New RNC TV ad says it’s time for a change

A new RNC TV ad out today carries a simple message that we don’t want another four years of Obama’s failed policies, that it’s time for a change:

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  • Fine, but it’s not getting thru. Romney needs to go “street” on Obama in the debate. Else these ads are just static.

    • As Scoop made poignantly clear a bit ago. I think the only way that happens is if Romney mentally sees Newt in the place of Obama.

    • Rightstuff1

      I’m praying and hoping its all skewed polling because that’s the only thing keeping me sane. But a big part of me says Mitt is just too darn tame. He need to go after Obama by the balls and kick the crap outta him!!!!

      Enough !!!!!

    • M_J_S

      “Street” for Romney is singing God Bless America in a leather jacket.

  • 911Infidel

    Isn’t the word Obama an arabic word for moronic?

    • Rightstuff1

      And also synonymous with traitor, sell out, liar, cheater oh and, of course, America-hater. Did I mention liar and traitor? I think I did…..

      • 911Infidel

        It should be the international adjective for derision in all languages.

        • NYGino

          Considering what he’s done to our standing in the world, it is.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    I hope Romney verbally pounds obama during the debate…he’s got to go after him and point out all of obama’s many failures during his term (one and only one term, I pray). He’s been more than a disappointment, he’s been a colossal failure!!! This country can’t afford anymore obama…way past time for a change at the top!!!!

    • joyfulgiver

      Yes, starting with the fact that under Obama, the Afghan war IS Obama’s war! It became his was in 2009 when he sent in a surge of 33,000 troops, making the total 101,000. Today the fatality rate hit 2,000, a large percentage of those killed came after the surge.

      I pray for these families. I pray for America. I pray November 7th we have a new leader with new vision and a restoration of our American values and our constitution.


  • Susitna

    I am amazed that people still think that Obama has failed. As an anti-american communist islamist, he has actually succeeded to destroy America and what he wants now, are four more years for the coup de grace. If his re-election is really in the hands of American Women, I can only hope that this Obama’s group of interest will not vote for a pro-sharia-law President. This would be like buying a rope for the hangman. And I tell you one last thing: The burqas would be made in China……..

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Weak, is the first word that comes to mind when I see this. WEAK, WEAK, WEAK, WEAK.
    Just as the rinos.

    • p m

      Not exactly a gut-puncher, agree, phc. Besides, there are now 90 Million Americans no longer in the workforce. 12 Million looks pretty paltry compared to that truth. If the MR campaign and GOPe panjandrums want to fight like Gentleman Jim, they’d better find themselves another adversary. Get smart, RNC – it’s only 5 weeks now.

      • Patriot077

        They need to listen to Pat Caddell and quick!

        • The irony here is too much. Pat Caddell being Jimmy Carter’s campaign strategist and all. Sadly, there may be much more truth to this than fiction

          • Patriot077

            It is ironic. But over the past few years he hasn’t made any bones about how disgusted he is with the D’s radical departure from the platform of the past. He no longer agrees with them and his speech at AIM was spot on about the unprincipled press.

            I think the RNC & the Romney campaign could learn a few things from him if they really want to win.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        How do you know you are running a terrible campaign? when even a democratic pollster has to call you out and tell you, the way you fight is Allen West style.

  • Well, I guess it’s OK, but not great. Hit Obama harder on the failures using his videotapes of his own words. THAT makes a big impact when people see he said one thing and delivered on nothing.

  • Useless ad….not sure who they are using for a focus group but this is USELESS….For God’s sake use Obama’s Own words…about if this and that THEN I WOULD BE A ONE-TERM PRESIDENT…COME GOP what is this crap. Cheap to produce I guess with Junk results. This is just amazing…no matter what people tell them the GOP will not listen. I become more and more disappointed in REINCE everyday. THIS WHIMP approach is embarrassing. This AD WILL DO NOTHING!! Another in a long line of junk. There is no point in telling them…REINCE will not listen. He is a pansy and a whimp and his commercials continually outline that. HE WILL NOT USE OBAMA OWN WORDS for NO DARN REASON….What is the message Reince…another Obama is bad but Romney is not as bad…Focus groups from where the GOP dinner table in DC….JUST JUNK!

    • Sandra123456

      Absolutely right it is useless and worthless too!

      Just for starters how is a blind or visually impaired person going to understand this ad? This ad can’t be used on the radio.

      Everything in an ad should be spoken. (Alot of people listen to TV not watch it.)

      I agree, just junk.

      • I agree Sandra…this was a cheap dime store nothing. Nothing catches your attention and you are right NO WORDS….they think the words speak for themselves YEAH WITH A BLACK BACK DROP and people leave the room thinking it is the Emergency Broadcast System….you are right as well…if you are visually impaired this is like seeing nothing at all….JUST HORRIBLE….GRADE:F

  • You want to see better ads…go to Crossroads…they have a NEW JAMES BOND type ad that is cool…Restore Our Future had another good one called Kindergarten and Americans for Prosperity has some cool ones. Discount the GOP their ADS are the worse…Reince is totally clueless and has no idea what he is doing. He is a rank amateur with no skills to fight. He should be a SOUS CHEF with fruits and vegetables. He is totally out of his league. A TOTAL WHIMP!

    You want better ads check out the Superpacs…much better and more effective. The GOP will be of NO USE in this election. They play with water pistols while others have BAZOOKAS…I mean why send this idiot money so he can buy another cheap suit.

    ABSOLUTE FAILURE….with people telling thme how bad their ads are..IDEA GET A NEW AD COMPANY DUMMY!! This PANSY you are using is a LIAR AND FRAUD….your ads stink!

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    I though “meh” after viewing that, before reading the comments, and it looks like I’m not alone in my reaction.

    I watched the Stossel special last night about campaigns “behind the scenes” — these ads are test marketed before airing. Who is test marketing this stuff? Obama supporters?? If they’re giving the nod, they can’t be on OUR side!

    BTW, if you all get a chance to see the reruns this weekend of the Stossel special, watch it. It’s super-interesting for political junkies like us. Some eye-opening stuff too (like holding a picture of Biden up to Americans in Time Square and asking if they knew who he was — and some didn’t!!!).

    • I am sure the RNC’s fellow RINO’s loved this ad and probably had McCain wishing he had thought of it by himself…..

    • montereyyjack

      I remember reading that on the day the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor the US Navy was so ill prepared that they didn’t have enough ammo to stave off the enemy planes, they actually threw tools, potatoes and the finger at them! This add is like throwing Nerfballs. What a disgrace.

  • kong1967

    Mediocre, but we have to remember that he’s not trying to appeal to us so much. He knows we have nowhere else to turn. Independents and disappointed conservative Democrats (non sequitur) grimmace at too strong of attack ads. I get sick of hearing Independents complain about attack ads. Hey buddy, do you want the truth or not?

    • montereyyjack

      For every so-called Independent that complains about “attack” ads there is 50 conservatives saying “Hit them harder!!!”

      • kong1967

        Yes, but we won’t vote for Obama, period. A lot of Independents will…which is amazing to me. There is a massive difference between the two parties and it boggles the mind how someone wil choose either one.

  • tshtsh

    Gov. Romney needs to forget the economy for awhile. He needs to explain and have b.o. explain what fundamentally transform America means. b.o. committed treason on national television with the Russian president. I am not sure he meant his last election or our last election after all this creature has no problem ignoring the Constitution.

  • Suzyqpie

    “You didn’t build that, someone else made that happen.”
    “The private sector is doin’ [sic] just fine.”
    “We tried it our way, and it worked.”
    “Regulations create jobs.”
    “True engines of economic growth will always be companies like Solyndra.”
    “They bring a knife, we bring a gun.”
    Hello Fellow Republican, we have a target rich environment that is not being harvested.

  • These ads remind me of several times I’ve had to deal with people who were uncertain. You want them to pick your team and work together with you, so when they say they don’t want to hear anything against X (something that the person believes or holds dear), you agree to not say it and work out a tentative agreement to work together. The other side becomes very aggressive and mentions X to no end and makes their case. Later, you hear that the person changed their minds and went with the other team.

    So why did this happen? Because the team who mentioned X despite the person’s insistence that they will not join any team that mentions it finds that this team has their own set of convictions that they will not break. They find them trustworthy, have a backbone, and won’t compromise on their beliefs. It also shows a team that is 100% confident in their abilities.

    While we dis Obama about apologizing to extremist Muslims, Romney is essentially begging weakmindedly to Independent and moderate Democrats. No, you need to act in a way that lets the most hardcore Democrat be proud to announce to their fellow Democrats that he/she is going with Romney because he has a more confidant and trustworthy plan to turn things around. You need to give them something. Asking politely doesn’t give them an argument to voice publicly their vote for Romney.

  • sjmom

    The RNC needs to start some ads about Libya and the lies.

    • Shall we hold our breathe? lol

      • sjmom

        Well, Romney is certainly not being assertive enough, so let the RNC take up the slack and start slamming Obama for the lies, especially in the swing states. Let the RNC do the media’s job and report what has been going on. I know it seems like a lot to ask but they have had some very good ads recently. They don’t seem to be afraid to go after Obama like Romney does.

        • wodiej

          Bloggers forget that everyone does not know as much about politics as we do. If Romney and Ryan go out and get all nasty, it will turn most uninformed voters off. Second, since they are about to defeat the first “black” president, they need to be careful. How many times does this need to be brought up for people to understand the volatility of this situation?

          • sjmom

            Someone does not have to be nasty to confront and the RNC has had some very good ads to prove this point. IMO as long as the content is truthful and speaks to policy rather than personality it is not nasty. The uninformed will either not vote, will vote someone else’s opinion or flip a coin before they walk into the polling place.

            Like you I believe Romney/Ryan will win but IMO we need a leader who has the strength to take a stand in the face of all that hell has brought upon us. If not, our nation will continue to decline. Gimme another Ronald Reagan, who is the best example of what I just said.

  • westernhunter

    Since Romney wants to play nice, where are all the Super Pacs out there? They don’t have too. Come on Super Pacs show some guts. You have plenty of material to work with that is true, but will show some fight in them.

  • Read a couple of interesting takes on this election from two conservative, evangelicals. Scoop apologies ahead of time if this is not the right place… vs.

    One truly thinks that this is Romney’s to lose and will the other believes that Romney will actually pull this one off. Both, sight the polls and such.

  • Sober_Thinking

    What about the 5+ trillion?

    Still milktoast.

  • Juan_Rico

    I think in the future, when historians look back on this period it will be agreed that Obama was the Piltdown Man of American politics.

  • Susanna958
  • Obama’s Chief Constituency

    President Barack Hussein Obama has a number of powerful and loyal constituencies in his camp, ranging from white guilters to the homosexual lobby to food stampers to labor unions and to the Jewish lobby, all of whom–except for those belatedly suffering from white guilt and Jewish voters–have benefited greatly from Obama’s policies over the past 3 3/4 years.

    However, none of those voting blocs have been more faithful to the president than African-Americans most of whom still support him even though, like the white guilters and Jews, he has done nothing worthwhile for them. Growing black unemployment and poverty rates to historic levels is hardly a plus.

    The millions of whites who voted for Obama in 2008 out of a bizarre, misplaced guilt over slavery or because they felt it was time for a minority to rule the country have been rewarded with a blatantly racist administration and Jews who voted for him mainly because they have always voted Democrat have been rewarded with an overt antipathy toward Israel.

    Still, in a sad commentary on America’s electorate, it looks as if the majority of those two groups will cast their ballots for more of the same on November 6th.

    I guess some people just enjoy being abused.

    Even sadder is the case of African-Americans who by all accounts will vote for Obama based on the fact he is one of their own, sort of.

    It’s doubtful the president will again win 95% of their vote but close to 90% is still a safe bet despite the 3,700 member Coalition of Black Pastors condemnation of his “evolved” position on same-sex marriage.

    Black actor Samuel L. Jackson, black Brooklyn rapper Jay-Z, an unidentified black woman protesting against Mitt Romney in Cleveland, even white entertainer Madonna all back Obama, Jackson and Jay-Z because he’s semi-black, the protestor because he gave her a free cell phone, and Madonna because she’s losing her marbles and believes “We have a black Muslim in the White House.”

    Barack Hussein Obama may be a lot of things but to my knowledge he hasn’t joined crazy Louis Farrakhan’s crazier Nation of Islam as of September 30th, 2012.

    Maybe after November.

    Another known crazy, Sirius XM shock jock Howard Stern, occasionally meanders into shocking, political reality. Last week, Stern dispatched his field crew, Sal and Richard, to Harlem . . .

    (

  • wodiej

    that’s a good one. Especially the last part.

  • dontdrinkthecoolaid

    RNC, you need to do something stronger than this. It’s classy and direct but a little too smooth considering a majority of the people you’re now going after can’t read. See reading test scores for new high school graduates. Audio guys, audio. You also need to do an ads that uncovers all of Obama’s lies.

  • A ‘disappointment’ the ad calls it, but it wouldn’t be my word. It’s not just bad management, failing to deliver. As that slick ad Scoop posted earlier demonstrates, they’re actively pursuing a vision of a ‘fundamentally transformed’ America, a vision of artificial ‘fairness’, collectivism, spend-and-tax.

    I can’t imagine a world without America’s standing reproof to the enemies of liberty. It seems to me that this election is a stark choice between a social Democracy or a constitutional Republic. And whatever the polls and the MSM say, I still believe Americans like the sound of the word.

  • Jerseygalnny

    I think it is bit soft-pedaling. A disappointment? Does that equate to nearly treasonous anywhere?

  • Rocco11

    Is Obama a failure from Jeremiah Wright, Frank Marshall Davis, Lolo Soetoro, Rashid Khalidi, Bill Ayres, Bernadine Dohrn, Anita Dunn, Cass Sunstein, Elizabeth Warren, and Van Jones’s perspective? Hardly…

  • fail·ure [feyl-yer]
    1. an act or instance of failing or proving unsuccessful; lack of success: His effort ended in failure. The campaign was a failure.
    2.nonperformance of something due, required, or expected: a failure to do what one has promised; a failure to appear.
    3.a subnormal quantity or quality; an insufficiency: the failure of crops.
    4.deterioration or decay, especially of vigor, strength, etc.: The failure of her health made retirement necessary.
    5.a condition of being bankrupt by reason of insolvency.
    6. President Obama and his entire economic and social policy.

  • All text, no words except for the very end about who paid for it. Fail I’m afraid.

    If I was looking away from the TV – as I often am during ad breaks, this ad would in NO way draw my attention. If I were a bit sleepy, the nice music might put me to sleep! I’m often calling for Romney/Republicans to take off the mittens and put on the knuckle dusters. In this ad, they kept on the mittens and added a few feathers to tickle NObama. Must do better.

  • Style Delights

    Romney camp should get on a conf call with Allen West about ‘gloves-off’ ads and ‘laser pointed’ message techniques!! I am waiting for debates and hoping Romney looks at Obama in they eyes and asks ‘ Well Mr President, where are the jobs?”

  • What a weak ad. It pitiful. They should get the people who did Col. West’s ad if we want a good ad or so many of the web ads were all better, but this is the one we put on TV. I am disappointed. WHY ARE WE NOT USING OBAMA’s own word against him- like the “summer of recovery”. They can call me I will do their ads. Why are we so afraid to hammer at Obama? He is no different than other pols. Are we afraid of being called racist. Well we are racist if we don’t do to him in ads that we would do to a white dumocrat. Just over a month, and the R party needs to sack up and go to battle.