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Robert Malley, a man who was apparently too toxic to advise Obama’s campaign in 2008, has now been assigned as the senior director at the National Security Council where he will be working on US policy for the Middle East. So what made him too toxic in 2008?

In 2008, Mr. Malley was forced to sever his ties as an informal adviser to the campaign of Barack Obama when it was reported that he had met with members of Hamas, the militant Palestinian group, which the State Department classifies as a terrorist organization.

But he has other ties as well that are cause for concern. His father, someone who was reported as being ‘rabidly anti-Israel‘, was as colleague to one of the founders of the Communist Party in Egypt.

In 2011 Malley said that working with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt was “not a bad idea”, because:

“They are an important constituency in Egypt. They’re very likely to play a role in any future arrangements there.”

Malley has also worked as director of the International Crisis Group which released a report in 2008 advocating that the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood become part of the ‘political mainstream’ in Egypt:

The three-year clash between the government and the Muslim Brothers is damaging Egypt’s political life. Ending this confrontation and moving towards the long-term goal of integrating the Brothers into the political mainstream is a far better option.

On the board of the the ICG were also a couple of members who were tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, Wadah Khanfar and Anwar Ibrahim. You can read more about them in Walid Shoebat’s report on all of this. There’s also a nice little nugget of prophecy info at the end of his report – about Russia.


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