Rand Paul is a chip off the old Paleocon Block

This is my commentary on Rand Paul’s foreign policy speech at the Heritage Foundation. His speech is titled “Containment and Radical Islam.”

I got to 18:10 of Rand Paul’s foreign policy speech and had enough. He started out saying that he is no neoconservative. Really? Don’t believe in Adam Smith economics, the Founders, Tocqueville or American Exceptionalsim? Is that about right Rand? Cause that’s what a neocon is. Go read my symposium on the topic.

“Seeing the landscape of the world for what it is, not what we’d like it to be”? Well now that’s a darn good idea. Too bad you missed the mark.

The west is in for a long war because the West is ignorant of the 1400 year old history of Islam. The west won back Spain, Portugal, Malta, and Sicily through war. The west defeated Islamic raiders at the Battle of Lepanto. The west defeated the Muslim invaders of southern France (twice) and southern Europe through war, not through “containment”.

The west has lost sight of Sun Tzu. They fight with both hands behind their backs because of PC ROE’s (Rules of Engagement) and useless leftist tards in their governments. They have no strategy to defeat Islam. That’s their problem. And this problem is compounded by the dearth of MB (Muslim Brotherhood or Ikwan) operatives in this government giving advice to dunderheads like Clinton, Obama and the JCS.

And what exactly is Radical Islam anyways? What you maybe think that there is some sort of moderate sect and radical sect? Try studying the subject matter before commenting on it. Try reading the Muslim field manuals, Sharia law and paying attention when Muslims actually tell you the truth. “There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.” – PM Erdogan. And he’s spot on.

A long-term patient but vigilant containment? What the hell are you talking about? Islam has never been contained. The 1400 year old jihad against the House of War (all non-Muslims) goes on; and will go on until none but Allah is worshipped. Is not 600 million murders by the death cult not enough to convince you that you will not contain it? You will have to kill it to stop it.

The first Afghan War? How’d that work out? The USSR left with its tail between its legs and that led to the downfall of the Soviet Union. It seems to me it worked out just fine. The Berlin wall fell and the Soviet Bloc countries were freed. That all started with the Soviets leaving Afghanistan.

Sanctions on Iran will never work. Nor will you get Russia and China to buy into them.
They’re too busy building Iran’s nuclear facilities while spitting in a weakened US government’s eye.

Besides, sanctions aren’t hurting the Mahdi-ist regime in Tehran. They’re hurting the 70% of Persians that are on our side. They hate that regime. Why don’t you try a different tact and help those people.

As far as war with Iran is concerned, like or not it war is coming. Go listen to the video “The Coming Is Upon Us” on YouTube.

They believe that only though war and chaos can their Mahdi appear. Their aim, their whole raison d’être is a war to force the return of the Mahdi. You aren’t going to stop their nuclear program or stop their State Sponsorship of Terror through containment. Sooner or later, you are going to have to kill them.

Talking ad nauseam about sanctions and war as a last resort just makes you and others in this government look weak, timid and feckless to Tehran. You’re about as scary as a toothless kitty-cat. You should be preparing for war.

Drawing down our forces and bases?

Now you’re talking like your dad who also hasn’t a clue of what he’s talking about either. Those bases allow us to forward deploy into any region. They are a deterrent to China, and North Korea. Why do you think North Korea never crossed the 38th Parallel again? Those bases serve as a strike platform against any foe. They are a refueling stop for aircraft and troops. Ever try to load a C-130 or a helicopter, and then fly long distance w/o refueling Rand? Of course not. I say again, you haven’t a clue.

Muslims aren’t shaped by their history. Muslims are shaped by their field manuals: the Koran, Hadith, Sira and Umdat as-Salik wa ‘Uddat an-Nasik (Reliance of the Traveler and Tools of the Worshipper – the manual of Sharia law.

If you’d been spending more time reading Qutb and al-Banna instead of Bernard Lewis (an apologist for Islam), you might actually learn something about Islam.

The name of the game in the ME is jihad. Not the John Brennan version, but the real deal: Quitaal i.e. war. War on the unbelievers until none but Allah is worshipped; until the entire world is conquered by Islam by stealth or by force.

Western “occupation” – What’s that? A Paleocon buzz word for the State of Israel? We don’t occupy bud. We liberate, then we leave…unless we have a need for a basing agreement and then we make a Status Of Forces Agreement with the host nation that serves our national interest as in Bahrain for example; or in Djibouti.

And you’re wrong that our presence in Muslim lands is what motivates them to kill us. That’s just a pretext that they use. Muslims have all the motivation that they need to kill us in their Koran. THAT is what motivates them…nothing else matters.

To sum up: Rand Paul is just another version of Ron Paul. Listen carefully to his rhetoric; he is echoing his dad’s views. He’s a chip off the old Paleocon block. I got no use for him.

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