or others are White, and that’s a fact! So that means, its white people that tax dollars are feeding not blacks. Its your people you should be worried about “rioting” fool.

      • 12grace

        Most of the people getting these so call goodies welfare, social services or others are White, and that’s a fact!

        Where do your facts come from, a ?

  • NYGino

    Attorney General Holder. These are ‘your people’? You have to make a choice. Either you come out and say you agree with ‘your people’ and their position or you act on your responsibility as Attorney General and go after them, charge them with inciting riots, terrorism, encouraging hate crimes and a whole lot of other offenses.

    If you choose to back them up then it is your responsibility to resign. You are not doing your job and you haven’t been.

    At this point it has to be said that in so many ways you have put this country at risk.

    • MiketheMarine

      Any bet on which city is burned to the ground first? I’m guessing Atlanta.

      • Then L.A. …………..followed by Detroit

        • MiketheMarine

          Arguably, Detroit is out of the running since is it already burned to the ground for all intents and purposes.

          • You’re right… my bad !

            Chicago maybe?

            • MiketheMarine

              Home of the Chairman. That would be cosmic justice.

            • toongoon

              Mayor Rahm Emanuel has a $7 billion plan to rebuild the city. Another fire just might come in handy.

      • NYGino

        Just put the name of any Lib/Dem controlled city on a piece of paper, throw them all in a bag and pull one out at random. The’re all going to be destroyed eventually anyway.

        • freenca

          Like a swarm of the africanized bees, and about as charming too.

        • MiketheMarine

          I’ll one up you. Name me a city NOT run by libs/dems.

      • K-Bob

        They have the most experience.

    • ABLM

      Then you can publicly condemn your people. All the White hate groups in America starting with the Klan. Right Ass Hole?

  • williamm
    • Trust1TG

      She’s the one on that obscene phone recording, who is calling for violence and rivers of blood.

      • williamm

        Yes she is. Yesterday she was interviewed on radio and refused to back down on her rant. Then last night she appeared on Tampa tv and gave a half ass apology.

        Bubba the Love SpongeShow Inyerviews Community Activist Michelle Williams 041012

        Sorry for incorrect spelling of interview.

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        Don’t click on yellow Play now or Download

  • Imagine anyone (conservative) saying this on talk radio. Holder and his goons would be there before the end of the discussion.

  • MiketheMarine

    This is what I’m afraid of. Romney will win the nomination and lose to Maobama and he and holder will start a race war within three years. Welcome to the 60’s all over again.

    • teri_b

      Perhaps, to avoid that scenario, if Romney wins the nomination you could vote for him so that he doesn’t lose to Obama?

      Think of it as a vote toward racial harmony.

      • MiketheMarine

        I will vote ABBO come November and I have no problem saying that now that my states primary is over but I don’t believe that Mitt will be Maobama. I promise you that I WILL vote against Mao, however.

        • teri_b

          Glad to hear it. I am assuming that you mean you will in fact vote for the Republican nominee and not a third party candidate who has no chance of winning.

          I know Romney isn’t the dream candidate for conservatives, but in ’08, he was considered the conservative vs. McCain, who was considered the establishment. Our party has moved to the right, so now Romney doesn’t seem acceptable. But I think it shows progress. (By the way, I loved McCain’s personal story, just not his politics.)

          • MiketheMarine

            I agree, McCain is a vet and a hero but he was a social progressive candidate.

    • WordsFailMe

      It wasn’t exactly like a race war, young fella. It was more like a cooperative effort, the people and the government, a “rolling ” public works project.

      The blacks would do the demolition and taxpayers would do the rebuilding. The Democrats who ran the cities pocketed the difference.

      • MiketheMarine

        Sounds familiar to normal everyday life. I am a generation X’er. We are known for the nuclear option when pissed. Maybe not the best trait, but does shorten contentious issues. Sounds like it wasn’t exactly a “war” do to the calm and restraint of the majority letting the rabblerousers exhaust their anger. Might not happen this time.

  • Watchman74

    These guys are basically the black version of the KKK.

    • Sandra123456

      Just a different colored version of the Democrats KKK.

  • denbren52

    This might be a good time to post that picture of Malik Shabazz and Bari (Shabazz) Obama marching together at a rally in Selma while Bari was running for President.

  • Rob_Bryant

    Love ya Scoop, but I think by attaching the term “Chairman” to this vile individual only serves to legitimize him and his dastardly organization.

  • toongoon

    And with great fanfare, so begins the kick-off of the re-election of Bari Obama.

  • MiketheMarine

    I wonder how that black army will feel if all white taxpayers and businesses surrender the town to them. Think they’ll be begging for a federal handout to pay the bills?

    • Sandra123456

      Sanford will be come Detroit 2.

    • Jude O’Connor

      Remember when in South Africa they threw the white farmers off their land and took over only to put their Country in starving status within two years?

  • Philo Beddoe

    50 bucks says this guy was dropped as a infant and hit the table corner on the way down

    • MiketheMarine

      Don’t talk about his momma that way. LOL

  • Trust1TG
    • NJK

      These are some of the criminals who the African born usurper works for. Along with the Weather Underground, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Soros.

      All Congress need to do, is their job. They need to order the microfilm from the hospital in Hawaii where he was born. LOL.

      • NCHokie02

        “All Congress needs to do, is their job.” Good luck with that one.

  • keninil

    Why doesn’t this guy take his campaign to Chicago where there is a war on black innocents?? Probably because the folks making the war would kill him lickity-split and put his whole organization out of business faster than a blink.

    • toongoon

      Are you kidding? They could get killed in Chicago.

  • Trust1TG

    They need a movement of responsibility, truth, love and respect for each other.

    Of faithful responsible fathers and mothers who are not on drugs.

    Of Christian parents who teach their children love, forgiveness, hard work, service, study, excellence.

    Sex, abortion, addiction, abused, abandoned unparented children, poverty, hate, violence, crime, gangs, are enslaving and destroying the black community.

    In some black communities, 40% of the males are in prison.

    Obama and his ilk are perpetuating all this.

  • Kordane

    What needs to be repudiated are the ideas of collectivism. The Black Panthers’ whole movement is collectivist to the core, and so if you want to go for the root cause, then go for that, preferably countering it with its antithesis: individualism

    That’s the best solution to this and the much larger collectivism problem that the US is having.

  • 911Infidel

    Its all a big diversion boys and girls. Its all about divide and conquer, Fundamentally changing America into a tribal society divided along the lines of class, race, and gender.
    This is the transformation of a E Pluribus Unum into a society of government-dependent
    takers. It is the weakened society that the utopians wish to impose on the movers and the shakers. The redistribution model of a society whose leaders pay obsequious court to the losers that believe them, commencing demagogues, they end up being tyrants

    This is the societal model that Obama wants to build upon the ashes of the society he is slowly destroying. The Panthers, Alcatel, La Raza. MoveOn, ACORN, the Media, and OWS are just the tools to get it done.

  • Trust1TG

    A GREAT NEWT STORY as an antidote to this Jack A$$ –

  • K-Bob

    Why is this not “sedition?”

    I submit that the declared intent to kill large numbers of people is a tacit declaration of war on American citizens.

    • NYGino

      They have to be the right shade of people, can’t be Holders people.

      • K-Bob

        World’s Worst Ever Attorney General Ever In The World

        • NYGino

          To prove your point I’ll even say I miss John Mitchell.

  • tx_gold

    This does not bode well for the country. Don’t the people that say things like that know what is possible to bring down on their heads?

  • 12grace

    My Comment:

    When I was a kid, the night before Halloween we had something called “mischief night”, and many kids in the neighborhood would strewn toilet paper on people’s property, soap car windows, or do nasty things like overturn trash cans.

    My parents never allowed us to go out on “mischief night” and create problems for our neighbors, as they thought it was disrespectful. But, what was amazing about this yearly “hoodlum ritual” was that on that one night, kids could be soaping their neighbor’s windows or being destructive to their property and sometimes cause their neighbor’s hours of clean-up work.

    And then the following night, they would put on their “masks and costumes” and go “trick or treating” to their neighbors home and have the unmitigated nerve to go up to the front door (the very same one they soaped the night before, perhaps) with their hands out expecting to get a candy bar or some home-made tasty treat.

    “How does this pertain to modern day America?” you might be asking.

    The “mask” is off the “race-baiters” and the “race wars” participants, now. We know who and what they are. They can’t have it both ways. They cannot continue to blame, play victim, threaten and intimidate white people, and expect white people to participate any more in allowing the black race special accommodations in order to help them attain the “sweet treats” that America has given to black people, via white tax dollars and biased legislation that white people never contested (Affirmative Action).

  • wodiej

    Just call out the National Guard and this nonsense will be put to a stop. I imagine they are trying to scare jurors into convicting Zimmerman on a charge they think is suitable.

  • W.

    Shabazz is Obama’s brother by another mother.

  • destroyer_of_moonbats

    white folk shoulda picked they own darn cotton.

  • Liberal on liberal crime.

  • jackl92

    Hate we much. But we don’t much hate pie.

  • i really hope that it doesnt come to a race war but, there are many many very well armed whites that will welcome that, i dont wish that but i am very well armed just in case. do the new black panthers think they are the ony ones with guns, take a look around, everyone i know has a house full of wepons

    • NCHokie02

      Their problem is going to be that there will be blacks opposing them as well. There aren’t going to be any white people on the NBPP side.

  • Nannv

    OMG!!! We knew this was coming. This election tactic was exposed months ago and we are seeing it unfold in real time. It’s the only way Obamao can be reelected. A nation divided will not stand.

  • semihardrock

    Bring it…Shaka Zulu!

    JANUARY 8, 1993

    By Colum Lynch
    NEW YORK – Bill Cosby is on the list.
    The list is of a select group of New Yorkers who have been granted the privilege of firepower: a permit from the New York Police Department to carry a concealed weapon when stepping out onto the streets of New York City.

  • j1992s

    If you are white, you vote against Barack Obama come November. Do not worry about who, exactly, the Republican nominee is; vote for him…and against the current regime. Romney’s not your first choice? Fine. He’s not mine either. I don’t care. I want Obama, Holder, and the rest of them OUT. We can worry about better options later on.

    If you don’t see this as a fight for survival, then you’re clearly not paying attention.

  • These people are being used as tools for the reelection of a marxist. They should become educated in the history of what occurred after others in their positions helped get their guy in power. Did Stalin, Lenin, or for that matter Hitler just pat their helpers on the back when they achieved power, heck no, they killed them or shipped them to the gulag. Once Barak has achieved his objective he will not want a bunch of squeeky wheels around. The game plan is always to cause panic and disorder, then to impose drastic controls to clamp down and reestablish order. At this point the NBP crowd will no longer be useful to the one and will be disbanded.

  • ABLM

    There’s no greater terrorist in America then White people. Pass history has establish that truth. And all the white cowards commenting on this site need to take responsibility for the terrorist acts white have inflicted on people of color in this country. Until you-all do that, known one gives a dam about anything you have to say!