Obama: I’m keeping a “naughty and nice” list for members of Congress

A veiled threat to the GOP from an empty suit in a toy factor in Pennsylvania that makes K’NEX:

(via NRO)

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  • Joe


  • Im_Rick_James

    Oh yeah. Well I’m keeping a c$cksucker list, and he’s number one on it.

    • MiketheMarine

      Perfectly stated. Besides, until I see a budget passed, there is no nice list in congress. Not one Poly tick. They don’t even get lumps of coal since they allowed the anti-Christ to shut down the coal industry.

      • sjmom

        Word from Santa is he is going to fill every room in the WH with so much coal this year it will be difficult to get through the doorways of the Oval Office and the first family’s private quarters.

        • Orangeone

          But, but, but, they don’t need coal because of solar panels! Oh wait, solar panel installation was a failure.

          • MiketheMarine

            CUTE avatar. Is that Amber?

            • Orangeone

              That would be Ivory with a touch of Ebony, my 3rd and 1st kitties 🙂

              • MiketheMarine

                Absolutely adorable. Heart melter…..

        • MiketheMarine

          He can’t use coal. We aren’t allowed to mine it anymore. Santa will have to use garbage instead.

  • Joe

    I really can’t take 4 more years of this arrogant [email protected]

    How can a “movement” be started to get this guy out of office

    Birther – ss # in Connecticut

    war crimes –

    I really don’t care which


    Nixon resigned over an audio coverup –

    What the heck is going on ???

    • marketcomp

      Unfortunately, Joe, with him nothing sticks not even ordering the military to stand down when 4 Americans were brutally murdered! The media must pay and we start by making them irrelevant. If we can make the MSM and all of these entertainment media irrelevant then we make him irrelevant.

    • Joe- you’ve been off so much, you haven’t seen what duckie and some others are up to have you? Be sure to read all of it, and go to all the links. I think you’ll like what you see so far. 🙂 http://constfreparty.blogspot.com/

      • Joe

        I saw that and your great video as well

        BUT the Nation is in a crisis

        I really want to see an organized demonstration so the MSM

        must cover the nonsense that is going on

        But I’ll check the links

        I hope I find one that shows when the revolution is starting

        Thanks Duckie

        • We’re barely a week old Joe. We’re rollin’ but we need more folks. Can’t do much without others. 🙂 And as for the propaganda press, some folks are working on exposing them.

          • Joe

            Please keep me advised – I have had it

            • You can count on it Joe! xoxox

            • Orangeone

              Are you on Twitter Joe? I joined Duckie’s “communications” team and tweet like crazy for #CFP, right ScoopSis????

              • My biggest twittersis helper! 😀

                • Orangeone

                  The ScoopSisses, ScoopBros, TwitterSisses and TwitterBros are the best!

          • cabensg

            Who and where? I wanna sign up.

            • Right here cabensg. http://constfreparty.blogspot.com/
              Read it, follow the links at the bottom to see what we’ve been doing so far and what we’re about. If you like what you see, you can join us on facebook. If you’re not on facebook, let me know here, and I’ll send you links when we get new stuff up. We’re hopefully going to get a website soon so I don’t have to keep driving Scoop up the wall spamming 😉 Thank you!!

              • lilig

                Hey ABC, I just got this email today….Is this really a possibility? It would sure be fantastic if it is…and it would work!!! Anyone out there heard of this?

                “OUR LAST CHANCE”


                Barack Obama has not yet been re-elected president.

                Yes, the election is over – but remember, a presidential election in America is not by popular vote. We vote for the candidate, but what we are really doing is voting for the electors who will meet on the Monday after the second Wednesday in December.

                That is when the actual re-election of the president occurs.

                Is there a way to stop this?

                Yes, there is.

                And the best part – this is totally constitutional.

                The 12th Amendment of the Constitution as well as Article II of the Constitution govern the Electoral College.

                According to the 12th Amendment, for the Electoral College to be able to select the president, it must have a quorum of two-thirds of the states voting.

                Here is where the TEA PARTY comes in –

                If enough states (17) refuse to participate, the Electoral College will not have a quorum. If the Electoral College does not have a quorum or otherwise cannot vote or decide, then the responsibility for selecting the president and vice president devolves to the Congress.

                The House of Representatives selects the president and the Senate selects the vice president.

                Since the Republicans hold a majority in the House, presumably they would vote for Mitt Romney, and the Democrats in the Senate would vote for Joe Biden for vice president.

                Can this work?

                Sure it can.

                Democrats have actually set this precedent of refusing to participate to deny Republicans a quorum.

                They did this in Wisconsin and in Texas. Why can’t we do this with the Electoral College?

                Mitt Romney will be infinitely better than Barack Obama.

                So how do we do this?

                Mitt Romney carried 24 states. We need to have TEA PARTY conservative activists from all over the nation contact the electors, the Republican Party and the secretary of state in all of these states and tell them not to participate in the Electoral College when it meets on Dec. 17.

                If we can get 17 of those states (just over one-third) to refuse to participate, the Electoral College will have no quorum. Then, as the Constitution directs, the election goes to the House of Representatives.

                That is how we can still pull this election out and make Mitt Romney president in January.

                We need this concept shared with every tea party, liberty and patriotic group throughout the country. We have time to act, but we must pressure Republicans to do the right thing.

                It does not matter who gets credit for this. The credit is not important. Using our last chance to defeat Barack Obama is important.

                Far too often the Republican Party seems more interested in losing gracefully than winning and governing.

                This is our last chance. We the people must contact the electors, party officials and secretaries of state from every red state and insist that they refuse to participate in the Electoral College.”

                • I’m all for giving it a shot lilig, I don’t know if it would work or not, as I’ve never really thought about it. Keep passing it along, I will too. You never know! 🙂 It’s good to see you!

                • lilig

                  Good to see you too!!!

                  If we could generate enough followers, maybe it could work!!! Anyone else here with us?

            • Orangeone

              Are you on Twitter? if so, you can follow either ABinC, me, Kong, Wolfie or all of us!

        • sjmom

          Joe, we need you. 🙂

        • Nukeman60

          Joe, there are many things we can do. I have a three step process that I think everyone should be involved in.

          One, bust the LameStream deceit. Find ways to promote Conservative media. Get the word out to the masses that the lies of Obama and his propaganda wing are total BS.

          Two, expose the election fraud. People can start amassing info on local, state and federal fraud that went on this last election. Especially (and this is one I’m personally working on), the electronic election fraud. The counting fraud was far more destructive than the individual voter fraud. Also, the final result must be a secure election process. I keep saying if the banking system can have secure ATMs where millions of people do transactions every single day with minimal fraud, then the election process should be a breeze.

          And three (this is where ABiC comes in), we need to create a new party (the Constitutional Freedom Party), whereby we eliminate all progressives from our ranks. Promoting truth, justice and the American dream for all Americans (based on the Constitution and guided by God) will draw not only disenfranchised Republicans, but also Independents and non-socialist Democrats as well. It is amazing to realize that people really just want the truth out of their politicians and we aren’t getting it from either side.

          With these three things, people can pick and choose what they want to delve into. Everybody has some expertise that they can bring to the table (me, I just talk too much, but am a jack-of-all-trades in the long run) and together we can make a difference. TRScoop is an excellent site where we can bring it all together and it will fan out from here.

    • SheerPolitics

      Resign? Heck, we’ll be lucky if he doesn’t try some Hugo Chavez style coup come the next election and try to force a 3rd term! This guy thinks he’s emperor.

    • NJK

      I keep hoping for an act of God to do him in.

      • Orangeone

        Hurricane in Hawaii on his taxpayer-funded $4 million vacation while we fall off the cliff is my Santa wish.

  • Wow, Rush was even more right then I gave him credit for. He IS Santa Clause!

    • sjmom

      Did you say Santa Louse???????


    … ‘RUSH LIMBAUGH’ was right he is SANTA !”

  • marketcomp

    This is so ridiculous! Who in the H*** does he think he is talking too? Yeah, we know what Valarie Jarrot said, but so what! If he looks at this re-election as a mandate then he is in for a very rude awakening! Let’s do this Mr. President, get your a** back to the Washington, DC before taking you $4 million vaca and negotiate to prevent this fake fiscal cliff that you and your party have concocted! I cannot believe that we have to listen to this elementary rhetoric for the next 4 years. I jean he won so who is he paying back now! What a complete and utter embarrassment. Yeah, perhaps we, the American people, have a naughty and nice list too and I know you are at the top of the list!

    • Nukeman60

      Who in the H*** does he think he is talking too? – m

      He thinks he’s talking to the low-information voter out there, the ones who just reelected him. He believes he can continue to sway them to get Congress to do his bidding, just like he got these same idiot voters to do his bidding.

      They will support him right off the cliff and then look around to see who to blame for it. Oh yeah, it was the Republicans, certainly not dear Obama.

      • marketcomp

        Yea, I get it Nukeman! He and his voters are sooo disturbing to me! I mean they are lazy, not interested in contributing or working for a living. And I know that if they are college students and the Occupy Wall Street types they particiapate in illegal drug use all day long. I can really see their demise because stupidity has it’s limits!

  • Then I assume you won’t be getting anything for Christmas Barack!

  • sDee

    A two bit Alinskite street punk is President of the Untied States. We will indeed deserve what we get.

    • Don

      That is telling it like it is, sDee. Has America gotten to the point where our president uses intimidation from the bully pulpit to threaten those who disagree with him? This might work on CryBaby Boehner and his RINO cohorts, but its laughable to those who see him exactly for what he is. ObamaClause doesn’t have a clue about this country and our people. When the street punks rule, America dies.

  • theresaaa

    God help us . We have a retarded child running the white house .

    Second thought I don’t mean to insult children with learning disabilities . Bless their hearts they are not vindictive or petty and work very had to over come their short comings .

    • Just call dear leader a jack wagon. Or a crap weasle. 🙂

      • theresaaa

        You give him more credit than I do , you call him a “leader” . lol

      • Constance

        Would the term “buttocks” hat be okay? You know what I’d like to write…

  • Watcherinla

    How can anyone take him seriously. Every time he opens his mouth, something stupid comes out.

    • Unfortunately there are about 59million people that do take him seriously and WANT what he has to offer!

      • theresaaa

        Proof our education system is worthless !

  • So, more Solyndra, eh?

    • Can we put a big, honkin’ wind turbine in your yard?

      Yes we can! Yes we can!

      • Orangeone

        And when the big, honkin’ wind turbine is set up in the yard and rotating, the Sierra Club will knock on your door with a bill for the dead birds, the EPA will show up next with a fine for noise pollution, and the neighbor kids will have target practice with their paint ball guns.

        • BONUS: Lower property values!

          • Orangeone

            K-Bob, lower property value does not necessarily mean lower property taxes, at least in Minnesota where ours go up to make up the deficit

            • Too true. After the housing bubble burst, tons of folks are upside down, and paying higher property taxes now than five years ago.

        • Nukeman60

          Don’t forget the government coming around to tax you for the air you are using. That’s valuable stuff, right there.

          • Orangeone

            Good one Nuke!  Thanks for catching that.

  • colliemum

    Obama’s got a list? Well, he’s waayyy behind the times.
    The two giants of light opera, Gilbert and Sullivan, have been there before him, and they’ve been doing it far better! Here’s the timeless favourite, the “List song”:


    • sjmom

      That was great! Needed a laugh.

    • crosshr

      good laugh colliemum. I thought this was in San Fran w/ Nancy fine performance in cute outfit. lol

  • Susitna

    Obama and his lists…….:
    – male lovers
    – islamic leaders to support
    – passports (Kenya, UK, Indonesia, US)
    – judges with a death threat
    – useful idiots in the MSM and Hollywood
    – campaign donators
    – voting machine doctors
    – gifts to groups of interest
    – Axelrod’s working girls
    – green energy stimulus receivers
    – union bosses
    – communist teachers and professors
    – nasty journalists
    – composite girlfriends
    – drug lords
    – black leaders
    – …………………………………..
    He has binders with lots of lists……and Valerie is the binder keeper!

  • sjmom

    Well, Barack I have placed you on Santa’s “naughty” list. Santa said he’s already received so many letters and emails about you he’s going to have to find more coal. Should be easy since you have banned energy uses for it.

    The epitome of arrogance!

  • Susitna

    Hi Scoop: I really like this new picture from Obama. It perfectly reflects his nice character, peaceful temper and unique charisma. Just the person you can trust and that would never lie to you.

    • cabensg

      It’s not new but it’s the only picture of him I can even stand to look at because it does (as you say) fit his character so perfectly. This would make the perfect bumper sticker pic.

  • MiketheMarine

    Ok, folks, I’m outa here for the weekend. If I haven’t responded to you yet, I will on Monday. I promise. Love you guys.

    • colliemum

      Have a great one, and cuddles (if he accepts them) to Smokey!

    • Orangeone

      And you are slacking early on a Friday afternoon why???? You even admitted you still have homework to complete. I’m telling the home school mom on you….ABinC ScoopSis, I’m telling on mikey, he didn’t finish his homework!

      Hope you had a great weekend Mike 🙂 Been missin’ ya and had to craft a welcome back message.

      • Aw yeah, he came in early to do it lol. He’s been a good boy. 😀

        • Orangeone

          Glad my ScoopSis / TwitterSis has been watching over him 🙂

          • 😉 We’re good that way lol. He watches out for us and we watch over him.

          • MiketheMarine

            Are you kidding? I have many chaparones, all of which I love, here.


        • MiketheMarine

          Thank you.


      • MiketheMarine

        Awesome, thank you, Ma’am. And I didn’t do my homework either. 🙂

        Or, my wolf ate my homework, whichever works.


        • Orangeone

          I like the wolf ate my homework.  That’s unique, like you, and no one would think of interrogating Smokey to see if it’s true 🙂

          • MiketheMarine

            Hahaha, they could try but much like the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood, he would just tilt his head to a side with what you would swear was a smile.

      • MiketheMarine

        I have been missing our exchanges here as well. Welcome back to the both of us.

        Smiles and hugs.

        • Orangeone

          Back to ya!

          • MiketheMarine


  • Sober_Thinking

    He’s just a piece of work.

    Stay classy you big phoney.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Why any republican is contemplating working with this a$$hole makes you wanna scratch your head. We have to do when you are outnumbered im the battlefield, obstruct, sabotage, and destroy any target that we can.

  • He actually looks like he is losing it every day. Is this the face of a man who just won reelection? Something is way off about the guy.

    • Constance

      What you are witnessing is the final removal of the mask. There is nothing underneath but pure evil. I know I sound dramatic, but I truly have believed it for a very long time. You are simply starting to see the real Barack Hussein Obama. Absolute garbage.

      • StrangernFiction


    • Orangeone

      Oh, I just had a vision of an aneurism.

  • Dukehoopsfan

    I am so ashamed that this POS is the president of our country and I am starting to feel a little pity for the idiots who follow this pied-piper around … eventually right off the cliff.

    • Orangeone

      I am so much harsher that you duke, I want to sit back and watch the Obamabots follow him into Never-Neverland. Elections do have consequences and they were warned!

      • hbnolikeee

        Unfortunately we’re passengers on this auto flying off the cliff.

        • Orangeone

          But we are prepared, unlike the Obamabots.

        • Dukehoopsfan

          Just make sure you are ready to step aside 😉

  • Rocco11

    4 more years of this communist folks, what did we do to deserve this? lol

    • wodiej

      people voted for bush twice.

      • hbnolikeee

        Through 2006 our unemployment was under 5% and our debt was at 400 billion. What happened? The dumbocrats arrived and with 2 years left of Bush’s term the jacked us up. Not that I think Bush did a great job, but by comparison, there is none.

  • wodiej

    that’s like the fox guarding the henhouse. obama isn’t even old enough to vote let alone be president w the juvenile things he says and does like this.

  • Where’s the DredPARROTrobts to explain-away this news? LOL probably helping Hank hold Guam down on one end so that it won’t tip.

  • stage9

    But THIS IS HOW liberals are winning! PR! PR! PR! They keep pushing the BIG LIE!

    Republicans? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Betsey_Ross

      I’d say crank up the propoganda machine, but the R’s don’t have one. They need one desparately. Rush did say that making the Democrats out to be Santa Claus really ticks them off. Rush is keeping it up, and I guess we all need to crank up the lexicon to include the Dems being the party of Santa Claus.

    • WhiteGuy2

      Thats the truth. The only time you hear the Republicans speak out is on C-Span.

    • The Republican party already has the gangrene-like smell of Whig about them. They are already dead from the neck, up.

      • Nukeman60

        Very good analogy. People should go back and study how the Republican party came into being (not you, as I know you already know). The Whig party was dead and it didn’t take long for the Republicans to put a man in the White House.

        I’m thinking history is going to repeat itself. (did I say Constitutional Freedom Party?)

  • He may have a “naughty or nice” list but We the People have a “dumb, dumber, dumbest” list and HE’S on it with Harry Reid and Joe Biden.

  • WhiteGuy2

    I wish God would send another flood and ruin Obama’s Hawaiian vacation.

    • The jerk should go vacation in New Jersey, and actually do something to help the people ravaged by Hurricane Sandy, instead of racking up a $4+ Million bill for us to pay, and pretending he’s not really responsible for all of the misery over the last four years.

  • WhiteGuy2

    I have a traitor list. !00% Democrats and main stream media.

  • Rocco11

    I don’t know who’s dumber, this communist or Hank Johnson..

  • Rocco11

    Don’t forget folks, Elizabeth Warren and Alan Grayson haven’t even checked into the game yet…(I thought Rush was going to tell us when it was time to panic?)

  • Rocco11

    Clearly the choom smoking communist has major parental abandonment issues that he’s taking out on anyone who disagrees with him.

    • marketcomp

      It is quite immature!

  • Rshill7

    Is anybody else keeping a shut the h*ll up list…just for O’? You could add every other dimwitted demmie under his and help save a tree.

    Wait a second. That would take a lot of trees. Never mind 🙂

  • BHliberty

    And they say he is not divisive! The media and this clown is such a joke!

    • BHliberty

      Also, the house passed the STEMs job act today for educated with visas and their families with citizenship. Havent read the bill but I wonder if the senate/Obama agree to this? Or are these people on his naughty list!

  • anneinarkansas

    We too are keeping a list, Dear Leader.

  • bongobear

    Arrogant jerk.

  • syvyn11

    Save you time, Barry. PUT ME ON THE NAUGHTY LIST! If it being nice means kissing your @$$, I’ll have no part of it.

  • 911Infidel

    I already got my ‘naughty and nice list’. But I’m saving it for the revolution. Hint…no caol in stockings for the naughty…only weeping and gnashing of teeth after a long trip on a short rope.

  • Now more than ever, we actually need to go off this “cliff.” This guy has absolutely no intention of cutting anything. In fact, he actually wants to INCREASE Federal spending with another “stimulus.” I guess throwing away almost a trillion dollars on the last “stimulus” didn’t teach this guy anything. Let’s all go off the cliff so that everybody has some skin in the game. Republicans are going to get blamed for whatever happens anyway, so don’t give in unless we get major concessions on spending cuts. If not, just walk away and let Obama have all the tax increases. Let HIM cultivate the standard reputation of much higher taxes under Democratic “leadership.”

  • Constance

    Freak in wolf’s clothing.

  • NJK

    And they need to turn around, and say they’re keeping a list on him. He’s got a huge list that’s impeacheable already. Time to be a man, Boehner, and not an abused spouse.

    • hbnolikeee

      Careful you’ll make him weep again.

  • Sidemeat

    You smug bastard… keep dividing America.

  • iaintlyin

    this, this leader of ours. And the press that gave the position to him…..what a shame. I’m actually so f’ing depressed at whats going on, I’m keeping away from the whole political world with a resignation of hard times ahead no matter what. Its going to be within three years so I ain’t getting my sack in a knot any more. Where the hell is a leader to oppose this guy. If I hear Boner refer to the left as “not serious” or “we need to have an adult offer” I’m going to go crazy. Boner and McConnell need to acknowledge the administrations tack as being a “socialistic and success destroying ‘way of life'”. Tell the results of what this agenda is bringing upon us in all its gory detail, keep referring to thesituation in Greece and Spain. They (McC and Bore’) are playing a game of tag while the left is at war to win this country once and for all.

    The right has to mention how Agenda 21 and the Islamist jihad against America are very real and threaten America (as we inherited it) much more than any other country in the world. Make people aware of our enemies within. Call them out for the agenda they are destroying us with. If Boner and McConnell think they’re playing with kids, then the should study up on Child Psychology because those two have been taken to th e cleaners time and time again

  • pmb88

    cant listen to Bambi. looks like he wants to play with the toys

  • SKL53

    The people who helped elect this guy a second time are NAUGHTY and STUPID!!!!!!!!!! Just wait you dumb libs you ain’t seen nothing yet! Not only will you lose your healthcare, pensions, salary, medicare, social security, but MORE IMPORTANTLY…your FREEDOMS! So GO get your FREE 5$ per month Sandra Fluke birth control! That’s ALL you deserve to get while the MIDDLE CLASS will die a slow death in the next four years!

  • SKL53

    Back on November 6th, we had hopes that the majority of Americans were more intelligent than the ones who cared only about themselves and entitlements! What a disappointment to be so mistaken!

    • hbnolikeee

      Between the 47% on the dole, the corrupt MSM and the voter fraud it is a tough beast to beat back.

    • 3million votes shy-just about the number of reported reupublicans/conservatives that decided not to vote or voted 3rd party! Sad truly sad!

    • Nukeman60

      Everyone has to ignore what the pundits are saying and truthfully ask themselves these questions. Did it seem to you like we were going to vote less than we did for McCain? Was the enthusiasm at an all-time low for the Republican party? Was the economy in a state where we were saying we liked four more years of the same?

      If people are honest with themselves, and ignore what the so-called experts are trying to analyze, then we will all come to the same conclusion that something happened to about 10-12 million votes. I say electronic fraud, whereby a mere 10% in the swing states was switched over from Romney to Obama.

      It’s hard to prove (even though it is already documented in Congressional hearings that it is possible to hack these machines, leave no trace, and has been shown to work) and it doesn’t excuse the millions who did vote for Obama, but it’s a start to trying to get a secure election process.

      • SKL53

        Your theory about voter fraud is absolutely correct! There is no conspiracy theory here! We have been seeing more and more that these voter machines HAVE been tampered with especially in swing states. Guess who owns the voting machines…yup none other…GEORGE SOROS!!!!!!!!!!!1

        • Nukeman60

          If you, or anyone you know, finds any articles dealing with the fraud (both voter and electronic), send them to me. I’m amassing a storyline here that I hope to break this wide open and I can use all the help I can get. I already have articles on Diebold, Sequoia, Scytl, and Dominion Voting Systems and I’m amassing the voting results in all the swing states to attempt to prove the connection with electronic fraud.

          It has become a tiring but worthwhile project (and I have no guarantees to be successful) plus it won’t change this past election. But my goal is to establish a secure election process for future elections that decent people on both sides of the aisle should want to have. Nobody can tell me that we can’t have secure electronic voting process when we already have a secure ATM system with the banks that millions of people safely use every single day.

          There is nothing worse than wasting a vote because someone else stole a counter-vote.

  • nicole baldwin

    I watched this video and I thought he said more… I’m wondering if this has more to do with being refered to as Santa? Maybe he was just making a tongue in cheek joke. When Donald Trump “made a deal” for his school records he made a joke (Pres. Obama) about it too. I don’t find it any more divisive than saying people who voted for him just wanted “stuff” and “things”. I know that I may get alot of flack for my comment but this is an open community and I hope it’s allowed to respectfully disagree.

    • hbnolikeee

      So you’re suggesting that Duh Bumbler doesn’t buy votes? Suggesting that the increase in people on welfare by 50% in the last four years is just a coincidence?

      • nicole baldwin

        I would think the increase has more to do with economic hardship not coincidence. I would never argue there are those who abuse the system but I don’t think the increase was from those who wanted to abuse the system. Also, a huge majority that voted for him are not on public assistance. I don’t think making the option avaliable to those who truly need it constitutes buying votes. Just as an aside, Romney promised corporations gifts as well, lots of them and corporations recieve tons of government welfare…rather see that money go to middle America than corporations who just distribute the money among the most wealthy.

        • You know Nicole this really isn’t rocket science-if and that is a big IF if Obama really wanted to help the poor and downtrodden politically he would focus on them instead of trying to redo the entire American way of life. But that isn’t his purpose-one only has to look back at history and see the similarities of him and other countries that are or were socialistic or communistic. So trying to “rationalize” or offer a possible explanation to his comments doesn’t compare to what the man has done to hurt America over the last 4 years.

          • well, I promise I’m really not trying to ruffle feathers or bait people. I underst

            • Nukeman60

              Rising gun sales is proof that people fear he will take away the 2nd amendment rights, not proof that he won’t. There is a laundry list of what he is doing with his Executive Orders that defies the people, the Congress, and the Constitution. It’s actually difficult to discuss and explain this to someone who would be blind to the last four years. Many people are blind and that’s why Obama used the demonizing tactics that he did and why so many voted for him that did.

              This country has a long way to go to wake up. The path that Obama is taking us is destructive. We, on this site know that, and most of us are prepared for what will happen eventually, if it is allowed to go the distance. Are you ready for when grocery stores are empty after three days, when energy prices rise tenfold, when the dollar is worth nothing after hyperinflation? Simple questions to ask yourself.

              There is nothing moderate, middle-of-the-road about Obama. When he spent his short time in the Senate, he was classified as the most liberal Senator there (when he wasn’t voting present). If you believe Obama is a moderate, middle-of-the-road politician, then you either don’t know much about politics or you don’t care. Either way, it’s not very helpful for you.

              Obama’s signature legislation, ObamaCare, is neither affordable nor true care. There isn’t a business or analyst out there today that says it is going to accomplish what he declared (and fooled many of you into believing) it would do. There was a reason why he had to use 10 years worth of taxation and 6 years worth of benefits to make it look deficit neutral. Businesses today are looking to reduce their manpower below the 50 limit, or put many on part-time employment so that they can avoid the outlandish costs ObamaCare is going to inflict.

              After all is said and done, and the costs have skyrocketed with this legislature, we find that the same number of people that were actually without care before the bill will be without care after the bill. And all the while, Obama touted coverage for your ’26 year old’ child, and pre-existing conditions.

              I could go into these same details with each and every one of Obama’s ‘accomplishments’ to date, but it is totally useless and unnecessary, if you haven’t seen it by now. We appreciate your being here on this site and giving your point of view, but don’t be surprised if you take a lot of flack when those views don’t match reality much.

              • iaintlyin

                Amen brother.

                Incontrovertible truth from one that is conscious, aware and concerned.

                So easy to see but the typical moron is blinded by the shine of the MSM halo.

                • Nukeman60

                  It’s so easy to just say ‘thank you’ for the freebies and move on to the next reality TV show. Our goal is to enlighten the masses to their impending doom before it’s too late, otherwise we can never turn this nation around.

                  Exposing the LameStream for what lies they tell is just one part of my three part plan to regain control of this nation (securing the election process and removing all trace of ‘progressives’ from a legitimate party are the other two parts).

                • iaintlyin

                  Someone said ‘thank you’? Wow, I know one person that didn’t say it, the Obamaphone mooch that didn’t have enough and wanted more. Really dude if you know of someone that said thankyou you’re one ahead of me.

                • Nukeman60

                  Thanks for the laugh. You made my day 🙂

                • nicole baldwin

                  I also want to say I appreciate your point of view but I would just like to say I didn’t get any freebies, I’m not on any type of public assistance, I ‘m not a taker or a moocher or any of those things. I’m also not an athiest or a bleeding heart. I know you feel strongly that this is why people voted for Pres.Obama but it’s not why I did anyway.

                • Nukeman60

                  Why exactly do you want Obama for four more years? What do you think he will do differently than he did in the last four years? I’m curious as to what the non-moochers who want Obama use for a reasoning. All I ever heard in the campaign was this group was a demon and that group was a demon. Not exactly presidential. I’m not one of the moochers either, but that doesn’t exactly prove that they weren’t a big reason for his reelection.

                  A thought on big banks. Deregulation was not the initial cause of the recession, even though MSNBC would want us to believe that. It was the Democratic Congress passing laws to force banks to give mortgages to people who could not afford them. I wonder, if you had the money, would you loan it to someone who has No Income, No Job, and no Assests (ie, the infamous NINJA loans). That is what the banks were forced to do and tried to find a safety net for it (ie, the so-called toxic derivatives).

                  One of the biggest reasons for the housing collapse was Goldman Sachs, a company that was strongly protected by Obama, donated heavily to Obama, and many of it’s executives were eventually hired by Obama’s administration. Dems were just as much in bed, if not more, with big business as Republicans, but the media made sure the populace believed it was only the right.

                  Lastly, you are sounding much like Alan Colmes when you decry, “But…but…Bush did it, so why can’t Obama”. Many things Bush did were wrong, so doing four times as much doesn’t make it better (Bush’s stimulus compared to Obama’s, Bush’s EOs compared to Obama’s).

                  That is what is wrong with the sheeple that think Obama does no wrong. When they cry that Bush was bad for the country (Obama himself actually said that Bush was irresponsible and unpatriotic to have a $400 billion deficit, while he’s had four years of $1 trillion+ deficits each year), they show their bigotry when claiming it’s okay for Obama to do it and they actually want more.

                • nicole baldwin

                  wow nukeman, you’ve given me an earful…what can I say you’re completely right and I’m wrong I guess. You keep mentioning the mainstream media but I also watch Fox news so I’m not sure if thats also mainstream media? Listen, I do not think Obama is perfect, you are extremly right that he has tended to change his stance to appeal to his base (i.e same sex marriage,and most recently climate change.) This does bother me. To answer your earlier question, I voted for him because sadly we have a two party system, although there is a third party candidate, the two parties always gets the lions share of the vote. I had to choose between Mr.Romney and President Obama. Now, I will never disrespect Mr. Romney, he has acomplished much, but I did not see him as an alternative to Obama. I have quite a bit of family that live in the state of Mass (I may have mentioned this before) and Mass was not very happy with his governing. In fact I heard it so much from them once he was chosen as the republican nominee it was annoying. As for OBamacare, I keep saying that I really do agree with you that it is flawed, I do agree he really should be more flexible. Mr Romney has implimented something similiar in Mass. I think republicans should try to work for solutions to make it work instead of trying to strike it down completely. To your “nazi”comment, as I said before I will never accuse you of something unwarranted, I get what you are saying but Obama does not have absolute power and for better or for worse he never ever will. I’m grateful I live in a country where it won’t happen. Anyway, I like your convo nukeman, it’s stimulating. Hope you had a great weekend.

        • white531

          Nicole, I appreciate you being here. Because you have decided, for your own reasons, to swim upstream. Having done that, don’t backslide and try to support this man. He is the most worthless human being, to ever achieve the Presidency of the United States of America. History will prove that.

          • nicole baldwin

            thanks white531, I may not feel as strongly as you about the President but I appreciate your opinion.

        • Nukeman60

          You do realize that the money you are talking about that you want to go to middle America actually comes from middle America, don’t you. It isn’t just a pile of dough sitting on the floor of Fort Knox.

          The welfare roles grew primarily over the last four years because Obama’s administration lessened the restrictions for getting it, giving people the option not to look for work if they chose not to (yet still remaining on the dole), giving illegals the opportunity to get more benefits (while not actually being qualified citizens), etc.

          Add all that to the fact that his policies of strictor restrictions on businesses has given this recession an air of the Japanese ‘lost decade’, and caused it to be worse and far longer than it needed to be. Yeah, I’d say he was a big cause of the increase of the welfare state.

          As to your thinking Romney would give ‘gifts’ to the wealthy, Obama’s idea of taxing the wealthy right out of this country is going to work wonders on the employment ranks, don’t you think? Try to get hired by a poor person sometime. As an example of the idiocy, raising the minimum wage will cause more minimum wage earners to be layed off and eventually, the minimum wage will be extremely high, but no one will be working to be able to get it.

          • nicole baldwin

            Hi nukeman, thanks for your comments…I do understand where the money comes from which is why I think thats where is should go back to. My opinion is that taxing the middle class would put more of a strangle hold on the economy because the only way companies can stay afloat is through revenue. If people are struggling they are not going to spend money then what will happen to these companies when no one is spending? I’m sorry but trickle down theory doesn’t seem to be working . Some one has to be taxed and I feel the increase is modest, some republicans are not entirely against it, and closing loopholes would not hurt either.Remember Mr.Romney paid just 14% in taxes , middle class America pays much more than that.As for health care, I absolutely share your concerns, yes it is imperfect, it needs to be addressed BUT this country has gone far to long without even making this a discussion. When I was in college I was uninsured and when I got sick it was scary because I really didn’t have a way to pay for a doctor. I’m just thinking of my own experiences without healthcare and I think something should be done. Also universal health care is not entirely democratic Mr.Romney had it implimented in Mass. I hear you about the increase in gun sales, but even if people were afraid, he has not done anything in regards to gun control which actually is one of the reasons I find him to be middle of the road. Also his stance on same sex marriage, he was not entirely for it. I havn’t been blind to the past four years, I don’t think he’s perfect and no I don’t agree with every single thing he has done in the past four years.

            • Nukeman60

              There is so much in your post that is full of holes that it will take a lot to address, but I will try. It may be long, however.

              First of all, it’s only a “it’s the government’s money and we are only allowed our fair share” philosophy that believes since it came from the people, it should go back to the people. It should have never left the people in the first place. Earned income is ours and we give it up to the government. You do realize there was a time when there weren’t income taxes, don’t you. We should have been working on a flat tax system and get rid of this overburdened tax code system that we presently have.

              I do not believe in your (and Obama’s) middle class outward growth that you speak of. The economy must have jobs to grow. More jobs means more revenue and if the government doesn’t discover new ways of spending it, it would reduce the massive debt and balance the budget without ever raising taxes. BTW, do you realize that Obama’s Democratic Senate has never passed a budget? How would that fly in your house?

              If Obama raises taxes on the rich, who have already made their money, btw, and will just leave a system where they are overtaxed, (look at California and all the European countries that have tried this as a solution), then the tax burden naturally moves down the ladder. Obama has no intention of reducing spending (his latest proposal, btw, for his solution to the ‘fiscal cliff’ is to double the taxes and has additional spending than he had one year ago when it was soundly rejected – and quite frankly, laughed at).

              You will find yourself taxed just like the rich, and the poor will get nailed too. It will just eventually make us all poor, but then that’s the income equality that he is looking for.

              Trickle down economics haven’t been in effect for all the years Obama and the Democrats have been in control. Government expansion has been in control. It’s not a coincidence that the economic turmoil started right after the Dems took control of Congress in ’06. Bush’s last two years had nothing to do with him and everything to do with the Congress, in spite of what (once again, surprisingly) the LameStream has tried to tell you over and over again. If you were honest to yourself, you would just look around you and see why the economy is going nowhere and has gone nowhere since ’06.

              Someone has to be taxed‘ – That is the philosophy of Obama. Never a word about the real problem – overspending. Try running your household budget like that. Spend as much as you want, put as much as you can on your credit card, and then be forced to find more income to balance the outflow. And oh, btw, when your credit card is maxxed, demand that your credit card company raise your max limit, so you can continue to spend. Do you think that would really work?

              Remember Mr.Romney paid just 14% in taxes , middle class America pays much more than that.‘ – Romney pays only 14% because that is capital gains, not initial income. He was already taxed at the max rate for that income before he invested it in capital gains investments (I also pay capital gains on my investments and if they were taxed at the rate of income tax, it wouldn’t be worth it. Then our entire investment industry would collapse). Once again, another story the LameStream has pushed on you that you apparently bought hook, line, and sinker. Also, the added taxes on the rich will pay for 8 days worth of Obama’s deficit. What do you propose for the other 357 days worth of deficit?

              I’m just thinking of my own experiences without healthcare and I think something should be done‘ – There are just as many people without healthcare after ObamaCare than before it. It was a song and dance to say that it would cover everybody. There are effective ways to reform healthcare without creating this monstrosity that increases expenses on everyone, causes health insurance programs to go bust (to force the government option), and adversely affects jobs.

              Tort reform, cracking down on waste and fraud, allowing insurance companies to cross state lines are just a few of the solutions and a good start to reforming our healthcare system, which badly needs it but won’t get fixed with ObamaCare. Romney’s solution in Massachusetts was a state decided issue, not a federal one. States, for a while yet, still have the power to be sovereign. The federal government does not have those powers (read the Constitution). Even the Supreme Court stated the individual mandate was only constitutional if it was a tax (which the Obama administration to this day still says it is not).

              ObamaCare will rob from Medicare (to the tune of at least $800 billion), cause doctors and hospitals to charge patients more due to the government reducing doctor payments (a point Obama says is part of the savings – saving the government, but putting the burden on the patient), and raising the cost of medical devices, just to name a few. More doctors are refusing medicare patients now because they can’t afford it and won’t survive. Many people are refusing to go into the medical profession because they wouldn’t be able to recoup the massive cost to themselves to get there. Hospitals are finding fewer and fewer insurance companies available for medicare and regular patients alike thanks to the overbearing ObamaCare (even Medicare Advantage, the only part that has been successful, is proposed to be abolished by ObamaCare. Go figure).

              Yeah, it sure is a Godsend, isn’t it. Only time will tell the full effect of this monstrosity, as people are just now finding out more and more of this massive 2700 page bill that created 10’s of thousands of pages of regulations (those regulations that you seem to think are so much better for us).

              As to gun sales, we haven’t heard the last of Fast and Furious, the UN decision to control small arms (which Obama is in full agreement with), and other bills that are pending in the Senate that they decided to put a hold on until after the election. Imagine that. If that is why you think he’s middle-of-the-road, I hope you can watch long enough to see the truth.

              As to same-sex marriage, Obama only changed his stance to affect the vote (just as with immigration and Israel). One never knows how he really feels, only how he feels it will affect his reelection. Since he has no more need for reelection, we will certainly see his true self come out now, which in the past has only been glimpses that apparently only astute watchers have seen (once again, thanks to the LameStream, which has been his propaganda wing). Study a little history, both distant past and recent past. You will find Obama’s path is much like the path of Hitler in the ’30 and Hugo Chavez more recently. Before you accuse me of calling Obama a Nazi (even though I really don’t care if you do or not), I’m just saying compare the histories. If you ignore history, you are doomed to repeat it – and we are doomed to repeat it now, it seems.

              • nicole baldwin

                Nukeman, It’s clear you feel very passionately, as I stated before there are things I agree with you about. Honestly, I made one comment concerning this one article and in doing so I have to defend everything Pres. Obama has ever done. Again, I DONOT agree with everything he’s done. Also, I never said “its all Bush’s fault” what I was doing was making a comparison ,thats all.

                • Nukeman60

                  I merely responded to what you say (that’s all I have ever done with your posts). If that’s a problem, then I’m sorry. But if you post, expect me to respond. The truth is the only thing that matters. Many on the left don’t want to hear it (that’s what makes the LameStream so inviting to them). I was of the impression you might be open to that discussion. Forgive me for being wrong.

                  PS: Sorry about not replying to your previous post today. It had no ‘reply’ button attached to it (strange). Anyway, I guess I don’t need to waste all the time typing then, afterall. Later.

                • nicole baldwin

                  Nukeman , I like when you respond, I do like the discourse. I do want to hear what you have to say most especially because you disagree without being aweful about it. I guess I should clarify ,Iwas more so referring to the person who asked about buying votes.(well more so now, I think early on you were a bit harsh) Didn’t really see how that had to do with my original post about this video. Yes,not entirely sure why you couldn’t respond to the other post but its ok.

  • obama is a pure moron.

  • obama is a pure moron.

  • obama is a pure moron.


    I’m keeping a list of arrogant assholes and he’s at the top.

  • white531

    Is it just me, or does that picture, look like the Devil?

  • Dierardo

    This character is beginning to sound increasingly megalomaniacal…maybe he’s challenging an impeachment process…. in any event, these are the murmurings of the young groupies who seem to be his preferred audience. Something unhealthy is afoot here…

  • agas84363

    Thank-you Mr Dictator…….Did you know you won the election?….Did you know you can’t run again?…….Why are you still on the campaign trail?

  • agas84363

    Time to change a well known phrase………OBAMA IS NOT THE SOLUTION….OBAMA IS THE PROBLEM

  • NCHokie02

    Who cares?? Does he realize he has no power over congress?? Does he know that the legislative branch has more power than the executive?? (I know he doesn’t). The people, well some of them, are keeping a list of what you do and don’t do Mr President. They are the ones that matter. The only reason he has any power over congress is because John Boehner is a [email protected]$$y. If the republicans had anyone with a set of balls as the speaker Obama’s policies would be crushed. But they don’t. Obama continues to play blame games his whole presidency and just says “if I don’t get my way Republicans it’s your fault for what happens.” There is no compromise with him.

  • repubboy

    What a Joke.. I can’t think of anything nice to say so in keeping with the policy” that if you have nothing nice to say about a person, then don’t say anything at all”

  • bobemakk

    Sure, conservatives on the bad side and dummycrat/liberals on the good side. This man thinks he can do anything he wants. Impeach Obama and the country and the world will be better off.

  • notebene

    I’d consider it an honor to be on the “naughty” list! Any chance to block and destroy the Imposter in Chief is my main goal in life! The greatest gift I could ever receive would be to see this progressive, evil slimeball exposed for what he is to the point that even his worship team…the lamestream media/ Hollyweirds….couldn’t polish him up to be presentable. I hope they all rot in H e ll and that they take their “free stuff” with them!

  • Nukeman60

    Obama may have his ‘naughty and nice’ list, but if I were him, I’d be a little worried about what kind of list God has in store. I suspect that Barry better be extremely careful when there is a lightning storm outside the WhiteHouse.

    (unless, of course, if I missed the new anti-lightning-storm-outside-the-WhiteHouse Executive Order. They come so fast and furious, I can’t keep up)

  • When Nixon did this it was called an “Enemies List” and the left was outraged over it.

  • What a dweeb.

  • tinlizzieowner

    “Obama: I’m keeping a “naughty and nice” list for members of Congress”.

    If I remember correctly Nixon did something like that, didn’t he Barry?
    😉 😉