[VIDEO] Obama says Romney’s tax plan is like Robin Hood in reverse, calls it “Romney Hood”

Obama using the new term “Romney Hood” is claiming that Romney is robbing from the poor and middle class to pay for his tax cuts for the top 1%:

Washington Examiner points out the report Obama is citing to make this charge actually doesn’t score Romney’s plan directly, despite what Obama would have you believe:

His claim is based on a report from the Tax Policy Center, even though the authors — who include one former Obama aide and a former aide to President George H.W. Bush — preface their study by saying, “We do not score Governor Romney’s plan directly, as certain components of his plan are not specified in sufficient detail, nor do we make assumptions regarding what those components might be.

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  • This is the stupidest analogy ever!

    Let’s not forget: Robin Hood took the money that was STOLEN by the GOVERNMENT and gave it back to the TAXPAYERS!!!!

    Now we know what B.O. was snorting all those years… fairy dust!

    • toongoon

      After all these years of earning the nick name you’d think he would have used it himself. Now he’s really going to confuse those blind kool aid drinks who at least know the story of Robin Hood.

      • badbadlibs

        Toon, I knew a (so called) Christian woman who thought that the story of Robin Hood was a good reason to vote for democrats….I kid you not….never mind Robin Hood stole the money…seems that’s kind of against the 10 commandments. There was no way to reach this blinded woman…I tried and so did many others. *sigh*

        • toongoon

          The Dems have really done a good job at making people believe that they care about them. It’s certainly frustrating but one of things that makes our job of bringing back sanity that much more difficult. Especially when so many Republicans seem to agree.

        • toongoon


  • johnos2112

    Look at the numbers when Clinton cut capital gains taxes. Revenues went up 50%! Yeah I know tax cuts of any kind never work!

  • Tip for Team Romney – Collect all these desperate Obama quotes like these, and string them together for a Election Ad – end with this voice over “Obama is such Desperate Man he will say anything… For four more years…. Are you that Desperate to give him four more years?” INSERT: I’m Mitt Romney, and I approve this message

    • Sober_Thinking

      I like that… I’d also like for him to string them together and show America how they’re not based on anything substantive. How he’s completely avoiding what really matters and is important. Expose the poser.

  • Donya G

    The looter is talking! Obama is an economic illiterate, can’t fix stupid for sure .

    • Rshill7

      Didn’t Obama take from the taxpayers and give to his rich cronies? Yeah, he did…repeatedly. Is there such a thing as a hypercrite? Mystery Man is some sort of crite for sure. Isn’t there a stronger word than hypocrite, cuz I could use it right here.

      In this and many other cases though, Romney be rubber and Obama be glue. Ignore O’s index finger and check out his middle, ring and pinky.

      Talk about old hat. Try a stovepipe or coonskin doood. Then rewrite Alinsky’s book. We’ve got your number and your head size. You’re gonna need to be a lot more tricky and stealthy than this 🙂

      Just let communism die OK(?)..along with all the people it took with it!

      • p m

        Rs, that stronger word would be *LIAR*


    …just think America 166 days left with this Marxist moron in the Oval Office !”

    • toongoon

      Seems like a lifetime.

  • scrubjay

    How do you take money from someone who doesn’t have any?

    • Freempg

      By spending their children’s future into oblivion like Obama does.

  • How ’bout the government spends the equivalent of $2000 dollars less per person to pay for it. Problem solved your douchiness!

    • Sober_Thinking

      Lol! Nice title for his kind of “royalty”.

      • Thanks. You know, even I was captivated a bit by his oratory 4 years ago. Know he just sounds like a whiny… well … what I already said. By the way, I just used $2000 ’cause he did. I think $3 Million per would be a better starting point.

  • toongoon

    Romney Hood?, HOOD? HAH!! The HOOD is from Chicago.

    Everybody knows who the “hood” is Barack. Oh, this is gonna backfire on him BIGTIME!!!

    I can’t wait.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Har har har harrrr…. that Barry… he’s such a stitch! Ha yuck yuck!

    All racism aside, this is the pot calling the kettle black. Obama has been a pathological liar from the beginning. I guess when you’re the one with egg on your face, the yokes on you.

    I can’t wait to see this poser get kicked out of office! And for all those sheeple who voted for this fraud, they’re still waiting for the punchline… or the breadline… or the line for the “Obama-money”… Dolts!

  • Obama-hood-lum thief of jobs.

  • stage9

    Is this akin to Obama robbing from the stupid….ie, those who elected him and believed that he would give them free money?

    I’m just saying.

    • badbadlibs

      Good one!! 🙂

  • “barfs” its just plain too hard to listen to him!

  • toongoon

    Obama keeps saying that he doesn’t need a tax cut. He doesn’t invest any of own his own capitol to start a business to hire anybody. I agree, he is the greatest example of someone not needing a tax cut.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    I didn’t even watch the video, because honestly every time I hear this guy I throw up.

  • sjmom

    Obama; you have a lot of room to talk; you are robbing from everyone with Obamacare, ending the Bush tax cuts, cutting defense to rob us of our security, etc.

  • badbadlibs

    Oh my…is that the prez of the United States telling another lie right thru his pointy, yellow teeth?
    I’m so shocked……

  • marketcomp

    Pay for tax cuts! Does that seem incomprehensible to anyone? I mean whose money are you taking to pay for a tax increase you marxist, the American people! Ok if Romney is Romney hood in reverse then Obama is Hugo Chavez in the “FORWARD”! Obama’s motto! An there is no sheep’s clothing there my friends!

    • Rshill7

      Community organizing mystery man ought consult Laffer’s Curve. If the curve can’t stop laughing, he might check again, it could still be crying and he just can’t tell the difference.

    • layne22

      Exactly! The man wants people to think that the feds’ money got there by something they’ve produced and the so-called rich are taking it from the poor. If people would think through what he is saying they might see there is no logic, only lies.

      The only thing government can do is redistribute wealth and regulate. They don’t produce a thing – except maybe heartburn, high blood pressure, and broken families.

      • marketcomp

        And right now with it is so revealing that you can really see that marxist propaganda without really looking. It’s in your face!

  • Rshill7

    Dear O’,

    That was dumb. Start packing. Don’t forget your double-autographed, leather-bound, manifesto. Comrades Marx and Engels wouldn’t want that falling into the wrong hands…or the right hands 🙂


    • marketcomp

      Good post, Rshill7!

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Yeah, we don’t need no stinkin’ tax cuts…we want you to spend another $5Trillion or so dollars that we don’t have. Oh, you can borrow it from China? Another great idea from barack “You Didn’t Build That” obama…the big spender of other people’s money from Chicago!

    • toongoon

      He is so concerned about who’s going to back for tax cuts, but doesn’t give a flying…..hoot about a trillion dollar loans from other countries

      • Rshill7

        You know what? The Fed itself is the largest holder of US debt, right? We should file bankruptcy tomorrow morning. Send them straight back to 1913. They could repeal the 17th amendment while they’re there. Before they leave they could B-slap the bejudas out of Mr. Wilson.

        Didn’t Dr. Jeckyll come from Jeckyll Island? Where did Mr. Hyde come from…same place?

        • toongoon

          Let’s just put it this way – Obama’s Chicago neighborhood is HYDE park.

        • sDee

          If we can repeal the 17th Amendment and flush the Senate toilet bowl, we could turn this country around fast enough to buy back all those bonds in a decade or so

  • Joe

    Sorry – I can’t stomach him – Can’t watch it

    Only 91 days left


  • sDee

    Robin Hood is a perfect example of the Progressives warping history to their narrative.

    Robin Hood did not rob the “rich” and give to the poor. “Robin Hood” fought for the peasants and “outlawed” nobles impoverished by fiat of Kings and their henchmen.

    If there were a Robin Hood today, it would be King Hussein who the Merry Men would would be after.

  • If I was running against Obama, I’d have a new commercial about him, every week.

    Just picture a commercial showing the real unemployment rate (22.5%).

    Another shot depicting Obama going behind closed doors to cut sweetheart deals with Big Pharma to have them temporarily monopolize health care and force people into expensive, un-Constitutional contracts.

    Another shot showing all the nuts and bolts of Taxmageddon.

    His giving billions to cronies in green energy scam companies (most of which have all gone bankrupt).

    Another of how Obama illegally nationalized GM so he could give his union cronies a big payoff, at the expense of shareholders and creditors.

    Then, at the end, Romney sitting in a chair, behind a cluttered desk, looking busy. He looks up and says:

    Now do you understand who’s robbing from the poor, and giving to the rich?

    My name is WILLARD ROMNEY, and I approve this message.”

    • p m


      (Willard?? 🙂 )

      • That’s his real name. WILLARD Romney. Don’t know why he keeps lying about that.

        • Patriot077

          If I had that handle I would use a nickname too! It always makes me think of the movie Willard with the pet rats. (Only the old folks will remember this!)

          • It’s been remade. Not as good as the original… Now what was I typing about… I’m too old… or is that young… to remem… erm… 🙂

            • Patriot077

              I didn’t even know about the remake … you’re still young enough to make intelligent comparisons :p

  • white531

    Folks, this is a desperate human being. Of course, I don’t mean Romney. I mean Obama. After three and a half years of failure to accomplish even a smidgeon of what he promised, he is cornered like a rat, by his own words. For the first time since he was elected, he is starting to wonder about the outcome of all this. But, ever the Chicago politician that he is, he keeps hoping the next speech he makes will turn everything around. Except they don’t. Unemployment figures are still stuck in the mud. New home sales are nonexistent. Sales of existing homes are pathetic. People with five year degrees in business administration are working at Circle K. For those of you in the rest of our great country, Circle K is a like a Quick-mart that is prevalent in Arizona and Southern California.

    It isn’t really that he wants things to get better. He doesn’t. But he wants to create the illusion that things are getting better, at least until November and he gets elected for another four year term. Give this maniac four more years and I will guarandamnedtee you he will finish the job.

    I don’t know about you, but this drama that is playing out on the American stage right now is surreal. Obama, Pelosi, Reid? This is the stuff of a good horror movie out of Hollywood. But, in this case, the horror is not a Hollywood movie. This is real. As real as it gets. These people actually exist and they are running our country. Running it into the ground, would be more correct. How did we get here? Lot of theories on that one. My own personal theory is we achieved a good part of the American Dream and we got too comfortable with it. We stopped posting sentries to watch for approaching enemies. The campfire was so warm, we all fell asleep around it. The communists and Progressives sneaked in and began the long process of replacing good, decent Americans with something else. That, “something else,” is what we are fighting right now. They control the Executive, the Judicial, and fully half of our beloved Congress. We are left hanging on the side of a cliff by our fingernails. This election coming up in November means something to me. I hope it means something to you. Sorry for the long post. I get in trouble for that all the time.

  • FreeManWalking

    0b0-Hood Stole from the Taxpayers and gave to SOLYNDRA.

    • And SOLYNDRA gave a lot of money to Obama’s campaign.

      That sort of corruption should be punishable by a minimum of ten years in the pen.
      Maybe more for the guys at SOLYNDRA.

      • FreeManWalking

        For 0b0 Stocks as a warm up on the WH lawn during Romney’s 1st term, then off to picking up soap off the floor in prison shower.

  • Kordane

    Robin Hood returned wealth from the thieving government that seized it from them in taxation, back to the people who earned it in the first place.

    Robin Hood did NOT, I repeat NOT “steal from the rich and give to the poor”.

    • layne22

      Except that maybe the gov’t (king) became rich by stealing from people and hence made them poor.

  • 4rcane

    I thought robin hood stole from aristocrats/government who overtaxed the peasants

  • agas84363

    barack your policies do not work…you have proven that….why can’t obama lovers admit it!……give to people who won’t work…tax the hell out of those who will……good plan MORON!

  • 911Infidel

    You got a lot of nerve taling about Robin Hood there King John.

  • AlabamaPatriot2

    That’s actually pretty clever. Did the teleprompter tell His Highness to say that? I suspect so.

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    How easy would it be for Romney to thank Obama for calling him Romney Hood, and pointing out to him that Robin Hood took money from the government to give it back to the over-taxed peasants. It’s EXACTLY what he’s trying to do, and the “brilliant” Obama campaign has just given it a clever name.

    • white531

      That’s a very good idea, Rosie. I like it.

  • Robin Hood was a Socialist! He STOLE from those who had money and GAVE it to those he deemed needed it… “Wealth Redistribution” for the “greater good.” You’d think NObama would be Robin Hood’s #1 FAN! Epic NObama FAIL!

  • Jon Case

    Wait, I don’t get it. According to this idiot’s logic, isn’t that what Romney should be doing? The working and middle class, provided this country and the 1% with their success, so it’s only fair that they should pay for it. This sorry excuse for a man, sounds like he’s starting to short out with the way he tries to assemble his ideas. hahaha

  • Robin Hood and his compatriots would put arrows through the heart of todays lying, dirty, thieving, scoundrels known as the democrat party for the crime of treason against the nation and raging war against the citizens.
    Robin Hood would have the smpathisers in chains and wearing a yoke beam while the citizens spit and laugh at them while scorning the traitors of their nation.

    The American Tea Party movement is todays Robin Hood band of voters. We don’t need no stinking arrows, we vote, that’s our arrows for a total victory November 2012.

    tea party patriot
    Impeach Obama, Nah! nevermind, we Americans want to vote this creep out of office.

  • Trickle down theory has been proven wrong. 8 years of bush tax cuts and we are broke. 8 years of Clinton, with higher taxes on the upper 1% produced record surplus. Its that simple. Romney Hood is a very catchy one I must say.

  • When are people going to finally realize that Robin Hoods fight was against the big government of King Richard and the nobles of England. And their onerous taxation and regulations on its people. That everything in the kingdom belong to the king and his court, including livestock of every kind.
    We Conservatives (are) the modern day ROBIN HOODS, and we are taking the the fight to the Democratic party and their visions of conquest and subjugation’s over the rights and freedoms of the people.