New Romney Ad: Political Payoffs and Middle Class Layoffs

***UPDATE: You can watch the ad here***

***UPDATE: This ad has been removed because a BMG claimed copyright infringement***

Romney has come out with a new ad this morning hitting Obama over all the special favors he’s given his donor class while he’s left the so-called middle class high and dry:

This is obviously a rebuttal to the video of Obama’s ad where Romney is singing. And honestly, it made me yawn.

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  • Rshill7

    Yep. Nothing burger with cheese, on wonder bread. I wonder who came up with it. They should probably sit on the bench an inning or three.

  • Trust1TG

    Romney is projecting again. Same old liberal MO.

    • FutureOnePercent

      Yes he is, but like I always say:

      “Our 7th choice is better than their 1st choice”

      • JohnOfPhiladelphia

        …Even when our 7th choice and their 1st choice are both essentially the same?


        Keep telling yourself that.

        • Nukeman60

          Romney was our FIRST CHOICE, touted as “front-runner” throughout the primaries‘ – jopa

          Romney was touted as the front runner by the media (Obama’s media) and was the first choice of the GOPe, not of us, the conservatives. If you want to side with the media and the GOPe, knock yourself out, but don’t add those of us here on TRS as part of that ill-informed group who bought into it.

          We are stuck with Romney, as I stated before, and we’ll win this election in spite of him, not because of him (there are many, many seats up for grabs in Congress that will help push our conservative message).

          • JohnOfPhiladelphia

            “Romney was touted as front runner by the media [alone]…”?

            Dude, I think you’re forgetting the countless ‘conservatives’ who came out in support of Romney (pretty prematurely too) and endorsed the whole front-runner narrative hook, line and sinker. ‘Conservatives’ who we all supported (and some still support) as being most definitely on our side! Jan Brewer; Paul Ryan; Christie… etc. Last time I checked, those folk don’t have degrees in journalism. They were folk we, “the conservatives”, all proclaimed to be conservatives like us.

            This is what holding our noses and supporting a fake does to us. We begin to rewrite history in order to soothe our ailing consciences, kinda like the left does. Except the left don’t do it to calm their burning consciences. They have none! Instead, they do it to deceive decent folk like you and I. And a lot of the time the’re successful.

        • kong1967

          You people that claim Obama and Romney are the same really make me sick. You’re either blind as a bat or you have an axe to grind and you’re still pouting that your candidate didn’t win. He was not my first, second, third, fourth or fifth pick. But you know what? He loves this country and Obama doesn’t. He doesn’t want to destroy the private sector, Obama does. He will pass conservative bills, Obama will veto them.

          Your anger over Romneycare has blinded you to all the other differences between the two. Go ahead and refuse to support him. You’re exactly who Obama is counting on.

          • JohnOfPhiladelphia

            Fair enough. With all the evidence you have from his time as governor of MS and the way he ran his campaign during the primaries and how he is running his campaign now, if that’s still your conclusion, then good luck to you. Not looking to argue.

            • kong1967

              I would invite Bill Clinton back in tomorrow if that was the only other choice I had besides Obama. I’m no Romney fan, but Obama means to destroy everything we stand for as a nation. If anything, I want to put an end to that.

              …and no, I’m not intending to argue.

              • JohnOfPhiladelphia

                “I would invite Clinto back in tomorrow if that…”

                I saw that and knew all I needed to know.

                You mean Clinton, who supports Obamacare today? You mean Clinto who…

                Ah what the heck, forget it. Do what you want. You’ll probably get ten thousand likes anyway.

                • kong1967

                  Of course I wouldn’t want Clinton back in there. That’s meant more as an expression than to be taken literally. It’s another way of saying “I know Clinton was bad but Obama is a hundred times worse”. Clinton knew how to triangulate and he actually worked with Republicans to get something done. Obama will not. You know that.

                • Pragmatism is a virtue. As Levin says “We need to get the most Conservative Candidate that we can”. To say Romney Conservative is like saying
                  Mao Captalist. Be that as it may, BHO is quite a bit redder than either ;-P

                • JohnOfPhiladelphia

                  “…But that’s not saying I like cow dung.”

                  Really? So whats all this about lets get behind Romney? Now I know I’m not mixing apples with oranges when I say…

                  Well, maybe I’ll just let you finish that last sentence for yourself.

                • kong1967

                  I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. As I said, I am supporting Romney because he’s much better than the alternative. End of story.

          • Brian Carter

            Agreed…Romney is far from my favored choice. I think he represents a tremendous lost opportunity to really undo so much damage, but Palin didn’t run and conservatives didn’t unite behind another candidate. Our bench is strong, but they were not ready this year.

            There is a huge difference between Romney and Obama. Romney might be a political wind indicator and have a host of other drawbacks, but he will not actively work day and night to undermine and destroy the country like Obama.

            I detested Clinton. He was embarrassing, incompetent, and just beneath the office. I’d vote for him over Obama if that were the only chance to get rid of zero.

            Bottom line, if Obama is re-elected, Obamacare WILL NOT be repealed. In 4 years, it will be IMPOSSIBLE to undo it. Game, set, match, America over…we are socialist by then and no turning back.

            Romney and the linguini spined GOPe might fail to repeal Obamacare, but at least with them there is a chance. That is our last chance. We can’t mickey mouse around with this, there is too much at stake. We need to ditch Obama and then put INCREDIBLE PRESSURE on Romney and GOPe to completely repeal Obamacare.

            Sitting home and pouting is just surrender.

            • kong1967

              Well, I think we pretty much agree on everything. But I’m not so quick to say he’s a “lost opportunity to really undo so much damage”. The backbone of his candidacy is repealing Obamacare. It would be political suicide for him to not even try to repeal it. He might surprise everyone with what he tries to accomplish. He might not, but I have my fingers crossed.

              By the way, I have a nephew named Brian Carter.

              • Brian Carter

                Uncle? Haha…just kidding…his moniker would be OldBlue1967 for his ’67 Camaro.

                What I mean is an authentic conservative would aggressively push back the government growth and encroachment. A Sarah Palin would probably push to eliminate entire departments and actually cut the number of government employees (just as she did as governor).

                A President Romney will (I hope) truly repeal Obamacare. Beyond that, I expect middle of the road supreme court nominations, milquetoast cabinet members, and only a little trimming around the edges. He is very cautious politically and lacks the central core philosophical motivation to do much more. We’ll go back to Bush era sized budget deficits and count on economic growth to compensate for everything else.

                We are in high-speed reverse. Romney will put us back in neutral, maybe 1st gear. The lost opportunity I describe was the chance to get into 5th gear.

                • kong1967

                  Romney did say the other day that he’s going to get rid of every useless government program and organization that he can find. Obama said he was going to cut the deficit, too, but he intentionally lied and knew damn good and well he was going to spend as much money as possible so he could run us in the ditch. I am skeptical, but I am willing to give Romney a chance to prove that he means what he says. He had an 80% liberal government in Mass., so it’s really hard to translate that into what he will do when he has a conservative one.

            • JohnOfPhiladelphia

              Many people saying what I’m saying aren’t sitting at home and pouting. But if they told you what they were doing (write-ins; Constitution Party; campaigning for and supporting conservative congressional and senate candidates), you’d say it was the same thing as handing Obama the vote in November anyway. I don’t mind that.

              But don’t misrepresent us. Nobody’s suggesting sitting at home. We just need more of you to join us in taking back our electoral systems and regaining the narrative.

              • Brian Carter

                Actually, I’ve read many posts where people literally write “I’m just staying home in November.” The other day on Rush, a lady from Oklahoma said she just wouldn’t vote for president.

                A write-in, vote for Constitution Party, or a vote for anybody other than Romney IS a vote for Obama.

                In 2008, I was going to vote Constitution Party or even Libertarian rather than vote for McCain. Then he nominated Sarah Palin and I voted for her (he was just excess baggage). My point is I empathize and totally understand your point. I really do feel the same way about Romney…BUT THIS IS GAME. We have to kill Obamacare.

                Romney is far from a ‘lock’ we will get rid of Obamacare (I don’t trust him either), but he is the only chance we have, like it or not. There are no other scenarios. This is do or die. If it is not undone in January, it will be too late and we will never get back.

                This is the tipping point. What are you going to do? …let us continue the unchecked, full-speed charge into the abyss?

                • JohnOfPhiladelphia

                  A vote for anyone apart from Rombama is a vote for anyone apart from Rombama. It is neither a vote for Romney or Obama. That’s what democracy is about. We get to choose based on our convictions, not based on some misguided political affiliation or expediency. Sorry Brian.

                • kong1967

                  I understand the logic behind that because you vote your consience, but it’s still one less vote to beat Obama with. I guess I equate it with the evangelicals that refuse to vote for a Republican that believes abortion is a state issue even though his opponent believes in partial birth abortions. It just doesn’t make sense to me. But you have to vote in a way you can live with, I suppose.

              • kong1967

                That’s actually a good thing that you’re campaigning for conservative congressional and senate candidates. We need as many as possible because Romney can’t sign what he doesn’t get. If we take both houses his only option is going to be to go conservative because he won’t be able to push anything even slightly liberal.

    • ABO my friend. ABO!

    • kong1967

      Maybe, but how did he get unemployment down to 4.7%? Sounds like he had to be creating a lot of jobs.

  • Sober_Thinking

    I expect he’ll be singing a different tune in November. Ahole.

    Decent ad… keep ’em coming and put them on the damn T.V. please.

  • And how about all of the favors that were given to the owners of Solyndra? In normal times that company never would have gotten almost $500 million in loans, all of which have been lost and will never be paid back. But all of Obama’s investors in Solyndra made out just fine. People normally go to jail for things like that. Has anybody from Solyndra gone to jail, or even had charges placed against them? Not one. Shows you how crony capitalism works.

  • Brian Carter

    Yes, the ad is meek, and rings a little hollow coming from Romney, but Obama is an armed bank robber compared to Romney who didn’t tell the cashier she missed scanning an item.

    The issue has great potential though. If this was Sarah Palin (I know, I know, “should’a, would’a, could’a”) this line of attack would be tenacious and very painful for zero.

    You just can’t fake authenticity and conviction…Palin has it in spades, Romney doesn’t.

    If Romney were not so insecure, he could use Palin as a one-woman attack/truth squad — unleash her — and let her tear zero apart independently while Romney runs positive ads. She’d be a one woman SuperPac. …of course, she is already doing that on her own.

  • Not a bad ad. But I would have ended it stronger. When the question was asked what about the middle class.. They should have used a video or picture of NObama giving the middle finger like we see here: (still picture) More appropriate and more truthful IMO.

  • nibblesyble

    Boring ad, nice, that is the way to get an undecided’s attention…or even a conservative’s!

  • Joe

    I love the slogan

    But the ad is lame!

    Take the next 30 seconds and list

    Company – donor name – taxpayer $$ lost

  • NYGino

    Weak ad, not specific. Give examples, give names, give company names etc. For instance, did the loan guarantee to Solyndra have anything to do with the fact that one of Obama’s larger donors happened to be a big investor in Solyndra? Lots of examples they could have used. Take the gloves off!!!

  • virginiagentleman1

    Romney has repeatedly promised that he would ‘fight’ for America and for us, her citizens. When did playing patticakes take the place of a knockdown drag out fight?
    Is the guy actually TRYING to win the election, or just going through the motions?

  • So far, at least as I see it, Romney is throwing jabs. He ought to be going for a knock-out and not one of them TKO on points wins either. Hit him hard and repeatedly on issues like unemployment, taxation, debt, economy, welfare reform, outrageous government spending. Forget jab… jab… jab. We the people and this nation need, no, demand BAM! BAM! BAM! This is NOT a game! The future of this country and everyone living here depends on this election!

  • marketcomp

    I really wish that Ronald Reagan had ensured more coat tails! These RINOs really have no clue how to fight unless the opponent is a Conservative Republican. This ad is a freaking joke! Obama has called Romney a liar, and even said he was a criminal and has been relentlessly inpune Romney’s character. And we get this weak non effective ad for school children! Wake the hell up Romney Campaign! If you don’t go on offense you will lose because of your stupidity and if you don’t want to fight then please swing to a candidate who will fight, Sarah Palin or Allen West! You will lose and all of us will live in a Amerika!

  • Hacker5988

    To bad Obamna is not a conservative. Romney would be all over him but instead he runs this sorry ad. Just like him ,NO Passion just going through the motions.

  • NYGino

    If the GOP really wanted to make a point about political payoffs all they have to do is run some of the exchanges between Energy Secretary Chu and Sen. Rand Paul among others during the Senate hearings on energy loans.

  • Josie

    Not strong enough to get the message out, but a good start.

  • Takedown. Bad Form, Captain Hook! Bad Form!

  • Orangeone

    Government is blocking your video.

  • WordsFailMe

    Business Owners: Find the democrats and suspected liberals in your organizations and lay them off, demote, reassign or otherwise ensure that their tenure does not further sabotage you.

    It’s just business after all.