Obama goes from solid B plus / A minus grade to incomplete; Stephanie Cutter approves!

Remember when Obama gave himself a solid B plus at the end of his first year? He also said that in that interview that if he gets Obamacare passed, he’d give himself an A minus. Well it turns out now that he can’t run on his record of a solid B plus/A minus, he’s giving himself an incomplete because he’s not done yet:

How do you go from an A minus to an incomplete in just 3 years? Well that doesn’t matter because Stephanie Cutter thinks it’s just dandy that Obama is now giving himself an incomplete (h/t: Hotair):

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  • MiketheMarine

    Stupid is as stupid says, Stephanie !

    • Joe

      Perfect – I cannot improve on that one !
      (darn it)

    • opinionatedhermit


      What Mike said.

  • Ryan Mobley

    No man-child left behind…

  • NYGino

    “…he’s not done yet”…….I shudder to think.

    • Oh he might think he’s not done, but his goose is definitely cooked! NO More years! R&R are on the way to save the day and the nation!

      • NYGino

        He still has time to help Iran “wipe Israel off the face of the Earth” and to make up his list of the criminals he intends to pardon.

    • opinionatedhermit

      I love it.

      Rush just said, “Heck no. He isn’t done. There are still people with jobs left.”

    • Nukeman60

      …he’s not done yet…‘ – Cutter

      I would put that line in bold letters in a new ad, showing the long lines of unemployment, the massive numbers of food stamp recipients, the houses underwater, the skyrocketing gas and food prices, and the $16 trillion debt – and then boldly say, “If we allow him to continue, he’s just not done yet. It’s up to us. Let’s make him be done”.

  • I give him an f- (minus) F is for Failure.

    The only person happy with NObama’s record is probably Carter. AT last the history books will show there was a worse Present-in-Chief.

  • Rshill7

    Here’s another thing he is “incomplete” on. His ability to fill that 74K seat arena for his acceptance speech. The venue for that has been changed to a 20k seat auditorium. That might be a tad easier to fill.

    You see, It’s tough to get a bunch of folks to applaud across the board failure. It’s tough to garner votes for failure too.

    Obama. Famous for being famous. Notorious by nearly every other measure. A landslide waiting to happen. The Earth is already starting to rumble, and so are we.

    • NYGino

      Does this mean he won’t have time to lower the world’s oceans?

      • Rshill7

        Nope. There is an ocean he has definitely raised though. Oceans of voters will rise over his head, drowning his career, his legacy and his party.

  • Okay Cutter the Gutter…she is clueless, ugly, stupid, idiotic, rambling and useless. She is nothing more than a poster child for ugly womens united!! She says he needs 4 more years….LADY YOU COULD NOT FIT THAT LIE IN THE GRAND CANYON!! He is an ABJECT FAILURE!! There is no spin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!that people in their daily lives you can change GUTTER!!

    • Maggie_McC

      She is not ugly. Really pretty, actually. Otherwise….I think she is just brainwashed.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    I agree that obama’s grade should be incomplete as far as achievements because he hasn’t accomplished much of anything; however, HE IS A COMPLETE FAILURE as president of these United States!!!

  • 1water

    … and the US national debt is in a couple minutes reaching 16 billion … (according to http://www.usdebtclock.org/index.html )

    • Depressing isn’t it? 🙁 The GOP should have dedicated a huge screen at the convention to showing the entire debt clock as shown on that website instead of just the debt bit they pulled out. Would have been more effective, no?

  • Sober_Thinking

    Incomplete = something positive for an F- pResident. Even the grim muppet (Cutter) has to try and put some sort of positive spin on this train wreck (but she can’t). What’s funny is that “Incomplete” is the best they can do? Lol!

    Even they know any other grade above “F” would be such an audacious lie that America would never swallow that bitter pill.

    Can’t wait for school to be out forever for this dunce.

  • Galatiansch2vs20

    A) spending tax payers’ money on the auto industry,

    B) making sure liberal indoctrination centers are more affordable,

    C) “Invest” spending taxpayer money from the public coffers (or putting it on the country’s credit card) rather than private enterprise spending dollars on ‘clean energy’, science, technology and research- adding to the nation’s debt and throwing money away on projects such as Solyndra- this helps fix the economy, Mr. President?

    And with your passed Obama (doesn’t) care bill, the biggest tax increase in U.S. history, and with your taking money from medicare for seniors and disabled people, are you saying, “I guess that will fix America all right”?

    Wait folks- he gives himself an incomplete. He doesn’t want to stop there!

  • opinionatedhermit

    At what point in time will it enter these people thick skulls that the real question is why do we believe he will actually be able to accomplish anything at all, ever?

    “Roll the Republicans” is not a political identity…. But, it is a strategy. Or, better said: It is what gangsters do.

  • If there was something lower than an “F” that I could give Obama, I’d give it to him. But if people were charitable, they’d give him a “C,” which would stand for “Carter.” But wait, would that be better or worse than an F? I’ll leave you to be the judge of that.

  • NYGino

    Incomplete: n. A grade indicating insufficient work done.

    With all the golf games and parties and all the time spent campaigning, and all the vacations, and all the time playing basketball, and all the time spent schmoozing his Hollywood cronies, and all the time spent showing off high tech, green companies that belong to his friends that he had us pay for that went belly up, and all the time wasted away getting up at 10 AM, well, “incomplete” seems to be deserved.

    Now, the question is, is being the President of the United States a full time job or a part time job.

    • Maggie_McC

      You have to laugh at the First Lady saying that Obama turned down high-paying jobs to be president. Where on earth could he get one that provides him with the beyond-enormous benefits-and taxpayers” $$$$$ he has now? And for his entire family. See the world in Air Force One. And bring wife, daughters, mother-in-law, and enough security to guard a country. I’d say he has a pretty cushy job.

  • Dukehoopsfan

    You know it’s bad when C-Span takes a small shot.

  • sDee

    Obama is right – he has not yet completely destroyed America, Christianity, Israel, Capitalism, the Rule of Law and the Constitution.

    • NYGino

      In his mind, he has much work to do.

  • An “incomplete” grade means you failed to do all of the course work that you were supposed to do for some reason. For example, instead of doing your homework and going to class, you went golfing instead.

  • RestlessLegs

    I’ve been a college professor for 25 years, and I only give out an “incomplete” when there are extreme circumstances (such as extended hospitalization) that would prevent a student from completing required coursework. As a result, I rarely give an “I.”
    Sorry, Mr. Obama – “general incompetence” does not qualify you for an incomplete. I’m giving you the grade you earned: F.

    • Does your report card look like mine?

      A. Romney & Ryan
      F Obama and Biden!


  • Nukeman60

    If I get healthcare passed, we tip into A-‘ – Obama

    Yeah, and if you help Iran defeat Israel, you’ll give yourself a A++, but don’t expect us to grade you on a curve. Personally, I would expel you for cheating, but that’s just me.

    Obama can give himself an ‘incomplete’ because he’s familiar with what incompletes are. Oops, I’m not supposed to know about his college transcripts. My bad.

    I can see another RNC ad in the near future. Thank you once again, Mr. Incomplete President. You are our greatest weapon in this election. And I thought Biden was the gaffe-master.

  • Maggie_McC

    I guess we won’t know his actual grade until the election. Interestingly, there’s a solar eclipse that day, Nov 6, I think. And a lunar ine two weeks later, if my memory serves.