Open Borders advocates are FLYING protesters around to crash GOP candidate events!

This doesn’t come as a surprise to me (so don’t ask if it does), but apparently open borders advocates are so desperate for protesters they have to fly them to GOP events.

From Opportunity Lives:

The man seated next to me on my flight from Washington, D.C. to Columbia, South Carolina was quiet and unassuming. He was polite to the stewardess. I didn’t give him a second thought. But during Saturday’s Kemp Forum on Expanding Opportunity I recognized him as one of the half dozen protestors who interrupted Marco Rubio’s appearance by yelling and screaming that he was “undocumented and unafraid” – a considerable change in demeanor from our Friday morning flight.

The protestors identified as members of the pro-illegal immigration group United We Dream. The group has led similar protests against other Republican candidates including Donald Trump, and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) for their opposition to illegal immigration. While the group claims to be nonpartisan on its website, they have yet to stage any protests against Democratic candidates or elected officials. These are not spontaneous, “grassroots” organizers. They are well-funded “astroturf” protestors who are hired and paid to drive media coverage such as this.

What to conclude from this information? For one, these protestors, at least the one sat next to me, are not local citizens of South Carolina – they were flown in from Washington, D.C. Given that they flew in a full day before, I’d also suspect travel costs were paid for by United We Dream and thus their donors, not by the individuals themselves. So rather than a group of locals who disagree with Rubio’s policies, these protestors seem to be employees of a national liberal organization seeking to undermine a Republican candidate.

I keep saying it over and over – Republicans really need to tie these extremists to Democrats. Absolute “open borders” policies are NOT popular with the American public, and most realize that we need some deportations. Still, the GOP is frightened to push back on this issue.

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