New Romney ad: Pennsylvania coal crushed by Obama’s policies

Romney’s released a 2nd ad today focusing on Pennsylvania’s coal industry being crushed under Obama’s policies and how his policies will include coal in order to make us energy independent:

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  • Crisp and clean… great ad. Plus, it reminds of Obama’s failed debate performance.

    • BlueGood

      IMPACT in Penn???~~~~~ BOOM~~~ BOOM~~~ BOOM~

      • Jazzee

        everything is being crushed by obama
        wake up coal country!

    • Rightstuff1

      Love this ad 🙂

  • sybilll

    Awesome ad. This should be playing in all coal states IMO.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      11 Connects did a fact checker piece in their news yesterday regarding ads about coal that are playing in Virginia on their station. They basically debunked Obama’s ad about the coal plant that did not meet standards in MA and pointed out that about Romney’s ad that unemployment IS up compared to when Obama took office in Virginia, but that there are people who claim it was not as a result of this President. But they did not debunk Romney’s ad- they did Obama’s!

  • p m

    Good ad and very good they’re airing it in the now toss-up state of Pennsylvania.

  • warpmine

    Sure the choice is clear for anyone with a functional brain but those morons in Phily and Tittsburg, well, that’s an entirely difficult choice….work or feel good green fictional unreliable energy? Let’s see which one will I choose? Wait, I don’t live in those areas of the state and I don’t subscribe to climate change hoaxism aaannnnd my brain still works….Mitt it is.

    Question: Will the WH have to be fumigated to get all the Rats out? Who U gonna call? DemonRat Busters!

    • Nukeman60

      Once Barry and Moochelle leave, we’ll have to do a room to room search to find Valerie. She ain’t leavin’ without a fight.

      • famouswolf

        Better take full riot gear.

      • toongoon

        Oh yeah, don’t forget the cockroaches.

      • warpmine

        Take Sara Palin into the WH and broadcast a speech. Liberal/progressives hate the sound of her voice, it’s what Holy water is to a demon and that
        s what we’re dealing with, right?

        • Nukeman60

          What a great visual. Go Sarah, talk to ’em. They do hate her with a vengeance.

        • Brings to mind that bit of the Exorcist when the priest first enters the house and the demon, sensing and recognizing him shouts out his name…

          Scene: Whitehouse entryway. Sarah Palin enters…
          From the office of Jarret comes the unearthly screech, as it a thousand demons spoke at once: “PALIN!!!”


        Is it true Valerie is Iranian? I read that in conection with a story re: a Saudi price who hated America and was offering thousands of dollars/year in tutition money for blacks, hispanics and american indians and other none whites in order to attend Law School.

        • Nukeman60

          Yes, she is an American citizen born in Iran.


            Thank you, Maxx

          • Probably gets her marching orders direct from Iran too and then she goes and gives orders to her little manchild sock puppet to go read from the teleprompter.

        • p m

          Yes, and her father-in-law was one of the leaders of the well-known Chicago communist party, with ties to Frank Marshall, the Axelrod and Ayers families. With Jarrett we get the full package of Iranians/islamo fascists/commies. Nukeman60 is correct – she’ll have to be forced out of the WH, or preferably carried…

      • Dukehoopsfan

        Can I help too?

        • Nukeman60

          It may take all of us. She’s a tad slippery. 🙂

          • Dukehoopsfan

            Slippery or slimy?

            • Orangeone


    • Yvette47

      In commenting on a news story on yahoo news yesterday, I saw a comment from someone in Philly who said she was amazed at all the Romney/Ryan signs she has been seeing there. I think she said they far outnumbered signs for Chief Narcissist & Drunken Uncle.

  • Smith Smith

    Coal miners – get me once shame on me get me twice shame on them….Lets hope they wake up the election

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      While I agree with the first part of the sentiment you say here, I think you might have had a dyslexic moment? :0)

      • Patriot077

        Makes sense to me. They voted for him in ’08 but now they know zero was a big liar and he sold them a pig in a poke. So Smith is saying if they vote for zero a 2nd time it is shame on them.

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          I think you saw Smith Smith’s corrected statement.

          • Patriot077


            • Smith Smith

              Ya Galatian was right, I wrote it when I was still waking up and read it again and corrected it. 🙂

  • scrubjay

    Good on Romney. Fight on your opponent’s ground.

  • colliemum

    Great ad – I hope it’ll be spread through the social media as well, and not just in PA

    One other point: obviously, campaign ads strive to show the candidate in the best possible surroundings. But I notice that these crowds in Romney’s ads seem genuinely enthusiastic, in a warm way. Not like the ‘adoring’, hysterical crowds we saw in the ads for that POS in the WH.
    A real difference.

  • wodiej

    Keep hammering him w his own words.

    I don’t normally listen to talk radio but I was flipping radio channels in my car today and caught a few minutes of Beck. They were playing a tape of the President of GM bragging about what a good relationship they have w China, how many plants they have there and that they want to expand! The Romney team needs to get on this and make an ad especially for Ohio. 7 out of 10 GM cars are made in China.

  • deeme

    You should see what they are saying at the same ad over at Washington Examiner..Romney is a can anyone call Romney a hypocrite when the kind of hypocrisy is running against him they might as well call him an alocholic while they are at it..this is the best compilation of Obama’s lies I have ever seen of course when I tried to comment and added this they said it had to be it’s probably gone..these people are unethical..if they get four more years they will probably outlaw Conservatives..

  • denbren52

    The fact that the race is even close in PA shows that people don’t understand how killing the economy in one part of a state has a devastating effect on the whole state. Between lost tax revenues, decreased spending caused by lack of income, the costs of caring for the poor who are made poor by these policies. It all adds up to an attack on the entire state

    • Betsey_Ross

      The Republicans have a lot of teaching to do. I think they have neglected PA to their detrement.

      In 2008 during the last week of campaigning we had to go to a funeral at the last minute and were traveling out to Indiana. We always take in PA on the trip and go I-79 to pick up I-70 to go west. There was an ad back then pleading for McCain-Palin to not let the coal miners down and stop the use of coal. WTH? It wasn’t McCain that was advocating this, but it was Obama.

      Rewind to this year in Sept. We were having tire trouble all through the small vacation we were taking. Finally we decided to actually change the tire and finish the trip on the spare. We pulled into a gas station off of I-79 for help. While my husband was inside a lady came up to the car and told me she loved my OMG sticker on the back of my car. O(bama) M(ust) G(o). Then the two ladies that ran the gas station came out and we went over to the air pump to decide about what to do. They noticed my sticker and we started talking politics. Finally the young man from across the street came over to actually change the tire. He was their mechanic when he wasn’t working at the fire house. More politics. These people were regular Americans trying to survive in Obama’s economy. Their stories would make you cry because all of it was so unnecessary. I happened to have three of the stickers in the glove compartment and gave them each one. They were thrilled.

      At the time I was hoping that Romney would get to PA and give these people some hope. There must be quite a few people in PA that would be thrilled to have him come there. There is some low hanging fruit there and I hope that he realizes it. Just a little education and explaination and they would understand. Maybe that is his long term plan.

  • PhillyCon

    I haven’t see this one yet. But I have seen the two Super PAC ads. The one with the mom jogging her baby stroller.

    It’s now a slew of anti-Obama ads, Casey ads, and Tom Smith ads.

    • Orangeone

      MN also has the Super PAC ad with the mom jogging her baby stroller. We also have Mr. Peterffy’s ad (the Hungarian biz owner) speaking of the ills of socialism. They are airing on the alphabet stations during prime time!

      • PhillyCon

        Oh, my brother was talking about that Hungarian ad … he said it’s great.

        Can you believe MN might be in play as well as PA? Unreal. Obummer will be in the area tomorrow with Christie touring the coastal areas hard hit (of NJ). Christie wants fed money so bad he’s even calling his leadership “outstanding.” Ugh.

        • Orangeone

          Perhaps Christie will accidentially trip Barky and send him off to sea….

          • Now, don’t go getting our collective hopes up like that! 😉

  • kong1967

    To do anything about this, Romney is going to have to crush the EPA and take away it’s power to implement business crushing regulations without the approval of Congress or the President.

    • Patriot077

      I think he is going to take a scalpel to a lot of ludicrous regulation that is suffocating all of us.

      • dabbobean

        I think it’s time for the meat axe.

      • kong1967

        Good, I hope he does.

  • sjmom

    Romney is getting some good ads out.

  • PennsylvaniaPatriot

    LOVE IT!!!!

  • Orangeone

    BAM. Wonder how PA is doing in the polls lately…

  • Orangeone

    Just saw on Twitter that OR and WA may well be swings states now too.

  • freeperjim

    Nice to capture Obamalinsky’s arrogant smirking face in the ad.

  • I drive a truck in the rust belt/coal states. Billboards and bumper stickers are 10 to 1 for Romney, except for heavily unionized/Dem areas. Oddly enough though, lots of anti-0 billboards in Detroit. Lots of the 0 bumper stickers are faded ’08s, although there are lots of fresh ones on hybrids around the Beltway in DC.

  • bobemakk

    PA usually a democrat state, must vote for Romney. The steel industry failed there because of all the plastic in our cars started by the Japanese and now if the coal industry fails under Obama, it will become a third world state. Sad. Obama must go.