Rand Paul: Obama said he cut the deficit by 2 trillion dollars? What planet does he live on?

Rand Paul says it’s absurd that more people don’t challenge Obama’s phony claim that he’s cut 2 trillion dollars from the deficit – a claim he made last night in the SOTU. Rand wants to know what planet Obama lives on because he’s actually added 6 trillion to the debt.

And there’s more. Watch below:

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  • Army_Pilot1967

    obama is a snake-oil salesman….and the snake-oil salesman of the month to boot. This country is in deep trouble if Congress doesn’t do something to correct the course to oblivion we’re on. obama only knows spend, spend, spend, then lie about cutting the deficit through some fantasy in his little noodle of a brain.

    • Dukehoopsfan

      I agree with your comments and would add that the thing that really drives me nuts is the state run media and their one sided reporting of events. The most glaring example for me was the Rubio water bottle “incident” and nothing but crickets on Benghazi.

  • Howzah123

    He totally destroyed this liberal hack when he talked about the fallacy of Keynesian Economics and malinvestment

    Rand Paul 2016

    • Guest

      Wow, I loved that. Keynesian bogus BS is one of my pet peeves.

      • cabensg

        Me too!

  • ChesterWalton

    Before anointing Rand Paul for 2016, do we know where he stands on the gold standard? He could be a gold bug like his dad and could shut down many of our overseas military bases.

    • cabensg

      I agree we don’t need to anoint anyone at this point but I for one will give credit when it’s due and Rand has been ahead of the rest in stating facts about Obama. Instead of usual political speak we get valid criticism and truth. We need a boat load of Senators like Rand.

      • deTocqueville1

        Actually Palin has been very far ahead of the ‘rest of them’ long before Rand was on the scene and she put him over the finish line.

        • cabensg

          I agree but I was really referring to our Senators lack of ability to speak truth to power. Rand and Cruz seem to be the only ones able and willing to speak out when given the opportunity. Palin has always done that.

      • Rand Paul is a complete and total idiot.

  • OneThinDime

    On these points Rand Paul did a very good job. Clearly as a businessman he understands economics and can solidly communicate them.

  • TexasPGRRider

    It Breaks my heart that the free market fundamental lessons and principals and common sense aspects of supply/demand economics are continually Raped by B.O. and his slug thugs in DC. Also, Dr. Carson`s espousing an Equal, Fair, and Simple resolution to the burden of taxation, among other strong points, is ignored and dismissed. It`s up to us to remain Strong and Keep the Faith !!!!

  • c4pfan

    Good question Rand.

  • nosilasunny

    He thinks he can just lie and make up numbers and the public will believe him. Who is going to stop him? The media is too busy acting like nine year old girls with a crush on the teeny bopper singer of the month. The Republican establishment is too busy trying to shut up conservatives. No wonder we are in a mess.

    • OneThinDime

      The Republicans are also busy marching to the instructions given by the Dems instead of ignoring the Dems and communicating with their constituents, the ones they are supposed to represent.

  • TexasPGRRider

    Meanwhile…islam infils our essence….

  • PatrickHenrysBody

    Here’s an answer for Senator Paul: Zero is from the planet Insane-O in the Delusion System of the galaxy Megalomania. The inhabitants of his native planet specialize in manure production and he was really spreading it around thick and heavy at the SOTU.

    • nosilasunny

      That is why I didn’t listen to even one second. I don’t want to go insane-o myself. If they are really so worried about carbon then they should lay off the manure production.

      • Conniption Fitz

        It was quite disappointing to find Senator McCain drinking deeply of the Kool-ade, the national drink of the natives of Insan-O.

        Perhaps McCain has now become McCain-O.

        • OneThinDime

          And Lindsey Grahamnesty-O as well. The gif posted with 3 of the Gang of 8 made me sick.

          • PatrickHenrysBody

            I wonder if anyone present at the address (gallery and floor) brought barf bags…just in case.

            • nosilasunny

              Ted Cruz looked like he could use one. God bless that man for sitting through that!

              • PatrickHenrysBody

                Yeah. He looked like he had enough of the blatant lying sputum ejecting from Zero’s mouth.

            • nosilasunny

              Ted Cruz looked like he could use one. God bless that man for sitting through that!

        • PatrickHenrysBody


      • PatrickHenrysBody

        LOL…well said, nosilasunny!

  • Conniption Fitz

    Rand Paul handled that ten thousandth Obama utterance of fiction, folly and falsehood quite handily.

  • cabensg

    This is what I’m talkin about. This is what I love about Rand in interviews especially. He doesn’t let the liberals frame the conversation. He doesn’t let them get away with it. I swear he’s been at the Gingrich school of handling the liberal press. Well done Rand!

    • Conniption Fitz

      Perhaps he’s been taking lessons from Newt!

      • cabensg

        He’s the only one doing so unfortunately.

    • OneThinDime

      You said it perfectly, “he doesn’t let the liberals frame the conversation”!

    • Amjean

      Rand Paul also knows his subject matter well. He researches issues and
      comes out with facts against Obama. No platitudes. I actually enjoy
      listening to what he says.

  • Joe

    Well – Randy boy

    I guess you have not been reading this fine forum

    ZERO has his OWN PLANET —- Bizarro World



  • Don

    I don’t think anyone is annointing Rand Paul for 2016. It is just refreshing for anyone who will tell the truth regardless who it is. Rand has to distance himself from his father and he is smart enough to know that. We definitely need to repeat 2010 in 2014 in the worst way. If Rand can help, more power to him. We need all the hands on deck we can get.

  • Malkiel_kol_hakavod_la_el

    obama lived on the planet turd with every voter that voted for him… And all of them including obama come from a place called make believe… Now one may wonder where these places are – well I once read a psychology study of the insane in asylums and they all believed that they came from the ground of turd and called home make believe… A passage found on page 396 told of a wannabee king they all believed in and that king would once rule a planet and destroy that planet… In other words obama and his followers are escapees from a insane asylum!!! That is why they all live mentally on another planet…..

  • james1051

    He’s a keeper!

  • repubboy

    2 trillion , he’s cut the budget by 2 trillion,, He has spent and added more than 6 trillion Someone should tell him to put the pipe down.. He still smoking that stuff he did in high school he has no grasp of reality!.
    Rand Paul, smart man like him a lot but the MSM will crucify him and The Repubican’s won’t support him.. they have picked Rubio ! so We the people must make the choice
    Rand Paul seem to be the straight shooter.

  • aposematic

    Obuma saying he cut two Trillion Dollars when he added six Trillion to the debt is the same as the lie he tells about adding six Million jobs when the economy lost eight Million jobs over that period. Where I went to school that is a net loss of two Million jobs. But even worse than Obuma lying all the time is the MSM/Press letting Obuma get away with the lies. At least we have a few Senators and Congressmen willing to call Obuma on the lies. Kudos to Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and others. Then we have Palin on the outside calling Obuma on his lies. In total its pretty sad. Hopefully we can tripple the number of real Men and women willing to stand up against Obuma in 2014.

  • DaRueStir

    Ever since the days of Tip O’neal, not spending more had been refered to as “savings” to the tax payer or “cuts” in spending. Liberals live in a mental state where up is down and black is the new white because they say so, often enough that they believe it.

  • Rocco11

    If it weren’t for Fox, and conservative talk radio, where the hell would we be people?

    • marvgoux1

      And the internet websites.

  • Cut = add in Obama lingo. I was in the floor when he said he wouldn’t add a dime to the deficit.

    • louisiana_mom

      He said he would add “one single dime” to the deficit… that leaves him free to add billions of dimes to the deficit….

  • ryanomaniac

    Its a lie of course. I will be a broken record when I say the Media is a scourge on this nation. Their deviancy has cost America big time. They are the reason we are in the mess we’re in. They wont tell the truth and we know that because this traitor Obama would be in federal prison. He should be treated just like an armed bank robber.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Lol… everyone keeps saying that they thought the Tea Party was dying…

    What does that say about us? It’s time for us to roar again in 2014. Time to seriously get busy. Time to stop this sickness.

  • mikeinidaho

    He lives on the planet LIE in the communist system of Bullkrap!