NYC schools dispensing morning-after pill, parental consent not required

This is the kind of thing that makes my eyes bleed:

Ever notice the parallel in the way that liberals deal with excessive spending and youth pregnancies? In the case of excessive spending, they want to raise taxes. In the case of youth pregnancies, they want to provide condoms or in this case, the morning-after pill. In neither case do they actually want to address the root problem, which is to stop spending and to stop having sex. No, they’d rather mock and demean any effort to address the real issue, like actually stopping spending or teaching abstinence.

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  • Brilliant when you see the Liberal Mind work….it has no direction, no foundation, no beliefs, no hope and just more policies designed to destroy the unit of Soceity….THE FAMILY!! Abortions on demand and now what 25 cents and there is a Baby Death Dispenser in Walgreens, CVS, Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, Yankee Stadium, Broadway, School Lockers and Macy’s???? Give me a break….NYC may be a fun city but I would not want to raise a family there…how could you!

    • I’m a New York baby and its a great city with a lot of opportunities if you use them but socially and politically? I loathe this place. It’s not home to a conservative who dare not engage in sex before the age of 18 and it sure as hell is not the place for anyone who doesn’t agree with abortions.

      • T4Ut

        “And he said, Oh let not the Lord be angry, and I will speak yet but this once: Peradventure ten shall be found there. And he said, I will not destroy it for ten’s sake.” Genesis 18:32 (regarding the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah)

        BookWorm, follow the example of Glen Beck and get out while you can.

    • las1

      Just when you think dumb couldn’t get any dumber.

      I’ll bet they will dispense them in cool colors with fruity flavors.

      Sick… just sick.

  • sDee

    Somewhere in America there must be a lawyer who can surely find a parent whose child has suffered physical and/or permanent psychological damage from taking this pill, dispensed without their consent.


    • deeme
    • Sen. Dick Durbin last week try to pass the UN treaty on Disability Children by unanimous consent maneuver instead of having to call a vote on it. PTL that Sen. Mike Lee was present to withhold his consent and then take a vocal berating by Durbin and another senator as to why he is withholding his consent.

      Where are the other conservatives and other Republican Senators to prevent this….

      A legal fund is not the problem. First rid ourselves of Dept. of Education and start removing our children from Government run schools and then things will start changing.

      • Red Blues

        I too, would say “Good Riddance to the Dept of (re)Education. Seems that this ‘gift’ to the taxpayers from the Carter administration has become a training ground for leftists to promote their brand of social policy through the minds (and now bodies) of our children. I cannot say without researching it further, but the dismal state of our public schools seems to have gotten much worse since it was created and parents have little control over their children’s education anymore. I know some will respond, “So, home school them instead” but not all can afford to do that.

        • Red Blues,

          There are more resources available today for those who desire to educate their children than when homeschooling first started. There are single mothers who seeing the value of homeschooling have made it such a priority that they are teaching their children at home. If a single parent can do it, anyone who desires to do so, can. It is a question of priorities and importance to each family.

          I find it interesting that no matter what the situation is that a person may be in, they seem to make the time and sacrifice to make the means to do what is important to them.

          • Red Blues

            Puritan, no argument there, and I do hope the readers who have been leaning that direction will be encouraged to look further at the ever-increasing materials and support groups, some to assist in ‘co-teaching’ with other parents who may lack basic knowledge say in science or mathematics (not *easy* subjects at the secondary level).

            I said that ‘not all can afford’ in more than just a monetary sense. Some do not have the patience to teach their own children, for one thing or (even though there are wonderful curriculum available for those who are lacking in a required subject) they may not feel that they are up to the task and that’s not counting those who simply do *not* want to be burdened. If they are up to the task, then by all means, do it!

            It is, as you say, what the parent sets as their priority that makes the all important task of educating their (our) children job #1.

            My wife and I have been very active in our three children’s schooling, using the public school system for the basics and exposing them to all that the local/nearby (within an easy traveling distance) museums, local historical places, etc. have to offer. We are the exception – not the rule. We wanted our children to be exposed to other ideas and still be able to let them see when they are being propagandized in the name of ‘studies’ or ‘conforming’. That’s what worked for our family but not all has been ‘easy street’.

            The oldest just graduated from a state university, the other two are in High School (senior and sophomore) and all are/were at the top of their classes. That is the direct result of our *not* allowing the local schools to be the final arbiter of what constitutes ‘acceptable progress’. All three have acknowledged that their parents are the reason they have little or no problem taking leadership roles in school and other activities when it falls upon them. We’ve trained them to use their natural abilities as they grow to become adults in society and to not back down from a challenge.

            My wife and I volunteer in our community working with school age children and it never ceases to amaze us at the utter *lack* of parental involvement. That alone is a large portion of the logic used in providing drugs to school children without the parent’s consent – not that it makes it right or any less egregious.

            I would file a lawsuit in a ‘New York minute’ if that happened to our family!

            • Congratulations on such accomplishments. As you state, it is not easy to do, but it can be done. As you may realize, my wife and I do homeschool our children. Initially, there was a lot of uncertainty and negative feedback from family and friends. One in particular was my wife’s lack of a college education.

              But like with anything else in life, you just have to keep one step ahead. Does it take effort and hard work, yes it does! Are there days, she shakes her head and wants to give up, sure. The difference, we know that this is the very best thing for our children in the long run and we have adjusted our lifestyle and other things to make sure it happens.

              As you have mentioned, parental involvement is paramount. In one sense, there is a “lack” of parental involvement. On the other hand, some parents that try to be involved are sidelined or minimized by the administrations or teachers. Nonetheless, the biggest hindrance to education is government.

    • Patriot077

      In our school district (Seattle suburb), a student isn’t even allowed to take an aspirin without a note from home. But at least one nearby school took a girl to get an abortion without parental consent. This pisses me off so bad I can hardly type.

      My son was graduated in 06 and I had to send a daily note for him to take cold medicine during the day.

      • 3seven77

        Yep. I remember that incident Patriot. The girl’s mother wasn’t at all upset by the fact that the girl got an abortion without her consent. She was upset the school didn’t notify her about the cab ride.

        • Patriot077

          I forgot that part of the story! You can bet your bippy I would have sued them and it wouldn’t have been about the taxi.

  • Well hey, now the schools won’t have to spend money on sending the young girls out for abortions and just let them have the pill instead.

    No, you can’t bring advil to school, but you can get the abortion pill for free. By the way, has anyone bothered to see if these pills don’t contain sterilants? I wouldn’t put anything past these evil scum.

    • sDee

      Yup a school nurse cannot dispense asprin without parental approval.

      Why? Because the school would be liable to a lawsuit should the kid have internal bleeding or other side effects. Hence my post above.

      • las1


        And the morning-after pill won’t cause bleeding?

        Are they insane?

        • Rightstuff1

          Yes they are – its known as liberalism….

        • Emma_Goldman

          It forces a period. A light period, actually, Women have this sort of bleeding approximately every month.

          • Justin Smith

            Emma, you’re missing the point. The school district just threw away a parent’s ability to know what drugs are being given to their daughter. My children’s school can’t give them an Ibuprofen tablet for a headache without my consent. Why should this be any different?

            • Emma_Goldman

              I was just speaking to the misinformation rampant in this thread regarding the nature of the morning after pill. I agree that the pill shouldn’t be given out in school, for the same reason they shouldn’t give ibuprofen out – parents, not schools, should give medicine to a child, period. Pretty much can’t give out enough condoms by the handful, though, IMO.

              • las1

                Well Emma.. you still missed my point. If the school board is concerned about a measly “bleeding” problem with aspirin, then how is something like forcing an unnatural period, that directly causes bleeding, somehow not so concerning.

                You must admit there is a twisted logic here now isn’t there?

    • Emma_Goldman

      “Sterilants”? No. They are just essentially three days of BC pills taken all at once.

    • Orangeone

      Advil = No
      Aspirin = No
      Midol = No
      Morning After Pill = Yes

      My head hurts and the wall has a big dent in it!

  • Joe

    Immoral behavior is OK


    as per “nanny Bloomberg”

    You can’t buy a LARGE SODA or LARGE Coffee in NYC !

    WAIT! – What ?

  • 4Hoppes2

    According to Biden: “I am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marrying men, women marrying women, and heterosexual men and women marrying another are entitled to the same exact rights, all the civil rights, all the civil liberties. And quite frankly, I don’t see much of a distinction beyond that.”
    When your theology comes from Will & Grace instead of the Bible and you profess to be Catholic, we can hardly expect anything good coming from public schools.

    • Anyone can call themselves a “Catholic”. But to be a Catholic in Good Standing is a Catholic that is accepted as such by the Roman Catholic Church. Biden and Pelosi are no Catholics. Paul Ryan is, in my opinion, a Catholic in Good Standing.

      • Still waiting for the RC to have the backbone to call out these people instead of serving them communion

    • sjmom

      I told my parish priest the Church needs to start excommunicating some of these pols. He did not disagree.

  • Nukeman60

    Parents can sign a form if they want to opt out of the program‘ – Fox News

    Don’t they have that backwards? Shouldn’t the parents sign a form to opt into the program?

    Obviously, liberals are combatting that all important enemy – the birth of a child. Abortion helps that cause and the ‘Plan B’ pill will get us closer to total reduction of births without the unwanted restriction of abstinence (/sarc with a vengence).

    Perhaps, some day they will come up with a shot, much like a vaccine shot, that would be required prior to entering 1st grade that makes people sterile for 12 years, with a booster shot every 5 years after that. Then kids could have sex from 1st grade on, they could teach about all the variations from pre-school on, and all liberals would be happy.

    God I hate pro-baby killers.

    • Stop it. You are making too much sense. Why is any child automatically enrolled in such a program?

      I won’t be shocked if one day all young girls are given the pill as a form of health requirement. I know that HPV shot is offered to a lot of them. My mom never got me it. Thank God.

    • las1

      …and all liberals would be happy.

      Nope… not by a long shot. They are always unhappy. They’ll just be on to their next liberal project to inflict on society.

    • Yazz55

      In no way do they want anyone to opt OUT of the program. The teachers are probably ordered to ostracize anyone who dares to opt out.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    I know I’m old, but back when I went to school we were taught various things, including personal responsibility, but no one handed out condoms or morning-after pills. No wonder our educational level has dropped so much over the last 30-40 years….teachers are too busy doing things other than educating kids.

    • sDee

      They are busy replacing the Parent, with the State.

      “The education of all children, from the moment that they can get along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions at state expense” K. Marx

    • detectivedick

      In the City of Baltimore the FREE breakfast program is administered in the classroom. Every child is served and must eat at their desk before classes start. You talk about personal responsibility…humm, that is impossible when you have Great Grandmothers in there 30’s and the “baby’s” are a status symbol of “yes I did” and you have to pay for it. In the urban area, if it is free you get more of it, imagine the “status” of going to whoeve rin the school system each morning and saying you need the Morning After pill.

  • poljunkie

    When I was in school we had TB and hearing tests. That was the extent of it. Do they even do those now a days?

    • rich wojcik

      their sick “logic”: “kids will have sex anyway, so let’s give ’em the pill”…

      and my comment to it is:
      “there always be killers……so give them machine guns to assure 100% kill, so they will not “only” wound or bruise a victim”. Just to prevent the pain, you know……..
      Liberalism is a mental disease.

    • Emma_Goldman

      No, and yes. The reason for no TB tests is scientific, and probably goes against your Bible.

      • poljunkie

        “against your Bible.”

        Its not mine. I am willing to share.

        Why did you disavow all of your comments? You come here, stir the pot and then remove yourself from your remarks? They are pretty much anonymous to begin with.

        • Red Blues

          Typical troll, wouldn’t you say?

          I was going to make a somewhat similar point earlier today, but the name (it *was* there at first) changed to ‘guest’ as I was typing. LOL!

          And some wonder why I’ve refered to ‘Discus’ as ‘DisGus(ting)’

          • poljunkie

            Yes, she was here over the weekend and stirred the pot, and then took off – in the same manner.

  • Rob_Bryant

    It amazes me to no end how much these people want to exclude parents. Need an abortion? No problemo, just don’t tell mommy and daddy! In this case, you need to “opt-out,” which is annoying as hell.

    Schools all over the world are being subjected to things that have nothing to do with education. Anyone see the stuff that is going on in the Toronto school system?

    EDIT: BTW, I think each Plan B pill is $50 bucks a pop.

    • It is only going to get worse. There are two UN treaties that the Liberals and RINOS are trying to pass in the Senate to even make it more difficult for parental rights. One almost passed on a unanimous consent request!!!!

  • johnos2112

    I would pack up NYC and move! Bloomberg tells you what you can drink. Next a school district takes the parenting aspect out of the household? What the hell is this? NYC is turning into the albatross of the United States. This is what liberalism looks like on full display!

  • IwjwI

    What do you get when you combine a Marxist with a Radical Islamist?


  • AmyInWI(formerly just Amy..)

    Yeah, but try to sneak some salt or a soda in there and boy are you in trouble!!!

    Honestly, I don’t understand why anyone would live in NYC… It’s a miserable place full of miserable people. No offense to anyone posting here who’s a New Yorker…

  • Need an aspirin for a headache? Have you got your permission slip with both parent’s signatures? No? Oh dear, we can’t give you one then. But sit there for 45 minutes while I disrupt your parents and get one or both to come in here and sign the permission forms and I’ll be glad to give you an aspirin.

    Need an Morning After Pill to kill your unborn human baby because you had unprotected sex? Yes. Sure… And here, take some more, give them to your friends. But… SHHHH!!! Don’t tell your parents where you got them, eh? (wink, wink!)


    • Rshill7

      I suppose we need to slow our population growth as much as possible while Islam accelerates theirs. That way we can be broke, aged and weak.

      It’s as if lefties are following a well-thought out recipe. A dish called Demise, served up on a platter that uh, collapses from within?

      It’s high time wiser heads prevail. We have seen the enemy, we have seen our friends, and both live right next door. Many, don’t get to live at all.

    • kong1967

      That is so true. Schools shouldn’t be involved in the social upbringing and decisions of the students. I don’t have a problem with the pill myself, but the schools shouldn’t take it upon themselves to hand them out. That’s not their business.

    • The morning after pill doe snot cause abortion but the sperm and egg from uniting. I hardly call that an abortion. I don’t agree with giving minors medicaiton either since it can prevent rapes from being reported and/or cause issues. Just get the facts straight before you get in an uproar on ‘abortificants’.

  • rich wojcik

    …and there are millions of other “expenditures” WE PAY FOR and do not know about…
    Liberalism is a mental disease.
    Whoopi said she used a wire hanger……………………

    • Rob_Bryant

      You know, I have always wondered just how that whole coat hanger thing was supposed to work. It just doesn’t seem plausible to be able to use for such a thing. I’m not saying it _hasn’t_ been used for this evil, but I just don’t get how it is supposed to actually work.

      • kong1967

        I think they try to kill the baby and then it is stillborn. Question is, do we allow something to be legal…abortion…just because some women take it into their own hands? Do we allow people to have their neighbors killed just because they will do it anyway?

        One thing I do know….which isn’t much, lol….is that the baby is not part of the mother’s body. I hate hearing that argument because it’s a lie. The mother walks away unscathed (other than mental impacts).

        • Emma_Goldman

          Men with violent opinions about medical issues they know nothing about, by their own admission — what a problem for our country that is. You can google the coat hanger abortion. It might make you rethink denying safe legal abortions to women so desperate that they’d risk mutilating themselves with the coat hanger.

          • kong1967

            I never said that self mutilation out of desperation was pretty and I never condoned it, so don’t tell me I have “violent opinions” about something I know nothing about.

            Preventing women from acting on their own doesn’t justify legalizing abortion. There was a woman that was so desperate to have a child she cut the baby out of the mother’s womb while the mother was still alive. Does that mean you legalize stealing babies….so they get what they want without having to resort to this? No. The baby can be put up for adoption. They don’t have to keep the child. I don’t think there should be laws to protect people from themselves. The laws should be there to protect those against others wishing to do them harm…such as doctors putting a drill into a baby’s skull (are you telling me that’s not violent?). That baby has no voice and is not part of the mother’s body…especially well beyond the very near timeframe of conception.

            • Emma_Goldman

              The prevention thing has no bearing on why I think abortion should be legal. But I do like to point it out when someone is arguing a case they know nothing about in terms of all the elements (arguing about nukes, for instance, if you don’t know what half-life is. I’ll put it in war terms for you)

              • kong1967

                Crap, I accidentally liked your comment, so others that see my name next to “like”…ignore it.

                Yet you didn’t explain what elements you are talking about….even with your reference to nukes and half life (which, by the way, I know about).

                Why don’t you tell me what elements you are talking about?

                • Emma_Goldman

                  You were opposing abortion, yet expressed a partial or complete ignorance about what a coathanger abortion was, then made it the defacto (and imagined) emblem for legal abortion. No one would believe you’d like my posts, don’t worry.

                • kong1967

                  Lol, but I’m not a closed minded person. I will listen but not necessarily agree.

                  The intention of a coathanger abortion is to have a “do-it-yourself” abortion without the expertise of a doctor. It’s dangerous and can kill the mother, too. What more is there to understand?

                  I don’t condone it just because I’m against abortions. Keep in mind that is the mother making the choice, not me. If I could tell them not to do it and succeed….I would.

                • poljunkie

                  You can unlike the comment by clicking it again.

                • Red Blues

                  Thanks! that’s something new I have learned today (but not all by any means)

                • kong1967

                  It didn’t work for me. It just added me twice.

                • poljunkie

                  Thats odd- usually it unlikes you. Did the page update?

                • kong1967

                  That’s wierd. I tried it again on the comment in question and it’s doing the same thing. It adds one to it, but when I refresh it goes back to just one.

                  However, I just tried it on your comment and it worked just fine. It did remove. Maybe my computer isn’t refreshing the page properly, I don’t know. No biggie.

                • kong1967

                  Lol, if it were any easier I’d have to flunk myself.

          • Red Blues

            guest, I know that you are a pro-choicer, so please share your thoughts on how ‘this’ is somehow better?

            A portion of an email I received from a pro-life group:

            “… the Illinois health department raided nine abortion mills. According to reports, several abortion centers in Illinois had gone without inspection for as many as 15 years. The Illinois investigators said, they were so shocked by the conditions uncovered at two of them that they issued emergency license suspensions for both.

            One of the suspended mills in Lincolnwood was cited for lack of a supervising registered nurse, failure to perform CPR on a patient who later died, and keeping TV dinners in a biohazard refrigerator next to aborted babies.

            The mill in Lincolnwood received a $36,000 fine for the violations, but chose to close permanently rather than pay up. The abortion center in Rockford also closed after being cited for numerous violations, including failure to keep a registered nurse on staff, unsanitary operating rooms, and stained equipment. While the Rockford mill managed to negotiate a much smaller fine of $9,750, it still had to close due to the outcry from pro-lifers and others in the local community.

            In fact, the abortion mill in Rockford has long been a focus of NPLA and other pro-life activists, who report that they have been verbally and physically abused by abortion mill staff while peacefully demonstrating out front.”

            One cannot make this up, yet the lies still are being spewed by, I would guess, the same people who insist on giving our children the morning after pill! Sources for those who will ask for ‘facts’, well here they are…




            Please, please say that “these are lies, all lies” while a simple Google search for the phrases ‘Lincolnwood was cited for lack of a supervising registered nurse” and “The abortion center in Rockford also closed” shows 83,700 returns for the first place mentioned above and over 418,000 for the second. Not all were relevant but the first three or four *dozen* were. “OK, nothing to see here, move along…”

        • MyVoice3

          A baby is not part of the mother’s body.

  • texabama

    I recently had a discussion with a family member who stated she believed we should give out birth control like “candy”. I told her I disagreed because I don’t want a 13-year-old getting prescription medications that have untold side effects. As a breast cancer survivor I am particularly against pumping hormones into our youth. What is wrong with teaching abstinence and self-restraint and letting kids be kids and not miniature adults. Five years from now we will be watching TV with 1-800-BAD-DRUG commercials for these morning-after pills…guaranteed.

    • kong1967

      That is the best argument I have heard not to use the pill. We just don’t know, and we find out a drug’s harmful effects years down the road after it’s too late.

      I don’t have a problem with teaching abstinence. I tried teaching it to my daughter….unsuccessfully. A local private religious school has the highest pregnancy rate in the state, too. I want teens to abstain, but how do we actually get them to do it? My experience has been that it doesn’t work because of the culture surrounding them. Back in 1950 it was a lot easier because of the culture, but teaching a child not to do something they see going on everywhere around them is near impossible. Sex is everywhere….even in Levis jeans ads.

    • Emma_Goldman

      You do realize these m.a. pills have been around well over thirty years?

      • texabama

        Yes, and birth control pills have been around for about 50 years…doesn’t stop them from having side effects or you wouldn’t be seeing all those ads now for lawsuits against Yaz and some of the other products.

  • Sandra123456

    Oh for cryin’ out loud. If I were a Catholic in NYC is part of my tax money is going for birth control and morning after pills? The War on Catholicism continues.

    Interestingly in this report the report says 50% of high school students are sexually active in NYC. Hmmm. I thought a 100% were doing “it,” the way the MSM reports on teen sex. So 50% are abstaining from sex? How can that be?

    The Right Scoop makes a great point. Liberals never try to stop a problem, only trying to address the aftermath of a problem. Never prevent, just mop up.

    • MiketheMarine

      Well, if they were to address the root problem, then they would be forced to address self responsibility which liberal voters believe is the REAL root problem.

    • sDee

      Liberal “educators” create the problem first, then step in with a solution designed to both replace paternal authority and remove any sense of moral or personal responsibility from the children’s psyche.

      It is how marxism works. Same old game – new faces.

      “”Please allow me to introduce myself
      I’m a man of wealth and taste
      I’ve been around for a long, long year
      Stole many a mans soul and faith
      And I was round when Jesus Christ
      Had his moment of doubt and pain
      Made damn sure that Pilate
      Washed his hands and sealed his fate

      Pleased to meet you. Hope you guess my name
      But what’s puzzling you, is the nature of my game

      I stuck around St. Petersburg
      When I saw it was a time for a change
      Killed the czar and his ministers
      Anastasia screamed in vain
      I rode a tank
      Held a generals rank
      When the blitzkrieg raged
      And the bodies stank

      Pleased to meet you. Hope you guess my name
      But what’s puzzling you, is the nature of my game

      I watched with glee
      While your kings and queens
      Fought for ten decades
      For the gods they made
      I shouted out,
      Who killed the Kennedys?
      When after all
      It was you and me

      Let me please introduce myself
      I’m a man of wealth and taste
      And I laid traps for troubadours
      Who get killed before they reached Bombay

      Pleased to meet you. Hope you guess my name
      But what’s puzzling you, is the nature of my game

      Just as every cop is a criminal
      And all the sinners saints
      As heads is tails
      Just call me Lucifer
      Cause I’m in need of some restraint

      So if you meet me
      Have some courtesy. Have some sympathy, and some taste
      Use all your well-learned politesse
      Or I’ll lay your soul to waste

      Pleased to meet you. Hope you guess my name
      But what’s puzzling you, is the nature of my game

      Tell me baby, what’s my name
      I tell you one time, you’re to blame “”

  • stage9

    Like I’ve always said, if there’s a matter of moral consequence liberals will ALWAYS, without fail, take the position opposite God. Hence the title: godless liberals.

    • marketcomp

      I agree, stage9! If I had children in either the Chicago or New York or really any liberal inner city school I would be looking for other regions of the country or city. I mean have they really done any studies showing what giving birth control to 14 years will do to their development. And why is it only target girls and not boys. Girls don’t get pregnant by themselves. You know this sounds like an idea that came from intelligentsia who really don’t think about the moral or health implications of this stupid idea. As Thomas Sowell points out about the intelligentsia, it will fail and they will be long gone and they (the intelligentsia) will not be held accountable for this obvious plan that leads to the breakdown on society.

      • It is not just inner-city schools. They are suburbian, small town schools as well. As long as you have to follow state guidelines and whatever the Dept. of Ed state, they are all in serious trouble.

        The biggest misnomer about public education is that it is local. It is not. I have had friends on school boards having to vote on what the state passed. He said he had no idea why they voted for even if they voted no, it is the law. So much for local control of the school system.

      • stage9

        Nothing beats a zipper that locks in the up position. And that takes a person with willpower and moral fortitude grounded in a relationship with the Biblical Christ.

        Abstinence Education

    • Speaking of ‘moral’s conservative states have the highest pregnancy rates. I guess nver mind the wars that Republicans started killing innocent people and costing millions. I am liberal too but draw the line when it comes to private matters. DoOn’t call the kettle black.

  • 4Hoppes2

    On the subject of abortion, there is a terrific, just released DVD called October Baby. If you are not touched by this movie you have no heart.

    • Rob_Bryant

      Yes! Very good film. I’ve already watched it 4 or 5 times now. haha My wife just said she thinks I’ve watched it more than that : P Anyway, I agree, it’s a good flick for sure. The Erwin Bros. did good : )

  • Shouldnt this be an opt in type of program not opt out?

  • Breaking over at Legal Insurrection….MS ELIZABETH WARREN IN MA has no Law License to practice in MASS!!! This is a big….Legal Insurrection has the entire breakdown for Ms. Warren and her representations!!!

    I know side note…but wanted to pass along….this is going to be a problem….She misrepresented herself….She was only at one time or another licensed in Texas and New Jersey yet represented cases in Mass???

    This is good stuff!!!

    Oh and over at FOX and Drudge CBS edited parts of Obama’s Interview where he admits MISTAKES (LIES) from his Campaign Ads….Did not appear last night on Network but it is now posted by CBS!!!

    I know off topic but wanted to share both above!

    • MiketheMarine

      Wow, thanks for the heads up.

    • I’m sure Scott Brown is going to just LOVE to hear about this! 🙂

    • marketcomp

      Obama=Warren! They both appear to be measured and calm and rational with their socialist ideas to take the shock factor away from their Marxist-Leninist ideologies. These people are snakes and to them not having a law license or not being a natural born citizen is not necessary to be President because the ends justify the means. Typical Liberals!

    • demographicallychallenged

      You must take into consideration that Ms. Warren is Native American, therefore where ever ms squatting bull sits is Native American soil and not subject to U.S. or State law. Or at least that’s the way they would see it. (Pass the pepto please)

  • DavidRobertson

    So, they are adopting the “opt out” vs. the “opt in”…this seems to be a tactic that has gotten legs over the past few years. The government assumes control and agreement if you don’t specifically “opt out” of something…as if the procedure is so essential and popular, that only a few odd people here and there would really need to use the opt out waiver. Up is down, wrong is right, bad is good, and dark is light. I’m struck by the velocity of the downward spiral in our culture.

    • sDee

      Yes there appears to be some notion of implied consent. IN other words – by sending your daughter to school today you gave us your permission to feed her abortion pills.

      Where are the class action lawyers?

    • “Top-down, bottom-up”. A Marxist guide to change a country.

      ‘Nuff said.

  • kong1967

    I’m not Catholic, so I don’t have a problem with the “morning after pill”. I know some may consider it an abortion pill, but my views of when it becomes an actual “life” are different than many here. It’s early, but I don’t believe it’s as soon as the morning after. That’s just my belief and I don’t harbor any ill feeling to anyone who believes it’s at conception.

    That being said, the schools can hand out the pills but if a teen is Catholic should they not be practicing abstinence anyway? When I was in highschool there was a nearby private religious school, and we were constantly getting transfers from girls who got pregnant at that school. The pregnancy rate there was the highest in the state, and it always boggled my mind because they teach abstinence there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing teaching abstinence and I unsuccessfully tried to teach it to my daughter, but is there a negative, unintented consequence from it? Rebellion maybe?

    RS is definitely right that liberals don’t address the root problem. They want to allow any behavior to go unchecked and they will address the symptoms and the results coming from that behavior. I’ll have to leave the solution to this one up to someone else because I don’t have one. My experience has been that teaching abstinence doesn’t work, but maybe because of the atmosphere they were being taught? I mean, a religious school generally taking away a person’s teenage years? This school didn’t even allow dancing, so it could be part of general rebellion.

    • sDee

      I feel we should not let our politicians mire us in their relativism, by combining the moral and religious question, with the question of the role of governemt.

      The question we should force our Aliskyite politicians to answer before we hand them power over our moral and religious choice, is: “At what point, from conception to death, does does the government’s most essential duty to protect our right to life begin?”

      • kong1967

        I totally agree this is not government’s role to intervene. School’s have no business taking it upon themselves to hand out the pill even if one believes the pill is ok. It is not their job, nor is it a politician’s job. Regardless of whether one accepts the pill, it is a family matter.

        • Red Blues

          Corrie Ten Boom related a story in her novel, “The Hiding Place” about the time she asked her father a rather adult question for a youngster. The father didn’t answer but simply asked Corrie to take his luggage and place it onto the luggage compartment of the train. The youngster grabbed the handle and pulled as she might could barely lift it. She complained to her father, “I can’t, it’s too heavy”! Whereupon, her father answered her question by saying “Some things are just too heavy for little ones to carry. So I will carry the knowledge until you older and ready to hear it” as he easily loaded the bag.

          I am retelling this from memory, so please pardon my paraphrasing this passage.

          The problem with this whole issue is that in many cases our children are simply too young to be learning about sex and sexual abstinence before they are ready to handle such heavy topics. If a child does not know of such things, even what is taught in religious abstinence classes, there will be less inclination to experiment. I know, kids mature at all different rates, some blossom as early as fourth grade while others are still behind their peers in developing their post-puberty sexual characteristics well into college. This might explain the catholic school girls who had to obtain transfers.

          When I was attending seventh grade ‘health’ class in the early 70’s, we didn’t share the same room, but we know that the girl’s class was covering the same gender specific material. In the following class, earth science, there was much snickering (and teasing) among the boys and quite a bit of blushing from the girls from the boy’s comments. Every single sentence that came out of Mr. Smith’s mouth carried a sexual undertone – an undertone that did *not* exist except in the minds of his students. The science lessons that month were on paleo-geology so I know that there no ‘connecting thread’ but you can well imagine the discussion on various rocks formations… “How hard was that rock?” and the laughter that ensued. I learned a great deal about the *hardness* of *things* when I was still way too young to understand the implications of that knowledge. Others were, I was not.

          I know that I attended an ‘experimental’ school that would be referred to as a magnet school today. Many of the teaching and grading methods were very avant garde even compared to curriculum in use today. I also know that some portions of that experiment in sex ed failed to do what it set out to do, but DID encourage kids in our class to perform certain experiments after school. But maybe in the long term view of the progressives, it was a success after all. After all, it did help set the stage for the current NYC school debacle over the morning after pill.

          • kong1967

            Kids definitely experiment at a lot younger age than what kids did when I was in school. We had sex ed, but it was very basic and didn’t teach about actual sexual intercourse. It basically tought us about our bodies, and we also were not in the same class as the girls.

            I can see the arguments on both sides of this. Libs say they’re going to have sex anyway so we have to try to get them educated so they don’t get pregnant or get an STD. I have a hard time arguing against this because in my experience teaching abstinence doesn’t work…not when there is sex all over t.v. shows and in advertising. Abstinence is my preferred method of addressing it, but how do you get them to do it?

            No matter how we address this, we cannot let the schools hand out pills and send girls to the doctor to get an abortion without the parent’s permission or knowledge.

            A quick (funny) story. I was a drunk in high school. Not an alcoholic but a heavy heavy partier. I showed up to school drunk one day and my Spanish teacher told me (and my friend) to go to the auditorium because we were supposed to be there already. We did not notice that no girls were in the Spanish class but the boys still were. We walked into the auditorium and it was full of girls watching a sexually oriented class about the woman’s body. The speaker looked at us and said “can I help you?”. We were so embarrassed and hauled a$$ out of there.

            • Red Blues

              Now, that there’s funny! 🙂

              Sounds like your Spanish teacher knew how to make a point about the impairment caused by alcohol, huh?

              No simple answer on how to get kids *not* to do what nature has programmed in their bodies. We, the wife and I, simply use the news, ads, and TV shows to have “teachable moments” and use those times to teach them our expectations. Easier to do it then instead of waiting until some young man is at the door for his date.

              When our two girls were younger (around 7 or 8 I would guess) the natural questions would come up because of what was on TV. Instead of shying away, we would give them an honest answer (made age appropriate, of course) but we dealt with the questions head-on rather than ignore or change the subject.

              As they got older, keeping the anecdote about Ms Ten Boom in mind, when they were *ready* for the knowledge, we adjusted the answers. Our oldest is now 24, single and working to get her career in finance on firm footing, our youngest is a senior in HS. They are both very aware of what boys want (the advantage of not sugar coating the answers) but at this point in their lives, they know that it’s a big deal and will impact their lives in ways that they can understand. Their choice to abstain was and is based on what *they* want with little or no pressure from me… their Mom? Well, let’s just say that she has a little saying, “It goes like this ‘Marriage *then* kids not kids then marriage'”. I now also let Mom handle their questions because as young women, that’s far more appropriate.

              I still have a 15 year-old son, and when he asks “those” questions regarding sex, I address it the same way but also let him know that with the change in his young body, his mind is being overrun by hormones that will cloud his judgement… while I’m sure that was covered in health class, he will need to hear it over and over (the sex hormones were a b$ch as I remember from my own painful episodes in school). I have also made sure that he understands that while there are *easy* girls, he can do *much* better than that (again, the expectations) and that some girls want to just have a kid and get married because they want to get out their home situation. Also allowing Mom to add her 2 cents with that ‘little saying’ above.

              All three of them have close friends of both sexes and we have made it point to also let them know what our expectations are for them when they are out and about.

              With love, and care, we have crossed that bridge but I know it’s not an easy way and not the best way for other parents. Just what *we* do. To explain the painful difficulties involved in this approach, when they asked if me and the missus had lived together before marriage, we answered, “Yes, but looking back, we shouldn’t have.” Again, another teachable moment. We have to decide to take that path and stay the course. The payoff is that they know much more than their peers about the way things really are in life instead of what they get from their friends. That sort of honesty goes a long way. We are their parents, *not* their friends as is the vogue. As they’ve gotten older, they are now getting to the point where we can move to the proper next stage and become ‘friends’ (more accurately mentor or trusted advisers). Of course, I *am* looking forward to spoiling some grand-kids but that will happen in it’s time.

              • kong1967

                I’m glad to hear it worked for you. It’s nice to hear success stories.

                My daughter lived with her mother and I tried to talk about these things, but….I can’t even get her to talk about politics now so just imagine how much she didn’t want to talk about sex issues, lol.

                I lucked out. She is 21 and has never gotten pregnant, and she is waiting to have kids until she’s married and has a stable life. Other parents aren’t so lucky.

  • Sure, just make it easier to get an abortion on demand. Instead of teaching kids that they maybe should wait a bit to have sex, they give up and do everything they can to offer even more abortion options to kids. Just pathetic.

  • jaybenson

    Student: Excuse me nurse, may I have an aspirin or perhaps a Tylenol?

    Nurse: Sorry, your parents have not signed the authorization form. Please take this 55 page form to your parents for their signature, legal review, and notarization. You will be limited to 2 aspirin or Tylenols per week.

    Student: Well, okay. Stressing over getting pregnant just gives me a headache.

    Nurse: Why didn’t you just tell me that? Here are three months worth of birth control and a dozen morning-after pills. Oh and I’ll even throw in a 10% coupon for Planned Parenthood “services”, just in case. Now both the birth-control and morning-after pills have some serious side-effects but don’t worry, they aren’t as dangerous as aspirin or Tylenol in my opinion, and I’m a nurse.

    Student: Thank you so much!!! Do I need to tell my parents about this?

    Nurse: Of course not! Don’t you listen to your teachers or former Vice President Al Gore? If you did, you would realize your parents don’t know as much as you and can’t be trusted with this sort of information. Parents don’t know anything about birth control. If they did you wouldn’t even be here!

    Student: Wow, that like makes so much sense. I am so grateful to have a nurse and school administration that really cares about me and my body! Especially my math teacher… (teaser for next episode).

    • sDee

      Now that hits hard – I love it!
      “If they did you wouldn’t even be here!”

  • steprock

    Thanks for your comments there, Scoop. Right on the money.

  • And as long as we pay our property taxes and continue to blindly send our children to government run schools…there will be no change.

  • I’m from NY and I saw this on my local news. A young Black girl said it right, this program will encourage sex because they know if they get pregnant , they will have the back up.

    These kids will mindlessly engage in such sex and they know that they will have abortions and birth control to back them. They are not encouraging abstinence and condoms that protect from STD’s but instead, want to hand out free birth control and abortions. Not how you solve the problem or teach kids. You teach, not enable. That’s what’s wrong with America now.

    Too many people expect (free) things to solve the problem instead of others teaching them how to prevent the problem all together with safer alternatives.

    • Emma_Goldman

      I wonder why you thought it relevant to point out that this girl was black.

  • sjmom

    So………………..they can’t pray in school but they can have all the sex they want and aborth the child without parental permission. I wondered as I was watching how many parents know about this???????????????? Shame on any who would allow the school to give their child the morning after pill!

  • aposematic

    NYC…reaping what it sowed. How else should NYC control the evil they planted at harvest time.

  • Sober_Thinking

    And all of America suffers as a result.

    These people have no morals whatsoever…

  • Justin Smith

    The left has no interesting in promoting personal responsibility and change in personal behavior. For them, “responsibility” is something for the state to take after a choice is made.

  • This is no business for the gov’t to be in…it is between the kids and their dare the gov’t take over control and make decisions to give these kids this pill? I hope that parents scream out about this issue…If I lived in New York, I would be screaming..but thank God I don’t live there…

  • stage9

    Spread this to all your friends….

    Liberty Institute Director of Litigation Hiram Sasser had the unique opportunity to sit down with British Barrister Paul Diamond for an exclusive look at the intense attacks on religious freedom in the United Kingdom. These attacks, Diamond says, are growing in number and are heading our way in the very near future if Americans do not wake up.

    Trailer – America on the Brink: The End of Religious Liberty with Barrister Paul Diamond

  • Orangeone

    Soda = no

    Morning after pill for minors = yes

    NYC should be tossed out of the US of A

  • Mary_Linda

    A pox ob Bloomberg.

    • This is what happens when people vote for a person of questionable sanity, should be allowed to be in charge of govt., aka Mayor, in a city as large and populace as NYC. If Bloomberg weren’t a billionaire Mayor, he would have probably, in all likelihood have already been institutionalized.

  • hb_benty

    Part of ” the communist manifesto”, in the plan to destroy the West, was to debauch the young people, interest them in sex,and erode our childrens ruggedness. Anybody who is not wilfully blind can see them at work in our schools and all educational institutions.

  • This is what happens when people vote for a person of questionable sanity, should be allowed to be in charge of govt., aka Mayor, in a city as large and populace as NYC. If Bloomberg weren’t a billionaire Mayor, he would have probably, in all likelihood have already been institutionalized. Amazing..

    Do parents really think it’s ok for their 14 year daughters, to have without their permisssion- abortion pills.. if not, then they should do something about it- ie; diectly to that idiot Bloomberg himself., as well as the school.. If it were me, I woud file a class action lawsuit against the schools and the City, ie; and specifically Bloomberg himself.

    Except for Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Barney Franks, Chris Dodd, and the rest of the nutjobs in Congress, Bloomberg is the worst elected politician in America.

  • Jay

    This is why I moved away from da great city a Chicago and have no interest in even visiting there, NY, LA, etc, etc.