Paul Ryan defends debt commission, Janesville plant comments with Wolf blitzer

Paul Ryan was on with Wolf Blitzer a short while ago and defended his comments last night on the debt commission as well as Obama’s failed promise to the people of Janesville, WI:

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  • anyonebutbarry2012

    paul ryan told the truth, a word and action the libs know nothing about.

    • Reckoner_3

      They have to argue particulars and technicalities because the overall statement of Ryan’s was damning to the national audience. They still can’t answer that Obama made such empty promises.

  • Hey wolfy, what’s it like to suddenly realize you know nothing?

  • marketcomp

    I almost feel sorry for Joe Biden! NOT!

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Wolf sounded fair, is he auditioning for fox?

    • justplainbob

      I really think that Wolf and others at CNN have been told to tone it down a bit. When your network is hopelessly in last place there is nowhere to go but up.

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        How about out of business?

      • Mtncougar

        I saw something else (than being told to tone it down).

        I saw respect. After Ryan answered Wolf’s questions directly, clearly, and capably. Not your usual politician’s style.

    • leel004

      ….if this is ‘fair’, i dont want to see one sided……….

    • Don

      Wolf began challenging Ryan’s positions with emphasis on the negative. To his credit, he did allow Ryan to respond with his actual positions which conflicted with Wolf’s insinuations. Even a libot like Wolf knows pissing off the next vice president of the UNited States is a stupid move so he tried keeping the door open on future interviews the closing.

  • Obama did not save the auto industry. Ford did not get a bailout and it is doing better than GM.

    • sDee


      Chevy – Building a Better Tomorrow

    • Susanna958

      Thats right. They did have to file bankruptcy anyway. Thats how the Unions took over and the investors got screwed.

    • PFFV

      Obama touts saving the automotive industry but the taxpayers will never get back an estimated $25 Billion according to the experts. Money is no object when you never worked a day in your life, meaning Obama that is. Affirmative Action policies put Obama and his Anti-American wife where they are today, and they hate this country, amazing.

    • mike3e4r7

      Yeah, you caught that too? Love how these libs just load up their questions with all kinds of false assumptions.

    • JimMcKee

      You’re right, Tim, he saved the UAW, at the expense of bondholders. Presidential fail.

  • Preparing for the VP debates by “watching Joe Biden tape”. For dedication above and beyond my tolerance, I’ll drink a beer in your honor, Mr. Ryan!

    • sno_warrior

      a ‘head fake’……

    • TLaMana

      Ryan is learning how to sing the Villages theme….

  • Okay..last point on this…enough! Obama is President…point one….in 2008 he stood in front of Janesville plant and said if elected he would keep this factory (JANESVILLE) open and others for another 100 years….point 3…yes the GM announced plant would close in Dec 2008….point four…plant kept operating until April 2009…..Obama became President in Jan 2009….point five….Obama did not use any stimulus money for that plant….point six…Obama used taxpayer money and BAILED GM out….becoming the true CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD….point seven…he fired the CEO at the time, wiped out white collar pensions and current shareholders, forced 1000s of GM dealerships to close and of course saved the union pensions….POINT EIGHT….as the True Boss of GM in the bailout….OBAMA never lifted or directed the CEO he chose to run GM to RE-OPEN that Plant in Janesville that he stood in front of in 2008 and said with government help would stay open for another 100 years….POINT NINE…GM while now publicly traded is still owned by over 30 percent by US Government…and POINT TEN…Obama has still never lifted a finger to re-open that Janesville plant!

    Most Important…Ryan never said Obama closed it…HE SAID CANDIDATE OBAMA stood in front of plant in 2008 and said with intervention (and he being elected of course) that Janesville would be open for another 100 years….2008 words for votes…2012 FACTORY STILL CLOSED AND OBAMA DID NOTHING!

    • badbadlibs

      Thank you, well done.

    • PFFV

      The truth the liberal national media hides, well said! Just like the movie 2016, Obama – love him or hate him you don’t know him! The national media is nothing more than an arm of the Obama campaign – excluding Fox Cable News of course.

  • brendawatkins

    Biden is a good debater, says Wolf.. mental note: never believe a word Wolf says.

    • nyctreeman

      Joe “Plugs” Biden is a “Masterdebater”


      • brendawatkins

        lol.. that’s messed up.

        • nyctreeman

          yeah, well … I’ve got a messed up view of the human species 😛

          • brendawatkins

            It’s hard to not to have a messed up view these days.

  • 911Infidel

    Wolf pup, Its all Bush’s fault aad infinitum . ad nauseum. Hey dummy, Bush isn’t President anymore. Get your head out of your posterior. Maybe your ratings would go up if you did? Oh wait, no they won’t. You suck dude.

  • justrighton

    The left has no retort for reason and common sense except to call the racist card whenever they get the chance to inject it into the conversation (think Torre’)

  • sDee

    It is good that Ryan stsy on point that this started under the Republicans and that it got worse under Hussein. Here are a couple of charts.

    Surplus to Deficit:

    Note the “Gap” on this one and ask yourself if Romney and Ryan have explained to us how they plan to close it without more “receipts” – it is staggering!
    Expenditures vs Receipts:

  • Learnedsmtn2day

    I like the guy ! But will he hold Romney in place ?

  • Man! This guy is good!

  • Susanna958

    I wish he had called him Blitz.

  • Killed it!!

  • Reckoner_3

    Notice Wolf wants to be Paul Ryan’s friend at the end of the interview. He’s comfortable with him being the Vice President because he remembers the last time, he was with a Republican Vice President he couldn’t sleep for months after the interview.

    • Joe

      That was great

      That is the way the LSM should be handled

      If all the Republicans did that – The bias will disappear

      THANKS for that link !

  • mike3e4r7

    Thanks, Wolf, for warning Paul Ryan that Biden is a good debator. Somehow whenever I hear the name Wolf Blitzer the word asshat inexplicably comes to mind.

  • Read him and weep, liberals! Bring on the debates…

  • PFFV

    I think they have sold about 9 Chevy Volts…lmao! I recently purchased a beautiful Ford Fiesta loaded for $16k that gets 40+ miles to the gallon. The Volt costs 40K and is an unproven green energy bomb. ‘Going Green’ is as big of a scam as “global warming”. Government wastes our money like a drunken college student at a frat bar party X infinity!

  • Blitzer on Joe Biden debating skills -“He’s pretty good”…..
    That is how far off reality these people are.

    Wolf blitzer and the like have decided that Obama has to be reelected no matter what.
    From this election onward any company that advertises with MSNBC,CNN or any media outlet that allows their reporters to blatantly insult,demean and talk about Conservatives in derogatory terms will not get my business.

    Let the advertisers know.

    This is the only way we can get back at them and their blatant bias, hurt them where it counts the most.

    • sDee

      All Propaganda. All the time. No TV news in this house – Fox included.

  • FreeManWalking

    Sounds like Ryan put out some red meat for MSM attacks, as he demonstrated with wolffey he still had one in the freezer to pull out and slap him up side the head with it.

  • Blitzen got owned by Ryan and he thinks Ryan needs to prepare to debate Biden? Ryan will massacre Biden. Knowing Joe, he’ll probably help.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Paul Ryan told the truth… and that’s why Wolfie and all these liberal hacks are so mad.

  • Lol… he likes to debate and even got the last word

  • Lol… he said he likes to debate and he even got the last word!

  • odin147

    The fool did not know he got smacked upside the hide, because the fool only cares about the next talking point.

  • Wolf Blitzer = Pompous Ass !
    I hate the lame stream media

  • GeorgiaPeachie

    How fun watching Ryan SMOOTHLY and EASILY tear another lib bobblehead apart…with a wink and a smile!! Grab some popcorn and get comfortable, this is going to be great fun!!

  • This is all they have? LOL

    • B-Funk

      Frankly, I smell desperation. The internal polling must be pretty bad for camp bho.

  • StrangernFiction

    “[Plugs] is pretty good.”

    Pretty good at what, making an utter fool of himself?

    Wow, just wow.

  • Nukeman60

    So how did Paul Ryan ‘steal the show’ last night, when he was the featured speaker? Come on, Wolfie. Why do you start all of your interviews with pure stupidity?

    Nevermind, self-explanatory.

    • B-Funk

      LOL! Pretty much. ^_^

  • Mark Seplowin

    OH crap he is watching Joe Biden tape… Ryan is a bright man I hope nothing rubs off.

  • badbadlibs

    Did Wolf Blitzer say that biden was good? HA HA HA! no really….ha ha ha

  • Wolf Blitzer you are such an idiot.

  • Mike Lee

    Wow. Just wow. Ryan obliterates Wolf. What a sight to behold. What a great choice Romney made. Fantastic wing man.

  • ryanomaniac

    Can these people find a better place to do an interview? Go back to the hallway or something. Its all stations. The music is so freaking loud that you can barely understand what the hell they are saying. Drives me crazy.

    Paul Ryan did great as he always does.

  • leel004

    excuse me………..biden the great debater??????????? What reality is wolf living in???

  • Jay

    They made trucks and SUV’s at the Janesville plant. Did anyone think 0 was gonna keep it open to make those evil, global warming machines?

    • hbnolikeee

      Remember Clint last night about Duh Bumbler flying to colleges to campaign and driving his big gas guzzling SUV and calling him economical…

  • A_Trueism

    WOLF: “You criticized the president for rejecting the [budget] recommendations but you rejected the recommendations as well.”
    RYAN: “And in the next paragraph of my speech I said we offered alternatives…”


  • cheyennecowboy

    How’s that “Hopey, Changey” stuff workin’ out for ya, Voolfie?