Obama to surrender our territorial waters to UN body with veto power

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  • Susitna

    Obama will destroy America as much as he can before November. I am just speechless!
    Still waiting for the Cavalry……

  • ApplePie101

    It would not surprise me at all to learn that Obama has been in the pay of foreign enemies of this nation from the very start. He has done everything he can to destroy America and American lives.

  • Trust1TG

    SO – where are our legislators and defenders of our national sovereignty?

    I’ll tell you where – they are too busy lining their pockets, indulging their fleshly appetites and helping bring socialism/fascism to the US.

    Democrats and Republicans alike are helping Obama destroy our nation.

    • Susitna

      All are busy now talking about gay marriages…..

  • vintageTP

    The support for LOST is all over the board starting with
    U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, World Wildlife Fund. It is not clear how we can protect our interests regarding fishing, drilling and environmental concerns. But I would say Palin and WWF are polar opposites, but both, originally at least, support LOST.

  • 2besusie

    This makes me physically ill.

    This Administration is so out of control. They have made me glad about 2 things I never imagined being glad about. One, I’m glad I’m sixty-something rather than thirty-something. Two, I’m glad (relieved) that I don’t have children.

    I weep for our future.