Pelosi: Let’s amend the First Amendment so we can regulate political speech

Citizens United v. FEC really left a raw spot on the Left as they’ve been bemoaning it ever since the Supreme Court rolled back the part of McCain-Feingold that created limits corporate money that could be spent in elections. And now, Nancy Pelosi wants to amend the First Amendment so that they can regulate political speech from corporations (via CNS News):

We have a clear agenda in this regard: Disclose, reform the system reducing the roll of money in campaigns, and amend the Constitution to rid it of this ability for special interests to use secret, unlimited, huge amounts of money flowing to campaigns.

I think one of the presenters [at a Democratic forum on amending the Constitution] yesterday said that the Supreme Court had unleashed a predator that was oozing slime into the political system, and that, indeed, is not an exaggeration. Our Founders had an idea. It was called democracy. It said elections are determined by the people, the voice and the vote of the people, not by the bankrolls of the privileged few. This Supreme Court decision flies in the face of our Founders’ vision and we want to reverse it.

Ed Morrissey wrote this on the day that the Supreme Court rolled back the above mentioned section of McCain-Feingold:

Will this open the floodgates to corporate and union money in elections? Well, it never really left. The restrictions in the [McCain-Feingold] and other campaign-finance “reforms” just forced the money into less-transparent channels, creating mini-industries of money laundering in politics. This ruling will just allow the money to be seen for what it is, rather than hiding behind PR-spin PAC names and shadowy contribution trails.

The best campaign finance reform is still transparency. If burning a flag in the street is free speech, then so are political contributions, especially when made in the open. If the reformers in Congress want to clean up elections, then force immediate reporting on the Internet of all contributions to all presidential, Senate, and Congressional races, and full weekly financial reports on expenditures. That will do more than all of the speech-restricting, unconstitutional efforts made since Watergate, and make the entire system a lot more honest.

Instead of going the route that keeps the Constitution the way the founders intended it, they’d rather go the way that gives the government more power. But no, Allen West must be wrong, she’s not a commie.

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  • mateodh

    Money doesn’t vote. People vote. If you’re too lazy to google the politician you’re voting for and only listen to 30-second ads on television, you deserve the politician you get.

    • destroyer_of_moonbats

      some people really do deserve to be dragged right to hell.

    • NCHokie02

      Exactly….as Andrew Wilkow says if we re-elect Barack Obama we deserve everything we get.

  • Full disclosure will solve a lot.

  • Wow, she doesnt look well.

    • BikerHoop

      Yeah, she’s been that way for the past 20 years or so.

    • Susitna

      Yes, I was observing her and it looks like she has a tongue paralysis or maybe she needs a new dental plate. Either way, she forgot to tell us that her party’s favorite is the Fifth…….

      • NCHokie02

        She needs a new face

        • NYGino

          She’s already tried that about six times, doesn’t work, actually makes it worse.

      • NYGino

        Fifth amendment or fifth of Jack Daniels?

        • rick0857

          Both well no not both Jack Daniels is made in Tennesse so forget that but they will drink whiskey as long as it costs the taxpayers 100-1500 a bottle.

    • BSScoop

      When you wear the Ring of Power you will receive long life. But, it’s at the consequence of a poisoned mind and a wretched look.

      Seriously, she is 72 years old.

      Don’t Tread On Me

  • tvlgds

    What a fricking hag!

  • DebbyX

    I always enjoy listening to crazy Nancy and truly appreciate the flattering pictures you post with her tirades ‘:)

  • johnos2112

    This is a clear sign that the left know they are in big trouble!

  • TANGO40

    “Our Founding Fathers had an idea” and it was not called a Democracy… it’s called a Constitutional Republic…

    • keyesforpres

      Precisely! They loathed the thought of a democracy.

    • I was thinking the exact same thing. It just goes to show you she is crazy.

  • DebbyX

    How can she criticize the privileged few with a straight face when she is in that group!

    • bjohnson55

      Takes allot of plastic surgery thats how.

      • tvlgds

        I call her Botox Barbie!

        • NoToTyrants

          I call her Nazi Piglosi and this episode only reinforces it.

  • NHConservative0221

    It was a great day in November 2010 when I called Stretch-Pelosi’s office to wish the Worst Speaker of All Time good riddance!!

  • patriotbens

    She’s ready for the [added room.

  • patriotbens

    Shes ready for the padded room.

  • patriotbens

    Come with us Nancy, we have a very comfortable soft room for you.

  • Susitna

    Breaking News: Nancy Pelosi wants to amend the Fifth to a document of 2700 pages, and to pass it before anyone can read it…..

  • 12grace

    The left is at it again, they want freedom of speech for the left and demand jail time for anyone that disagrees with their point of view.

  • This is actually a step in the right direction for Nancy. Talking about ammending the Constitution to get her way, as opposed to stepping through it, on it, and around it to achieve unconstitutional ends.

  • sDee

    Meanwhile watching the other hand………does anyone really not believe the hammer is not about to drop?

    They are passing a 1676-page page bill that cancels your passport and prevents you from travelling if you are delinquent on your taxes. NO DUE PROCESS!

    1676 pages! By all means let’s pass it so we can see what is in it.

    “”As part of Senate Bill 1813 (known as MAP-21), Congress has inserted language that would oblige the Secretary of State to revoke or deny a passport to any U.S. citizen who the IRS Commissioner deems as having “seriously delinquent tax debt.”

    Bear in mind, this is strictly an administrative procedure; there is no due process. By comparison, even pedophiles go in front of a judge before losing their passports.

    Long story short, if the U.S. government decides in its sole discretion that a foreign jurisdiction is impeding tax enforcement, Uncle Sam can shut them out of the U.S. financial system, no questions asked.””

  • freenca

    Ah, Missy Nancy, goodies are goodies only when they apply to you and your partisans ? That’s a skewed view of all that FAIRNESS that you espouse, isn’t it ? Nancy is the one oozing the slime- taken any union money lately ?

  • StNikao

    Poor old woman. She’s had too much plastic surgery and the silicone and botox have migrated to her brain.

  • steve talley

    Why on gods green earth do the dumbass idiots in California keep re-electing this out of touch 200 year old bitch????? HEY CALIFORNIA … GET AN FING CLUE … RELIEVE THE COUNTRY OF THIS BITCH PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • drphibes

      Language, please. This is a family show.

    • KenInMontana

      I am referring you to this;

      Dial the language back a notch or two, okay and thank you.

      • steve talley

        I appologise. I did clean it up from my initial thought. I will make sure it will not happen again. These no good politicians just make me so angry with thier I’m better than you, and i can do what ever I want attitude. Again, I appologise.

        • Steve, I empathise with your frustrations, but you were right to be chastised. But you have apologized sincerely and improved yourself in the process (“I will make sure it will not happen again”). These are things liberals seldom ever do. These are stressful times for conservative, honest people, “endeavor to persevere”.

        • KenInMontana

          It happens, we all get so frustrated sometimes with everything we’re facing, all we ask is that folks try. BTW welcome to TRS.

  • Linky1

    She should go back to the swamp she so famously promised to drain and join the other ‘gators and crocodiles.

  • virginiagentleman1

    I knew it! Too much Botox DOES lead to insanity! This woman could not be trusted when she was sane.
    Now we’ll find out if the rumor that botox can lead to a stroke is true as well. Listening to her speak does make one wonder if she hasn’t had one already.

  • MontanaAnnie

    Well, she’s right about the predators oozing slime. There you have it! Living proof!!
    (am I being too harsh? if not, then I’ll add that the botox treatments have given a real visual to the phrase ‘keeping a stiff upper lip’. … and she isn’t even British!)

  • keyesforpres

    Gee San Fran Nan….you want to get rid of big secret donations…you mean like Soros?

  • unclesamnephew

    dear cousins, is she too old to back to school? i suggest that she at least listen to consitution 101 being conducted by Hillsdale college. talk about slime, i think she drank too much slime from D.C.

  • 911Infidel

    Nannykins is looking rather old. That Dorian Grey thing of hers must be finally wearing out. Too bad Nannykins doesn’t bother to study anything or read bills before passing them…Ooops was that being hateful? Ah too bad.

    At the close of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 this converstation took place
    (Taken from the notes of Dr. James McHenry, one of Maryland’s delegates to the Convention):

    “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”

    B. Franklin: “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

    “It had been observed that a pure democracy if it were practicable would be the most perfect government. Experience had proved that no position is more false than this. The ancient democracies in which the people themselves deliberated never possessed one good feature of government. Their very character was tyranny; their figure deformity.”
    Alexander Hamilton June 21, 1788

    “Hence it is that democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and in general have been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths… A republic, by which I mean a government in which a scheme of representation takes place, opens a different prospect and promises the cure for which we are seeking.” (James Madison, Federalist Papers, the McClean Edition, Federalist Paper #10, page 81, 1788)

    “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!” Franklin, Benjamin

    Sorry Nannykins, you can’t help it if your head is stuck in a dark and stinky place, now can you?

    • Worth repeating. “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!” Franklin, Benjamin

      • carmtom13

        Benjamin Franklin said ” we have given you a republic, if you can keep it”. I think that said it all.

  • KenInMontana

    This is really nothing more than election year grandstanding, engineered to attempt to provide talking points for the Democrats running for reelection. That’s the only reason to attempt such a dead end stunt. In a way, I would love seeing Representative West, in the well of the house, reading a list of every left wing, Democratic-supporting Super PAC that would be eliminated, every corporation that this would silence, like the NAACP (a corporation), Center for American Progress (a 501(c)(3), like the Heritage Foundation at whom they would point this act at ). The image of supporters of this proposal fleeing like rats off a sinking ship, in a panic as they rush to distance themselves from the “back blast” would provide endless hours of gleeful entertainment.

  • hbnolikeee

    If you need another reason that we have to vote Duh Bumbler out that was it. Understand that there may be two judges that the next president selects for the court. Basically, they’ll shred the constitution. What a creepy skank.

  • How much longer will the people of California subject the rest of the country to this idiot? The woman is a nutcase.

    • Actually, she represents San Francisco only. I wish I could vote her out, but that would require me taking residence in SF, and I’m, you know, sane.

    • TJ

      San Francisco liberals are the ones that keep her in office.

      As a former Californian and a Christian conservative who knows there are still are conservatives living in that state, I hope you won’t blame all of California for what the liberals of San Francisco do, San Francisco being a place that I believe is similar to Sodom and also Gomorrah.

  • TJ

    I believe if individuals are limited to 2,000 dollar campaign contributions per primary and per general election (which I think I heard is the law now), it should be limited to that for everyone.

    I think only individuals ought to give for candidate’s campaigns. They should be allowed to designate it to go toward the part of candidate’s campaign of their choice (for example- designate it for expenses for travel, venues for speeches, etc. or ads with positive traits/agenda of the candidate or exposing opponent’s records). Wouldn’t that make it more of campaigns run of the people, for the people and by the people supporting the candidates they would like in office?

    Additionally, debates ought to be aired on free tv (not just dish or cable for example), radio, as well as the internet so that easy access may be had by all voters to candidate’s platforms. The debate season we had during the primaries was not always easy to follow, including one where part of it was on tv and the rest on the internet. How many of our elderly population were able to listen to all of that one I wonder?

  • Stretch: “. Our Founders had an idea. It was called democracy.” Uhm no princess, I believe their idea was a Constitutional Republic. The 1st Amendment has served this nation pretty well, so I for one think it ought to stay just as it is. But of course since you are princess and I’m one of the unwashed masses, you know better huh. Get over yourself you hypocrite!

    • Is_Sense_Common

      I caught that too. The left REALLY doesn’t like that concept and tries desperately to re-educate the rest of us on that point.

      • ramv36

        I felt the same way watching the Occupiers goosestep up and down the street chanting “This is what Democracy looks like!”.
        I thought, yes, I agree: Democracy usually does look like an angry mob!

  • PapaLouie

    Somehow I don’t think she includes unions in the group of special interests that she wants to prevent from providing huge sums of money to campaigns.

    • ramv36

      The only Union I would ever consider joining would need to have the following common-sense provisions:

      1)To hold any leadership office higher than member, you must be a full-time employee of the represented workplace/site. None of this out-of-state/out-of-town union boss BS.
      2) Union dues can be used exclusively and only to support improving conditions/wages/benefits at the local site/workplace. No union money can leave the workplace for any reason
      3) A majority of members must approve any leadership expenditure of dues exceeding $50. It’s your money, you get to control how it is used.
      4) Leadership positions are to be volunteer only, with a maximum dues-funded salary of $1/year subtracted from your dues. You don’t deserve to make a buck off your fellow workers.
      5) Any dues collected which remain unallocated at the end of the fiscal year are to be divided equally by the number of contributors and refunded. You paid it in, you deserve to get it back.

      Honestly, who besides the greedy could find any fault with a Union structure such as that? No one gets rich, no one gets exploited, the workers AND the employer are protected. It’s win/win/win and common-sense, which means Liberals would fight it with everything they have.

  • Luker410

    What a dingbat. To think this shrew was in line for the presidency…God help us.

  • OH PLEAZZZZZZZE! What would this communist-radical know about free speech! Nancy P., corrupt to the core, is not one to be calling the kettle black!

  • carmtom13

    How do people vote for this woman? She needs to be voted out. The silicone has taken over her brain. Pelosi has got to be one of the dumbest people in congress. She is a complete idiot.

  • detectivedick

    I just read all your comments and I think you are missing her background. She is EVIL annd was trained in Baltimore a City that makes Chicago politics look like a trip to Disney World. Please read the attached and if anyone cares to follow up on the corruption in Maryland you will find:
    Spiro Agnew
    County Execs with money in bras
    County Execs in jail
    Local Senators in jail
    Local Senators taking bribes
    Mator of Baltimore resigning for taking money from the “poor”
    and the list goes on and on…..Nancy is from that element, her mother was the east side boss of the numbers and bookmakers. Prove me wrong Nancy of Little Italy!!!!
    Now Maryland is presenting Martin O’Malley, the John Edwards (national inquirer)type as the future of the Progressive movement.

  • Carterthewriter

    This fits right in with the Soros plan that she and he comrades abide by. No menteion of all the so-called non-profits funded by Soros and run by fellow socialists who have sunk tons of money into the election process for over ten years. David Horowitz calls it the ‘Shadow Party’. The Dems are losing once again and are desparate knowing this is the last chance for socialism in America until we fall asleep again.

  • Nukeman60

    Pelosi has it all wrong (surprise there). We should not amend the 1st amendment. We should combine the 1st and 2nd amendments to read that idiots that spew garbage should be shot. It would solve a lot of our country’s problems and reduce the amount of liberal trash on the airwaves, as well as supply us with abundant target practice.

  • Is_Sense_Common

    She really does believe that businesses and corporations are “predators oozing slime” and therein lies one of the many flaws in their “logic.”

    They think that the purpose of a business or corporation is simply to employ people – it’s their duty to provide jobs. To he77 with being in business to make money, to create products, or serve a need in the culture/population. Their only responsibility is to give people jobs and health care. And how dare the heads of these businesses express an iota of free thought by supporting a political figure!

    Where would her political career be without donations from special interest groups? Or corporations who support Marxists? She’s certainly not going to spend her own money to get elected. Filthy hypocrites – the lot of ’em.

  • kong1967

    “We have a clear agenda in this regard: Disclose, reform the system reducing the roll of money in campaigns, and amend the Constitution to rid it of this ability for special interests to use secret, unlimited, huge amounts of money flowing to campaigns”

    You don’t want to reduce the money in campaigns, Pelosi. Obama will have over a billion dollars and you won’t complain a bit. Unions and special interest groups (environmentalists) will pump tons of money into the Democrat party’s pockets. What you really want to do is stop Republcans from having their own source of big money. You want it to continue to be a rigged election for the Democrats.

  • agas84363

    this person is totally out of it……her job is to uphold the constitution not pi$$ on it…she should be recalled or voted out…queen nancy must be suffering from who knows what,,but there is something wrong with her

  • NCHokie02

    She does know that the founders gave us a republic and not a democracy correct?

  • WordsFailMe

    We are getting to her and the libs, my friends. They’ve always gotten their way through whining, and fit throwing. Now that Conservatives are unafraid to face the spoiled child mentality and demand that she speak up and explain herself, she wants to change the rules.

    I swear, the farther we go in this effort to make the liberals defend themselves like grown ups, the more the libs seem like a girl scout troop I spent my 14th summer with on Lake Austin.

    I’ll never forget how one one the girls explained to me, several days into the houseboat excursion that, “It’s girl’s rules on this boat. You’re included but you can’t play.”

    Well Pelosi, I’ve got some news for you:

    “Game on, commies. You can win or you can lose but you can’t get out of the game.”

    • MiketheMarine

      The beauty to a game with no rules is it works both ways. it’s about time we start to “play.”

  • NYGino

    Has she been drug tested lately? Needs to be.

    • detectivedick

      There has to be a connection between Botox and Mental Disorders. Pelosi like LIAR Obama picked the district to live in that was going to be best for there political career. Pelosi is from Baltimore and moved to a SF, Obama is from some place but picked the southside of Chicago. Both were plannned moves. Only in America can redistricting every ten years produce and protect people like Nancy and Obama.

  • KM

    I prefer a amendment to the constitution that disallowed anyone named Nancy Pelosi from serving in any federal position.

  • stevenbiot

    Chick is twisted!

  • jimmie smith

    “money doesn’t vote. people vote”…I”ll bet it damn sure will buy a lot of votes!

  • Sober_Thinking

    She is quite probably THE MOST brain-dead politician on capital hill.

    • MiketheMarine

      It is a close race between her and Reid.

  • Gtrjag

    This is not about eliminating corruption and dirty campaigning. It’s about eliminating competition and securing power for the statist. The left has the mainstream media. If they can shut out all other voices through campaign finance reform, or the fairness doctrine they will secure their power. Shutting down competing voices does not comport with or founders vision. It does however fit with the vision of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, Castro, and Chavez.

  • MiketheMarine

    Nazi Piglosi, you are the only slimey predator I see.

  • Michael73501

    Pelosi suffers from Chronic Brain Death – not a pretty sight. Other victims: Sharpton, J.Jackson, McCain, and Biden. Possible victims – H. Reid & Boehner.

    Contraindication: Botox Injection.

  • actionsspeaklouder

    Just more diversionary tactics by the communist democrats to keep the spotlight off Obama’s failed presidency, spending, no deficit, and the economy. Move along . . . Pelosi just likes to pop up every now and then to make us think she’s still relevant.

  • Hologram5

    How about we amend your face so we don’t have to look at the hot mess that your face is…

  • SineWaveII

    Man this woman is so evil you’d think someone dropped a house on her sister.

  • Kordane

    Pelosi: “Our founders had an idea – It was called democracy


    Democracy is unlimited majority rule. That is antithetical to America’s founding as a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC where unlimited majority rule is impossible because individuals have the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and those rights are protected by the government.

  • dontdrinkthecoolaid

    You know, in some distorted, deranged way, it might be nice to amend the 1st Amendment, just so we can finally get Pelosi to shut up!!!

  • IT’S A REPUBLIC. NOT A DEMOCRACY. A REPUBLIC. SAY IT. R-E-P-U-B-L-I-C. Our founders abhorred the the idea a of direct democracy. Read their writings in which they give example after example after horrendous example of the rise and fall of democracies. They are as short in their lives as they are violent in their deaths.