Newt Gingrich Florida Primary Speech

Newt is getting compliments for his speech tonight – even Krauthammer loved it. The thing I really liked is that he showed a lot of strength which made me feel better about the loss. He also spent a fair amount of time on the substance of what he will do as president.

All in all it was a great speech:

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  • Gingrich still leads nationally. At least until Wednesday where we’ll have to see what the sun brings us.

    • Anonymous

      He leads nationally, yet they keep telling us nationally doesn’t matter. Only Florida. Apparently out of all 57 states, that’s the only relevant one. There was talk of SC being very relevant, but according to MSNBC not so much this year.

      By the way MSNBC went out if their way to make it very clear that Romney won 50 delegates tonight, and Newt won 0. Just for the people who are counting.

      • Anonymous

        Very telling. So if MSNBC wants Romney to win… what does that say about that clod. He needs to do what’s right for America and drop out now.

      • Anonymous

        And look at the support the establishment Reeps in Florida gave to Romney. Even to the extent that they moved up the primary and lost half their delegates in the process. Something smells really bad when you pile on the stink of the redistricting maps to edge out West. And thank you Col. West for thinking outside the box they tried to put you in to draw your own battlefield.

        All or nothing indeed.

    • Anonymous

      Here are some reasons why I can’t vote for Romney:
      1) He’s not a conservative.
      2) He doesn’t believe in anything politically other than Mitt Romney.
      3) Mitt Romney has benefitted from a tremendous media double standard.
      4) Mitt Romney is cozying up to the establishment, not the Tea Party.
      5) Mitt just isn’t likable enough to be a good politician.

      For more details about these 5 points go to:

  • Surprise! Gingrich is racist again according to MSNBC for calling Obama the Entertainer n Chief! Haha…

    This was the best speech!

    • Anonymous

      I call him the Pimp-In-Chief. I think it’s a more appropriate title.

      • I call him OBow2Mao for short. Tells the whole story, really.

      • Trust1TG


    • I liked the ending, it was George Washington, all over again.

    • Anonymous

      Well, yeah. I mean, everybody knows only black people sing. Just like Newt’s wife, Calista.

      Oh. Wait….

  • What? That speech was one of the most delusional insipid and stupid I have ever heard Gingrich give. If he wasn’t dead before he nailed his coffin shut with this one. You don’t talk about what bills you are going to sign on a day when you have gotten your butt kicked.

    • PFFV

      As usual I disagree with you 100%.

    • Why the hate man?

      • I do not hate Gingrich. I know the man can give a great speech. That was not one of them.

        • I didn’t mean you hated the man, I just meant the hateful tone. Even if you thought it wasn’t his best speech, you made it sound like his worst speech ever.

          • Anonymous

            Now Scoop, considering the source are you really surprised? 😉

            • What is that supposed to mean? I have not been posting hateful comments on this blog. I wrote what I thought about Gingrich’s speech and I think I was accurate.

    • A strong leader does try to give his followers a vision of victory in order to inspire and encourage, especially when the going gets tough. It was brilliant.

    • Anonymous

      He lost a battle not the war. You don’t run away with your tail between your legs because of a defeat. You power up. You talk about the bills your going to sign because you believe you are going to win the war. Anything else is self defeating.

    • Anonymous

      1.) I thought it was a great speech.
      2.) This is evidently the first time you’ve heard Newt talk in this campaign becasue most of those Exec Orders are items he’s talked about several times.
      3.) He brings up a great point, not only do we need a conservative President, we need to pack as many congressional seats as possible with actual conservatives. Becasue what Romney seems to not understand is that HE CANNOT REPEAL ROMENYCARE, oops sorry I meant to say Obamacare ;). Congress has to do that, and he has to sign the repeal bill.
      So question for the Romneybots, when was the last time your guy orchestrated a massive election effort to get conservatives elected? Oh ya, he hasn’t!
      More over, I predict that IF he is the nominee, and IF he gets elected President, the first time Matt Lauer presses him on all the poor souls who will be negatively affected by the repeal, he’ll fold like a lawn chair. The man has no guts, and no understanding of the philosophy of Conservativism to counter the medias liberal bias and propaganda.

      • Anonymous

        As a Romneybot in good standing, I will say you make a good point on how well Newt avoided screwing up the chance to get the majority in ’94. As to Romney folding up, I don’t agree. I do think Romney is hiding something about his character. But it isn’t his weakness. Now when has Newt held an executive position of any standing? Of course it is never. And in the only leadership position he ever held, he screwed the pooch.

    • Trust1TG

      Brian Skinner’s comment is a perfect Alinsky remark.

      His adjectives:
      Dead, nailed coffin shut
      Butt kicked

      All of it designed to condemn utterly – to bestow contempt, call someone’s sanity, character, credibility, intelligence, life and future into question.

      Alinsky Rating: 100

      Conservative veracity rating: – 100

      • I have never read Alinsky. It looks like you have though. No wonder you support gingrich.

    • Anonymous

      You are welcome to be as pro-Romney or Ron Paul, or Santorum as you like, but to impugn this speech with such absurd logic? It was not a poorly delivered speech, nor was it a bad strategy.

      In fact, after his defeat, it was a very good strategy: he talked about the plan for winning in the end and focused his supporters on what such a victory would mean, lest they let one defeat shake their confidence. Brilliant! Invoking the Founding Fathers at the end? Brilliant!

      Do you have any further evidence as to why you think it was a bad speech?

    • Anonymous

      …46 States left to determine the GOP Nominee ?

      • Anonymous

        Well only 44 for Gingrich since he missed the filing dead lines in Missouri and Virginia.

    • Anonymous

      OK. I am a Romney supporter. I think Gingrich gave a great speech. With two exceptions. He should have congratulated Romney for the win. And he should not have done that over the top ‘life and sacred honor’ thing at the end. Way over the top. That is a deeply serious quote from our history from people who really were making that commitment. Newt does not nearly qualify for such a reference. Especially after he approved a ‘Romney denies kosher food to holocaust survivors’ robo call

  • PFFV

    How is Romney better than this? Newt is the clear choice because he is the one with a clear, concise conservative plan and can tell the world how he is going to accomplish his goals. Romney can spend 15 million per state (like he did in Florida) on negative smear ads all he wants but he has NO PLAN. Romney speaks in generalities and platitudes much like Obama. He can’t even call Obama a Socialist he is so weak. I know in my heart Gingrich is the one that should be our next President and he is the only one serious about cutting government down to size.

    • kim

      Romney speaks in generalities and platitudes much like Obama.

      You are so right. Have you noticed how he answers questions with the exact same phrases and never expounds on it?

      • PFFV

        Yes I have. What is totally disheartening to me and I’m sure to many other true conservatives also is that so many people in Florida didn’t care about his plan and just voted for him based on his negative smear (lies) ads against Gingrich. The last guy that got voted in as POTUS (does ‘The Messiah’ ring a bell?) also had no plan and how is that working out for us? Wake up people! Romney has NO plan and isn’t going to change anything at all! The Sheeple have spoken in Florida though. Bah-ah-ah… Bah-ah-ah…

        • Romney is Obama with an R

          • Anonymous

            Robamney… sigh… it’s like i’m having a John McLame flashback…

            • Anonymous

              And need I add that McCain is backing Romney, or that McCain accidentally called him Obama several times during a speech?

              • Anonymous

                You haven’t seen much of McCain since that event.

      • Anonymous

        And they both rarely agree to interviews, especially from someone they know will challenge them. Whereas Newt confronts the interviewer head on.

  • Anonymous

    Well all the people in the know keep telling me it’s over after Florida. If this is true, then the entire Primary Process is Pointless. Four states have had their primaries, and that’s that? What about the rest of the country… We don’t count? I’ve never been to Florida in my life. Why has that state been granted exclusive rights to the coronation?

    • Anonymous

      Because Romney won. Willard wants his crown… now, damn it!

  • Anonymous

    If Mitt wins 3!/2012/01/if-mitt-romney-wins-pt-3.html
    Pls,TRS tell me what you think of this article

    • Anonymous

      I loved the article. Especially the part about “Obama’s army.” I’ve been scratching my head why I DON’T believe the polls that show Romney’s numbers doing well against Obama. I finally figured it out last weekend. The polls are misleading. Obama hasn’t unleashed his army on Romney yet. In fact, even the MSM hasn’t unleashed on Romney. (remember Newsweek attacking Michele Bachmann? The skewering of Cain on unsubstantiated accusations? The ex-wife interview on Gingrich?)

      Obama has the White House podium, the race card, the entitlement carrot for buying votes, legions of fervent followers, the lapdog media, around a billion dollars… and on and on.

      Romney will be crushed. Soundly crushed because soooo many of us barely have enough enthusiasm to pull the lever for him, let alone campaign and fight for him.

      Romney is NOT electable. And those who try to console and cajole us to support Romney because of the misguided idea that he’s the most electable are hurting us, all of us.

      And Bain Capital, Romney’s achille’s heel. Obama will run against the “country club, wall street, corporate Republican rich guy.” But when it comes to Bain Capital, Romney will be completely pulverized. Think waaay worse than McCain.

      Here’s an interview with a Venture Capitalist about Bain Capital. It will wake you up.

      • Excellent interview at your link! Highly recommended.

        The show is Butler On Business. The man speaking in the interview (can’t tell if they say Tom Hawkins or Palkin) was the chairman of the Texas Workforce Commission, former head of the Republican Party of Texas, and a Viet Nam vet. He was in the venture capital business for 6 years after leaving the Reagan admin.
        He very clearly explains why Mitt Romney is *not* a job creator, but that what Bain did actually killed jobs, and the difference between venture capital and leveraged buyout companies like Bain, Michael Milken, and Steve Schwartzman. It is not complicated and is easy to understand.

        • Anonymous

          Yes, once one looks into it, you can realize the difference between ‘venture capital’ and ‘leveraged buyout’. It’s not just making an honest dollar out there. What I do (buy and sell stocks on the side) is honest trading, but the leveraged buyout guys are vulture capitalists and we need to delve deeper into the transactions that they have done.

          • Anonymous

            I posted this link last night, but I wanted to include it again because I think it’s a very, very good read. This article “The Bain Bomb” is from The New Yorker Magazine and it has some facts and details about Bain Capital that I haven’t seen elsewhere.

            That claim that Romney created over 100,000 jobs? Not true.

            “Romney says the 100,000 figure is a net one, meaning it is the number of jobs created minus the number of jobs eliminated. But there are two potential problems with it. The first is that the figure doesn’t apply only to the period when Romney was running Bain, but to the firm’s entire history to date: 1984 to 2012. Should Romney be taking credit for jobs created after he left Bain? That’s what he’s doing. His campaign hasn’t said how many jobs Bain Capital created or eliminated during the fifteen years when he was running the firm.”

            There’s a lot more in the article. Here’s the link:


            • Anonymous

              Yes, I read it yesterday, when you posted it. A most excellent article. Thanks for posting. We need to find more like this.

              One thing I found interesting in the article was not only that he really didn’t create that many jobs on the whole, but that most of the jobs he actually created were overseas jobs. Doesn’t help our economy very much to create overseas jobs and then put your money in offshore accounts.

      • Anonymous

        The left wants Romney, that’s for sure. They will throw a few attacks his way to try and misdirect, but the majority of their work goes toward the others. Once Romney is in, then the avalanche of smear will hit like a level 5 Hurricane. It’s all set up just like ’08 when they got McCain to the top and then squashed him.

        The GOP establishment is falling into place. The only monkey wrench in their plan is us. If the electorate doesn’t fall for it, everything goes south for them. We have time yet and we can do it. It’s going to get tiring, but I know my fingers will be scrambling to keep the research and data flowing, as many, many others will too.

  • Kari George

    Obama is a DISASTER for America!
    Mitt Romney would be EQUALLY A DISASTER for America!

    Forty Six States To Go!

  • Anonymous

    So Romney’s smears downed Newt in the Iowa caucuses, backfired on him in SC, and even though it cost him $17 million, helped him to surge in Florida.

    After the fact, all these smears are discovered to be unfounded. One wonders how many more smears he can use around the country. Isn’t he just about out of magic bullets? Won’t people eventually start to see what Romney is doing here? Come on, voters.

    • The longer this campaign goes on, the better the result is likely to be. As the truth gradually becomes more thoroughly known, Romney’s lies will do less and less damage to Newt and more and more damage to Romney for having told them. And, Romney’s own words will do more and more damage to him.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed. One only hopes that Newt and Rick can maintain the money flow until it starts to turn. When it does, the populous will tar and feather Romney and it won’t be a pretty sight.

        Perhaps, it could be a warning to the 0 to be careful with the smear campaign. Nah, he wouldn’t be smart enough to see it.

        • Right now Santspoilerum is using what little money he has to run attack ads against Newt in NV. Pretty smart eh?

          • Anonymous

            I don’t think it matters. I would vote for either Newt or Rick, but I’m finding it hard to see a reason to back Romney. Rick has to do what he feels is best. If the two of them back off the attacks (unless they are accurate), then they can focus on the issues.

            I was a tad disappointed in Newt for the smear tactics he tried in the end. They need to counter the smears of Romney, but not with smears of their own. Keep it accurate and true. That’s the only way to win over the electorate.

            • If they had tag teamed Rmoney in the debates, then they could’ve taken him out after SC for good and it would be a race between Newt and Santspoilerum.

              For example, Santspoilerum could jump in to defend Newt against Rmoney attacks. Then Newt could point out how much better he and Santspoilerum both are compared to Rmoney. Then, when Rmoney inevitably accuses them of ganging up on him, they could both say: That’s right, because we both agree we’re better than you and nobody wants a liberal such as you to lead our party.

              • Anonymous

                Point well taken. Seems like everybody was shooting for 2nd place, and I think that was due to money problems. As they tried to move up, they received more cash, and it seems that they interpreted those things as being related.

                We’ll never know what would have happened if Santorum would have been given the Iowa victory right off the bat, instead of letting Romney have the glory. Things may have been a whole lot different.

          • Anonymous

            funny… cuz even if every santorum voter went to newt, newt still would have lost tonight… give up the blame game. Your candidate got stomped.

            • Then Santy got stomped even worse, since even with the media, the GOP, and Romney smearing Newt all over Florida, Ricky still got less than half the votes of Newt.

              • Anonymous

                Santy did get stomped much worse. Rick also said that Florida was a make or break state for him and it was probably true. I don’t see how he lasts much longer at this point. I suspect we will have 3 candidates going into super tuesday next month.

      • Anonymous

        I was a sad when Romney won. After hearing Gingirich’s speech I felt way better. I agree. The establishment and Romney will spread lies and rumors about Gingrich. It was effective in winning FL and too late to stop it. What the establishment and Romney are doing is a doubled edge sword. If they keep using that strategy, after a while it would start to portray them as bullies and give sympathy towards Newt.

        • Please guys, the narrative will be Newt does not have the money to go on…..please go to and give what you can even $10 or $ 20 helps!!!!

      • Anonymous

        Again. More assertions of lies by Romney, but no examples.

    • Anonymous

      he is losing independents…that is what happens when you fling mud, you get dirty yourself!

    • Anonymous

      Thomas Sowell wrote a column yesterday about the dirty smears. They may be legal but “character assassination is another form of voter fraud”.

      Lot of truth in that line as in most of Dr. Sowell’s pithy comments.

      • Anonymous

        Do you have a link to that column? Sounds like good reading.

        • Anonymous

          Sorry nuke, I haven’t been in my email for a few days … here ya go.

          • Anonymous

            Thanks for the link. While I was waiting, I tracked down a site with all of Sowells past articles. I thank you for that, too.

            • Anonymous

              Sowell is one of my favorites. He can boil any subject down to a few paragraphs and make mincemeat of any liberal argument.

              I have his book “Dismantling America”. I’ve never been disappointed in anything he has written.

      • Anonymous

        Echo Nuke. I’d like to read it too.

    • Anonymous

      I will grant that super pac did seem to go too far on the china abortion funding thing. Which ones were discovered to be unfounded? Otherwise, am very sure you can’t find a single example of a Romney ad that was inaccurate. Unfair maybe, but not inaccurate. Stop writing in sound bites with no back up. That is what liberals do.

      If you compare Newt’s lies that came out of his mouth to the Romney super-pac wrong claim on the china abortion thing, I think Romney wins the character debate.

      • Anonymous

        Heh, nice glasses you got there. If you really, really want to see the facts (which I doubt you do), just scroll down my activity and you’ll see a lot of them. Please skip over the jokes, as I’m sure you wouldn’t get them, anyway.

        If you don’t care for my writing, take some time out and read back through the threads here on Scoops’ site. There are many, many that would be helpful.

        Unfair maybe, but not inaccurate‘ –k

        Thanks, ya got me laughing. I appreciate it.

  • Tea Party, We are Broke!
    Newt Gingrich, I’m going to put a base on the moon!

    Big mistake in Florida for Newt. I know he wants to use NASA better than Obama is doing but just the wrong message at the wrong time…

    • I think it was only a tiny mistake that had little to do with the loss.

      FL has too many moderates and Rmoney won because he got a large % of them as you would expect. Nobody made their decision because of that issue, unless they already bought into the idea that Newt is ‘zany’ and ‘erratic’.

      What a cynical culture we have become. Perhaps we deserve OBow2Mao and Rmoney

      By the way, I’m a nerd who likes space n’ stuff. Space nerds are with Newt!

      • Anonymous

        Right… who wants a nominee that can court the moderates… When did moderates ever matter when it came to electing a president…

      • Anonymous

        The very idea that we could put a man on the moon is laughable!!!

        Except that we did it. And it was a President – President Kennedy – who put out the challenge. NASA has talked about a permanent establishment on the moon for…forever and done nothing about it.

        Crazy talk!

    • Anonymous

      To Steven Valdez …

      I just want to comment that I reacted exactly as you have.

      Then I started thinking. First of all, Newt was speaking to people who have the Kennedy Space Center in their backyard and are interested in “space stuff” as a part of normal afternoon conversation.

      Even more – and this is crucial … I listened to Newt’s speech where he addressed our reaction to his talking about a colony on the moon and to be honest he’s right. Please, please listen to Newt (it starts at about the 33 minute mark)

    • Anonymous

      I think you are right, going by a poll I saw that said his moon ideas(although inspirational) were a flop. There is a time and place for that, it wasn’t now.

    • Actually, this is as practical an application as keeping our military strong. China is *going*. We are pretty much at their mercy for rare earth minerals (used in computer chips, catalytic converters, electronics, etc) and we’re running out of water. There is a serious national security consideration (a big one) if China installs itself ahead of us.

      Newt has actually been instrumental in turning around a recession. Not surprising that he expects things to improve. I trust him to be able to do this because he is the only one who has.

      • Anonymous

        Understood, but pocket the question. Echo the tea party message and pound McRomney with his horrid record.

        • Anonymous

          what horrid record? RomneyCare maybe? What else? Tax cuts? Balanced Budgets? Making hundreds of millions? Get specific please.

          • Anonymous

            Is this Halloween?

            Pro-gay marriage
            Pro-domestic parternship
            Pro-tax and fees
            Pro-cap and trade
            Supports RomneyCare- indefensible!
            A status quo Establishment Republican

            Now, Patron Saint of Class Warfare (Republican side)

            My fingers and patients grows weary…

      • Like you to know, Hong Kong, just reduced all taxes, up to half. This is a communist country. If they can see it, why cannot we? Where are you going to put a factory? Ob wants you to go elsewhere, just like Mitt. Lots of states to consider this.

      • Anonymous

        Building bases on the moon will do nothing as far as china goes. Are we gonna have lunar wars on the moon battlefields? We need to fight with new technologies such as satellites and space defense systems. The Chinese would be more than happy to let us have sight seeing trips to the moon. Newt with big ideas that don’t work and cost billions. Where is that balanced budget stuff he self promotes himself with? Where will he get the money if he is cutting spending? More promises from the establishment candidate. In Texas he will promise to remodel the Alamo.

        • K-Bob

          Newt’s point is that we could CUT the budget of NASA’s wasteful, non-space activities, add some private entrepreneurship, and *still* get back in the space game–a game that has paid enormous dividends to our economy.

          It doesn’t have to be like the Mercury7, Gemini, and Apollo projects, which were 100% taxpayer money (which, in hindsight, turned out to be well spent). We can get the airline industry and aircraft entrepreneurs engaged. And they definitely want to be engaged.

    • Trust1TG

      Newt Gingrich, I’m going to put a base on the moon! WITH PRIVATE FUNDSby privatizing and partnering with business.

      You know it and I know it.


      You know quite well the accusations and exaggerations and ridicule that came from the MEDIA came from the lying, leftist Ro-money campaign.

      Romney is so close to Obama, he should be his VP, not his opponent.

      • Anonymous

        Romney close to Obama? How so? Certainly not his positions. What then? Be specific please. You aren’t stuck on that simplistic notion of RomneyCare being the same as ObamaCare are you? If so, please consider that Romney wants to repeal ObamaCare. Obama wants to keep it.

  • Erik McA

    I guess Newt’s 300 negative attack ads to Romney’s 14,000 had nothing to do with it…. get your head out of the mud…

    • Anonymous

      Well Romney ads about Gingrich’s record as speaker, freddie mac, historian, pelosi couch, right wing social engineering, loving FDR were true. I would think Newt’s ads were true as well. Except maybe the one Rubio criticized as bad news.

  • Anonymous

    It will be Mitt folks because the RNC wants that. Pretty pathetic.

    • Only if We The People don’t do our part. Where were you in Nov 2010?

      • Anonymous

        Where was I? In Chicago NOT electing Mark Kirk

  • Anonymous

    If Mitt Romney Wins Pt 3
    Why Not Rick Santorum?

    If Mitt wins 3
    Very insightful
    One of the lessons conservatives must learn should Governor Romney win Florida and go on to win the nomination is to start early to plan and to coalesce around a figure or figures that would run. It seems that the conservative movement thought that a leader would rise and find acceptance by all. Most conservatives I know are almost as threatened by the prospects of a Romney presidency as they are by an Obama second term. The Any body but Obama phenomena would loose 50% steam right after the primaries, if Romney wins.

    Politics has a myopic sight problem. It only allows one to see now, not even two years ahead. In 2008, the right wing of the GOP would easily have taken Mitt Romney over John McCain in a heart beat, but this year, Romney is almost a political anathema of Obama proportions to them.

    Only a handful of political leaders laid proper ground work for a presidential run. Of course that is one thing Governor Romney has done right. So if Romney wins, Conservatives will rue their inability or short sighted error of not preparing for what was obvious all along. And this is why in as much as I love and respect Michelle Malkin, Mark Levin, Glen Beck and many others, their point in endorsing Santorum makes moral sense, but is nothing but political naïveté. (How dare I say so of my heroes)

    • Anonymous

      I think that may be one of the things that is really being overlooked in the “analysis” of this particular primary. Willard has been running since 2007, so he has amassed a huge war chest and has a political machine in place. Consider those factors, and the fact that Willard had to spend $17 million dollars in negative ads, *plus* the establishment is helping to push him along, then consider this:

      Willard’s 2008 Florida vote…. 31% (with 5 candidates in the primary)
      Willard’s 2012 Florida vote…. 42% (with 4 candidates in the primary)

      Willard’s 2008 SC vote…. 15% (with 5 camdidate in the primary)
      Willard’s 2012 SC vote…. 27% (with 4 candidates in the primary)

      Willard’s 2008 Iowa vote… 25% (with 5 camdidate in the caucus)
      Willard’s 2012 Iowa vote… 24% (with 7 candidates in the caucus)

      Shouldn’t a candidate with this much of an advantage in money and politcal operations and who has been running for 5 YEARS being doing better than this???

      • wodiej

        he’s running on the wrong ticket.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks. That really puts things in perspective.

  • cabensg

    If that isn’t inspirational what is? Can anyone imagine Romney giving that kind of speech?

    • Anonymous

      It is, but I hope Newt doesn’t rest on his laurels as he did in the FL debates. He needs to be consistently on message, on point, and pummeling Romney and Obama.

      Romney’s got a new coach, remember?

  • It was an excellent speech. This is the tone he needs to take going forward.

  • Anonymous

    Some insight on Florida voting:

    65% of those who oppose the tea party voted for Romney in.

    Romney also took nearly 60% of voters who identify themselves as “moderate or liberal.”

    More independents went for Romney than Paul

  • David Boyes

    give em HELL Newt !!!!!!

  • poljunkie

    Was it me or did Krauthammers spiel with Hannity seem like word salad?

  • Fundamental change vs. manage the decay…

    Gingrich is “fundamental change”
    … Executive, Congress, Courts, bureaucracy.

    Romney is “manage the decay”
    … repeal and “change” ObamaCare to RomneyCare.

    Obama is increase the decay
    … “fundamentally changing the United States of America” from an individualist constitutional Republic to a collectivist democratic commune.


    • Anonymous

      Obamacare is the chains of a free people. The political class knows this.

      Monday night Gingrich said he would have legislation repealing Obamacare ready by January for him to sign. Romney said he would sign Obamacare waivers for all 50 states in January.

      Very telling difference yet I suspect most people heard the same thing from both.

      • Romney Waivers and Replace vs. Gingrich Repeal and What…

        Has Gingrich ever said that he would repeal AND “replace” ObamaCare with something else, as Romney has said he would do in addition to waivers?

        I wonder still.

        Will “the chains of the people” be replaced or permanently removed, so that NO mandate will EVER be posited as a solution to the welfare state created “problem” of cost and access?

        I’m not sure what Gingrich will do and how it will correct the mandate requirement of RomneyCare, or if what Gingrich will do will meet the standards of Santorum who advocates to NOT give up the RomneyCare “mandate” issue by nominating Romney.

        Gingrich’s “manage the decay” is very appropriate as a speech phrase.

        After listening to Gingrich’s speech tonight in Florida, I thought, THAT kind of language is why Santorum will lose to Gingrich… and why Romney can lose to Gingrich… and why Obama can lose to Gingrich.

        Is THAT kind of language enough to rally more “partners” to embrace his vision and accept his pledge of “… my life, my fortune, and my sacred honor”… and rage against the establishment machine?

        I hope so.


        • Anonymous

          Really?? You bought that sacred honor affront.

          Our founding fathers really did pledge their life, fortune and sacred honor. Newt has no business invoking the almost sacred words of both President Abraham Lincoln’s 1863 Gettysburg Address and of the signers of our Declaration of Independence. Particularly while he has been living high on the hog off campaign contributions Read these two very short blog posts.

          or this

          Newt isn’t risking anything. When will you guys finally figure out that Newt is bad news. He was great once. Not anymore. He is now a sad, over stuffed caricature of someone who had it together a long time ago.

    • Trust1TG

      Obama’s goal IS the decay, decadence, destruction and de-construction of our laws, Constitutional government and nation.

      He is a marxist/fascist/Islamist.

      The Islamists have always sided with fascism/totalitarianism – always.

      They have always opposed freedom, equal justice and truth.

      • I don’t “like” it, (Mr Kimball) but I wholeheartedly agree, Trust. Every time Mittens makes the “just in over his head” smokescreen, I just want to start screaming.
        I haven’t read any of 0’s books, but I’ve read plenty of excepts. Pure & simple, he was a Red Diaper Baby and he is living his legacy.

  • Anonymous

    Sour Kraut didn’t Hammer Newt?

  • If Newt really does all of the things he just promised to do in the first day then he can go golfing and cruising the rest of his 2 terms and I will be happy. Heck, he can even pick a couple more mistresses for all I care after that. (Just no age inappropriate interns, please.)

    • B-Funk

      LOL! I completely agree!

  • Anonymous

    “even Krauthammer loved it.” Of course, he love’s anything Newt says as long as he loses to Romney.

  • Anonymous

    I am looking forward to the fight in the next 6 months…Newt will rise again!

    • Anonymous

      I think Newt may indeed rise again. If so, we will all be sorry.

      • Anonymous

        party pooper!

  • Anonymous

    Like that he lays out where he’s going. I think this will get through eventually. Not really a Gingrich voter to begin with, but I like him more and more. Started paying attention when I read an article about someone in Texas getting him to run because he’s “smart”. Remember that the states were laid out for Romney’s benefit (those where he will do well first) and hold on for the ride.

  • Jim Botts

    Awesome speech. My question is, why isn’t he on the stump sounding like this each and every day. For 10 days he put more emphasis on playing tit for tat with Romney.

    Newt just can’t get out of his own way. He needs to give speeches like this every day. NO MOON COLONIES! NO KOSHER MEAL ATTACKS.

    1) Repeal O-care
    2) Drastically cut spending/balance budget
    3) Grow the economy
    4) Cut every BS govt program/subsidy in the name of saving medicare and SS. Yep, thats right. Pit Boomers against every thing the govt does that wastes money
    5) Rinse and repeat

    Newt seems to only be able to see the forest instead of the trees for brief moments of time. His narcissism just can’t resist squabling with Romney.

    When Newt’s critics call him undisciplined this is the sort of thing they are talking about. When they call him unreliable, this is the sort of thing they are talking about.

    Great speech, but it was frustrating.

    • Mike Lee

      Exactly. Take a good look. You see the way he runs his campaign from one day to the next? Bonkers. Now imagine that behaviour as POTUS! That’s why his own party couldn’t stand him after a few years DESPITE the fact that he was instrumental in their success! This guy is seriously crazy – his personal life and history make that clear. Keep men like this FAR away from the levers of power. Stay away from people who those who know him best say “(So and so) is their own worst enemy”. He’s not just unreliable or undisciplined – he’s mentally unstable. Also, he is a pathological (as opposed to an opportunistic) liar.

    • Anonymous

      Well Newt’s plan is the same as the other three. Nothing new there. As to the complaint about him being undisciplined and unable to stay away from petty squabbles, well THAT IS THE REASON NEWT HAS TO GO!!!!! THAT IS PROOF THAT HE CAN’T SEE THE FOREST FOR THE TREES. Guys. He is not going to change. He will be a disaster if he is in the general. Every single slight thrown at him by team Obama will be another reason to ‘fight back’ Every issue is win or die. He will be dragged into the fray. Obama will play him like a fiddle. Come on. We all know people like this. Hell, most of us are like this. We can’t let something go. It is ok for us to be like this, it is death for a presidential candidate. You got your best preview of it this past week in Florida.

  • Anonymous

    So are we still building a base on the moon?

    • Anonymous

      No, but Obama and his team is building the case on RomneyCare

      • Anonymous

        What case? they claimed before that they copied it so how can they run against it now? MA is the gold standard blue state. They will have to run against Romney being the evil capitalist.

        • Anonymous

          Exactly right. RomneyCare will not be a negative for Romney in the general. Obama can’t attack RomneyCare. But Romney can attack ObamaCare. Why? He knows the difference. And he is also not attacking as as an ideologue. That makes him nonthreatening to independents. When he makes the argument that ObamaCare sucks he is more likely to be believed. Why? Well he did something similar. He would know. He will also continuously mention that a federal individual mandate is unconstitutional.

    • Anonymous

      Private entities are already on it. It will probably be operational within a decade or two. I have a suspicion Newt knew this and was just using this to inspire and guide kids to more useful careers (instead of Useless Occupy careers). If there will be Public funding contribution (later on), it will be for Defense and not by much if they take bureaucracy and union out of it.

      • Anonymous

        We need to just go straight to Mars. The whole point of the moon base was to use it to jump to Mars. We can use the Earth as the base to go to Mars. No water on the moon, it’s kind of pointless.

    • Either us, or China.

    • Trust1TG

      Gingrich proposed NASA be partnered with private business and funded by private funds. Don’t be disingenuous and facetious.

      • Anonymous

        Well it is Romney that was suggesting a partnership. Gingrich analogized it to Lindbergh getting a prize to fly across the Atlantic. As in Gingrich thinks Prizes are the answer. it would take Several multi-hundred billion dollar prizes. Where exactly those prizes would come from is uncertain. But let’s not let that stand in the way of a big idea.

        • You do know that Virgin is already (figuratively speaking) “going there”, right? I think there is at least one other company. (Newt’s speech wasn’t the first place I heard of this. I saw an ad or an article, but I’ve forgotten where I saw it)

  • Anonymous

    I heard a lot of platitudes and vague promises that he can’t personally keep. It was a good speech, yes, it was.

    But I think for myself. And after dismissing the double-digit loss, he claims to champion “of the people, by the people, for the people” instead of money… and he immediately jumps into talking about how he is getting money, ending that section with a pledge to ‘impose’ his ideas on ‘the establishment’ and ‘both parties’ in Washington DC, as if they weren’t people. Wait, where has Newt been the past 35 years? Oh yeah, Washington DC.

    Newt… slow down, I can’t follow that logic.

    He said a lot of things that conservatives want to hear. But his speech didn’t buy me. Ranting against ‘a machine’ or ‘the establishment’ only gets me so far.

    I want to believe he will be able to do, and will follow through with, what he claims to do. But I found myself saying out loud: “Bro, you serious? You can’t do that and you know it.” Like when he pledged to repeal “every anti-religious act of the Obama Administration”… you can’t repeal what has been done, and some of those things were with congressional blessing. He can’t do that alone.

    I’m concerned how he is calling for unconditional power and already wielding the executive pen like he is a second dictator-in-chief. We have one, and simply having one ‘on my side’ just doesn’t do it for me. It will take that much power to undo what that exact amount of power did, I fully admit that, however, where that power should lie and who should wield it is the question. I am simply concerned.

    ending with his ‘sacred honor’ left me with a bad taste in my mouth. (which probably tainted my whole impression…) With how many lies have been flying around, and how much he has personally lied and stooped to attack, I wonder what his ‘sacred honor’ is worth, and I, respectfully, would decline it.

    (Not that the other candidates are that much better…)

    • Mike Lee

      Prepare to be attacked. Apparently, one isn’t allowed to say anything negative – no matter that it is FACTUAL – about Newt or Palin on these threads.

      This speech? Meh. Typical Newt. He always has the words – but not the sincerity. A lifelong DC insider pretending to be the anti-establishment candidate? You can’t make this stuff up. People just want to believe, I guess.

      • K-Bob

        Ahh, the mating call of the OWS clowns.

        “Help!, I’m bein’ repressed!”

        “I’m not allowed to do what I (rather blatantly, obviously) just did!”

        “How come no one is arresting me?”

        • Anonymous

          Got anything more than name-calling?

          • K-Bob

            You have a problem with me calling the OWS folks “clowns”?

            I’ll heckle those people. Happy to do it.

      • Anonymous

        bbitter and mike lee, you guys covered the bases and well said. Not to be unkind but the beat down from Newt supporters is relentless. I would appreciate Newt if he didn’t have a forked tongue. He promises the world everything. Ideas that would cost billions. I guess we here are the only people who see Newt for what he has become. An establishment guy. Say anything to get elected. I wish him well, I really do.

      • Trust1TG

        You will be challenged, and refuted, not attacked.

        We will list Mr. Romney’s falsehoods and the plain facts about his political and business actions and policies in office and out of office.

        Sorry you misconstrue that as attack.

        Leftists perceive any dissent and evidence that refutes their positions and actions as ‘hate’ and ‘attack’, even ‘violence’ and ‘terrorism’.

        Hence they call the Tea Party ‘terrorists’ but the violent vile Occupiers protestors.

        Liberalism is a mental health disorder…one that begins with a detachment from truth and reality.

        • Anonymous

          “Sorry you misconstrue that as attack.” Class. I like it. Apology accepted and no offense taken. (I know it wasn’t a real apology. 🙂 But I accept all the same.) I don’t consider someone standing on their beliefs as an ‘attack’, as that does not diminish my beliefs. “Americans” are people who can amicably disagree and part ways as gentlemen. “Class” is not sipping champagne with pinky extended and looking down your nose through a monocle at the ‘dirty man’ who is ‘below you’.

          It is not posts like yours that Lee was referring to. If you want to see what Mike Lee was referring to, see the post replying to him by K-Bob. Ad Homenim IS, by definition, an attack.
          I am all for a logical conversation between level-headed and informed individuals. I see things one way, you see things another. That’s fine. Talking it out helps us both gain perspective if we both have open minds.

          I simply didn’t believe Newt. I know that this is not a popular thing to do on this board, but that’s the truth. I also gave my reasons why I don’t believe him. I am open for discussion on it, but all I have found is that whenever I challenge a position Newt takes which casts him in a negative light, all I get in return are Romney insults and name-calling, or accusations that I am outright lying. Such responses and attacks only make Newt supporters here look ignorant and scared. Case in point?

          “We will list Mr. Romney’s falsehoods and the plain facts about his political and business actions and policies in office and out of office.”

          …and overlook or conveniently excuse Newt’s.

          “Liberalism is a mental health disorder…one that begins with a detachment from truth and reality. ”

          A mental disorder? I guess… I find it more as the willingness to accept the lies you tell yourself, because you want to.

          The biggest thing that conservatives have against the media or liberals is that they employ a double-standard when it comes to politics. If that double-standard is not something you support, you had better stop employing it.

          I believe in the redeeming blood of Christ and I believe people can and do change. …but how do you simply dismiss the lies he is telling you now? You can’t condemn Romney for the negative attack ads and lies while excusing Newts. Doing so only makes you a hypocrite or a leftist media hack.

          So, I’ll ask for you to answer my criticisms with ‘refute’ as you stated. But do understand that I trained to be a political speech-writer and specifically studied Newt for my poly-sci thesis; I know when I’m being served a steaming heap of rhetoric.

          (No, I didn’t take a speech writing job. It was too dirty.)

        • Anonymous

          You say: “We will list Mr. Romney’s falsehoods and the plain facts about his political and business actions and policies in office and out of office.”

          I am waiting with baited breath. Please list them Plain facts please. No assertions, No generalizations. No cute nick names for Romney. Just the facts.

          thank you.

    • Trust1TG

      God restores the soul and honor of the penitent.

      This campaign has certainly exposed Mr. Romney’s character…as a liar, a destroyer, an Alinsky tactician and a political liberal.

      Mr. Romney knows he cannot win on the basis of merit or character, so he, like Mr. Obama, have to tear down and accuse their opponents of what they themselves are and do.

      Mr. Romney should be Mr. Obama’s VP running mate, not his opponent.

      • Anonymous

        “God restores the soul and honor of the penitent.”


        …so how does that work for Newt and not Romney?

        Or are you not excusing current lies? If so, again, how does that not apply to Newt?

        • Anonymous

          Romney neither acknowledged his mistakes nor his liberal leaning /past decisions. He even denies it. He is like Obama’s “nothing to see here”.

          • Anonymous

            That’s fine. But that doesn’t address Newt’s current lies.

          • Anonymous

            Romney has acknowledged the abortion switch openly and with contrition. What more do you want?

        • Pundits keep commenting that Romney “feels apologetic” (or ashamed or whatever) for his money. I put that in the same category as “weak or spineless” Congresspeople. Maybe it is *how* Romney made his money that causes him shame, but just not enough that he would stop doing it- and he doesn’t really cover it well. In other words, maybe his conscience is speaking, but he just doesn’t want to go along.

          • Anonymous

            I am not a fan of Romney, and I am also not in any battleground state; I live in Utah, (yeah, my vote really doesn’t count), which makes it difficult to really see all the ads, the pundits, and the talking heads discussing the election. That being said, I really haven’t seen any pundit saying anything of the like.
            …’course, I am not interested in Romney, so I don’t look for this kind of stuff on him. Perhaps that is why.

            Instead of relying on second-hand info, I am curious, has Romney every said anything that makes you feel like he is ashamed of how he made his fortune? I was under the impression that he was actually running on his private sector record.

      • Anonymous

        More assertions and vague accusations. We are certain that Newt is a liar. He said he received $300k from Freddie Mac. He got $1.6 million. And no one with a frontal lobe believes he worked as an historian at Freddie Mac. So get off your high horse about Romney’s character. Along those lines:

        Still waiting for specific factual examples of Romney dishonesty.

  • Anonymous

    With Newt’s age and him being an avid historian, I hope and believe that he will be conscious of historical legacy and final imprint he’s going to leave for himself, Conservatism (of which torch and keeping were entrusted to him), his family, and his country. I used to be very negative against him in the beginning due to what I have retained and remembered from the media at that time. I never knew then that he was one of the victims of MisInformation Stream media, DNC, and RNC establishment character assassination, as the exoneration was brushed off and hush hushed.

    Reading the speech taken out from the archive was an eye opener, I never knew then that he was even more conservative than many.

    As to his clash of personality problem with other conservatives, pseudo conservatives, and democrats, I consider that as part of life if you want things get done.

    To his moonlighting with other ideas, it served him well in admitting mistakes as well as learn from them. It is also good for anyone to understand why the other side do, feel, and think as they do.

    As to his Personal life, even he acknowledged he was wrong, but then again that is no one’s business other than him, his family, and the people involved. He admitted he was wrong and has changed… that’s that. He’s neither the first nor the last (and that includes that current President).

    Newt should use this speech everywhere he campaigns; it’s quite positive and inspiring. I like the idea of a written and signed contract. Stop going tit for tat against Romney, time to face the future and leave the Romney camp with their negative campaigning as it will surely back fire.

    • Anonymous

      The MSM didn’t turn against conservatives in 2008. They have been pushing their liberal progressive socialist party and agenda since the 60s at least. Newt was thoroughly scoured by them, on the cover of time as the Gingrich that stole Christmas. Paul Ryan pushing a grandma over the cliff in a wheel chair has nothing on what they have done to Newt. I have to say though Newt help give them some material or at lest opportunities too.

      • Anonymous

        Too bad there was no alternative media and internet then. We had no choice and was forced fed then without even being aware of it.

  • Mike Lee

    No mention of Newt losing his “bet”, when he said he’d bet that Santorum and Newt’s votes combined would be far more than Mitt’s? Oops.

    • Anonymous

      Santorum made a good point. His supporters would roughly split 50/50 if he dropped out. I have seen polling that confirms this. Romney is second choice with a lot of his people. He contends that if Gingrich drops out, his supporters will go for Santorum in much larger numbers. Don’t know if that is true, but certainly interesting.

  • Anonymous

    I think newt promising like eight things that he would do on the first day in office is typical of him. When in doubt promise things. He is such a cry baby that he wouldn’t even call Romney on his win which is customary. How does he plan to save money and shrink the deficit with all his billion dollar ideas? I think the voters saw through his bravado. As a former staunch Newt supporter I say take it home Newt. You hurt yourself with half truths and and finally it has been shown under the bright light. Too bad someone else couldnt jump in and and bring some true credentials to this race instead of the two numbskulls we have at the top now. I should e taken Santorum more seriously

    • Trust1TG

      Notice the Alinsky ridicule, extreme negative innuendo and character aspersions in the adjectives used by ryanomaniac (aka Romney maniac)

      Ryanomaniac is a consummate propagandist.

      • K-Bob

        Extreme? Alinsky? Where did that come from?

      • Anonymous

        Hey. Ryanomaniac made a reasonable post with reasonable thinking.

    • I would refer you to the Contract With America. That’s the point, Ryan. Newt Keeps his promises. (how many pols can you say *that* about?)

  • Anonymous

    After reading only a few of the comments I’m just shaking my head. People don’t seem to get the purpose of this speech.

    Newt doesn’t have the money to get his message out. The election results today prove that most people just don’t pay attention and the deluge of negative commercials were enough to persuade clueless morons, meaning the vast majority of people, to vote for Romney.

    Newt knew that all the networks would run his concession speech. So he gave a 15 minute version of his stump speech instead. Smart? Yes. Will it matter? Judging by the comments I read? No. People are just too stupid.

    • Trust1TG

      You liberals think in some opposite-to-reality alternative universe.

      Here are the facts based on reality and the evidence:

      Romney ran the dirtiest most lie-based campaign in American history.

      Romney only had one positive ad.

      Romney spent 17 million dollars, (more if you count paid media and politicians endorsements) to carpet-bomb Florida with lies and character assassinations of Newt Gingrich. His goal, to quote them: “To destroy Newt, not defeat him.”

      Romney brazenly lied onstage at the last debate SEVEN times.

      Romney is a filthy-rich dirty dastardly liberal liar.

      Romney should be Obama’s VP running mate, not his opponent.

      • Anonymous

        Romney is classic Alinsky. He must have had classes at Chicago Commie U. Romney the rat.

      • Anonymous

        All of that is absolutely true. I just hope people who are casually keeping an eye on politics — or not at all — understand all of this. All they see are the ads, which was Jayne59’s point, and that Newt was taking advantage of some TV time that would hopefully reach some of these casual observers of politics.

        I thought I remember Jayne saying yesterday that she went out and voted for Newt, but I could have her mixed up with someone else. Nonetheless, Jayne’s not a liberal as far as I can tell. 🙂 Although her calling people stupid here would lead one to believe she could be!

      • Anonymous

        Prove it. You say SEVEN lies. What are they?

  • wodiej

    Great speech-very positive, lots of substance. Love the enthusiasm and fighting spirit-46 states to go indeed. Some humor as well.

  • Anonymous

    The party ain’t over until the fat lady sings. And she ain’t singing yet.

  • Anonymous

    This was a good speech. I hope he’s not promising more than he can deliver if he gets elected. It was indeed strong and focused on the REAL issues. But once again, I point out that he is SAYING all the right things… hopefully he’ll follow through if elected. Regardless, I hope he places higher in the next primary… he’s better than his finish indicates.

    Intersting note: He dismissed Romney and purposely dissed him. Can’t say I blame him.

  • Trust1TG
  • Wow. Loved it. What a positive and motivating speech. He was classy and articulate. On the other hand, when Romney lost SC he gave a speech highly critical of Gingrich and basically called the people of SC stupid for not voting for him. Gingrich wants to earn the Presidency, Romney feels entitled to it.

  • Anonymous

    Here are some reasons why I can’t vote for Romney:
    1) He’s not a conservative.
    2) He doesn’t believe in anything politically other than Mitt Romney.
    3) Mitt Romney has benefitted from a tremendous media double standard.
    4) Mitt Romney is cozying up to the establishment, not the Tea Party.
    5) Mitt just isn’t likable enough to be a good politician.

    For more details about these 5 points go to:

  • Anonymous

    Newt had the best speech of the night. Sanotorum is acting like a petulant baby who doesn’t think its fair he’s not the not-Romney. Romney is living in fantasy world thinking he can beat Obama without a motivated base. Newt is the best choice to go up against Obama for several reasons.

  • Anonymous

    Great speech, fired up, good crowd … this is just the beginning. Go Newt!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know.

    Maybe it’s just me but when I hear Newt give a speech I always want to go out and do something important because I suddenly feel like it’s worth the effort and I can succeed at it. I find him very inspiring and encouraging.

    Romney, on the other hand, leaves me feeling patronized, lied to, demeaned, belittled, and otherwise worthless in his eyes except for how he can use me to get his agenda accomplished.

    Yeah. I know. It’s just me. I’m nuts.

  • Anonymous

    As long as Newt can keep talking like that and keep on issues like that he should be fine.

    Issues, Newt. Issues, issues, issues.

  • Anonymous

    …but where was this kind of stuff leading up to yesterday’s election? Like Dick Morris says, Romney played Newt. Kept him busy defending himself with negative adds that turned people off – a Nixonian character of himself instead of breath taking vintage Gingrich at his best.

    “Enter Sheldon Adelson, a Vegas billionaire who loves Newt. His affection runs so deep that he gave Gingrich the funds to destroy himself. With Adelson’s reported contribution of $5 million-plus, Newt had the weapons to fight back with his own negative ads” – Morris He needed to go positive, but he allowed his anger control of him and went very negative instead. – and he paid the price.

  • Anonymous

    I like that he takes it to Obama! That’s what he needs to do from this point forawrd till Obama is defeated on Election Day!

  • Anonymous

    Man, he sure knows how to trip my conservative trigger! NEWT!!!!

  • Anonymous

    …it is sure great to see an intelligent,articulate,politician speak with an assurance and conviction that would DEMOLISH the OBAMA REGIME’s STRANGLE HOLD ON THE ECONOMIC ENGINE OF THE WORLD.With out a TELEPROMPTER BRAVO NEWT BRAVO !”

    May God Bless you Mr. Gingrich.

  • Wonderful to hear such a positive speech, after all of the negativity of the past couple weeks.

  • Anonymous


    The man doesn’t quit. He can take the punches and keep on coming.

    As before, he demonstrated that he has a complete plan, and it’s a good one. He radiates single-minded commitment. He leaves himself with no loopholes and no escape hatches and no weasel words if he fails to do what he says.

    No other candidate has been this thorough and precise in explaining their plan.

  • Anonymous

    Florida is Southern NY. What bothers me though, is Marco Rubio helping Romney. Why is he helping a socialist?

  • Anonymous

    What I found interesting is all the pundits were a little taken aback with Newt’s message and thought it a very good speech. They obviously hadn’t been watching the WHOLE week as Newt covered most all of it in many stops.

    My point is, JUST like Reagan (who lost the 1st 9 states in 1976) Newt HAS to get his message out, and those Mittites who tuned in to gloat got a facefull of it that would maybe have never been heard otherwise!

    SO, Newt just might have done MORE good than the “experts” understand by losing FL.

    It at least mitigates the loss. 😉

    People Power is big and needed to save our Republic!

  • Anonymous

    Conservatives please wake up, you are being lied to an deceived. Gingrich is NOT a conservative, and anyone that identifies themselves as a early American progressive is the furthest thing from a conservative. Gingrich is lying to you! Know your history!

    Why isn’t The Right Scoop showing this side of Gingrich??? To me this is the most revealing and most damning thing is you know how bad the progressive movement was and still is!