Open Thread: A metaphor for Obama’s America

I’ll give you one guess who the dog is:

This is your open thread.

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  • texasgirl46

    That was tooooo cute…

  • Joe


  • Orangeone

    My Ragdoll would have chased that dog and gotten the biscuit back….She is also a wee bit smarter and would have lined those biscuits up on the counter where the dog couldn’t reach.

    Thanks Scoop, love this kiddo videos.

    • StandProudNow

      Hey!! I’ve got a a Ragdoll as well 🙂 She’s the light of my life…. Also got a Ragamuffin and a Somali who you can see in my avatar 🙂 Am totally crazy about the three of them ♥

      • Orangeone

        Sweet 🙂  My ragdoll does not behave like a ragdoll because she has been raised with Torties. She is a mischievious little girl but absolutely adorable!  I’ve submitted her pix for a calendar….

      • RosiesSeeingRed

        I have 3 cats too, two tortoise calicoes (aka Torties) (girls) and my fun little guy, a Bombay, who thinks he’s a dog (he plays fetch, loves to have his belly rubbed, and drinks from the toilet). I’m totally crazy about them too — AND, they keep my blood pressure in check, which lately, I really need. 🙂

      • I just had to put my my beloved calico down on election day. It was a loss to me that I still can not get over, and will be sometime before I do. She was one of the Love’s of my life who gave me her love unconditionally. I’m glad to see how much your cats mean to you.
        Never take them for granted, and appreciate them while they are with us each and every day. All the best to you…David R.

    • My cats started out as feral kittens with a very protective feral mom. At least one of them would take some of the dry food we put out and drop it on the walkway, near the water bowl and then back up under the sago palm and waited for a bird to land–they used it as bait! They are super smart. Although I think this cat in the video was helping out his dog buddy, which I think they would too! They love our token dog, Benny. With cats, once one learns something new, the rest learn too! (BTW, they are all now neutered and safely inside now.)

      • Orangeone

        You are the best!  My oldest male learned how to jump and open doors with lever handles. You are correct, he taught his sisters!

        • LOL–yes–if we had lever doors handles they would be able to work them. They didn’t all come in the house all at the same time. We had two outside when the mom was still around we named Earl and Randy after “My Name is Earl” Hubby had this old Buick and left the windows down while he went inside. When he came back out he put his foot up on the bumper to tie his shoe. He looked up and there was Earl paws on the wheel and Randy riding shotgun. I told them they thought they were going to boost the car and go for a joyride. Earl would also follow us up to the door and stretch up and try to reach the handle. He’d look up, “Can I please come inside now?” Eventually he and Randy did get to come inside and we have all four siblings in now. (Mom disappeared at some point, but she left us a wonderful gift.) None of the siblings have the slightest desire to go back outside. Smart cats!

          FYI Cat lovers: YouTube has an hysterical UK commercial for Cravendale milk–what if cats had thumbs!

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    11 days after hurricane sandy, still people without power, water, gas, so how did voting back in photo op barry, work out for you?? doesn’t look like it did.

    • Apparently you’ve never experienced a natural disaster before. Recovery doesn’t happen instantly. Regardless don’t blame our president, this is being managed by the states.

      • yanksrule

        Yeah, but didn’t Barry look good for his 10min. photo-op??..funny how President Bush got hammered for Hurricane Catrina….

      • anyonebutbarry2012

        oh bull, he is in charge of fema, and fema is failing… quit making excuses for your guy,. isn’t it enough that you got the most corrupt pres in history re-elected??

      • NJK

        You’re kidding right? Don’t blame our President? That’s all they did with President Bush. I think Obama doesn’t like white people. Actually, he doesn’t like any Americans. He just like to steal their money, lets them die in Benghazi, and is an accessory to murder in Fast and Furious. But, don’t blame, Jim Jones.

        • susandanielspi

          It’s not that he doesn’t like white people, he and his wife hate them. He was abandoned by a psycho white mother and raised by crazy white communists. What do you expect. Michelle is just pissed that she wasn’t born white.

      • Orangeone

        Barky Boy left you to fend for yourself and drown. But for the generous donations from Conservatives, you would have nothing! And frankly, I’m constantly tweeting that the donations should stop because they are unappreciated by the liberal lefties.

      • shesmilez

        How convenient. Don’t blame our president. How quickly they forget. Katrina BUSH!! The mantra of the left.

      • We have a precedent in this country of blaming the President if people get hurt in a hurricane. So yes, it is Obama’s fault just like Katrina was Bush’s fault.

      • tvlgds

        You mean like nobody blamed Bush after Katrina? Funny how those tables turn depending on who’s in the WH! It was the states then too, but that didn’t matter to the lamestream media or the rest of you on the left!

      • The problem is Bush should not have been blamed either. Recovery is up to the states and to the people. This just shows people are WAY too dependent on the federal government. First of all it’s obvious that a lot of them NEVER filled up their car before the storm or followed any safety precautions like either leaving or making sure you have plenty of supplies (canned goods that don’t need heating, batteries, a camp stove, if possible, filling up your tub so you can flush the toilets, etc.) And don’t tell me they just don’t know–if they’ve got a TV they’ve HAD to seen what the south goes through. Even a tropical storm can cause huge damage because it can just rain and rain and flood everywhere. I went through Ike and we didn’t have these problems (and many places had to wait days or weeks to get the power back on–in 90 degree Aug heat!) We also either left the area or certainly didn’t have to go fill up our car until they got the power back on because work was down too!

        You didn’t hear about this in Texas because we came together and helped each other. The federal government was NO help at all! Jeez, they can’t even pass out water and ice efficiently. But we didn’t block non-union utility workers from coming in. Those that could help, did so and we took care of each other. Katrina had the problems it did because the democrats in charge at that time, did not ASK the federal government for help right away, were resistant to the national guard coming in and, instead of getting the vulnerable people OUT or move them up north, thought it would be a good idea to put them in the Super Dome! And a lot of the people there just sat around and waited for the federal government to do something. There a lot of houses that are still siting in wreckage over there.

    • It’s not Obama’s fault, and it’s not necessarily FEMA’s fault. Even if it did take a long time to fix the hurricane problems, that is just what you expect when there’s a hurricane. You can’t have people every where in one day. The fact that Bush was blamed for Katrina is just illustrative of the fact that we have a big government and big government ideology wherein people think nothing bad should ever happen and that if something bad does happen, the government should fix it and none of the poor little American people should have to move a finger to help themselves.

    • Watchman74

      And some people think Hurricane Sandy tipped the scales in favor of Obama of winning the election. I just don’t see it. What did he do? As Rush Limbaugh said he showed up one day gave Chris Christie a bear hug then left.

  • ♥ IT!! We needed that! Thanks Scoop! 😀

  • …..and that’s how the DNC controlled election was stolen…………………;)

  • JeffWRidge

    Yep. The people who work for what they want are having the rewards of their labor taken from them.

    • StandProudNow

      See? Cats a admirable and proud to do their own thing!!

      And look how FAT that dog was!! Sitting on it’s azz, letting someone else get him the goodies!

      VIVA KITTIES!! 😉

    • EK!!! Zactly!!! 😉

  • Dog FTW!

  • lol the cat did all the work and the dog takes it away.

    • ……………….just like it is happening to you, me and the rest of 49% 😉

    • NJK

      The dog is a lazy Democrat/Communist and the Cat is a patriotic American. The cat is going to quit working though, and then the lazy dog is too stupid to feed himself.

      Democrats are stupid. They’re moochers and lazy.

    • susandanielspi

      Just like the Democrats.

  • Obama’s America meets Socialism:

  • Linky1

    Here’s a metaphor for we right thinking folk.

    • That dog is one smart doggy with great taste! 🙂

  • kim
    • Oh GOOD LORD! And of course he will with the repubs blessings. Oh man, now my hair’s in a royal knot.

      • Orangeone

        Boehner boy has already been slapped by other Repubs for speaking without consulting with them. I think nothing will pass. There is 49% of this country that also voted and there was not line item on my ballot saying “grant amnesty”.

        • tvlgds

          The amnesty will come by executive order. Chef Boyarewescrewed thinks he is all 3 branches of the goobermint, Constitution and Congress be damned!

      • GreenBeretWay

        You meant to say feathers right?

        • Those too! grrrr… quack….

          • GreenBeretWay

            Hey Duckie!!! Look out for that Kitty.

            • LOL! I have a kitteh, named Miss Jane Deere. She’s co opted my heating pad 😉 It’s cold down here tonight. She’s ruint, but doesn’t like Duckies so I’m safe. She likes chikin

              • GreenBeretWay

                Just be cautious.You don’t want kitty spit on those feathers.

              • GreenBeretWay

                I love her name.Is she Jane Deere Green?

                • lol no. She’s a gray tiger who we found on a dirt road a couple of miles away. HEY! We found her on your birthday 2 years ago as a matter of fact. She’s still a little wild, but she loves us and is spoiled rotten. She likes to chase (herd) my rooster lol. But when she was brought home, after I fed her with an eye dropper (she was very tiny- a runt) she curled up and fell asleep on my John Deere hat!! It was so sweet.

                • I love John Deere! It’s my second favorite shade of Green 😉 I think the duckie’s wearing her favorite Green. Anyway Check these out!

                • GreenBeretWay

                  The Chopper mower was awesome.

                • I KNOW!!!!! I want one!!! I’d have a blast on that! 😀

              • freenca

                Miss Harri doesn’t eat any but chicken, that is, unless she can eat fresh fish or shrimp. Actually cheaper than canned cat food, if homemade, at sale prices, and added benefit of chicken stock for our soups and sauces too.

                • lol. Sounds like another ruint kitty to me! Mine loves it when I make tuna salad… because I give her a good portion before I put the other stuff in it 😉 Had fish the other night and she enjoyed that too.

                • freenca

                  Ruint, naturally, but she is our little buddy and has total run of the house and yards. And tuna is another favorite of hers she always gets a bit of that and the juice of it too.
                  She’s going on 18, and the vet says to feed her anything she will eat.

                • WOW! 18! Good for her and you! Yep, I think at that noble age, she deserves to be fed the good stuff! 😀

                • freenca

                  She has always added greatly to our lives and often been a source of understanding of GOD and HIS grand design. She is my (our) teacher as well as our ward. We have the gift of her company and if there are no pets in the great beyond, it would be a bereft place, I want to hear what she would tell me, would that she speak to me, literally, not just through external expression.

                • For some reason there was no reply button on your last comment down below so I’m replying here. I know what you mean about our “kids” freenca. My kitty is still a little wild, but she’s warming up to me. Probably because I’m the one who always feeds her, cleans out her box and gives her people food 😉 But yes, our pets give us so much and we are blessed by the Lord for them. I can’t imagine not having them in heaven- and while the Bible doesn’t say yes or no, I love when it describes the new earth-

                  The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.
                  And the cow and the bear shall feed; their young ones shall lie down together: and the lion shall eat straw like the ox.

                  I’m looking forward to that day! I’ll get to pet some Big kitties then! 😀 Good night sweet sister! Have a Blessed weekend!

                • freenca

                  You too my sister! Good night.

              • poljunkie

                Our dogs do the same. My hubby uses the heating pad for his shoulder or his knee and they come over and dig at it, until he moves it away for them to lay on!!!

                Whats up re Charlie Daniels?

                • That’s funny! Jane cracks me up with the pitiful look on her face when I have it on my knees. I put it on the floor and she curls right up 😉

                  Charlie is next Sunday- I got the dates wrong. Still hoping to go!!!!

                • poljunkie

                  Thats great.

  • 911Infidel

    I got a better metaphor. This one is for Obama:

    “Here Phaethon lies who in the sun-gods chariot led. And though greatly he dared, more greatly he failed.”

    Read I, Caligula. I, Obama, Part 2

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    Obama Admin Unveils Plan To Close 1.6 Million Acres Of Federal Land Slated For Oil Shale Development

    Obama Admin Has Posted 6,125 Regulations And Notifications Over Last 90 Days, Average 68 Per Day


    • Orangeone

      Large layoffs in medical device companies because of ObamaCare med device tax. Guess which country has the most entrepreneurial efforts in med tech and device? Yes, ISRAEL! US companies and investors are investing in Israeli companies instead of US companies in large part because of this tax. Who wants their investment to go straight to Barky Boy.

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      And the lefties are already blaming vile republicans/conservatives for doing this out of spite over the lost election. It will never be about Obama’s policies; they will always find an excuse to blame the right instead.

      • They are simply the MOST clueless people I have ever seen or tried to talk to. It is more than obvious that they do not operate a business. We are having to deal with the same thing because Ocare will absolutely put us out of business. I honestly believe that this is what Obama wants….he is fast tracking economic collapse to get his communism empire started. This country could not be more unrecognizable than when I was a child and it is tragically sad to watch.

  • kong1967

    Gee, it’s so difficult to figure out who the dog is, lol.

    Someone help me out here. My sister has diabes. A friend of hers told her that under Obamacare if you are unable to keep your diabetes under control, you will be cut off from being able to buy insulin. Why the he!! this guy told her that I don’t know, but now she’s scared to death. She has it real bad and has almost died from it multiple times. She has been in the hospital for a couple weeks (maybe it was just one week) before and even they could not stabalize it. If what the guy told her is true, she is screwed and will be left to die.

    I know a lot of what people spread around is false and designed to scare people into being against Obamacare….as if there isn’t enough to be scared about already.

    Can anyone tell me if this has an ounce of truth? I would say no, but…then again….Obama did tell that woman that her mother wouldn’t be able to get a pacemaker to extend her life. My sister is very frightened, so if someone knows will you please fill me in?

    • I have no idea kong- that’s the first I’ve heard of anything having to do with diabetes. While it’s a serious condition to have, I can’t see it- unless your sister is older? It is the older folks who have to worry. I’d hate to see your sister scared over nothing, like you said, there’s enough scary crap in it already! This is the only real thing I could find: I haven’t read it all, but I hope it helps some kong!!

      • kong1967

        My sister is 47. The article you linked didn’t have much except to say they will study diabetes…or something…..and prepare report cards on treatment improvements.

        I found another article that’s a good read. It says what the bill does by a guy who’s in the health industry (didn’t specify what he did exactly) who seems pretty neutral until the end when you realize that he likes the bill. Even so, he lays out what’s in the bill, what it can and can’t do, and it’s very informative. Although he seems for the bill, you can still see the negatives that will come from it even though he doesn’t mention them.

        Such as, by 2014 (I believe) it will be law that Medicaire and Medicaid patients will only pay for successful treatment and the doctors have to prove it. If the treatment fails the doctor doesn’t get paid. WOW!! Finally a bill that’s on the patient’s side!! Not so fast. What is going to be the impact of that? Well, we see it already. Doctors just won’t accept those patients. So, in reality, did the bill help Medicare and Medicaid patients? Not hardly.

        I think that requirement for doctors extends to everyone with private insurance too. I’d have to reread it. In any case, if a doctor has to show that he has stablized your diabetes in order to get paid, that may be a reason to not treat diabetes patients. This might be what the guy was talking about.

        There’s more, and it’s worth the read for anyone that’s interested.

        • My mother in law, whom I love dearly, but also voted for dear leader because she’s been brainwashed by the propaganda press, also is diabetic, and has a pace maker. I fear for her, because even though she supported that ba$tard, she will get thrown away like a piece of toilet paper when Medicaid and all that other crap takes effect. How do you tell an 86 year old whom you love, “I told you so”?

          • Train her Grandkids better! Like you’re doing.

            • Aw that was so sweet K-Bob!! Make the K-Mrs. give you a hug for that one! 😀

          • kong1967

            Ugh. They will have to see the error in their vote for themselves. Unfortunately many will be doing it from their death beds.

    • Patriot077

      Kong, I don’t have any inside information to give you but we know that the IPAB will make use of the Quality of Life Years to determine how much care any of us is entitled to. I don’t know how old she is but the chart peaks at age 50 and goes down from there. The one thing I do know is that the very nature of this health bill is that the government takes charge of the decision making which will make the physician violate the Hippocratic Oath or not be reimbursed for his services.
      But having said that, I would advise that she simply ask her doctor about the concerns she has. I would be writing my senator & congressman and John Boehner the wimp, also. We the people have not forgotten that we never wanted this disastrous montrosity to begin with.
      They haven’t finished writing all the regulations so there probably isn’t a finite answer to her questions. I am so sorry she has to worry about her future treatment and hope she is able to get it under control. Stress only exacerbates diabetes. I wish her all the best and hope her doctor is able to reassure her.

      • kong1967

        I found an article that explains why my sister has to worry, and why any Medicare or Medicaid patient has to worry. The bill has a lot of good things in it. However, it doesn’t figure in “cause and effect”. The bill is going to make doctors turn away Medicare and Medicaid patients. The doctors will only get paid if they show they got the diabtetes under control…or any other treatment as far as that goes. It’s in this article on the last page at the very end (can’t miss it)…..

        Doctors won’t have any incentive to treat patients that are unstable. The notion that doctors only get paid for successful treatment might sound good, but in reality they may decide not to treat patients because of payment risk and/or fines that result from failure.

        • Patriot077

          Yes, I see what you mean Kong. This is frightening for anyone who has a congenital or chronic condition. Oh how I hate these liberal tormentors who pretend to be doing something good.

          • kong1967

            Liberals are masters at deception on the top. The liberals that vote are just useful idiots not realizing what they just voted for.

    • Orangeone

      Type I or Type II?

      • kong1967

        Type I. I think I found my answer. At the end of this article, on page 6 (very end) it says…

        “In 2015, physicians’ payments from Medicare and Medicaid will switch from pay-for-service to pay-for-performance. This makes the term “paradigm shift” look like a minor adjustment. Since Hippocrates, doctors have charged for what they do, not what they accomplish. In the current model, doctors are like restaurants. Every menu item has a price: an office visit, a lab, a procedure. In the near future they’ll only be paid for success. It will no longer be enough for a doc to check your blood sugar and tell you to shape up or you’ll die of kidney failure. To be paid, he or she will actually need to show that they succeeded in getting your diabetes in control.”

        My sister could be turned away from doctors if she can’t keep her diabetes under control.

        • keyesforpres

          I’m afraid so.

          • kong1967

            This is so depressing….for all of us in general. Did you ever see the article written by Obama’s healthcare czar (don’t know what his title actually is). He talked about taking away care for the elderly and letting them die instead of keeping them alive for years on end.

            Liberals are masters of deception. The doctors are going to be turning people away and the doctors will be blamed, not Obamacare. All by design. They don’t have to have a “death panel” when all they have to do is not pay doctors for treating dying patients. Just give them pain kilers. Cancer patients. Why treat them if they won’t get paid for the ones that die? This is going to be a disaster…and I believe it’s not an unintended consequence. It’s intentional in order to save money.

            • keyesforpres

              It’s being done to kill off senior citizens. Especially whites.

              • kong1967

                At least those on Medicare and Medicaid. Doctors are already turning those patients away because government reimbursemnents are too low. I can only imagine that in 2015, when the law kicks in to where the doctors won’t be paid at all for patients that haven’t shown improvement, it will be much much worse. You’ll be lucky to find a doctor that will even treat you.

                I don’t know if this is going to apply to private health insurance or not. So far I only know that it applies to people the government has to help pay for.

        • Orangeone

          Ugh.  And let’s not forget the financial penalties to hospitals for re-admittance.

          • kong1967

            Yeah. I agree that our system needs an overhaul, but not like this. There are a lot of reasons our healthcare is skyrocketing, and punishing the (so-called) evil doctors isn’t going to solve anything. Go after the reasons our costs are so high. All this is going to do is force doctors to turn people away, just like they are already doing with Medicare and Medicaid.

            • Orangeone

              Easiest way is to repeal laws that says illegals must be treated, those without health ins must be treated even if they cannot pay.  Pay for service folks.

              • kong1967

                Yep. In Mexico, if you are a foreigner and you don’t have the means to pay for service up front, you are turned away. Two teenagers from Kansas went rock climbing in Mexico, one fell, the ambulance came and drove off leaving him to die because they didn’t have cash.

                That’s never going to happen here.

                • Orangeone

                  Oh yes it can when the hospitals have no supplies because they lack financial leverage

                • kong1967

                  I agree that’s what logic tells us, but is that what will happen or will they distribute the rationing among everyone, including illegals?

                • Orangeone

                  We The People need to address the illegals in this country and get them expelled.

                • kong1967

                  We are in total agreement. History teaches me that it’s not going to happen. We’ll see how it goes when the economy goes up in flames.

    • freenca

      I’m so sorry your sister, and you, by extension, are having to be so distressed by this! I Will pray for you both! That is seemingly the real price of Obamacare! Diabetes is one of the Big issues of this generation, and the NOcare-BOcare is largely lacking in care at all.

      • RosiesSeeingRed

        You actually bring up a good point, freenca, about diabetes being rampant, especially for blacks. They have a much higher risk of diabetes, so if what kong1967’s sister has heard is true, I can’t imagine it being well received by the black community.

        • freenca

          This law of restricted care, or some will be ignored law, I fear, will be the death of a lot of us as we become older and infirm. The Pelosi’s, of the vote for it, then, read it crew are horrid human beings pretending to care for others when they really don’t, IMO! And then the Boehners in our congress tell us that it is now the law of the land in their eyes have done many many people a great big stab in the back. After all, THEY DON’T HAVE TO LIVE OR DIE BY IT BECAUSE OF THEIR EXEMPTION OF THEMSELVES FROM IT!!!!!!!!!

          • RosiesSeeingRed

            freenca, this is from the article kong1967 linked to…. pleasant surprises he found in the bill when he read it:

            “Congress will lose their Cadillac health plan, and members and their families must shop the exchanges like the rest of us. Interestingly, speaking of Cadillac plans, those costing more than 10K per person will pay a 40% excise tax starting in 2018. No wonder congress dropped their own plan.”

            The article gave a very rosy picture of Obamacare overall, including the paragraph that kong1967’s is most worried about — that doctors will only get paid for success. The author makes it sound like that’s a great thing, when in fact the consequences of this will be devastating to anyone who is sick with chronic conditions, when they discover they cannot find a doctor who will treat them. And who decides if it’s a “success” or not anyway? The patient?

            There seem to be more questions than answers, and I wouldn’t entirely trust everything written in this very pro-Obamacare article. I do agree with him though that care is already rationed by insurance companies anyway. We ALL know that there are a lot of problems with health insurance in this country as it stands, but no one ever asked DOCTORS how they thought these problems could be fixed. Instead, we have a bunch of bureaucrats writing the rules that doctors have to follow — bureaucrats who are in bed with the insurance companies to begin with. What a mess.

            • freenca

              As my man has been through two experiences with cancer already, we have been to many doctors, and have asked most of them what is to become of healthcare under the new system. They are not even up to speed yet on these life and death issues either. It does look to be anathema to their Hippocratic oath in a lot of ways. I do get the feeling that it will make their practices much more difficult to keep going in a patient centered way. A lot more paperwork already and they know that their reimbursments will be cut more too. Some are already not accepting any Medicare nor Medicaid patients. Yes, Rosie, it IS a big mess.

      • kong1967

        Thank you for your kind words and caring. You’re right. Obamacare is going to destroy our hospitals and doctors.

  • warpmine

    Spot on Scoop!

  • Orangeone

    I’ve read this at Breitbart twice and I just don’t get the substance of the issue before the SCOTUS. Any clues Scoopers? I want to believe this will shut down federal approval of Voter ID but don’t want to get my hopes up.

  • Orangeone
  • Orangeone
  • Orangeone
  • Orangeone

    Scoopers, Mr. Boehner got slapped by the old white, male conservatives!

    • Boehner needs to go. We don’t need surrender monkey’s in the party! We need fighters, not white flag wavers!

      • Orangeone

        Please tweet and I’ll retweet.  BTW you need to fix your Twitter settings to allow RT

        • I’ll try. Ok, I tweeted it. I think I’ve fixed to allow RT. I unclicked “protect tweets” is that right?

          • Orangeone

            Tweet something and I’ll check.

            • I had tweeted it before I replied here. Am I doing it wrong? Am supposed to use some special hashtag or something?

              I also retweeted some of yours.

              • Orangeone

                It won’t give settings on prior tweets.  I need a new tweet to check it (not a RT either).  Make sense?

                • Perfect sense. I just made a new tweet and added the hashtag #gop Let me know if you see it please.

                • Orangeone

                  No RT still.  Let’s hit email.

  • Orangeone
    • Bet the original French now wish they had a Second Amendment.

      • Orangeone

        K-Bob, I bet a lot of countries wish they had a Second Amendment (England, Canada)

  • Doggy say, “You Dint Billd ‘at”

  • pdxlady
  • Jeff G. notices a wonderful similarity to something else in Obama’s speech about leaning forward.

    And by “wonderful,” I mean “Kristallnacht-inspiring.”

  • KateNE

    I always knew cats were conservatives and dogs were liberals.

    • tshtsh

      Except wolves they are conservatives, probably better than the so called human conservatives.

      • Horray for Wolves! 🙂

  • chatterbox365

    This afternoon, I was out running errands and took a shortcut through a residential area. When I got to this one stop sign, a homeowner had his American flag unpside down and positioned half-staff. Definitely appropriate.

  • Just for because, an incredible juggling act that I got to see live.

    It’s Cirque Du Soleil, so the costumes are, uhh, different. But it really works with the act.

    • pdxlady

      Just watched it. I like Cirque Du Soleil shows, the performers are amazing, as was that juggling act. I always wonder…when did he know that is what he wanted to do when he grew up? 😀

    • DebbyX

      Love that stuff………….amazing precision and agility!

      Thanks, I think we all need a short time out from the madness that is this election.

  • pdxlady
    • shesmilez

      Thanks for sharing. The more I read about the ineffectiveness/outright ridiculousness of Project Orca, and then read this article, I realize that Romney didn’t really have a chance. And I too feel misled now.

      • pdxlady

        shesmilez, I know what you mean, it feels like a sucker-punch. In looking back, with what we know now…there were just too many mistakes made by the Romney Campaign; and they should have known. Romney is a smart man; he needed someone who could compete on the level of Axelrod & Co.

        Romney had enough $$$ to afford the very best and brightest advisers, and he used old, old Republican Establishment has-beens, Rove, Rollins, Gillespie etc.

        I feel misled too.

  • tshtsh

    “Hey Sis, Mom won’t mind get me one of those biscuits (spoiled brother).”

  • Now that the Liberal are in control, many conservatives will find they’ll be suspended on TItter for making desparaging remarks about socialism. I may have been the first.

    Good luck, America.

    • Orangeone

      Kong was suspended prior to the election.

      • pdxlady

        Wow! Really? I better watch out. I tweet a lot, primarily links & comments about them.

        • Orangeone

          And I’m proud to follow you!  I think Kong got a little snarky….and the libtards report someone who disagrees with them.  Whiny little entitlement brats.  I hope mommy and daddy are happy that their babies will live in the basement for 4 more years!

          • pdxlady

            Thank you OrangeFriend. I am glad we follow each other. You know I started getting depressed on election night after hearing O’Reilly on FOX, and I’m glad you tweeted back to encourage me, much appreciated!

            • Orangeone

              And you did the same for me my ScoopSis.  Without your help and encouragement I wouldn’t be on Twitter.

              • pdxlady

                So glad that both you and Wolfie are on Twitter too; ‘cuz it’s so much fun! 🙂

                • Wolfie waves to both Pdxlady and Orangeone! 🙂

  • Haywoodjbl

    Since this is the open thread:

    Obama sucks…

    That is all

    Thank you

    • Orangeone

      But, but, but, I have a question. But is he still smoking?

      • Haywoodjbl

        That is important to know……while he shoves a chili cheese dog down his throat…..meanwhile his …..shall we say ……..large azz wife is lecturing the rest of the USA about “eating healthy etc.

        • Orangeone

          And did you see the azzes on those kids?  Wow, wider than Montana

  • NEWS not published by urinalists at MSM:
    “A review of voter registration data for ten counties in Colorado details a pattern of voter bloat inflating registration rolls to numbers larger than the total voting age population. Using publicly available voter data and comparing it to U.S. Census records reveals the ten counties having a total registration ranging between 104 to 140 percent of the respective populations.

  • Be careful what you type/say

    “Facebook Obama Slur: Woman Gets Fired for Racial Slur”

    Partial quote
    A woman from Turlock, Calif., was fired from her job after posting a racial slur about President Barack Obama on her Facebook. An investigation also began for possible threat to the re-elected president.

    Denise Helms made the controversial post Tuesday night, immediately after Obama was determined the winner of the presidential election against Mitt Romney. Helms wrote on her Facebook: “Another 4 years of the ****** maybe he will get assassinated this term..!!”


    • GreenBeretWay

      I think she is entitled to her opinion but the assassination part crosses into a grey area. She didn’t directly threaten him.The people they needed to investigate were the ones on Twitter making direct threats on Romney’s life.

      Many of us despise his actions,policies and criminal behavior but I for one would never want to see a President eliminated.Elimination belongs at the ballot box.

      • Well said! That’s how I feel too. I only posted it as a precautionary tale now because a lot of peoples nerves are raw and They are getting taunted by Obamabots and some might react angrily and say something in a fit of rage, completely out of character, but in response to the massive trolling and might end up being the one getting in trouble.

        • GreenBeretWay

          I think we all need to be cautious. What we say or post will and is being monitored,especially the conservative sites.

          They act like a bunch of smug pukes. Haha we won!!! It’s acceptable for them to say the White House is staying Black,threats and books like the ones about Bush.They can and do get away with saying anything without a filter.But not us.

          Free speech is one sided in this country. God help us.

    • Orangeone

      Clearly the Secret Service and CIA are concentrating on their #ManParts instead of security.

    • I sure hope they fire all those people posting death and riot threats if Romney had won.

      Just kidding. None of them has ever worked a day in their handout-heaven life.

  • Orangeone

    Oh Scoop, I so love dogs but this is priceless because as a kitty mom and former puppy mom, I believe cats have a higher intellect 🙂

    • You haven’t enough dogs. My dogs are smarter than I am… oh wait.. 😉

      • Orangeone

        I luv you Wolfie.  You just admitted (1) Cats (2) Dogs (3) Wolfie LOL

        • I demand a recount! 🙂

          Cats may not be the smartest, but they are the sneakiest:

          (Cat barks like dog, until caught and quickly switches to meowing)

          • Orangeone

            The evidence is clear and the ruling is final 🙂

            • I got Orca’ed! :-/

              • Orangeone

                There’s another chance in 2014

                • Donno about that… by then the Cats may have outlawed elections “For the Greater Good and Stability of the Nation” don’t you know… 🙁

                • Orangeone

                  Cats are fair and honest creatures created by God and have higher ethics and integrity than elected officials 🙂

                • Cats? Fair and honest? Hmmm…. Are you sure you know what a cat is? 😉

                • Orangeone

                  I’m a well-experienced kitty mom 🙂 so yup!

                • Clearly your cat has you well trained. <insert emoticon here!>

                • Orangeone

                  And you would be correct sir!  I have been trained for almost 30 years. And my dogs trained me before that….

                • poljunkie

                  We’ve had dogs and cats for most of our married life ( almost 28 years).

                  When we lived in SF, we had Ms Kitty- a gigantic black cat that we adopted from the
                  Veterinary hospital when they were moving out of the area. She was hugely social, after spending years welcoming everyone when they signed in at the reception desk. We took her home, and from day one she made it clear she wasnt going to be an inside cat. In a matter of a couple of days she knew everyone on the blocks schedule. There was an eldery gentleman who religiously tended to and watered his lawn daily…. she stopped by his house every day to see him. Then she crossed the street and went inside to the couple who, by all accounts were very lonely- she would traverse the block, going door to door. Some, she had only an outside relationship with, while others let her inside and gave her treats. Many gave her Christmas gifts. It was awesome.

                  When I arrived home from work each day at approx 6:15 she was always waiting in front of the garage from me. One neighborhood teenager nicknamed her kitty with a Rolex.

                  She brought so much joy to many, and pulled us together as neighbors. When we moved, I think they were more unhappy to see her go than us.

          • mine has figured out how to reach under a door and get treat bag, then she figured out how to put paw on seal and pull with mouth to open it.
            ate a whole bag of treats last night.

            • Ever see the movie Cats & Dogs? Might be more truth to that than we realize! 🙂

            • poljunkie

              My sons dog (85 lb Golden) sleeps on his bed with him. During the night, he slinks off, goes into the kitchen and clears the counter. The other day he (Cozmo) ate the entire loaf of wheat bread- including most of the plastic.

              • DebbyX

                Cozmo must have been, shall we say, “regular” for days to come 🙂

                • poljunkie

                  HA HA. yes.

    • wodiej

      I’m a dog person and never owned a cat. My best friend has never owned a dog and has 5 cats. She used to tease me about dogs being nasty because they lick their private parts. But yesterday I met the newest addition to her family. After I held her and introduced myself, I put her down. One of my friend’s other cats promptly went up and started licking the new kitten’s behind. I told her, no more smart remarks about dogs licking themselves.

      • Orangeone

        They both clean that way. But dogs like to eat kitty box waste…

  • Orangeone

    To my Marine Corps Scoop family:

    Today marks a very important anniversary for the Marine Corps. You, your fellow Corps members present and past, were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms this country enjoys. Our world would be an entirely different, and darker place but for your devotion to America and the idea we represent. You, your family, friends and loved ones have my eternal gratitude and will always remain in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Thanks for posting this Orangeone and reminding us all how much we owe our Military. God bless them all.

  • Orangeone
    • That looks like a very good start.

  • wodiej

    rofl…that’s pretty funny.

  • Orangeone

    BTW, not a single mention of the connection between Betrayus’ resignation and the Benghazi testimony next week this morning from ABC, NBC or CBS. They all talked about the woman but not Benghazi. WH talking points continue.

  • Orangeone

    I’ll repost for tomorrow but I think this is extremely fitting for our Marine Corps members and veterans today. Beau Davidson’s “Blessed” you tube video

  • The 2012 Nancy Pelosi NWO Sport Car Edition
    (Funny – must see) 🙂

    • pdxlady

      Thanks for posting Wolfie…that was funny. “…a V3 under the hood…” =)

    • tinlizzieowner

      That’s priceless. 🙂

  • Love that video!!!

  • Yep, that pretty much says it all!

  • poljunkie

    Hi Everyone!

    Well its day four and I still feel like crap!

    Heres a little column on Christie. The comments are great. I’m glad to see the majority feels as we do.

    • Wow. It’s like Ace’s place over there. I had to go down about twenty comments before the inevitable, “can we all get along,” comment. Everyone else wants his head on a pike.

      • poljunkie


      • Good. I’ll never support him again.

  • This interview is very interesting in that the person being interviewed puts forth a scenario that best describes why it is that America is not in biblical prophesy, and others are.

    It also contains a lot of very good information regarding preparation for collapse, and where the best places to be are, and why. There is a lot of information that can be gleaned from this interview.

  • jlbs

    The dog’s name is “Lib”… Or maybe “Wel-farris”.

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    A comment from Legal Insurrection, and my sentiments exactly!:

    Kenshu Ani | November 9, 2012 at 8:40 pm

    You know what would cheer me up, seeing the Republican party do three things.

    1. Treat the media as the enemey, because they are. Every Republican politician/consultant/strategist/PR that appears on news programs needs to go prepared. Prepared for attacks designed to cause gaffes and for misleading edits. Republicans need to stop buddying up with the media during primaries. Republicans need to stop acquiescing to Progressive debate moderators. I mean, that was just totally stupid.

    2. Republicans, especially the establishment, need stop treating the Tea Party as the enemy.

    3. Republicans need to learn to ATTACK. Constantly defending might win an election or two, but in the long run they will lose more; especially when you look at the culture war that we are in. Constantly defending is precisely where the Alinsky Democrats wants Republicans. Instead of defending when a Democrat (or the media) calls a Republican an evil capitalist, the Republican needs to respond back that the Democrat is pro-slavery. Because that is what the Democrat party is, they want more people dependant on the government so that they will continue to vote Democrat and keep them in power. This is slavery, just replace the item being produced from bales of cotton to votes.

    Those three things will make me happy.

  • Orangeone

    Scoop Family: MiketheMarine suggests watching this tribute to the Marine Corps birthday by

    GoDaddy is doing a matching donation to Semper Fi Fund up to $1m to aid all branches. I am going to do a donation to honor our Scoop military family members tomorrow night, Veteran’s Day, both personally and with a matching contribution from my business. I know MiketheMarine is in this group and many others are as well. If Scooper Veterans would reply to this post, I will increase my donation for each of you. I couldn’t serve (my family was WWI and WWII Navy) but I want to thank you and honor you in this way with your permission.

    I wil repost this tomorrow on Open Thread for Veteran’s Day.

    God Bless You All

    P.S. If your spouse served, that counts too 🙂

    • poljunkie

      Hi Orangeone, My hubby is a Veteran! Thank you for all you contribute to our family here at RScoop.

      • Orangeone

        Absolutely ma’am.  Please thank your husband for me for risking his life to defend this country’s great freedoms.

        • poljunkie

          Thanks Orangeone. He is really having a hard time, after the election and the “majority” of the country voting the way they did. Such a let down.

          • Orangeone

            I’m trying to look at this as an opportunity. The entitlement generation is going to learn some very hard lessons that will hopefully snap them out of this ignorance.
            Lesson 1:  50% of the 2008 Obamabots that graduated from college cannot find employment.  Reason: Employers know they voted for Barky Boy and won’t hire someone who sees them as evil, selfish and rich.
            Lesson 2:  Employers will repeat this in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 graduating classes.
            Lesson 3:  Employers are informing those being laid off that it is because of Barky Boy and his policies.  This is unprecedented.
            Lesson 4:  Employers will reduce profits to minimize tax payments.  The giant will be starved.

      • tinlizzieowner

        Tell him I said “Welcome Home Brother”. We Nam Vets know that there’s a whole lot more to those 3 words, than just a greeting.

        • poljunkie

          Thank you tinlizzieowner. He will really appreciate that.

          • tinlizzieowner

            We’re a pretty tight group. 😉 We had to be, nobody else gave a damn about us when we came home. 🙁 There’s one unfinished battle left over from our war and that’s to see that our younger ‘Brothers and Sisters’ come home to a much better ‘welcome home’ than we got.

            • poljunkie

              Yes, he totally agrees.

              It was horrible the way you guys were “welcomed back”. Makes me so angry.

  • Orangeone
    • poljunkie

      Holy cow!
      Why isnt Romney doing something about all of this? Is it because he doesnt want to appear like a sore loser?

      On another note- I read an article yesterday that said, pretty much what we all joked about- that Obama never stopped campaigning, even after he took office.
      Maybe not overtly and and highly visible (brilliant move). Beginning in ’08, he left staff in swing states and the
 high electoral states. The staff remained, and constantly
 stoked and coddled the high value voter. This is as they say is “unprecedented.”

  • Orangeone

    From Ace of Spades, FBI is a bit tweaked that Betrayus was used to protect Barky Boy’s re-election.

    Color me shocked, Hitlary turns down request to testify next week on Benghazi. Time to issue the subpoena so she resigns. Next up, hopefully Holder, then Jay Carney.

  • Orangeone
  • pdxlady

    Today in History: November 10th, 2012 by Kevin DuJan @hillbuzz

    I agree with Kevin that we should go back to paper ballots because the voting machines are just too easily set up for fraud. I even wish we could have purple fingers.

    I think that someone needs to be in charge of all of the military votes; ensuring #1 that they all RECEIVE their ballots; and then #2 being in charge of COLLECTING every ballot to make sure that the military ballots STOP getting bleeped* around with.

    It is time for Conservative ADULTS to start NOW preparing for the next elections in 2014 and to change our voting process for all forthcoming elections. Voter Fraud has been rampant for years’ but WE must at least look at and act to change this now.

    • poljunkie

      Thats funny you should say the purple finger thing. On election day, before we went to vote, our printer cartridge needed changing and when I was changing them… the old one, had ink on the outside, and I got black ink on my hand. When my son walked in, he said, what? are you voting in Iraq?

      • pdxlady

        That is funny, pol.

  • WordsFailMe

    We the people of Louisiana, having had it up to here…

    Maybe we’ll start to see more like this

    • louisiana_mom

      Howdie, neighbor. I signed it yesterday.

  • pdxlady

    This Day in History, November 10, 1775: Birth of the U.S. Marine Corps

    Happy 237th Birthday to the U.S. Marine Corps!

    My dad was a Marine! God rest his soul.

    Happy birthday, Marines! Semper Fi!… and a big OORAH!

  • pdxlady

    Good News: Allen West Wins [the right to a] Recount in Florida!

    “Florida congressman Allen West has won his re-election bid by a narrow enough margin to prompt a full recount, according to sources within the Republican’s ranks.”

  • Orangeone

    Ooops yet another shocker that Barky Boy’s administration hid things from Congress, in violation of the law.

  • myfriendchris

    please sign the petition asap. this election was stolen from romney! massive voter fraud we found in all swing states.

  • Randall Hayden

    Surprise ending in that the cat was getting the treat for the dog.
    Is that like the gov taking from some to give to others?

  • “Oh chubby all that work!” Cats great conservatives….independent minded, self reliant, and self sufficient, and come when they want. Unlike Dogs who depend on their masters for everything and come always when they are called. Sounds familiar!