Occupy Wall Street organized by SEIU / ACORN Front – The Working Family Party

This is video proof that big labor has had it’s hands in these occupy whatever street protests from the beginning, despite what you may hear on the news. Listen to this woman who helped organize these protests, who works with The Working Family Party which according to The Blaze was established in the 90s by key members of the the socialist organizations The New Party, ACORN, SEIU, and a coalition of other labor unions and community organizations (via The Blaze).


Add to what’s above the audio of Stephen Lehner, the prime architect of the Occupy Wall Street protests, that has been leaked out which reveals that he plans to start terrorizing bank executives next Tuesday (via Big Government).

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  • Anonymous


    Leftwing Machine Paying Wall Street Occupiers: “Compensation: $350-$650 A Week Depending On Responsibility…” Bloomberg, “Occupy Wall Street Can Stay Indefinitely”,

  • Anonymous

    What a POS communist dumb schit they all are!

    • Anonymous

      Did you really call them Communists? Good. I agree 1000x over.

  • Anonymous

    Flat out, if these people came to “visit” me, they’d find themselves confronted by one of these:


    …chambering the old Soviet 7.62 x 39.

    People that brag on the Internet about coming to my house to start some crap with me? They’d better bring an awful lot of people to soak up those bullets. And yet these asinine reporters continue to try equating these punks with the Tea Party.

    • Anonymous

      Wish I could be so well protected and had the capability!

      “…these asinine reporters continue to try equating these punks with the Tea Party.”

      Couldn’t agree more!

      The asinine think asininely and judge everyone else by what they are. Which is, well -asinine!

      • You don’t have to be armed that well………..I recently heard someone question the value of gold and they said that if SHTF, you will have people trading their gold for ammo.

        Band together with your neighbors and family and resolve to stay safe. Dry rice and beans are cheap….and they go good together. Next to that, keep something to defend your family.

        You don’t have to intend to use it, but keep it as a last measure.

    • Anonymous

      The right wing answer to debate, gun violence. Cretan.

      • Anonymous

        The left wing answer to anything: lies, distortions and misspellings. Dumbass.

        1: Unwashed mobs coming to my house are not welcome to debate. They are welcome to get the Hell out, and a few can possibly make an appointment. The uninvited that are out to harass or terrorize me, and/or my family, WILL be met by force (the nature of which is aforementioned).

        2: They don’t have to get shot, if they do not invade my home, and attempt to engage in a campaign to harass and attack me (as is the stated intent, graphically described in the 2nd video that you obviously wish to defend through your mentally dishonest omission).

        Quite frankly, I will not back away from the fact that I am fully willing to kill people that think they can do this to me/my family:


        Since you’re too stupid and cowardly to defend yourself, I’ll be sure to send people to your place, when they leave mine at top speed. You should probably have a lot of drug-laced brownies ready. They seem to be the types to like such things, and you seem to have consumed many of them, judging by your writings.

        3: In address to your disingenuous bullsh*t, here’s some right wing violence for you:


        You’re obviously a very stupid man, so I’ll warn you, right now: if you want to cross swords with me, you’d better get two things, right away:

        1: Your facts straight.

        2: A dictionary. A “Cretan” is someone from the Mediterranean island of Crete, South-East of Greece.

        Once you acquire those (if you can), you’ll still get your uneducated ass kicked, so don’t waste your time, unless you have some sort of kinky thing about public humiliation, and if that’s the case, you should talk to KevinInMontana. People like you are precisely why sexual relations between blood relatives are frowned upon in this country.

        • Anonymous

          Dear Mr. Dumbass, I’ll call you Mister out of respect. First off, you idiot, I have multiple degrees in Political Science and Economics. I make well over six figures and yes, the tax hikes would include me. I am not sure what your educational level is but with the lack of any factual citation or quote, I doubt it very high. I am forwarding your comments and notes to the Feds, who since the Gifford incident and the Norway incident, take a more in depth view of threats of violence. I did not make one mention of violence in my comment. Having worked with all the Federal Law enforcement agencies, I can assure you that it will not be a pleasant experience you will have chatting with them.

          • hey mr multible degrees google death threats to sarah palin asshole you and your kind r always the ones who are violent …im sure virus x is scared shit…. you moron by the time there done with sarah p death threats v x will be about 140 yrs old…boob

        • Anonymous

          Urban Dictionary cretan: Someone who is an idiot and lacks gravitas.
          My brother is a cretan and suffers from cretanism and low levels of gravitas.

          Or, how about neophyte? Either one applies to you.

        • i didnt no you were from crete!!!

      • Matthew Matthew King

        Thje left wing answer to La verdad, distortion

  • Anonymous

    Does this surprise anyone, always follow the money to the source- soros. No wonder obama has given them the wink.

    • Anonymous

      The beginning, middle and end!!!

      Sadly, it seems as tho it’s up to the ag and doj as to who is or is not arrested.

    • Anonymous

      Do you think he gave $12 million like the Koch Brothers did to Freedomworks? Hypocrites!

      • Anonymous

        Before you allege, research. All the lefty sites on the internet start out with glaring headlines about the Koch’s involvement in FreedomWorks, please read on and watch for the spin, end message the Koch’s do not finance Freedom Works….period. I could do quotes, but better that you read all the articles yourself- from first to last words. You progressives always project what you are doing onto your opponent, just your routine documented behavior/tactic.

        • Anonymous

          Fool. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/29/opinion/29rich.html You’re just a lackey of the 1%. You’re just to damn dumb to know it. What has changed in the last 40 years, certainly not your wages.

          • Anonymous

            Name calling is a real sign of a weak stand. Go beyond your 2008 article written by mayer- she is eventually proved wrong- keep reading all the articles- it’s buried, and spun, but there. nytimes aren’t noted for their fair and balanced reporting, maybe try huffpo, too

        • Anonymous

          “just your routine documented behavior/tactic” evidence and specific examples would be nice. Some kind of substance in any of your comments, not just a bunch of vagaries.

  • Joe

    Pres. ZERO knew this all along – That’s why he showed them support

    The plot is thickening –

    Are you surprised ?

    Don’t bother trying to convert the “ghoul aid” drinkers –

    Get out the vote in 2012
    “The end of an error”

  • Anonymous

    Seeing the organization behind these ‘occupy’ events really makes me appreciate what happened in the last few years with the TEA Party.

    • Anonymous

      Liked X 1000

  • Anonymous

    So how come these folks don’t unionize so they can get lay-off benefits from their employers ?

    • randy butters

      uhhh… cuz their all hippy poser wanna beez livin in their parents basement using their puters, blackberries and all the modern technologies that they are all protesting against. If they werent so brain dead it would be funny; but with no moral compass they may be quite dangerous. Just like the SA playlist. The useful idiots the looney liberal leftest idjits wanna put out there to sacrifice like the fodder they are.

      • Anonymous

        So when do you get out of grade school?

  • Dan


    read and pass along to all you know……..

  • “Not living paycheck to paycheck…”

    Once upon a time most people lived from harvest to harvest, particularly under serfdom.

    What does she want exactly?

  • Capitalism hasn’t worked for that young woman because she is not a productive member of society. What has she done to help create wealth for herself or others?


    She is paid by liberals to pontificate.

  • Dan

    being a leach is not just a day job ……its a way of life…..come and learn a new way to live off the people who work…we crap in the street and the unions thugs in N.Y.City clean it up…no utility bills..great deal…we have all the sex we want cause there is a free clinic right down the street… free condoms enough for everyone…notice they don’t say what they do with the used ones “yuck” knowing these people they just fold them up and reuse them cause they love mother earth and would never throw them on the ground….and think about all the new crabs they can catch and share with all the people they meet…..and then they can go home and get treated for all the STDes they have contracted while saving the world…HONEY PACK THE CAR WERE GOING TO NEW YORK…………….

  • Dan

    someone needs to rent a 40′ screen and show Doctor Zhivago 24 hours a day cause that is what they will get if we listen to them and they get their way

  • Right now we are pointing at them and laughing. Soon they will do something that will make the joke be over. When that happens, we must be prepared. WE will and are winning. I bet 80% of these criminal want to bes already know that. When it is obvious even to these dolts, we must be prepared.

  • Anonymous

    Now America has an ego-maniac bunch of communist thugs damaging the image of your good working people. They are talking like ghosts from the failed Soviet Union.
    You have individuals behaving like unelected monsters. The world has regretfully seen these types before. Your country and its people are far better than this. The kid with the entitlement mentality who says Americans are tired of “living from paycheck to paycheck”. In my country we all live from paycheck to paycheck! A job is regarded here as a privilege, not a right.
    There has been no more aspirational, industrious, country in living memory than the USA. And these power-hungry big-mouthed soviet types are trying to brainwash your impressionable youth.
    They are receiving very, very bad publicity outside America.
    So where’s your Audacity of Hope man these days? The one who doesn’t like success and prosperity? Not siding with these idiots, we should have the audacity to hope.

  • Anonymous


  • David Swanson: Occupation of Freedom Plaza in DC modeled after Tahrir Square and Mass European Protests formally of acorn ;

  • Anonymous

    These are BHO’s people…think about it. America put a Community Organizer in the White House! Can you believe it?

  • Anonymous

    loser parade. clean up after yourselves you dirty bums… have you guys seen all the garbage downtown?? these people litter more than dung beetles.

  • If they do away with Capitalism why do they need the money from the rich? If Capitalism is gone won’t money — especially fiat money — become worthless?

  • Patricia Esule

    More lies by the right. The Unions only became involved in the Occupy movement last week. The Unions neither organized the movement or are in any way leading the movement. This is a real grass roots movement by the people who have been long ignored. The Occupiers have been out there for about the last three weeks. You folks want to paint them as un-patriotic mobs simply because you disagree with their anger against the real power in this country, the monied interests. It’s the money that runs government and everything else in this country. If you believe the government is running things you’re being fooled and your anger is misplaced. Only when we get the money out of politics will be have true democracy.

    • Linky1

      Grass roots movement? It’s more like an episode of Seinfeld-a show about nothing.

    • Anonymous

      Grassroots really? I distinctly recall this being talked about several months ago. Sorry but your anger is misplaced and your being used.

    • Anonymous

      The unions are just part of the whole left-leaning lot – doesn’t matter whether they are technically leading, except that unions provide lots of money (union dues and all.)

      What do the occupiers want, exactly? How do they propose to get money out of politics? You do realize that Obama expects to raise one billion dollars for his re-election campaign this year, right? And much of that from Wall Street. And unions spend millions on political causes – yet they are protesting money in politics. What am I missing here? Anybody, anybody?

    • Anonymous

      Actually, the ‘real power’ would be a return to the republic we were founded upon (see that pesky Constitution). We’ve never been a ‘true democracy’ as you suggest…that would be mob rule, which the ‘occupiers’ do seem to prefer? unfortunately, yes, that would seem ‘un-patriotic’ IMO. I don’t disagree about ‘money out of politics’…but that will never happen. ‘Lobbyists’ (ergo money/influence) have been around in every form of govt. since the Roman Empire, likely earlier. No lie. So, now what?

    • I liked what you said.
      Only because its so wonderfully naive. I don’t know how many times liberals have to be reminded WE DO NOT LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY! The constitution provides for a REPUBLICAN form of government. Go ahead, look it up. We’ll wait.

      There. You see?
      Quoting you: “You folks want to paint them as un-patriotic mobs simply because you disagree with their anger…”
      It wasn’t long ago liberals were saying the same damned thing about the tea party. Or don’t you read your party’s talking points?
      Now go take a shower.

    • Anonymous

      If you want money out of politics why don’t you take your protests to Washington D.C. to the Capital Bldg and the White House??? They are the ones excepting it. Last I recall I don’t believe dear leader turned down any money from Wall St or big evil corporations so where is your anger against him or Harry Reid or Pelosi??

      The banks and corporations have their money…key word…THEIR MONEY…they can spend it as they see fit. If they decide to contribute to a campaign or cause or lobbyist they can. If the politicians decide to take the money well then that is where your anger should lie. But I don’t see any of that, even with the protesters in D.C.

      Do you think going around companies and just sitting there is going to change the minds of investors and/or CEOs of banks?? What can you do to them?? They are still going to spend the money as they see fit. Politicians on the other hand must run for re-election every few years so they have something to lose when their constituents are upset with them. Why are you not dealing with them instead??

      You say that the bailouts for the banks was a horrible thing (I agree, should have been allowed to fail. Its called the free market. Surprisingly no one seems angry about the auto bailouts though. GM should have been allowed to fail as well.) yet your anger lies with the company that received the money and not with those that bailed out the companies??? I don’t understand.

    • Either your a blatant liar or a just born babe. Go back months and listen to Van Jones talk about this very activity!!! Its been planned for months if not years!!!!! The gov has been funding socialist organizations for decades under the guise of NON PROFITS!!!!!! They in turn fund the DNC, its called a slush fund!!!!!!!! GTFO. Go to N. Korea for a more EQUAL way of life.

  • Linky1

    I liked what Herman Cain said tonight – that these protesters should be doing this at the White House – after all it was the POTUS’s failed economic policies that caused the mess. But wait, folks, they do have jobs-hired thugs, rabble rousers and s**t disturbers, all hired by SEIU and ACORN and of course, Move on.org-all billionaire cronies of the head rabble rouser – the dude occupying the White House, the original Community Organizer.

  • Anonymous

    well, Mr. Lerner, sounded like a ‘call to action’ for those sheeple…to not wait, ‘take a risk,’ be serious, shift history, wonderful things gonna happen next week, eh? fun stuff, as you say. believe me, it won’t be fun…you might just push too hard. better look at your numbers again re: the 99% who support this crap. it’s wishful thinking…like unicorns & rainbows, or $20 min. wage, or free stuff for everyone…where does all that come from btw? better yet, what’s in YOUR wallet??

  • Anonymous

    I can’t say that I’m surprised to see who is organizing and agitating all this. All along, I’ve suspected that this seems way too organized. Just wasn’t certain and had no proof as to who. Now it seems that my speculations and hunches have now been confirmed. No way a bunch of useful idiots can organized in such a manner. These sheep need a herder. And now we know who that is. This is dangerous and will become even more dangerous.

    Whats not said is just exactly how close the obamessiah regime is working with these bolshevick agitator organizers. This is not being done without at least tacit knowledge and approval from the agitator in chief.

  • 5 bucks says she goes home every night and draws a very good paycheck. What a pos. The both of them!!!!! What to live in the country your trying to turn America into? MOVE to N. Korea!!!!! get the ticket and your che t-shirt and GTFO of the States!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Are they as mindless as the folks in Atlanta, chorusing ever word said ? Are they going to demonstrate in front of Trumpka’s house, and Lehner’s house, and Pelosi’s, and Reid’s and so many others at the seat of power, they’re big time money swillers, propably more so than the bank employees they are threatening. They point at others what should be pointed at they themselves.

  • Anonymous

    This commie agitator gang is quite likely operating as a non profit. That means they have to disclose their finanical info – form 990 that they file with the IRS every year. They also would need to register in every state they agitate…errr I mean do their business in. If one has some time to do a bit of digging, it could be intersting.

  • Anonymous

    You guys are pitiful. You misconstrue everything Liberals do. If you guys put your brains on the edge of a razor blade, it would look like a BB going down a four lane highway….seriously.

  • Anonymous

    I had to put the video on hold a minute to comment on this: the woman interviewed in the first video says, “…labor is under complete and utter attack these days from corporate America and uh uh uh you know the management aspect of things…”

    Garble and babble aside (Let’s call this one Babble Doll), I really wish it were possible to stop her at that point and say, “Yes, sort of like Russia, or China…”

    I don’t plan to be here if it happens, but if I am, I’ll try to look up Babble Doll about five years after communism takes over and ask her to tell me how much better off labor is then.

    I can just see Col. Allen West on the radio to his CO: “Sir, send more troops. We’re under complete and utter attack.”

  • I’ve never seen a bigger group of slope headed, knuckle dragging ignorance than the people on this page speaking against true pure Democracy. Sorry, you idiots that like to interpret the constitution in a way it was never intended, just like the bible, need to read a book. Oh thats right you read Ayn Rand, the communist atheist that lived out her life on social security. You people are just stupid.

  • Can you believe her parents sent her to college, paid thousands of dollars and all they got was that?

  • Matthew Matthew King

    Wake up and stand your ground. Less than 1% of the population was communist when they over threw Russia, China, Cuba… “The 99%” are a real threat not to be taken lightly.