New Romney ad tells Obama his time has run out, that now it’s our time

I love the way this ad starts out with Obama announcing that he wants responsibility for the economy and then continues showing what has happened to the economy. But admittedly I was a little underwhelmed at the ending as I was expecting a stronger statement. Even so it makes a great point that Obama’s time is over.

Watch below:

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  • Nukeman60

    I agree. They could have ended it with a question, “Who’s responsibility is it, anyway” and in the background have Obama saying, “I inherited this. It’s Bush’s fault, not mine”. Would have been very powerful, in my opinion.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Spot on – as usual.

      Faux responsibility. Once again, he has done nothing but blame everyone else for his incompetence. Liar-and-Chief.

  • dk_in_tn

    Great ad–Obama should book his moving company NOW!!!

    • FutureOnePercent

      Someone in DC should hire a bunch of moving trucks to park outside of the White House LOL.

      • Joe

        That’s good –

        I wish I had the $$ –

        We could organize a convoy of eight trucks and write a letter on each one >>>

        B Y E – B Y E !

  • wodiej

    The message is right but there are just too many people who do not like who is delivering it.

    • NHConservative0221

      So you prefer another 4 years of Maobama??

      • Look, that’s not the way to talk to people. We still do have a choice because Mitt doesn’t have the delegates necessary to win.

        I’m not compromising my integrity to vote for someone I don’t believe is a conservative. So, I will get the candidate I want and he knows it.

        • Please stop this. It’s tiring and only hurts those who are complaining.

        • NHConservative0221

          Let’s get serious.

          There is no way of stopping ROmney in Tampa. Enough with the nonsense!

      • Guest1776rcp

        Shame on you NHC. I’m not voting for either progressive from either party because I don’t want either of them to win. When one of them does it won’t be my fault because my vote won’t be counted for either of them. Leave the childish logic to the progressives will ya, it gives conservatives a bad name as conservatives recognize individuality not demand everyone march in lockstep with the mindmeld like liberals do.

        • NHConservative0221

          Shame on me, NO shame on YOU!!!!

          No one fought against Mitt harder than me in the primary, but the primary is over!!!

          Stop crying over spilled milk.

          Romney is a moderate, but he’s NOT a Marxist!

          Romney was not my first choice. In fact he was way down on my list. I believe he is misguided on some policies and I wish I felt more convinced of his commitment to others.
          Yet, I see little real similarity between Obama and Romney. Romney is an American through and through. He grew up as an American, he has American values, his influences were pro-American. He believes in American exceptionalisnm. He believes in the American people. He believes in freedom. He believes that America is a force for good in the world.

          The Fall election is NOT a choice between two bad options. It is a choice between one really bad option, a person dedicated to destroying our country, and a good, but not perfect, option, a person who actually loves our country and will do his best to preserve it … even if we are not convinced that he will do everything we think he should (which President ever did?). I will feel very good about my vote for Romney

          • Guest1776rcp

            I’m happy for you that you can vote for Romney but I am not voting for him nor Obama so neither will benefit from my vote. Sorry no can do. The best I can do with Romney is IF he repeals not tweak 0-Care and governs as the conservative he claims to be then I’ll be a big fan of his reelection.

            You can give me your false choices until you’re blue in the face but I’m of the opinion the GOP will take back the senate and hold the house and believe gridlock will be more conservative by default than Romney and the GOP controlling both houses. Sorry but I’ve seen that movie before and they doubled the debt, expanded entitlements and grew the size and scope of government. I don’t trust the GOPe whatsoever and its the GOPe’s fault not mine. No thanks!

            Also, with the GOP controlling both houses Obama will NOT get away with what he does now because Dems hold power in the do nothing senate. In fact I believe Romney and the GOPe controlling both houses will deliver us Hillary in 2016. NO THANKS! I’m of the better the devil you know variety and I believe he’ll be a four year lame duck.

            Good luck with Romney, I don’t vote for progressives, never have never will and I plan on keeping my record on that unblemished.

    • Primary is over.

    • You’re right wodiej. More and more people are tuning in and not liking who the GOP has given us. There is still time to send the message. People don’t realize we can still have a say and it happens in Tampa.

      • Happyface2

        Are you the guy that said one can never make a round wheel?

    • Happyface2

      Well Wodie,You can always vote for the other guy.How about them apples.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    That’s what I’m talkin’ about….time for a change in the White House. Ol’ What’shisname is dragging America down, out with him…in with Mitt.

  • The numbers speak for themselves. But you’re right, it needed a stronger ending. This ending for me was a jab… I’m holding out for that knockout punch.

    Obama: time to call the moving van. Mitt: Time to measure for curtains!

  • Rshill7

    I like it, ending and all. If the listener wants to add a punch in the neck or a kick to the groin in their own mind, or even out loud, let them do it. Folks talk to the TV all the time. At least they do at our house 🙂

    To this ad I added: Yeah! Now git!

    • Just don’t punch the monitor and break it. That just pisses off the wife no matter how many times you try and tell her how justified you were in adding that punch to the end of the ad for effect!

      • Rshill7

        The wife I have is just as likely to do it as I.

        We married her when she was 18 and I was 25. I helped raise that gal! Her Dad is also a staunch conservative, and one of my best friends.

        • Cool! You all must have a great time at Thanksgiving! 🙂 My wife is almost as Conservative as me – But my brother and sister in law… Lefties… We don’t talk politics much when we meet. I’m not going to convert them and certainly be a cold day in Heck before they’d convert me! 🙂 The good thing is they’re in Wisconsin, and I’m here in MA. They don’t drop by much… at all really… Ain’t families great!? 🙂

          • conwis

            I am likewise ” afflicted” with a liberal brother and sister-in-law and don’t talk politics with them either. It is sometimes difficult to look at my s-i-l’s Facebook postings.

            • I feel your pain! I never look at the Facebook or any of them – if they even have one. It would just p me off too much probably. Best leave that hornets nest undisturbed. 🙂

            • Joe

              Use the EX-LAX treatment noted above

          • Joe

            When they come over –

            Put EX-LAX in their pie!

    • Joe


    • Goldni007

      I said that too. And then finished it with “you sob”.

      • Rshill7

        Yay! 🙂

  • WordsFailMe

    Very nicely done!

    “[THIS] week, President Obama will attend the G20 summit in Mexico, where he will meet with Vladimir Putin. During that meeting, the Russian President will look into the eyes of a narcissist amateur who is the head of a collection of amateurs.”

    • Rshill7

      They may be amateurs, but they’re all excellent marxmen.

      Spell check doesn’t like the way I spelled that last word. I do.

      • nibblesyble

        marxman…awesome R!

      • Joe


  • I thought it was a good commercial. Not fantastic, but not bad at all. It simply reminds people what an economic failure this administration was and still is. Can’t ask for more than that in a short commercial. Time for a big, big, change in November.

  • 12grace

    I liked the commercial.

  • keninil

    I liked the speaking parts. There should be move emphasizing the text being put up about Obama’s shortcomings — maybe different voices.

    Romney’s speech is good.

  • 12grace

    It is interesting to note that when obama talks about the things that America doesn’t like like, as examples by the economy, obama automatically goes into the blame game. It’s Bush, it’s big business, it’s small business, it’s racism, it’s the Republicans, its the stupid white people…
    we got your number obama, it’s been YOUR fault all along.

    If obama couldn’t get it done in 4 years, he won’t do it in 8! The gig is up

    Aaron Kline radio.
    It is a wonderful radio program that addresses relevant issues in America.

    He also has a book coming out with info that we may be able to use to get obama out of the white house. Of course, the left is trying to shut him up.

    Fool Me Twice: Obama’s Shocking Plans for the Next Four Years Exposed (Autographed) (Hardcover)

  • Joe

    When he cancels his cable –

    Does he get a PENALTY for early termination?

  • Not the best and not the worst. Of course how good can any vid be where you purposely watch the One lie.