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But before you jump to conclusions, this former White House poster boy for green energy business never got a dime in taxpayer money from the Obama administration. He’s a traditional small business in that he came up with an idea for a solar-powered roof fan that will draw hot air out of your attic and thus make cooling your house cheaper – and he did everything on his own. Yeah, he built his business.

And all the parts that goes into his solar-powered fans are made in America except a custom solar panel that he can’t get made here. He says he’s tried for 10 years but can’t do it. So he buys them from a company in China and all was well until Obama raised the import tax on solar panels by 250% to protect his big Solyndra-like green energy companies. And because of this hefty cost increase, this former White House poster boy’s green energy business may be going out of business.

Watch below:

For someone who constantly reminds us that we are in an international market, it seems a bit hypocritical that Obama would raise the import taxes on solar panels from China by 250% simply because we can’t make them as cheap as the Chinese. But I guess when you are trying to protect phony ‘investments’ and prop up failing companies, you’ll do anything to keep more of them from going out of business.


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