OFF THE RAILS AGAIN: Trumpertantrum is now threatening to SUE Ted Cruz for negative ads!

Here we go again. A day before the Republican debate, The Donald is throwing another Trumpertantrum on Twitter:

Wow. Threatening to sue over ‘cheating’ and negative ads? What a joke.

Amanda Carpenter thinks it’s a sign that Trump might not like the polls:

Yep, when all else fails, GO BIRTHER.

Trump has also been attacking Cruz, asking how can he be a Christian and a liar:

Actually, what Cruz said, according to Politico, is that both Trump and Rubio have said they will abide by the law of the land with respect to the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage:

Speaking at the Carolina Values Summit at Winthrop University, the Texas senator said that the “lawless” decision by the Supreme Court to legalize gay marriage nationwide was “judicial activism.” And he indicated that Rubio and Trump, whom he did not identify by name but as his top two challengers, were flimsy in their opposition to gay marriage.

Even though both oppose gay marriage, each said they would abide by the “law of the land” last year.

“Those are the talking points of Barack Obama,” Cruz said.

The Supreme Court decision, he added, “will not stand.”

Cruz is not lying. Trump did say this:

To both Trump and Obama, this is the law of the land. What is Cruz lying about here?

Nothing. It’s Trumpertantrum that isn’t honest. He hasn’t been honest for a long time now because Cruz is hitting him hard in the polls. Heck, we just caught him in a lie yesterday.

And now he’s at it again, whining on Twitter about negative ads.

C’mon Trumpertantrum, grow a pair and start acting like an adult.

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