Rand Paul: Republicans probably don’t have courage to shut down government over Obamacare funding

I can’t say that I disagree at all with Rand Paul on this. Republicans, led by Boehner, have proved over and over that they will not stand toe to toe with Obama, that they’d rather fund Obamacare than take political risk. Which is why we despise them so.

(h/t: DC Examiner)

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  • Rshill7

    But more than half the population want it repealed. You need courage to please over half the population? They are much more afraid of the media than they are the people. Seems upside down and backwards. Like a bunch of sleeping bats with their asses in your face.

    • PhillyCon

      Rshill7 Kind of illustrates what a pathetic lot they are, doesn’t it?

  • Sorry Rand but there ain’t no probably about it!   The repugnicants are gutless

  • The Sentinel

    I agree with you Scoop. Spineless and so much like Democraps.
    Boehner is worthless (to the forces of good).

  • DocBarry1

    of course they won’t – they talk tough and then fold – they are so weak  Senator Paul didn’t have to say “probably not..” forget probably u can count on it
    That is why Mark Levin and Gov Palin have to say enough already – these republicans are just dem lite –

  • Rshill7

    Who would you rather negotiate with, Boehner or single piece of wet tissue paper? Before you answer, keep in mind that if you started negotiations with Boehner, as he started to cry you could wipe his tears for him with some tissue paper then negotiate with both of them at the same time.

    • MaroonRepublic

      Wet tissue paper. Wet tissue paper won’t fold.

  • Laurel A

    Rand that has to be the understatement of the year.

  • PhillyCon

    Yet, these fools wonder why they are out of power.  It must be the Hispanic vote, yeah that’s it. /

  • PhillyCon

    This also explains why the Dems shoved the entire thing through.  They knew it would never be repealed/and or de-funded by the GOP.

    • OliviaHT

      He has already declared it, tacitly, and by his actions. N’est-ce pas?

  • Longiron

    70% of the people oppose BarryCare and yet the RINO GOP will cave , as usual. He is right! and our local congressman will do want ever Boehner tells him. Until the RINOS are voted out or a 3rd party is formed, MORE of the same !!!

    • OliviaHT

      Sen. Paul is painting this situation as if the GOP lacks courage. What utter nonsense. What it lacks is principle. We know Americans overwhelming despise Obamacare and are demanding that it be repealed or more feasibly, defunded. Yet Rand states Congressional GOPers lack courage, as if they’re really good guys with strong Founding principles but just haven’t the guts to do the right thing.
      No. They’re corporatists, and worse, statists. WE ALL KNOW the Party is run by the establishment. What the bloody H#(( is Rand talking about?
      I suppose he thinks that if he can convince us they lack a spine rather than that they’re total sell-outs to the liberal cause, we’ll be fooled and keep voting for them. Uh-uh. Not going to happen. I’m done with the GOP — after voting solid Republican since Nixon. Done. Caput.
      They won’t defund Obamacare. And they want to fundamentally transform “this particular American people” demographically through amnesty and perpetual porous borders. THE GOP IS A FRAUD.

      • deTocqueville1

        OliviaHT Longiron I agree with Paul and you. They lack the courage of any principled convictions. I think he may have been implying that.

    • lawngreen

      Longiron IMO, there’s not much time left before obama declares that there is only one party and he is it.

  • Conservator1

    IMO, it’s not defunding Obamacare that the GOP fears. Congress has pass a number of bills intended to halt the full implementation of Obamacare which of course they dies in the Senate. What Republicans like Boehner truly fear is being saddle with the blame of not extending the national debt which Democrats and the lefty MSM will use as a campaign issue in the 2014 elections. GOP SHUTDOWNS GOVERNMENT is the headline they truly fear.
    But as Longiron just posted, most Americans support repealing Obamacare. Heck, even the unions and other lefty organizations are upset with this monstrosity legislation.
    The GOP has a shot at picking up the Senate in 2014. But if they don’t start respecting the viewpoints of conservatives, especially Tea Party conservatives, the Republican Party will be the next Federalist Party and it will die.

  • njmom

    Gotta agree with Rand on this one because the GOP is feckless and cowers before Obama and the Dems. With Boehner leading the House there isn’t much hope so I, for one, pray the Lord to help we the people change what is going on in DC.

  • jdbaird

    I think Obama has some dirt on Boehner that Boehner doesn’t want getting out and that’s why he has no guts. That’s how gangster gov’t works.

    • deTocqueville1

      jdbaird One wonders as Levin has also suggested.

      • DawgfanInFL

        My friend is the enemy, and the enemy is my friend. Probably. If that’s the case, then they both had better watch their backs.

  • standbesideherUSA

    Republican Congressmen are gutless WEINERS.  We need WINNERS to stand up to the golfer-in-chief and department of INJUSTICE.
    Where is our Ronald Reagan?  Nowhere in sight.
    Glenn Beck is our modern-day Paul Revere. 
    We had better produce another George Washington, and FAST. 
    He’s out there somewhere….

  • deTocqueville1

    He is correct and his articulation of the issues is bang on.

  • comingapart

    All “The 435” must go in 14!!!
    In 2014 all 435 must go, the hope is that the new 435, their staff and policy makers, when it comes to issues,  have a glimmer of who put them in Office. Simple guidelines need to be set for those running for Congress in 2014, like TV ads are the kiss of death.  Congressman Weiner is just one example of how good of liars these guys really are, Weiner is not unique when it comes to forceful lying of congressman!
    All “The 435” must go in 14!!!
    The 70 or so libertarians should back this removal of all 435, and sit out for a term!

    • lawngreen

      comingapart How can we manage that, with the dems in undisputed charge of the voting process? The repubs don’t have the courage to challenge them on that, either.

  • DHardy

    Rand is spot on…Plus I makes you wonder if NSA has a load of offences on some of these RINO republicans…because reason to match their behavior at all…and if they had been doing their jobs Obama most likely would be in Jail…

  • kong1967

    No, they don’t.  Obamacare is really, really bad, yet Republicans are more worried about political backlash.  That makes them no different than Democrats.  They are putting themselves above the nation in importance and priority.

  • tinlizzieowner
  • lawngreen

    Rand’s right. The former repub party is a bunch of sissy-boys.

  • coralchristie

    He’s right!  I also think that the Republican leadership believe in socialized medicine as a means to give the government more power. They just believe that they should have the power.

    • jazzee

      coralchristie amen but keep contacting the idiots

  • WordsFailMe

    Until the Congress adopts s rule that allows you to vote by casting the ballot over your shoulder as you run out the chamber door, we should not expect much from the yellow dogs of the National Socialist Republican’s Party..

    • DawgfanInFL

      Woof is right, Words. Seriously, give me a spray bottle with water and some newspaper…time to stop wetting themselves every time they here the thunder. Otherwise, they get put out to the dog house.
      Sorry, Words, the analogy was just too good to pass up. 🙂

      • WordsFailMe

        DawgfanInFL Loved it. There’s nothing more beausiful than seeing a metaphor get whacked with a rolled up newspaper! lol

        • DawgfanInFL


  • nhLevinitized

    Obama’s gonna spend $700 MILLION of the Public’s tax money to promote Obamacare. With that money you could give every man, woman, and child in the United States about $2.25 MILLION each. I think we could all afford our own private health insurance plans with that much money, don’t you? What a disgusting, collossal waste of money.

  • DonnaWhite1

    Too many republicans don’t have the courage to make any decisions that are unpopular with the libs. Too many rinos in the party. I can’t wait til the ’14 election!!!

    • ToiletMint

      DonnaWhite1 Me either, maybe single issue voters and the far right wingers will not show up again because the candidates are “Too much of a RINO” to earn their vote. Instead they’ll just not vote and the Liberals will continue to gain more of a foothold in government because we are too narrow visioned to see past ourselves.

  • FutureOnePercent

    Why is this guy not leading the poll here on TRS?

    • Amjean

      Because there is a concerted effort to post erroneous info about Rand Paul’s record and what he stands for.   Read the postings, mostly from a select few, who continuously bash Rand Paul even when the topic is not even about him.  Misinformation campaign to destroy.  It is shameful.

  • palintologist

    Levin is reporting Senators Burr and Cornyn have taken their names off Mike Lee’s letter.
    This is the behind-the-scenes action of Deputy Dawg McConnell.
    And as for Boner, Levin points out that the only way to beat him is for his district to vote for the democrat.  Boner controls the Repub party and a primary would be ineffective.  By electing the democrat, R’s will still hold the House and not have to put up with Johhny Boy anymore.

    • strangernfiction

      palintologist I would vote for the ‘rat over Boehner in a heartbeat.

  • poorhardworker

    What a sad statement “The republicans probably don’t have the courage to shut down the government”!!!!  We WANT you to shut down the government!!!  IT IS OUT OF CONTROL!!!  GROW A PAIR!!!!  DO WHAT”S RIGHT!!!  Sorry for shouting…but it purges my soul a bit….

  • Zalman770

    Lets hope Paul is wrong

  • ksmith474

    Not only do they not have the courage, they won’t do it as it threatens them as well.  It makes them vulnerable…

  • 57thunderbird

    Knida the same way that Rand doesn’t have the courage to stand up against amnesty?

  • strangernfiction

    Ya think?

  • jazzee

    If the wimps cave again they are done
    shut the damn gov down…………..defund this death panel obamacare
    if they betray us one more time….then there are NOT  2 parties and we live under a dictator and then Hillary
    get some guts boys and girls DEFUND it

  • applepie101

    That includes you, Rand.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    “Balls” is the word you’re looking for, Rand. Gotta pair?

  • DonnaWhite1

    I get republican surveys in the mail asking for money also. I send them back stating that, when more republicans get a backbone then I’ll send  money.

  • danger7

    Boehner and all his little peons who have supported him in order to get committee chairs and other plumb assignments will fold like cheap cardboard.  The RINO’s in the Senate will go on all the talk shows with Democrat Nobama shills and say how dumb it is to try and fight for what WE want.  WE have to make a stand !  The Government has BEEN at a standstill  these last few months anyway because there are scandals in almost every Dept of the executive branch now.  SHUT IT DOWN…..DON’T PAY EM !!  See how THEY like it when their money is cut off !  I bet somethin will get done REAL quick then !

  • Always a Marine

    Rand has it right.  He’s identified the problem – republicans don’t have enough courage to do what’s right.
    They’re afraid of the backlash, and that people won’t vote for them.  They don’t realize that people won’t vote for cowards who don’t honor their oath of office to defend the Constitution.
    They’ve been on their backs with their legs in the air for Dear Leader and Reid more than the staff at Madam Lilly’s House of Ill Repute

    • Always a Marine

      Sdcsteve11 Always a Marine  
      You’re right.  In regard to our cowardly republicans – they don’t even get to the place where they have the opportunity to act courageously.  They bow their head and bend over for The Tyrant and the socialist dems before anyone even fires a shot.

  • fireme

    Rand Paul, like Paul Ryan, is just another fraud.

  • Always a Marine

    I can’t agree that change comes from within.  If you belong to it, you’re part of it.  e.g., those phony “blue dog or conservative dems” – all they’ve done is increase the power of Dear Leader and lend their hand to the socialist takeover of America.
    There’s no such thing as a clean turd floating in the midst of a cesspool full of crap.

  • Pancake3

    Take out the word “probably” and the statement much more accurately describes the Republican-RINOs.

  • Pancake3

    Sdcsteve11 What difference could that make?  We’ll still be saddled with a Democrat for all top offices.  Hell, local ones, for that matter.