PREDETERMINED: Photo proves DNC teleprompter loaded to affirm 2/3rds vote regardless outcome

Hannity reveals that the DNC teleprompter was already loaded with language instructing the DNC leader to force the God/Jerusalem language back into the party platform, regardless the actual vote by the delegates:


Here’s the video:

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  • kamiller42

    Democrats rig even their own elections. Not surprising. Maybe the chairman was counting the votes of illegal aliens and dead people. That’s how he arrived at 2/3’rds.

    • The republicans did this too dumb ass.

      • kamiller42


          • toongoon

            Thanks Duck, I knew the link was around somewhere. Sure makes me wonder, who is running the two parties? I don’t think this is coincidence.

            • I agree toon. This is too much the same to be a coincidence. hmmmm.

            • Be careful, toon. You are about to head down a rabbit hole that you can never climb back out of.

              • toongoon

                I’m afraid our government is digging a hole so big nobody is going to be able to crawl out of it.

                I’m not willing to allow the republican elites any more leeway than I am willing to give the democraps.

            • sDee

              “”Sure makes me wonder, who is running the two parties””

              I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Already they have raised up a moneyed aristocracy that has set the government at defiance. The issuing power (of money) should be taken away from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.

              I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations, which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of our country.

              – Thomas Jefferson

            • Yup the video is BS

              Boehner’s telepromter has SCENARIO options depending on how the vote turned out

              You can see the “if scenario” on the teleprompter

              Nice try tho’

              • Rightstuff1

                Yes, but, you cannot claim there was a “clear majority” calling out aye. There is no way you could possibly have made the call unless that was the call he was going to make regardless. I hate BS like this, I hate it. The “leaders” know whats good for us and we had better just shut up and take the medicine. I think not. Screw the elites, we own this country as Clint Eastwood so aptly put it.

                • Exactly. The way I heard it, the “nays” had it. They were going to call it the way they wanted to regardless. Such a sham.

                • Fed_Up18

                  In general, I think there were *more* “ayes” but *LOUDER* “nays”. My theory is borne out in subsequent speeches, where every single time Israel’s security was mentioned, the cheers were loud & spontaneous. But that doesn’t excuse the Dems: they should have stopped and had a hand count. Now they just look dishonest.

              • toongoon

                The ayes and nays were equal from both audio versions in my point of view, and, obviously many others here who listened to it. There was no clear majority.

                I saw the “if scenario” option on the teleprompter so I’ll concede that, however, you can also see the “ayes have it” decision scrolling up the screen before the vote is even completed.

              • las1

                According to this… there WAS NO scenario option listed on the screen. The “aye” result was predetermined as the ONLY option. “In the opinion of the chair the ayes have it” was undoubtedly pre-scripted. It’s impossible given this video to come to any other conclusion.

                Nice try tho’

                Why the hell is Boehner not being censured by conservatives. The guy’s a menace and a fraud.

              • Man, you really are your own brand of stupid, aren’t you? The scenario #1 is only IF objections are heard to the motion, not a “yea” or “nay” scenario. REREAD IT AGAIN! You stated “There is a If defeated scenario script if affirmed scenaio script”, WHERE exactly did you see the words “if defeated” or “if affirmed”? I watched the video and saw nothing like that at all. I saw “if OBJECTION is heard”

                This vote takes the democratic republic and crushes it into the ground.

              • ssenecal5000, you are unquestionably wrong and you had better watch that video again. The “if scenario” is NOT for whether or not the vote is defeated. It is for whether or not there is objection to call the previous question, i.e. objection to take the vote in the first place. I will add that the second instance of a scenario was violated because there were objections to lay the motion on the table. Many delegates were yelling, “point of order” and were ignored. Here is the script from the teleprompter:

                “Thank you.
                Without objection,
                the previous
                question is

                [if objection is
                heard, go to
                SCENARIO 1]

                The question is on
                adoption of the

                All those in favor
                signify by saying
                All those opposed
                say ‘no’

                In the opinion of
                the Chair, the
                ‘ayes’ have it, and
                the resolution is

                Without objection,
                the motion to
                reconsider is laid
                upon the table.”

                • It’s corruption from both parties. The RNC jip’d the Ron Paul folks, made up and ignored rules all along (Romney even wanted to “approve” Ron Paul’s speech, so RP declined to speak) and the DNC is just as corrupt.

                  If this is all we have to choose from-we’re doomed.

          • Thanks for the link, ABC.

            • You guys are welcome 🙂 but I don’t think it will be a popular thing to dredge up. But it needs to be known if folks didn’t already.

              • Yes, this doesn’t help Romney a bit. I’m afraid we who plan to vote for Romney are going to have to keep him on his toes, once he becomes President. If he and the establishment GOP keep on doing this sort of thing before the election, people who are undecided on who to vote for are going to be hard-pressed to vote for somebody who acts as underhandedly as El Presidente.

                • As long as folks know and learn what they need to do once mittens is in office, I’m glad. It’s those who don’t know, and blindly follow him because he’s anybody but dear leader that I worry about. Those who believe he is our side’s “savior” and I’ve seen plenty of folks act like it. But if folks know the GOP is big establishment, then at least they’ll keep an eye out after he takes office.

                • If Romney goes full-on lefty and ignores those who put him in the WH, the whole third party movement will gain some impetus for sure…or enough people will be so downright disgusted and infuriated that they choose to exercise the “reset button” option outlined in the Declaration of Independence. I would hope to God for the first option because the other option would be very unpleasant for everybody.

                • I agree Chris. I’ve been reading the Declaration a lot lately, I can almost hear our founders stirring. I hope we can do whatever may come.

                • LibertyMonger

                  We were supposed to be smart enough to know this already. This is why Ron Paul is fighting for us. “Mittens” is not on our side, he is a puppet to the same banks and corporation elite as Obama. Mitt’s puppetmaster is the same ones who are pulling Obama’s strings. Ron Paul refuses to be a puppet and this is why they are cheating and lying, doing whatever it takes to keep power. We need to stop falling in line, we need to reject the establishments choice! We had a chance with Ron Paul and we blew it. A 12 term congressman who you all said was “unelectable”. Makes no sense whatsoever but you fell for it. Hopefully we get another chance in 2016.

              • LibertyMonger

                Us Ron Paul supporters have known this since at least 2008. We keep screaming from the tops of our lungs that both parties are run by the same criminal elite and it is ALL a sham but everyone ignores us and says we are kooks or Paulbots. It’s really sickening and saddening. Ron Paul has fought for us for over 30yrs. to show us this, to help us get our country back and you all rejected him. Fell for the lies. He will be looked back on as the greatest man of our time. A true American Patriot. Hopefully we get another chance in 2016, maybe people will not be so stupid then.

          • M_Minnesota


            That RNC Teleprompter Shoud be the “Blue Stained Monica Lewinsky Dress” for Conservative Republicans and Conservative Evangelicals!!!!

            At least at the cesspool that is the DNC Vigalarossa, had the crowd voice vote the “God” resolution 3 times. Boehner read through the Telepromter once.

            That’s were you/we are Evangelicals!!!!! s**ks to be you!!!!!


          • skibummin

            Time to take the country back!

          • kamiller42

            Thanks for the link. Interesting story. I was inclined to disbelief it because of its close connection to Ron Paul supporters. (They have a habit of making stuff up.)

            However, there is a subtle and important difference. Boehner ploughed through the transcript like a pre-programmed robot. It is quite possible he either didn’t understand the seriousness of the vote or was just doing things by rote or maybe even was told to just move on.

            In summary, the GOP scandal is Boehner was aloof or part of a conspiracy and was told to ignore the nah’s.

            The Democrat scandal is that even after recognizing a substantial objection three times, they still followed the transcript. And, the lady whispering in the ear didn’t help things. The stain of impropriety is more obvious with the Democrats.

            • I agree. I would be inclined to believe it was Boener only, except for the GOP wanting to change the rules in the first place. But you are right, what the DNC did was disgusting because of the content of what they were voting on.

      • The Republicans took God out of their platform? Stop the presses!!! You have a scoop!!!

      • Keep making it personal like that, and you won’t be here long.

        Thats your only warning.

      • keyesforpres

        They did? Republicans did a voice vote and already had the “decision” on the teleprompter? Can you enlighten us and tell us when this happened? If you don’t respond I’ll know that it is YOU that is the liar.

        • MaxineCA

          Don’t encourage him Keyes! I know it is tempting, but just don’t do it or the comment sectionwill be taken over by him. Please, please, pretty please?

          • Scoop’s here and so am I now Maxine, he won’t get far if he keeps up the language insults.

        • see my link above to kamiller42

          • sDee

            Thanks ABC! it is at about the 2:15 mark is where Boehner pulls the same stunt.

            • Thanks sDee. I posted it on my facebook last week. I was appalled. Not surprised though.

      • Statement retracted.

      • DauTieng59

        It’s Bush’s fault, he was working as the teleprompter tech. Just mentioning.

      • I watched it all three times and there WAS NOT 2/3 VOTE EITHER WAY…..

      • KenInMontana

        I’m going to refer you to this page;

        Your comment is not a great way to introduce yourself, unless you’re just a hit and run troll, as I suspect you are given your comment history.

      • crakpot

        A: All that was needed under the rules for the Republican vote was a simple majority, and it did sound to me like the Ayes had it. The Democrat vote was on the platform itself, so it needed 2/3 vote. No way they had even a simple majority, even after three tries.

        B: The Republicans were voting on a rule about delegates. The Democrats were denying the existence of God. No parallel.

        • BS61

          I agree! And that’s why I left the progressive party – and they are on both sides. I hope to God that Boehner loses his run. I’ve begged all of my friends in Columbus to NOT vote for him. I’ve emailed and tweeted my Congressman here that if they support Boehner, they lose my vote!! Sorry for the rant!

        • Se777en

          Right. The RNC’s platform was merely taking the platform position of “Screw democracy.” Nothing here to see. Move along, folks.

      • CalCoolidge


      • Show us the proof!

      • Bob_NY

        Only a moron would conclude that since one did it it’s ok for the other, or two wrongs make a right

    • Crumpled

      Clearly they were counting the empty seats.

    • keninil

      Really like to original of passing of the D platform V said “All those in favor signify by saying aye”, -loud ayes– “All those opposed”, slight pause, no noise, “the Ayes have it”. Folks were waiting for him to say “signify by saying nay”, but he never did.

    • why not count all of those – they always do

  • So now the RNC and the DNC have something in common – stick the finger in the eye of their constituents no matter what….

    The centrality of power is much more important than the realization that it is the people who give them such power in the first place. Both are dumb as rocks. At the same time, we can honestly say to those delegates, “We feel your pain!”

  • keyesforpres

    CNN framed it that they changed the platform and then asked Albright about it and she said they changed it to reflect Obama’s views. BULL. They changed it to try to get the Jewish vote.

    Notice how the Arab Democrats screamed, “No!”? Arab…meaning muslim. No Arab Christian would act that way.

    • sDee

      I am hoping the Arab Christians were at last week’s convention Keyes. 😉

  • Oh I see I am to be surprised….Pre-Determined….Pre-Programmed….Phony….WELL DUH…that is the Dem Platform!! Little left loons!! following their Dem Masters right into their government sponsored small apt, bicycle, state job, solar power, no A/C, Limited Heat and No Dreams!! Yeah that is the Dem Dimwits!!

  • While it’s pretty sad state of things when God and Jerusalem is boo’d as much as the democrats did, they’re pre loading the teleprompter is the same trick the GOP used, so I can’t say much about that. Dirty trick either way, but the libs are pathetic.

    • Cindy09

      God has officially left the Democratic Party!! Those from the party that believe in Him should follow Him on the way out.

  • MaxineCA

    Yet another LOL moment. No wonder Mayor LaRaza looked like a deer in headlights at the podium. 3 votes….. and what he heard didn’t match the prompter. I’m sure someone said in his ear piece – Just read the prompter Antonio. Follow the script.

  • Spartan4Palin

    Our side has just been given the ultimate free ride to election day! Now, will we take this opportunity and run with it? I hope so?

    However, a new book is coming out from Bob Woodard. And in it Boehner doesn’t appear to be on our side! It’s what many of us suspected. But to actually see it in words!

    • Spartan4Palin

      Scoop, I meant for this to be an addition to their platform debacle. The lies by their DNC Chair, and the lies Our leader, Boehner has told to appease the elite base?

      • When he became Speaker, I groaned. Boehner’s decisions are suspect. He caves too easily and he is too eager to ingratiate himself to the establishment types.

    • sDee

      Boehner is pure insider politcal establishment. Owned. He will do what he is told to do and it will be for bigger more powerful government.

      Watch to see if President Romney moves Boehner aside. It will take only that long to see where Romney intends to take America.

      It will be especially interested because Boehner let Ryan swing in the wind with President Hussein on national television.

    • StrangernFiction

      And in it Boehner doesn’t appear to be on our side!

      “I can tell you that 99 percent of my colleagues are decent, honest people trying to do the right thing for the country.”

      He certainly isn’t on my side.

  • El TOTUS muy grande es un psíquico. Translation: The Dems rigged the vote. This does not bode well for the Dems. Alert all polling places before November 6, 2012.

  • JeffWRidge

    Live by the Teleprompter, die by the Teleprompter. Oh, the irony.

  • This is exactly what happened with the last minute change in the RNC rules… exactly. The rule was “deemed” passed because the decision was made and they did not want to lose control with a vote on the floor.

    The Democrats were just “Boehner-ed”!!!

  • shimauma

    This is how they are going to do the election in November. We are going to see November 3rd that barry hussien won in all the media. Get your guns and powder folks, there is going to be an uprising!

    • Unless something happens between now and then that will hasten the getting of guns and powder. The chances of that happening are slim, but not impossible.

  • hbnolikeee

    Do the people need more proof? How much more evidence to they need? These are low life thugs who lack any morals and do NOT deserve anyone’s trust or respect.

    The democrats have voted two thirds against God and Israel support in their platform. Does anyone still need convincing?

    • toongoon

      Their beyond needing to be convinced. They need drug rehab.

  • JoelDick

    Scandalous. A sign of things to come if Obama is re-elected.

  • Pingston


    What Democratic Party?

    We live in a democratic republic.

    But Democrat s live in a dictatorship.

  • iaintlyin

    if this mess continues for another four years, in January, that teleprompter is going to say, “for any American making over 60 thousand dollars, they will see a tax increase of…….”.

    • Only 60K? I’m thinking in the neighborhood of 40K. The entire so-called “middle class” will get slammed hard. Prez O and his ilk are no friends of the “middle class”.

      • Obama has all but gotten rid of the middle class. He can’t do much more damage.

  • OMG this is the best Democrat convention EVA!!

    Cue all the far left democrats playing as independent….”Oh yeah that terrrble but BOTH parties do it’

  • Mike Lee

    First of all, they should have voted separately on God and Jerusalem. Two separate things. Second, there is absolutely no way that vote carried 2/3rds. Total scam. Third, Obama knew about it beforehand. Fourth, that photo doesn’t actually prove the accusation. A video showing the teleprompter and what was happening simultaneously in realtime would. It doesn’t matter though. Obviously it was predetermined because the votes were about split and they went ahead anyway. lol.

  • mediaaccess1

    That’s why they had to do a retake 3-times, and then just go with “What the hell..”

  • Yazz55

    There was no change of heart here. Its about getting the liberal extremist Jewish vote.

    … and there’s no arguing with the teleprompter!

    • CO2isGood

      Well maybe if you consider 70-80% of American Jews extremists.

      With these kind of historical numbers, I really don’t think anything would dissuade them from voting Dem.

      • Fed_Up18

        It’s rather insulting for anyone to think that they could “get the Jewish vote by using Israel”, because that says “Jews are one-issue voters, & that one issue is NOT AMERICA.” That is, in fact, one of the first canards flung at Jews by antisemites: that they aren’t true Americans, and always put Israel first. The truth is that American Jews overwhelmingly vote Democrat because of social & economic issues.

  • Wow it only matters who counts the votes or in this case who writes the teleprompter.
    This will be remembered as the night the democrats booed God.

  • Arrrggghhh

    If I were God, I’d be really pissed.

  • GiantM

    Those of you who are GOD fearing brothers and sisters know full well that what the Democrats have done will certainly bring judgement onto this nation “sooner” than you think.

    HIS patience is great but his judgement is just!

    Rejecting GOD in a public forum is no different then literally throwing your parents off a cliff!

    • HooRah

      I’m hoping God will withhold further chastisement on the entire nation until such time that the majority of the country waxes anti-God, not just the Party of the Godless.

      That said, however, this country has become so lukewarm that we are due a good smack-down by the Lord, anyway.

      • creeper00

        I’m an atheist, so I don’t have a dog in this fight. I couldn’t care less whether they include “God” in their platform or not.

        The religious aspect of this doesn’t register at all. But the hypocrisy is just stunning.

  • They were suppose to say YES to prove UNITY..
    They didn’t comply, instead they added fuel to the raging fire.
    Must not include God, can’t offend the atheist and Muslims.
    Can’t state Jerusalem is the Capitol of Israel, it offends the Palestinians.
    But damn, offend the Christians by supporting abortion and gay marriage.
    Very twisted evil people the Democrats are.

    • toongoon

      Right Babs, it’s amazing how they destroy themselves.

      First, they put out their party platform thinking nobody will read it, at least they knew that if the media read they wouldn’t report it. Then they sent little Dickie Durbin out to chastise FOX news for doing their job and he managed to put the focus squarely on the democrats atheism right in the middle of their convention.

      Then to show that it wasn’t really their platform they have a public vote to show unity and their acceptance of God and they ended up proving that the democrat party is truly anti-God, lying about it in front of the entire nation.

      I only wish that more of what they eliminated from the platform had also been made public.

      Very twisted and evil indeed. Unfortunately though, still viable in the race.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Wow….the Dims are showing the world who they are and what they want in their politicians by causing such a ruckus when the words “God” and “Jerusalem” to their platform were re-inserted into their platform. I could never be a Dim, but taking “God” out of the platform initially would have caused me to leave the mob in a hurry.

  • Sober_Thinking

    It’s ALL smoke and mirrors and hand puppets with these liars.

  • Well, okay, so the teleprompter was being “anticipatory.” But did the lady off on the side of the stage, signing for the deaf hearing impaired differently sound processing individuals among us, …(where was I? Oh yeah…) did she already have her hands in a “two thirds” position?

    I think not.

    So everything is fine. Really.

  • stage9

    PLEASE stop saying that it was “divided”. It was NOT DIVIDED! It was overwhelmingly in the negative to reinstate God and Jerusalem back into the party platform.

    Let’s give liberals the credit they desire and deserve and stop trying to always paint them as good folks who are just simply misunderstood.

    I’m so sick of the media everywhere apologizing for liberals. Allow them to be what they are — God-haters and by extension Israel-haters.

    • Fed_Up18

      As someone who hoped the measure would pass, & who has listened to the tape as many times as anyone else, I have to disagree with you. The contention was almost solely over Israel & the noise came mostly from the Arab-American delegates (“louder” does not equal “more”) – CNN even made a point of showing their anger (I found that to be even uglier than the vote itself, because it was some heavy blaming – & yes, ugly because it was true). While the measure did not pass the way the leadership obviously thought it would, it was in no way a resounding defeat & definitely not “overwhelmingly in the negative.” Not at all.

  • Irregardless of the “Platform” of Either Party….BOTH parties MUST Realize that God has given them their Power, and Their Actions after taking Said Power determines if their Power Continues. In Addition to placing my vote for the Candidate that I feel best represents my ideals, I will also continue to pray that God Returns this Great Nation to the God Fearing Constitutional Republic that she was Founded as. Beholden to Equal & Fair Treatment of ALL AMERICAN Citizens without pandering to the World & the Financial Interests that Seek to Oppress All Humanity by Dictating the Lives that We as Americans are so Blessed to Live.

  • Muslims and atheist leaders were most likely advised of Obama’ ”change” of heart because his only concern was votes. Some lower level delegates didn’t get the message.

  • They even rig votes in their own party……..

  • “God” doesn’t belong in politics. It belongs in Mythology Class or churches.

    • skibummin

      Then you have no understanding of our founding fathers or the principles of which the Republic was founded.

  • iaintlyin

    Regarding the Vlog brothers video. Is this guy the epitome of hypocrisy or what? He does’nt like Romney but is close to ejaculating over having money, wants to go to the bank with it or invest it rather than share it with someone in need. He says his life is committed to saving the earth but doesn’t want to realize that the money he’s basking himself in will soon be the gov’ts via taxes that supposedly will help his liberal causes but are actually being used to pay down a debt thats rising faster than his money driven penis. Its smartassed college educated morons like this that are killing the country, products of a liberal dominated education system staffed by a bunch of do gooders that are so naive as to where their union dues are going it’s pathetic. I have an idea, Let the union bosses reveal THEIR tax returns, starting with communist in chief Trumka

  • Lets be honest. How can Obama expect to be the leader of all Americans. Obama asked that this language be changed so it would not be a thorn in the side of the campaign. This is a room full of Delegates for the Democratic Party. These people are there to get Obama elected. Obama’s leadership is so weak he cannot even get a majority of them to agree on something that would help Obama get into office. In fact just because it is the Party Platform there is no guarantee he will abide by it, look at his campaign promises. Yet, he could not get a consensus of his loyal followers. This man needs to go.

  • Susitna

    Be careful! Don’t use the word “loaded”…….

  • chuckfanned

    Obama is running the Dem Convention the same way he’s running the country; with no respect towards the rules. Whatever he wants is what should be done. It’s good to be king!

  • Do American voters need any more evidence that the DNC has become a party of racist haters, unwashed purjorists and completely devoid of honesty and integrity? Wake up America before your country is hijacked and killed off.

  • The party that boos God! Disgusting!

  • Steven Dragon

    I guess every American Christian and Jew needs to ask themselves; “yes, Obama & Company forced it through for his own political expediency, but does he mean it?” Like he whispered to the Russians (paraphrased), “once I win re-election, I’ll be able to do whatever I want”. A 2nd term for this man frightens me.

  • Elizabeth McClintic

    They denied God three times and then the cock crowed.

  • This DNC freak show has been successive acts of desperation and deceitfulness! But what can you expect from the new order of Democrats. These are the same people who would destroy the only really free nation on the planet just to be financially supported by the government to spend their life, from cradle to grave, on the couch flipping channels and texting! How did these people who are willing to believe any lie from the left get so brainwashed?

  • In the opinion of who’s chair? We already had #EmptyChairDay

  • Why is anyone shocked?

  • Lying sacks lying to one another. Perfect.

  • WHOA
    WOW ‘this is a BIG F—–deal’
    #DNC had 2/3rds TelePROMPTED UP
    &ready 2 be RECITED by~PUPPET on STAGE
    their DEPLORABLE actions r 100% UN-DEMOCRATIC
    ~DEMOCRATIC party is now only DEMOCRATIC in title -NOT ACTION
    DNC has a HISTORY of VOTE FRAUD TIED 2 their PARTY members 2008-2010elections
    (dozens of poll workers have been charged with manipulating~VOTE across~country)
    wikileaks released evidence poll workers in OH.,PA..& NJ stuffed~BALLOT Boxes in 2008
    Their tactics are NAME CALLING(racist)
    Intimidation,Lying,FALSEHOODS& spokesmen are CONSTANTLY PREACHING EQUALITY while their financial supports are ANTI-SEMITIC
    ~only acceptable religion is islam(obamacare added a tax 2 every1 but MUSLIMS)
    Barry had 20,000 muslims supporting [email protected]~DNC-expect inflated #s that was their estimate……. i have NOT READ the PRO-ISLAMIC REPORTS yet…ie NYTIMES,WASH.POST

  • The Democrats are not to be trusted. The are a Godless Death Culture. I see it coming folks… People of any Christen/Catholic/Jewish religion will have to go into hiding if Obama wins the election / last election. Obama will “get” or “find” reason to declare martial law and round all who oppose him and the democratic beliefs. We need Mitt or it is done for us folks.

  • I find it hilarious how hypocritical Republicans are criticizing the DNC after the RNC just got caught doing the same thing on a teleprompter. Shame on you fakes who preach morals and principles but don’t live them. The truth is both parties are corrupt and the people no longer have a voice, it is by the Oligarchy for the Oligarchy. Unless more people stand up to the evil in both parties it will just get worse. Nothing dumber than a taxpayer who supports people that exploit them, that goes for both Democrats and you clueless Republican apologists. Watch this video to catch the some of the vote rigging at the RNC, that’s how your con man Mittens got nominated after all
    “Did RNC “Scripted” Rules Change Start A Civil War In The Republican Party?”

  • LibertyMonger

    Yeah this should be absolute proof that both parties are run by the same corrupt bankers and corporations. It shows it’s all scripted by the one ruling class elite. A shadow government pulling all the strings on both sides and they are ALL puppets! Except for Ron Paul, he refuses to be a puppet and this is why they stole the nomination from him. Wake the hell up already.

  • Gistry

    Republicans and Democrats rigging their own votes… who would have thought it? Maybe both parties should be charged with indecent exposure for showing the size of their votes don’t matter.

  • Gistry

    Republicans and Democrats rigging their own votes… who would have thought it? Maybe both parties should be charged with indecent exposure for showing the size of their votes don’t matter.

  • Gistry

    Republicans and Democrats rigging their own votes… who would have thought it? Maybe both parties should be charged with indecent exposure for showing the size of their votes don’t matter.

  • Gistry

    Does anybody know who specifically, meaning what person, was responsible for the text on both conventions’ teleprompters? Did anybody pull back the curtain?

  • Plenty of people are as dumb as a democRat, it appears.


  • Fed_Up18

    There were 2 scenarios loaded into the teleprompter – this one was marked “1”, the other was marked “2”. THAT’s where the hesitation & confusion came in for the Speaker, because he expected it to go a lot more smoothly than this. It is also a fact that the “no” side is entitled to ask for an actual vote – but you’ll note they didn’t. As always with that particular side in the Israeli situation, it’s better to play the martyr than have the facts come out…

  • This is what democracy looks like!

  • Please see the movie documentary 2016 see if that will answer some questions for you. Then tell you friends and family to see it.

  • Alison Weir

    And the RNC did the exact same thing. Why didn’t Hannity mention that? See the video:

  • TMay10

    I am sorry that the video clip does not show all three votes. However I wanted to point out something that I discovered this evening and that is that the Radical Left that now dominates the Democrat party has tampered with other tapes of the vote and they shortened it from 3 votes to 1 and they changed the volume of the Nay votes to about 5% of what it was in reality to support their version of reality that would help their re-election that they had a solid vote in the affirmative for God and Jerusalem when that was not the reality. Therefore this is one of the remaining non-tampered tapes of the DNC vote. It is important and I hope you will take additional steps to protect it from being tampered with. I hope you take special care of the full tape showing the three votes. It would be nice if you would post it on Youtube as the “non tampered tape of the DNC 2012 vote on God and Jerusalem”. Go check it out on Youtube. Video after video after video has been tampered with.

  • TMay10

    if I could I would withdraw the statement I posted below. When I went back to get the websites that did what I described I couldn’t find them so I could not duplicate what I experienced.