Rasmussen: Daily swing state tracking holds at Romney +4, nationwide daily tracking shrinks to Romney +3


The nationwide daily tracking poll just got a little tighter with Romney maintaining only a +3 point lead, holding steady at 50% with Obama encroaching at 47%. In the swing states daily tracking poll, nothing changes from yesterday with Romney leading by +4 points at 50% – 46%.

In other state polls out today, PPP puts Obama over Romney in Virginia by +5 points at 51% to 46% among likely voters. In case you are wondering it’s a D+4 sampling.

In a University of Virginia/George Mason University poll for Virginia, they find Romney and Obama in a virtual tie among registered voters. Romney has a +1 point advantage at 46% – 45% over Obama. The sampling was unavailable.

Rasmussen also reports the following today:

I’ll add Gallup to the list when then come out with their daily tracking poll.

UPDATE: Rasmussen has just released a new poll on Virginia that has Romney leading by +3:

Also Romney’s lead has been shrinking in Gallup’s daily tracking poll, but has held steady at +3 points for two days.

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  • rsox1

    In Ras’s national tracking, the uptick for Obama might be due to a D uptick in his sample (D +3 to D +4).

    He also has a new VA poll showing Romney up two, 50-48. That PPP poll is an outlier (and likely a push poll, as it was done for a left-wing org).

  • Rshill7

    Romney and O’ are now tied in Michigan. When you’re tied with a democrat in Michigan, you win 🙂

    Just one more state…you know, for the Gipper.

  • badbadlibs

    What does it mean when it’s a D+4 sampling? And what are the ramifications, if any?

    • Rshill7

      Ramifications? That just means Romney is going “ram” all the “vacations” up Obama’s @$$.

      • badbadlibs

        So, it’s a good thing that there’s a D+4 sampling, I take it?

        • Rshill7

          Uh…I think it means they are giving the democrats 4 affirmative action points.

          Hey, while I’ve got you here. I wrote this little poem for Obama just now because there’s a lefty in our local paper that calls me a “clown shoe salesman”.

          Blibberty, blabberty, blue
          I sold the clown a shoe
          He hopped cross my store
          Fell flat on the floor,
          “With my right foot what will I do?”

          I pointed to my balloon-laden sign:

          “Clown Shoes, One Per Customer”

          • badbadlibs

            That’s fantastic!

      • macbusy

        Do you know Romney’s plan in detail for a better America?

        • Rshill7

          Sure. Big Bird, binders, and war on women. Landslide loser 🙂

          • macbusy

            What is Romney’s economic plan. Do you know any real details?

    • cardinalmike

      It means that the sample PPP used was based on a turnout model that is 4% greater in number than for Republicans. It asks you to accept the notion that the voters in Virginia this election will be 4% higher than Republican voters. I will believe that only when I see it. PPP is a Democratic polling outfit and they never try to get it correct, they simply try to change the narrative.

      • Rshill7

        No, what I said 🙂

        • sDee

          ‘cept ya shoulda said Obamas’ @$$es

      • badbadlibs

        Does any polling outfit poll equally?

        • sDee

          They always based presidential polling on previous presidential turnout. So only if the previous turnouts they were looking at happened to be equal turnouts, would the new polling be equal. Ramsmussen said on TV he is using a hybrid turnout model that combines 2008 and 2004 turnout.

          2010 turnout is a huge factor. Even though it was not a Presidential election, the turnout was demonstrably anti-Socialism, anti-Obama. That is going to blow their polling models out of the water. They gotta know this.

          Basically they’ve no knob to tweek for “we’re pissed and not going to take it anymore!”

          • badbadlibs

            Thanks, that makes sense.

  • aZjimbo

    How does anyone in their right mind vote for the biggest fraud in America’s history: barry hussein nobama?

    • Sober_Thinking

      It’s funny… that’s ALWAYS where my head goes too.

      His is the biggest failure as pResident that this country has ever known. He’s a serial, pathological liar and is currently involved in multiple cover-ups. He has incurred more debt than pretty much ALL his predecessors combined, is gutting our military, has wiped his butt with the U.S. Constitution, has lawlessly passed multiple EOs when Congress didn’t vote the way he wanted. The borders remain unsecured. He gave amnesty to illegal aliens in this country. He trampled our religious freedoms. He shoved Obamacare down our throats. Americans died during F&F and Benghazi. He has stopped a large amount of oil production and is crippling the coal industry. He has greatly increased welfare and waved the work requirements in the process. He bows to foreign dignitaries, makes deals with Russia and allows known terrorists to visit the WH while dissing Netanyahu. He grows the Government while killing jobs and our economy. He angers our allies, snubs Canada and their oil. He is criminally buddies with unions, rewards friends with phony Green Energy grants and spends our tax dollars like it’s his to spend. Our credit rating has been downgraded twice, our dollar devalued, gas prices are soaring and he continues to send tax dollars to terrorist nations.

      I can go on and on… but we all get the point. This man is a monster, plain and simple. And yet these deaf, dumb and blind mooching lemmings want to follow this idiot over the cliff. Obama clearly hates America. No doubt about it. So it’s a valid question: Who the hell are these morons who cling to this piece of feces?

      • aZjimbo

        Sensational synopsis of the biggest fraud ever perpetrated to the American people. And all of what you said: All done on purpose to knock this country down.

        • Sober_Thinking


          Obama does not behave like an American… let alone a President.

          • aZjimbo

            Because he hates America.

      • You really ARE a dispectful racist scumbag! That’s what you and your party of KKK have become! did you feel the same way about the GW Bush administration as 6,500 military came back in body bags from Iraq and Afghanistan?

        Can the rightists puffing this story up and embelishing it beyond the bounds of sanity explain why it even matters whether it was a “terrorist” attack or a gang of angry Muslims killing a few Americans? Ultimately, what’s the difference? Americans are in Muslim countries killing Muslims – hundreds, even thousands of them each year – and every so often some Americans get killed in return. Ooooh, how could such a thing happen? Let’s manufacture some outrage about the semantics of the nature of the attack, throw in some conspiratorial nonsense about a step-grandmother and a cousin (talk about tenuous links!) and hope some sh*t sticks on the black muslim commie President, right?

        Meanwhile, back in the real world, there are real issues that *sane* people have to deal with. Please get a life, people.

        No. Here the REAL facts. Obama doesn’t HATE America, you hate having a black man as President of the United States. THAT is a fact.

        You are a racist and bigot and a hateful asshole. THAT is a fact.

        Claimed is not proof.

        Your smear job is as nasty as your bigoted supporters who post comments in your support.

        The secularists and liberals are liberal and secular Muslims, not Westerners. They hate liberal Muslims far more than they hate us. To them secular and liberal Muslims are traitors, and thus far worse than we are.

        Obama’s real failure is the same as every other president and candidate’s, and your failure too. Obama did not speak the one unspeakable truth, Al Qaeda, and all significant anti-American terror, comes from Saudi Arabia. Wahhabi Islam and Saudi Arabia are the real threat, not Sharia, not “radical Islam”, the plain and simple Wahhabi Islam and Saudi Arabia.

        You didn’t say it either, you just chose to use this to attack Obama. Obama is NOT a traitor you black hating asshole! you are the vicious nasty bastard.

        • Sober_Thinking

          Too bad you won’t be around to counter my response…

          My first thought was to blast you with the same sort of ignorant rant that you chose to use to respond to me. But through the mercy and grace of God, I will refrain from behaving like a rabid animal. Your words have no power over me.

          Here’s what I’ll say…

          You are a lost and ignorant individual. You project what you are onto others. You obviously haven’t heard or been exposed to the truth… and if you have and choose to remain ignorant, you do so at your own peril and you are in a VERY dark place.

          Get right with God first of all because there is NOTHING more important than that. Your very soul and all of your eternity depends on it. Maybe then your eyes and ears will open for the first time… and maybe then, love will fill your heart instead of ignorance and hatred. God is just and merciful… but if you deny what is freely offered, well, that’s your choice and your blood is no longer on my hands.

          And I’ll add this: If you seriously back Barack Obama for President… then you are lost a second time. And the problem with this is that you simply can’t fix stupid. You have some sort of cognitive disfunction going on… maybe a rectal cranial inversion? If you want to sacrifice America to support that monster, then please do us all a favor… move to another country like North Korea, Iran or somewhere similar where you can fit right in with the controlled population. Maybe then you will appreciate what this country is all about. Obama is not god. He is not American. He is not sane. And neither are you if you support him.

          I could go on and on but I know that trolls can’t be reasoned with… it’s not in their DNA to think or speak clearly. I feel sorry for you… Obama is going to lose in less than 2 weeks and then, you will likely be forced to work for the first time in your life to earn your keep. I’d be mad too if I knew I had to grow up… oh well.

          I wasn’t kidding about the first part. Find peace or face your fate… alone.

          • I’m sorry Sober_friend, I just got the alert now for it. That was way over the top with moronic idiocy and pure blind foolishness. God Bless, excellent rebuttle my friend.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      Either out of ignorance with what’s left of their mind or because they are doing the opposite of this:
      ‘Let love be without hypocrisy. Abhor what is evil; cling to what is good.’
      Romans 12:9 NAS

      • aZjimbo

        I say liberal ignorance.

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          If they embrace the Democrat platform this year, they are clinging to what is evil and abhorring what is good!

          • aZjimbo

            I agree.

        • macbusy

          Do you know Romney’s plan for America?

          • aZjimbo

            Plan for America regarding what?

            • macbusy

              Do you know what Romney’s economic plan is because he gave no details?

              • aZjimbo

                Yes, Go to romneys website.

                • macbusy

                  Been to Romney site. Basic outline given with no detail about economic plan. Just the same stuff he says on TV and from the debates.

                • aZjimbo

                  Well then vote for barry.

                • macbusy

                  Sarcasm I did not give. You being pro Romney, should know all about his economic plan. There is not one Republican who has the answer and I asked many in regards to his plans for a better America.

                • aZjimbo

                  I told you go to his webpage and I have heard his 5 point plan both him and Ryan. If you can’t find that then that is your problem. I have found it, read it and heard it. Like I said if you don’t like Romney go vote for the muslim, pacifist, racist, liberal lying clown occupying the house now.

                • macbusy

                  I said to you, Romney’s web page says the same things that is jeard on TV and from the debates. His gives no details about his 5 point plan. It’s been general from the start. What are the qualifications Romeny has?

                • aZjimbo

                  And I’ll say it one last time: go vote for the muslim, radical, racist, anti-american clown that currently occupies the white house. My vote is in and cast. Case closed.

                • macbusy

                  I have said nothing wrong. I asked a simple question and you return with mean words from the second email and still you did not have the answer. It’s clear, you don’t know the answer as anyone else who believes what Romney says. You and the rest who don’t know Romney’s plans believe what you hear on TV. I gather, you would hire a contractor without knowing the plans.

                • aZjimbo

                  Obviously you know completely nothing about politics and myself. I gave you your answer 5x and if you are too dumb to read that is not my problem. You must have a liberal public education with many a union teacher. Again being the know it all that you think you are I personally do not get any of my political infomation from TV. Again your stupidity shines through. As far as contractors its LBI but if you don’t know then figure it out. And again, please cast your vote for the radical, racist taht currently hold the office. You sound like a perfect barry ass kisser.

                • macbusy

                  The replies you gave resulted in general information. I said before, details are needed. As a person who is pro Romney explain his details because the site you mentioned gives not deatils. I give you no reason to email with disrespect because I have not returned it to you. I gather, you would trust a doctor to care for you without knowing details.

                • aZjimbo

                  I gather you are a liberal asshole? Go vote for your master of lies. Go Romney. JS

        • macbusy

          I ask a simple question and the answer is not given. I have not called you names or disrepected you in anyway. I gather you weren’t raised to display bigotry or name calling or you lost your way with life. Such anger uncalled for. I ask a question you could not answer. All you had to say was I don’t know the answer.

  • sjmom

    Happy to hear about the Senate races because we need to take back the Senate. I only pray NJ voters wise up and don’t vote for Menendez but people here don’t seem to care about his past troubles.

    Drudge and Fox are reporting Romney has caught up with Obama with women but Fox is also reporting Obama has caught up with Romney with men. That part I don’t believe because Romney has had a substantial lead over Obama with men.

    Yesterday on an appt my husband spoke with a guy who voted for Obama last time. Apparently, he had a few things to say about Barack and will not be voting for him again. Also, my brother was at the gym the other day and spoke with a guy who I think voted for Obama last time and will be voting for Romney.

    This is why I believe Romney will win big. There are many who refuse to vote for Obama again and Obama has not gained ground with any group of people.

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      sjmom, my son just started another part time job (he has a collection of them, to make up for the fact that he can’t find a single, decent full time job, but I digress…) and the guys at his new job, ranging in ages 20’s to 50’s, all voted for Obama last time but are all voting GOP this time.

      Did you see the story I linked in the other thread about someone setting fire to a Romney sign? It’s about Menendez’s campaign worker being arrested for stealing GOP signs in Mahwah, NJ. It’s the 3rd article on it in our newspaper, a very liberal-leaning newspaper, so I hope people associate his name with disgrace if they’re unsure of which senator to vote for on Nov. 6th.

      • sjmom

        I have seen no ads for Kyrillos on TV but I have seen Menendez. What is with the NJGOP? I know they’re a whole lot more liberal than me but geesh don’t you want your candidate to win? I have seen some Runyan/Adler ads but not many.

        Didn’t see your link but around here not seeing any signs except Menendez and Andrews. Rob Andrews, a Pelosi-ite needs to be pried out of his seat and the GOP does nothing.

        • RosiesSeeingRed

          I’ve actually seen an equal number of Kyrillos ads on TV vs. Menendez…. CNBC, HGTV and TLC are the channels that come to mind where I’ve seen the ads for Kyrillos, and of course FOX — he’s running them there too, but that’s like preaching to the choir if you ask me.

          Also, in a neighboring district, Shmuley Boteach is running against Pascal (D) and is running TV ads like CRAZY. Shmuley actually had a show on TLC a few years ago. He’s many things, including a psychologist, and he had a family-counseling type show. He’s pretty well known, and he’s running a very Pro-Israel campaign which will hopefully get some Jews to vote GOP.

          • sjmom

            Maybe the NJGOP needs to be reminded the north does not equal the entire state. There are I believe 7 or 8 counties here in the south. Looking forward to leaving NJ behind someday. I see a red state in my future.

    • Sober_Thinking

      That’s encouraging. I’m stunned that it’s clearly not 80+ for Romney (on EVERY front) and 20 or less for Obama.

      I went on a little indictment rant in response to a previous poster… I can’t understand who would vote for Obama. My mind won’t process any argument that makes any sense.

      Again, I have to trust conservatives and the Tea Party to make the difference like they did in 2010… and MOST OF ALL, trust that the Lord will make this all right.

      • sDee

        I tried my best argument a few days ago Sober….

        …these people neither deserve nor want liberty. They are the contemporary versions of what Aristotle and Plato termed, “natural slaves”.

        They choose a life with less freedom, for one of less responsibility. They will choose not to seek out knowledge, but instead, find comfort in the mental reinforcement of the elites who rule them.

        • Sober_Thinking

          Excellent quotes and point(s)!

      • sjmom

        People have been blinded by “the god of this world” and they are unable to see the truth. Many are being led by the nose down the road to perdition and are completely unaware of where it leads.

        I believe there are many who are astounded to learn Hell is a real place after they have breathed their last. If they can’t see that they won’t see the evil Obama has propagated on our nation.

        This is why the Lord asks us to pray for the lost and why Jesus said “Father, forgive them they know not what they do”. They really don’t know what they’re doing and are lost in more ways than one.

        • Sober_Thinking

          Spot on! My wife is trying to remind me of the same things…

          I appreciate your spiritual perspective on this. Great response (like always).

  • PhillyCon

    50% is the magic number in polling.

  • and the electoral college votes?

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    The front page of the Des Moines Register is indicative of how this campaign is perceived:


    What do we believe? What the polls tell us? Or what our own eyes and ears see?

    • sDee

      The subtle nature of photos the propagands media decides to run with are indeed indicators.

    • FreeManWalking

      Thanks RSR, I enjoyed some of the tweets or comments below the headline especially this one, but of course I always like me some green eggs and ham.
      DianaPawelski • 7 hours ago • parent

      John: I do not like this “HOPE & CHANGE” man
      I do not like his health care scam.
      I do not like these dirty crooks,
      Or how they lie and cook the books.
      I do not like it when Congress steals,
      I do not like their secret deals.
      I do not like their spending spree,
      I am smart; I know nothing’s free.
      I do not like your smug replies,
      When we complain about your lies.
      I do not like this kind of hope.
      I do not like it NOPE, NOPE, NOPE!
      But BO acts just like a DOPE!

      • RosiesSeeingRed

        I love that!

  • Nukeman60

    An interesting point on the polls: Watch the way the Senate races are going for the individual states. They indicate more accurately what the presidential race will be than the skewed polls for President do.

    Also, the pollsters are backing away from states like Florida, N. Carolina, New Hamphshire, and Colorado. One wonders why that is. It certainly isn’t because Obama is regaining support from any demographic. It’s because Romney is getting stronger and stronger and the pollsters don’t want us to know it.

    No one can tell me that Democrats are more enthusiastic this year than they were in 2008. Every single demographic shows a reduction in support for Obama (except the illegals and the dead). So any poll showing a large advantage for Democrats is just trying to hide the truth for as long as possible.

    Remember these 4 things with polls:

    1) only 9% of people contacted are responding to these polls,

    2) they are skewing the demographics to show far more Democrats than what’s really indicative,

    3) the Bradley effect (saying you will vote for the black guy when in reality you won’t, just so you won’t be seen as a racist) is prominent due to media intimidation, and

    4) the ‘shy Tory’ factor (people publicly stating they are for leftist social issues when in reality they are for and will vote for the conservative views).

    These four points will show why the results after the election (ie, a landslide for Romney) will be so much different than the pre-election polls indicate.

    • badbadlibs

      Wow, I like how you think!

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      And don’t forget the main point of Wayne Allyn Root (the award winning Las Vegas odds maker), there is not a single person who voted for McCain in 2008 who will vote for Obama today, but there are plenty of people from every demographic who voted for Obama last time who will not do so again (as you already pointed out). But if Obama is the only side losing votes, and Romney stands to gain them — on TOP of the votes of people who voted for McCain last time, well, that’s why he thinks it’s going to be a history-making landslide, and the folks over at Colorado University agree (based on an entirely different, more scientific, method of conclusion), and they’ve been right in every election since 1980, regardless of what the polls say.


      • Nukeman60

        I saw Root on Bill O’Reilly’s show the other day and Billo pretty much put him down from the onset. It ticked me off, because I wanted to hear what the man had to say and Billo shut him down.

        He asked Root to name just one factor that made Root believe it was going to be a landslide. Well, Root tried to say what I have always felt (that it is a large number of factors), and of course Billo interrupted immediately and started his trademark bloviating.

        It disgusted me.

        • RosiesSeeingRed

          What the hell is wrong with O’Reilly?? He disgusted me on Letterman last night. I only watched because I wanted to see how he would handle himself with such a lapdog, but O’Reilly borders on being one himself. I don’t know why he would challenge Root. I believe the Colorado University guy was on that night too, right? They are also predicting a landslide win for Romney.

          Have you seen the two videos from Root in their entirety? The first one explains all the demographics and why he’s predicting the landslide. The 2nd one is a few months later, Oct. 19, after the first 2 debates, and he doubles down on the prediction in it. Here are the links:


          P.S. I can’t STAND Bill O’Reilly.

          • Nukeman60

            Thanks for the videos. I’ll watch them and put them in my files.

    • Rwing Texas

      You mentioned the ‘dead’. Reminds us of how lbj got elected in the first place in Tx.
      duval county – voted dead people.

  • We are so close to the election that we have to keep the pressure on to get Romney elected. We seem to be winning, but we still have a way to go. Hopefully, this will be a stunning rebuke of Obama and his minions and give Romney a clear mandate to implement his conservative agenda. I hope we carry the Senate too. We’ll need it to repeal Obamacare.

    • macbusy

      What makes Romney a better choice becasue I hear nothing about his plan in detail?

  • Linky1

    The only poll that means anything is the one on November 6th.

    Data (on both sides of the coin) can be manipulated to suit a certain audience so, these polls mean absolutely nothing.

  • Landscaper

    Off topic of the polling: Hurricane “Sandy” in the Atlantic south of Florida right now is predicted to come ashore in the far northeast on Nov 6 in time for election day. An area chocked full of Democrats. They will have get out in some of that “Forest Gump” side ways rain.

    • colliemum

      Not wanting to be funny here, in regard to a hurricane homing in, but it is a fact that lefties are wimps and won’t leave the house when the weather is bad, never mind that there’s an election!

  • NEWS:
    Donald Trump to reveal ‘Michelle and Barack Obama’s divorce papers’, claims respected financial pundit

    • Landscaper

      Youv’e posted this on a few threads now rich, whats up?

    • macbusy

      What makes Romney a better choice. What is the plan he has in detail?

  • practigal

    Here’s an interesting analysis on Ohio polls & realities, from Josh Jordan at National Review. And if you’re not following him on Twitter (@NumbersMuncher), check him out!


    Incidentally, has anyone here read Edward Klein’s The Amateur? I’m reading it now & am floored by the inside scoops. What an incredibly devastating blow to The One. I wonder if anyone interviewed for the book will vote for BO again! I am guessing NOT!

  • ChicksLoveRight

    PPP trying to patch the hole in Hopenchange steamer by oversampling Dems!

  • PPP is a Leftist owned/SEIU push polling organization, and they often are outliers because their purpose is to push the Lefty candidates. Someone already noted that if you increase the Dem % from 3 to 4 it would account for an uptick for Obama. I’m in southeastern Virginia, and let me tell you this area does not look like it did in 08. In 2008, you would have thought we were the campaign cult headquarters for Obama, today, you’d hardly know he was running for office again. There is a racial component to his voter base, and while they won’t vote for Romney, they might stay home this time around. Additionally, in 08, McCain-Palin folks were intimidated by the Obama swarm, they were bullies and nasty…almost nothing of that now.

    There is clearly an absence of Dem voter enthusiasm, and the pollsters are not reporting it honestly. Look around your local community and remember what it looked like during the 08 campaign, then compare that with the images of today.

    We are the quietly seething, silent majority…

    • Rwing Texas

      Ditto. They’re Staying Home here in Houston, too.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    I do my own lawn sign poll. The only home with Obama signs in my community has taken them down!

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      I hope they took them down because they had a change of heart!

    • DebbyX

      I see NO signs for Obama in my neighborhood and no bumper sticker mania like there was 4 years ago for hope and change. I don’t have Romney/Ryan on my car but I do have anti obama signs plastered across the back.

      Little scary when I have to go into the city. My eyes are always on the rear view mirror.

  • RestlessLegs

    The good news is that the sitting president is sitting at around 46-47% in many polls with 12 days until election day. That seems to be his ceiling in many of these polls right now. I hope conventional wisdom is correct — that an incumbent consistently polling below 50% usually loses.
    Here’s my prediction: The polls will remain tight through early next week, and then Romney will start to open a 5-6 point lead in many polls as voters realize, “I don’t want four more years of this!”

    • Joengima

      I have a feeling the polls tighten because of the Allred and Trump October Surprise. Trump turned off people and Allred caused fear since we remember what she did to Meg Whitman.

      The media touted an Obama surge yesterday because of the gallup poll. Now a new WaPo/ABC poll has 50%-47% Romney.

      Only stories now is Libya cover up and Hurricane Sandy. Hurricane Sandy is going to affect the Liberal East Coast (I’m in Delaware…) So if the aftermath of the storm like power outages and such still lingers it could lower the Democratic turnout in these City areas.

      There is another state that isn’t in Romney’s radar that should be and it is Delaware. There is a GROWING resentment towards Obama and with PA being a toss-up those ads are spilling here in New Castle County. Win NCC and you win DE and it’s 3 electoral votes.

    • macbusy

      Do you know what Romney’s economic plan is because he gave no details?

  • test

  • I just cannot fathom why ANYBODY would vote for somebody who has promised to raise taxes to a historical level, put the coal industry out of business which will in turn skyrocket our electricity bills, euthanize seniors with medicare cuts, annihilate our military, force everybody [except those in Washington DC] into medicaid via ocare, welcome the murdering of the unborn freely, invite illegals to stroll across our borders, sue another state over putting our own federal law in effect, arrest American citizens who upset the muslim brotherhood, and LIES THROUGH HIS TEETH EVERY TIME HE OPENS HIS FRAUDULENT MOUTH. I mean, why? I am not in the recipient class so maybe there is a clue there somewhere o-O

    • macbusy

      What makes Romney a better choice because know one knows his plan in detail.

  • Rwing Texas

    Polls: They’re all wrong; Mitt’s much stronger than shown. Voter Fraud, now that’s a subject that should have been addressed Way earlier…by GOP. Because ‘the election office in my county is run by SocialistDems. Several here have tried to report “discrepancies”..ha! no comment.

  • macbusy
  • macbusy

    GOP contractor in Virginia charged with throwing away voter registrations forms Oct, 19, 2012

  • macbusy

    How did Romney become a successful business man?