Open Thread: Alex Jones goes nuts on Piers Morgan

I’m not an Alex Jones fan. Mainly because my first exposure to him was this video as he tries to smear and bully Michelle Malkin. Also I must admit that I loved it when Glenn Beck and crew burned him hard.

But he was on with Piers Morgan tonight raging against him and his gun control fetish. He apparently threatened 1776 all over again if the government comes for our guns.

Honestly, I only watched the 1776 portion and got the distinct feeling that Jones was playing up the drama in the interview for his own selfish gain and popularity. But I figure some of you might want to watch it so here’s the full interview:

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  • Piers intentionally kept uncharacteristically calm because he knew that Jones’ rabid attacks would make himself seem more reasonable. Jones made some good arguments, but I think his demeanor is enough to put off most people.

    Piers went in for the kill asking about the 911 trutherism, but I don’t think he needed to.

    • forgottenpatriot

      Agree or disagree with Jones on 9/11, he is right: Govt has staged attacks before. We know that from the annals of history. So then why do we pretend govt, especilly when its a Repoobican one, is always looking out for US?

      • Especially when it’s a Re”poob”ican one? What are you exactly?

        • forgottenpatriot

          Sorry. I should have asked your permission. What word should I have used bro?

        • TxGold

          He’s a typical liberal. Name calling and foolishness!

      • mike3e4r7

        That’s a straw man you’ve created. I don’t think many people, at least around here, are claiming that govt, even GOP controlled govt is always looking out for the countries best interests.

        We have too many problems with our national government to make that claim, but that’s a far cry from arguing that our government at the time, actively conspired to kill 3,000 Americans. Where is the motive? Where is the evidence?

        • mrcombi

          The motive is in all the control mechanisms instituted since 911, the evidence has been suppressed and everyone is being tossed around like emotional rag dolls…
          In Plane Site;

        • forgottenpatriot

          No straw men. Simply facts. See all Jones mentioned: Gulf of Tonkin; Pearl Harbour and the undeniable evidence indicating American intelligence knew of the planned attack well beforehand; Operation Gladdio vetoed by Kennedy and more recently: Fast and Furious. 3, 000 Americans or 30 americans? You think it matters to the forces within our governmetn we’re talking about?

          “Where’s the motive”? “EVIDENCE”? Really? Were you just born yesterday? Get a history book! Bash it morning and night till you finish it. Then come back and ask why a government would want to murder its own citizens. If your naivete is representative of many others, no wonder we’re in the mess we’re in in this country!

          • mike3e4r7

            So who was specifically involved? Was it just Bush, or was Rumsfeld part of it? How many other people in our government did they have to employ to get this done? And again, why? I’m not talking about the Gulf of Tonkin, or Pearl Harbour, I’m asking why would (I’m assuming) Bush want to commit this atrocity? Was Clinton part of it? If so, did he know Bush would get elected and go along with things?

            Also, your original argument is a straw man argument. You imply that to be suspicious of the 9/11 truther theories means that you believe the government is always looking out for our interests, It’s easy to prove the straw man.
            Obviously the government as a whole has not looked after our best interests when it comes to government spending and other issues. But then you falsely equate people who are skeptical of 9/11 truther theories with people who believe the government is always looking after our best interests and imply that proving the one proves the other. That’s a false conclusion and is the definition of a straw man

            Most of the problems with our goverment are caused by politicians putting their political fortunes ahead of the economic interests of the country. That’s part of the problem, most of them are cowards. Even if they were ammoral enough to plan 9/11, there are alot safer ways to line your pocket as a politician.

            • forgottenpatriot

              Dude. I have a job. A life etc. Do your own research please. Not saying 9/11 was definitely an inside job. But it is foolish to dismiss out of hand, theories such as Mr Jones’ when history has proven him right so many times. My ‘straw man’ wasn’t so much a ‘straw man’ as an hyperbolic exaggeration to make a point. For the love of Hermes, calm down darling.

              Concerning your premise of politicians lining their pockets. You think that with the likes of Obama and Pelosi, its about money? Even Boener. You think its about money with him? Politics, for most that are involved, is not about money. Money? Pah! You really were born yesterday. That went out of fashion even before Nimrod the mighty. Politics is about control not money. It stopped being about money a long time ago my green friend. And the human heart is all too desperately wicked to let the thought of getting caught obstruct such ambition. Dude, get a clue. Leave me alone and do your own research! Asking me silly questions… Pffft!

              • Rightstuff1

                911 was staged? You have got to be kidding me. 911 was the work of sloppy immigration policies – yup!!! – and mad Islamic lunatics that will see us all in graves.

                As for what has transpired since. Well let me give one a one-liner that was ascribed to the Leftwing Blair govt in the UK – “never let a good crisis go to waste”. The liberals used 911 to introduce alllll kinds of restrictions. But to suggest that Bush or “the govt” organized it or that it was an inside job? Blechhhh, you sound like a crazy-guy.

                But hey, if you want to make it more than that then yes its a free country and you are free to look like a loon if you wish.

              • mike morrison

                Alex Jones also believes in aliens. I’m just saying.

                • forgottenpatriot

                  LOL. Many NASA scientists do. So did Einstein. And they’re a lot ‘smarter’ than me, you or Alex. I don’t believe in aliens. But what is it to me if Alex does? Each to his own.

                • I said on this issue Alex Jones should be our hero. Gun rights are a very important priority that are being threatened and at least he’s telling the tyrants they’re full of BS. I don’t listen to him a lot in particular.
                  I do prefer someone who doesn’t trust the govt over someone who gave Bush the authority to do whatever he wanted.
                  Aliens? Yeah, on maybe some distant universes but they’re not how we imagine them, they’re not green space people. God said we weren’t the only created, only we were the only ones who fell from grace.

      • TimeForAnarchy

        What attack was “staged?”

        • forgottenpatriot
          • TimeForAnarchy

            It’s quite well known that the Germans staged the radio station incident in order to invade Poland on 9/1/39.

            I thought you had something new.

            • forgottenpatriot
            • Rightstuff1

              Sooooo suddenly Bush is a proxy for Adolf Hitler? Are you on the right blog? Shouldn’t you be peddling that crap on “Democratic Underground” of Huffpo???

              • TimeForAnarchy

                Where & when did I say anything about GWB? I’m a history nut, and military & WWII history is my particular interest.

                Pedal you anger somewhere else.

                • Rightstuff1

                  Perhaps I misunderstood you. I thought you were drawing an analogy between Govt coverups of which there are not a few, the Gleiwitz incident and 911. Suddenly there is a smattering of truthers bearing their crazy collective teeth and speaking complete gibberish about Bush and 911 etc….

                  Apologies, I misunderstood your post. I’m also a big history nut, as you say, and WW2 in particular. We have much in common and I’m sorry I threw my barbs your way.

                  Just for the record I wasn’t angry. I am however more than a little pedantic. So please allow me to correct your post and suggest that I should perhaps “peddle” but not “pedal” [sic] my anger 🙂

                • TimeForAnarchy

                  Well stated. We history buffs must stick together, lest the progressives re-write everything. No harm, no foul. And thanks for taking the time to clarify.

                  Yes, my spelling does need attention at times…..


      • MLCBLOG

        In the US? Which attacks were those?

    • davienne

      morgan has no business sticking his big nose in OUR constitution… he is not an American citizen.. born bred or visa’ed.. he deflected from his country.. to come here an shove his crap down our throats… ,….. MORGAN …. IF YOU DONT WANT TO LIVE BY OUR LAWS OF THE LAND… GET THE EFF OUT…… sorry about my screaming ppl but it annoys me when these maggots piss me off

      • Marky_D

        Agree, but we Brits don’t want him back! 🙂

        • Jaels_Song

          Where shall we send him?

          • davienne

            maybe libya, benghazi,iran and he can take obozo and his minions with him

            • Jaels_Song

              Maybe we could trade him in exchange for ‘James Foley,’ a news journalist who has been kidnapped in Syria. That seems like a pretty good use for him. Maybe then, he will stop sniveling about Americans signing a petition to rid ourselves of a foreign propagandist who is aggressively seeking to limit each of our Constitutional rights.

          • Marky_D

            I hear Afghanistan is nice this time of year.

            • Jaels_Song

              Why? So he can hide in a burka behind women and children? I bet he runs really really fast…

              • davienne

                i would rather him hide behind a muzzie than in our WH…

      • MLCBLOG

        Let’s add him to the Boat List.

    • Anybody going for Piers in this interview is aligning with the enemies of America. I fully support Jones’ efforts to have Morgan deported. I think that was awesome making that petition.

      I’d be po’ed at him and his gun grabbing advocacy too. At least in this instant, Jones should be our hero.

      • MLCBLOG

        I don’t know who is the bigger drip in my book, Jones or Morgan, but Piers really does rub me wrong when he wants to tell us how we need to run our country when he does not have a real clue about the American spirit.

        • Rightstuff1

          I cannot stand Piers Morgan but comparing his demeanor with this Jones guy? OMG, I was reaching for the volume control. I just wanted this to end. Jones is everything I DO NOT need in someone speaking for me.

          • MLCBLOG

            It’s true. I do not want to be represented by anything like that, though I can appreciate his approach which appears to be not to buy in to what Piers is dishing out.

            • jujube444

              Did you even get a chance to hear what Piers was proposing? I do not think banning assault weapons is a bad idea. That still leaves you rifles, shotguns and handguns. You can still kill darn near anything you want with those. You have the Constitutional right to DEFEND yourself. You do NOT have the right to go on the OFFENSIVE, which is what assault rifles are. You would blow a gigantic hole in the front of your brick house if you used it to try to stop an intruder with one. I own all of the above EXCEPT an assault rifle. You can’t eat anything you would hunt with an assault rifle- you’d never find the bits of it you blasted to smithereens, and if you shot at an intruder, there’s a darn good chance you just might shoot your innocent neighbor if your house is close by if you kept your finger on the trigger two seconds too long. These are military weapons that really have no place in non-military situations. I remember those bank robbers in California that used them and it took the police forever to take the two guys down. The police have to be careful how they shoot- those idiots sprayed bullets all over the place. Are you really going to start walking around the neighborhood lugging one of those things around with you as you go to T-ball, the grocery, and while you take out the garbage? Get a grip on your paranoid fears, people, and quit buying into loony you tube videos! You’ll be like the Europeans in the Middle ages who believed the Jews killed non-Jewish kids for blood for matzo and that they poisined the wells and all the other crazy urban legends. Look out for that bloody hook on your car door handle! Geez, what a bunch of spazs on here. Sheesh!

      • Rightstuff1

        Going for Piers? If that was the first interview you had ever seen of Morgan you would be hard pressed to know what he believed in.

        I think Jones was a god-awful, loud-mouthed, aggressive, OTT pig. How do you like them apples? And yes I own a gun and pro 2nd Amendment. But I’ve also got a functioning brain and I hate idiots like Morgan who did a venomous hatchet job on Malkin.

        Its 1776? Morgan is a redcoat? Do you not see how utterly imbecilic that sounded? Oh I know. Here’s a good idea, let’s insult the only freaking country on the planet that actually still seems to be a friendly towards the US. Let’s mimic Morgans accent in a pitiful fashion to goad him into being as crass and rude and pig-ignorant as Morgan was.

        Are you seriously suggesting this guy Jones represents you? You are welcome to him.


      • MLCBLOG

        Hard to emulate someone with that conduct, even though he was standing up to the ever-tricky left seemingly so innocuous question traps and their suppositions.

        • When Newt gets aggressive with them, we cheer. Why shouldn’t he call out Morgan’s BS? Do you know what’s at stake? Our gun rights. This foreign subject is rambling about how his country’s gun control is better than the 2nd amendment of the country that pays him.
          You don’t have to agree with Jones on everything, but a disturbing amount of people apparently care more about showing the queen’s etiquette to a scoundrel, not saying bad stuff about Bush’s policies, and looking nice than our freedoms.

      • jujube444

        So anyone you disagree with you think should be deported? I have many handguns, rifles, shotguns, and I believe that assault rifles should be banned. I dare you to call me an enemy of America to my face! I can defend my person, my property and my country pretty damn well with any one of the aforementioned items.

        Perhaps you think we all should have the right to have our own nuclear weapons, or armored tanks, or Apache choppers, hmmm? Do you really think your military-style assault rifle is going to help you if the US Government actually turned its awesome military power against you? You are making a ridiculous argument. Or do you intend to walk around with belts of bullets slung over your shoulders like a modern day Poncho Villa or something as you shop the local Kroger or Walmart? I can shoot someone from about 3/4 of a mile away with my rifle (or half a mile with my crossbow!!!) Banning OFFENSIVE weapons is just common sense, because that is what these madmen are doing, using arms that can shoot a brick wall down in about half a minute. I really don’t want to have to carry an assault rifle around with me at all times, much less a bazooka or purchase an armored tank to pop up to the Stop-and-Go for a six pack, do you? I do not think this is what the Founding Fathers intended, do you? Common sense, folks, use common sense. Weaponry similar to rifles, a side arm and muskets were what the Founding Fathers envisioned, not weapons of such destructive fire power. Alex Jones is no hero of mine-he needs some Prozac and a dose of common sense.

    • Conniption Fitz

      The truth is known but denied. Denial is a kind of dissociation from truth that is so ugly it cannot be faced or allowed to intrude into the conscious mind.

      Demolition experts and Fire Inspectors know, as anyone who has watched the video of a fully fueled jet explosion know, as those who have listened to the witnesses and explosive experts know – Powerful and rare explosives and incendiaries were involved in the near instantaneous collapse of the WTC twin towers and the CIA building and the destruction and powderization of hundreds of thousands of tons of steel.

      That cannot occur without ‘help’. Sophisticated explosives were found in the dust. There are pictures, analyses, written reports and sworn testimonies.

      The implications of that are ugly. Very. Ugly. Far too ugly to be believed, accepted, faced. It must be denied, dissociated, minimized, scoffed at, disbelieved, distracted from, pushed away into the unconscious mind because it is too ugly and frightening. Otherwise it would interfere with one’s sense of security and ability to function and meet the demands of everyday life.

      It is like when a child dissociates, because the truth and the implications of the (sexual, physicial and/or emotional) abuse and exploitation of a parent (who is supposed to protect and nurture, but does the opposite) are too frightening to face and accept.

      Likewise, the public must deny the frightening implications that certain authorities, who are supposed to, pledged to be protectors, providers, leaders, the fathers and mothers of our society, guardians of the common good, are capable of such evil and obviously do not care, do not want to love and protect them, but are willing to abuse their office and perpetrate harm to their own people.

      • Conniption Fitz

        We can accept that Obama would do something like this, but the Bushes and Cheney?

        We can accept that the Bushes and Boehner are not much different from the Democrat political class, and equally destructive to the economy, but are they capable of this kind of evil?

        We have to remember that GHWB’s father was sympathetic to the Nazis and was involved in a conspiracy with leading US industrialists and financiers, to overthrow the US Gov and establish socialism in the USA. FDR decided to negotiate with them, not prosecute them, so the New Deal (a socialist program) was born. There are several socialists in the Bush family on both sides of the Atlantic.

        Socialism is just the opening act to warm the crowd for Communist fascist totalitarianism. LBJ (a Texan!) continued the advance of socialism, building on FDR’s New Deal with his own socialist program. The 4 Bush administrations advanced socialism a little more slowly, until 9/11. I’ll never forgive BushII for the deception and lies about Islam being a religion of peace.

        At this point, there is no reason to have any confidence in the establishment socialist politicians of either party in DC. The DC establishment hated Reagan and they hate the Tea Party. They have an ugly corrupt game going and they are evidently not concerned the good of the USA or its people. Agenda 21? UN over the US Sovereignty? Global Totalitarianism?

        • Conniption Fitz

          This is by NO MEANS any form of endorsement of Alex Jones. I’m not a big Beck fan either. Honestly, I was not fond of listening to Breitbart. Though they are/were eccentric and loud, these men have made valid points, exposed lies and are/were committed truth-seekers.

          • mike morrison

            Breitbart NEVER suggested that 911 was an inside job. To mention him in the same sentence as Alex Jones is an insult to his legacy. Shame on you.

        • jujube444

          OMG! Social Security has DESTROYED America! Throw granny out in the street! Damn socialism! And the interstate highway system! OMG! More Socialism! Let’s go back to the way it used to be- each person builds the road in front of their own house! And by all means-please allow Dow and GE and P&G to dump all the cancer causing chemicals in my air and drinking water again! WE NEED MORE LOVE CANALS! How DARE America have a draft in WWI and WWII? Socialism-so damn evil! There should be no government control of ANYTHING!!!! That James Holmes-he should be allowed to buy any guns he wants-why have a background check? Please-disband the FDA and let me rely on the goodwill and honest practices of corporate America to sell me uncontaminated food and drugs! And I do NOT want any cops or firemen coming to my aid or rescue when I need them. Let’s just have it like when it was like the Old West- you just protect yourself. Shoot first and ask questions later. And who needs taxes (socialism) to pay for that darn military to keep people from invading our country? Let’s get rid of Meidcaid and Medicare, so only the very very rich can pay for medical care. Just die already, OK? You’re aggravating the rest of us. SOCIALISM-OOH, just yucky!!

      • Complete garbage. The ‘thermite’ found in the wreckage was already debunked. The beams used were similar to the red iron beams used today. They contained traces of magnesium impurities that, when ignited, resemble thermite to the untrained eye – or to the uneducated conspiracy theorist. I’m a demolition ‘expert’ and I completely deny your assertions. You even insinuate that the collapses were ‘near instantaneous’ except that they weren’t even close. It took several minutes after the impacts for the towers to collapse. It took several seconds for the collapse to complete after it started. The collapse was consistent with a ‘pancake’ type collapse absent human interaction with ANY explosives including military grade ordinances, experimental or otherwise.

        I have watched all the videos, seen all the testomonies, examined all the photos and gone over them with a fine tooth comb. Nobody wants to believe that Big Goverment Bushites were complicit more than I do, but that just isn’t the reality. Even if I suspend all logical scientific analysis and base my judgement solely on my anti-government sentiment I can’t deny that the more likely scenario is the (excluding the obvious effort to hide incompetence) the official story.

        • Glad to see someone with a brain in this discussion…BRAVO!

        • Thanks for injecting some much-needed reason into this discussion.

        • Rightstuff1

          Thank you so much. I would hate for this “blog of sanity” to be taken over by 911 truther-whack-jobs who think that 911 was a Govt insider job.

          We have such huge issues to face we don’t need to invent ones out of thin air.

        • jujube444

          More likely? For crud’s sake’s, it’s what the heck happened. Most disasters/accidents, unfortunately, show just how incompetent all the very things put in place to prevent them are. Example, look at the Maginot Line in France. Just about the best anti-tank defensive line ever built by man. So what did the Nazis do? They FLEW over it. The French were relying on a World War I mindset and war strategy to protect them from the Nazi’s more modern Luftwafe WWII military. France fell in a heartbeat. Trade Center disaster was not something that they had no clue about-just the different branches weren’t sharing their key bits of information, each department wanted the glory, and BAM! 3000 Americans are dead and some really prime real estate is gone. One or two design flaws in the building and down go the towers. Much like the Titanic. There are always conspiracy theories, and people SHOULD always ask these questions-all these questions. The problem come when people WANT to believe an answer so much they refuse to believe the science, common sense and become paranoid and rabid in their belief that “someone” is out to get them. Caution and mild suspicion is good- paranoia is not.

      • mike morrison

        Why do you believe “experts” that are mistrusting of the government over “experts” that work for the government? You hear what both sides say and you just choose the side that is more convincing. Unless you’re a structional engineer or are an ex military munitions expert all you’re doing is choosing which side to believe because you do not know the science behind the claims being made in these “videos” about this being an inside job. Whenever I see another url in red that is supposed to inform me about some massive governmental conspiracy my eyes glaze over. I am a critical thinker and I’ve given too many hours to these videos that make outrageous claims with nothing to back them up…nothing. Just the testimony of other ppl who also believe the government conspiracy theories that number in the hundreds, by now, I’m sure.

        If you believe that 911 was a conspiracy then file charges against whomever you deem guilty and petition Congress to investigate. The Truth shall set you free…or reveal that all this stuff is utter baloney. Conspiracies are easily conjured up, are hard to disprove if you already believe them, and take 1000 times the energy to discredit compared to the time it takes to get them started.

        Please, if you’re a conservative or a libertarian and you believe that 911 was an inside job by the US government, go join another political party and don’t associate yourself with conservatives or libertarians that are trying to elect sane ppl into office who won’t be crucified by democrats in a general election for beleiving that GW Bush killed 3000 Americans so we could attack Iraq and Afghanistan for oil—oil that, ten years later, we still haven’t seen one drop and has cost us 2 TRILLION dollars so far to defend for ppl who hate us.

        End of rant…let the slings and arrows fly, dummies.

      • jujube444

        Apparently, you have no idea how explosive actually work, and all your knowledge about them comes from watching Bugs Bunny and Road Runner Cartoons. You know, I tot I taw a big, bwack gunpowder wine running wight up the Twade Center building dat Morning. And I taw Yosemite Sam lite it with a big ole match. Den I heard a big “BOOM”.

        Look, I was no fan of Bush and I don’t worship Obama, and I know Cheney made billions on the wars. But I know planes full of gasoline and passengers hit those buildings, and I know Arabs hate Jews and we are Israel’s friend, so people hate the friends of their enemies. I have no doubt that who orchestrated the attack that day. But I also know how the delusional, paranoid mind works, so that is one MORE reason why I don’t want assault weapons in the hands of people who can cook up crazy conspiracy theories. Good to ask every question-not good to believe any fantastical story. Sorry.

    • Yeah I’m with you. He had some good arguments, but I found myself laughing at Jones’s.

    • Conservative_Utopia

      Building 7 didn’t just get shaky and fall over. It was imploded. Wish that wasn’t the case, but the obvious speaks for itself.

      • Rightstuff1

        If it makes you happy believe what you like. You sound crazy to me. I just hope you have something more to contribute to this blog than 911 truther-crap.

        • Conservative_Utopia

          @Righteousstuff1, I really don’t care what you think about me or 9-11. Considering all the labels and generalizations you’re throwing about, your lecture on contributions to the blog don’t hold much water either.

          For anyone else’s curiosity, there are a lot of engineers who are laying out the facts as they see them, without placing the blame. “Bldg 7’s Symmetrical “structural failure” – through the path of greatest resistance – at free-fall acceleration… Imploded, collapsing completely, and landed in its own footprint”

          As Conniption Fitz so adequately describes, I don’t WANT to believe ANY of what our gov’t is doing or allowing to happen, hell, they’re devaluing every industry and national asset they touch – dollar, home values, health care; However, it seems to me that it would be crazy not to consider the evidence. Why didn’t other buildings suddenly collapse without being hit?

          And for the record, Jones was funny putting in his place, but probably turned more people’s opinions against him that for him. He and Beck deserve each other, but on occasion they bring some decent research to the table.

          • Rightstuff1

            Yawwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnn……..a crazy 911 truther. As I said in a different post you and Van Jones can give each other a big group hug 🙂

            Keyesforpres and Kenneth Whitmore who contribute on this blog have succinctly answered and negated every one of your crazy crack-pot, adrenaline-pumping, eye-swivelling, foaming at the mouth crazy ideas. But you “choose” to ignore and ignore and ignore….

            I’m far more concerned with the economic abyss that awaits us. I’m far more concerned with the massive govt that looms over us. I’m far more concerned with the abortions that literally kill the innocent and least defended people in our Republic. I’m more concerned with Obama subverting the Constitution. I’m far more concerned with our schools being cesspools of socialist indoctrination, our businesses being driven to the wall, our people polarized and set against each other, the end of the American way of life, impoverishment of our people and our Christian ideals and on and on. You concern yourself mightily with 911 all you like. I have a German colleague who practically insists that the Jews did it. Yup, the Jews did it. Do you know how many Jews died in the WTC on 911? None. So the Jews were behind it. Crackpot crazy crap.

            There happy now? You 911 truthers are crazy. That’s it 🙂

            The pun on my name I rather enjoyed 🙂 sincerely…..

            • Conservative_Utopia

              How can you yawn and then try to drop all your problems in my lap? If you want to post some links to the de-bunk info, I’d be interested to see it, but to be blunt, your chest thumping descriptives and allegations sound so much like Alex Jones, I’m becoming entertained. Please, continue.

              • Rightstuff1

                Drop all my problems in your lap? My my you are a conceited self-absorbed vain monkey aren’t you now? I was attempting, though it patently fell upon deaf ears, to highlight the real issues we face as a country vs the rabid yappings of insanity that you truthers espouse.

                I take no time to refute arguments, the premiss of which is not only palpably false but irredeemably ridiculous.

                Conspiracist_Utopia is your correct name for I see nothing Conservative in your positions thus far.

                Pace !!!

          • jujube444

            Our privately owned industries and companies started moving everything overseas, which has devalued all our commodities and markets. They lobbied our leaders to let them pay less taxes, and you all vote for them. You all thought Reagan was great, and Bush, and they were the biggest friend of those shipping the jobs outta here, so you deserve what you get. The government is just getting bribed by the industrialists-get your devils right.

      • jujube444

        I worked for a demolitions company many years ago. Have you ever even SEEN what is involved in planning an implosion, or how much structural drilling, critical structural support removal is performed and the amount of explosives that have to be brought on site? Yet you think no one in an office would have noticed all those drill holes, torn up walls and that up until the day of this event, the elevators would still have been able to work properly, the floor would still have been structurally sound to hold all the full weight of normal operations, etc.? Not to mention the fact that tons of steel girders and debris, fires, earthquakes from the collapse of two nearby immense buildings would structurally weaken all buildings which shared the common area,etc.

        Oh wait, I forget. There is no sense in arguing with a delusional mind. Jesus Christ Himself could show you what happened and you would tell Him He was mistaken. Much like those who belive OJ was innocent. Posts like those from the fringe are probably the BEST argument for an assault weapons ban.

    • Rightstuff1

      Many of you will NOT agree with me but this was just awful. Its 1776, Morgan is a redcoat? Mimicking his accent which was crap by the way. Blechhhh. This was just horrible. Morgan is a liberal, as far from being a flag waving redcoat as one can imagine. It just illustrated this guy’s pitiful ignorance of his host and history.

      That said, I’m not a fan of Piers Morgan but this guy came across as completely nuts, rude and aggressive. He made no case from where I sat. He just spent the entire interview screaming at Morgan. As for mimicking Morgan’s British accent, well I found that to be in very poor taste. Would he as easily mock Maggie Thatcher or Winston Churchill? My guess is he was doing his able best to goad Morgan but came across as a bad-tempered, rude, over-sized, loud-mouthed bully.

      We can do a lot better and find individuals much more capable of representing our views than this cretin.

      Next !!!

    • B-Funk

      Yah, I can’t discount some of the things he believes in, but I don’t agree with a lot of it. If he wasn’t such a bulldog, we wouldn’t have an issue. I’m with Scoop. When I saw the confrontation of Malkin, I immediately soured to the dude. He’s like nitro glycerin no matter what he’s doing. It’s kind of self-destructive. I know his type. He really needs to take 30 minutes to sit and chill- clear his head- before he makes a decision to do anything.



  • lol mass murder pills…

    • forgottenpatriot

      In a world where cocaine is prohibited (not saying I disagree w/ that even), why are the Astrazenecas and Pfizers of the world allowed to sell drugs whose side-effect is suicide? So yh ‘lol mass murder pills’.

    • Lol gun control lessened crime in England.
      Morgan’s the one who’s being ridiculous.

  • shukov

    Never liked Jones but I must admit the “you’re not taking our guns” part and the english accent were classic.

    • davienne

      sometimes he can be obnoxious….. ok ok ok… most of the time….. but this was KICK ASS

    • Rightstuff1

      I hated the Jones’ “English accent”. It was freaking rude and stupid. So my wife is English. Is she to be ridiculed because she has an accent? Is Thatcher or Churchill? Jones voice was ugly and his screaming made him look like that which he is, a freaking out of control bully. You have a picture of Reagan as your profile pic, I’m sure Ronnie would be doubling over with laughter while listening to someone ridicule Morgan’s English accent or perhaps he would have told Jones to shut his freaking “pie-hole” – english word for mouth by the way.

      The last person we need right now making our case for the 2nd Amendment is this oaf. You think differently obviously.

      If this is the best we can do then we will lose the argument over gun control.

      • Gun control is the one issue people agree with us most on. The American people do NOT want their guns taken away from them. Around here almost everyone support the 2nd amendment even if they’re not right-wing ideologues like me.

  • Jones is an embarrassment and a 9/11 truuffer. It is clear that Piers brought him on to make gun rights advocates look crazy. Jones hates most conservatives and only appeals to a small sect of Paulbots.

    • Susanna958

      It really doesn’t matter. The only people who watch Piers, already agree with him.

      • Piers is such a snoozefest on top of being a Commie.


      Three things on 9/11 don’t add up for me. 1: how did 4 planes fly around the most secure airspace in the world for over an hour when 37 planes were intercepted without fail in the previous year. I find it hard to believe NORAD failed so miserably. 2: how did the same planes that crashed into 1 & 2 cause them to completely implode when the one that crashed into the pentagon barely make a dent with no debris or engine parts to be found. 3: Building 7. There was never a steel building that collapsed due to fire until that day when three fell and one didn’t have a plane crash into it.

      • godsense

        Are you an engineer? Because if you are not, then you really need to get a clue. It’s been explained a half dozen times in documentaries how those buildings came down.

        Do you really think, of the hundreds if not thousands of people necessary to cover up 9/11, not one would have proof and be willing to sell his story to the highest bidder. Seriously?

        A little intellectual honesty might come in handy as you go forward in life.

        • LIBS-R-DOPES

          So the city of NY built their emergency response center into a building where pillar 47 was faulty and could come down by a fire? Okay but you didn’t explain how NORAD screwed up so badly that day as well as how the pentagon showed no signs of a plan that size crashing into it.

          • NYGino

            If you look at the design of the Pentagon you would notice that it is built utilizing unconnected wall surfaces, isolating each section from the others.

            • LIBS-R-DOPES

              where did the wings, engines and tail hit in any picture you have?

          • tinlizzieowner

            OK ‘expert’ just what exactly was NORAD going to do, shoot down fully loaded commercial passenger jets, when nobody knew where they were going in the first place?

            • LIBS-R-DOPES

              They escort the plane with jets until it’s realized what kind of threat they’re confronting then yes, shoot it down. Your idea is better though. Fly out over the Atlantic and let the planes crash into the twins.

              • tinlizzieowner

                OK, since we’re playing this ‘conspiracy’ game (for a couple more minutes anyway), What happened to that plane load of people that didn’t (in your opinion), hit the Pentagon? I’m sure that inquiring relatives at least, would like to know?
                Just for the record, I’m ex Air Force, with more than a few ‘frequent flier miles’ in a C-130 in Viet Nam and I’ve seen some pretty bizarre plane crashes in my time. 😉

                • It is possible that that plane load of people were taken to the airport further west, the exact city escapes me, loaded into another plane, and that plane was shot out of the sky over Pennsylvania.

                • tinlizzieowner

                  Do you remember the the phone calls from the passengers (“let’s roll”) on the flight that crashed in PA.? Were those fabricated too? Even if I was to accept that premise, that still leaves us one plane load of people short?
                  I’ve had enough of this ‘what if’ stuff for today.

        • davienne

          how did bldng 7 fall without a plane hitting it ????

          • The concussive force from the twin towers collapsing, along with the explosions from the impacts weakened the supports.

        • Ok, Mr. Engineer…tell us how 1 million tons of steel came down, and never breached the bathtub that holds back the Hudson…and all that steel was no where to be found in a heap on the ground? Where did it go Mr. Engineer? Also, why no significant seismic reading? Could it be that those buildings were turned to dust? And if so, what type of weapon would do such a thing? Surely you need to look at the evidence, then decide what really happened on 9/11.

          • Rightstuff1

            ….and there is life on the moon too, didn’t you know? and unless you have visited it you cannot disprove what I say.

            You are seriously crazy if you believe such crap. I wont waste an instant arguing with you, you’re crackers! 🙂

          • 12grace

            I am not surprised that Americans suspect our government of wrong doing on 9/11 as our government has given us many reasons to distrust them. And some of the facts about the event are a bit sketchy.

      • keyesforpres

        Building 7 collapsed because when the Towers fell, it caused the ground shake and the buildings around it shook and suffered damage.

        The Pentagon is built with very thick walls.

        • LIBS-R-DOPES

          That area of the pentagon was just reinforced and the accounting department files were moved into that area. Rumsfield announced on 9/10 there was $2.1T missing and it just happened those files were destroyed in the crash.

          • davienne

            plus the eye witnesses said that it sounded like an explosion.. and one woman said she came out the hole and there was no plane

            • keyesforpres

              Really? What about Barbara Olson that was on that plane? She had just written a book about the Clintons and was on the phone with her husband saying the plane had been hijacked. What about the hundreds of witnesses that saw the plane hit the Pentagon?

              • Do some research Keyes. No evidence whatsoever that a commercial airplane hit the Pentagon…not one bit.

                • except the freaking landing gear sitting on the pentagon lawn. For Christ’s sake, people are dense. The hole in the Pentagon is a freakin’ PLANE SHAPED HOLE!

                • LIBS-R-DOPES

                  Can you dig up a picture of the landing gear? I haven’t seen that

                • Rightstuff1

                  Can you change your name to “Truthers are Dopes”. Nice to know you have something in common with that communist loon Van Jones 🙂

                • keyesforpres

                  Really? Then what happened to the plane and the people on the plane?

                  You must be a Ron Paul supporter.

              • Rightstuff1

                Keyes, my friend. Your posts are intelligent and cogent 🙂 but somehow our blog has been hit with at least 3 911 truther loons.

                You are wasting your fulsome time trying to argue with them. They are crazy.

                • keyesforpres

                  I guess Ron Paul fans are bored.

                • Rightstuff1

                  I guess and they have – all 4 of ’em – descended upon us….Lord help us!!!

            • TitaniumEagle

              Ahh the conspiracy theories drive me nuts. I don’t trust the government, but honestly; forget the unreliable conflicting stories you’ll always hear after an event of that magnitude. Think about this: what possible motivation would the government have had to stage an attack on its own soil, killing its own people? None, no one had anything to gain from it besides the radical Islamist terrorists who thought they were on their way to 72 virgins.

              • LIBS-R-DOPES

                except for those who would write this. “The process of transformation is likely to be a long one, absent some cataclysmic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.”

              • 12grace

                Motives. hmmmmmmm. Maybe the government thought if they created this type of atrocity they could help start the jihad as so many people in our government then and even more now, support the jihad. The event was a catalyst in getting us into wars in the Middle East and we remain today.

                Was it about money? If you are on the right side of war, it can be very lucrative.

                Or, perhaps, the government never “let a good crisis go to waste”, soon after 9/11, our government began instituting legislation that clearly violated our Constitution and gave rise to things like the current day TSA infringements and the NDAA. Americans have been willing to give up their freedom in exchange for safety.

                Are these strong enough motives? I don’t know.

                I find it hard to wrap my mind around the notion that our government could have been directly involved in the death of 3,000 innocent Americans.

                Are these links, proof positive that our government was involved in 9/11, you decide.

                *9/11 PROOF: Government involvement (LOOSE CHANGE movieclip)

                9/11 Incontrovertible Proof the Government is Lying

                9-11 The Hollow Towers vs Where Did All The Rubble Go Part 1/2

                Physicist Challenges the Official 911 Story

                9/11 Conspiracy Solved: Names, Connections, & Details Exposed!

                The following link, claims that the gov’t was not involved in 9/11, is this proof valid?

                Debunking 9/11 Thermite Myth

                It seems to me that people on the post can present different points of view about this issue with-out calling each other names like “Birther” or some ugly name about believing the gov’t isn’t responsible. I see no harm in re-examining the evidence.

            • tinlizzieowner

              “..and one woman said she came out the hole and there was no plane…”

              I suppose she was an authority on disintegrated aircraft parts, right? 😉

          • mike3e4r7

            Rumsfield announced that there was $2.1T missing? What is $2.1T? What are you talking about?

        • davienne

          BULL… why did several NYPD and NYFD say there were explosions in the basement

          • keyesforpres

            Good grief. Everytime a body hit the pavement from the World Trade Center buildings it sounded like an explosion. When the planes hit, those were explosions. Fires burning and maybe hitting a gasline could cause an explosion. Fires can cause explosions.

          • keyesforpres

            Could have been gas pipelines exploding.

          • tinlizzieowner

            Several thousand gallons of JP4 pouring down elevator shafts, comes to mind. 😉

        • nice try Keyes…not even close to reality. Building 7 was intentionally imploded.

          • No it wasn’t. I have a background on this subject. All buildings built in basic geometric patterns tend to self-collapse in a manner that mimics a controlled demolition. it’s just a law of nature. Controlled demolition is only needed to limit the amount of ‘splatter’ and concussive forces that damage nearby structures. There was absolutely no effort to control the ‘splatter’ in the building collapses. None. The Tower 7 collapse was not caused by direct human action.

            The amount of time, planning and work needed to do this with the explosives required would have been IMPOSSIBLE to go unnoticed. You can’t just walk into a building with a couple thousand pounds equivalent of TNT and nobody sees it…

            These conspiracies all deny reality. They are starting to piss me off. The god damned hole in the Pentagon, before the roof collapsed made a perfect outline of a jet. There was plane wreckage on the grass, in the rubble and elsewhere. There is a video on the web that shows a large winged aircraft striking the Pentagon. The plane, according to hundreds of witnesses came in so low that it actually struck the ground first and then the Pentagon. This is what that woman who denied a plane hit had to have seen, if she saw anything at all. Saying there was no plane hitting the Pentagon is to be a complete moron. The collapse of the twin towers is exactly what would be expected in my field given the introduction of hydrocarbons to the already weakened supports. The tower 7 collapse is exactly what would be expected when a building of it’s shape is damage by multiple concussive forces acting from the outside.

            Get the f’k over it already. Your conspiracies are bullcrap. To deny what thousands of people saw over New York, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. in favor of what a dozen or so insane people say is to suspend all logical thinking. The fact is people create these conspiracies to garner attention. That is what Alex Jones did. There is zero credible evidence to support these ridiculous theories.

            The only cover-up present was meant to hide the government’s incompetence, not their complicity.

            • Rightstuff1

              Seriously, you are wasting your time. These people are one stick short of a bundle. They are conspiracy crazies. Your logic is wasted. Your patient explanations with sound reasoning fall on deaf ears because the more exciting “reason” is way more sensational and gives them an adrenaline rush as they are the select few who really “know”.

              They would make good company for Van Jones another “Truther”. Enough said?

              • PhillyCon

                I’m reading through this thread, and you are one of the voices of reason and logic. Please, comment more. Sometimes, these conversations just devolve into crazy.

              • LIBS-R-DOPES

                You’ve added nothing but insults and snarky remarks designed to marginalize. I’m sure you’ve done your research on this topic haven’t you or are you told to believe what you believe. I’m sure you believe Lee Harvey got off 3 shots, Obama’s BC is legit and The Gulf of Tonkin was real. Although I wouldn’t call my self a “denier” I did find one third Holocaust interesting because, unlike you, I can look at things from both sides without immediately taking the position I was told to believe. So I have to say, well played drone but you never answered any real questions.

                1. Where was NORAD that day?
                2. Where are the pictures of the pentagon with landing gear in the front or any signs of entry from a 757 or any proof that a plane actually hit that building?
                3. Where’s the report that backs up the claims that the debris from falling towers and concussions damaged building 7, as well as fires, that resulted in a free fall collapse?

            • 12grace

              Interesting point about the gov’t hiding their incompetence not there complicity.

      • JMiller1776

        No damage to the pentagon? Are you serious? The plane made it hundred of feet through the first ring. There were tons of parts found. I knew Marines on duty that sorted through wreckage looking for survivors, they said no doubt it was a plane. The thousands of people on the highway next to the pentagon saw it flyover them.

        • LIBS-R-DOPES

          In all the video I’ve seen the wreckage is nothing like other plane crashes. Two planes took down 110 story buildings but the same kind of plane took down a small section and the wings didn’t seem to enter the building the way they did on 1 & 2 and the engine parts were completely destroyed? The exit hole 100 feet into the building is suspect as well.

          • keyesforpres

            The reason the Trade Centers came down was because the fire was so hot it melted the steel where it hit. Once it melted it caused the building to start collapsing. The Trade Centers were designed to fall straight down.

            If there was no plane that hit the Pentagon…then what happened to those people on the plane?

            Why is it so hard for some people grasp islamic doctrine?

            • mike3e4r7

              They find it more satisfying to invent threats that they can get worked up over rather than to acknowledge the real threats like Islam, that face our country. My guess is alot of these guys probably play too much Dungeons and Dragons and have a hard time distinguishing between fantasy and reality.

            • Wow do we have ignorant human beings walking this planet. 10 years after the event and we still have idiots who thing that Jet fuel can attain at temperature hot enough to melt steel…I wonder why steel manufacturers have never thought of using jet fuel in their foundries.

              • The only ignorant humans here are you and LIBS-R-DOPES….just sayin’

                • LIBS-R-DOPES

                  Let me guess. You are part of the 14% that believe Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman.

              • keyesforpres

                Um, Dale…….there was an explosion and hence fIRE….FIRE melted the steel.

                • LIBS-R-DOPES

                  It takes 3000 degrees to melt steel and jet fuel burns at 800 degrees.

                • keyesforpres

                  It was hot enough to melt steel. You did see the fire right?

                • LIBS-R-DOPES

                  yes, I did see the fire and it was nothing compared to these fires and guess what. They didn’t collapse. You see the fires in these pictures right?


                • Rightstuff1

                  Just as a matter of interest, are you a Holocaust denier as well? Because we all “know” that the crematoria could not have possibly burned so many bodies as they claim because an efficient modern crematoria takes 4-6 hours to burn a single body so if you take just the Hungarian Jews at 400,000 beginning in August 1944 and you say 4 hours per body working 24/7 etc etc etc etc All total bullcrap, and all scientific sounding as hell and yet…the inescapable fact is that all but a handful of the 400,000 Jews died.

                  You sound just like them in every way and they are crackers too.

          • Josh

            The Pentagon is a military facility created in the World War II era. This was the time when buildings were being destroyed by 2,000 lb. bombs. Oddly enough, it was fortified and designed to withstand an attack. The twin towers were not military installations. It’s like launching a catapult at a castle vs. a house. Not too difficult to understand this.

        • davienne

          where is the video of the plane ?? 1 tape was released.. and it didnt show a plane

          • tinlizzieowner

            That’s funny, I saw a tape of the plane hitting the Pentagon?

            • LIBS-R-DOPES

              can you link to a youtube clip of that please?

              • tinlizzieowner

                Find it yourself, I’m not your servant.

                • LIBS-R-DOPES

                  That’s a leftist response I’d expect on the huffington post. You said it but can’t back it up. Why? because it’s not there.

                • tinlizzieowner

                  What ever you say, pal.

                • tinlizzieowner

                  Read this.

                  With this post I’m going to get out of this discussion, it’s way off topic in the first place. With all due respect, you are free to believe as you do, as am I.

        • Betsey_Ross

          Actually there is film of the plane hitting the Pentagon taken from a survelence camera. Sure looked like a jet to me. Barbara Olson’s testimony is good enough for me. She hasn’t shown up anywhere either.

      • tinlizzieowner

        Oh good grief, here we go again.

        • sybilll

          tinlizzie, Piers is a sneaky dude, and succeeded at making Jones look full-on crazy, while craftily rerouting the discussion to the truthers. UGH UGH UGH. Whilst Jones got in a few jabs, overall this interview was a major fail.

          • tinlizzieowner

            The whole thing looked like a carefully scripted ‘reaity show’.

          • Rightstuff1

            You nailed it. Unfortunately the ones trumpetting this “interview” as a success will soon see the wonderful crazy loon Jones being bandied about as the spokesperson for our entire position….yessireeeee!!! Wont that be fun! I can hardly wait. Imagine this cretin imitating Winston Churchill? No I think not. No doubt that snide, pernicious clown Jones would have a blast at imitating Churchill except the only things he lacks would be intelligence, humor, perspective, ability to persuade, human decency and, oh yes, of course manners!

    • davienne

      call it what you will… but there are alot of unanswered questions.. yes he is a paulbot. but sometimes thing are there we dont see .. even when they are right in front of us… as an X reporter i never closed a door if a question still lingered

    • He wasn’t ‘crazy’ in this interview. He kicked Morgan’s ass.

      I care more about someone who’s fighting Obama’s big government than if someone said bad things about Bush’s big government.

      I don’t agree with Jones on everything (like 9/11 for instance), but hey, he’s good enough for even Drudge and we need to question government.

      • Rightstuff1

        You mean the same Drudge that pilloried and knifed both Santorum and Gingrich so that we would get Romney? That Drudge? Ohhh right. I have even less respect for him now, if that is humanly possible.

        • Drudge before he went all statist. Notice I said even Drudge.

          Questioning any government’s pretty opposite of being a pure partisan of either Bush or Romney.

    • Paulbots? I don’t know any Paul supporters that like Jones. I like Paul quite a bit and I was laughing at Jones the entire time.

  • PatrickHenrysBody

    I don’t like Alex Jones. I think he’s certifiably insane. What he did to Michelle Malkin was beyond the pale. Alex Jones and Piers Morgan? Hmmm. I’ll pass on the double helping of nutso.

  • He said in the first minute what the 2nd amendment was about, the same thing Mark Levin said it was, and he’s right but then he gets all side track on other stuff and nobody can follow his huffing and puffing rants.

  • conservativenews

    I like Alex Jones. We cannot be nice to the people who want to disarm us. I don’t know what happened between him and Michelle, I’ll look it up.

    • Rightstuff1

      This guy will become the poster boy for our entire argument except he doesn’t argue he rants. They only have to say “……and this guy also believes 911 was a govt covert op” and the excrement will hit the proverbial.

      You want this guy as your spokesperson? Guess what, so do the libs which is WHY he was invited on.

      Seeing it yet?

      • PhillyCon


  • laawd, what a wacko

    • Rightstuff1

      Total screamin’ nut job !

    • I know! Piers thinks gun control will lessen crime! He’s crazy!

  • forgottenpatriot

    I am proud of Alex Jones. Lott went and got schooled even though he had everything on on his side with which to take down scum like Morgan. Pratt went and also looked like Dexter, the school math Olympiad taking on Joe from the varsity football team in a street fight; didn’t turn out well for him.

    Jones came on and came guns blazing. He didn’t play Morgan’s little games. Morgan knew he was going to have a firebrand on his show so he put on the civilised British routine for damage control. Jones demolished this turd.

    America has some 300 million more human beings (not counting the illegals) living within its borders. The UK = 60 million. Of course, with or without a gun ban in the UK , we’d have more gun crime! Yet Piers kept pushing the ruse. Jones didn’t take any of it. He told the globaist fake straight up: 1776 will recommence!

  • sDee

    The gun ban in the UK has, as in all other gun bans, has precipitated a a constant erosion of all liberties.

    As Joshua Boston said, ban semiautomatics, the next shooting will be with a bolt action, then they will ban bolt actions.

    The narrative is set. Elites like Morgan have good reason to be nervous as they know that those they plan to disarm are on to their mass deception and manipulation of the American public.

    Americans will not register. Americans will not turn in our guns or our magazines. At best there will be mass civil disobedience – at best.

  • davienne

    Alex jones fed morgan his lunch…. BWAAAAHAAHAAHAAA

  • Alex Jones may be a nut, but he’s our nut on this issue and seeing him hand Morgan his A** was BEAUTIFUL.

    It’s always fun to watch one of our unsaveable nuts, wipe the floor with one of their unsaveable nuts. Kind of like…. karma.

  • Susanna958

    I agree with most of what he said, but he could have done it much better. He came across as a petulant child.

    • objective123

      When you are dealing with Communist/Marxist/Fascist/Socialist/Statist, you have to be demonstrative to know that patriots are not playing. I disagree.

      Sharpton, dumb a-s-s Morgan does the same thing. If you don’t fight back for liberty, you loose. You are not fighting a civilized enemy. They despise capitalism, u. s. constitution because it ended slavery and elevated women. We must fight them back and not back down. This is not about sounding pretty. This is about sounding the alarm so that Patriots wake the f*** up.

  • objective123

    Disagree. Patriots know that this Communist/Marxist/Socialist/Fascist puppet named Obama and his DNC and RNC supporters want to rid the Constitution. He is right. Patriots are fed up. If you attack our 2nd Amendment, 1776 will commence again.

  • danceswithsheeple

    When all else fails bring up 911, eh Morgan?

    100% kudos Mr Jones. Way to treat a stubborn dog like it deserves to be treated!

  • strangerr_47

    Morgan is a maggot, no respect was warranted or given.

  • sDee

    Gun Appreciation Day Jan 19th 2013

    We need a massive repeat of the 2009 Tea Party rally in DC but open carry as in Ft Hunt VA in 2010.

    April 15th sounds good.

  • Nukeman60

    No one ever brings up the one point when people like Piers says the UK gun murder totals is vastly lower than the US gun murder totals and the reason for that is banning guns. Unfortunately for them, the total number of gun murders before the gun ban in the UK was no different than it was years later.

    In 1990, there were 60 gun murders. The gun ban was in 1997 and right after that (for several years, up till 2002-3) the gun murders skyrocketed. And by 2011, the number had dropped to the same number as in 1990 (60).

    What Piers doesn’t want to address is that all other crime skyrocketed out of control when the civilians could not protect themselves. All he wants to say is the one minor point and press it over and over again. That’s his argument.

    • keyesforpres

      Alex should have pointed out the muslim invasion and how it would be nice if British women had a gun to protect themselves from the raping 7th century savages.

      • Watchman74

        Or the fact the UK has more camera’s watching people than Communist China and only second to North Korea. Having the government take care of you comes with a price.

    • KenInMontana
      • Nukeman60

        That’s a great link. I remember when you posted it in the middle of my 2 week discussion with a gun ban advocate and he totally ignored it. Truth hurts when they’re trying to make their point. I saved the link at that time, for future reference. Thanks.

  • At this rate, they’ll be throwing chairs and water at each other not too soon from now. Poor Piers is struggling for ratings. What a shame.

    • keyesforpres

      Not really. 😉

  • detectivedick

    The word “Confiscation” is the trip wire. The AR 15 is an autoloader just like the Colt 1911, a 102 year old gun. Stand up and be men, this is our Government and “We The People” will keep our guns.

  • toongoon

    I’m with you Scoop,the first time I saw Alex Jones was that Michelle Malkin clip. He disgusted me after that.

    The first half of the interview he showed how to deal with the lamestream, however, the in the second half he got a little to strange and I forgot that he was a birther.

    • keyesforpres

      I’m a birther too. I am also a “Natural Born Statuser” too… were our Founders.

      • toongoon

        AW crap!. I meant “truther”!

    • keyesforpres

      Remember, the term birther was made up by the left to try to shut people up about o’s ineligibility.

  • keyesforpres

    He did great in the beginning, but should have answered some of his questions.
    When Piers asked about the fact that England didn’t have that many guns deaths, Alex should have come back and asked how many less murders by knives, etc. would have occured if they were armed? He should have asked how many less rapes against British women by the muslim invaders would have occured if they had guns?

    • Rightstuff1

      Debating might have been far better than screaming….

      I don’t care who the person is or what their opinion or if they agree with me or not. If they screamed at me like this nutjob did for the whole time I would close his ass down and boot him out the door.

  • JMiller1776

    Alex Jones was right on the gun issue, but a broken watch is right twice a day. For the most part Alex Jones is an imbecile, and anyone who puts any stock into his opinions are probably uneducated and naive individuals. Piers brought him on merely to make the rest of us supporters of the 2nd amendment look like idiots.

    • Rightstuff1

      bingo. That is exactly the point. Thanks for making it. He wanted this loon on his show to show how lunatic we all must be …. oh and truther thing was politics at its worst but again thats the left and Jone just ran like a bull right into the hole.

      Thanks for making the rest of us look like freaks.

      There is righteous indignation and then there is ranting and raving like a loon….

  • I can’t believe what I just saw…way to make us look INSANE A.J….

  • Jones is pathetic. We all know the proper retorts to the phony “facts” about British vs. American gun violence. We’ve known them for weeks now. Yet Jones goes on thoroughly unprepared to respond to the softballs and makes us ALL look foolish – which is exactly why Morgan invited him on in the first place.

  • mediaaccess1


  • It should be “Alex Jones unloaded on gun grabbing nutjob Piers Morgan”.

  • Piers stayed calm because he knows Alex is a hellfire and brimstone yeller. Piers refused to answer any of Alex’s very valid points about the statistics. Instead Piers kept pointing out that the last 3 shooting have been with a specific type of gun, I wish Alex would have pointed out that the Oregon Shooting was stopped when a Concealed Carry Citizen pulled on the shooter.

    • too bad Jones didn’t mention at least a few cases when a mother/former girlfriend shot the invader, saving herself/her kids life…
      Good notion -> Piers MoreGun-s never answered a valid point; typical “Algor” tactic.

    • Lives4Freedom

      It baffled me to see Morgan bring up the Clackamas Mall shooting to support his argument, considering that fact. It’s unfortunate that Alex didn’t address it. I don’t know exactly the definition of ‘mass’ shooting, since that assailant killed two people. As terrible as that still is, we can’t measure the number of people that got to live because Nick Meli (armed citizen), confronted the shooter, and caused him to scurry off to commit suicide.

      That whole situation wasn’t far from me. It makes one think, considering I could have easily been shopping there that day.

      • Nice to see another Pacific NW conservative. Makes me hold out hope. Down here in the Agenda 21 friendly town of Eugene, sometimes I wonder how many more of us conservatives there are around up here.

  • WhiteGuy2

    Alex Jones is a conspiracy theorist profiteer, but I’m glad to see he blasted Morgan the way he did. These snobby leftist need to be taken down a notch, and belittled as the fools they are..

  • Piers Morgan is a Hack Socialist Globalist Media Hustler, who like Al Sharpton, is ignominious and wants the money & fame that comes with it..

    Piers Morgan is self-serving above all, to his own self interest that which correlates and coincides with that particular leftwing agenda. ie; Like Al Sharpton, he is a sleazy parasitic race baiting hustling opportunist snake oil salesman, as he uses all the tricks of the leftist socialist marxist media trade, to aide his political monetary venture of demonizing the US Constitution and America as it was founded.

    • let’s call him Piers MoreGun-s….he’ll start hating his own name 😉

  • ryanomaniac

    Ive never heard of this guy but he sounds bat $hit crazy. I agree with his points but as we see so often the media always finds the craziest person they can find or the person who is weak and cant defend conservative principles. Old tactic, new day.

  • the biggest nut is Piers MoreGun-s, only his facade is better – thus DNC dogs had been released on Scoop to back up official line of anti-gun views – suddenly a flood of unknown names had appeared…. ;-/

  • ryanomaniac

    Just watched the video provided above concerning the Michelle Malkin confrontation. The guy is a truther I guess. My brother in law is one of these folks. Its really hard to listen too. Funny they never understand that it only takes one fact to blow an argument right out of the water. There are many facts to blow that ridiculous theory to pieces. What a joke this guy is.

  • Myptofvu

    Alex Jones came off like a Buffoon. This was embarrassing to watch. Made 2nd amendment advocates look like nut jobs. Jones left the audience thinking he’s the one that should be deported. Only thing missing was a tin foil hat.

    I was completely disappointed as I wanted to see someone destroy Piers on this issue but with convincing arguments not paranoid ravings.

    • Guest1776rcp


      I’d rather see Ted Cruz debate Morgan on that subject.

      • Myptofvu

        I second that

  • ApplePie101

    MarkAmerica makes a good point in his article on this interview in calling attention to corporations like Bank of America who are assisting the Obama administration in his attack on gun ownership. It looks like payback for the billions in bailout funds BoA received from the US treasury.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Piers (was his mother impregnated near a dock or something?) doesn’t deserve another moment of my time.

    • Army_Pilot1967

      That’s a funny comment about ol’ Piers’ name!!!! It is a bit unusual.

      • Sober_Thinking

        The “Doc of the Bay” delivered him. 🙂

        • Army_Pilot1967

          ROFLMAO…….quit, you’re killing me!!! That’s pretty good though.

  • DavidRobertson

    Familiar tactic of the left. In this case he invites an extremist who is known for conspiracy theories and losing his cool to represent the gun rights side of the argument.

    CNN knows Piers audience. They are what Rush coins as a “low information voter”. So, now, in the minds of Piers audience he hopes to leave the impression that gun owners all think like Alex Jones.

    I also find it interesting that Alex got so worked up that he lost the ability to think through some of the ridiculous stats Piers was throwing out there. Mr. Jones was already challenging him to some kind of remake of Rocky 4 by then. What a clown.

    • PhillyCon

      Familiar tactic of the left. In this case he invites an extremist who is known for conspiracy theories and losing his cool to represent the gun rights side of the argument.

      Well said. It’s to make conservatives look like kooks and freaks. So, I can have my independent, moderate friends ask questions like, “this is who is on your side?”

      So, now, in the minds of Piers audience he hopes to leave the impression that gun owners all think like Alex Jones.

      So true! Our side has no idea how this PR stuff really hurts us. Ugh.

      • Rightstuff1

        I’m reading so many comments on hear like “yeh he handed morgan his ass” etc etc…

        No he freaking well didn’t. He made us all look like nutjobs. Getting it yet?

        The Left are not so smart but some on our side are just freaking dumb!!!!

        Do we want to win or just lose alllllllll the time? People wake up and play smart.

        • PhillyCon

          Exactly right. I even had a conservative friend send me this clip saying “how great” Alex Jones was.

          I felt like responding saying that “you must be on crack b/c the guy came off like a typical stereotypical loon that we are often accused of.”

          Instead, I alerted my friend to not use this guy as a spokesman b/c of his 9-11 conspiracies. I’m glad some on the thread saw right through what Piers Morgan was doing, at least.

          Ugh. And double ugh.

  • Every prison interview repeats this conclusion:
    . Criminal’s objection #1?? —> armed victim.
    Got that, Piers MoreGun-s?

  • rapidcraft

    Alex schooled the chit out of the pos marxist piers, nuff said 🙂

    • Rightstuff1

      err, no he didn’t. If you think for one moment this ranting and raving screaming lunatic convinced one soul of the rightness of the 2nd Amendment then dream on. Those of us who support it support it. It made not a jot of difference to us. The ones who are swayable though? You think it persuaded one person? Dream on.

      This is what is commonly referred to as a put up job. Morgan invited a loon onto his show to make us allllll seem like crazies and you applaud the crazy for making us all seem crazy? Oh and he is a truther too? Magic, just magic. You couldn’t make this up!!!

      Here’s a novel idea, why don’t we run Romney for President? Because that makes more sense. When is our side ever going to learn how to play this game!

  • Give em Hell Boy’s!, Who is this Jones guy?, America should have many many more Americans who love freedom and liberty so much that their willing to shout down the enemy of Amercias Constitution and The Bill of Rights and The Declaration of Independence. So sad and to bad we NO LONGER have leaders in Government with the love and passion for Americans as we see in Mr Jones.
    There is No compromising about Americans freedom and liberty and there is NO Compromise with foreign subverts who support disarming Americans. inch by inch they kill.
    Damn great Job Mr Jones! That was a Great debate that will protect Freedom and Liberty! and will save the lives of Americans.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    I’m not a Piers Morgan fan, but Alex Jones (whoever he is) came across as badly as a rabid dog!!!!!!! Jones’ attitude and rudeness hurt his arguement in my opinion. His appearance didn’t help his arguement in my opinion.

    • stage9

      I don’t know who he is either, but I think his day was shot (no pun intended) earlier in the day when he was stopped by TSA on his way to film the show. He was told to remove his shoes, and he had a fit about it seeing as how no one else in line was asked to remove their shoes. I suspect his day only got worse from there.

    • Biggbear52

      So it is your stance that because Alex is passionate about not having our guns, any gun, taken for sole means of control, he is a rabid dog. You say that his attitude and appearance harm his stance. Are you personally a member of GQ. I’d be willing to bet that you are not. Your comment is out of place, out of touch and strictly insensitively rude. You have no idea of what is at stake if these blue coat commies get hold of our guns. Just like Alex said, 1776 is going to rise again because of tyranistic. I personally say that the only way a police person or Government is going to get my weapon, solely used to hunt and if necessary PROTECT, is out of my cold stiff hand. Now if you do not comprehend that, then you need to pack your bags for china.

      • MiketheMarine

        I agree completely.

      • Army_Pilot1967

        Well, Biggbear, since I served in the United States Army for twenty-six years, I don’t believe I have to pack my bags to move anywhere. I, along with millions of others, defended our nation in peacetime and war, so I’m staying right here!!!! I won’t even ask if you served in our military…but if I were to guess, I would say “No.” I strongly believe in the 2nd Amendment…as well as all the other amendments…but going nuts on national television doesn’t win Alex Jones any new supporters. He came across as irrational, unhinged and out of control in my opinion.

        • Jaels_Song

          I would like to see Morgan debate Daniel Hannan. Thank you for your service.

          • Army_Pilot1967

            I didn’t know anything about Daniel Hannan, so I looked him up on YouTube and watched a short video. He seems to be a calm, rational man, unlike Alex Jones.

            It was an honor and a privilege to serve alongside some great Americans in the military. And I met a lot of folks in the other branches of the military as well. It’s amazing that we have so many strong people willing to sign-up and serve in the military in hot spots all over the world. There are a lot of unsung heroes in the ranks. Their comrades are aware of them, but the general public is not and that’s okay because the most important people to military personnel, other than their families, are their brothers/sisters in arms. We owe a lot to those serving our country at this time. Thanks for all that they do but they don’t get the recognition they deserve.

            • Jaels_Song

              I am blessed in my life to have family and personal relationship with loyal, love filled soldiers. My father, who is now 90, was also a pilot, he served Army in WWII. Our service members prove over and over again that in every generation heroic Americans– unsung heroes– of exceptional skill, strength, and integrity rise up to free the oppressed and secure our home. Outside of Christ, I have no greater gratitude and admiration than I do for our valiant America soldiers. From the least, to the strongest, from all generations, they are my heroes. They won’t allow me to address them as a hero. They insist that the fallen are the true heroes. But… they are my heroes and my life is enriched and stronger because of their inspiration and encouragement that commands me to fight on; to channel my fears into motivation needed to stay courageous and fight on. Bless all of you who have demonstrated to me what it is to be strong.

          • Rightstuff1

            Hannan would school Morgan in a heartbeat. He is rational and PERSUASIVE !!!!

            His book “A new road to serfdom” is really well worth the read if you have not read it.

            That said, I’m sure if Jones where to meet Hannan he would most likely have so much fun ridiculing his accent he would not be able to tell an ally from an enemy. After all Hannan must be a redcoat.

            I’m a history nut too and the truth is that at the time of Revolution we referred to ourselves as freeborn Englishmen. We also speak English. We get our basic laws from England which are predicated on the Magna Carta. The UK is our greatest ally on the planet and in one interview this useless screaming lunatic manages to insult England and English people all the account of a hopeless lib like Morgan.

      • stage9

        Dude, I think you just misunderstood him. You both agree on the majors. It’s just Jones’ “presentation” is what Army_Pilot1967 disagrees with.

        • Army_Pilot1967

          Thanks, stage9, you are correct.

          • Rightstuff1

            You agree with Jones “truther” claims? Please say no.

            • Army_Pilot1967

              I can’t comment on that since I know nothing about Alex Jones or his claims about anything. I was merely making a point that he came across badly in the interview with P. Morgan. He came across as unhinged and out of control, which isn’t the best way to influence or convince anyone of anything.

      • Rightstuff1

        You think Jones convinced anyone and mean anyone of the rightness of the 2nd amendment? Dream on. He convinced no one. Those of us who agree, agree.

        This whackjob was invited on to scream and shout and rant and rave to appear like the crazy that he is. The solid and clear implication is that each of us is also as crazy as this guy oh and we are probably truthers too.

        Wonderful, just freaking wonderful…..

        When are we going to learn how to win? I’m sick to my back teeth of losers losing it for us and then we applaud the loser and wonder why we freaking lose!!!!

        Ahhhhh!!! Spare me the madness….

        • Biggbear52

          Spoken just like a true idio zombicrat. You go mynah bird go!!

          • Rightstuff1

            You must have had to dig deeply into your vast lexicon to have appraised my posting with such a dazzling display of logic and reason. You cheer for a cretin like Jones who rips Malkin in one breath and then espouses 911 truther crap the next. I can see you perched upon your seat even know, eating crackers, the crumbs spilling from your lips as you shout, mouth filled to over flowing, unable to speak but cheering nonetheess and then watching and re-watching as Jones the Whackjob blustered, boiled, fumed, fulminated, raved and ranted himself to a Hitler-esque frenzy and made all of us that support the 2nd amendment appear as crazy as he.


            • Biggbear52

              It is quite apparent that you are overly reactionary and entirely the WRONGSTUFF. If you cannot see that I in fact am NOT in support of him, but whole heartedly in support of our GOD given right to protect and feed ourselves. Now if you want to get on here and prove to whomever reads your diatribe drivel and see’s what I do, far be it from me to prevent a fool from proving such. However you are attempting to impune someone whom really could care less and has obviously served more time on planet earth instead of planet commie! So place your ostrich head back in that dark cavity and say good night JESTER!

              • Rightstuff1

                Hey BiggBear or is it really Goldilocks? Whatever! Overly reactionary? hahahaha. Isn’t that leftist speak? Communists were always persecuting reactionaries. The left speaks of the reactionary right etc etc ad nauseum. Impune you? What you write does that alllllll by itself, I merely shine the light 🙂

                Dark cavity better describes the empty space you have between your ears. Who borrowed the family braincell? Whomever it was go ask ’em if it is your turn yet to have it for a while.

                • Biggbear52

                  Shine the light huh. Then take that flashlight from your right ear and you shall not have that issue. Now will you!

    • Jaels_Song

      I believe a person has to be this way with Piers, otherwise, Piers will just start calling him a stupid liar or something. Who is this Brit to seek to remove us of our gun right?

      • MiketheMarine

        He is a first tier target IF the civil war starts. That’s who he is.

  • Biggbear52

    Alex was quite passionate here and I personally good not agree more with his stance. Though I have to say that he should have probably held a little more composure as the left, (MORGAN) will tout him as being a radical nut. He said that 1779 will rise again. I have news for ya’ll. It has already begun to rise. The amount of hand gun and rifles being bought today, as we speak is unlike anything the weapons store have ever known. Teachers all over this land are becoming gun toting permitted citizens as they and any responsible person should. Do you out there realize that Barack INSANE Obama is actually planing to announce himself and his wife as King ans Queen come 2015. This was caught on an open microphone at a fund raiser in Iowa before this past phony election! That’s right boys and girls, A MONARCHY is in the works right now. Alex is more than correct, he

  • Haywoodjbl

    He doesn’t have First Amendment rights…he is not a citizen

  • I can’t stand Alex Jones but I can’t stand Piers Morgan even more. This was sweet

  • Mr Jones has alway’s been known to be a very candid investigative reporter. The powerful persons and the powerful mainstream media knows Mr Jones reports will be frank and he’ll come prepared with evidence. Here is one of many reasons why they don’t like him, this is where Mr Jones entered the bat cave:

  • I hate defending Piers Morgan, but Alex Jones is an idiot. He gives the pro-gun side a bad name. Embarrassing.

  • I honestly thought Morgan was going to cry there for a minute. Oh well, I guess he’ll just go back to England and say how “uncultured” and “uncivilized” us Americans are. Personally, I’m getting sick and tired of being lectured by foreigners on how to run our country. I guess we must be doing something right after 200 years, especially when it comes to being the most powerful country on the planet.

  • TickedWhiteDude

    Beck nailed it this morning!!

  • PhillyCon


  • Go back to browbeating talent-less, publicity-seeking fools, Pierce. You’re out of your depth here–ideologically and intellectually.

  • RonPaulSupporter2

    I have to admit that I despise Piers Morgan so much that just hearing the crap that spills from his mouth makes me ill. I couldn’t bring myself to watch this even though I’m commenting. I don’t know much about Alex Jones so I can’t comment on what he’s said in the past. However, anybody that takes down Piers Morgan is (at that time) OK by me.

  • I knew this interview would go this way. Alex Jones is an interesting guy, but he’s got a very short temper. I knew he’d walk right into Piers obvious bait and blow his top.

    • Rightstuff1

      You nailed it!

  • Marky_D

    Alex Jones made some good points but the whole silly accent stuff did him no favours (as a brit I wasn’t offended but just thought it made him look immature). Typical Piers Morgan snide tactic with the truther nonsense – designed to say to the audience (both of them) “if you are pro 2nd amendment, you are with this conspiracy loon – gratz”

    On balance though, even with the silly accent and truther rubbish, Alex Jones probably helped our side simply by pointing out that in Europe the UK has the highest levels of violence coupled with the most stringent gun laws whist Switzerland has the lowest and the most lax. Enough said.

    • Rightstuff1

      Disagree and so does my English wife who was decidedly unimpressed to the point of saying “I’m an American, what’s my accent got to do with it?” Her father, a former Major in the Royal Marines would have taken a stick to Jones back if he had made fun of his accent and it is a hell of a lot “plummier” that Morgan’s and yes he is a Conservative.

      Jones has become the poster boy for the 2 amendment and he has made us all look like crazies. People who can be safely ignored. You don’t think Morgan knew this would happen? You don’t think this lib turd planned all this? It was a setup and Jones waltzed right in with his big freaking arrogant mouth.

      2 amendment was set back today and anyone who thinks differently is going to be sadly disappointed.

  • 12grace

    Alex Jones is a bit rough around the edges but he is a true patriot. And the gov’t is going after him and his family with a vengeance.

    • Rightstuff1

      A bit rough around the edges? That a little like saying cow crap has a mild aroma…..

      He is wild-eyed crazy man who did nothing for our cause. Sorry 12grace, I usually love your posts but we will not agree on this one.

      • 12grace

        I thought your comment about cow crap was funny, rs1.

        We can respectfully, disagree about Alex Jones.

  • It’s funny, you would think this video would expose Alex Jones for the jackass he’s always been, but these people probably see him as a hero.

    He has the mind of a child; It blew me away, even coming from him, for him to start making fun of his Piers Morgan’s accent. What a fucking joke.

    We have aligning positions and unfortunately, it tarnishes our cause.

  • puma_for_life

    I’m not an Alex Jones fan, but I appreciate him taking on Morgan and not playing into his hands. Morgan kept wanting him to confirm that assault rifles were used in the past couple of mass murders; this was a way to put Jones in a corner. By refusing to answer the stupid questions, he left Morgan with out that line of attack. Jones really lost it, I guess, in a sense, but Morgan deserved every bit of it.

  • Nukeman60

    Alex Jones has a style that I don’t particularly care for (yeah, I know – strange coming from the Nukeman). I wondered why it was that Piers Morgan would want him on his show, simply because of the volatile nature of the man.

    It appears to me that Piers had this set up all along to tie Jones in with all gun rights activists and make us all look like a bunch of loony toons. When have you ever seen Piers trying to be calm and collected? Why did he ask him about the 911 truther issue, at the end? Does it have anything to do with gun control?

    I think he wanted to be portrayed as the adult in the room and Jones (and therefore, the gun rights people) as the insane idiot that doesn’t know what he is talking about. He attempted to be calm throughout, hit him with the truther issue at the end, and left the impression to his audience (all six of them) that he had won the argument because of it.

    Also, I’m sure he hoped the video would go viral, helping to boost a sorely sagging ratings. Let’s hope he wasn’t successful. His techniques are so obvious.

    • Rightstuff1

      Nuke – you speak solid sense as always. I could not agree more. a setup from start to finish….

      We were made to look like crazies because we fielded a crazy. Morgan is a devious leftist swine. We need to be as wily as serpents as the bible teaches us.

  • msverde1

    Boy, I just got a nuclear-size bomb lit right under my arse seeing Piers having his head handed to him for, let’s see, a second time within the last couple of months with fact-based evidence. The left always use an isolated incident as a tactic to make false and unfounded generalization to implement their failed agenda. It’s that simple. Control, control, control!! That is all the left “demands” because they are sooooo privileged and genetically superior to make life and death decisions for you. Sniff, sniff! Is there a Lobsterback in the room?

    • Rightstuff1

      You think that if it gives you comfort. If you don’t think for one moment that Morgan had this planned you need to read politics 101.

      this interview – what a joke – was meant to establish one thing; that we are all as crazy as Jones. See Jones just became our spokesman.

      Seeing it yet? When are we going to understand that we are dealing with devious leftists. Have we learned nothing? Sadly it appears we have not.

      • msverde1

        Understood, RS1!! My sarcasm failed to carry the weight originally intended. No need for the vituperation and constructive criticism. As a friendly caveat, RS1, naivete has never been a strong suit of mine nor will it ever.

        Furthermore, England is our strongest ally, indeed. Yet, as my former college football coach, John Williams, often reiterated to his players, “Men, we have maggots among us and I and my staff plan to root them out and kill them.” Of course, I am not recommending a hit job on Piers, only a suggestion that if he is dissatisfied with the state of affairs in MY country, leave and do not let the door hit you on the ass on your way out.

        Lastly, the nuclear bomb reference, sir, was implicit of the fact that the [fact-based arguments] statements spouted off by Jones were on target, regardless of the theatrics. Hopefully, my message is clear this time around.

  • drphibes

    Piers is a turd, but Jones doesn’t do himself a service by going ultra-bombastic. He begins to sound like a professional wrestler working himself up into a lather.

    • Rightstuff1

      and then goes down hill form there. Suggesting that he and Moran down boxing gloves and go at it. What a punk!!! A freaking bully boy. We suffered a massive setback today.

  • What a redneck fool and jackass! These are not the people who should be allowed to own guns! What a nut!

  • Morgan isn’t interested in statistics he is only interested in his own opinions. He should go back to England if it is so safe there and America isn’t!

    • Rightstuff1

      Yes I agree, he should. He is a leftist and a nasty one at that. But before we lash out at the English remember that they are our closest allies left on this planet and idiots like Jones do us no favors. Screaming and ranting like a crazy guy???!!! He got us nowhere. We suffered a big setback today….

      This was all planned and those who don’t think so have not yet learned how to win at politics….

  • Reb Biker

    Alex would have been a lot more persuasive if he hadn’t spent so much time kicking his own ass.

  • I found this video a few minutes ago. Piers Morgan and Guests Discuss Shooting Alex Jones, then Laugh

  • kjchitown

    Was Jones Burned! He was steamed! It was a hassle, but he got his points across to Piers Morgan! He let Mr. Morgan Have It!


    Jones lost me when he concluded that Bush and his people are responsible for 9/11. It was a quick take-away point for Piers, to show just how nutty this guy is. Too bad, because Jones had been making some coherent points up till then, although as we have been saying his manner left a lot to be desired. This, however, is vintage Alex Jones.

  • jujube444

    I have a rifle, shotgun, and a few handguns. With these I can hunt, kill intruders at close range or at a fair distance, and with a shotgun, I don’t even need to be that great of a shot. I do not think ANYONE needs military-style assault rifles. These are OFFENSIVE weapons, not DEFENSIVE weapons. If you are foolish enough to think they are really going to do you much good if the government decides to come against you with the assault weapons, tanks, helicopters, etc. that our government has, you are just not thinking clearly. A ban on assault weapons is not an infringement of your second amendment rights, any more than banning you from having your own nuclear weapon is. Get a grip and quit buying into the fear and conspiracy theories. This is the same crap as McCarthyism except instead of there being a communist in every corner, there is a government conspiracy in every event. What a bunch of paranoid folks out there-maybe a trip to the doc for some Xanax and Prozac is more in order rather than a trip to Bill Goodman’s next Gun and Knife Show.

  • R J

    Jones really hammed it up on this one. The whole thing felt rather staged, and their parts were being played by bad act ors who were rejected by the WWF for lack of fitness.
    Here’s a cartoonist’s take on Jones…