Obama killing green energy small business to save larger green energy companies

But before you jump to conclusions, this former White House poster boy for green energy business never got a dime in taxpayer money from the Obama administration. He’s a traditional small business in that he came up with an idea for a solar-powered roof fan that will draw hot air out of your attic and thus make cooling your house cheaper – and he did everything on his own. Yeah, he built his business.

And all the parts that goes into his solar-powered fans are made in America except a custom solar panel that he can’t get made here. He says he’s tried for 10 years but can’t do it. So he buys them from a company in China and all was well until Obama raised the import tax on solar panels by 250% to protect his big Solyndra-like green energy companies. And because of this hefty cost increase, this former White House poster boy’s green energy business may be going out of business.

Watch below:

For someone who constantly reminds us that we are in an international market, it seems a bit hypocritical that Obama would raise the import taxes on solar panels from China by 250% simply because we can’t make them as cheap as the Chinese. But I guess when you are trying to protect phony ‘investments’ and prop up failing companies, you’ll do anything to keep more of them from going out of business.

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  • FutureOnePercent

    That’s the kind of green energy innovation that I can get behind…

    This guy isn’t trying to blow smoke saying that if I don’t buy his product, the earth will be destroyed?

    It’s the simple “This will save you money” that will finally bring green energy into the market.

    • I’ve been saying for years the smaller point of sale types of these things are good. small windwills on houses to augment, stuff like that. these are good things.

    • I challenged Ted Turner at a press conference as to why he was trying to promote his solar investments on global warming……and that I felt solar should stand on its own merit. TT got visibly angry at my question and stormed out. True story that Reuters can back up.
      I’m just a garage inventor, and I hate politics…..and people who use me

      • FutureOnePercent

        Wow, I’m a bit stunned to hear from the man himself!

        So first let me say thank you for your drive, passion, innovation, and can-do attitude. It is truly an inspiration to us to know there are still some of us out there.

        To your point, I believe, as most conservatives actually do, that there is a future in green energy, but it will never come from government propping up business models that are just not ready for the market.

        People have to understand there is only one kind of transaction in a free-market, value for profit.

        You’re invention has brought VALUE to a green energy market, and that seems to be rare in that industry.

        I’ll be praying for you and your company to succeed because it’s guys like you who keep this country great!

        So may God bless you with $8 billion in annual sales and an effective tax rate of 9%

  • FutureOnePercent

    Anytime something is done to protect Big Business, it is at the expense of Small Business and innovation.

  • unclesamnephew

    the problem for this small company is two fold. 1) nonunion shop. 2) he did build that

  • I actually feel sorry for him. He was used, and abused by NOBama when it suited NObama, but when the cameras are off, NObama doesn’t give a flying monkey about him.

    This is the kind of green I could even support. Home grown, not subsidized, American made (mostly) and offering a product that will help with cooling costs.

    But he’s just a small business man with a dream… The Kind that NObama would say “you didn’t build that.. someone else built that for you”… So, like anyone else that NObama has no further use for, he throws him to the wolves… (grrrr!!!)

    Should have asked him who he was voting for in the election.. Was he willing to stick with NObama, who basically gave him the proverbial finger, or Romney.

    • T4Ut

      I feel sorry for him too, but you know zero, pass them thru the fire to molech and then throw em under the bus when they outgrow their usefulness.

      A valuable lesson for of his supporters and partners in crime to remember, your days are numbered too and your time will come (much sooner than you think) to make the ultimate sacrifice of the big 0.

    • steprock

      I think it comes down to a matter of unintentional consequences. Folks in DC don’t know how their decisions are going to trickle down and impact others. If they cared, they’d pick up the phone for this guy who got out there and played poster boy for them.

      Unintended consequences happen, and often can’t be predicted. A responsive government listens when people inform them of the issue.

      • FutureOnePercent

        Or the better alternative, a limited government who doesn’t meddle in the affairs of free people and free markets?

        • steprock

          Ha…well, there’s that too. Though I think even limited government is subject to mistakes. Being a true “representative” government and listening to the public, not ruling over them, is a sure-fire fix.

  • Sandra123456

    So Barry can raise tariffs any time he wants? It must be good to be King.

    Small inventions like this man’s solar roof fan, may be the future for green energy for now. The product works, really works without electricity to save the homeowner electric costs to air condition. That’s perfection.

    Just think of the savings if every roof in America used a product like this.

    • I don’t think it would sell so well here in the NE. We get so much snow in the winter. But if he found a way to “close” it so that water/snow didn’t seep in. Yeah, that would work. This is exactly the kind of business that we should be encouraging! And to think of that 570million dollars wasted on Solyndra. It’s enough to make you MAD!!!

    • kong1967

      If he’s successful despite the taxes, it won’t last long. Obama will raid his business like he did the guitar company and find a way to make it where it can’t compete with Obama’s big businesses getting millions of taxpayer dollars. Obama can’t take credit for this guy. That’s a problem.

  • What a NOVEL idea!!! I actually LIKE this kind of Green Energy, and I pray this man’s business finds a way…SOMEHOW…to survive and THRIVE in this hostile business environment!

  • Nukeman60

    …a way to establish a level playing field with China for American businesses and workers…‘ – White House e-mail

    Yeah, they level the playing field by shutting down both the Chinese business and the American business. There, we’re all equal now, who’s got a kickback for Obama.

    On a side note, people have to be careful buying these attic fans. Most people don’t realize that putting in an attic fan at the same time you have passive vents just short circuits the airflow from the vents to the fan and actually keeps the hot air in the attic itself, only entraining a portion of the heat. When I bought my house, it had both. I re-shingled my roof, and removed both the fan and the passive vents, putting in ridge vents all along my roof ridges. Cheap, effective, clean roof line, and no moving parts, no maintenence.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Cannibalism? The government can’t have the private sector making a profit now can it? Not when there’s money to exploit/extort.

    Obama must be stopped.

  • NYGino

    This person has everything going against him:

    He shows the American entrepreneurial spirit.
    He is not a big contributor to Obama.
    His shop is not unionized.
    He doesn’t need big government.
    He is past his usefulness as an Obama prop.
    His product is good for America.
    His potential success will inspire other Americans.
    He probably is a Republican.
    There are no kickbacks involved.
    He is not owed any favors by the administration.
    His product will be economically beneficial to Americans.
    He is not a Muslim.

    • Excellent post! Well said!

    • steprock

      Shoulda pulled a “Baker’s Revolt” (I just coined that term) and said “No, Mr. President, I think I will pass on your endorsement and video spot.”

  • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

    We incorporated this type of device into our new home in about 2003, and it was excellent. Makes so much sense – goes on automatically relative to the heat outside. Can’t remember the maker, but I think the unit was round shaped.

  • kong1967

    Obama is an A-1 corrupt a-hole.

    • It’s the only thing he’s good at.

      • kong1967


    • ColoradoTim

      There was a gallop poll out recently that listed the top concerns of both liberals and conservatives. I was shocked that “government corruption” was listed near the top for Liberals. This is a HUGE issue for voters, and it is so easy to pin most of it on Obama.

      This could be another huge nail in the coffin

      • kong1967

        That’s funny that liberals rate corruption as their number one concern after they voted in the most corrupt politician in history. Yet, they still support him for the most part. Why is that? I thought they said they were concerned about corruption?

        I don’t think they believe Obama is corrupt. They think it’s the Republicans like Romney for daring to make so much money off the backs of poor people. It’s Bush for giving those nasty rich people a tax break when they already don’t pay enough.

        The liberal mind doesn’t work properly.

        • ColoradoTim

          “That’s funny that liberals rate corruption as their number one concern after they voted in the most corrupt politician in history.”

          After campaigning in 2008 as cleaning up Washington, I think that the scales are falling off their eyes and they are only NOW seeing how corrupt the entire Democratic party is. In the past, it was small potatoes, and seen as a way to get even with the Republicans. But now the corruption is being felt in their own homes. The billion$ that he gave to his Solar Energy buddies has to be paid back, and they (like us) are the ones stuck holding the bill.

          I’d love to see an advertisement comparing how much money was lost on solar, to what NASA gets. People love NASA, and the solar boondoggles are pulling money away from even cooler Mar’s Rovers. That would rile up a lot of folks.

          • kong1967

            Hmmm, I hope you’re right. There was that poll where 9% of people that voted for Obama said they were voting for Romney. Add in the “Bradley effect” for those that will not admit to anyone they are voting against their so-called hero. There might be a large pool of Dems leaving Obama for dead.

  • justrighton

    The problem is that he believed in a marxist, lying regime and is probably still hoping they will come to his aid…but it’s not going to happen. Under the bus he goes!

    • Don’t you think he was exploited just a bit by the NObama machine? Look how they lauded him… Then when the cameras were off, couldn’t give a flying fig… I feel he was used and exploited… I feel sorry for him… He comes across as a good man caught up in a Libtard machine for publicity purposes and wasn’t ready for it…

      • justrighton

        Yes he sure was! I can’t understand why such an apparently smart guy falls for such obvious lies though…seems to me he would figure it out.


  • opinionatedhermit

    I just want to know exactly how many of these 250% overpriced solar panels the American Taxpayer has been forced to purchase?

    Do we even know the answer to this?

    I wonder if Harry Reid’s cowboy poet buddy knows ………

    • Another question… Is there a decent cowboy that wants to sit in the same circle with this POS? Cowboys are straight talking, no BS people… They’d take him behind the barn and “educate” him… Just a bit… 🙂

      • NYGino

        Not the ones Harry Reed champions, you know the poetry reading broke back types that appeal to him, you know, the ones that make sheep nervous.

        • opinionatedhermit

          I think what you all are saying is that: “Is it really too much to ask if Harry Reid’s poet ever paid his taxes?”

        • LOL! Sheep everywhere BEWARE!!!

  • KenInMontana

    Hmm, So a Tariff is defined as an Import Duty, which in turn is defined as a Tax. So, when did Congress give their authority to Tax to the Commerce Department?

  • Someone should change the name from green energy to red energy since it is only the communists who support it and it always runs into the red. There is nothing about green energy (other than nuclear and maybe hydro) that is truly green. Solar requires mining, a lot of it, wind kills even more of the environment and wildlife faster and is absolute ugly blight on the landscape. Wind and solar both drive up land prices due to the set asides. How many solar panels does it take to produce the same amount of energy from a nuclear power plant? Take the same equation and apply it to windmills.

    And there is no sense in taking food and burning it in a gas tank…AND YET WE DO! Where are the stupid celebrities crying about world hunger? Oh wait…they are invested in ethanol. Hypocrites.

  • Another example of the “private sector” deciding what is best to invest in regarding green energy.

    Funny how the import tax applies to the type of solar panel that IS NOT being made in the USA. I could see if there were lots of US companies manufacturing what this owner needs, but there are none, so this import tax makes no sense.

  • Well, Bill Keith, time to dig deep in your entrepreneur spirit. To save your $200k+ loss from the new import tax, maybe you can create an educational eBook about the benefits of various solar powered fixtures for homes and businesses (your roofing fan, back yard stone fountains, etc.). Include pros/cons and various installation ideas and schematics so the value of the eBook is high. Then sell it for $23-ish.

    Then maybe get into the accessory business, offering different features to your roof fan at a premium (hail resistant solar panel cover, different spray finishes that match the roof/house decor, etc.).

    If you are making $2M+ in annual sales, then you already have a buyers list to approach with your new features or eBook or whatever other relevant product you can sell to make up the difference in your annual import tax deficit.

    It would be a lot faster for you as an entrepreneur to solve your problem than waiting for the government to solve it for you. Good luck, Bill (in the off chance you will read this comment 🙂 God bless you and your employees.

    • Jasper……good ideas….started the ebook a few weeks ago….other ideas are well received too, thx BK

      • I live in Drexel Hill, PA (southwest Philly area) and in June 2010, we had a major hail storm. Needed roof replaced, etc., so that is why I thought about the hail resistant solar panel cover 🙂

        In the video, there was mention of a solar panel manufacturer in the US that made cheap custom panels that were not sturdy enough for use with your fans. That is why I though of the fountain idea. My neighbor has a cute stone fountain in her garden with the water flow powered by a small solar panel. Figured the flimsy US made panel could work in that situation. If so, then you could branch off and add other solar powered home/yard accessories to your list.

        I appreciate you taking the time to read my comment. I have spent years helping small business in my local area expand their sales through making real connections with their customers, instead of just competing on price and features with other businesses.

        A really good book about that is called “Start with WHY” by Simon Sinek. To give you a preview, he held a TED talk about his concept “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”. Here’s the link to that video:


        I currently write software for an aerospace company, but I am also taking the steps necessary to move on into my own business. I started a fitness company (won’t promote it here). I finally have a product after I settled all the outsourcing contracts (yes, American 🙂 and hired my 8-year-old son to help me package it. LOL I am now building the web site and social networks. Can’t wait to get out in my local community again to connect with local coaches and fitness trainers, sharing my purpose.

        Sorry for rambling. I don’t get much sleep with a new business, demanding job, and a family with 3 young boys at home 🙂 I just don’t see a future economy with me coming out on top while remaining an employee. I need to do whatever it takes to become the entrepreneur I dreamed about since I was a kid.

        God bless you and all the entrepreneurs of this great country. You are in my prayers.

  • steprock

    Friends like these….man, they are good at using you for political gain and then tossing you to the curb.

    Amazing that CNN is trying to be more fair in their reporting. Them rats are abandoning the ship!

  • B-Funk

    What an idiot. In order to ‘level the playing field’ he taxes goods from China rather than freeing up manufacturing here to make us competitive. /facepalm We have morons running our country!

  • aZjimbo

    Can’t watch anderson cooper 462234111562

  • Read all comments here……you guys have it mostly right except one point……my mistake was to believe the President when he said he was FOR small business. I took him at his word, and he lied to me. I’m a fighter/scrapper, so I will get through this. Obama….I invite you to visit me on MY turf this time…..what do you say?

  • Debra Stevenson

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