Obama tells CNBC he’s ‘purposefully’ kept his anti-GOP rhetoric down while he’s been president…

Are you kidding me? In a CNBC interview yesterday, Obama told John Harwood that he’s bent over backwards to work with the GOP and that he’s purposefully kept his anti-gop rhetoric down. And despite this lie, he never gets challenged by Harwood.



And what’s even worse, Obama tried to scare the markets yesterday over this government shutdown by telling them they should be concerned:

Brit Hume fired back saying that there’s not a single other president who has ever tried to scare the markets:

Worst. President. Ever.

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  • c4pfan

    Yeah, he has the industrial media complex and Dems do it for him. Heck, RINOs do it for him too.

  • clockwindingdown

    Is it opposite day already again? Wow how time flies…

    You know the left has their backs against the wall and are flailing about trying to do anything to regain control when they do PR stunts like this!


  • Carol McIntyre

    Purposefully kept his rhetoric down? Yeah. Next he’s going to tell us he’s a good Christian born in America, too!

    • pushtheredbutton
      • lawngren

        Good grief. It seemed as though it hurt him to speak the words. He has the talk but not the walk, and all his lies can’t change that.

        I’m reminded of Matthew 7:22-23. Jesus is speaking:

        ” Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’


    We sure hope that when we die it is from laughing! Because we could fill up pages and pages of the lies, and rhetoric of this really sick Marxist/Communist person.

  • Press Watchusa

    He should go to the Golf Course ASAP

    When he is there – He can’t do any harm and
    He will convince himself that He is a Master Golfer!


  • Sentinel

    It’s kinda hard to keep getting riled up over all the lies and crap this arrogant, phony, posing, socialist, muslim monster says. We knew in his first term that he was a crap weasel… but now that we’re stuck with him again for another term (which is sickening). He now has no restraint on him because (at least as of now) he isn’t able to be pResident again. So, for this succubus, the throttle is wide open. And what is really astonishing to me is that even after the whole NSA scandal (which has never been resolved), when the MSM started to turn on him for a moment, they are now back with their heads deeply planted right up his butt again, doing his bidding. Simply unbelievable.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Lap dog media! Argh!!

  • Marridge

    He is panicking because 800,000 non-essential workers aren’t working. Let that sink in: non-essential.

  • DHardy

    Obama is attempting a little damage control by spewing a few silly lies..only the dumbed down can believe…

  • Sentinel

    One more comment… Obama hasn’t done a day of work since he’s been pResident. He wasn’t engaged in any debt talks, war talks, ceiling raise talks, CR talks, nothing! He’s always absent. He has from time to time come out of hiding to make a foolish statement on Sandra Fluck, Trayvon, or cops who are doing their job (but not how he wants it done). Now he’s going to Malasia or somewhere while the government is shut down for crying out loud. He always uses his minions and the MSM to do his bidding and to take credit or blame. Rush nailed it (again) by pointing out that Obama accepts no responsibility – NONE. All this Ahole has done is campaign, travel, and golf it seems. He’s a lying, unpresidential snake oil salesman – TOTALLY incapable of being an effective leader or President of the United States. It becomes painfully apparent when he says crap like this.

  • sjmom

    “These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.”
    (Prov. 6: 17-19)

    • Dukehoopsfan

      Well put. I keep thinking that sooner or later he will receive his comeuppance.

      • sjmom

        Methinks it will be more of a take down.

        “I said unto the fools, Deal not foolishly: and to the wicked, Lift not up the horn: Lift not up your horn on high: speak not with a stiff neck. For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another.”
        Psalm 75: 4-7

        • Dukehoopsfan

          It cannot happen soon enough in my opinion.

          • lawngren

            Second the motion.

      • sno_warrior

        I have faith the Jesus will grant unto him his reward at the Second Coming… and it will be either life with Christ or a fiery DEATH.

        Just spectulating, but I believe that he will burn and someday (by Gods’ grace), I’ll be walk upon his ashes.

    • lawngren

      obama qualifies for the Lord’s hatred on all counts. Let us hope and pray that God’s judgment on obama will be swift and harsh.

      • SCB62

        Meanwhile (and even after) my children and grandchildren have a prospect of a misserable live of oppression

        • lawngren

          In this world, until King Jesus returns, I’m afraid you’re right. But for those who have placed their faith in Him, eternity in Heaven will be amply long to forget this failed planet.

          And even here and now, the consciousness of sins forgiven and the presence of God’s Holy Spirit with us is a powerful comfort and source of strength.

  • Edward La Guardia

    What…what!?! Kept his anti-GOP rhetoric down?? You’ve gotta be kidding me! I haven’t seen a speech by him in recent years where he doesn’t either blatantly or subtlety blame them for all the ills of America…he blames the past on them (GWB) and he blames the present on them (House of Reps)…it’s not even up for debate if he does this because we have countless videos and transcripts…WHAT A SICKENING LIAR!!

    P.S. If Obama really is keeping his anti-GOP rhetoric down then all I can say is that he must really and truly hate them with a burning maliciousness the likes of which I’ve never seen…

  • Darrell Griffin

    The man is a sociopath.

    • SCB62

      The man is a MARXIST !

  • NJK

    He’s a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. This is his Jihad from within. Where’s your true birth certificate, Soetoro, and who’s your real father? This man is a fraud.

    • Rshill7

      I heard the authorities in Egypt are working to open up files on his connections with the MB and his brother, their connections with terrorism, as well as some sort of connection with the IRS.

      Shoebat was speaking of it.

      Giddyup! Scoop should have this. He’s really good with Shoebat stuff.

  • Laurel

    I’m sitting here trying to decide who is worse…Obama or the media!

    • Well, use heads or tails on this one:
      Ass–I mean Tails=Obama

      Hold on, doesn’t this mean that they are “both sides of the same coin?” They BOTH qualify as the worst because they are in on it together! Now, give me back my coin, my food stamps are running out! 😛

      • Laurel

        Haha! That was good!

    • sno_warrior

      they are BOTH agents of Satan.

  • Rshill7

    As opposed to your head spinning 720 degrees, your chair jumping up and down under you, green ooze squirting from your lie-hole, and self inflicted scissor wounds in your crotch?

    Yep, relative to that, you’ve been quite calm there Jr.

  • WinMissouri

    I am glad he has tempered his rhetoric these past five years, I cannot imagine what would come out of his mouth if he had NO restraint.

    • PNWShan

      On the other hand, if he hadn’t tempered his rhetoric, people would know what he really stood for and he would not be President today.

  • welltempered2

    When he says he has tried to keep his anti-GOP rhetoric in check, I believe him. What he’s saying is “I’m trying to hide how much more radical I really am.”

  • MaroonRepublic

    If he was telling the truth, then what would he like to say?

    • pushtheredbutton


  • pushtheredbutton

    Guys, I’m looking hard into this man’s eyes when he speaks nowadays and sometimes (a little too often even) I get the feeling that he actually believes what he is saying. Same thing in the video here. “Bent over backwards”? “Kept my rhetoric down”?

    Now folks. If this so; if he really genuinely believes he’s been as reasonable as he can be in his relations with the GOP (not even conservatives, just the RINO GOP alone) this past five years, I ask you:

    Aren’t we all f***ed?

    Do not we have Lenin’s distant cousin in the Oval Office??

    And if so, what is the walking on egg shells from conservatives all about?! Why don’t we bite the bullet and start calling a spade a spade: on tv, radio, the internet, in our churches and in the streets of Washington DC as we march onwards to said Oval Office to reclaim it?

    • CalCoolidge

      Always believes what he’s saying? Isn’t that how a psychopath works?

      • lawngren

        Yes. He is.

        • CalCoolidge

          And yes, they do.

    • Dan painter

      He recites what is written for him. He is little more then an B actor reading his lines.

  • timerunnersc


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gu7kMigQ0gA , maybe the fix is in.

  • CalCoolidge

    “The one unifying principle in the Republican Party at the moment is making sure
    that 30 million people don’t have healthcare.”
    — Barak Obama, August 9, 2013

    The real question for me is this. If I can do that so easily, why can’t the persons interviewing him.

  • Dan painter

    I believe he is telling the truth. If he gave full throat to his hatred for the republican party and white Christian America you WOULD BE STUNNED. We have a dangerous black man in the White House who ENJOYS using a whip on the backs of honest America.

  • 1tootall

    Can’t he be dismissed for “conduct unbecoming….”…Just kidding. One has to have shame to display awareness of “conduct unbecoming”.

  • Yazz55

    Before watching this, one should have a stiff drink, ummm better make that a double.
    Or otherwise sedate yourself, to prevent you from screaming LIAR, or other unprintable words, or throwing sharp objects at the computer monitor.

    Please don’t show this to anyone under the age of 21, to prevent brainwashing.

    • PNWShan

      Thanks for the warning!

  • kong1967

    To Brit Hume’s tweet…..Obama wants the markets and the people to suffer. This is his way of forcing people to comply to his demands. He puts his boot on our necks.

    Obama has called us terrorists, hostage takers, extremists, and many other untoward names. If this is him holding back, that affirms what we know of him to be true. If he was a dictator that didn’t have to worry about Dems losing elections, he would be far, far worse on what he would do to us. I think he would be a ruthless and brutal dictator.

    • Darrell Griffin

      Brown Shirt tactics. Quite literally. The parallels between this Administration and Hitler in the 1930s, and Mao in the 50s, is quite troubling although not surprising.

      He’s a totalitarian leftist. This is who they are. They can’t convince, so they force. He is just more brazen about it, and why not ? Nobody has stood up to him, so he is emboldened to rule by fiat.

      He has no standards, he has no limits, he has no conscience when it comes to employing his policies. For him the ends justify the means. He and his minions will do whatever it takes to force compliance and “fundamental change”.

      In other words, he’s a typical liberal. Only more dangerous because he has a compliant Senate, a leg humping media, and the most powerful government on the planet at his disposal.

      • kong1967

        Lol, that was so good I can’t think of anything to add to it.

  • kong1967

    He may be the worst President ever, but that assumes he’s trying to be a good one and that he wants to make America succeed. He is the best anti-American dictator this country has ever seen, although admittedly he’s the ONLY one we’ve ever seen. Not over his head, but INTENTIONAL.

  • BearNJ

    This is the Left’s constant approach. Go out and attack and rally their moronic base then sit down with a friendly reporter and act like the serious adult in the room. The only thing Obama is serious about is destroying the country.

  • Nukeman60

    Obama told John Harwood that he’s bent over backwards to work with the GOP…

    I’m sure you misquoted him. I believe what he REALLY said was that “he’s bent the GOP over backwards…”

    Ahhh, now that makes some sense. It’s those little words that are so tricky to decipher off the teleprompter (you know, words like corps).


    Is Pinocchio trying for the Guinness book of world records for LYING .

  • Martin2717

    Why would that Obama-loving communist idiot Harwood challenge his beloved leader?

  • tularockstar

    Bull$hidder-in-Chief lies, as usual! Uhh…remember “You didn’t Build That?” or “If I had a Son…”? Of course CDNC wouldn’t ask any real questions.

  • tularockstar

    Oloser has only bent over for Assad, Putin, Rouhani, China, Saudi Arabia, and his old college boyfriend!

  • Matthew Dietz

    He’s such a demagogue!

  • Kem Cho

    Next time Harwood is on, I will change the channel. He is another water carrier for Obama. How dumb of him to listen to Obama’s lies and not question him. Is CNBC imitating MSNBC?

  • buzzkill59

    A lying liar telling lies!Nothing new here,he’s been doing it for 10+ years!He started in Illinois Senate and has been full speed ahead since. I will never,ever understand how this clown got re-elected.It’s scary to think there are that many stupid people in America.

  • GottaQHFilly

    Insane sociopath. Commie, koranimal mass murderer. And those are his good points.

  • jimtrees

    Boehner should be credited for something. After bending forward for five years, backwards should be a nice change.

  • Robalou01

    And in the interest of civility towards our beloved leader I’m going to keep my “Democrat rhetoric” toned done…Therefore Obama is merely a POS rather than a GDPOS

  • jlfa

    If that is what he thinks of himself, then he is delusional. This is hysterical, I have never heard any president be so disrespectful, and prone to petty name calling. His behavior is that of a spoiled brat, whose parents think his just darling and offers no correction. They also forgot to tell him that lying is very bad.

  • Sui-Juris

    Oh my! Obama speak for the Prog fanbois.