Paul Ryan: Obama’s policies are feverishly creating more takers than makers

Paul Ryan told MacIver Institute that Obama’s policies are feverishly creating more takers than makers, more dependents on the government:

His policy two weeks ago of trying to waive the work requirements for welfare, his policies of increasing welfare dependency without transitioning people back to work are part and parcel of a plan that creates a permanent class of government dependents among able-bodied citizens. That is not the American idea, that’s a welfare state.

He goes on to talk about the choice in this election, between a philosophy that believes in equalizing outcomes versus one that believes in the equality of opportunity.

Watch below:

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  • 911Infidel

    Obammy’s only goal is to destroy a great nation and remold it into his own delluded image of what he thinks it ought to be. Take from the rich (not like him of course) and give to the undeserving. This guy thinks that he’s Robin Hood, when he is really King John.

  • dabbobean

    I really like Paul Ryan……frankly of those mentioned lately he’d probably be the best choice.

    Don’t underestimate the importance of a young good looking guy on the ticket in our shallow and superficial society.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Agreed. 🙂

  • johnos2112

    By design!

  • anneinarkansas

    Paul Ryan is brilliant. He would be a great VP but he is alsp needed in Congress.

  • DocBarry1

    Ryan do something about it – stop funding his programs, stop giving the Executive Branch more leeway, the House holds the purse strings – stand up and do more than talk

    The Republicans are not doing enough – stop finding Obamacare, stop funding Czars, start standing up when The President goes around Congress – show some courage do something about Obama changing Welfare work issues, his executive order on education

    The House holds the card of the Purse – so do something – tired of your rhetoric – do your job.

    • Sober_Thinking

      I couldn’t agree more.

      But honestly, nothing is going to get done until we know if there will be a stopgap in the White House or if this current devil will have 4 more years. Until them, they’re either on vacation or in a lame duck session.

      And it sickens me. The GOP has done very little to stop this insanity. I realize That idiot Harry Reid and the Democrats block a lot of good initiatives… But the GOP is not making a good case to Americans and garnering more support. Plus the GOP is infected with old dogs who only care about themselves or the party… not the American people.

      You have every right to be mad. Americans are sick of this BS.

      • DocBarry1

        You areright about Reid and the Senate, but Ryan is a member of the House, The House controls the Purse – they say to the President you put your hand on the Bible and promised to follow the Constitution – until you follow the Constitution, we will not fund your Czars,Obmacare etc

        • Sober_Thinking

          Good point.

          • DocBarry1

            Thank appreciate it

            There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. Albert Einstein

            • Sober_Thinking


    • sDee

      I could not agree more. Even Romney has said that cutting the government spending would greatly damage the economy at this time so I believe that is the elephants’ thinking. So we have to let this blood sucking parasite called a Federal government continue to grow. I suspect it is all convenient rationalization thinking they do not want to give the propaganda media ammo to paint them as the ones who triggered Hussein’s collapse.

      Lies woven upon deceit. All to avoid telling the people of America the truth. I am certainly not privy to anything going inside but I know what I see and it ain’t at all pretty, and their rhetoric and finger pointing do not match up to it.

      One thing for certain is that no matter how bad the damage they have done to America, we, the people, are the ones these elitists will turn to pay for this all – out of our labor, our savings and our futures. No principles. No courage. No leadership.

  • Nukeman60

    Many people like Marco Rubio for VP, as he is charismatic, a good mover and shaker, and would help Romney with the Latino/Hispanic vote in such swing states as Florida and Colorado (I disagree because of the natural born citizen fact, but that’s an ongoing issue).

    I have always thought that Romney would pick Rob Portman for VP, as he would help gain the all important swing state of Ohio and he is just bland enough not to overshadow Romney.

    Lately, I have been thinking that Ryan would be an excellent choice, whether Romney agrees with that or not is another thing. Ryan is smart, articulate, knows the economic situation, and would help Romney take Wisconsin.

    I guess only time will tell who Romney really wants.

    • Sober_Thinking

      I agree with you. For VP, if it can’t be Allen West, then I’m fine with Paul Ryan. No one knows more about finance and how to fix this country more than Ryan. Furthermore, Ryan will demolish anything that Biden tries to spew because Ryan lives it every day and Biden huffs Cool Whip.

      Whoever it is, I pray that person shakes things up like Sarah Palin did in 2008. It’s time for Romney to light a fire and quit playing it safe. Time to go to work. Ryan puts a big gun in Romney’s holster.

      • Nukeman60

        I think West is the most qualified, but I don’t think Romney feels he’s compatible (Romney’s loss), so that leaves him on the outside. The good news in that is the power he should be able to exert in Congress. I’d love to see Speaker of the House, in preps for a 2016 Presidential run.

        As VP, 2016 would be out for him and we need the likes of LTC West as our leader and frontrunner.

        • sDee

          West is a principled leader – not something the political class in DC wants to put in the White House.

          We need Allen West in the people’s house – the fight as just begun.

        • 4Hoppes2

          West is by far so extra-ordinarily superior to Romney in so many ways that Romney would become almost superficial in West’s shadow. No president that I know of has ever appointed a VP that would render the presidency secondary to the VP. Sure would be a historical precedent and benefit for our country though.

          • sDee

            Yup! We saw how long Sarah Palin lasted once McCain figured that one out.

        • Sober_Thinking

          I couldn’t agree with you more. And West as Speaker… woof! 🙂

    • p m

      Portman visited Israel a few months ago. Thought that was interesting when I found it scoping out the JP on Romney’s visit.
      Wonder if it’s relevant.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Wise words, sound logic.

    Anyone who says Obama isn’t deliberately trying to destroy this country and/or is killing America just to get votes, is literally insane and should seek immediate medical help.

    These people might be a domestic terrorist who wants to help Obama reach his goals. Or they’re the ticks on the back of America and serve no useful purpose whatsoever. God will deal with them.

  • Obama is creating a nation of rich and poor all the while pandering to what is left of the middle class. People need to wise up and not listen to his forked tongue.

  • sjmom

    I am now convinced conservatives are the only rational people in our populace. The congressman was clear, concise and logical. One thought followed the other and was presented in an intelligent manner.

    Now, compare this to Mike Malloy and his leftist rant which we heard yesterday right here on The Right Scoop. After listening to the lib talker I spent some time in thought pondering not only what he said, but others on the Left and their own rants which seldom show any degree of common sense. The Left’s entire agenda is off the charts logically which is one of the reasons I have often wondered why any sane person could vote for them or endorse their point of view. I have also noticed the farther Left on the spectrum the more “insane” the comments seem to be.

    To be sure I do not have a degree in psychology, psychiatry or any other medical field but I have been an astute observer of people and politicians for many years and have seen and heard some things at which I have shaken both my head and my fist. I will no longer do that because now I understand they are two cents short of a dollar, their loaf has not even been mixed let alone baked or any other phrase which has been attributed to idiocy and lack of common sense. Instead, I will pray for them and not only for their salvation but that someone sees the need and finds them appropriate help.

    Now, for an unsolicited bit of news which you may have not seen or heard yet. Adam Smith, who harassed the Chick Fil A employee on you tube has been fired from his CFO position. You can read about it on Drudge or Fox News. Imagine, a CFO putting himself on you tube to make a political statement. How stupid! I rest my case.

  • sDee

    Staggering numbers. The 50 richest members of Congress. Does anyone think for a minute that they are in DC for the people, to defend the Constitution and secure liberty?

    Certainly some have created their wealth and have turned to serve – but whadda ya wanna bet it is the opposite that holds for most of them?

    This my friends is the problem with Congress:

  • Mary_Linda

    THIS should be the Republicans’ commercial !!!!!!

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Mr Ryan you have mentioned how Obama is creating a dependent society, but like Romney said “talk is cheap”, is time to put up or shut up. You Mr ryan is part of the problem stand up and do something about it. Do not fund Obama Care, call for an imprachment on the president for continuing to abolish the constitution by calling for all the executive orders like he is a ruler. The constitution was created to have check and balances and for too long you guys in congress have been going along, so this needs to stop.

  • I don’t usually quote Huffington Post but even they see that the number of people on Welfare have skyrocketed. It’s part of the plan to destroy America. The Left’s plan is to bankrupt our country, overwhelm our education and health systems, reduce affordable housing, suck dry natural resources and entitlement programs and turn our country into a third world impotent nation unable to defend ourselves or our allies. Obama has defunded the military AND reduced our nukes to 1500 from 5000. It was all part of their game plan in 1963. Most of what they planned to do to “transform” America has been achieved. Time is running out. Watch 2016 and former Congressman Curtis Bowers’ documentary Agenda.

    Please print this out to share with your contacts or forward the link if you think the information has value and can change hearts and minds. Please join our battle for our nation. Side by side, step by step, we’ll restore America.

  • denbren52

    Every move Obama makes is designed to bring this country to its knees economically, militarily and morally. It’s time America fell to its knees spiritually in order to seek help from the Creator who blessed this great country to begin with.

  • RestlessLegs

    Where I live in “flyover country,” there are many small rural towns where the main source of income for the majority of residents is welfare. A good friend of mine said he no longer felt welcome in one of these towns when he found a job. He said his non-working neighbors actually were angry with him for accepting a job instead of staying on the government dole. In his words, “They mocked me for working! Can you believe that?” Unfortunately, we all can. (My friend moved out of the town, by the way… to be closer to his job, and to get away from this mentality.)
    We have created an entire class of people who think we all owe them money just because they exist. Entitlements have destroyed the work ethic of so many people.

  • deeme

    You got that right , the election is right around the corner and they need voters..Bribed,Dead , under 18 and illegal..What a wonderful way to get your votes..Wouldn’t want you try the right way by making your country a great place for your kids to inherit..15 trillion and going…

  • CalCoolidge

    Way, way back in high school; first time I heard someone say Repubs were for the rich, etc. I said, in order to win national elections, the party of the downtrodden is going to have to create as many of them as possible.

  • aZjimbo

    Have any of these lazy moochers heard of work ethic?

  • foxemama

    We need Paul Ryan in the leadership – he is one of the only statesman left on the hill.


    Have not listened yet, but I have seen a lot of Ryan to know he is very good at what he knows, and is head and shoulders above almost ALL PROG DEMON-craps I have seen the last 6 years or so.

    I worry the Repub/tea/con pols running come a little TOO close to insulting good decent Americans in these explanations, because they feel they have to show the demographic numbers of how America is changing. Beck and OReily do the same. There are many thousands/maybe millions who have contributed to SS and Medicare for 30-40 years (eligible) and this is ONE of the conversations that CAN LOSE VOTES, and is why Mitt trys to stay away from it too much. IT is reality, and we have to fix TOGETHER, but making (OR HAVING) perfectly good American voters (of any group or party) feel guity in any way about (starting new benifits like SSD or whatever deserved) is not a good idea. A DNC commercial just waiting to happen, of O-O-O ever stopped being a marxist nut and his team was paying attention to things that matter.

    I know the Repub Pols (or even Radio Host) always stipulate or try to cover folks who deserve their benefits LEGALLY, but they always step on some feelings and come off sometimes a little mean, and this is NOT GOOD !

    If someone (one example) in your family gets sick or disabled at 40 or 50 during this economic disaster the PREZI is making worse, that is just the way it is, and unfortunately fits in to the Progressive Vision with ease BECAUSE OF MODERATE REPUBLICANS who have always voted IN entitlements with good and bad intentions from ALL sides. We are long past the UNINTENDED results of UNFUNDED LIABILITIES in the trillions we CERTAINLY CAN NEVER COVER.

    This is the ONLY advantage the DEMS have, in my opinion, because Republicans (or right’s side) come out looking heartless sometimes, when in reality and truth, they are trying to do what is best for all of us in the long run. We all can’t wind up on Government payroll, and that is one of the cornerstones of O-BLAME-O’s “Fundamental Tranformation” that is in full swing and becomes operational Nov 7th if Oh-UH-OH is re-elected.

    Paul Ryan would have been my choice for top spot, but if we can get him the VP slot, and elected, things could be back on some solid footing. WISCONSON actually deserves this honor (if they want it, they may not) , because they helped defeat (were AWESOME) the progressives with Scott Walker, maybe THE turning point OF turning points for America.

    That was Americans rescueing Americans. Don’t let the Unions, MSNBC or whoever confuse the issue. The Right does not hate anyone who is UNION or GAY, Miniority, whatever.

    I hope Mitt Romney puts car elevators in every house he has, and spurs other RICH Americans to do the same. Lots of jobs and maybe a few companies can be started. Mitt should set one of his sons up in a business specializing in that ability (car elevators), someone will do it I am sure if Mitt is elected.