Red Eye President John Bolton delivers State of the Show address

Just more Thursday afternoon humor that I just couldn’t pass up:

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  • colliemum

    It is Friday already?
    I’ve mislaid 24 hours of my life!
    As for His Excellency – wow. I’ve always admired The Moustache – but when he laughs and smiles he is devastating. I’m not to old to have a secret little crush for him, am I?

    • colliemum Wow. It’s like Friday to me because tomorrow is Good Friday and we don’t come to work and I just got it into my head that today is Friday and…well, oops! 
      I’ll correct it.

      • therightscoop colliemum Been there done that Scoop 😉

      • colliemum

        therightscoop  I know the feeling, rightscoop! To me, it feels like Saturday, because on Good Friday I also don’t do any workday stuff. 
        Still, it was funny!

      • DebbyX

        therightscoop colliemum These holidays are disorienting! This week will have 2 Saturdays for me.

    • colliemum lol mum! 🙂

      • colliemum

        AmericanborninCanada  It was funny, and I just couldn’t resist. 
        We need to exercise our smile- and laughter muscles in those awful times at every opportunity, else we’ll get horrid, grump-wrinkles in our faces!


        • colliemum AmericanborninCanada lol too true mum!


          here!here! my good fellow with a laught it tis, and a jolly ole sip to you ! and may our reach miss the door knob later as a expressing our grand weekend!   ((:

        • patriot077

          colliemum AmericanborninCanada my new nickname. Gramma Grumpwrinkles. OH NO! I did laugh at this clip though 🙂 I watched my grandbaby yesterday and have spent the entire day straightening and cleaning up after …  I usually watch him at his own house and mine isn’t toddler proof.
          ps: no you aren’t too old to notice “The Moustache”. Nor am I.

  • lol.   Bill Schultz is as pointless as ever LOL!!  Nice one John Bolton! 😀

    • PVG

      AmericanborninCanada I wonder if Bolton wrote his speech…..I adore His Excellency! Thanks Scoop, can’t stay up that late.

      • PVG AmericanborninCanada lol.

      • tinlizzieowner

        PVG AmericanborninCanada
        “I wonder if Bolton wrote his speech…..”
        Doubt it. Gutfeld’s fingerprints (writing style) were all over it.

    • DawgfanInFL

      AmericanborninCanada Love “Pinch”!

  • Laurel A

    Poor Bill…

  • Rshill7

    Bill Hemmer’s hair looks real in this. I always thought he could be wearing a wig. Has anyone else ever suspected him of wigdom?

  • PNWShan

    Who would have thought John Bolton could be so fun?

  • YoJoe

    He must have been a good Ambassador !
    I wish he was now!

  • FutureOnePercent

    This is the only show left that is worth watching on Fox… but it’s so great LOL.

    • 57thunderbird

      FutureOnePercent I agree.

  • deTocqueville1

    Very, very good!

  • nibblesyble

    Man I could use some of this more often! Thanks for the uplift for the day!

  • MiBones

    Great clip(magazine?). Is Greg trying to destroy the moral fiber of Fox News contributors? We have John Bolton going from Ambassador to the UN to President of Red Eye. Dana Perino  broke down on Red Eye, realizing that she went from being Press Secretary to the President, to doing commentary on cat videos. Is there a conspiracy in here someplace?  Keep it up Greg. Fox needs all the humor it can get.

    • DebbyX

      MiBones Love your comment but love your pic of the ocean even more!

  • tinlizzieowner

    Bolton may have said the words but Greg’s unique writing style was all over  it. 😉

    • DawgfanInFL

      tinlizzieowner Love Greg! Humor with a bite!

      • tinlizzieowner

        DawgfanInFL tinlizzieowner 
        He acts like a clown but he’s behind everything that happens on that show. 😉

  • JohnCraven

    Is there any reason to watch Red Eye except to see who is sitting in the “leg chair” and if they’re sitting pretty?
    John Craven – New Orleans