Rep. Steve King: I like an America where people feel guilty for being on the government dole

Rep. Steve King explained this morning that Obama is sowing division and class envy with his new tax plan to raise taxes on those making over $250k/year which is causing a cultural shift to the argument that the so-called rich should pay more. King says that we need to go back to an America where people feel guilty about living on the government dole and want to improve themselves so that they can carry their fair share of the load.

Watch below:

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  • Winghunter

    Well, that throws amnesty for illegals, Commies and black racism out the window to restore American Sovereignty.

  • Guilty? Surely you mean ashamed?

    • G_unitttt

      Both…..guilty and ashamed. Rep. King is spot on

  • detectivedick

    Now you can get “tokens” from your EBT debtcard.,0,1767223.story
    The other way to cash in your EBT debtcard for cash is to go to WalMart and buy food and then take it immediately back to the Service desk for a cash refund. In Progressive Maryland people spend more time trying to slick the system than looking for a job.

    • physicsnut

      a whole lot of jerks in Congress, with their lobbyist pals, and on Wall St ought to spend time looking for a job. In fact they ought to be sued.

    • Dukehoopsfan

      You’ve gotta love the peoples republic of MD.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Amen brother.

    The parasites should feel guilty and get up off of the couch – and do their fair share.

    I was on unemployment only once for 3 months and felt horrible the whole time. I felt like a failure and less of a man. I realize bad things happen to people and it’s nice to know it’s there… but the entitlement leeches have no shame. As a kid, I clearly remember people paying for groceries with food stamps, then loading those groceries in a shiny new Cadillac. We drove an AMC Pacer.

    I’m not envious but I do blame lazy louts who suck the life out of this country and live off the labor of others – without really giving anything back. That’s what ticks me off. I work hard (and hate what I do at my j-o-b) and really despise a significant portion of my money going to deadbeats who have no interest in contributing to themselves or this nation.

    These are the same parasites who will vote to keep their master in office.

    I’ll shut up now…

    • steprock

      I saw that as a bag boy while I was in High School. People paid for as much as they could with food stamps, then the next buggy was filled with wine, beer, cigarettes, and cuts of meat that I never saw on my own plate.

      You want to talk about class envy? I was envious and looking up to see the lower class. My folks could have gotten food stamps too, but my mom scrubbed our neighbor’s toilets to help make ends meet instead.

      • Sober_Thinking

        It’s hard to see someone you love, work for the money while the beneficiaries of your loved one’s hard work, exploits it and takes it for granted.

      • jlbs

        When our first child was starting school, we qualified for reduced lunches, but we refused them. It would have been hard for us to sign up as we knew we had to take care of our own—and we did; our kids went without a lot of things, but they NEVER went hungry. And they all grew up to be responsible adults.

        • jlbs

          I forgot to tell a story about food stamps: My oldest (age 4 at the time) and I were in the grocery store and we passsed a display of HO-HO’s. Well, of course, he asked for some and I had to refuse and told him I could make a lot more cookies than the amount of cupcakes he would get in one package and it would cost far less. As we were checking out, a neighbor of ours who was on food stamps not only had the cupcakes in her cart, but also sodas, snack crackers, beer, chips—well, you get the picture. I was so da__ mad! Here my husband and I were both working and couldn’t afford a treat for our kids and the neighbor was using our money to buy all kinds of goodies! This happened 40 years ago and I, obviously, haven’t forgotten it.

    • physicsnut

      I get ticked off at parasites and those who game the system, but you ought to be more outraged at the real parasites who get handed trillions of bucks – which makes the whole foodstamp budget look like peanuts. It is a matter of proportion. It is also a matter of who writes the laws. Obamacare is not the only piece of legislation that nobody read. The whole psychology here is like rats abandoning a sinking ship. You have insurance companies writing obamacare – talk about a conflict of interest. The ripoff mentality is becoming so pervasive that it really does threaten this country.
      What really irks me is trying to get work thru e-mail. I bet they just throw it all away.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Good points. I wish you well on your endeavors. Being unemployed is horrible.

  • Blame NObama for making being a non productive parasitic tick upon society. It’s all What can the country do for me now and never what can I do for my country! Kennedy Liberals must be feeling betrayed indeed by the parasite in chief who makes a virtue of being on the dole or food stamps and trounces those who try to live the American Dream!

  • OG12


  • Landscaper59

    EBT should be accepted at grocery stores ONLY. A special line so they can be stared at with a loud speaker saying “free food on your dime, come look.”

    • FutureOnePercent

      You took me and my wife’s idea for opening a grocery store that will feature exactly that.

      • maynardb50

        If you open a grocery store that accepts EBT cards only, the parking lot would be full of Lexus autos and Escalades only.

        • Nukeman60

          Sounds like a new business opportunity right there. I could run a repo outfit and just cruise that parking lot.

        • Amy

          Sadly, this way too true…

    • steprock

      Factor in political correctness. “Don’t judge me” attitude, whether it’s being drunk at 10am, getting an abortion, or walking around in sandals and wearing your hair all ragged.

      Don’t you judge me. Don’t you say anything.

  • I agree with Steve King and we are both in good company since Ben Franklin believed the best way to help the poor was to make them as uncomfortable in their poverty as possible.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Who IS this idiot host?

  • FutureOnePercent

    He is exactly right.

    People making over 250k aren’t paying their fair share? Oh really?

    How is 0% a fair share?

    • steprock

      “Fair” means the rich don’t need or deserve it all. Get with the program! Yeah! Let’s eat the rich! They OWE you, am I right? Right?

      Obama himself said, flatly, that he didn’t want people to keep more money than they needed! Where’s the public outcry of “Socialist!” Why is it even a debate?

    • Nukeman60

      The mistake they fall into is when the host asks him, stupidly, “well, are the poor people not paying their fair share”. The argument should not be whether one group or another is paying a larger share, but rather the question should be what should we cut back on since we’re spending too much. Politicians and pundits alike always look to the ‘revenue’ side and never, ever want to cut back on the ‘spending’ that got us here in the first place.

      The answer and solution lies in the reduction of spending, not in the increase in taxation.

  • Nukeman60

    There are 23 million unemployed right now, 46 million on food stamps, 1.3 million bankruptcies, and 0.9 million foreclosures. My heart goes out to those under water and there are many of them that post right here at TRS. They aren’t the scum of the earth, but rather hard working, decent Americans that need a helping hand right now.

    Of course, I have no respect or compassion for those that game the system, and there are quite a few of them as well. The biggest blame I lay at the feet of this government of ours, Democrat and Republican alike (to those who wish to be partisan), for making the entitlement system seem like a career path. We should not be making ads that promote food stamps as something we all should strive for. Shame on us.

    To those on this site who are unemployed, just lost their insurance, hard pressed to meet their bills, or forced to go on some form of aid just to keep their families going, I say to you – have heart. These comments of disgust are no way aimed at you, for we know you are not part of that group that’s gaming the system. It’s people like you for which the safety net was created. Many of us have been there and many of us will be there in the future.

    I hope and pray that the safety net is always there to help my brothers and sisters. And I also hope we find a way to shred the hammock so that the gamers go elsewhere to play.

    • Well said Nukeman! I’m sure you speak for all of us here.

    • steprock

      Absolutely! I am happy that there is a safety net. As I comment below, I’ve been caught by it before. Making it into a hammock is what this discussion page is all about.

    • Patriot077

      Very well said, Nuke. What should be a serious concern for all the takers is that continuing down this road will cause their hammock to disappear as well as the temporary safety net. For everyone.

      God bless Steve King for telling it like it is, too.

    • physicsnut

      it sure would be interesting to know how many are ripping off the system. Heck, I know some who qualify but moved back in with parents, or scrape by with a few days of work, or by selling off their tools. But after 4 years of living on peanuts I am totally fed up with idiots who think anyone unemployed is a parasite. They never put the blame where it actually belongs, so they are stupid as well as obnoxious.

  • steprock

    My family was on food stamps briefly back when we were a young married couple. We felt that weight of guilt and wanted off the government dole as soon as possible. Even after we had gotten off the program, we kept getting letters in the mail for a year or more saying we were approved for it.

    I have a family member who explained to me that it was better for her to be on food stamps and stay with her kids. If she went and got a job, her pay would go to child care and the government would pull her financial aid. There’s a big incentive to get into the program and stay there.

    • Patriot077

      From what Starr Parker has written, the entire welfare system has been purposefully constructed with hooks that keep the needy ensnared. Rather than provide partial assistance that might be required to be self supportive (say for child care) the recipient must not do anything that moves them out of the poverty circle. Makes no sense to a thinking person.

      The welfare reforms that Gingrich was able to get through in Clinton’s term were very effective at reducing poverty by supporting education and improving job skills. Of course Obummer trashed that program as soon as he took office.

      • steprock

        What Allen West said about people being slaves to the government is true.

        These turkeys are Socialists and Communists (Yes, Mr. Clinton, Communists are real). They really want people dependent on them so they can buy votes and then continue to enjoy power. Jetting to Vale every other month, sitting in the big chair, being called “Sir” all the time, making things happen.

        It’s plainly a vote-buying game. Now, it’s illegals’ votes.

  • joyfulgiver

    If you look today at the headline on Drudge you will see the effects of the presidents own wellfare state of Chicago. Homicides up 38% over this time last year and the Mayor is taking heat and he says it’s somebody elses fault, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. That’s a really sad state of affairs. I guarantee those committing the crimes are not upstanding citizens in their communities.

    • Of course it’s somebody else’s fault. His name rhymes with “smorj gush.”

  • sjmom

    What is it people do not understand about this???? If you tax those who create jobs they are unable to hire and people are out of work. Besides, they are already paying more than everyone else. The only solution is a flat tax. Where are Perry and Gingrich when we need them???? Oh yeah, that’s right; they were destroyed by the Romney camp and the news media. Where’s Mitt on this???? Oh yeah, that’s right; he’s in favor of taxes on the rich. Remember earlier this year when he said this.

    Oh well. Everyone hold on to your wallets because either way this election turns out we’re in for more taxes. Everyone who works, regardless of income will pay more and more unless the GOP stands up to the plate and right now Romney is hiding in the dugout.

    • physicsnut

      uh – excuse me but the layoffs started immediately with the market gyrations. No -they are happy to get rid of what they call ‘deadwood’, the definition of which changes with convenience. Bush already reduced their taxes, but it never ends.
      And by the way – much as I like Newt, a lot of women really hate his guts, so it was not Romney who destroyed him. Frankly I dont trust Romney any more than I trust Roberts.

      • sjmom

        As a woman let me say I understand other women’s feelings about Newt, but they were not choosing a husband but a president. Newt was wrong; but then who would you rather; a Marxist or a womanizer who already balanced the budget? As far as the layoffs you’re right and business many times is callous and this is what they’re pinning on Romney, among other things.

        Here’s the skinny; business does not have to hire and like it or not unless they can show a profit they won’t. It is ludicrous to think if you raise their taxes they will add to the rolls unless they can make it up some way. Higher prices to the consumer? Then, consumers won’t buy and another business closes its doors. Lower taxes, business hires, they don’t have to raise prices and everyone wins, including the govt who gets more tax $$$$$$. This is basic economics.

        We need someone strong to win in November; its not “I think Obama’s a nice guy” Mitt. As far as trust I haven’t trusted Romney since 2008 which is why I was a “not Romney”.

  • Amy

    My hubby grew up in what can only be described as a ghetto. His mom (as well as all the kids) worked at a local grocery store to make ends meet because his dad spent his life in a bottle. They wore hand me downs, took the bus or scrimped to buy a beat up vehicle, went without dinners some nights – all the while watching those around them use food stamps to buy steaks, soda & chips, wear the latest fashions and drive a nice car. They sat at home in their section 8 housing collecting welfare while having more children – who then had children of their own and repeated the cycle. The money they used to buy the nice stuff came in the way of cash from drug sales, burglary, etc from the baby daddy or in most cases baby daddies plural (today’s slang).

    It made quite the impression on my hubby & his siblings. They all work their arses off to provide for their families now and that work ethic was passed down from their mom who refused to take government assistance. She worked as a seamstress, babysat, got up at 2 in the morning to run the grocer’s bakery and then cleaned the private school the kids went to to help offset the cost of their tuition. The assistance she received came from family and the church.

    I posted all that in order to say this: The scenario above was taking place close to four decades ago. There hasn’t been any guilt in taking a handout in a very, very long time. We are now several generations into a lifestyle that is the norm. Even if we sweep the elections, the reforms needed are going to be painful and we aren’t going to be liked by those on the left or the right. It has to be addressed though, regardless of the hyperbole thrown at us. We owe it to the generations that follow us. We created the mess, we need to clean it up.

  • physicsnut

    we need to go back to an america where a bunch of jerks can’t crash the economy and throw 8 million people out of work. No thanks to Phil Gramm and all the rest – including Clinton who signed the socalled ‘modernization’ acts. I am sick and tired of being on the receiving end of economic messes, and having it come out of my pocket, which is presently empty – thanks a bunch, idiots. Giving mortgages to idiots who never had any intention of paying was a factor, so was being able to foist the disaster on everybody else – by playing with derivatives. Don’t tell me that Acorn has more clout than the banking lobby or Goldman Sachs. What I see is a big bunch of nitwits who have risen to their level of incompetence, greased by making lots of moolah while doing it. You dudes screwed it up, and you can bloody well pay for it.

  • opinionatedhermit

    What kind of an idiot says this type of stuff.

    This congressman has to be the stupidest man alive.

    Did it ever occur to him that what the rest of us want is that only legitimate disabled people get benefits? And in no way to do we want them feeling guilty over what other people do while defrauding the government?

    What a let down this guy is.

    • kong1967

      He was talking about the freeloaders bitching that the rich don’t pay their fair share of taxes. Those freeloaders don’t pay any federal taxes at all, so they have no business trying to tell the rich to pay more. His point was that Obama’s policies encourage the entitlement mindset. If you give a lot of people a free ride they won’t feel any shame about taking it even though they have the ability to provide for themselves, and that is not a reference to those who get help legitimately.

      • opinionatedhermit

        Republicans got their start bringing Constitutional and other protections to the least among us. We called them “slaves.”

        When Republicans finally figure out that protecting the innocent is their number one goal, we will finally have found that middle ground we always seem to be unable to gain.

        My only point was that things can be said in a way that is closer to traditional Republican values. That is all.

        • kong1967

          Got ya. 🙂

  • WhiteGuy2

    Ive never been on unemployment, food stamps, or disability even though I have chronic conditions that make life very difficult. Now that I’m close to drawing a pension the politicians want to cut my benefits and raise my taxes. My 401 k is in the tank, and I cant get social security till i’m 70.

    The average hard-working American spends a lifetime working and paying taxes just so the government can give it away to people who wont work and havent earned it. Then we die long before we can collect on social security / medicare after being forced to pay into it most of our lives.

  • kong1967

    “How do you give tax cuts to people that aren’t paying taxes?”

    By giving them a refund on money they never paid into the system. It pisses me off.

  • 12grace

    I love Rep. King, he is a patriot. Dictator obama supports those factions that offer nothing of any value to the country and punishes hard workers and innovators.

  • nickeldoor5

    There are to many people getting money back they never paid in. I have no problem with someone getting all there money back if they qualify but why should they get more than they paid in. It happens all the time now because of child’s tax credit. The government is giving moving back to people that did earn it. Look at the loop hole for illegals where the government was paying up to 29,000.00 to Mexicans who had children back in mexico. How were they even able to do income tax. Our Government is corrupt.

  • gothicreader

    Last night BOR hit it out of the park in his talking points about how O’s administration has created 2.6million jobs and 3million have gone on disability. This was truly staggering. I don’t usually mention BOR, but in this his facts were dead on.

    The Obama’s administration has created so many government jobs that it boggles the mind. Let’s just say that I know first hand that in the DoD they have continued to hire. Granted most of those hired are veterans. However, it still boggles the mind when you see the surmountable spending and waste in any government sector that neither party is truly being honest in cutting spending. The spending should start from within.

    What is even sadder is how some who have been hired are conservative them self. I guess they are under the illusion that it’s a lot safer/stable as a government worker.

    I like to see 1) that Congress take a bit hit – therefore, they must get have the same insurance plan as us, and 2) term limits. The more we continue to elect the same folks they will continue to get richer off The People.

    I’m not opposed of people getting rich, but I do oppose of government officials spending 10+ years as a civil servant and coming out richer.

  • jimmie smith

    We have a systems in government…that slowly erodes one’s “dignity”…So… we are truly slaves to that government!! And all that it promises…Loss of liberty?…

  • BS61

    Love Steve King! During the whole healthcare thing he’s been one of the few trying to defund it!

  • NCHokie02

    “A shift within the culture…that says they shouldn’t be making that much money because I’m not.”

    So true. The only caveat is that they like rich actors and athletes and certain companies (Apple, Facebook, Starbucks etc). Those people are ok but if you made your riches in anything else then shame on you.