Parents outraged after school takes students to Mosque and gives them Koran

This is the problem. Islam, Hinduism and other religions are considered ‘culture’ while Christianity is considered ‘the enemy’.

FOX NEWS – A Tennessee high school has decided to revise its field trip policy after a group of freshmen were taken to an Islamic mosque where they were given copies of the Koran and while a student who opted out of the trip was given a worksheet that alleged Muslims treated their conquered people better than the United States treated minorities.

The students were in an honors world studies class at Hendersonville High School and the field trips to the mosque as well as a Hindu temple were part of a three-week course on world religions.

But some parents objected to the trips and wondered why the school would tour a mosque but not a Christian church or a Jewish synagogue.

“If you can’t go to all five, why are you going to any?” asked parent Mike Conner. “We sent the principal an email and voiced our concerns. She sent back a reply and told us they could not afford to go to all five.”

Daily Roll Call reported the students were taken to the Islamic Center of Nashville.

Children were given punch and cookies at the mosque where they listened to readings from the Koran, Conner said. They were also given copies of the Islamic holy book – which some students took and others declined.

During their visit to the Hindu temple, students engaged in meditation.

“Our kids are being indoctrinated and this is being shoved in their face,” Conner told Fox News. “It tells me they are pushing other religions and they want Christianity to take a back seat. They want our children to be tolerant of everything except Christianity.”


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  • Conservative_Hippie

    And in Tennessee, my home state, for shame! We are in a fight and I never thought I’d see the lines blurred between a spiritual and political fight, but it’s here!

    • Patriot077

      Yes, and I do believe that the Mr Sayeed was practicing taquiya when he said taking their children to church and giving them a Bible would be welcome. Uh Huh!

  • badbadlibs

    Evil is busy, busy, busy in the Bible belt.

  • NYGino

    Situations like this seem to be happening at an accelerated pace. Wonder if the NEA has issued ‘suggestions’ to school boards around the country to push these Muslim outreaches.

  • Insert_Cool_Username

    When I was in high school, my history class did something like this. We had to learn about the various faiths that were active in Europe, Asia Minor, the Middle East, and North Africa during the second millenium. So we went to both a Sunni and a Shi’ite mosque to observe prayer rituals, we went to Christian churches (actually we went to several to understand the different branches at the time, so we went to a Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Lutheran, Anglican, and an Armenian church), in addition to a synagogue.

    The difference, however, is that we were told to sit quietly in the back and take notes. My teacher never forced us to participate (even though some did) and our observation was purely meant for academic reasons and not indoctrination. In fact, I’ll bet Mr. R got in a lot of trouble with the Illinois school board for wasting all that time teaching us facts instead of raising good little socialists.

    • Rshill7

      There was no such thing as Islam in the 2nd century. It didn’t come about until the 7th century. So why they would take you to a Sunni and Shiite mosque to study 2nd century faiths doesn’t make sense. Weird.

      • Insert_Cool_Username

        You spotted my mistake. I meant the second millennium. Editted for clarity. Thanks for catching that.

    • Dr. Strangelove

      I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that unless you’re much older than me, you got your education outside of Cook County.

      • Insert_Cool_Username

        A little late to be responding, but it was Lake County. 2006 for the time.

        • Dr. Strangelove

          Ah, yes. The county that helped Quinnochio squeak by Brady.

          • Insert_Cool_Username

            Yeah, sorry about that. I blame Waukegan.

            • Dr. Strangelove

              My mistake. Maybe it was Lake (and McHenry?) that helped 0 win.

              • Insert_Cool_Username

                Now that is entirely possible. I blame Waukegan.

    • Excellent. Gotta love the progressives and the gifts they keep on giving.


        yeah. (-:

  • Take over the school boards!

    • deTocqueville1


  • It is only in education where Islam makes the transition from a religion to a culture. So many Americans believe the false narrative of a wall of separation and believe that our public schools are no place for teaching Biblical principles of the 10 Commandments or Creationism, yet many of these same seem to have no problems with Islam being taught and promoted in schools, because it is taught under the umbrella of multiculturalism.

  • Sentinel

    A couple of thoughts…
    – The school is often ‘surprised’ (read: caught)… to them, indoctrination is normal.
    – There’s a blatant bias against Christianity – this is on the rise… especially in public, government-run schools.
    – There’s great insensitivity here to what is comfortable or not to the students and their families.
    – The guy at the mosque is a complete liar. He might actually kill someone if his children were brought to say, a Baptist church and given a Bible.
    – Of course he knows the Bible – know they enemy.
    – The guy at the mosque claims children need to be brought by a mosque now more than ever… all cults greedily love to abduct and assimilate the innocent.
    – This dad is a hero. Standing up and defending your children from a lie and poison is in short supply these days it seems.
    – If you have the means and ability to do so, pull your kids out of these government-run mind-control mills immediately. Homeschool, private school, or even supplement their teachings with solid curriculum at home.
    – Not sure if there’s grounds for it or not but I’d love to see some parents band together and sue this school over this.
    – These schools will continue to ask for forgiveness (sometimes) instead of permission.
    This really ticks me off. Thank God I have been blessed with the means to send our daughter to a private, Christian school. I hope others are just as blessed.

    • deTocqueville1

      Great post.

      • Sentinel

        So nice to have you back. 🙂

  • deTocqueville1

    Thanks Scoop, perfect juxtaposition between the wonderful message of the Commander and this work of Satan. I pray that America is not too far gone. Interfaith !!?? Coincidence or planned?

  • wakeup1130

    OH HELL NO!!!!

    • kong1967

      Lol, best post. Short and to the point, and no debate.

  • sjmom

    Hmmmm. The same people who preach separation of church and state want to indoctrinate kids in false religions. What more proof do we need the Left is straight from the pit? May the light and truth of the Gospel be preached and the lost be saved.
    PS. If I were one of these parents I’d be calling Jay Sekulow at the ACLJ or the Thomas More Law Center.

  • terpsez108

    so separation of Church and State is only an issue when a Kid wears a John 3:16 tee shirt to school?

    • kong1967

      I know. I am so appalled I want to puke.

  • DawgfaninFL

    This stuff (mild term) is being shoved down our children’s throats in the name of ‘diversity’ and ‘integration’ -those who opt out are punished.

    • kong1967

      The left is taking us straight to ruin. Introducing the Koran to our students at the same time they mandate that boys (that want to be girls) can use whatever restroom they want. That’s like integrating the eagle and the mouse, or the gays in Iran.

      I don’t even recognize our country any more.

      • DawgfaninFL

        Amen, Kong!

  • kong1967

    I am thoroughly disgusted.

    If you even mention the word God in school, the left goes balistic. They sure as he** would not offer a Bible to students, yet the Koran is ok? I am so ashamed of what the left is doing to our state…..and very pi**ed off about it as well.

    I’m agnostic, so I don’t want religion to be taught in school. Not that I have a problem with prayer or anything like that, but that’s something that is personal to each individual and should be taught at home and in churches. Our kids are not there to be brainwashed or to be taught social values (other than proper behavior).

    As far as Islam, I don’t want it anywhere in the states at all. It should be banned, much less be taught or introduced to our kids.

    • wakeup1130

      Individuals have a choice in what their beliefs or non-beliefs are. This is just crazy, if I found out about this happening to my kids you would see one crazy a** mom going ballistic.

      • kong1967

        I would love to see it. I would record it for home viewing, lol.

        • crosshr

          I’m scared owwww!! :))

  • a**holes

  • Laurel

    As I have said and will keep saying…As long as the college system keeps churning out these idiots and calls them ‘teachers’ you will continue to see this kind of thing in state after state, town after town.

    • stage9

      Public Education is a hate crime!

      • Laurel

        It’s torture!

  • stage9

    “Our kids are being indoctrinated and this is being shoved in their face,” Conner told Fox News. “It tells me they are pushing other religions and they want Christianity to take a back seat. They want our children to be tolerant of everything except Christianity.”

    I’m sorry, but I’ve got nothing to say that this doesn’t already say…

  • Chester Simms

    I suppose taking Christian students to a mosque and giving them Korans. As long as nobody raises a hue and cry if Muslim children are taken to a nearby church and given Bibles.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    I dont care if im commiting a hate crime, go to hell all muslims, and no I would not want my children to be tolerant to the killing machine that is the muslim faith if you can call it that.

  • tinlizzieowner

    School says, ‘Kids need to observe other religions, they already know about Christianity’.
    Really? Where did they learn about Christianity? It certainly wasn’t in school, was it?
    😉 😉

  • Subie201

    This is all an Obama master plan to endoctrinate America into an Islam dominant nation! Start the process with our babies! That’s why he wants universal pre-K! Take kids away from parents as early on as possible and start the “brainwashing!”

    • lawngren

      You’re absolutely right. obama is as evil as they come, outside of hell.

  • GSR

    We are being invaded. We need to realize it. Immigration is how they come here.

  • Swamp Fox

    “This is the problem. Islam, Hinduism and other religions are considered ‘culture’”

    Most of which I categorize under the biological definition of “culture”:
    The cultivation of microorganisms, such as bacteria.

    I find it much better fitting. But then again, what do I know, I’m just a stupid bulldog.

  • brendawatkins

    I bet they’ve had complaints before, they just want you to think they haven’t, and this parent is just a trouble maker. In my opinion he was being nice. So glad my kids aren’t in school anymore!!!

  • crosshr

    so the liberals seems to be pretty comfy with whatever they want to do with educational faculties even around Bible Belt regions, good Christians of the towns should stage a protest across schools send a message to the devil, I am here as the parent and is not going anywhere.

    These evil ill intentional reverse psychological attacks are always well armed by haters of God and Freedom. Keep an open eye upon our public servants for what they support and adopt, implements upon our youngsters and low informed loved ones.

  • faxxmaxx

    I am seeing this sudden switch from the taboo of mentioning religion in schools to the positive impact of the Islamic belief in religion in schools throughout the country. And I am wondering how this has been accomplished so quickly and in such a widespread swath of America. All the while, the rights of other religions are dwindling throughout the world. Case in point, Germany has now outlawed any demonstration of Christmas – lights, trees, caroling. All outlawed. On 9/11, as most of you are aware, many schools chose to celebrate Islam’s good qualities, instead of explaining what really happened to change America that day. That’s the same as telling children that there are good Nazis, and ignoring the helocaust. That’s not to say all Germans are Nazis. There must be a distinction, but to deliberately ignore the the deaths of 3,000 Americans so we don’t hurt the feelings of Muslims, is to deny history, and in so doing, to prevent another another attack on our soil. This sudden embarrassment of educating our kids about bad groups of people who hate us is an insult and more the reason to find out just what’s going on in our kids schools.

  • Medicinewoman2

    So when are the Muslim students going to a Synagogue or Christian Church?

  • Yazz55

    Don’t expect to see the aclu screaming separation of church and state here.

  • lawngren

    “But some parents objected to the trips and wondered why the school would
    tour a mosque but not a Christian church or a Jewish synagogue.”


    the parents should have yanked their kids out of that school, or filed
    lawsuits to have every member of the school administration fired ….
    but most of the parents are probably still mental thumbsuckers, successfully lobotomized when they were in school.

    If you leave them in that school, parents, they’re NOT your children. You have surrendered them to allah.

  • Dyanaru

    Oh gee…no complaints until now….exploding pressure cookers in Boston come to mind along with beheaded journalists and slaughtered Christians in Egypt. I thought schools were supposed to keep religions out of the curriculum.

  • Anto de Chav

    American is in decline and loony leftists are the causes… what kind of idiots think introducing children to the satanic koran is a good idea|??