Newt: Mitt needs a better message, and he should stop saying Obama cares about the middle class

Newt was on CNN earlier today and said that he believes Romney hasn’t found a theme that really resonates with people yet, which is why he isn’t doing better ins states like Florida and Ohio, both of which have Republican governors. Bu he doesn’t believe it’s the candidate or anything else for that matter, he simply believes that it is message, that Romney needs to draw sharper lines between he and Obama and really hammer the differences in a way that makes sense to people.

He was also critical of an ad Romney released this morning, where Romney said that both he and Obama care about the middle class. Newt said he just doesn’t understand why Mitt is saying that:

I, frankly, was just startled by the ad you just showed a minute ago in which Romney is in a sense embracing Obama – ‘we both care about the middle class’ – I don’t know why he’s saying that. If President Obama cared about the middle class, why did the price of gasoline go to an all time high? If President Obama cared about the middle class, why do we have the largest debt in American history that the middle class is going to pay on for the rest of their life time? I mean if President Obama cared about the middle class, why have we had the longest period of unemployment since the great depression?

Watch the interview below:

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  • B-Funk

    Yah, the ad is lame, but I’ve been hearing from Rush and others that Mitt is finally talking about ideologies. Plus, there’ve been a lot of good ads, so one bad one isn’t a big deal to me.

  • Newt, Romney needs to go to man camp. Pure and simple. He is still campaigning on his belief that dear leader is a nice guy, and he refuses to put on the same gloves he used on y’all during the republican primaries.
    He’s gotten better on some speeches, but if I was an independent or someone who is still trying to make up my mind, I’d find Romney’s message lukewarm.
    Too many people still are ignorant on how important this election is, and while dear leader and the lamestream propaganda press are driving the narrative, Romney needs to show some man parts and start driving his own message, whatever he chooses it to be, home.
    Another problem is, and many people might disagree with me, but this election is about much more than just the economy- and Romney needs to get that point across as well, or he’s not gonna make it.

    Off topic a bit here, sorry Scoop, but I was going through some Scoop archives and found this jem from back in the days when I was just coming to Scoop and not commenting yet. It’s from KeninMontana and a great find.

    • p m

      Off topic or not AbiC, thanks so much for this link. I remember being surprised when the other panel members didn’t answer the question right away, then thrilled when LTC West did, reeling off those dates like his kid’s birthdays…fantastic. Now in my LTC West file. Thanks again.

      On topic – yes, MR’s job is to differentiate himself from zero – it’s inconcievable that the monster in the WH should have even a hint of re-election, skewed polls or not, with the evidence of his true agenda so clearly carried out for all to see – the destruction of the USA. Bastage, not nice guy. MR knows this – he has to say it, every day, every ad, every interview.

      Edited for a typo.

    • marketcomp

      “man parts” that’s funny, abc! I hear ya and your right. But the economy is Romney’s wheel house and it’s where he feels most comfortable. He cannot speak the language of the Constitution or articulate it as Mark Levin and I only know two other people who can as well as Mark and that’s Rick Santorum ,Allen West, and Ted Cruz. So that ability, in my humble opinion, takes a special kind of person.

      Now I am not trying to compare Romney to Clinton other than to say this.
      Clinton ran on the economy remember, “It’s the economy stupid” and won and we all know about that baggage. Romney’s character is far more stellar and I like that Romney went to that fake Clinton Global Initiative bs conference and stated what he believes and that the cure for world’s problems is CAPITALISM and free enterprise. Let’s not forget that he went to the NCAAP and while he got some boos his speech was accepted well and Obama did not even go because unemployment among Black Americans is 14% and if I were Obama I wouldn’t have gone either. But Romney did. So he has some “man parts :)” It’s just that it comes out at certain times. Perhaps he should think of Obama as Santorum or Newt because the one thing we know is that all of this economic ruin is solely a result of Obama’s policy, not Mitt Romney . I cannot believe that in many States like Ohio, Virginia, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Florida where there are Republican Governors Romney is down. Why is it that in States where democrats are Governors Obama is up and it just the opposite with Romney? Are we to believe that Romney cannot win in States where republican Governors have already paved the way? I think those swing voters will see that and understand that they are in sound economic positions because of those Governors and not Obama.

      • I agree marketcomp, that economics are his strong suit and he does do those well. But he’s got to reach folks on more than just that. Heck, I’ve never been more money poor (I’m fabulously wealthy in every other area) in all my life, and to me, and many of my unemployed or under employed friends, the economy is at the bottom of our priorities.
        Anyway, you make sense to my friend. As for what about his lagging behind in the swing states with Republican governors, I can’t speak for others, but in Florida, the ads are coming on fast and furious from dear leader, and a lot of them are dare I say, social issues – that stupid mitt’s gonna kill women because he’s taking away their choice to murder their babies commercials and other ones. I admit, I don’t watch tv hardly ever, but my son watches a lot some days and the only ads I hear are those, and very few from Mitts. And they are good ads, just not much oomph. So for a swing state like mine, it doesn’t surprise me that if they hear dear leader lie enough in his ads, they’re gonna believe it. 🙁

    • A Russian Christian wrote, “In vain do some think that socialism is merely a theory of economics. No, socialism replaces everything with itself; it is founding its own religion.”

  • marketcomp

    Man do I agree with that! Newt is absolutely right about this. I think that when Romney says “President Obama and I care about the middle class,” Romney is lifting Obama to Romney’s standard or a standard that he does not deserve. It makes it seem as if Obama’s policies are just misguided when they are anti-American and destructive to the American way of life. When Paul Ryan says, ” We, Romney/Ryan, want to leave Afghanistan in 2014 also just like Obama but we want to do it based on the Generals recommendation.” Now by doing that Ryan is agreeing with Obama and making Obama seem reasonable and rational when everyone has said that you should never announce to the enemy when we are leaving. STOP AGREEING WITH OBAMA! You are making him look stately, practical, and levelheaded when he is a radical and not deserving of the Presidency.

  • McCain 2.0?

    • detectivedick

      God help us! Because if the LIAR wins you can begin to power down the USA for a wheels up landing.

      • Parachutes! Get ‘cher parachutes right here! Only been used once!

  • Again another Attack….keep posting TRS….in Jan when Obama wipes out talk radio, conservative blogs and more…you are going bye bye…Obama will Executive Order you out of existence and who will protect you?? Free Speech….LOL!!

    But post another attack on Mitt from another know it all that could not win the primary!

    GOOD JOB NEWT like most conservatives it is about you right Newt…tell American again how failing Mitt is and how he is not doing this and that…oh and then put in a Good Word for Mitt after you spent the majority of your interview putting him down!

    Oh yeah I know Newt you are just trying to help!

    Election is over….the narrative continues….and the left needs nothing more than Conservatives like Mitt to pour the fire….No he is not helping Mitt he is adding to the people watching saying…this Mitt guy is going to lose and why vote for him!!

    God and here is TRS like all dumb bloggers thinking how smart he is showing another GOD GENERAL telling Mitt what to do!

    HEY TRS here is an idea go tell everyone to go to Red State that jerk Erick Erickson has an entire article about the polling and Romney….and close to 170 comments from the Conservative Generals with no army but mouths

    12 to 1 is what it takes to erase…12 positives from Mitt to erase on negative…go check out the comments over 75 percent are telling Mitt what he is doing wrong…and they are different as night and day…AND WE THINK MITT HAS A CHANCE TO WIN!!

    Were is the doubt on the left TRS? Show us that post? Show us the post where the left is not united behind Obama…show us the worry from that side??

    No you are just like Ace and Erick…keep up the stupid videos of Newt and others tearing Mitt down…that is working!!

    NO UNITE with the Conservative Generals!

    All conservatives are generals while the Liberals have one General are unified and kicking the conservatives butts!

    Make no doubt about it this election is over!!

    Put conservatives in a room with 100 and you have 100 Generals…AND THEY WILL FIGHT AND TELL EACH OTHER WHAT TO DO!

    Put 100 liberals (and yes they maybe drones to a point)…but they unite, gather, kick butt get the Grand Prize and conservatives will still be Generals with the Blame Game getting their butts kicked!!

    Boy what a winning strategy for our side. The destruction of Mitt continues from the right staring tonight Newt on the TRS website…CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, NYT and WaPo are laughing their butts off watching the conservatives fall apart and they do not have to do a thing but watch the fall….THANKS TRS I am so sure Newt’s CNN slap at Mitt will work wonders…lets see I suspect by Monday of next week all the News Media polls will have Mitt down 7-15….but keep attacking him people…it is working beautifully for Obama.

    Lets see you think Obama is nervous at all right now? Heck No…the conservatives are doing the job for him….Boy in Jan he will pay us back with tax cuts, fewer regulations, more income, more jobs…he will decide Obamacare is not right for America, he will stand up to Muslim world….Sharia will be crushed, EPA will be told to be nice to business and consumers and the Military will get a big mass cash infusion oh and Obama will be nice to the coal industry too….But you are doing the job to get him elected….

    MSM…Mitt cannot win…after Clinton…2 weeks later conservatives are falling and losing and going right down the toilet….LOL!! THE MSM is loving it….OH BUT IT IS MITT’s CAMPAIGN….BS it is Conservatives eating their own and the liberals know perfectly how to make it happen!

    • M_J_S

      You’re missing the point.

      There is not “destroying Mitt Romney’s campaign” and then being on board, there is such a thing as constructive criticism.

      Romney, as already stated, is politely campaigning against the most divisive and destructive Presidents in American History. Enough with the goofy wife and her cheesy stories about “I’ll never do that again after each pregnancy”. The joke and the story equally suck.

      Romney needs to put on a blindfold, pickup his political knife and aim ANYWHERE and he will HIT THE POLITICAL JUGULAR of Obama.

      • wodiej

        Your comment about Ann Romney is what this country does not need. We have had enough resentment and anger to last us a very long time. This country needs to work together to get obama out of office. Every one is a critic but I don’t see any of us going out and doing the hard work of defeating the first “black” president.

    • So do you think Mitt should refer to Obama as a nice guy who cares about the middle class like Mitt does? If Mitt is going to apply the McCain 2.0 strategy, then it doesn’t matter what “conservative generals” say because that is a weak losing loser’s failed strategy.

      I agree that Newt should not have accepted the media narrative here. That was pretty stupid on Newt’s part. He should know better. But perhaps Mitt & company refuse to listen privately to good advice and so Newt & others resort to using the media to tell him that the McCain 2.0 strategy sucks!!!

      • You are totally missing the point…General!! The point is the continual and obvious self destruction of the campaign is taking place right in front of you!! WAKE UP!

        Do you think CNN would have Newt on if he was praising Mitt? Why he is on there? Because every media outlet is running through the NATION with the Narrative Mitt is running a bad campaign…Newt will not help Mitt. If he was interested in helping Mitt he would have called him privately to express his concern.

        This is nothing but a man that wants to protect himself should Mitt lose to say I TOLD YOU SO….but this fool will be living under Obama’s New America as well…and he will not look so smug come Jan 2014…a year into Obama’s New term…oh he will appear on shows like Meet the Press to spout his mouth off like a good little defeated idiot.

        THIS IS NOT HELPING IN ANYWAY. No McCain lost because Voters did not show to support him…when the election came every poll SAID McCAIN could not win…and guess what VOTERS did not show up to support him. McCain was terrible I agree but I do not see McCain in Mitt…what I see is a MSM that wants Obama. They took the Clinton Speech…waited for the reaction…their were people like Jonah Goldberg, Bryon York, Ace and Allah that SWOONED over his speech and how effective it was…THAT OPENED THE DOOR…because then Obama’s speech became less important….AND IT WAS OFF TO THE RACES!!

        That weekend…Politico used that Obama looks unbeatable step in Ace, Allah, Drudge and the Pundits…they saw a bounce in Ras, then Reuters, then Gallup…PPP came out with MASSIVE SKEWED OHIO Poll with 60 percent female to show Obama up 5…and the ENVITABILITY STARTED….from Erick Erickson to Laura Ingraham to Bill Kristol it has not stopped…story after story Mitt could not win..MEANWHILE RAS rebalanced about 5 days later from the DNC that did not matter…the DAMAGE WAS DONE…once the conservatives TOOK THE BAIT…the MSM SHOVED IT DOWN THEIR THROATS and no matter what Mitt has done since….has been called desperate, needs new strategy, could not win and they USED CONSERVATIVES…not Liberals to reinforce their point.

        Nate Silver back around the 26th of Aug had a column MITT DOING BETTER IN SWING STATES…think about that….WHERE IS THAT NOW since the conservatives took the MSM narrative…where? Remember the pollsters adjust their numbers to keep up with perceived turnout.

        Dick Morris himself picked up the Dems picked up in ID after the DNC…however he mentioned the other day that stopped…HOWEVER, the pollsters aligned with the MSM did not. They have kept those inflated numbers and have rammed them down the conservatives throats!

        WATCH TV every single conservative on TV is telling you Mitt is doing poorly, not doing enough, does not have the message BASED ON WHAT??? The MSM narrative and skewed polls!

        But remember the adage…YOU SAY SOMETHING LONG ENOUGH PEOPLE WILL BELIEVE IT…that is what is happening with the polls…as more and more people hear t that Obama is winning and Mitt is in disarray WHO IN GODS NAME THINKS THE POLLS will move to Mitt…GET REAL!!!

        The conservatives have doomed Mitt…we cannot at this point change anything. WHY? Because no matter what Mitt does at this point it will be called desperate, he needs to pivot and needs a better messaage and what happens when that pivot does not work with Skewed Polls…IT IS CALLED OBAMA ENVITABILITY!!

        It is over….the conservatives did this in the primary…Mitt is done..we allowed this to happen because we would not unite against Obama. PLAN AND SIMPLE…we can help with a message, more define a message but we cannot change open and destructive comments at our candidate…the only MSM press coverage Mitt is getting now is the PROBLEMS WITH HIS CAMPAIGN…DAY AND NIGHT…and lookie here there is NEWT to feed the Obama Press Machine…oh so helpful!!

        Undecideds will not be moving to Mitt they have no reason to….if we tear him down WHY IN GODS NAME WOULD THEY VOTE FOR HIM!

        I agree Obama is not a nice guy…I hate that but the actions by us the last two weeks have made him the MOST CONFIDENT AND ASSURED MAN about his much so that while the Embassy was attacked and Libyan Consulate destroyed he was in Las Vegas or on Letterman…yes I know the MSM is in his pocket then why give them more AMMO to destroy the only guy standing between Liberty and Tyranny??? Oh yeah this was great Newt!

    • REHLV

      I do not know if I completely agree with all you said, however, I do believe that this is exactly what the opposition wants. Mitt is doing fine and he must operate in his own personality. I was a Newt fan, but lately I have bee disappointed in his attack on Mitt. Newt could do more if he just took his time on the networks and went after Obama himself just like Gov Sanunu does every time he gets on the TV. I am pretty sick and tired of all these people who think they know it all. NEWT YOU LOST THE PRIMARY. Now you should grow a set and do something for America. Get Mitt elected.

      I think some of you have bully mind sets and you think this is the way to win this election. Stop listening to the main stream media and letting them set the narrative for you. The only way Obama can win this election is by stealing it. That means using every corrupt means possible, short of nothing.

      Please stop all this BS about Mitt Romney’s approach. I think he has a plan and I think it will work. He needs our support, not for his own party to keep telling him that he is weak.

      I am done.

      • REHLV.

        After Obama wins the FAIRNESS DOCTRINE WILL RETURN…they will brutally deal with Talk Radio…Rush…Gone…Mark Levin…Gone….Sean Hannity…Gone….Fox News…changed or gone…they will crush dissent…WHO WILL PROTECT US the Supreme Court…when you have a Tyrant like Obama they will be so fearful….the GOP House…LOL!! That is laughable….

        They will have UNCHECKED POWER and they will assure no matter how bad is it is the Dems will win in 2016…there will be no dissent….Obama will no fear of not being re-elected with an Executive Order Pen with no fear….He will stack the Supreme Court with Liberals…already he and Axelrod are drawing up plans for Gun Control….Muslims will be welcomed in the WH…watch for Islamic sensitivity classes….Oh yes it is coming…this man is licking his chops because 2013 will be brutal….he will attack suburb living, try to force people into smaller homes, misery with company….OH and all the Conservative Generals and their families will be miserable.

        Where will you turn? Who will help you? Are you kidding fear is what will work…LOOK at the Entitlement State now? Obama wants people miserable to rely in his DROPPINGS!! His plan is working beautifully! AND WE LET IT HAPPEN

        Our children will never have the wonderful life we had and it is a Disgrace….God has given us so many warnings but PRIDE is doing us in….as always! The sin of Pride…we all know better than Mitt…he should do this or that…NON-STOP to TYRANNY we go and we never had to buy an Airline Ticket..Obama made us do it to ourselves….Unbelievable and so many are so blind they cannot see it!! Ignorance is the path to enslavement!

        Sorry folks when we needed to be strong to many took to blaming and attacking our own and it continues…YOU SHOW ME ONE CANDIDATE THAT EVER WINS when being attacked by his own team??? Right…show me? You are not making Mitt better you are giving Ammo to the Left and they love it!

        • “YOU SHOW ME ONE CANDIDATE THAT EVER WINS when being attacked by his own team??? Right…show me?”

          Ronald Reagan

          The Rockerfeller wing was strong in those days, too.

          • This is not true….Ronald Reagan was attacked by liberals/moderates…not conservatives….Mitt is being attacked by everyone left and right…learn the difference and keep up if you can. What a dumb remark. Reagan was liked by conservatives…he was disliked by moderates….Mitt is getting it from moderates and conservatives. You do not like Mitt so you like these childish stupid public remarks….that weaken Mitt and embolden the Press…how dumb. Reagan dealt with 3 networks…Mitt deals with 24/7 news, blogs, twitter, facebook, internet and more. At least Reagan had people that defended him…Mitt has no one and nobody…all everyone has done is turn on him in public and that WILL NOT SWAY UNDECIDEDS!!

            Parties in disarray do not win! Many of these people could easily and privately express their concerns to Mitt….instead of feeding a MSM that HATES US and wants OBAMA TO WIN…anyone that thinks this Public Trashing is helping is just clueless.

            • stage9

              Dude if our entire victory rests on the whims of undecideds, we’re screwed.

            • You need to start discussing within the Comment Policy guidelines if you want to keep your commenting privileges.

              Tone down the personally-directed crap or take a hike.

              Reagan was definitely attacked by the Rockerfeller wing of the party. He was an outsider, and a rogue element as far as the party bosses were concerned. Several factions tried hard to keep him from winning the primary. This is historical fact. You don’t have to like it.

        • Guest1776rcp

          Sorry folks when we needed to be strong to many took to blaming and attacking our own and it continues…YOU SHOW ME ONE CANDIDATE THAT EVER WINS when being attacked by his own team???

          Right off the bat Harriet Meyers comes to mind, amnesty, Saudis and seaports too, to name a few. Sometimes its better that America wins.

          At all times its better for conservatives not to give up conservative principles rather than the (I’m going to trash free enterprise in order to save it) or (I signed it into law hoping the SCOTUS would throw it out) George W. Bush way. Conservatives are not and never have been BORG-like creatures.

    • Scoop is one of the most fair sites out there Michael. He puts much positive Romney speeches up. You’re missing the point. Romney will lose if he doesn’t take off the gloves and stop treating dear leader like he’s a nice but misguided guy!! If Romney doesn’t listen to constructive criticism now from Conservatives who know it’s imperative that he wins, how much will he listen to his own people if he does win?

      He needs to show some guts and get a coherant message out or he’s done. We all care about this nation, and we all understand how important it is for Romney to win. Heck, I’ve even stopped calling him mittens, but he’s still acting as mittens. Because people are willing to speak out against him when he’s in the running, shows how much they DO care about winning… something that Romney doesn’t seem to a’ la mclame.
      People love this nation, and because we find fault with our own candidate, shows how much- because we are sick and tired of the dear leader getting away with murder, literally, yet still, he’s a nice guy?!

      • librtifirst

        You know, if Romney took on RP’s domestic policy from an ideological “liberty” position, he would get everyone so exited that all of the independents and many democrats would vote for him. On this platform, he could easily defeat Obama in the debates. Obama broke every promise he made in this regard. Obama’s record is indefensible. Guantanimo, ending wars, no lobbyists, ending the Patriot Act, ect. ect. etc. All broken promises.

        Mitt could easily win this election. The question is “does he already know that he will win, or does he even care if he wins”? If he knew that he was going to win, then he wouldn’t have to run a nasty campaign. If he didn’t care, or was simply doing his part in the establishment by running, then he wouldn’t really even care and would therefor not have to get dirty in the campaign.

        On the other hand, if he was worried about winning, he could easily pick about twenty separate issues with Obama that would individually cause an Obama loss. If he never goes for it, and loses, then I will know that he was a fraud even as a candidate. If he doesn’t go for it, and wins, then I will assume that it was a predetermined outcome.

        • All we can do is hope the gloves come off, and he asserts himself (and we have seen him do it before) and nails dear leader to the floor during debates. Yeah, the propaganda press will certainly drive the narrative there too, so he has GOT to slap back the way Newt did with Juan Williams in the primary debates and the way Santorum did with social issues, and let it rip. He’d better get used to getting tough if he wants to mop the floor at the debates. Use those facts that dear leader broke his promises, use the fact that dear leader has spent the entire 4 years to blame Bush while doing nothing, use the fact that dear leader has never come out strong on terror, that he always has a wait and see attitude when it comes to attacks on our military and on our country, use the facts that he has surrounded himself with marxists and socialists in his administration, not to mention muslim brotherhood, use the facts that while he has golfed, the nation is at it’s highest food stamp/welfare levels EVER. Crap, there is SO much out there to nail dear leader on, and he’d better start doing it, and stop with the “I care just like obama does” crap.

          Sorry librti- I’m cranky.

          • nibblesyble

            Right on…this cranky thing works for you!

          • librtifirst

            I just got back from a seven day wilderness hike at 7500ft high up in the mountains. I’m going back tomorrow for the last few days of my vacation. I can handle cranky right now, but tomorrow it is unacceptable.:)

    • Linky1

      Michael says: “Boy what a winning strategy for our side. The destruction of Mitt continues from the right staring tonight Newt on the TRS website..”

      You don’t go into a street fight armed with nothing but your wit and charm. Romney needs to grow a pair ad fight like he has never fought before against a street fighter like Obama who has some of the dirtiest henchmen around.

      People are noticing this, along with Levin, Malkin and others. Yes, comments here are expressing their frustration at what seems to be a lack of conviction and emotion by Romney, you can say the words, but do you believe in what you say? It’s not that I want Obama to win, constructive criticism of a candidate is justified, considering what is at stake here.

      I have been saying this for a long time and getting lambasted for it, frankly I don’t care anymore. I do not want to see Obama win, but when I see Romney pussyfooting around Obama, invoking his name in an ad and praising Slick Willy Clinton at a socialist bunfest (The Clinton Global Initiative) I have to honestly wonder who is advising Romney.

      Middle of the road does NOT win an election and Obama is pandering to his base quite effectively. Haven’t seen Romney do that yet, if ever.

      “Boy in Jan he will pay us back with tax cuts, fewer regulations, more income, more jobs…he will decide Obamacare is not right for America, he will stand up to Muslim world….Sharia will be crushed, EPA will be told to be nice to business and consumers and the Military will get a big mass cash infusion…”

      Right now, it’s best to take things one day at a time. January is a long time away and a lot can happen between now and then and for that matter, between now and November 6th. Romney has to win and even if dhe does, ther eis no guarantee that he will live up to all of these pipe dreams.

    • Again another Attack

      It’s called constructive criticism. It’s not an attack, it’s positive and it’s helpful.

      • wodiej

        I respectfully disagree. Romney has all these conservatives trying to tell him what he is doing wrong. Why don’t they try expressing his positives? obama has a ton of bad policies but all his liberal supporters are propping him up as if he has done a bang up job.

        • if he were winning substantially perhaps they would be. But he isn’t.

      • BS…you are full of it. This is nothing but political theatre. Do not give your Constructive Crit…that is your way to justify cheap hits that can be done privately. It is pathetic….you run this garbage as if it helps Mitt. BS….how about getting a clue and waking up! I can see daily how much this dribble is helping Mitt. I am sure CNN….MITT IS BEING HELPED BY NEWT…BULL….it is MITT CAMPAIGN IS IN TROUBLE CONSERVATIVES CONCERNED…MEME…OBAMA INEVITABLE…wake up! What a fool thinks this helps. Thump on your chest TRS! Newt is tough when he has nothing on the line.

        This is a recipe for loss. Public Displays of Disarray will never sway anyone….no one joins a team that looks like they are losing. No matter how you try to slice it!

        • Why don’t you go and start your own newsblog and then you can post every rainbow and puppy story about Mitt that you can. The man has faults, and criticism is something every politician gets and should expect. Some is meaningless and crap, some is much needed. Get a grip. He’s in trouble, and the criticisim he’s getting in this case is much needed, and if he’d start listening then maybe the real Conservatives would be more and more supportive by now.
          When one is running against the most destructive, antiAmerican administration in our nation’s history, one can not run a campaign as if the dear leader is a nice guy.

        • Guest1776rcp

          You saying it’s Scoop’s or other conservative’s fault Romney is handing the election to Obama? If Mitt Romney loses he has nobody to blame but Mitt Romney and we have the RNC to blame for forcing him. The RINOs will blame conservatives as they (RINOs) become extinct in 2014.

    • “…in Jan when Obama wipes out talk radio, conservative blogs and more…”

      Meh. Quitter talk.

      • librtifirst

        Is that when it is going to happen? Did he go and sign a treaty to get internet regulation? I’ve been a bit off the grid lately.

        • It’s not going to happen. Oh, they can try. But there’s no date for the putsch. It always comes when everyone is thinking about something else.

  • detectivedick

    Spot on Newt, I would even start attacking Obama’s Cabinet as a bunch of wildcat’s operating without a Budget. Follow the money and you find the corruption, how about potential Court appointments, his Secretary of State, Joint Chief’s of Staff.
    Romney should be attacking all the Progressives surrounding Obama with there failed Policies….Fast and Furious, Border Security, Acts of Terror…Detroit Flight, The Army shooter, the Libya murders..etc
    My question would be why is Mitt Mr. Nice guy now when he was such a destroyer during the Primaries? Mitt second place is not a victory in Politics!

    • librtifirst

      I have always asked the same thing about McCain. He can hit em hard at home to win, but not in a presidential race.

  • deeme

    Newt, I hope Clinton wakes up every morning and kisses a picture of your face, because if it wasn’t for you and your fiscal hawk ideas, he would have no legacy, I’ll give him this he was smart enough and open minded enough to know a good thing when he saw it..Keep passing out the good ideas..I don’t like when Romney tries to be bipartisan with Obama because he is dealing with a guy who will never do the same thing back , he will lie and say the Republicans blocked my budget ,when in fact not one person voted for his budget, but he had no interest in any kind of bipartisanship, ever he doesn’t want to share the same air with anyone who doesn’t agree with him.and if that’s not enough anything that hits the Senate faces the same thing with Harry. The house needs to be able to control something without sending it their way, otherwise the house is useless..Obama has done nothing for the middle class but possibly messed up any of their chances of having insurance Small business wants nothing to do with it the more they read about it,I know three people who are waiting to see who wins this election to either expand and or start a business or retire..They are fed up with the regulations, taxes and obamacare which is worse then a tax..

  • PVG

    Newt nails it!

  • 1vote

    Mitt needs to consult Newt.

    I think Mitt does not want to offend Obama. Anyone that does gets hammered by media.
    But, why elevate Obama ? I don’t agree with that because it sounds fake.
    Somebody tell me just what is so likeable about Obama. what difference does it make??

    • Linky1

      Sigh. Newt should have been the candidate for President. Romney is just too middle of the road and wishy washy to lead the USA.

    • Mitt needs to consult not just Newt, but also Allen West and Sarah Palin. All three could give him much needed councel with the same conservative viewpoints. As to your question, there is nothing likeable about dear leader- but Mitt is a typical progressive middle of the road hands across the aisle republican establishment guy. They are all typical where they reach out, expecting the other guy to reach out as well… but the other side never does and never will. I wish they’d get it through their thick skulls.

      • librtifirst

        If he wants to get people riled up and kicking, then he needs to mimic one of RP’s liberty speeches. He’d have more second and third party people coming in to vote for him than he could imagine. People hunger for liberty. If you want to win, then use the liberty theme and run with it.

    • p m

      Considering the massive offenses zero has rained on the country, I agree, why be afraid to ‘offend’ him right back by telling the truth?

      The movie 2016 went some way to showing the result of another 4 years of zero’s imperial rule – MR needs to convert that message with specifics and tie zero to them, and show the hows and whys. How other people’s money will run out, even after retirement accounts are cleaned out by the feds. How a financial implosion will occur within the next year because of IMF machinations behind the scenes. How all ‘entitlements’ will dry up as a result. Hammer it home relentlessly.

      Being on the brink of losing the country is the wrong time to endow any virtue at all on the one who has brought you to that point.

    • librtifirst

      Maybe Mitt doesn’t want to be too harsh with Obama, because Obama can simply write an order to have American citizens killed now. All they have to do is say “terror suspect”, and you can disappear forever now.

      Mitt doesn’t want Obama to get too upset with him. 🙂


    Post wrong


    Maybe Newt should start attacking the cabinet, and other people, not his own candidate. Sorry this this is beginning to sound like a witch hunt. If Newt knew how to win, how come he does not have the nomination. Oops.

    Newt was my main man, however, maybe I was wrong.

    • librtifirst

      I love some of the things that he says, and how articulate he is………..but I also believe that Newt is entrenched with the D.C. establishment, and fills the political needs of the establishment wherever he is needed. If this is so, then his appearances and statements in the media are part of a calculated narrative that is designed to help keep the focus of the public on their narrative, rather than the one that goes on behind the scenes, and which represents a non-partisan establishment agenda.

      Two parties is better than three, because it is much easier for the two parties to work together to accomplish their goals, than it is for three to agree on who is in power, what wars to start, how much debt to rack up, which freedoms go next, etc, etc.

  • Joengima

    I’m torn.

    While I agree 100% with Newt this election is fundamentally different.

    We have a media that is totally in the tank for Obama. They are deliberately using their polling to suppress our side from voting. We have then REFUSING to report the truth about the Terrorist Attack in Libya. I mean, as much as Obama is treasonous for ignoring warnings from all sources, the Media is practically covering for him. I mean jokes are now being reported as internal conflicts in the campaign.

    Look Romney is in a tight spot. We all want him to fight and be aggressive. But we all know with the Media just hovering over him, waiting to pounce and slice him up.

    Obama is more likeable than Romney. Obama knows how to play the heart strings on absentminded voters, and knows how to cloak his radical thinking with common reasoning and platitudes. If Romney came out of the gate saying what Newt suggests. While we’d all be going “YAY ROMNEY!”

    The media would spend three days covering how man Romney is to Obama. And because of the repetition it leaks to local news.

    Romney isn’t just running against Obama, he’s battling the press as well and that is a lot harder.

    Just look at what the Conservative Media did to Newt Gingrich during the Primaries. Glenn Beck doing specials on how Progressive Gingrich was… bashing every little critic he had of Romney.

    The ad in question is basically going “We both care, but our we view compassion differently. I want you to have a job. Obama wants your dependent.” It’s still a stark contrast.

    I really don’t mind ads like that. It’s positive yet effective, IMHO. Look this comes down to the debates.

    The place where Romney can call out the Media AND Obama with no filter would be these debates. And frankly, I want Obama to prepare thinking he’ll go up against Mr. Nice Republican only for Romney give Obama and his glass jaw a mighty blow.

    Lets be honest, that’s what we want. Obama to be reduced to “um uh um” And Romney hitting everything out of the park, us cheering not only there but at homes. THAT is where Romney has to be aggressive, THAT is the place Romney should pull no punches. THAT is where Romney can finally call out Obama for the A-Hole he is and how he has soiled the Office he currently residing is.

    That is where the battle belongs. That is where Conservatives can finally give it to Obama AND the Media won’t be able to protect him. THAT is WHAT I WANT.

    • actionsspeaklouder

      Well said. Ditto.

    • AbdulBX

      As much I want Mitt to slice Obama up, you are right. The media would eat him alive. Racist would be the word of the day. Truthfully, I don’t hear a lot of blacks expressing anger and outrage at Romney like I heard towards Palin in ’08. What’s funny is a lot of blacks have had encounters with Mormons, due to their witnessing and canvassing black communities, and they think they are very nice people. Even people comment how nice Romney and his family seem to be.

      Also, Romney has had 3 weeks of bad news, so far this week he is okay. Get past this week and to the debates…I believe everything will be right with the world lol

    • librtifirst

      I like the post, but I just wanted to comment on one thing. The local news is now directed and edited by the national networks.

    • 1vote

      It’s late in the bout. Time to retire the “rope a dope” and come out guns ablazin’.
      Damn the race cards and damn the media. Tell the truth about Zero. The masses are still in the dark – it is time to speak to them bluntly!

  • NJK

    Oh God, did this ad say that? Is someone working for him trying to sabotage him? This is really insulting to people. Why on earth do they take people for being this stupid?

    Stop with this stupid crap already. Obama is evil, and cares about no one. Why not just give the Presidency away, Mitt? Good grief, get a spine for heavens sake. Would George Washington have said, King George is a good guy, and he really cares about you? No, he fought the Revolutionary War to defeat him. Hey Mitt, are we supposed to vote for lame stuff like this?

  • StrangernFiction

    The Romney campaign would make a big improvement by simply putting a lid on the Obama is a nice guy garbage. That routine may help make Romney seem more moderate, but it also helps make Obama seem more moderate. Push Obama to the left, which is not hard to do, and Mitt wins.

    • NJK

      I don’t think it helps him seem more moderate, I think it makes him appear to have bad judgement.

  • NJK

    If Romney loses this because of playing nice with the devil, the Republican Party is over. We will desert you forever.

  • Oh and other thing for the brilliant tear down Mitt supporters like Newt:

    Newt ran in the primary and STUNK as a candidate. I love the little nostaglia love BS some have for the man. He had one good debate and then had his butt kicked. He ran a horrible campaign….the media sunk him with his previous wife and I am so sure the MSM that uses him to criticize Romney would have NEVER taken Newt out….oh that is right Newt would have fought back you mean like in the Primary where he could not even get 10 percent after that…IT WAS ALL ROMNEY’S FAULT….BULL Newt is great when he is sitting at a desk or chair with NO ELECTION ON THE LINE! It is so easy when you have to answer to NO ONE is it not. Newt is free to say whatever he wants now!! How tough of him!

    And people need to think about this too:

    Once people perceive Mitt cannot win….THE MONEY DRIES UP! And it is the Money that matters and make no bones as donors here more and more that Mitt cannot win and that his campaign is failing WHO WILL GIVE MONEY TO HIM? Think about that as the next weeks evolve!

    Boy that tearing him down sounds better and better all the time hey?

    • nibblesyble

      Uhm Micheal? Don’t be trashing on my Newt mister! I love Newt, I love his passion, his courage and his freakishly huge brain..I wish it were him in the upcoming debates with Obama. Instead we have Romney…so he(Romney) had better take the advice and run with it, as Newt knows of which he speaks!

    • It was constructive criticism. And he was correct, in general. However it was a bit of an own goal to say “Mitt needs a better message.” That’s negative criticism, not positive.

      Positive is: “Mitt has a great message, but It’s quite unnerving to see him treating Obama as a friend of the Middle Class. We know Obama is no friend of the Middle Class, and here’s why…”

      • librtifirst

        Personally, I think that Romney does need a better message. He needs to figure out how to get people riled up for his campaign. I think that he should throw a whole bunch of that Ron Paul liberty stuff in the mix. It works for Paul.

        I am a bit concerned for Romney in the debates. I don’t know if he really has it all down well enough to be able to limit talking points and generalities in the debates. We need a real intellectual battle to take place, and Romney has to win it. Romney needs to pull out all of the stops and shut down Obama.

        • wodiej

          If people are not riled up already over getting obama out of office, nothing else will.

          • librtifirst

            One would think so, but out of all of the Americans that actually vote, I think that most of them would rate about two on a scale of one to ten that indicates political awareness. Sadly, what many vote for is what they have heard or seen the most of. Boob tube sheeple, I call them. The only way to get their attention is to repeat something over and over and over, while having a glaring 60hz light signal penetrate the shallows of their thoughts.

        • Well obviously we can all do a better job at whatever we’re engaged. But for a major guy to say it comes across as negative.

          He’s doing a very good job already. As Rush says, the fact that he’s doing as well as he is despite the insane amount of media cover for Obama says volumes about the strength of Romney’s message.

          But sure, he could sell conservatism better. Who couldn’t? Even guys like Levin could do a better job if they really worked hard at it.

    • FreeManWalking

      Mitt didn’t have a problem in the primaries using scorched earth against his fellow candidates.

      Why is he saying this islam loving Anti American Marxist free spending constitution destroyer cares about the middle class.

      The only thing 0b0 cares about the middle class is to put us all in poverty. If Mitt want to 0b0 to win then he needs to continue down a the road praising him. If Mitt wants to win he needs to start playing hard ball like he did in the primaries.

  • Malkiel_kol_hakavod_la_el

    Romney reminds me sometimes of W Bush as if I need to be liked and don’t want confrontations type of guy.. I worry that Romney will under perform in the debates where a child would be able to run rings around Barack Hussein Obama… Maybe Romney should pretend that Barack Hussein Obama is a fellow republican or Newt and not a black president that can’t be insulted or made to feel bad because the press will be on you like hell fire… And this courting the undecided crap is and always was ridiculous.. You need your base to show up in full force not a 42% turn out of your base with hopes your soft spoken i offend no one likeability will turn the undecided to your camp on election day… A razor thin win is not a good plan just ask W Bush about Gore Vs Bush… Fraud can win if your base stays home…. With all common sense filled Americans voting Barack Hussein Obama should be defeated like Carter was. But I fear that with darn near 50% of Americans that have the head of the body firmly placed in the rear of the body it could be razor thin… I also wonder if a President Romney will tell the House and Senate to play nice with the democrats and give them more seats on committees then they are entitled to have etc like the Bush Congress which i felt was pathetic – spineless – inept..

  • BabyMal

    Newt’s right. It’s time for the gloves to come off. I’m not worried about how Mitt will do in the debates; I watched all of the GOP debates and Mitt always came off as very solid, despite that he wasn’t the first choice of conservatives. Mitt will be fine if he remains solid, but he should throw in some red meat, too.

    And Newt has a good point about the messaging. Whatever it is, it’s not reaching the base.

  • p m

    OK, I’ll say it, or try to, FWIW.

    Taking a big step back, I see a silent majority that is mad as he!! and not prepared to take it anymore. That majority is mad at seeing its flag and all that Old Glory represents being trashed by barbarians. It’s mad about murdered Americans, be they ambassadors or Military. It’s mad at the ingratitude of those same barbarians. It’s mad about the fact its children will be deprived of their country as founded. The silent majority has counted carefully all the affronts to this, the greatest country in the world, ever. It is not accustomed to the mindset of the occupant in the WH, who should be proclaiming to all, the miracle that IS America. It does not approve of that occupant, or his ‘vision’ of destruction for its country.

    Americans have too much pride in their hard-won country to tolerate what has been done to it. That’s why, despite all the underhanded strategies of the wrong man, and all the fretting about how the right man is running his campaign, the enormity of what BHO has done will be answered in a landslide of approval, for the right man, on November 6th 2012.

    There, I said it. Now fire away with the Pollyana accusations…

  • conservocop

    Ah yes. Good ole Newt – the guy that once had the audacity to declare in an interview that ” Hillary would make a good president ” – and sat next to Polosie at the waters edge to declare their solidarity to fight global warming. Mitt is a man of integrity who trusts his instincts; and next week he is going to take it to Obama, much the same as he did with Santorum and Newt in the debates.


  • I don’t think Mitt is gonna lose, but if he does it’ll be because of depressed GOP turnout. And while a lot of that will certainly be chalked up to a corrupt, in-the-tank media, Romney’s campaign has done itself no favors with this strategic approach of playing nice with Obama.

    Why they insist on prefacing most of their criticisms of Obama with “he’s a nice guy, but…” or “we both care about the middle class, but…” is beyond me. When you make Obama out to be a really sweet, caring individual who just isn’t getting the job done, you’re p-ssing off Republicans and conservatives out there who know he’s anything but that and you’re also all but telling fence-sitters who like Obama personally to give him one more shot at this.

    • librtifirst

      Back in the beginning of the country, presidential candidates got much more nasty than anyone would think of today. That was when we had politicians with real differences. Now, they agree on most things.

  • shield1

    I agree with most of what Newt said. However, I have read where Obama has overspent and Mitt, being the good business, has saved a big chunk to flood the swing states with ads.
    I also disagree with those poll numbers; sounds like CNN may have been card stacking like the pollsters tend to do with the dem oversampling.

  • Kris

    Newt is sore bc he lost & the main media is using his bitter diatribes to hurt Mitts run.

    • Amjean

      “Bitter diatribes”? Come on. Nothing could be further from the truth.

      Romney uses Newt and others to get the message out there that he doesn’t want
      to personally state (how Obama has ruined America on purpose) because he wants
      to come off like the presidential candidate every US citizen could vote for, in particular, disenchanted liberals and independents.

      I also recall every presidential candidate for years acting this way while the VP
      candidate and other surrogates are the attack dogs.

  • wodiej

    After Palin decided not to run for President, Gingriich was my 2nd choice. There are a lot of things Romney could do differently but at what cost? obama is not the typical opponent. Look what happened to HRC in the primary and then to McCain and Palin in the GE.

    I think Romney is doing the best he can to highlight the differences between he and obama without sounding overly critical. obama and the liberals are just aching to use the race card again. This is a powder keg. First there was to be no criticism of the first “black” presidential nominee. Now it could turn into the first “black” president doing so poorly that he was not re-elected.

    I understand voters are extremely upset about the terrible job obama has done and how many people have suffered because of it. Me and millions of others suffer every day either from job loss, losing their home, or just trying to make ends meet with the high inflation. But I believe the wrong thing to do is to transfer that anger to open bashing of obama. Bloggers pretty much tend to say what they think. Easier to do behind a keyboard than behind a mic in front of the entire country don’t you think?

    I have heard Romney of late being more assertive and it does wear well on him and I think the American people will respond to it. Frankly, I don’t understand what message Gingrich and others think Romney needs to send out that he hasn’t already. People may believe McCain lost because he was too nice about obama but he lost because obama was the first black presidential nominee. And btw…obama did not win by that much and some of it was done by voter fraud.

    The best thing we can do is pray for Romney and his team.

  • Newt is wrong as well. It’s not why the price of gas and our national debt are at record highs, but why OBAMA MADE them so.

    We must make it clear that HE DID build that, and since many voters believe he deserves at least some blame, if we bring this message across clearly enough, blaming Bush would make Zero look stupid. Right now, we have a campaign about stats, which is great, but what about the policies that caused those stats? If we hit the policies, like we have done on trade, coal, and Medicare, Obama the person cannot escape from Obama the President and Obamanomics the policy.

    Oh, yes, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama actually thought Carter-style policies are helpful. That means he may be silly, but he really cares about helping the middle class. Neville Chamberlain also cared a lot about peace. We don’t have to say that he hates (or likes) the middle class even if we say that he hates policies that help, and likes policies that hurt, them. It’s not the issue, and Mitt should stay away from this line. The bottom line is: Obama isn’t working, and he’s dragged America in the wrong direction.

    • librtifirst

      Every congress and executive administration who racked up debt and let the Fed run loose is responsible for the higher prices, because they come from having a failing currency. The currency is failing because of the deficit spending, bailout bills, quantitative easing, etc. It took many decades to get here, and now it is speeding up because the systematic problems are compounded exponentially every time the money runs out.

      Bush signed the first bailout, then Obama followed suit. Both republicans and democrats spend like there is no tomorrow. Even Clinton and Gingrich got away with claiming to have balanced the budget, without mentioning the fact that they were still building debt. Nobody regulates the Fed, so they bail out private banks and foreign governments in secret. The American people have no clue how much the Fed has put us on the hook for.

      Prices can go higher for many reasons, but when it is across the board, it is likely because of currency devaluation, which is inflation. The tax created by deficit spending is inflation. “The Inflation Tax”. This term needs to catch on.

      • Amjean

        Don’t go blaming Newt for debt.

        That man was run out of Washington for being conservative.

        Clinton was not the great president people think he was. It was Newt that held
        his feet to the fire.

  • Newt is right. Romney needs to go on the attack more so that he can draw a clear distinction between himself and Obama. Ironically, Paul Ryan seems to be making the conservative case better and more frequently than Romney. Ryan is doing an interview today with Cavuto on FOX News, and you know he will be coming after Obama unaplogetically and will constantly be on the attack. As for the simple theme Romney needs to use, it begins with a “C,” CONSERVATISM. Conservative values will save this country and Romney has to say that he is the standard bearer of those values. That way, people in November will have a clear choice between conservatism and socialism. Presented with that choice, people WILL pick conservatism.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Newt makes a couple of good points.

    But for him to go on the enemy’s media site (CNN) and say some of the things that he said about Romney, seems really wrong. This seems like it provides more ammunition to the enemy and plays into their propaganda that Romney is losing in the (unreliable) polls.

    I feel like Romney could be more on fire and sharper too… but I’m not going on CNN to say what I feel. I don’t think Newt helped Romney very much with this interview.

    • stage9

      But I don’t think it’s wrong at all that Newt has said what he’s said. I knew from day one Obameny was going to be a weak-kneed candidate. He was weak in Massachusetts and now he’s taken his apathetic approach nationally. He has no passion. He doesn’t understand the message of the Tea Party (and I would argue he doesn’t like the Tea Party) nor does he understand Constitutional Conservatism.

      People aren’t stupid. They can see through Obamney’s message and they don’t see genuine, they see plastic. So, whether Newt voices his opinion or not, people aren’t blind. They never were really excited about Obamney, and there’s a reason for that — he’s not very excited about us!

      • Sober_Thinking

        I agree with you 100%.

        My concern is Newt saying these things on CNN – this may give the perception that the right is divided (and it is) and that doesn’t help Romney in the least.

        And I share your position… I said it before that I think Romney was the worst of the candidates in the GOP Primary. I don’t want to vote for him… but I will because Obama is considerably worse. But I never want to be put in a position like this again. Bush in 2004 was bad. McCain in 2008 was terrible. And Romney in 2012 is an insult. We need a 3rd party that truly represents conservatives Teavangelicals and even Libertarians. A Constitution Party or something like that.

        And you are also right… Romney needs to start drinking the tea… well, it may be too late for that now… but he has never been an open supporter of the Tea Party – and that sux!!! For the Tea Party to support him, it might send the wrong message too… Saying that the Tea Party supports the GOP – which isn’t really true. The Tea Party’s power will be in electing Tea Party conservatives to the Senate and the House… then even a plastic, moderate candidate like Romney will be restrained and forced to fly true.

        Good points my friend.

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      I totally agree. Tell ROMNEY your criticism, Newt! Not CNN!!! Out in public, he should be 100% positive about Romney at all times, just like the liberals are of Obama, no matter what he does.

      If people buy what they hear or what they read in a headline or two, then let EVERYTHING they hear from our side be PRO-ROMNEY, period.

      • stage9

        But again, do you think people are stupid? I mean let’s just reason through this for a moment. Let’s put Allen West next to Obamney on a stage together and have them explain their Conservative views. Who will you walk away from there truly believing? Colonel West, hands down of course!

        People KNOW THIS! They are smart enough to distinguish CONTRASTS. They can smell the difference between a TALKING POINT candidate and someone like a Mia Love who BELIEVES what she says!

        Do you REALLY believe that you would have to tell Colonel West to stop saying ‘we both care about the middle class’ in regard to Obama? Colonel West would look at you and chuckle. WHY? Because he knows that’s not true! Those words wouldn’t even come out of his mouth!

        But Obamney always HAS BEEN and always WILL BE an APPEASER! He is trying to appease the right and the left and he appears weak when he does that.

        If Obamney wins, and that’s a big IF, he will have done so because Obama is a complete and utter disaster, not because Obamney is the answer. Obamney is a stop-gap candidate at best.

        • RosiesSeeingRed

          I don’t disagree with you on any of that, but if they want to point out Obama’s weaknesses or the fact that he’s an appeaser, they don’t have to do it by adding to the left’s meme that Romney is losing, DO THEY?

          And how does putting Allen West on a stage with Obama compare to one of these spokespeople going on CNN and putting down Romney? At least Obama is there to defend himself in person. How can Romney defend himself when Newt is saying negative things about him on CNN?

          • stage9

            But dude, people know. Trust me, they know. That’s why many of them are “undecided”. They don’t know what to make of this guy. OR they aren’t thrilled about him but they look at Obama and think “this guy is a ridiculously horrible disaster” and then apprehensively look at Obamney again.

            I am a die-hard Conservative, but even I LOOK AT OBAMNEY and hesitate! But then, I look at Obama and think “there is NO WAY this guy can be allowed to get re-elected.”

            It’s not that I love Obamney that I’ll vote for him; I hate the guy; it’s because I loathe Obama’s views that MUCH that I will vote for Obamney.

            If it were Colonel West or Mia Love or Bachmann or any other TRUE Conservative, I’d be freaking EARLY voting for them! lol!

            The people I’ve talked to just aren’t excited about Obamney. They’ll vote for him, but they’re not excited about him.

            • RosiesSeeingRed

              I just don’t see what any of that has to do with Newt, or other Romney spokespeople, saying negative things about Romney’s campaign on national TV.

              If you say people are on the fence about Romney, including yourself hesitating at times, how does Newt talking Romney down on CNN help???????? The push over the fence can go the wrong way for someone who is not a die-hard conservative like yourself.

              And I’m not a dude, FYI. That’s Andrew Breitbart’s picture, not mine.

            • Sober_Thinking

              I think that’s true… though sad. I wish Romney wasn’t the only other choice… but here we are.

              You are spot on with the other choices. There would be no hesitation or gray areas… the choice would be VERY clear. But with Romney, he seems weak or too nice and he has many similarities to Obama. Very frustrating. West, Bachman, Love, DeMint, and a few others would knock it oput of the park, Reagan style.

              We’ll get through this… but in 2016, I’m not taking these bandaid candidates any longer.

        • Sober_Thinking

          You are right… no one is debating that true assessment.

          Romney is a sad candidate. I’d just don’t like people on the right to repeat that to the left… I think of how I feel about Michael Steele (sp?) when he’s on MSNBC… makes me sick, like he’s conferring with the enemy. Newt is wonderful and I like him… but I don’t like him saying bad things about the only candidate who is running against Obama… and saying that to the enemy. It reminds me of Steele.

      • PhillyCon

        Look what happened to Cory Booker, for crying out loud.

        Our “side” has people like Noonan and Kristol. Also note, no one says boo about people like Reid and Pelosi.

      • Sober_Thinking

        I agree. People may see through that… but a united front is still more impressive and persuasive then a divided or fragmented one.

  • Juan_Rico

    I’m sick and tired of Republican pundits coming out and talking about these ridiculous polls like they actually mean anything. Anyone who hasn’t figured out how screwed up they are yet needs to wake up and smell the bias. Rush did a whole show on these ridiculous biased polls yesterday. Maybe Newt and his buddies should try listening to Rush instead of going on left leaning networks and buying into the narrative wholesale. Why do you think they want you on there Newt? They know you’re going to buy the stupid polls hook line and sinker because you and the rest of the chattering class are afraid of being called “conspiracy nuts” or something for calling them out on their bogus polls. Try looking at which shows the same polls the left is touting, but with the proper weighting.

    I’m not saying Romney is running the perfect campaign, but I do believe he knows what he is doing. This ain’t his first rodeo. To have people on our side hitting him with friendly fire does not help one bit.

  • Hacker5988

    If Romney wants to be POTUS he will attack Obama personally about his policies. If he does not and continues to play the establishment R way of “nice guy” simply he LOSES. His choice now ??????

  • canscrap

    If the obama’s spending $1.4 BILLION on themselves, in one year, isn’t enough reason to NOT

  • Landscaper

    Frankly I am fed up to the eyeballs with the so called conservative talking head types on Fox or print media with their “constructive criticism” of how Romney is running his campaign. If they want to help Romney, THEY can take it down and dirty by proxy. Next can just skip on out there and blast away. Obama is a sitting duck, he’s screwed up so much. Why the hell aren’t the nay-sayers doing some gutter politics of their own? CNN, MSNBC and the rest will have them on air. They need to put up or shut up !!!

    • However, I don’t think the Romney campaign wants the conservatives visibly on its team, they don’t want them to “put up” they just want them to “shut up.”

    • nibblesyble

      Newt has put his considerable verbal skills to good use against Obama…his best so far is ‘Obama wakes up thinking about Obama’. I love me some Newt, do I think he should have said what he said privately..maybe, but perhaps Romney isn’t listening enough and he felt it was worth the risk to go public.

      • Landscaper

        I agree with you to a point. Let me clarify mine. Analogy; throw a dart at a pie plate (Romney) or throw a dart at the moon (Obama). The incumbant has made himself that big of a target with ALL his screw-ups. WE/THEY need to keep pounding Obama. Thank you.

  • In the politican world, you gotta hit below the belt. Just ask NoBama. Time to start punching, Mitt!

  • deTocqueville1

    Newt is correct and he echoes comments made by Palin time and again. Getting a bit late for developing a theme don’t ya think!


    Sorry, no matter how you want to spin this, it is divisive. We have 100 comments on this post and half are against the action and half are for. His actions have divided the people on this sight. Now how do you think that plays to the people that watched that show live, or have seen the replay. If you can multiply, you can see it was a negative for getting Romney elected and giving this country a chance to turn around. Newt needs to put his great mind to work and help to chip away at the lies, and distortions of the enemy, instead of attacking our candidate. There is so much for him to attack, especially in foreign policy, my God why does he wast this time talking down our candidate.

    Folks it only takes two brain cells to realize that every time we attack our own, we help the enemy of the country. Do you really want Obama for a second tern?

  • I agree with Newt. Romney’s campaign sucks, unfortunately. If he loses, we’ll live a life of pain for the next 4 years. Even though I’ll vote for Mitt, I would have preferred Newt. Maybe Newt should help Mitt prepare for the debates, there’s no one better than him when it comes to debating.