NOT GOOD AT ALL: Trump just nominated a radical Obama leftist to the EEOC

According to Daniel Horowitz at CR, Trump has just made his worst nomination to date. On December 11, Chai Feldblum was renominated for an additional term on the EEOC:

Chai Rachel Feldblum, of the District of Columbia, to be a Member of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for a term expiring July 1, 2023. (Reappointment)

Now you may be thinking the EEOC is no biggie, but according to Horowitz, you’d be wrong:

Unfortunately, like many civil rights-era laws and agencies that were originally designed to protect inalienable rights, the EEOC has become a tool for infringing on inalienable rights in service of phantom rights. They are the tip of the spear of the radical racial and sexual identity movements, creating super classes of Americans and unequal rights under the guise of promoting equality. Whether it’s quotas, contracting, or forced service for gay weddings, they apply the laws unequally for classes of citizens loved by the American Left at the expense of the classes out of favor with the political elites. Thus, they will force Christian business owners to serve gay weddings with their own property but then assert religious liberty privileges on behalf of Muslim employees seeking to force unreasonable accommodations (such as Muslim truck drivers refusing to deliver beer) on other people’s private property.

After nearly a decade of Obama in office, this makes perfect sense as Obama did everything he could to push the gay agenda and transform this country from the workforce to the military.

But what doesn’t make sense is her renomination by the Trump White House:

The EEOC has five commissioners and is the type of agency for which, if we will not abolish it, we need someone like Scott Garrett at the Export-Import Bank or Scott Pruitt at EPA to run it. In other words, we need someone who opposes the agency’s entire agenda from top to bottom. Instead, Trump re-nominated Chai Feldblum for another term. Feldblum was appointed to the EEOC by Obama in 2009 and re-nominated in 2013. Almost every Republican opposed her nomination in 2013, and conservative groups were up in arms. She is the lead architect of Obama’s transgender agenda, mandating that schools and states bring one gender into private dressing rooms of the opposite gender. Under her tenure, the EEOC has codified the entire sexual alphabet soup agenda, including “sex stereotyping,” into the Civil Rights Act without approval from Congress. An “independent” agency, indeed!

Feldblum believes that every time the sexual identity and homosexual movements come into conflict with private property rights and religious liberty, property rights and religious liberty lose. This comes at a particularly dangerous time, as the EEOC is bringing a number of lawsuits encouraging the courts to enshrine the sexual identity agenda into Title IX of the Education Amendments and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

We need a conservative, now, to lead the EEOC and push back against the radical courts, not maintain Obama’s personnel to encourage the courts to be even more radical.

Now to be fair, Horowitz says we don’t know if Trump actually knows about this nomination or this is just the work of people close to him:

It is unclear if the president himself is aware of this nomination, but clearly some staffers in the White House are rushing this nomination as part of a deal to get their people on the commission, as first reported by Paul Mirengoff of Powerline.

But what is more than clear is just how radical she is on the gay agenda. Just listen to this edited video of comments by her from 2004:

If you want to listen to the fuller video on youtube, you can find it. But I listened to some of the gaps and this video does her comments justice. She’s horrible and has no business being on the EEOC.

Now some are suggesting that she is being put up as part of a deal to get two more Republicans on the 5-panel committee, which would give them a 3-2 majority. But as Horowitz points out, it’s not a good trade:

This overlooks the fact that Republicans control the Senate. They will get their people confirmed anyway, especially because there is nothing controversial about the GOP nominees. This also overlooks the fact that the ability and desire of GOP commissioners to aggressively promote good policies are not equal to someone as skilled and extreme as Feldblum on the other side. It would be better to appoint a random Democrat in her place. Nothing personal to Dhillon and Gade, but nothing suggests that they are conservative culture warriors to the degree that Feldblum is a liberal cultural warrior. This is neither an equal nor a necessary trade.

It will be good for Republicans to have the majority on the EEOC, but if they are weak on these issues and Feldblum is as strong as people say, they may be susceptible to her influence and thus the damage the EEOC is creating will just continue.

How about we just nix the EEOC altogether and let the chips fall where they may…

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