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With a straight face Obama told the press today that he doesn’t care about polls when they asked him about recent polling that shows Americans have lost confidence in him because of Obamacare:

What malarkey. This is probably the most poll driven president I’ve ever seen. After all, they keep waiving more and more of Obamacare because polls are showing how much people dislike it.

Now to the extent that Obama will ever repeal Obamacare….yeah, polls don’t matter about that. His ideology trumps polling in that case. But otherwise, it’s a lie for him to say he doesn’t care about polls.


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  • NYGino

    Polls do have ups and downs but what he fails to acknowledge is that his polls have been on a steady decline. The 70% approval rating he refers to when he was a Senator had a lot to do with his liberal following, his race as a catharsis for “supposed white guilt”, his non committal “Present” voting and his hidden past and unknown Islamo/Marxist agenda.

    His present, steady downward poll numbers are the result of the veil of incompetence and anti Americanism being striped from him and the fact that people of all persuasions now know that he can’t be trusted or believed and his administration has done nothing but damage to us as a country and on the world stage.

    • CalCoolidge

      He had a 70 approval as a Senator attacking Bush from the right.

    • timsrighty


  • Nukeman60

    Yeah, Obama doesn’t care about polls, but he can quote you right off the top of his teleprompter what he was polling as a Senator.

    He cares so much about polls that any major action he had to take in the last 6 years was always delayed enough to find out what the polls would say before he acted.

    It’s not that he doesn’t care about polls. It’s just that he doesn’t care for the people that poll against him – and that includes a majority of the American people.

    It is indeed a true sign of a petty dictator.

    • CalCoolidge

      Yup. He doesn’t care about polls now or in the future.

  • Press Watchusa

    Devil’s Advocate position here

    He is such a pompous – sociopathic narcissistic POS

    He just might disregard the polls and thinks WE are really stupid and He knows better

    He might just feel that the polls are insignificant to the “GREAT LEADER” that he is – after all – the Wookie tells him so every evening while he is singing in the bathroom – looking in the mirror

    GEEZ – I made myself feel sick!
    UPDATE >> as per CalCoolidge
    “I use the big four: arrogant, narcissistic, megalomaniac, sociopath. “

    • CalCoolidge

      I use the big four: arrogant, narcissistic, megalomaniac, sociopath. He’s Nero without the toga.

      • NYGino

        He doesn’t even have the fiddle. The Criminally Negligent Media play the background music for him.

      • Press Watchusa

        OOPS – I added two

  • Commodore & Chef of the naive

    He doesn’t care about his popularity polls, why should he? He isn’t running for office again..

  • Galatiansch2vs20

    Well, he got what he wanted when he was reelected and now on his second term, he doesn’t have to run again for office. Now, he can just concentrate on advancing his destructive agenda like a despot as long as the country and the Congress allows him to not be impeached and removed from office.

  • CalCoolidge

    “What malarkey. This is probably the most poll driven president I’ve ever ”
    It’s malarkey that his polls went up and down. But what’s not malarkey, is the obvious translation – he doesn’t give a crap what the polls show, he’s shoving this down everyone’s throat.

    PS, “the polls” include election day 2014. That is, a year from now, 25% approval? Republicans have Congress? He doesn’t care. Down your throat.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Personally I lost confidence in him waaaaaaay before the joke of ACA was forced on us. It was clear fairly early on that he was inexperienced and over his head in many aspects of the office he now holds. He was a community organizer that lied his way into the presidency. That plus his bowing and scraping before all the leaders of muslim countries. And having NASA reach out to muslim nations while China is pushing ahead with its space exploration programs. Plus his interest in dismantling so many things that most of us REAL Americans hold near and dear about our country. And on top of that he’s a liar of the worst kind. I can’t recall another president that has been called out for lying as much as the worm in the White House at present.

    • NYGino

      Nice A_P, his abridged biography in one paragraph.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Uh … what evidence is there that he cares about ANYTHING other than himself?

  • Mike Bittner

    He opened his mouth and garbage came out…..what else did you expect? :)

  • aposematic

    The only thing Obuma cares about is finishing off America and its people. His fellow America haters care about getting themselves reelected and that’s essential for Obuma to succeed; so they all care very much about the polls. Vote out all of the America haters both D’s and R’s.

  • FreeManWalking

    Wasn’t he referring to the Polish People he has riding up and down the elevator?

  • gigi0f3

    Were his lips moving?

  • timsrighty

    The most thin-skinned president in recent history doesn’t care about polls? Although I must say, he may be telling the truth. The only thing he and other liberals care about is liberalism…above everything. But on the other hand, if he really doesn’t care about his popularity why does he run to his adorers in the media. Letterman, Oprah, Hollywood, selfies at a funeral service, on and on. Y’all know damn well he’s got an entire staff dedicated to trumping up his poll numbers and I’ll bet he’s furious with them. And get this, even with his lapdog news media propping him up all these years, his numbers are still dropping. He’s right about where George W. Bush was in his fifth year as president. The very same media bashed W. every day of the week for eight years.

    • Dr. Strangelove

      He was made by the media and they can fall out of love with him just as fast.

  • Sentinel

    Satan, the god of lies, probably has a picture of Obama at the top of his Wall of Lies Hall of Fame.

  • Betsey_Ross

    We were in the car when we heard the press conference. Actually from the little we heard it seemed to be a droning monologue.. Switched to the i-pod and listened to something that wasn’t him. That guy makes my ears bleed. Thanks for watching him and keeping track of his lies so I don’t have to. Is he gone yet?

    • Dr. Strangelove

      It’s real easy to keep track of the lies. Just watch closely and you’ll notice his lips are moving.

  • Haywoodjbl

    What an IDIOT….AND LIAR

  • Poptoy1949

    Yep he lied again. He said he was for the American people…and that was a lie.

  • badbadlibs

    I never had a single ounce of confidence in this vicious man, not for one second.

  • Steven Dawson

    Our luck bequeathed, inexperienced, leader fluttering to the point of exasperation, morphs into the headless, fearless fowl the “majority” so richly deseves……………….DANGER BIRD ! !

  • kimber1911

    He can’t help it.. when a persons life is one big lie.. thats all he knows how to do is LIE all the time….the sad thing about it.. is he stinks at that also.. what a complete and utter failure as a man, as a president as father,, I can’t imagine what his daughters are going to read about him later on

  • Nash Montana

    His body language, facial expression, and the tone of his voice, are also very interesting to observe.


    He’s only cares about going on vacay with mama Valjar and all his hangerons. Light a big fat one and screw the American people for at least $4 Million. He’s a real gem.

  • tinlizzieowner

    “Obama lied …….. ”
    Next topic. ;-)

  • DHardy

    What’s funny is I don’t think there has ever been a president that has manipulated and purchased the media as Obama has done. He has hired huge leftist organizations like ACORN to push his BS as well as Hollywood, I have seen want ads were these leftist groups are hiring to watch and manipulate polls and social networking sites. YOu see the trolls on nearly ever site bashing mindlessly away and any comment. they have one thing in on their agenda Push Obama no matter what and Demonize the Right.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    Some stations had the nerve to preempt Rush for this lame speech. Luckily I found another station with his stand in for the day. I wouldn’t doubt if 0 timed it that way on purpose.

  • SPELL9

    OBAMA Lies Over the Ocean,
    Obama Lies over the Sea.
    Obama Lies Over the Ocean.
    Don’t bring Bama back to DC.


    Obama the Flim Flam man has lied again , but what do you expect , the TRUTH . Not from him . What will obama give you for christmas besides some snake oil , and lies .

  • joe

    There is a stench about this man that I never liked.

  • mikeinidaho

    “lied again”?
    When has that communist piece of dogdirt EVER told the truth?