New Romney Ad smears Newt over old ethics charges

If you think Romney is still some nice Republican just trying to win an election, then watch this ad as he tries to smear Newt over known false ethics charges that the Democrats used against him in the 90s. In fact we’ve already shown here that Newt was exonerated by the IRS. We even linked the great piece by Byron York detailing the truth about the ethics charges.

But Romney insists on trying to destroy Newt Gingrich over the same false, trumped-up ethics charges just like Democrats did. He’s acting exactly like a power hungry Democrat who is willing to say anything to get elected:

Also, it’s worth noting that NBC is calling for this ad to be taken down because Brokaw doesn’t approve of his likeness being used this way. So watch it while you can. UPDATE: I’ve replaced it with a mirror version to keep it from disappearing later.

(H/T: Hotair)

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  • You know, for a Morman, Mitt certainly doesn’t have any problem with lying.

    • Linky1

      And he will disavow any knowledge, blaming it on his Super PAC.

      • He can’t blame the Super PAC for an ad his own campaign put out. There’s a reason it says “I’m Mitt Romney and I approve this message” at the end.

        • Anonymous

          He was Mitt Romney and he approved the message he denied having any knowledge of during the last debate, too.

          • I would LOVE for him to do that again with this ad. Just throw another lie on top of it! That’ll get you some votes with the American people! Does he think we’re that stupid?

            • Anonymous

              Right?! I’m not sure if he’s quite stupid enough to do that twice, but that would be good, wouldn’t it?

            • Yes, he does think that.

            • Anonymous

              Sadly, most Americans ARE that stupid. Until Americans wake the hell up and start paying attention… we’ll keep getting dipwad candidates like McCain, Kerry, Romney, etc. and monsterous presidents like dear ruler. Our job is to help them wake up.

              Knowledge is power. Stupidity/Laziness/Complacency is the disease.

              • bobemakk

                I despise Michael Moore and he once said that Americans are stupid, and unfortunately he is right. They listen to the lamestream media like this trashy ad.

                The candidates have to focus on Obama as a failure and stop attacking each other. Many people have said this but they just don’t listen. They are ruining any chance of replacing Obama with a republican and ruining the image of the republican party. They are like a bunch of school kids in a p—-ng contest.

                I am a Gingrich supporter, and even he is responsible for attacking the others especially Romney. I will vote for any republican nominated just to rid this country of the Obama regime. He has created such misery with his failed policies. I weep for the future of America because of Obama.

                • Anonymous

                  You took the thoughts right out of my mind… Well said.

          • Linky1

            You took the words right out of my mouth. He’s blaming everyone else but his own bad self for these ads.

            • Anonymous

              Sort of his own version of blaming Bush.

      • Anonymous

        ‘All that lying was done by a blind trust.’

    • I wasn’t aware that Gingrich wasn’t fined $300,000 for ethics violations. That’s new to me.

      • Newt was cleared of ethics violations after a three and a half year long investigation. Get your facts straight.

        • Anonymous

          Be nice now.

          Guy was admitting something he was unaware of. What with all the lying going on. The full throated meme was that Newt was fined over the charges. He settled the usual way… to be done with a nuisance lawsuit, a mistake, but an honest response on Newt’s part.

          • Sorry. I could use a better tone. It’s just INCREDIBLY frustrating that people are buying into Mitt’s dishonesty.

            • Anonymous

              You don’t need to apologize anymore than these uneducated posters with their agendas and their words. There was nothing negative that you posted.

              • Well, I’d still rather be known for being courteous, even in disagreement.

                • Anonymous

                  Yeah… it happens… we sometimes get so caught up and forget ourselves. You’re just with the best of us I guess. Anyone with Ben’s avatar can’t be all bad… (smile :>)

                • Anonymous

                  I agree. We are getting so burned by all the nastiness it takes its toll on all of us.

            • Mitt had nothing to do with Newt getting fined $300,000 for ethics violations. That was the Republican-controlled House that voted to reprimand him.

              • Anonymous

                Mitt has EVERYTHING to do with being honest about it though – or in this case, not telling the whole truth.

              • Anonymous

                OK, come on now. Who said Romney had anything to do with him getting fined. Did you read that anywhere here or anywhere else? No, you didn’t so no need to start trumping up charges right? Its standard form for the left to accuse conservatives of things that they themselves do. So don’t begin with those tactics.

                Romney is smearing a very very good conservative. He is smearing him so that he will walk to the nomination when he most certainly does not deserve to do so.

                You want to know what an ethics violation looks like? Go look at the new expose of the company that Romney ran Damon Corp. They were fined $160m for over billing/fraudulently billing medicare for tests that were unnecessary. Now thats a major ethics. If you can still hold you nose and vote for Romney and vote for him after seeing that expose then please do not have the gall to attack Newt for defending himself against trumped up charges for which he was later aquitted in full.

            • Anonymous

              Amen to that. Pay attention America… wake up and do your homework. It’s only our country and Freedom that’s at stake here.

          • You’re right. I was unaware of the fact that Newt wasn’t fined $300,000 for ethics violations. What was he fined $300,000 for, and why did the Congress–Democrats and Republicans–fine him $300,000 for submitting false information, which was an ethics violation?

            • Anonymous

              You really need to do some research. It’s starting to get embarrassing to see you flounder.

        • Newt was fined $300,000 for ethics violations. That’s a fact. The House reprimanded him for submitting false information during an investigation, and they fined him $300,000 for it.

          • Anonymous

            How many times are you going make the same comment?

          • Can we start flagging this guy now?

            • Anonymous

              amen! Why are they here, when there are so many sites that are Romney-friendly? Has anyone ever looked at the posts at the Daily Caller…what a nasty bunch. At one point, I forgot that these are republicans and not liberals!

          • Anonymous

            Guy there is more subtlety to Gingrich’s response than you seem to understand. Go back and review the video. He settled prematurely to be done with the charges then was fully exonerated. Settling of these type of bogus suits are less costly than fighting them.

            • You’re right. Dems in a House did exactly to him what they did to Sarah Palin in Alaska: overload with ethics charges until it becomes too difficult to do your job anymore. Both Newt and Palin cut their losses and got out while they could.

          • Trust1TG

            You have come here to lie repeatedly like your candidate. Go back to Utah.

        • Anonymous

          He was fined! He did have to resign in DISGRACE!!

          Mccain, Delay, Talent, and Dole… All Newt’s co workers, they all said Newt is unpredictable.. Santorum even said as much in the South Carolina debate!

          • K-Bob

            Uppercase text doesn’t improve your position. Newt didn’t resign in disgrace, but he did resign under pressure. Only the media and you Romney supporters ever inflated that to equal “disgrace.”

            Which, by the way, is a disgusting maneuver.

            Read the article Scoop posted. You don’t have to like the facts, but you can’t get around them by shouting.

      • Anonymous

        You make all sorts of comments about them above. If you don’t know anything about them and its new to you, then why the “its disgraceful”? How can something be disgraceful if you don’t know the facts? Judging by your avatar picture…I think we can all figure out your agenda.

      • Here’s a good article discussing how Newt was exonerated on the ethics charges.

      • Anonymous

        Wow, you must live under a rock, like a troll, not that’s a bridge… Go crawl back under it anyway. 😛

    • I was thinking the same thing!!

    • I’m afraid neither does anyone else practicing within that cult.

    • Anonymous

      You certainly meant for a Bishop!!. After all, he did hold the position of shepherd for some time!!

      This is déjà vu all over again!! But this time Romney should know that “We, the People” are aware of those kind of tactics to personally smear the opponents! This is despicable beyond belief! He must really be dumb to think we’re not that smart to recognize that he has not shed his spots!!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think being Mormon or any other religion has any bearing on this low lifes ability to obfuscate, lie and be just as dishonest as a politician can be.

      He is branding himself as the hate icon on the conservative wing of this party. If he wins the nomination he wont win the presidency because we will simply boycott him.

      In all honesty I was an anyone but Obama person just before the Iowa campaign. Now its hard to imagine myself saying it but I will not be turning out for this guy if he ends up being forced down our throats. He is without a doubt the lowest of the low and that is up against some pretty stiff competition. A gutter dwelling sewer rat.

      He lacks all moral character and is not worthy of my vote or any conservatives vote.

      God help us if he gets the nomination.

      • Anonymous

        I pity all of us if odumba gets back in. ANYBODY would be better!

  • I would like the ethics documents released to the public and Newt should be the one leading this charge if he has nothing to hide. It will come up in the General Election again, might as well get it over with now

    • I could be wrong about this, but I’m pretty sure Federal law prevents Newt from releasing the records as much as it prevents Pelosi from releasing them.

      • Constance

        Hence, the reason Romney is using it.

        • Romney is using it because he’s a slime ball.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah… but it certainly didn’t prevent her from threatening to use the information. Law be damned! We’re Democrats and we make the rules!

        • Anonymous

          That’s why she said it. She knows darn well that they can’t be released, so why not suggest that there is some real dirt there. She’s not intelligent, but she is rather clever.

  • No way, Romney being Romney – low-balling another candidate even after Bryon York’s great piece which even Rush has mentioned. Geez, Romney the evolving Conservative (Sean Hannity’s words), needs to go.

    • Anonymous

      Romney the revolving con-servative–I’m thoroughly sick of this guy, and its still 9 months to the general election. If the Rockefeller wing of the Republican party actually believes they can get this guy elected, they’re even more stupid than they are pusillanimous.

  • Dax

    This is disgraceful.

    • Newt Gingrich’s ethics violations were disgraceful, if that’s what you’re talking about.

      • Go do some homework before spreading Mitt’s lies around

        • The Republican-controlled House voted to reprimand Newt for ethics violations, not Mitt.

          • Trust1TG

            Newt was rail-roaded by his own party, the corrupt establishment (like Romney and McCain) who did not want true conservative principles…he did not go along with their stuff. Look for the truth before commenting. Scroll down the homepage the whole story is here at Right Scoop.

            Newt was exonerated of all charges. He paid the cost of the investigation rather than fight and go broke.

          • Anonymous

            Correct me if I am wrong. The powers to be did not want or back Pres. Reagan at the time. Cong. Newt did most of Pres. Reagans bidding in the House by pushing his agenda. The Powers that be went after Newt along with the Democrats. Conservatism is not what they wanted. It was and still is power by Central Government over the States and there inhabitants. I believe that this is the main struggle in this election and the Tea Party is the focus of that fight. It is Establishment Vs. the Paople, Look at the passage of Legislation that the over whelming majority of people were against.I will vote for the candidate that will fight the Big Goveernment and get this Country back on it’s feet. Only two candidates have talked about and shown in the past that they regonize this fight and are willing to take it on. You have to decide for yourself which way you see it. Hope I am right when I vote.

      • KenInMontana
      • You’re one of Mitt Romney’s useful idiots

      • Anonymous

        The disgrace was on the Dems for bringing them in the first place. Newt was cleared.

  • Newt Gingrich was fined $300,000 for ethics violations. Is that a “smear” or a “fact”? Anyone want to dispute that Gingrich was fined $300,000 for ethics violations?

    What is it with Newt Gingrich and his denial of objective facts?

    • the 300k was the amount he payed to cover the cost of the legal fees, being a guy who talks polytx, i would’ve figured u’d have known that by now

    • Anonymous

      He paid a fine to extract himself from a full blown assault of trumped up charges launched by the DC political system. Have you ever been on the receiving end of legal action taken by a group with essentially unlimited funds, who was doing it simply to destroy you and bankrupt you though legal costs?

      Newt did what he had to, to survive to fight another day.

      • The fine was levied on him by a House vote.

      • He submitted false information during the course of the investigation.

        For the record, I haven’t ever been sued at all–and I hold nothing against him for having been sued–the thing that Mitt has been criticizing him for isn’t that he was sued but that in the process of the investigation, he submitted false information and was found to have violated ethics rules–a finding that was made by the House of Representatives in an overwhelming vote.

        • Anonymous

          The false information was one paper, out of three submitted, that had misstatements in it. That Lawyer was let go and Newt took the responsibility (get Pelosi to do that!). All about a college course that the IRS concluded was not in violation.

      • Anonymous

        There are none so blind as those who will not see. None so deaf as those who will not hear. Guy Who Talks Nonsense is a Romney shill. You can’t talk sense to a stump.

    • Anonymous

      Fine, I will dispute that, it wasn’t a fine, it was for lawyer’s fees. He asked the republican’s in the house to vote yes for the one ethic’s violation, so it would all go away. he was having trouble leading with the smear tactic from the left. Read Byron York’s piece, Newt was railroaded. And now here is Romney, picking up where the liberals left off and knowingly lying to voters about this issue. Don’t bother coming to the site to defend him, you will not get very far!

    • Anonymous

      I’ll dispute it, as well. Do some research and come back with more than liberal headlines.

    • You’ve repeated this like a dozen times, and your ignorance has been demonstrated a dozen times. Stop trolling you cretin!

  • Anonymous

    The smears on all sides are disheartening….quit it and go for the jugular of Obama!

  • Constance

    One thing is for certain. I can’t support anyone who is such a slime ball. And, Romney is a low-life slime ball, folks. He did the same stuff in 2008 against Huckabee, McCain and Giuliani. I remember it well. He’s a liar and a phony. At least someone like Ron Paul says what he is. I may not agree with him, but he tells me who he is. I also now know who in the GOP I can consider conservative and who I can’t. This includes large and in charge so-called conservatives like Coulter and Christie. Yep. I’m learning a great deal this election year. I will remember, too.

    • Agreed. I’m not a Ron Paul supporter, but I appreciate that I know where the guy is at on most issues. I’d love to see him as Treasury Secretary. Just let him go to town and dismantle the Fed.

      • Anonymous

        Should Newt announce Ron Or Rand Paul in his cabinet, he will most likely get the nomination.

        • That would be nice, but it’s illegal for candidates to make cabinet declarations/promises before they are elected. Newt waded into hot water earlier when he said he would ask John Bolton to be Sec. of Defense. They’re not allowed to do that.

          • Anonymous

            How about if he’ll give few choices with the inclusion of the above mentioned name, would that still be illegal?

  • Anonymous

    The Mitt’s Elite establishment will be looking for Volunteers to man the phone banks,drive to the polls,etc. “Don’t show up”.

  • Romney actually testifies that he approves Tom Brokaw’s thinly-veiled, self-righteous glee over charges of which Gingrich has been thoroughly exonerated. Romney ought to be too ashamed to show his face. But, then again, this may just be standard operating procedure for him.

    I could never tolerate the unshakable disgust of voting for a candidate who brazenly propagates statist lies, whether Obama or Romney.

  • Despicable.

    Romney has been spinning, twisting, and contorting himself for so long, he has lost track of reality. He’s fooled himself into justifying whatever wrong to get what he wants. He discards the truth and uses leftists’ smears, as may suit his own interest, to fool and push around everyone and everything standing in the way of his power quest.

    • I haven’t seen any polls yet, but I have a feeling that all this dishonesty is going to backfire on him. I’m not sure if Newt will end up winning FL, but I think it’ll be a close one.

  • Really Mitt? Brokaw? REALLY? You’re using him in your ad? Very telling if you ask me, you fraud.

    • Anonymous

      I find it rather humorous that a network camera whore like Brokaw is asking for this ad to be pulled. I used to work with news anchors. Believe me, they claw for all the face time they can get. The fact that Brokaw wants this ad pulled speaks volumes.

  • Gawd I dont know what to do to stop this guy. Right down the street from my house they are all gathered on the corner for Romney. Signs all over and not ONE sign or person for any other candidate in town that I have seen.
    I hope TeaParty comes out in numbers and VOTES NO ROMNEY. AOB-MITT (ANYONE BUT MITT)

    • The Tea Party should divide their voted equally between every candidate except Romney. That would send a message that the Tea Party doesn’t want Romney.

      • Anonymous

        Equally ? You make it obvious that many are truly scared of facing Newt.

      • Anonymous

        Are you a Romney supporter? Your advise will make sure Romney wins.

  • Anonymous

    If I thought for a minute that Mitt would fight this dirty against Obama I’d feel better. But I don’t think he will and even if he comes close, he won’t have the type of exposure for his attacks that he’s getting now. Everybody is piling on Newt because they want Romney to win the nomination. But once he gets the nomination it’ll be McCain all over again. The MSM will go on the attack and any defenders he has will be in the wilderness pissing into the wind.

    I don’t see how Obama can be beat by a guy like Romney.

    • So, the thought here is “Mitt so good at slinging mud! Just think how good he’ll be at slinging mud at Obama!” Sorry, Jaynie, but he won’t beat Obama at his own game. Leave the left to these kinds of tactics, and let’s pick a nominee who has some shred of decency.

      • Anonymous

        That was my point.

        • Sorry, I misread what you were trying to say.

          • K-Bob

            Here’s your handy excuse:

            Blame George W. Bush. That’s what we always do.


            the Rockerfeller wing of the Republican Party,
            and everyone on MSNBC

      • Trust1TG

        Obama’s sins fall into the PC Protected and PC-approved category.

        We all know it.

        The media, Drudge, etc. all support Obama’s proclivities, propensities, loyalties, agendas (abortion, LBGT, Islam, socialism, environmentalism, etc.).

        There is a way to beat him on other issues…. but only with truth and with prayer.

        Romney’s, the corrupt establishment and the faux conservatives can’t beat Obama.

        • I think I get your point, but I don’t think that Drudge supports Obama and his agenda. Drudge hates Newt Gingrich (that much is obvious), and it seems he’s in it for Mitt Romney (along with his pal Ann Coulter).

    • This is exactly the kind of campaign we need to run against Obama. Newt is scared to run an aggressive campaign.

      • Anonymous

        Please. Romney won’t even call Obama a Socialist. Romney will pull a John McCain and say something equally as stupid as “Obama would make a fine President”.

        Romney has all the backbone of a jellyfish.

    • I can’t see it either.

    • K-Bob

      You called it. Mitt will run to the center so fast his supporters will fall over from the vacuum.

      And by “the center,” I mean “Obama’s hip pocket.”

    • Anonymous

      Jaynie59: Spot on. Romney (and his GOP Beltway alliance) is more concerned about “moderates and Democrats” than the conservative base – which is why he relentlessly trashes and smears one of the more conservative candidates like Newt, but runs the rest of his campaign “in the center” by making sure he stills calls Obama “a nice guy who’s just over his head”. Meanwhile, it’s Newt that is the so-called faux conservative or as one Romney-supporting GOP pundit incredibly claimed, the “Alinsky Republican”. If Romney wins, you can bet that is the last time we will ever hear about Alinsky, ’cause the name will be verboten in the general.

  • Anonymous

    Romney is a snake, if Florida votes for him, they are more or less voting for Obama-lite.

  • Anonymous

    Romney is systematically dismantling possible future base support if he gets the nomination. He better hope and pray the Independents that are so sought after come out in droves after these recent tactics. There is a Growing dislike for this guy among real conservatives. Many were willing to support him because the stakes are too high, but he is treading on dangerous ground now. By the way, history shows that Independents when given a choice that is similar will stick with the incumbent. Sadly, if he does get the nod…everyone is going to be sorry he took this sleezy track in November.

    • Anonymous

      YES! Thank you for getting it. So Romney figures after pissing all over us, we’re going to do an about face in the general to no only wipe off the piss, but support a liberal Republican….? Am I missing something here?

      • Trust1TG


      • Anonymous

        No you’re not. Romney’s using the same tactics the dems did with Hillary supporters. Millions of Hillary supporters switched parties and voted for McCain. I think the PUMAS filled in some of the gap created by the Republican base that stayed at home. But there weren’t enough PUMAS to drag McCain’s sorry ass across the finish line.

        If Romney “wins” the nomination the same thing is going to happen. But I predict Mitt will choose a loser like Chris Christie for VP and his losing margin will be worse than McCain’s was.

        • Anonymous

          You think he’ll chose Crispy Cream? I think he’ll go with Rubio to assure him FL, except he doesn’t realize obama can win without FL.

          I’ve done 3 electoral scenarios and obama wins all three in a worst case.

          • Trust1TG

            Even Rubio can’t bail out this guy. It would be political suicide for Rubio.

            • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Mitt Romney: “Oh did we do that ad? I didn’t see it. It had Tom Brokaw in it? Oh. Well, I’m not sure what he said, but is it true? Were there ethics charges filed agains you Newt?”

  • Anonymous

    Mitt & his filthy politics make me sick.

  • Brokaw doesn’t approve now because he was being his usual slimeball self back then trying to wipe out Republicans just like his Statesman piss-ant peer Dan Rather.

  • Anonymous

    Bring back Herman Cain!!!

    • Richard Laycock


  • Trust1TG

    To Quote the inimitable and fearless Ann Barnhardt: “GO HOME WILLARD!”

    Romney’s only salvation is a public admission, confession, heart-felt apology, owning-up of this and ALL the other lies and to fall on the mercy of Newt and the People of The United States of America.

  • Anonymous

    I’m Nukeman60, and I don’t approve this message.

    Let me vote in Florida, please, because I live in Illinois and my vote doesn’t count there.

    • You can have my vote Nukefriend!!!

      • Anonymous

        Thank you. That’s a very important vote. I would cherish it.

        I will be happy when you tell me that each and every one of your neighbors got off their duffs (with you chasing them to the polls weilding a rolling pin) and voted their hearts.

        Doesn’t matter to me who they vote for, as long as they took the time to pull the lever. Go get ’em.

  • Anonymous

    So the fact that Newt was cleared of all but one of these charges doesn’t matter.

    My opinion of Romney just dropped through the floor. This guy is lower than pond scum.

    • Anonymous

      He was cleared of all charges.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, you are right. My mistake.

  • Richard Laycock

    As usual Palin is right. The GOP elites are simply the flip side of the same coin as the Democrat leftists.

    The GOP must be conquered or die otherwise the election is meaningless.

    Romney will NEVER get my vote.

  • Anonymous

    Romney should have known better. Using a known bias liberal media hack in destroying a republican opponent will only succeed in making conservatives’ blood boil. He’s defeating his purpose by doing that, it just showed that Romney is out of sync and out of loop with how real conservatives feel. This guy is living in liberal occupied planet. Amazing that his many well paid strategists and advisers did not advise him against this. It could only mean, that like him, those who strategize and advise him are also deep in liberal doo-doo.

  • Anonymous

    He has already done that by depending Obama during the debate when he said that Obama and him will not abuse the Patriot’s act.

  • Anonymous

    I hate dishonest ads like this. NEWT DID NOTHING WRONG!

  • Anonymous

    I think Sarah Palin needs to come out swinging on this add, and take it down along with Romney. The only way this will be carried by the main stream media is if someone like Sarah comes out swinging. It will go viral on the internet and on the lame stream media.
    Romney is Obama. They are the same people. He is a fraud. He is a mean, ruthless individual that will do anything to get elected. I think he truly hates Newt. Power hungry people hate when someone else gets to play in their playground.

    I also think Santorum needs to re-evaluate if he is really ready for the presidency and can really win, or just be a spoiler for Newt who has the stuffing’s for the job.

    I implore anyone who knows Santorum to reason with him and show him how his self serving interest could take down this country. Rick please, you have won your battle already, now go with the team that can make our country great again. You will be rewarded greatly in the future for your good decision. You are a remarkable leader and we need you, however, the odds of you winning the national election are slim to none at this time.

    Please someone petition these two people.

  • Anonymous

    Potential President “Four Pinocchios” is at it again, saying anything to become Prez!!

  • Anonymous

    Romney is not to be trusted… any dirtbag that uses tactics like this (posing false information as fact) is no better than Maobama and his wretched ilk. Say no to Mittens.

    And NBC IS the enemy too.

    • Anonymous

      Quoting NBC…one of the most biased networks on the air? Yes, they are the enemy. If Mitt aligns with them, it speaks volumes.

  • Anonymous

    MITT 2012!!!

    • Trust1TG

      Not likely.

    • This is obviously satire. Well done!

  • Trust1TG

    GOOD NEWS – The Media Research council will evaluate media coverage of GOP primary campaign as well as the General Election.

    Their mission is to expose media lies… heh-heh-heh.

  • How did Romney lie? He showed a news clip. That’s it. Republicans voted overwhelmingly to admonish Gingrich. This all happened, this is all history.

    Sad to see ‘historian’ Newt trying to rewrite it.

    • Trust1TG

      You know the truth and you know that you are purposely perpetuating a lie.

      Every one of Romney’s supporters are doing what you are doing all over the blogosphere. Do you get paid or points in your religion for doing this?

      Well, it won’t work.

      Romney has been busted on many counts.

      Romney was caught lying twice Thursday night – on the air – in the last Florida debate.

      It is beginning to look like he has a serious pathological condition.

      Tell your boss to go home and live with his jillions…enjoy his grandchildren.

      Or else come clean, confess and apologize.

  • Anonymous

    The problems with this are it is false and misleading and Romney approved it. If Brokaw who is a lib wants out of it that says something.

  • Mittens is going to be in Naples Florida tomorrow, but there will be a bunch of folks there who will be waving Santorum signs. I know not many folks like Rick, but I gotta love the spunk of his followers- mittens is a low life jerk.

  • Anonymous

    It amazes me to hear that Mitt is supposedly doing very well in Florida, despite his smarmy politics. He even has the nerve to describe Rick Santorum’s forceful description of RomneyCare as “angry”. Challenges and debates over issues are fair game, as are challenges to records (such as voting and policy records) and even some personal challenges as we work to decide who will best serve and represent America. But deliberate misrepresentation, smear campaigns and dirty politics should be left to the Left, where it can be pointed to as more evidence of their lack of a cogent argument.

    As my mother says, “shamey shamey shamey”.

  • Dan

    The Beckster and Romulus both clam to to walk the high ground of truth and when it comes down to it both are involved in a false religion that mocks Christianity and are trying to infiltrate the True Church of Yeshua and contaminate it with their lies…they say “we are all Christians” Really!!!!!…those who would destroy a thing must start inside a thing…thus Christianity is being destroyed from with in…don’t believe me….just look around….the U.S.A. and look at the violence…sexual abuse of women and children…young people destroying themselves with drugs- sexually transmitted diseases and on and on…and Romulus just continues his lies and so does the beckster……

  • Anonymous

    Wow what a misleading story. You talk about Mitt smearing Newt, what about Newt lying about Romney. He lied so much he was called on it by Rubio. Huckabee dosen’t approve that Newt is using his old add. Newt is no choir boy. If this iste is just a anti Romeny site, just say it. I’d like to know, so I don’t waste my time.

    Romney has pointed out the differences between the too. Talk about someone attacking someone like a Democrat. Newt’s attacking capitalisim. Newt’s playing the class warfare game!

    Once again be fair, or just point out this is a Anti Romney site.. Thanks

    • Anonymous

      Romney started this in Iowa. He looks like a desperate man.

    • K-Bob

      This site is quite open about the process of choosing the most conservative candidate. Romney has never been at the top of that list here, or pretty much any conservative-oriented site you want to go to.

      Republican-oriented sites like Red State have been all about winning for the Republican party. That’s an entirely different concept. Many at those places are supporting Romney. That doesn’t magically confer “conservative” status to their candidate. He’s the least conservative of the four (even though Ron Paul isn’t an actual conservative, he’s still to the right of Romney on most issues).

      Your newness here means you’ve missed a lot of posts covering the topics you mention. Why not take the time to catch up before assuming they are being ignored?

    • Anonymous

      It’s not an anti-Romney site, as such. If you have a valid argument, I know that everyone is welcome to present it – provided they are willing to back it up, debate and discuss it.

      To answer your question: I know that over the last several months Scoop has become very annoyed and disillusioned by Romney, for any number of reasons. He didn’t start out that way, but he’s pretty much said that he’s had it with him by now.

      There are a lot of Santorum fans here too, though most of the Paul fans get shot down here because they have a history of ranting, namecalling, and spamming polls when they come to this site.

      In regards to Newt’s attack on Bain, I do not think he was attacking capitalism, but attacking Romney for pillaging and burning companies to the ground. I’m not taking a side on that argument, but I think that was his point.

      Full disclosure: I am in Newt’s camp, but I would rather have a better horse in this race. I don’t like Romney because I think he’s a slick politician who will say anything to get elected.

  • Anonymous

    Romney becomes more detestable by the day. He will lose Florida.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, but that all depends on if Floridians buy that attack ad or not. Personally, I wish the candidates could run on their own merits. Some degree of attacking has its merits, insomuch as candidates need vetting so that the voters know what they are getting. I am personally astonished that he’d take NBC and run their words verbatim.

      Newt said Romney’s not that slick and the voters aren’t that stupid…but I think he meant “I sure as heck hope you aren’t. I don’t think you are. Don’t let me down!”

  • Anonymous

    Romney the establishment LOL. Newt is the definition of Establishment. Mr Washington, He took money from Freddie and Fannie, sat on the couch with Pelosi. He did say some bad things about Reagan. Read Rich Lowery’s piece, he broke it all down. Showing the whole story, not just bits and pieces. Newt attacked Romeny from the left, Rush and Levin called Newt on it. Rubio called Newt on his lies. Newt wanted to lie about Romney on the stump, but Wolf made him answere the question. Then when Newt wanted to back off, Mitt held him accountable.

    We already had one cheating President, don’t want another one!!

    • Anonymous

      . How do you feel about forcing people to buy healthcare in your state? Like MA. Non profits like Blue Cross and Blue Shield are going broke there because of Romney’s attacks on freedom.
      How about using taxpayer money to buy cars with AAA memberships for welfare recipients. Even allowing them to keep them if you went off of welfare? So the taxpayer had to buy their own car, and a car for someone Romney chose to give it to?
      Remember too, that two of his Romneycare advisors advised Zero on Zerocare.
      Mitt Romney also worked with John Holdren who now works for Zero’s EPA. He wants to put something in the water to sterilize people.
      and this.
      Soros: Not much difference between Obama and Romney
      I like what Pamela Gellar said, Newt may be a SOB, but he’s our SOB.
      He is aware of the stealth Jihad, is Romney?
      He embraced the Tea Party early on, did Romney?
      He went on the Mark Levin Show, Romney won’t.

  • Anonymous

    I think they should roll all the slimy ads of Romney together into one and end it with the clip of Mitt, himself, from the last debate, declaring, ‘That’s despicable’. That would pretty much sum it up. Who better but the expert would know?

  • Romney said, during the Iowa Caucus, that he had raised a lot of money and he was going to use it to get elected…no matter what it takes.

    Look! He made a statement/promise and he’s delivering on it.

    This is who Romney — the candidate — is. Do you believe that Romney — the President — will be any different?

    Does anyone reading this believe that this candidate is worthy of your respect?

    Do you think he respects you?

    Remember this is the candidate who said in the first two debates that he would give wavers to ObamaCare to every citizen…not repeal it but waver it and then fix it. That is the position of a Moderate at best. But, he has since moved to the right on that issue. He now says he will repeal ObamaCare.

    What position do you think will he take in the General Election?

  • Anonymous

    Mitt Romney is a VTD (voter transmitted disease) , the GOP needs a good scrub down and antibiotics administered immediately. This is what listening to moderates and their electability arguments gets us. An unscrupulous, self serving egotistical jack ass committed to his own sense of entitlement.

  • What is it about CLEARED OF CHARGES does Mitt Romney not want to acknowledge?

    No Mitt .. we didn’t want you in 2008 and guess what .. WE STILL DON’T!

  • The Power Hungry Mitt. Like I’ve always known.

  • 4joachim

    I trust Newt.
    I do not trust Romney.