New Romney ad fights back, says Obama is waging war on coal

I love any ad that plays Obama’s own words, and this ad does just that to explain why it’s Obama who is waging a war on coal:

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  • Sober_Thinking

    Good ad…

    What Obama has done to the coal industry is unAmerican and wrong. America is letting this devil get away with slowly turning the spicket off on our domestic energy production while turning the firehouse on, on an unproven and unreliable energy technology (so-called green energy). This is one of the many indictments against this corrupt, incompetent menace. He MUST be defeated!

  • Go Romney. Keep up the heat. Use O’Commie’s words against him.

  • Hope this ad helps in Pennsylvania and parts of Ohio. Romney will certainly carry West Virginia, but he still needs some help in Pannsylvania and Ohio, so this could do some good.

  • hermsmd

    Well we know a good number of Democrats in West Virginia would rather vote for a felon than Barry O–so lets hope that sentiment pervades the collective consciousness of those blue collar white ‘workers’ (boy, do commies love the word worker…) in Pennsylvania and Ohio, driven home by this advertisement. Keep the gloves off, get a few good body blows in to set up the knockout!

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    Excellent — just keep putting out ads showing the things Obama has said, including YOU DIDN’T BUILD THAT…. can we PLEASE bring that back??? The media conspired with a tape from June (47%) to use the moment it looked like Obama would not recover from one of his own revealing gaffes. And we’re letting them!

    Should we all bombard the Romney website with messages telling him to bring back Obama’s revealing “You Didn’t Build That” statement? As a business owner, I’m still seething over it, and I’m seething that it seems to have been dropped by everyone, as if it never happened. Why do we let them get away with this?

    I don’t mean to change the subject of the thread. This is a great ad…it just reminded me of Obama’s OTHER damning words that seem to have been forgotten.

    • Patriot077

      The ads I like best are the ones using Zero’s own voice. I highly recommend a clip of him saying “electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket” merged with his energy czar talking about favoring $8 a gallon for gas.

  • Landscaper

    There is a RIPPLE EFFECT here. No Votes: Coal Industry, their communities, vendors, suppliers, mechanics…… Coal is a huge industry with a lot of lives affected by Obummer’s war on it. They remember and they Vote. In November the “chickens are coming home to roost” Mr. President?

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      You are so right. Every time I see one of those “Bain” ads by the Obama campaign talking about how Bain would close a business (ignoring the fact that Bain SAVED most of the ones they invested in), I think of not only the coal industry, but also Obama’s knee-jerk reaction to the BP oil spill. Tens of thousands of people lost their jobs in those communities when he signed the moratorium on drilling, which for the most part was never reversed. I think of the story of the guy who ran a delivery company out to the rigs, much like UPS, but on boats. The day Obama signed the moratorium, he laid off 100 people.

      • Landscaper

        The environment is important to me on many levels. My occupation is all about urban and suburban “green.” As an outdoorsman, clean lakes, streams and rivers are key. Obummer wanted to appease the liberal greenies who want all of us to just hold our breath. The fact is the little nappy-haired, unwashed are a tiny fraction of the population. The rest of Americas HAVE a frigging life.

    • Sandra123456

      There is an enormous ripple effect in our economy and lifestyes if the coal industry is crippled. The products made from coal are many and help make our lives what they are today.

      Just consider all the things made from coal from medicines to TNT :

      • KenInMontana

        Consider that nearly 60% of all electricity generated in the US comes from coal.

        • Which means that the Chevy Volt runs on gas and coal!

    • FuBar Ack knows that and is trying to destroy all of that – so the sheeple will cry: “government, pleeease help us”.
      Look at Cuba.

    • stevenbiot

      I hope you are right. How is this numskull doing this well in the polls?

      • BOPOS

        He is not. The polls are not real just like Obummer. Smoke and mirrors.

  • sDee

    This is running in Ohio, but wonder if it is running in Colorado.

    In 2008 I was contacting Colorado local papers, TV stations, local unions in coal towns, and the CMA, about this recording of Obama’s cap and trade plan. Everyone was in the tank for Obama. Zero concern. No coverage.

    The state of Colorado has been shutting down coal plants and replacing others with natural gas for years.

    Since 2010. the Colorado coal industry has seen the first production increase in 7 years and coal industry employment is up 12% due to exports to Europe and China. Colorado coal is high grade low sulfur.

    • KenInMontana

      Montana and Wyoming both have huge deposits of high grade low sulfur coal as well. Here in Montana, a Soros backed attack by an environmental group known as Blue Skies (among others), failed when all their doom and gloom charges fell flat in light of environmental tests run by an independent firm, as well as tests run by the State’s own environmental protection department. Coal is the reason Montana was 1 of only 4 states that managed to stay in the black fiscally through this economic train wreck we have been weathering. Just the coal trains hauling the coal to west coast ports from Montana is $28k in taxes and fees, per train, that go into the state’s coffers, at a rate of about 4 trains in a 24 hour period.

  • daisy_mae

    Yes Romney Yes! His own words!! Man there’s a lot of them out there too. Keep sticking it to BO with his own record, his own words yes yes yes! Truth needs no defense, only lies. We’re with you, we stand with you, let’s kick the present tenant in the people’s House out!!!

  • wodiej

    good ad. God bless you sir and your wife and family.

    • Exactly Wodie….God Bless the man. Would you want to wake up every morning with being attacked 24/7 and for what? He has the money that he and his family needs. Mitt could easily retire and be fine. Instead he gets trashed by conservatives and moderates on our side and it is just ridiculous. I have met the man and when I see a good man attacked with the nastiness from our side I cannot stand it. He is not perfect and will never be conservative enough for some. I have my issues with some things and it is fine others do. But all the MSM media continues to talk about is Mitt’s problems and they use our people. Go over today to the Washington Examiner there is that two faced phony Byron York again with another hit piece against Romney. Never stops with this clown. He swooned over Clinton’s Speech…I realized then that Byron was queer….I thought he should ask Bill for his hand in the closet. But Bryon keeps it up one hit piece after another on Romney. So it will be continued in the MSM liberals do nothing conservatives and moderates tear Mitt down. It will not stop until after Obama is re-elected and then it will blame Mitt and not the disunity of the party and the MSM that has driven this election. We hate the MSM yet we give them exactly what they want. Nothing is more effective against the MSM than unity and coherence against their cheap shots. Nothing helps Obama more and makes the MSM happier than conservatives spending columns, shows, hours, appearances to do nothing more than “GIVE THEIR ADVICE TO MITT IN PUBLIC” and show fear, panic, disunity and desperation.

      It will continue today and all the remaining 40 days. Mitt does not have the money to combat the left and right. He could never run enough ads to make conservatives happy and he does not have the money then to effectively fight Obama on the ground.

      Romney will have more and more difficulty raising money as each day goes by…and as the money dries the ads end….the ads end people scream where is Mitt, why does he not do this or that. MONEY MATTERS and this infighting and attacking Mitt will keep the big donors at bay and keep the campaign on the ropes. If people do not think Obama is behind this you are nuts. He has effectively distraught the right, used the MSM to push his narrative and is making America believe he is INEVITABLE. The game is force Mitt out of money…McCain had no money left by Oct at all….remember 2008 go look at the ad spends from Oct 2008. McCain accepted Public Finance which was DUMB but donors will not pay 40,000 per person to have a dinner with a losing campaign….wealthy people do not stay wealthy wasting money on losing causes. Obama knows it and too many conservatives do not. They think they are doing a great job telling Mitt publicly how bad he is….sure…lets see what effect that has on potential donors.

  • Good ad. From the mouth of the donkey leader himself. Let him refute his own words. MORE like that! There are a TON of such quotes Romney could/should use.

  • rsox1

    Excellent! Anyone connected to the coal industry, union or not, who thinks Obama is looking out for them is kidding themselves.

  • little knowledge is dangerous, idiotic and grotesque – liberals think that electric car is soooooo clean, because it can be plugged into the outlet on the wall…..
    That nice, clean, usually white wall receptacle………….
    to have electricity “in” there, we have to burn a LOT OF – AH!!!! – C O A L .

  • Good. Keep it up! There’s so much more to use!

  • Yazz55

    If he, the obamessiah, can do this to the coal industry so easily, what is there to stop him from going after any other business, profession or industry in a similar fashion? And he needs no justification other than they didn’t contribute enough to his political campaign, or made a contribution to his opponent.

  • Could the Romney camp make an ad with that quote in it and add “I’m Barrack Obama and I approve this message” at the end or would that cause legal problems? I thought it would be a strong ad idea.

  • stevenbiot

    Man, I hope these messages start resonating with people in the swing states. Romney, apparently, isn’t doing swell in Ohio, and is said to be losing in Florida. We’ve got to win this election. Plus, I’ve got money on Romney!

    • Interesting article about that on Politico:

      Rush Limbaugh said Wednesday that voters should ignore “bogus” swing-state polls that show President Barack Obama pulling away from GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, blaming pollsters for “oversampling” Democrats and accusing them of “trying to get this election finished” before the debates by “suppressing your vote and depressing you.”

      Obama was ahead of Romney by 9 points in Florida, 10 points in Ohio and 12 points in Pennsylvania in polling out Wednesday by Quinnipiac University, CBS News and The New York Times.

      Don’t believe the hype, Limbaugh said.

      Follow the link below for more.

    • You mean on BIAS SAMPLED DEM POLLS? How about researching before falling for the MSM Bias Polls….or you see why undecideds think that and why should they vote for Mitt…Gee…it is amazing how well the Media Spin, Polls and BS have worked on alleged conservatives who should be the strongest against it. Yet with conservatives falling for it hook line and sinker do you really think Mitt has a chance with swing voters??? Sorry your whole post shows how bad off the race has become with conservatives leading the charge that the BIAS MSM polls are right!! Applause heard for NBC, CBS, CNN, ABC and others….McCain part II is already here.

    • joyfulgiver

      The goal of the polls:

      To get people to believe that it’s over before it starts and that will cause them to stay home on election day.

      Don’t believe em’, it’s a lie!

  • kong1967

    Lol, that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what the Marxist in charge has said! If only the media would do it’s job. I don’t even bother mentioning anything about it any more because when I do my liberal friends tell me I’m making it up and that Fox News lies. They’ve never seen the videos of Obama saying for himself. It’s a terrible service the media is doing to this country.

    • joyfulgiver

      I agree with you. But, we have the power to change their minds!

      Here’s my challenge, challenge your liberal friends to visit this site everyday for a week and educate themselves as to what the current president is REALLY saying. I forward links to this site every single day to people I know who are NOT on the same page as I am. I also challenge them to listen to Rush, Roger Hedgecock, Sean and GB, an hour a day. Only when they begin to hear the truth dribbling in, will they begin to understand the danger four more years will present to all of America.

      Let’s all do our part to make sure O is NOT reelected.

      • kong1967

        Although I agree with the idea of the effort, if a liberal friend sent me links to the Huffington Post I’d tell him (or her) to knock it off and I wouldn’t ever click the link. I do tell them that the MSM is ignoring stories and I bring up stories in front of them.

        When Andrea Mitchell says “we are not going to air this video of Obama”, people wonder what it is and they have no choice but to look elsewhere if they want to find out what all the fuss is about. If they don’t have that curiosity on their own they will not listen to me telling them to visit certain sites.

        “Buzz” gets around a lot more now than it used to because of the alternative media and Fox News. People are realizing there’s more going on than what the MSM is telling them, which is why they investigate and it’s why the ratings of the liberal channels are dropping through the floor.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Oh, please, not another war! We can’t afford another war! Afghanistan! Women! Now coal?!?!

    Romney should stick with my long-standing suggestion: Showbama is waging a War on Honesty. Methinks that covers it all.

  • sjmom

    It’s about time Romney gets tough! Good ad.

  • Galatiansch2vs20

    Day before yesterday, my sibling saw a Romney ad here in east TN on channel 5 and yesterday, hurrah and yay, 11 connects started airing Romney ads! 11 Connects reaches into Bristol, Virginia.

    It’s a real shame how Obama’s policies have caused the coal industry to suffer and in turn, people in Virginia!