Newt: Republicans need a long-term strategy, because they don’t have one right now

Newt says that Republicans need a long-term strategy because at the moment he can’t discern one.

Watch his full interview:

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  • PatrickHenrysBody

    The Republicants need to do something because they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. I don’t believe most of them will listen to Newt because they are more concerned about saving their careers rather than saving their country.

    • Orangeone

      Boom! Nothing more needs to be said.

    • 12grace

      Instead of trying to become like the Dems aka Progressive aka Communist the Reps need to stand firm against the Dems. If it’s not endorsed by the Constitution, it must not show up in any legislation.

      I also think the Republicans need to use or create media that presents an honest view of Washington. And get the word out to the American people. Be bold.

      It is true, that the Republicans are up against the wall as the Communists have infiltrated a good portion of our infrastructure and they are dealing with intellectual as well as illiterate malleable idiots.

      I have been seeing increased amounts of information indicating that more and more Americans support Secession if the government continues to violate our G-d given and Constitutional rights.

      I don’t know very much about Session, what do you all think about this on RS. Is this a viable option? How does this work? What states are likely to secede?

      • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

        Listen to Levin. The whole podcast (an hour and a half). Every day.

        He deconstructs the status of government and walks us with him through his thought process for redemption. It is enlightening, orienting and empowering.

  • PVG

    What the GOP needs is a SPEAKER!!

    • capelady

      I think they should hire Bill Whittle as the official spokesperson of the Republican Party! He can communicate conservative values in a way that our political leaders (apart from Newt and Allen West) can only dream of!

  • c4pfan

    Only person I heard talking about the fiscal cliff thing during the 2012 election on tv was Sarah Palin. I didn’t hear any of them bring it up.

    • PatrickHenrysBody

      Of course. That would force them into making her relevant. I firmly believe they despise the woman.

      • 12grace

        I love Sara Palin! And I think she has much more of a following than liberals of both parties want us to know about, etc.

      • capelady

        The RINOs clearly despise all conservatives. They did everything they could to marginalize them in the last election. Allen West was redistricted, and they gave Michelle Bachmann NO financial support in a very tough election. VERY short-sighted when you want majorities in Congress, but clearly their hatred was more important than the future of the nation.

  • mark1955

    I have a long term strategy for the survival of our Republic…It’s called a new Conservative Third Party to replace the repub party. The current repub party is beyond Rotten to the core and is beyond saving. They are all lefties who are pretending to have a modicum of Conservatism in order to prevent us from revolting. The repub party is currently where the ‘Whig’ Party was in the 1850’s,when they became a mirror image of the dem party and had to be replaced by the then new Republican party on the eve of the Civil War. Strange how times seem to repeat themselves isn’t it?

    There has not ever been a more favorable time in my life for a legitimate Third Party to replace the republican party then right now! People would be beyond receptive to it.

    • GetWhatYouPayFor

      There would be “bipartisan support” against it, just like against Sarah Palin. This alone tells me it is clearly the way to go. It would only take 25% of people who currently vote to cause a major stir. Now, include and motivate many who do not currently vote and you have chaos in the establishment system. Many will try to jump ship, cover their bets and infiltrate. These are wimp politicians we are dealing with. They will crumple and capitulate like a house of cards in a hurricane. Keeping them out of the wheelhouse and off the deck of our new ship will be the bigger battle!

    • 12grace

      I would like to see a Constitution party formed, that is, no policy can be applied if it is not endorsed by the Constitution. And the party has to have massive PR to introduce the illiterate public to the Constitution and show them why this system of government surpasses the Communist system.

      If we are to have a successful Third party we need to get busy now and not wait until the next presidential election ( if we have another, election).

    • cabensg
  • nibblesyble

    Newt as speaker had the dems running, the current one has them laughing their you know whats off behind his back.

    • crosshr

      dems figure out how to handle the current one, they stock him up with JD & Porte of all kind

  • The long term strategy (ie. the next election) is to replace every RINO with a true conservative.

  • crosshr

    Thanks for posting this video Scoop. I watched Dana and Newt on Fox on Greta’s show. Great discussion of various issues including this fiscal cliff deal Bohner and Obama are rubbing. Obama got away last four years blaming Bush , If Obama think he’ll get away again this second term with his blame game, He may not only the worse POTUS, but his new title would also be the Foolishest POTUS ever in the nations history.

  • 3seven77

    I wish Newt was back in charge of the House. He wasn’t afraid to “mix it up” with the WH. Shut down the government? Go ahead. Shut it down. Make my day.

    We need someone who can shut down Obama’s spending binges, cancel his credit cards, call him on his BS and rub his nose in this mess. And maybe swat him with the newspaper for good measure.

    • Conniption Fitz

      A Thousand Amens to that!

    • capelady

      And Newt understands history and how the Constitution works – he knows how to make Congress function because he has done it, working with Bill Clinton and a Democrat-controlled Senate. He has the courage of his convictions. He could not care less about political correctness or what anyone else thinks…, which is called backbone – and he thinks creatively and comes up with solutions!

      Boehner and the RINOs know how to attack conservatives but tremble in the face of the Democrats and the liberal media! Either they don’t have the understanding to use the weapons of the House to stop Obama’s agenda… or the are too cowardly to do it!

  • 12grace

    The American people can clearly see that our government is no longer, for, by or off the American people. At every turn, our government seems to forward foreign interests as defined by the UN to the determinant of National interests. Our government has become an obstacle to our freedom and justice instead of arbiters of the fine qualities and morals that made us stand out as a nation.

    While I do not advocate violence, I do support the Second Amendment.

    Obama’s Government: Preparing for Massive U.S. Civil War

    To Join the NRA

  • armyvet10

    Leaders, great leaders, lead by example.
    All of Congress, the Senate and the Executive Branch should be cut off from everything until this mess is cleaned up.
    Suspend all elected officials Health Care, Pay Checks, Benefits, Free Transportation, Security, Access to the Media, and anything else the tax payers pay for. Establish a stiff penalty until they do their job. Hold court trials on all elected officials so all records can be subpoenaed and disallow all executive privilege. Assign any politician who is found guilty of corruption to the harshest prisons. Take away every creature comfort and liberty from all of these dirt bags as they are trying to do this to the hard working men and women of the United States of America. As I am typing this I realized that it is 21 Dec 2012. The Mayan calendar may have been right, all along.

  • MominNV

    What WE NEED, is Gingrich, as speaker of the house.

  • Newt is absolutely right. The next election is TWO YEARS away. In 2014, the low information voters out there will not even be able to remember what happened yesterday, let two years ago in present-day 2012. So NOW is the time for the Republicans to stand for something. NOW is the time for Obama to live up to the agreement that HE signed back in 2011. If Obama doesn’t like the agreement he himself signed, then HE should be the one to change his position, NOT the Republicans. If the Republicans understand that, they will win. If not, they will lose their shirts to Obama.

  • wodiej

    good stuff from Newt. Reveal all the spending waste and go from there. It’s hard to sell tax increases when money is spent irresponsibly.

  • chatterbox365

    I always enjoy listening to Newt…he just lays everything out making his points easy to understand. We need his leadership.

    Boehner, Cantor and the other RINOs are a bunch of a$$wipes.

  • Sandra123456

    Stand for what is right. Don’t compromise with evil.

  • DavidRobertson

    I’ve given up on believing that the leadership (not all R’s), but the leadership is acting on our best interests. However, if by some miracle they are and are just in a tough spot they need to realize that they will NEVER win the media war through the media as it exists today. They must find another way to win. And they need to put away the old rule book and their fear of the current infrastructure. When they abandon that fear and work towards a new way to communicate and influence, they will turn the corner.

  • BHliberty

    Stock market is going to take a hit today for all this non-negotiation rhetoric! These people think this is child’s play! Well, it’s time to grow up and face some responsibility that many in this country sent them to do.

    All three branches made some bad moves and they must own up to it! Shut the government down until they all can publicly agree on a plan.

  • tsturbo

    Here is a long term strategy- Tell Obama that is is a lying reprobate, and that negotiating with him is exactly like tying to make a peace agreement with a Muslim terrorist. Tell him that conservatives are withdrawing from working with him in any way, until he can prove by his actions that he is not what we know he is.

  • SirSullivan

    I honestly think that the Republican party needs to start taking their case to the public. With the help of the “Lame stream media”, this is what the democrats to every day! The republicans need to start running 60 second ads on television, radio, and internet and explain their stances and challenge the stances of the democrats. For example, they could do an ad about Detroit and explain why this city has fallen into a dark hole because of the Democratic policies and then say “do you want this to happen to our country?” They could also ask, “Did the citizens prosper in Detroit with all the welfare we gave them?” or “Here’s what the bail out did for this state, are you impressed?”

    They could do this with California, New York, Chicago (let’s talk gun control), and all the other major cities and states that are deep in debt with high taxes. The republican need to address these issues and make the voters think.

    The point that I’m trying to make here is that our constitution was designed to have the Federal Government involved with the states as little as possible. It was designed to have 50 different states making choices for themselves. If one state was successful because of their policies, then the others could make the choice to follow. If one state fell into a black hole the citizens of that state could move and find new opportunities in another. When we do this on the federal level, all must follow the rules and your choice has been taken away.

    This is the stance that the Republicans need to take. They need to look people in the eye and say, “Do you want the freedom of choice or the slavery of government? You have the choice to control the government in your state, or be controlled by the federal government. We want to bring the government back to you and take it away from Washington.”

  • mikeinidaho

    I believe the GOP’s long-term strategy is what it has been for years! “Go along to get along” with the Dems as both parties work to increase the wealth and power concentrated in DC. The control of the country and all it’s wealth is now firmly in the hands of DC. Now the collapse continues and We the People are screwed.
    Lock and load folks, American Revolution II is coming. It’s either that or slavery!

  • bjohnson55

    Democrats have been working their strategy for over a hundred years, it is call the “Progressive” plan. The only reason we are in the mess we find ourselves in today is from the results of this plan. All Republicans (or a new Conservative Party) have to sign on to doing battle with these socialist ideals by reversing the direction big Government. How you ask??? Simple, when the Conservatives are back in power eliminate entire departments and agencys of government immediatly. That will be the only way they will ever be taken seriously again.

  • We the people CREATED this government. We have allowed it to become tyrranical.

    It is time, we the people, do something about it.

    We can start by holding the so called conservative’s feet to the fire. If they can’t stand on their principles, we will prop them up and hold them up on their principles…..and vote them out next time around!

    “We can’t just change the uniform. We must change the team”–Gov Sarah Palin

  • Zalman bl

    I think we need Newt back in speakership!

    • capelady

      Louie Gohmert nominated him, but nobody was brave enough to second the nomination. I was very impressed by that… Gohmert gets it!!!

  • Now that Newt Gingrich is no longer running in the primary, he has gone back to his RINO ways; from a recent appearance on Jay Leno, (which I saw) and where he sounded like a dern Democrat and even had Leno praising him to this latest blather, saying that conservatives will have to accept marriage equality aka sodomy… don’t hold your breath, Newt.

    From Newsmax…

    Newt Gingrich said that conservatives will have to accept marriage equality after three more states this year voted to allow same sex marriage and more will likely do the same in the 2014 election.

    The former Speaker of the House said he didn’t expect gay rights to become the “wave” issue it has, but that he can accept the difference between a marriage in a church and a legal document, reported Huffington Post.

    Gingrich said the GOP will need to accept that same sex marriage “is in every family, it is in every community,” and that Americans in increasing numbers find no issue with allowing it — as proven by voters on election day.

    • capelady

      What you miss with Newt is that you can’t put him in a box. He has personally done more for conservatism than anyone since Ronald Reagan… but he is a realist and he understands history. He may be absolutely right about the trends and precedents in American society today, as much as we don’t want to see it happen. If states continue to legitimize gay marriage, it will become increasingly difficult to reverse, and Newt recognizes that constitutionally, it is a state issue! I don’t think we will ever overturn Roe v Wade. We can certainly fight to end partial birth and late term abortion, and abortion for sex selection, etc… but will we ever get back to rape, incest, and life of the mother? I sincerely doubt it. Newt personally orchestrated the first conservative House majority in 40 years… the man understands political realities, and that is what you object to, but he also knows how to make things happen and any conservative with any sense will take advantage of his knowledge and experience and listen closely to what the man has to say. Nobody gets it right all the time, and Newt is much like Winston Churchill. Both brilliant, both authors, both considered erratic and rejected by their colleagues in politics… but each made a significant contribution at the right time in history. It is just sad that all of the Republicans, like Boehner, who have been in Congress since Newt left have squandered the reforms he worked so hard to implement… balanced budget, welfare reform, and he wanted term limits but the GOP blocked that! Younger Americans have been indoctrinated through our educational system to accept homosexuality and gay marriage, and that is a political reality, whether you like it or not. The next generation is not going to care!

  • I hear on the radio from Sean H and Rush L that we need to stick to principles. I find it convenient that principles only matter unless we have to vote in a presidential election. When we willingly sell our principles for such a vote, why would anyone be surprised by the quick sell of them any other time.

    Either you have them and stand by them or you don’t, you cannot have it both ways.

    • BHliberty

      Well….apparently a lot of voters on the conservative side felt this wayin the 12 election and consequently, didn’t vote! And you know the rest of history!

      You raise an excellent point but last night it seems the politicians had an epiphany and discovered sticking to principle was the right thing to do! I’ll take it!

      • BHliberty

        I’m actually thinking of another epiphany that they might have and that might be replacing Speaker Boehner with an actual conservative. This would be someone who never wavers their position, is very studied, and is not afraid of a fight!

        • capelady

          Yes… and that is not Cantor! We need a Trey Gowdy or a Louie Gohmert as Speaker! Louie even had the guts to nominate Newt, recognizing the man’s talent, experience, and brilliance! I would love to see a true conservative as Speaker with Newt as a close consultant because the man knows how to get things done!

        • I hope what Boehner did last night will end his Speakership. His lack of leadership is self evident. He and the rest of his team need to go….

          • TimeForAnarchy

            He’s nothing but a figurehead.

  • Jinsky Jean-Pois

    The conservative community should refuse to expand bureaucratic statism under the circumstances of fiscal policy.

    • TimeForAnarchy

      Spot-on, Jinsky. They should also use the power of the purse strings in the House, and start de-funding HHS, EPA, DOE and all of King Barry’s toys. Liberals are lost when they don’t have other people’s money to waste.

  • Biggbear52

    Mr. Speaker the Republican’s have not had a long term strategy since the Reagan era.

  • cabensg

    People interested in politics can no longer be described as political junkies because if you aren’t interested enough in politics to get involved your part of the problem. Thankfully we have many who want to solve the problems we have with the Republican party and we have an intelligent statesman to show the way. This is a good start.

  • mikeinidaho

    Here’s the long-term strategy they SHOULD have:
    Low taxes for EVERYONE and small, non-interfering government that supports capitalism
    and protects our shores. PERIOD.
    Newt is not the answer, but a part of the problem, in my estimation. He’s a DC insider RINO who just wants a piece of the power and money that IS government. That is the goal of both political parties. We the People are impediments to that goal in their eyes.