New Romney ad: “When Hispanic businesses grow, America grows”

Romney has come out with a new ad today targeting his general message of lower taxes, lower regulations and more jobs to the Hispanic community, adding that when Hispanic businesses grow, America grows:

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  • This is how you do real courting of a group, not just pandering – Romney isn’t promising special consideration, just promising the same opportunity as for everyone else… good job R-money!

    • Don

      I cannot see the democrats monopolizing the Hispanic vote. Most Spanish workers are tremendous assets to our businesses and will probably prosper as never before if allowed to build businesses and not be hindered by like they are with the present administration. Their work ethic is second to none. The democrats’ campaign of promoting racial hatred will not work with Hispanics as the 95%+ of blacks voting for Obama demonstrates.

      • keyesforpres

        I do hope you mean American workers who just happen to have Spanish surnames and not illegals. We are losing our country with illegal immigration…see “Reconquista”.

    • freenca

      Mille me gustos, Sooper. Es muy impotante para nuestros amigos conocer senor Romney es un buen hombre!

  • sjmom

    Like it. There are many wonderful Hispanic hard working, law abiding citizens and happy to see Romney addressing them.

  • The difference in approach between Romney and NObama to the Hispanic community is so start, it’s black and white… Oh wait! 😉

    But seriously, this ad speaks to the hard working Hispanics out there who, like everyone else, is concerned about their jobs and economic future for their families. Great ad!

  • These are types of ads that will come across at least to the Spanish business people!

  • excellent ad

  • NYGino

    Wow, an ad that doesn’t divide and alienate. It actually brings out the premise that Americans are all Americans, that we are all in this together. Refreshing.

  • wodiej

    Can’t give a thumbs up on this one w places hiring hispanics who can’t speak English while others can’t find a job. Talked to someone who got sent to a factory by manpower and not a single person in the entire place spoke a word of English. I don’t have an issue w hispanics getting jobs if they are here legally but an entire factory of nothing but?

    • If they immigrated legally, and are now citizens, they were supposed to be able to prove they could read/write and speak English to an INS/ICE agent.

  • conservocop

    Mitt continues to exude class. Obama was supposed to be ‘ a uniter ‘ but instead deeply divided he country with his class warfare tactics and racial innuendos. But it’s becoming increasingly clear that Mitt could be the strongest president we’ve had for bringing the country together in recent history.

  • Very interesting.

  • Why is Mitt Romney touting Hispanic entrepreneurship? I for one feel it is genius both politically and economically and its a long time in coming. One: It will help with the immigration problem by helping them to become more economically self sufficient. 2ND:This kind of policy will help stop the flow of Hispanic immigrants from Central/South America and Mexico. 3rd: Will make their countries more prosperous, fiscally and economically independent and they will become big players on the world stage. We already get about 33% oil from Mexico, and we also get oil from Venezuela (Citgo).
    Romney knows that being our neighbors to the south, and sharing the southern part of this great continent we call North and South America. We can both benefit immensely culturally, economically, militarily and become an engine of prosperity the likes the founding fathers envision 236yrs ago.
    And if you add Canada to the mix our northern neighbor and allied. This great continent will see prosperity the likes the world has never known.

  • Classy, just as I expected from The Romster!

  • iaintlyin

    Good tack, also revealing known facts regarding the Fast and Furious operation and its harm to the Latin Nations should help persuade some Lateenos also. An ad could be cooked up showing the disregard this Administration had for any country south of the border, not just Mexico

  • keyesforpres

    Precisely what is wrong with this nation. Out of control legal and illegal immigration. This sickens me that he ran an ad in Spanish. Sickens. Me.