New ad: Romney supports ‘racist’ voter purge in Florida

These people are despicable evil:

It’s made for TV and no doubt it will be running wall to wall in Florida.

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  • 12grace

    It would be racist if only one group of people were asked for ID. We know that obama is going to play the race card for all he’s worth.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Wouldn’t honest Americans want to protect their vote against fraud? You are completely right and this is sickening.

    • Joe

      His worth = ZERO

  • Joe

    Any intelligent latino will not fall for this BS


    Get a load of this >>>>>>>>>


    This is BEYOND PSYCHOTIC behavior

    I dare you to beat this one

    BUT then again ZERO – NEVER ceases to amaze me at how LOW he will go

    “Still, there are a wide variety of breakfasts, lunches and dinners the president attends where diners still have the full complement of silverware was Obama speaks.”

    but not if you are a Latino

    OH! – Maybe they were served a different animal (woof-woof)

    • PAWatcher

      I wonder if he has all middle eastern reporters take their shoes off at the door, too.

      • Joe


      • 12grace

        LOL! They will only make legal American citizens do that!

    • keninil

      An ad about Obama not trusting Latinos with forks would make a good ad, especially in contrast with George Clooney or SJ Parker & A Wintour dinners.

      For $40K a plate dinner to they get to use forks and knives?

      • Joe


      • nehemiahreturns

        I’m anxious to see Romney’s rebuttal. He’s on a roll so I’m sure it will be good.

    • freenca

      That just makes him appear to be getting tweaky, doesn’t it.

  • scoop do you make more money everytime I click the Liz Warren birthday card and type in how much of a commie I think she is.. I sure hope so, have a beer on me

    • Sober_Thinking

      You Sir, are a thoughtful person. Cheers!

  • Scoop and another thing stop with the photoshop on Lizzie Warren, she looks white in ad, and stop lowering the cheekbones..

    • Sober_Thinking

      How? Lol!

  • PAWatcher

    Providing proof of citizenship is a common occurrence for all Americans, rejoice in it, be proud. My immigrant grandparents wore their love of America on their sleeve and were ever greatful for every new American birth certificate for their descendants.

    • Army_Pilot1967

      PAWatcher – you nailed it cold. Providing proof of citizenship should be routine and citizens should be justly proud of proving their status. I don’t see a thing wrong with it, and it might keep decreased persons from voting.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Are you saying the dead are rising? Dang zombies… always popping up during an election year!

      • Jay

        Wait, are you saying my grandparents in Chicago should be denied the vote? Why they’ll roll over in their graves if that happens.

    • Rshill7

      So was my wife’s grandfather. His parents brought him to America when he was six years old, from Russia, right before WW1 broke out. He was so awesome. We had great times together playing guitars and stuff. He taught himself. He tuned his guitar to an open G Major chord and played from there. He also played piano, self-taught, and the concertina. He could listen to a song and a few minutes later be playing it beautifully.

      He married a lady whose Mom was part Cherokee (for real though) and went to GM every day and sat there all day long. He said he was not going to stop doing that until they hired him. They hired him, and he retired from there. Along the way he also had his own little store in town. He was very, very proud to be an American, and I was quite proud to have known him for those early years of our marriage. He had five kids. My wife’s Mom was “the baby girl”. I miss him a lot. We took care of his widow (Grandma) in our home until she passed. I’m quite proud of that.

      Praise the Good Lord for America!!! She is one of a kind…I miss her too. Want to see her again in full throated glory before I pass.

      This person above in the video is not worthy of this country. He’s a huge liar, like the entire collection of lefties. It’s difficult not hating them. Maybe if I try to think of something else, the feeling will pass.

      • badbadlibs

        Fantastic post.

        • Rshill7

          And you are very nice 🙂

          Thank you.

      • Joe

        The man in the video – the first “job” he’s had in years

      • PAWatcher

        Your heartwarming memories kindled some vivid recollections of my lates. I have smiled and hugged everyone in sight today. Some of my lates (endearing characters) escapades could curl some hair, too. Music is a great part of all my memories, and food prepared with love.

      • toongoon

        Rshill, my wife and I moved into her grandfathers house after his wife died, we had two little boys at the time. Grandpa was a wealth of knowledge, telling us about the depression, FDR, and how he bought and built his house from the plans he bought in the Sears catalog. He had to wait a few years to build to afford the stairway to the second floor. Good thing he had a bedroom on the first level.

        He was a milkman and delivered milk to Bugs Moran. He had to park his truck across the field and walk across the field so they could see he wasn’t a threat.

        My second son and him were the best of buddies until he died about four years later. These are times that I wouldn’t trade away for anything. We all loved that man.

        Reading your comment made me reminisce about those times. Thank you.

        • Rshill7

          It’s just bizness ya’ understan’, bizness. Yikes. Cool though. Small world, interconnected. Pleased to be connected with you sir. Thanks for that. I love this kind of stuff.

          In the end, who ever went to his grave saying, “you know, I wish I would’ve spent more time at the office.” No. They always say, “I wish I would’ve spent more time with my family.” Sounds like you and I were most fortunate in that regard.

          We the living, toongoon. Standing firm while they support our arms and hold guiding lanterns…like Aaron, Hur, and Moses. Nite sir.

  • 1vote

    “some Latinos” ie some are, some are not, says nothing. Insinuation. But it plays.

  • Judgements

    you want is funny is these same folks would purge whites off the voter roles in a heart beat.

  • FreeManWalking

    I would love to see a Romney Pac ad that depicted a Panel Truck (like the ice cream vendors) rolling through a neighbor hood playing the carnival music, and On the side in BIG Letters “Get your Free Voter ID card HERE”, while it is being announced over the loud speaker…

    The the voice over could say 0b0 is for corrupting the vote, Romney wants to make sure your vote is legally counted.

    Play it on both sides of 0b0s commercial…

    • Sober_Thinking

      I’m assuming it would be announced over the loud speeaker in Spanish… 😉

    • nehemiahreturns

      Triple like!

  • Sober_Thinking

    Move On ought to be illegal. Politics is one thing but blatant lies and unAmerican divisiveness like this should not be tolerated. I hope and pray that the people of America see this for what it is… the last bullet in Obama’s broken gun. They have been misfiring and shooting blanks for weeks now. Without blatant lies like these, they wouldn’t have anything.

    Desperation is indeed setting in.

    Move On ought to be ashamed and censored. This does nothing good for our country.

    • badbadlibs

      I commend you for your well written piece and the guts to click on the video. I just can’t bring myself to listen to it….

      • Sober_Thinking

        It gets harder each day…

        I appreciate your kind words.

    • Jay

      I agree with the sentiment but moveon has the same 1A rights that we do.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Yeah, I know… and it makes me sad. This organization is directly hurting this country with their actions and it seems a crime to let them exist at all. Freedom can be abused.

        On a personal note, my flaming liberal mother supports them tooth and nail and she and I are now estranged… I can’t talk with her or be around her anymore. Tea and MoveOn don’t mix.

        You’re right… but I don’t have to like it (what you’re right about).

  • daisybud

    When the Hispanic voters wake up and start voting for people who share their conservative values, then the libs will want to purge the voter records.

  • nehemiahreturns

    Preying on the ill informed. It is an insult to patriotic Hispanics and I think it will backfire.

    • freenca

      I too think that the left thinks that the newest Americans are ill informed, THEY ARE NOT ILL INFORMED. In fact, they pay MORE attention than most! They have had the experience of being down trodden in the past and appreciate the greatness of American opportunity. Anyone dismissing them is just kidding themselves.

  • It’s very clear this guy and Wasserman, Pelosi, and Holder, have the same medical examiner, of course it’s a liberal.

    Tea Party Patriot

  • Mitt Womney is WAAACIST.

  • TLaMana

    Because you know we can’t disenfranchise the illegals, or the felons.. or even the dead from voting Democrat.

    • James1754

      Most especially the dead in Chicago, they vote twice.

  • Susanna958

    They’re lying. They are only getting a letter if its known that they are not citizens and they vote.

  • Yazz55

    Given who the bolshevik producer of this piece is, I ask is there actually anything in their ad that is in any way factually correct?

  • jlbs

    If you are a citizen, and you have 30 days to prove it, what are you worried about? I would venture to say you have no complaint here.

  • las1

    Karinmoveon… the MoveOn account holder for this execrable and vile propaganda at YouTube disallows comments of these clips.

    Now… why would that be?

    Oh yeah… liars don’t broach no dissent. The LORD’s maxim “A house divided cannot stand” certainly is apt here. No matter where the leftist is on their spectrum… they ALL say the same thing in their unity in lying.

  • Moveon.Borg

  • Susitna

    Why don’t we try this one: Imagine an American citizen living illegally in Mexico trying to vote during a Presidential Election. What do you think would happen? Or let’s imagine a group of young illegal Americans demonstrating in Mexico City because they don’t get a scholarship and feel discriminated. I mean, I can already tell you, that they would end up in jail and like in the movie the officer would tell them: This is not America!

  • I am a proud American of Hispanic descent and resent the leftist lies and distortions in regards to race baiting of any kind. This so called voter purging here in my state of Florida is one I and many Latinos feel its the right things to do. We do not look at this as a race issue at all, and agree with what governor Rick Scott is trying to do.
    Voter fraud knows no race, creed, color or language at the voting booth. It only counts the majority vote numbers, and nothing more.

    • WestGAFlash

      “Proud American” is all you had to say. I don’t care where you came from; I care what you have become. I’m an American, too, and we welcome all other Americans to the fight to take our country back.

  • Mary O’Grady

    These people are (despicable) —evil

    Amen to that.

  • L B

    honestly… do you think any of those people would vote for Mitt Romney

  • Don

    As we get closer to the election, the hate and vitriole from the left will intensify to levels that will be hard to comprehend. Without racial hatred and class warfare, the democrats have no chance. It is obvious to anyone with an IQ above their shoe size that Obama does not have pride in being an American. Being a narcissist means his world revolves around him and all else be damned. He will not go easy and laws will not get in his way.

  • Donya G

    Racist Racist Racist, sick and tired of hearing this word.

  • notebene

    Allowing dead people, and fictional characters such as Mickey Mouse to vote is not the definition of racism! That would be the definition of fraud! As for the definition of racism….that would be the very people who cry the word every time they don’t get their way! If you have to get a photo i.d. to buy beer, drive a car, or pick up your welfare check, then what’s the big deal about utilizing it to prove you are a legitimate voter? It isn’t a big deal…unless you are attempting to commit voter fraud!

  • hongryhawg

    Welcome to America! Here, you have to prove you are eligible to vote. If you can prove it, what’s the problem? You should be embracing this law, not condemning it. I don’t want to be ugly, but if you prefer that method of voting, why don’t you go to Cuba?

  • cheyennecowboy

    I would happily show my ID to vote…heck, I have to show it for everything else, why not voting? Maybe, just maybe, they’re ashamed to show their ID’s for fear they’ll be sent back from whence they came….NOT the good ole USA. And this balderdash about suppressing votes of disadvantaged and the poor…pure bunk! The dems know it is a bunch of BS, and so do we. Possibly some day queenie Nancy Patricia D’Alesandro Pelosi will know it too.

  • theyjustcantstop

    i hope the conservatives in florida do something about this ad,from what i read it’s o’bama’s doj who’s not on legal ground,if there are lies,and or mis-statements in the ad get them down, demand a retraction,a very public one.
    and another thing thats not been made very public is a supreme court ruling that requiring a state voter id is’nt considered voter supression.
    every state should have this on a state-wide ballot as soon as possible.