Pat Buchanan: Obama is the drug dealer of welfare who wants permanent dependence on government

Defending Romney’s fundraiser comments, Pat Buchanan described Barack Obama as a Fabian Socialist and a drug dealer of welfare who wants permanent dependence on the government. Buchanan warns that if Obama achieves his goal and a majority of Americans become dependent on government, the party of government wins ever election:

(h/t: FloridaJayHawk)

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  • What puzzles me – and I thought this would change when Paul Ryan joined the ticket, but so far, that’s not really been the case – is why the BEST arguments for conservatism always come from those NOT running for office (Rush, Levin, Buchanan (in this clip), etc..)

    If Romney would just SAY — with some passion and conviction! — to We The People what he said to his donors in private, he would be well on his way to victory. Say it loud, say it often, and punch Obama right in the jaw with it!

    Timid, passionless, mealy-mouth “arguments” (if you can even call them that!) are the path to defeat.

    Just ask John McLame.

    • smmy33

      I thought Romney made it clear in his press conference that he did want to help these people, which is why his polciies are going market centered towards creating 12 million new jobs. Paul Ryan also did a nice job of addressing the issue today.

      I love Rush, but a lot of the conservative commentators do not listen to what Romney is actually saying. Instead, they listen to what the media says Romney is saying. Since the media is not for Romney, they don’t repeat the things that Romney says that conservatives like. Then you hear the conservative commentators grumble about how Romney isn’t saying enough things that they like.

      I have listen to the news on the radio all day long and they cut out all the good things that Romney said in his press conference – things conservatives would like. That is why it is so frustrating.

      Now maybe this is a good thing that commentators listen to the media. Becasue the average person hears the media too. But the problem is the media filter and not necessarily what Romney is saying or isn’t saying.

      • I get what you mean, and it’s a valid point. But the problem Romney faces with regard to it, is that he keeps getting caught saying things that make conservatives very upset. So even if he does say things conservatives like, he ends up fighting against himself on that score. And that in a nutshell is what’s wrong with Bush-style conservatism. It isn’t really “compassionate,” it’s cognitive dissonance on a grand scale.

        Real conservatism, meaning capitalism within a free-market system, is the most compassionate form of government possible among men. Until men become angelic (excluding the Fallen), that is.

    • You know what Carmen….Mitt has about 70 million people on the right telling him what to do…THINK ABOUT THAT!! You sit there so smug and say Romney should do this and that…well try it?? Everyone that sits in the comfort of their home knows exactly what to say or do….so darn easy! Run for Office and see how easy it is!

      I am sick of this…constant whining and complaining. This is why conservatives lose Carmen…your constant knocking of our candidate….no matter what he says it is NOT THE RIGHT WAY or WHAT HE SHOULD SAY….or I WANT THIS OR THAT…well get off your butt and run. Since so many people would run with perfection…we should have 100s of conservative candidates that will step up and say exactly what you want!

      God so many people are just plain ignorant. Armchair Quarterbacks just like those that sit at home watch a game and tell everyone what the coach did wrong. SO EASY because you are just the smartest person in the room. We have more NFL champions of the SOFA and ARMCHAIR then actual trophy winners…amazing!!

      Ryan has been tough….WHEN WILL CONSERVATIVES get it in their head….WHO IS GOING TO PUT OUT YOUR TOUGH GUY IMAGE…WHO?????????????????????????? People on the right refuse to understand what outlet is just going to let Mitt go out there and just say whatever you want said?

      NBC? ABC? CBS? YAHOO? NYT? CNN?…come on tell me?? Oh if he just says this…have you gone to a rally Carmen? I have many times and they sound great….is that covered for millions to see…NO….it is just amazing how naive people on the right are….Rush has a Mic….Mark has a Mic….put them on campaign trail with 24/7 hit pieces, MSM totally against you, article after article, being attacked by left and right and lets see off the MIC how they would do!

      I love Rush and Mark…but Mitt is no McLame and I am sick of the cheap shots at him. No matter what he does people like YOU will never be happy!

      • Someone got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning. What Carmen said is absolutely spot on!

      • I’m going to be polite here, because I think your frustration is misplaced.

        The key part of your… well, rant, to be frank, is this: “This is why conservatives lose”.

        CONSERVATIVES don’t lose – with the exception of Goldwater, who, let’s be honest, was CLEARLY the better candidate, but wouldn’t have gotten elected if Jesus Himself had endorsed him (because of the JFK assassination).

        You know what loses? MEALY-MOUTH, nuanced, practiced, scripted, “what the independents want to hear” GARBAGE. That’s what loses.

        What Romney said about the Dependent “class” is EXACTLY right. What he said about Makers vs. Takers, the “Entitlement Complex”, Free Markets and Freedom vs. Free Stuff is SPOT ON. Except, he said it IN PRIVATE to a group of donors.

        And then when he thinks he’s been “caught”, he feels he has to nuance the message for the public: “It wasn’t said prettily” – or whatever he said to try to walk some of it back.

        I’m simply saying SCREW THAT!!

        Speak from your heart, mean what you say, espouse the conservatism in PUBLIC that you clearly espoused in private, and you’ll win.


        I’m not critiquing what he said. I’m saying he should embrace that argument with both arms. And then knock Obama around with it. Because it’s a winning argument.

  • sDee

    Name the enemy and put a face on him. We need a battle cry not a slogan.

    This is the battle that must be fought.

    Our people look for a cause to believe in. Is it a third party we need, or is it a new and revitalized second party, raising a banner of no pale pastels, but bold colors which make it unmistakably clear where we stand on all of the issues troubling the people?

    Let our banner proclaim our belief in a free market as the greatest provider for the people.

    Let us explore ways to ward off socialism, not by increasing government’s coercive power, but by increasing participation by the people in the ownership of our industrial machine.

    It is time to reassert our principles and raise them to full view. And if there are those who cannot subscribe to these principles, then let them go their way.”

    Five years later, Ronald Reagan was elected President of the United States.

  • Obama bumper sticker idea

    You will be your brothers keeper… OR ELSE!

  • Also Pat Buchanan: “Because Hitler wanted to end the war in 1940, almost two years before the trains began to roll to the camps.” If only Britain hadn’t declared war, the Holocaust wouldn’t have happened and my European cousins (I’m Jewish and the fact that Conservatives still even publish Pat Buchanan’s words, let alone hold them in esteem is partly why Jews vote Democratic despite the perception that Republicans are more friendly to Israel) might still be alive!

    • white531

      That’s just sick.

    • Marky_D

      That’s it – straight from the lefty rules of engagement – attack the messenger if you can’t argue with the message.

    • Taurnil Oronar

      Let’s suppose your assertion about Hitler is correct. Do you seriously think he would have stopped at that point? I really doubt that.

      Sure, there may have been some survivors at the onset but it would just provided him with more fodder for his ovens. You conveniently mask, hide or ignore the true intentions of Hitler to make his “white race” the gods of the planet and anyone not blue eyed and blonde haired was inferior.

      That sounds eerily similar to the radicals in the Middle East only if you ain’t Muslim… you ain’t.

      • Bro, you need to understand history a little more. Hitler was evil, but he never wanted to be ‘God of the planet’.

        He was mostly scared to death of Communists, because they had just taken over Russia, starved millions in the Ukraine, and were openly threatening every other country on Earth with their ‘International Revolution’.

        Hitler created National Socialism to counter International Socialism. WWII was mostly a power struggle between the USSR and Germany. Hitler did not think invading Poland would cause the war, because Britain and France had given Czechoslovakia to him and he never thought those pansies would actually declare war.

        In short: WWII is a lot more complex than you give it credit for. It’s not as simple as ‘evil guy wanted to rule the world, nice people grouped up and stopped him’.

    • Go vote for Obama so that Tehran can nuke them idiot! Then you will have Jewish Cousins. I am sick of this I am Jewish and why we are suspicious of Conservatives. If it was not for Conservatives you fool Israel would be gone! Get a life and take a hike troll. Pat Buchanan has never liked intervention policies. He does not like the US policing the world…he never has….but lets see who has been Israel’s strongest supporters, does not deal with Thugs and Dictators in the ME and keep the military strong in a very dangeros world. IT SURE AS HECK IS NOT YOUR DEMS!! And your Jewish friends that vote for Obama get what they deserve because IGNORANT PEOPLE always repeat the same mistakes…LIKE YOU!

  • JoeMontana16

    Pat laid it out there tonight. I thought is was a great analysis.

  • Kordane

    I disagree with this notion that Pat and Romney have accepted, that the government should provide a “basic safety net” for people. The government should do no such thing. The government’s only legitimate role is to protect individual rights.

    People on the Right should ONLY be arguing for a “basic safety net” that is privately provided by the free market.

  • Buchanan is right. You just have to look at Great Britain to see that almost every election is won by the Labour Party, the party that always supports big government, big government spending, and high government taxes. The Conservatives do come to power every now and then, but all they really do is tinker around the edges of reform. Even with Conservatives in power, the social-welfare state is alive and well in England. The only time that country had a shot at privitization and real capitalism was under Margaret Thatcher. But once she was gone, Britain slipped back to its old spending ways, especially under Tony Blair and his successor, Gordon Brown. So once you have the population addicted to unlimited “benefits,” it’s almost impossible to get the people off of them. Trouble is, you eventually end up going broke paying for these benefits, as is happening now in Greece and the rest of Europe. As Thatcher said, you always end up running out of other people’s money.

  • Pat is right about the Culture of Dependence. Greta as usual sounded like a mental twit with her crap about being against the poor. Romney never said he was not worried about 47 percent of American he said 47 percent that do not pay taxes will not vote for him because they like Obama’s Big Gov’t and Dependency…DO YOU UNDERSTANT GRETA YOU TWIT!! When votes are tallied what will people say….the percentage that voted for either candidate did so because they do not like the other’s ideas!! DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Obama supporters are left wing losers that feel they are entitled. They want to have birth to death Gov’t control and are drones. THAT IS WHAT MITT IS SAYING!! You cannot reach many of them because they are ENGRAINED with that mentality. How just darn stupid…OH MITT DOES NOT WORRY ABOUT THE 47 percent!

    HEY GRETA FOOL…ask Obama about not worrying about the Conservatives or Republicans and those THAT WILL NOT VOTE FOR HIM??? You are so fricking dumb!!

    It is called POLITICS SWEETHEART!! Mitt will not get most of those people because exactly as Pat said…it is called an ADDICTION and once hooked it is extremely hard to change that. THAT HAS BEEN THE DEMS plan for decades! Control the Gov’t and control peoples lives…everywhere it is tried it works but then leads to DECLINE, DECAY, BANKRUPTCY, MISERY and DEPRESSION.

    As usual, it is Mitt does not care vs Mitt is speaking the truth that too many darned people expect a handout. And cut the needy and Senior crap. Some people are needy and many seniors pay taxes out the nose….it is others like lazy college students who have not one clue what they are talking about…but say look Obama may help with my college loan…HEY STUPID…who cares if you get a college degree when THERE ARE NO JOBS FOR YOU ANYWAY!!!!!!! just unbelievable….hey kids get a degree so that with my economy you will join the other 25 percent of college kids UNEMPLOYED!!

    • unclesamnephew

      last week my wife and i attended a lecture by Star Parker. she lays the blame of gov’t dependence at the desk of L.B.J. prison population all time high (increase cost to taxpayers). before mid 1960’s, 7 out of 10 minority children born into traditional family households, now 7 out of 10 minority children born into single women households. increase cost to taxpayers.

  • Pat knocked it out of the ballpark there!

  • Kordane

    Heritage did a nice piece on the Index of Dependence on Government –

    Take a look at the graph and dare tell me that Romney wasn’t right.

    • unclesamnephew

      supports Star Parker’s theory, that the blame belongs to L.B.J. policies

  • Buchanan laid it out well! The Party of Government hopes that the number of government dependents they hook is over 50%. If that happens, the GOP will never win an election again.
    He’s very smart. I want to read his latest book. He talks about things nobody else in the media has the courage to about our demographics and the detrimental effects of multiculturalism.