REPORT: Israeli warplanes bombed a military building in Damascus, Syria

It was reported earlier this morning that Israel had bombed a Syrian convoy on the way to Lebanon. It looks like now they are broadening their attack to inside Syria as well to prevent chemical weapons from getting in the wrong hands:

BUSINESS INSIDER – The Associated Press reports that “Syrian state TV has confirmed that Israeli warplanes bombed a military research center northwest of the capital, Damascus.”

Previous reports of the overnight Israeli airstrike stated that the jets targeted a convoy of trucks carrying Russian-made SA-17 anti-aircraft missiles moving near the Lebanon-Syria border.

State TV says the strike targeted a military research center used to advance Syrian military capabilities in the area of Jermana, causing material damage.

“Israeli fighter jets violated our air space at dawn today and carried out a direct strike on a scientific research center in charge of raising our level of resistance and self-defense,” Syrian state news agency SANA said in a statement.


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  • I’m wondering if Syria is starting to move its chemical weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon? If they are, this will not end well for anyone. It also may mean that Assad is on his way out soon.

    • colliemum

      The earlier reports about the bombing of a convoy going to Lebanon hinted that this was about a possible transfer of chemical weapons to Hezbollah.

      The IDF is not commenting on any of this.

    • TexasPGRRider

      Reminds me of the six months leading to Iraq War. A steady convoy from Iraq to Syria reported by our intel with who knows what was inside the transports. NOT reported by lamestream, but well known by those within our intel & military. Why this point was never made in defense of our actions remains a mystery to me….

      • Betsey_Ross

        We have a friend who works for DOD and that was his assesment of the stiuation, too. They had satellite pix of convoys going from Iraq to Syria before the start of the war. They had a general who left Iraq because of it. He wrote a book. I’ll never understand why Bush didn’t defend himself on this.

        • warpmine

          Bush gave up the fight assuming that the intel would be verified when the stockpiles were found. Then again, he did have Butthead working for him telliing him it wouldn’t be necessary but of course facts are every bit necessary when dealing with Goebbols types of the left.

          Why indeed?

        • Glarglefrankly

          Bush didn’t, and still doesn’t, defend himself on a lot of things which, in a more honourable age, would have been considered a character virtue. These days it is a weakness that enables the liars.

    • Where do you think Saddam moved all of his WMD’s to before we came in and kicked his butt? I think they had a deal and when Saddam called to get out of the country they said, “Saddam who? Sorry Saddam’s not here.” click.

      • sjmom

        We’re on the same page.

    • aposematic

      Both are backed by Iran….

  • S K

    Go, Israelis’, GO!

  • Rshill7


    Kick ’em when they’re up. Kick ’em when they’re down. Kick ’em in the butt. Smash ’em on the ground. Bomb ’em from the air. Bomb ’em on the hair. Shoot ’em in the eye. Kill ’em from the sky.

    Defend yourselves.

    • 57thunderbird

      You never fail to make me chuckle. 🙂

    • Landscaper

      But, did you have the high school pom-poms out?

  • TexasPGRRider

    Can`t be bashful at this point in time and space !!! LORD, THY will be done….

    • sjmom

      Methinks it is.

  • Man, these Israelis are good. This is the 2nd time they’ve had a sneak attack into Syria.

  • Amen!

  • BeyondPolls


  • Sober_Thinking

    The media will spin this until everyone pukes.

    Gotta love Israel… they see a threat and they neutralize it. No threats, no negotiations, no sanctions, no dragging their feet or glossing over the facts, no committees to study the matter, no flim-flamming around in their government about should they or shouldn’t they… they just go out and eliminate the threat. Yeah… that’s a dig at Obama.

    • sjmom

      Obama’s only threat is U.S., we the people, who will stand against his evil ways and God will protect U.S. just as He does Israel. God is in control and I’m lovin’ it!

      • Sober_Thinking

        You’ve been eating too much McDonald’s… 🙂

        I agree and I’m with you.

      • 57thunderbird

        We have not yet begun to fight!

      • Cindy09

        The apple of God’s eyes!

  • mikeinidaho

    Good for them! At least someone with power has the cajones to stand up to the muslim scumbags in the region. However, I’m betting that a “stongly worded letter” will eminate from the Islamo-fascist regime in DC very soon. Obama don’t like it when you mess with his bro’s in the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbolah and Iran!

    • Cindy09

      I would laugh at your insight if it was not so dangerously true!

  • sjmom

    I don’t think Israel would have done this without some very good intelligence. Would like to know though if any of the convoy was carrying Iraqi bio and chem from Saddam’s regime?

    • Cindy09

      This is an excellent point sjmom! Imagine this: Israel has been able to avoid the “sneaky eye” of the Obama administration! Last we heard, nothing about Israel going to war would escape the administration’s notice, but even if it didn’t, this outing went on well as planned by the Israelis. Noone called Assad or the rebels to tell them what was coming their way! Thank God!!

  • Taking out Iranian nuclear plants, bombing Syrian convoys and buildings…and Obama still thinks Israel should be bowing at his feet. Israel exhibits the strength the USA used to have.

    • aposematic

      The Guts the Leaders used to have; we still have the strength just the wrong and/or no leadership.

  • 12grace

    Israel is not reactive they intelligently respond so I am sure there is more to this story than we know. Pray for Israel and the innocent people unable to leave the Middle East. WWIII is about to begin.

    • PicklePlants

      We have the strength, we are missing the will.

      • aposematic

        Sorry for stepping on your comment, hadn’t read it yet and posted same in earlier reply to Ember George #TGDN.

        • PicklePlants

          I meant to reply to Ember George, but posted too quickly. I was in the wrong spot at the right time ;> No problem!

      • Cindy09

        The will we are missing is latent. In some people, it rises up like adrenaline at the very last minute!

    • badbadlibs

      Is this where one third of the population will be killed?

      • 12grace

        Unfortunately, it is.

        • badbadlibs

          That’s what I thought 🙁
          God give us the strength to endure, for it’s those who shall be saved. Matthew 24:13

          • 12grace

            Thanks B. it helps to be reminded that we are in G-d’s hands no matter what craziness and down right evil, is happening around us.

            • badbadlibs

              You’re welcome. My heart breaks for what lies ahead, when God’s gift of life was only meant to bless His creation. I’m trying to keep the faith and believe that God has only good in store for my family I love so much. Pray for us, please.

              • 12grace

                Let’s pray together B.

                • badbadlibs

                  Fantastic! Where two or more are gathered (even the internet) in His Name, (always HIs Name), He is in the midst!
                  God awaken us to repentance and Holy living and deliver us from wicked ways, God give us the strength to live according to His Ways in the times He has ordained us to live. Open our eyes Lord, to YOUR truths and YOURS alone. Grant us what we need to be readied and the anointing needed to live these last days according to Your Will, as we reach out to the lost.
                  Be magnified, Jesus.
                  In YOUR NAME!

                  2 Chronicles 7:14
                  Acts 4:12

                • 12grace

                  Lovely prayer, b. I just prayed it and felt tears coming down my cheek.


                • badbadlibs

                  Praise the Lord!

      • as long as its the bad 1/3 of the population thats killed, I’m good with it

        • badbadlibs

          If it were only so….but, just in case…duck! You might be near a liberal! 😉

          • 12grace

            That was funny, b. Guess we better not stand to close to liberals. LOL!

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  • aposematic

    What does Israel/IDF know we don’t?????

    • Cindy09

      Good question!

    • Myptofvu

      Everything! That’s why I think we would be better off defunding the CIA and buying our intel from Israel

  • They did what they needed to do. I’m sure the left will spin it into “Israel attacks poor freedom fighter at a picnic!”

  • Careful what you wish for Israel. Assad’s enemies are worse than him.

  • white531

    Good for Israel. I hope they do it again tomorrow.

  • Jaels_Song

    Al Qaeda says USA is next:

    Of course, when it happens, it will be Bushes fault and with the Joseph Goebbels media combined with the brain dead Obama sycophants we have now, it will stick.

  • Ray

    It is about time, they need to bomb Iran, where the Prince of Persia is still in control Spiritually. Allow Jehovah to guide them!

  • tinlizzieowner

    “REPORT: Israeli warplanes bombed a military building in Damascus, Syria”.

    It should go on to say,
    ‘In an effort to destroy the weapons Obama is smuggling in through Turkey, for his Muslim Brotherhood pals’. 😉

  • MiketheMarine

    Folks, I hope you all understand that this is the opening salvo of what may turn out to be WWIII and we have a muslim communist at the helm. It may also be time for us to enforce the constitution against our own federal criminals.