Rep. Issa: If Holder won’t comply, contempt proceedings will begin immediately

Rep. Issa received a response on-air from the Justice Department basically saying that they have given up all the information they are going to, citing that any more information released may affect other ongoing investigations. Issa says that all areas of requested compliance have nothing to do with ongoing investigations and if they are refusing to comply, contempt proceedings are going to begin immediately:

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  • Joe

    Can someone tell me

    WHY the hesitation ?

    Why would Boehner not want to know the truth ?

    I don’t understand it

    Tell me – Please !

    • StrangernFiction

      Because John Boehner is a member of the ruling class.

      • BigMamaTEA

        You are correct SnF. It’s a good ole’ boys club of establishment R&D’s. And they ALL need to go!

    • Spartan4Palin

      Because Boehner is afraid to upset Obama. He seems to think they have a ‘good’ relationship. And is also scared to rock the boat with the media and sink in ratings lower than Pelosi. He’s concerned about himself, not about doing the right thing!!!

      • NJK

        I have to wonder if they have something on Boehner. He needs to go.

  • jjsmntha

    Rep Issa and all of his committee should play hardball and put them in jail.

    • Joe

      Turn them over to the DEA

      In a cell for days

      No food or water for days

      OK by me !

      • jjsmntha

        sounds good to me!!!

        • Kelly60

          Nah, too humane…

          • jjsmntha

            LOL TRUE

      • brendawatkins

        throw in a little water boarding.. haha

      • BigMamaTEA

        Joe, that’s probably not an option. I’ve been following all of this pretty closely.
        What has yet to “come out” are some potential additional problems with DEA and money-laundering of cartel money.

        The RINO’s are going to screw around and let these criminals walk. It’s time to start calling/faxing. putting pressure on the House Oversight Committee, and Issa.

  • Holder and the Obama administration will simply ignore Issa and his charges. Obama has been doing end-runs around congress since the day he was elected, even when Pelosi was speaker! Obama has ignored a federal judge’s charge of contempt over Obamacare and drilling permits in the Gulf. He is still enforcing the “permitorium” in the Gulf and Obamacare nationally.

    Handcuffs are the only way these people will ever be held accountable, and that isn’t going to happen. Obama is a dictator that has just acquired power, and I don’t think he is willing to give it up without a fight. Strap yourselves in, the next 6 months are going to be “interesting” in the sense of the old Chinese curse.

    • jjsmntha

      I agree. We are in deep, deep, __________!

    • StrangernFiction

      Obama is a dictator that has just acquired power, and I don’t think he is willing to give it up without a fight.

      And the harder he fights, thus exposing the ‘rats for the totalitarians they are, the better.

    • Donald, You have hit the nail on the head. Somewhere around 500 of our representative need to sent to gitmo. I trust very few who are in the government now. And the next six months will be the worst yet!

  • Sandra123456

    Do it or shutup.

    (Blank) or get off the pot.

    Talking time is over.

  • Philo Beddoe

    Don’t do it yet, you have a couple more months to go before the election. Do it in September

  • 4Hoppes2

    Of course the documents can’t be released, the resulting arrests, the fact the war on drugs is a sham, the notion of undermining the second amendment, and responsibility of the hundreds of deaths would be unbearable or impossible for this administration to recover from.

    • Joe

      BUT – How do you really feel about this?

      Holdemup and ZERO are the most Arrogant and Evil people in DC

    • NYGino

      That’s the point. They should be arrested and brought up on charges of treason.

  • 1tootall

    I’d love to see Holder in Sheriff Joe’s custody!! Now that is a fantasy I’d love to contemplate….

  • NYGino

    Rep. Issa has a responsibility to move forward, using any tool at his disposal. The fact that it is the Dept of Justice that is lying and hindering this Congressional Committee from complying with their duty makes no difference, actually makes the situation even more brazenly criminal.

    The office of Attorney General is not above the law.

    People are running out of patience with the politics involved and discouraged that our legal system can be so easily manipulated by a bunch of gang members, starting from the VERY top down.

    • hbnolikeee

      But who has authority and ability to arrest them?

      • NYGino

        Good question. Who arrested Attorney General John Mitchell? I don’t know but we have to assume that Congress has some procedures in place to enforce their authority. Something to look into.

  • wodiej

    This is long overdue. If one of us withheld information in a murder, would we be given the courtesy of stalling for OVER A YEAR??

    • jjsmntha

      Oh most definitely!…………………….NOT


    “….if they are refusing to comply, contempt proceedings are going to begin immediately”…

    I’ll believe that when I see it. Should have been done months ago.

    • Kelly60

      I’m thinking the timing has a great deal to do with the upcoming election…it all comes to a head and then there’s no protection for Teh One

  • Josh

    And Obama’s last act as President? Pardon Holder.

    • dabbobean

      You’re right….Holder has a get out of jail free card.

    • I’m afraid you’re right, and its just sickening!

    • pdxlady

      But who is going to pardon him? It’s hard time for the O.

  • Rshill7

    I don’t want to hear you say it, I want to see you do it! Ok? Enough jibber jabber blabber. Do it! Just do it! Pretend you’re Nike slogan if that’s what it takes!


    At some point you have to stop being a weenie before someone slathers relish, onion and mustard all over you and and jams you into their hotdog hole!

    • jjsmntha

      lol 🙂

  • The American people want this to move forward, please!

    Enough with the games.

  • Sober_Thinking

    I’m glad to see someone finally DO something about these criminals! Issa, Paul Ryan, Allen West and a handfull of others seem to be the only people who are actually working in Congress. Refreshing to see Holder held accountable. You go Rep Issa!!!

    Boehner… you and your milktoast lame ducks can go anytime. Pathetic, spineless wimps!

    • pdxlady

      We need to vote them out of office this year. They get re-elected every two years! Boehner needs to be voted OUT of the Speaker-ship. If Allen West is not VP, he needs to be Speaker of the House. In my opinion.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Spot on – if Allen West isn’t VP (which would be a tragedy) then SOTH is the least they can do for this promising conservative. Boehner and Cantor too are completely ineffective and need to bow out instead of bowing to the Democrats.

  • Nukeman60

    Okay, I’m about sick and tired of this. This is maybe the 30th or 40th time Issa has drawn the line in the sand and said, “I dare you to cross it or else we will proceed with contempt charges”. Aren’t we just about out of desert by now? Do it, already. Talk, talk, talk.

    Issa is better than most, but it sure seems like a good ole boys club in Washington when no one does what they threaten to do. Get rid of the lot of them. Bring on the Tea Party members who have so far been silenced. I want action and I want it now.

    /rant over.

    • Rshill7

      Right. They are acting like the U freakin’ N! Maybe if they pass 19 resolutions, each prefaced by a please and a pretty please, Holder will clap himself in irons and mosey on down to the pokey on the back of a docile black panther. That’s called balancing the scales of justice on the backs of wabid waacists.

      Weenies and Milquetoasts…Soggy coneys anyone?

  • 911Infidel

    Holder lied and people died. There’s no more excuses. Impeach the swine or STFU. Enough of the delay already.

  • 12grace

    Rep. Issa is a man of honor and a patriot.

  • Just do it already! Oblowme must have something huge on boehner. All of them have huge skeletons in their closets or oblowme wouldn’t get away with all the shit he’s gotten away with. And they know that oblowme will take them down, if he goes down.

    We need to get rid of 99% of them.

  • pdxlady

    I agree that we need to get rid of the good ole boys in both the Senate and the House.

    But I don’t think there is any specific ‘dirt’ on them that anyone holds over them. They just don’t want to give up their cushy life-time positions, so they continue to “Go along to Get along.”

    Corruption is the game they have been playing for waaaay too long. They cover for each other, and it is becoming clear to more and more of the people that keep voting them back election after election. We need to clean the swamp of all these lifers.

    Oh, my.

  • Issa should have done this months ago. It makes my head spin when I think what a Democratic Congress would have done if a Republican was in the White House. Oh, I don’t have to imagine anything like that, I just have to look at what Congress did during the Watergate investigation. And remember, in Watergate nobody was killed. Here we have a dead American border patrol agent and God knows how many dead Mexicans and not a single person has lost their job, let alone been brought up on charges. Shameful. Issa should act, now, and get the answers we need before the elections.

    • AllantheK

      I learned of a young man that was given basically life in prison for killing 3 dogs. Why are these people free?

  • Holder’s PROVEN he’s not going to cooperate. EVER. He’s proven his contempt for Congress, for daring question his power & authority.

    Issa needs to STFU and s*it, or get off the pot with Holder. Stop braying about drafts of the contempt citation being made, and just SERVE it. I think he would’ve learned, by now, that these people couldn’t give a holy, flying frig what he thinks, or says. They only respond to hard action. Nothing more.

  • Guest1776rcp

    Tough talk, now walk the walk you bunch of sniveling cowardly GOPes.

  • carolt2

    Stop hesitating, we have waited long enough. What congress is doing to a former baseball pitcher is a waste of time. I don’t care if Roger took steroids, leave the issue up to the baseball commission, not congress.
    Drop it & get to Holder tomorrow!

  • brendawatkins

    If I were Brian Terry’s mother I’d feel like Mr. Holder was flipping me a bird.. and I’d be TICKED if I were her. Freaking little WEASEL!

  • BigMamaTEA

    It’s time for Issa to get the lead out. No pun intended.

  • wolfveryne

    GOP types ,, quite pee’ing on that electric fence ,, and get something “DONE” .

  • Patience is just one of serveral virtues, I think most Americans have lost that one virtue with Holder and Obama and the democrat party.
    The party most known as The party of death, lies and destortions unlimited, about any matter worth caring about, or loving. A menace, disgraceful bunch of malcontents.

    Impeach Obama
    Tea Party Patriot

  • reason1984

    A competent administrator, unlike Holder would have completed an investigation and provided a summary of Fast and Furious (FnF) within one week. The fact is, Mr. Holder is the linchpin in the government conspiracy to restrict the 2nd Amendment. Unfortunately their gambit involved the deaths of over 300, and counting. I guess it’s like the BATFE supervisor said, “You have to break some eggs to make an omelet.” I say extradite the whole bunch of them to Mexico and submit them to the tender mercies of their criminal justice system.