President’s Weekly Address – No Overtime Time Is Over This Time. Now With More Charts!

The President skipped a few Weekly Addresses recently because of the Ukraine troubles. It’s good that someone is finally holding those lazy Ukrainians accountable for something.

In this week’s address, the President is focusing on taking care of business and working overtime. Work out. He starts out by reminding us about his favorite new kind of year, the “of action” kind, and then points out that he’s working overtime (ha!) “with or without Congress” in case you have been deaf and blind and unconscious and dead for the last couple of months and missed his coronation.

In order to “expand opportunity” Obama has “reviewed” overtime rules. Thank goodness someone finally thought of that. He wants more Americans to have more chances to be a part of more economies that work for more people. Moar. And that means for everybody, not just the “fortunate few” that work overtime for extra money, those fat cats. This is a whole new and refined class warfare. The have nots versus the have almost nots. Don’t worry, there’s a handy chart at the end.

He goes on to talk about sharing the growth. Which is like sharing the wealth, but with less wealth and more hand me downs.

Obama says he wants to restore the “basic principle” that if you have to work more, you should be able to earn more, which was laid down in the Garden of Eden when Adam was like “you want me to name HOW MANY animals??” That’s also when Eve was created, so that Adam could feel guilty about missing hot apple pie night because he was working late.

He goes on to say that part of the plan is to simplify the system so it’s easier for everyone. Being as how that has worked out swimmingly when it comes to taxes and Obamacare, what could possibly go wrong?

Americans have spent too long working more and getting less in return, says the Prez. I don’t know about the rest of you slackers but this is definitely true for strippers, who are constantly telling one another to work it and keep working it.

Obama wraps up by saying wherever and whenever he can make sure the economy rewards hard work, that is what he is going to do. That raspy, wheezing sound you hear is coal workers everywhere trying to laugh.

Lastly, the President dared to speak again the “H” word, saying he wants parents to be able to “pass down” hope and optimism. In practice, this means hand down their money and health insurance until their “children” finally reach adulthood at age 37. Oh, they grow up so fast!!

Happy Weekly Address, people! See you next week … unless Crimea gets all “look at me, I’m revolutioning” again. Oh, sorry about the chart thing. Totally lied about that.

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  • Taurnil Oronar

    Remind me again you buffoon, how who gets what amounts of overtime is part of the responsibilities of the Executive branch.

    • Nukeman60

      Since he’s responsible for the reduction of worker hours, he felt it was his duty to appropriately adjust the overtime that goes with it now. Instead of getting overtime after 40 hours (which is long gone now), he feels that for every hour worked, a person should receive 10 minutes of overtime.

      That way, it doesn’t matter how short those nasty employers cut your hours, he will still be required to pay you what Obama thinks you deserve (right up to the point of closing down the shop, that is. That will be an issue for next week’s address. How to force employers to remain open even after all the money is gone).

  • No_BlahBlah

    Being bored and having a hangover is no way to go though life and especially when ‘addressing’ the nation and discussing such ‘vital’ issues prezzy Slacker in Chief.

    As if he has any idea about anything other than handing out goodies to his friends, the Federal Reserve shareholders.

    I went to and I believe you added something at the end Caleb. It was almost seamless.

  • lawngren

    “Speakin’ just for me and some people from Tennessee…” we got a thing or two to tell you all, obama and democrats:

    Get the he** out of our lives. You screw up everything you touch. We don’t need you and never did. The less politicians do “for us” the better off we are. Why don’t you take a fast flight to nowhere and stay there?

    Never mind (for the moment) whether obama was ever eligible to run for potus. Was he ever QUALIFIED? The answer is an absolute NO. Unless of course you’re an envious, lazy, socialist parasite who thinks everyone should work for YOUR living. Or the king of those creatures, who thinks everyone should worship and adore him.

  • I wish you were president Caleb.

    That said, I have nothing to say without swearing, so I’ll shut up now.

    • badbadlibs

      Love it! There probably wasn’t room enough for all his lies, but that’s a good start!

  • odin147

    Tuning this third world politician and his third world party out is my favorite thing to do.

  • mike3e4r7

    Aren’t employers cutting people’s hours because of HIS obamacare? Now how wants them to give more overtime? I’m confused. Also, he talks about how wages are stagnant. Why hasn’t he fixed that yet? After all, he’s been in office 5 years now. These are the questioins an unbiased media would ask, if we had one.

    • john

      the name of his game is TO CONFUSE…try not to.

    • Nukeman60

      “Daddy, I’m glad you’re home from work. How many hours did you put in this week?”

      “Well, Jimmy. I was only allowed 8 hours of work, at a reduced wage, thanks to the poor economy. But thanks to Obama, I got 4 hours of overtime on top of that. Isn’t he wonderful? I wish I could elect him for life. BTW, I don’t understand why my boss said not to bother coming in next week. Something about a chapter 7…or something.”

  • Conservator1

    Obama was outraged about the IRS illegally targeting conservative organizations and religious groups. No one has been held accountable and while there is an ongoing FBI investigation, he didn’t hesitate to tell Bilbo O’Reilly there wasn’t a smidgen of evidence of illegality and Bilbo didn’t bother to followup with some facts.

    And no one has been held accountable on the Benghazi cover up. Russia invades Ukraine and Hussein is making himself look like a far greater wimp compared to his infamous red line in Syria.

    A Republican wins a race in Florida largely due to America’s disdain of the progressive pansy in the WH. So to obfuscate and distract, Barry has a new edict on raising overtime pay.

    Barack has become irrelevant, will cause the Democrats the Senate and the only people who fear the wimp are the greater cowards – the RINO leadership in Congress.

  • john

    “Yo, fo-ks, I just gave our modern tech drone to Russians! Yep, and I’ve killed Osama!
    And all you fo-ks may not keep your doctor – in all 58 states!”

    Sandbox geenyus, ain’t he?

    • badbadlibs

      Excellent ^^^

  • joyfulgiver

    Thanks Caleb for the recap of the video, I don’t need to watch it!
    Watched Pastor John Hagee this morning, awesome sermon about our responsibility to WORK. Do you know there is no where in the Bible where people are told to sit around and do nothing until the check comes in? If you didn’t gather manna everyday you wouldn’t eat. Not providing for your own family is worse than an infidel. So many important lessons learned in the Bible. Americans should return to our Daily Bread.

    • maynardb50

      Good for you. I also watched it, and it was indeed a good sermon.
      I tuned in the 8:30 a.m. service, then again for the 11:00 a.m. for my son to watch.

  • bjohnson55

    Socialist Ahole.

  • armyvet10

    I didn’t see this angle in the posts so I will ask the question. Exactly what would this charlatan know about overtime? What, overtime on the golf course, Hawaii, or having the Muslim Brotherhood hang out at the White House? This…well I will restrain myself from name calling…wouldn’t know hard work if it bit him on his precious behind. How bout you ask he military about overtime. How about you ask farmers about overtime. There are so many walks of life that overtime could never be captured statistically, because the work is there until the job is done. I grew up on a farm, and served in the military for 22 years, and believe me overtime doesn’t exist because you don’t just quit when there is still work to do. I also had the unfortunate obligation to fill out a report for my military unit known as the 67 report. I got in a lot of trouble for telling the truth when it came to reporting “Overtime” because I wouldn’t pencil whip the numbers to show the least amount of overtime performed.

  • olddog

    Clueless and INCOHERENT..and the Obagger (D)rone “Cult Members ” just keep buying the “snake oil”…Amazing!!!!!

    • Gary Dickson

      Reminds me of the used car salesman who told me that he’d “take care of it” (with all due respect to used car salesmen).

      • olddog

        Agree..and he doesn’t need a Tele-Prompter to converse.

  • notsofastthere

    I’m sure the people in Kenya are thankful that he didn’t stay in Kenya. They have enough problems without him.

  • Gary Dickson

    So we get advice on pay from someone who has never owned a business in his life or, for that matter, has never worked a (insert @AmericanborninCanada:disqus swear word here) day in his (insert same swear word here) life.

    You’re working overtime to deal with this, without Congress. Oh, good. That should make things better like you did with health care insurance and that Shazam! web site.

    “While those at the top are doing better …” Hey, Mr. Obama, I hate to remind you but aren’t you at the “top”? Why don’t you put your own money where your mouth is?

    “We gotta build an economy that works for everybody, not just the fortunate few.” So, Mr. Obama, how do you think the “fortunate few” get their money? By earning overtime? That will do it? And how did you get your money? Aren’t you one of the “fortunate few?”

    “So we gotta restore opportunity for all.” So, who’s going to ensure that? You? Oh, good. That oughta work just like your Shazam! web site.

    The 40-hour work week has allowed countless workers to climb the ladder of success? No, Mr. Obama, busting my behind and working even if I didn’t get paid is the way I climbed the ladder of success. Ever been on a farm, Mr. Obama? Dairy farmers, for example, don’t get paid overtime but they work upwards of 16-hour days and, to me, those people are successful.

    “… from when growth is more widely shared.” Huh? Who told you that? Frank Davis Marshall? Those Marxists professors at Harvard? And who’s going to make sure it’s shared? You? And what do you even mean by “shared”?

    “We’ll do it by consulting workers and businesses.” Another gem of a statement. Have you ever consulted anyone in your life except for yourself? I also assume that by “We’ll do it …” you mean the Federal Government, specifically the Executive Branch, all by its lonesome. The Kingdom of Barack the First reigns.

    “Americans have spent too long working more and getting less in return.” How about getting rid of all the %$&$ taxes we pay for your “job” and to keep your Executive Branch “humming” so that it can hobble conservative groups. How about it?

    “… dat’s what I’m gonna do.” So, Mr. Obama, you gonna do this all by your lonesome?

    God help us.

  • Nukeman60

    And next comes the REAL reason he brought up overtime at all. In his mind, who deserves more overtime than anybody. That’s right, those on unemployment. You heard it here first, folks.

    We have worked it all out on charts. The longer you have been on unemployment, the more overtime you are eligible to receive. The more kids you produce, the more overtime you can get. If you have entitlements, you are entitled to overtime, just like anybody else.

    Vote for Obama and you will get an additional overtime bonus. Don’t worry about going to the polls. Just call us on your ObamaPhone or connect via your government laptop and the overtime check will be in the mail.

    Who’s going to pay for all this overtime, you say? Well, it should be obvious to the most casual observer. The low-life small businessman and woman, of course. They didn’t build it and they don’t deserve the fruits of their labors.

    And what does Obama say – “You can thank me later”.

  • Gratefultobeamerican

    Great thought here:

    • DebbyX

      Love to Mark Steyn! Wish that fit on a bumper sticker.

    • Crassus

      Mark Steyn needs his own radio or TV show. He’s brilliant and he gets it.

      • Gratefultobeamerican

        I wish we could make that happen.

  • RLara

    I was under impression that even if you are salaried, you must be compensated with an average at minimum wage or above. (Reflecting lunch breaks, vacation, etc.)

  • NJK

    He’s no president.

  • LibertyLinda

    I will not watch this. This is a Union shake down? He has no say in any of it. God help us get to the end of this.

  • DINORightMarie

    “The President skipped a few Weekly Addresses recently because of the Ukraine troubles.”

    And a little vacay with the fam. Priorities.

  • Gene White

    The only problem I can think of, regarding President Obama, is that we have no President. We do have someone named, “Obama,” but we don’t really have a real President.

    • HCTUB

      I’m with you . He’s just a want a be PUTIN , and how can people believe what he SAYS .

  • Swamp Fox

    What a genuine tool. TOTUS

  • azgirl

    Plenty of time for golf and fundraising. Never any time for the people’s business.

  • Adam Smith

    Since it is impossible to know who among us knows best, we trust the competitive efforts of many to help us see better ways of doing things.

  • John

    What good is overtime if you don’t have a job?!